A.M. Links: Detroit News Endorses Gary Johnson for President, Obama Takes on Trump, Latest on Police Killing in El Cajon


  • Reason

    The Detroit News

    : "Libertarian Gary Johnson for president."
  • In a CNN town hall appearance last night, President Barack Obama referred to Donald Trump's claims about waning U.S. power as "blah, blah. It's nonsense."
  • Police in El Cajon, California, say 38-year-old Alfred Okwera Olango pointed a vaping device at police before he was shot and killed by an officer.
  • Indian forces killed two Pakistani soldiers in the disputed Kashmir region.
  • According to a new report from Amnesty International, Sudan used chemical weapons in Darfur.
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit has struck down New Hampshire's ban on taking "selfies" inside the voting both, calling it unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

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