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Actress Melissa Joan Hart Joins Gary Johnson's Presidential Campaign

The two major parties are "like gangs," said the family-sitcom star. "It's really time for us to break away."


screenshot/People mag interview with Melissa Joan Hart

Family sitcom star Melissa Joan Hart has announced that she's not just endorsing Gary Johnson for president, she'll be joining the Libertarian candidate's campaign as chair of Connecticut operations. "I want to break away from this two-party system and I think it's important for people to know that there's another candidate out there who really toes the line between Democrat and Republican," Hart, who lives in Connecticut, told People magazine in a video interview. "I mean, he's Libertarian. But socially he's liberal, but fiscally conservative."

Hart went on to tout the executive experience of Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico. "Governors I love, because they already ran their state as like a little president," Hart explains, adding that Johnson "was on a border state, so if you want to talk about immigration, he's the guy."

"It's really time for us to break away from this two party system that's controlling us," she reiterated to People. "They're like gangs, you know?"

On Tuesday, Johnson tweeted that he was "Proud to have @MelissaJoanHart on the team!"

Beloved by millennials and Gen X'ers for her role in 1990s sitcoms Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Hart starred more recently (with fellow '90s teen star Joey Lawrence) in the popular ABC Family sitcom Melissa and Joey. In that show, which ended in 2015, Hart played a city councilwoman in Toledo, Ohio, who eventually runs for state Congress.

Hart currently lives in Westport Connecticut with her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, and their three children.

In 2012, she publicly endorsed Mitt Romney for president, a move that earned her a lot of outrage from liberal fans on social media.

This year, Hart declared her support for Johnson in August, tweeting, "Just donated to #LetGaryDebate! Watch the video and you might too!" with a link to a Johnson campaign ad.

Today, she posted a photo of Gary Johnson to Instagram with the following message: "I always said I wouldn't vote for a party, I would vote for the person that was the best for the job… and I think I found him. @govgaryjohnson #voteFORsomeone not against one. My hope is that sometime in my lifetime we can be more than a 2- party country."

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  1. Good for her. Also good for her: she was pretty hot back in the day.

      1. Not in the picture with this article.

        The price the white race paid to the Devil in exchange for being able to conquer the earth is that most of us look like a pile of flaming garbage by the time we’re in our late 40s. The chicks especially.

        Black don’t crack.

        1. Damn you, Yakub!

          1. Only a few of us get how apropos that actually is.

            1. The rest have fallen victims to tricknology.

            2. I just googled Yakub. That is some of the craziest shit I’ve ever read. Farrakahn is even nuttier than I thought.

        2. Even the most angelic among us are subject to the occasional unflattering screencap. She looked good all the way through Melissa & Joey.

          1. Never watched the show, but not surprising that she looked good on it. TV makeup can make a 6 or 7 into a 9. The real question is, is she still a a “would” with little to no makeup on? In her case, probably yes. She still looks pretty good for a middle aged mother of three.

            1. M&J was on ABC Family which is now called Freeform I think? But yeah Disney XD had Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels and Phineas & Ferb. All fine programs.

    1. While I’m happy to see Johnson gaining celebrity endorsements, the whole point of libertarianism is that it’s think-based, rather than feel-based, and supporting a movement just because an entertainer says so is rather not the point of the exercise.

      1. the whole point of libertarianism is that it’s think-based, rather than feel-based, and supporting a movement just because an entertainer says so is rather not the point of the exercise.

        This is kind of where we are though, right? Just as we need Gary “libertarian-lite” Johnson to make libertarianism palatable to the average voter, so too do we need ways for people to jump on board however they can.

        I guess what I’m saying is, in the short term, I’ll take it. And hope the ideas don’t get so watered down in the process we can no longer taste them.

      2. …the whole point of libertarianism is that it’s think-based, rather than feel-based…

        I respectfully disagree. I’ve said this before, any political ideology that can only be successful once humans have evolved to a Vulcan-like post-emotions state is a pretty shitty ideology. It’s no more realistic than, “Communism will work once we have the New Soviet Man”. There’s plenty of people here who will decry others using feelings to make judgments, but that just makes them human. I guaran-damn-tee you that everyone here who has ever complained of that, regularly does the same thing in some other sphere of their lives. I’m sure they rationalize it away, because people are great at that.

        The desire for liberty is very emotional. Unless you’re a strict utilitarian, you’re making a subjective value judgment at some point to embrace the initial axiom of liberty, which has an emotional component.

        1. For me, one of the challenges of libertarianism is setting aside teh feelz on certain emotional issues. A counter challenge is arguing for things like animal welfare where one is constantly accused of arguing based on teh feelz.

          But you are on to something. We must recognize that libertarianism is an ideal, and that it will not be implemented perfectly, or overnight. Too often here the perfect is allowed to be the enemy of the good.

        2. Even strict utilitarians (and Vulcans) have to rely on some subjective value statements. Cold logic and argumentation still have to refer back to value rankings and moral premises, which can’t be ignored unless there is universal agreement on those values.

          We’re ruled by our passions, y’all.

        3. I agree feelings will impact politics, but many positions can be reasoned. We are all human beings so what gives anyone a justification to rule over my decisions? The intersectionality of our decision-making is addressed by the NAP. You don’t have to start with a principle like all men should be free. Instead, apply falsifiability. prove why you should rule over others.

          1. I should add a couple of things. By falsifiability I don’t mean strict Popper, instead that we start with a premise that can be proved wrong, not with an unfalsifiable assumption like the NAP. So we can show that human superiority and the advantages of rule by others, is at least inductively false by examining history, looking at governments, rulers, policies, human anatomy, physiology, psychology, genetics, etc. I am not foolish enough to say the case is guaranteed, but it is strong.

            If we can prove that this is at least inductively true, the NAP follows logically as a way to resolve the intersection of individual freedoms, which at the start, are boundless.

            I think we are also nearing a point where Utilitarian arguments can be made to support this or similar arguments. If you look at typical Utilitarian arguments for Communism, authoritarian regimes, eugenics and other terrible things, their arguments are framed in small time scales and ignore certain realities. It is not difficult to imagine the societal problems a eugenics policy is likely to cause, even if we don’t implement it. But most Utilitarian arguments ignore unintended consequence/second and third order effects on down. I think Utilitarianism gets a bad name because it is often co-opted by those that don’t understand logic or care to argue in good faith.

            1. This provides a basis for the NAP that isn’t on first principal but inductive logic. Of course going back to pyrrhonism, this assumes we know the nature of reality so it is still provisional. But it is the smallest possible starting assumption we can make.

        4. The NAP is not subjective. It’s based on our nature as sapient beings. That is we use our minds to survive.

      3. …the whole point of libertarianism is that it’s think-based, rather than feel-based, and supporting a movement just because an entertainer says so is rather not the point of the exercise.

        True to some extent (although I think really all political worldviews involve at least some degree of feelz, libertarianism at least does try to be more thinking as well as based off first principles such as the NAP when compared to a lot of others). However, the job the Libertarian Party, like all other political parties, is to get as many votes as possible. If celebrity endorsements help them do that, then so be it.

      4. In addition to Gojira’s point, this is politics, and politics is feel-based.

      5. No. I’m pretty sure it’s about celebrity endorsements.
        and pot
        and ass sex

  2. I can’t wait for Clarissa to explain it all.

    1. Clarissa, the Teenage Bitch. (Needless to say, NSFW)

  3. Good for her but I hope she’s not planning on doing any acting above the community theater level in the future.

  4. Good on her. Hopefully this will wash away the ignominy of her doing Marine Todd: The Movie 2: Marine Toddier.

  5. This traitor to Hillary and all womynkind should be forced to surrender her vagina.

    1. I think Hugh has volunteered to accept the surrender. I’ll step in as a backup.

  6. Take that Scott Baio!

  7. Oh, well that’s good. I’ve been waiting to hear who Melissa Joan Hart was going to support.

    But seriously, it is refreshing whenever some kind of celebrity comes out as something other than a dumbass partisan Democrat or an even dumber full-on socialist.

    1. Especially since she can expect to get a ration of shit about it.

    2. But seriously, it is refreshing whenever some kind of celebrity comes out as something other than a dumbass partisan Democrat or an even dumber full-on socialist.

      Agreed. The nuance from Romney to Johnson is nice. Or at least gives every indication that she’s coming to grips with libertarianism rather than just being a conventional leftie coming to Johnson because he has a rational approach to gun control and/or won’t deport any more Mexicans.

      1. Lefties are not known for rational views on RKBA, guns or anything else.

    1. Good. I was worried for a minute that there might not be enough comments on her appearance.

      1. This is why there are no female libertarians, ’cause y’all animals.

      2. Is there some other thing to comment on? Anyways I’m counting three, if you include mine which is vague. I could be woulding about some assembly of words in this article I didn’t read.

      3. Oh right, maybe four if we include your comment about volunteering to bang her.

        1. I wasn’t criticizing.

          1. Your sarcasm was so pure and refined, it eluded all detection. I commend you.

      4. I was worried for a minute that there might not be enough comments on her appearance.

        Are you talking about her lazy eye or the fact that she’s not or never been rail thin? It seems like nobody ever talks about her lazy eye. All I hear are men who talk about how hot she is. I’m sure she, and women in general really, would much prefer men (in addition to women) talk about their flaws rather than offer token gestures of approval.

        1. The eye is a bit distracting, moreso in recent pictures. Her not-thinness not only doesn’t bother me, it’s even a plus. The fact that she’s not flawless doesn’t (or didn’t, in my case) make her un-hot.

          1. The fact that she’s not flawless doesn’t (or didn’t, in my case) make her un-hot.

            I don’t disagree. I just find it odd that of all the younger and/or more smoking hot actresses and pics put up on this site, this one is the one that was a bridge too far for Zeb.

            1. Jeez, relax ecerybody. I was just making a joke. I made comments on her doability too.

    2. She was my first celeb crush back in the day as Sabrina. Still would.

      1. She was adorable. And she turned into quite the MILF once she grew up.

        IS she an actor anymore? She got married and had a couple of kids and I haven’t seen her in anything for years.

        1. She is exceedingly milfy. Good for her having kids. I know that procreation isn’t in vogue right now.

        2. It mentioned her most recent work in the article.

          Melissa and Joey on Family Channel with Joey Lawrence.

          1. Surprisingly watchable if you must with your wife and kids.

            1. I watched the first season. Not bad, not worth DVRing.

              I think I saw it in a marathon.

  8. Wasn’t she Jim Rockford’s wife in those old Polaroid commercials?

    1. Well done… on several levels.

      1. Agreed. I laughed out loud.

        1. oh shit, there’s even a CT connection!

          *bows before Jerryskids*

    2. Jeebus we’re old.

  9. “”Governors I love, because they already ran their state as like a little president,”

    That’s adorable, like wittle Pwesidents.

    We should change the title.

    “Today I am announcing my candidacy for Little President of the great state of….”

    1. Well, technically the several states are sovereign entities, as is the US FedGov, so she’s right.

  10. Sabin was a great show.I loved how they slipped in little things like having her chained up, arms over head, while wearing a neoprene wetsuit.

    1. Both Disney and Nickelodeon are fucking awesome about that. Also, whomever is running the similar genre over at Netflix needs to have their teeth kicked in.

      1. Netflix doesn’t do fetish in their kid shows?

        1. And draws from a poorer pool of writers… and caters more widely to SJW crowds…

          Most of them are the ‘also ran’ shows that Disney/Nick didn’t pick up and license or licensed much more liberally in order to turn any sort of profit.

      2. Whomever?

    2. If only she was 40 or 50 years older, you could put her on your website.

  11. I just realized that I have seen Drive Me Crazy at least 4 times. Which is a ripoff of Can’t Buy Me Love, which was already had a blackenized remake in Love Don’t Cost A Thing, the movie that inflicted Nick Cannon on the world.

    1. Three movies I’ve never seen, nor heard of.

  12. “The two major parties are “like gangs”

    Like gangs?

    No, they are one big gang, running their criminal enterprise out of DC.

    1. They’re like the Commission of the major Mafia families that keeps the other crime syndicates down.

    1. Chelsea Jenner.

    2. Seriously. I’m Gen X and the oldest show here came out when I was in college.

      But good on her for kissing her career goodbye.

  13. So…an actress who talks like a valley girl has a more intelligent take on issues than most journalists?

    I think the important question we need to ask is…does she float like a duck?

    (waits for obvious dirty punch line)

    1. Really? Nobody’s going to say “made of would”?

      I am *so* disappointed in all of you.

      1. You are such a trial

    2. More importantly, does she quack like a duck?

    3. More importantly, does she quack like a duck?

  14. I didn’t know she lived in CT… all of a sudden the state has exactly one thing going for it.

  15. ‘candidate out there who really toes the line between Democrat and Republican,”

    She really doesn’t understand politics if she thinks:
    a. There is a line between D’s and R’s
    b. There are libertarians there toeing it.

    1. I think it’s more of a comment to assuage the masses than a comment on what libertarian beliefs are. The great unwashed thinks we’re “icky,” so she’s just lightening it up for them.

    2. She, The Don and Hillary are all actors, not lawyers or politicians, and no, thinking is not their strong suit generally. Still, an endorsement is an endorsement, especially if it’s not from Jerry Falwell or Tammy Bakker.

  16. Bonnie Hunt, Jr.

  17. I think she’s like a Super-Christian now, which is ironic considering all those times on Sabrina when she made teenaged-me sin many, many times. Usually into a sock.

  18. I hope she has a shovel big enough to clean up all the feces that the progtards, especially her media and entertainment colleagues, are going to throw at her now for not drinking the blue Kool-Aid and endorsing Hillary.

  19. Good for Melissa for questioning the duopoly but candidate Johnson has his faults as a Libertarian who does not completely follow the Constitution of our Republic. I do hope for third parties to break the exclusionary tactics of the infamous (former) Democrat/ Republican duopoly that has morphed into the socialist/Marxist left and the Interventionist/big government right. The only way to break up the political degradation of our country is for the electorate (the voters) to stop looking at the “r” or “d” after candidate’s names and elect only ones (candidates) who will honor their oath of office (to protect and defend the “law of the land”, our constitution) instead of just mouthing the oath and then proceeding to dismantle the constitution after gaining office.

  20. This is one of the best and simplest appeals yet–for people unaware of the existence of party platforms. I hope it works.

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