Anthony L. Fisher on Kennedy Talking Presidential Debate Tonight at 8p ET

The party panel also lays into the terrifying prospect of the TSA running security at buses and trains.


Freaking Kennedy party panel
Chelsea Wittemore

Tune into Kennedy on Fox Business Network (FBN) tonight at 8p ET, where I'll be on the party panel alongside feisty FBN contributor Dagen McDowell and token liberal and all-around-nice-guy Stephen Sigmund.

We'll be talking (what else?) that whole debate thing. Who won? Did either of them have any ideas of actual substance? Did Lester Holt tip the scales for Clinton?

And then the real horror…everyone hates the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and it does nothing to keep us safe, so naturally politicians want to put it in charge of security on buses and trains.

Be sure to watch and let me know if my shirt/tie/jacket combo worked for early Autumn.