Alt-Right Turns on Trump a Little, College Protesters Disrupt Debate Watch Party: P.M. Links


  • Jones
    Steve Eichner/NameFace/Sipa USA/Newscom

    The alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump's performance in the debate last night.

  • The Huffington Post says "national Treasure Leslie Jones" is "the only [debate] commentator we need." Because she did a really good job yelling at Trump to STFU. What a treasure!
  • Protesters disrupted a debate watch party hosted by conservative students at the University of Michigan.
  • "Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Old Hollywood Sexism," says New York magazine. Why? Too many dudes in the desert.
  • The University of Tennessee has decided not to punish Professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, for his controversial Tweet last week.

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  1. The alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump’s performance in the debate last night.

    Not enough N-bombs.

    1. He was pretty dismissive of 400lb dudes living with their parents, spending all their time on the internet.

      1. Even after they won Miss Universe!

    2. Hello.

      1. Allardyce quits as England manager.

        1. Any reason?

        2. Just looked at tomorrow’s CL coverage:

          FS1 has Bar?a (at M?nchengladbach).
          FS2 has Man City (at Celtic).
          The local Fox sports has Arsenal and Basel.

          Atl?tico/Bayern is the obvious match of the day, but Fox is shunting it to a higher-tier channel to shove the same EPL/Bar?a/Madrid Crap down our throats *again*.

    3. I was joking just yesterday about “The Donald” “cucking” himself later that night (borrowing from the terminology regularly employed by that motley band of idiots). I can’t tell if this is all some form of political performance art taking center stage at The Greatest Show on Earth.

      1. He can’t be mean to Chelsea’s mom in front of her, geesh.

        1. In science, independent discovery of a phenomenon is usually a strong indicator of veracity. Maybe there is a parallel in comedy?

          1. Like when both Newton and Leibniz discovered the “take my wife, please” joke at around the same time?

    1. Now to see if Jesse shows up bearly on time.

      1. Go west, young bear: A wave of swimming grizzlies are ‘colonizing’ new B.C. islands


      2. What is this? I can’t even…

        1. Lol. Hello.

  2. The Huffington Post says “national Treasure Leslie Jones” is “the only [debate] commentator we need.”

    But who are they endorsing for president?

    1. That dude needs to calm down.

      1. I hope you don’t have a Twitter account, because now you definitely don’t.

    2. Who is Leslie Jones?

      I never heard of her.

      1. Harambe. I’m truly going to hell now. I did it based on bone structure, not color. I fucking swear.

        1. Too late! Release the SJW-hounds!

          1. Is this where a bunch of chihuahua’s bite my ankle then run when I say something?

            1. A bunch of chihuahua’s what?

              1. *chihuahuas’
                Sorry Nikki. You are the worst.

            2. I had three different paper routes as a teen, with probably over 100 dogs on them combined…

              The only dog I literally “punted” was a chihuahua. I think I got 2.2 seconds of hang time and 15yrds of distiance- 18 if you count the roll…

              Nasty little freaks!

        2. Is Jesus still damning for ill-taste? Need a Bible refresher course.

        3. Dicks out for Leslie Jones?

          No thanks

        4. Hey, that’s not fair to Harambe, he was at least moderately respectable.

      2. Who is Leslie Jones?

        The only woman in America that STEVE SMITH could produce offspring with.

    3. Give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

  3. Protesters disrupted a debate watch party hosted by conservative students at the University of Michigan.


    1. It was impossible for them to have their own in another space?

    2. Isn’t that violating their safe-space, or are badthinkers not allowed safe spaces?

      1. [A]re badthinkers not allowed safe spaces?

        No, because they are the agressors. And I hope that the conservative/liberty types on campus don’t push for such because it would make them just as much whiny little bitches as those SJW pukes.

      2. are badthinkers not allowed safe spaces?

        Most definitely not. It is the duty of all right-thinkers to call them out and harass “inform” them at every opportunity.

    3. Somebody should remind these people that, just as they wish their own safes spaces respected, they should respect the safe spaces of others.

  4. Gary Johnson at 16% in new ABC poll
    Out of respect for the Commentariat, here’s the full click-bait disclosure: Clinton is in 4th place in this poll.

    1. Fake website, dude. Trying clicking on any of the links at the top of the page. Look at the copyright in the lower left. It’s a GoDaddy domain registered last month.

      1. Curses!

        1. #$%& I thought it was one of those online polls that RP used to always win. my bad.
          * crawls back under rock from whence I came *

    2. Damn, that’s an (unscientific) ABC poll and even Stein is kicking her ass.

      I figured last night’s debate might have halted some of Hillary’s downswing, but if this is anything to go on, she and the moderator better come out guns blazing in the next debate or she’s toast.

  5. JonesSteve Eichner/NameFace/Sipa USA/NewscomThe alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump’s performance in the debate last night.

    EVERYONE is going to be disappointed with him in the end.

    He’s a charlatan.

    1. What exactly is Donnie representing?

      “Planned parenthood does wonderful things.”
      Trade tariffs.
      Regulation and control.
      Childcare subsidies.
      Government mandated maternity leave.
      Gun control (oh yeah, no-fly-no-buy)

      And he’s Republican!!!

      1. You are correct sir!

        I said it last night. Within the first eight minutes both of them fought over my wallet and later went on to torch the second and forth.

        Progs are fun huh

        1. It was disgusting. Usually you can at least count on Republicans to be respectable on the first and second amendments even when they’re garbage on the fourth, I’m really annoyed that they shrugged both off just to get someone sufficiently anti-immigrant for them.

          I’m just waiting for quartering of troops to become a thing again so these two bastards can shred the Third Amendment too.

    2. Still better than Hillary.

      1. “This pile of dog shit is slightly less aromatic than that pile of hippopotamus shit. I guess I’ll eat the dog shit. After all, shit is the only thing on the menu. Well, besides horse shit. But horses can kiss my fucking ass. Lousy goddamn horses. You call that a horse? Fuck your horse. That horse is a cancer on all equestrian beings. That horse probably killed and ate your family and that’s why it’s shit is even on the menu, because the horse saw that episode of South Park and thought it would be fucking sweet to trick you into eating your family. I swear to God I am killing every horse I see. “

  6. “Too many dudes in the desert.”

    I agree.

    1. The trick, Playa Manhattan, is not minding that there are too many dudes.

      1. It’s like a sauna in here.

      2. Burning Man: “The trick is not minding there are too many dudes.”

    2. There is nothing in the desert. And no man needs nothing.

    3. Which joke should I go with?

      The joke about there not being any women in the desert because “there ain’t no one for to give you no pain”?

      The joke about how Lawrence of Arabia probably wouldn’t have minded?

      Or just say that women was the one thing Lawrence of Arabia should have had more Rita Hayworth?

      1. That Lawrence of Arabia should have had more Rita Hayworth

      2. There’s always the joke about how El’Aurence *preferred* there being no ladies around. He didn’t have as much competition.

  7. The Huffington Post says “national Treasure Leslie Jones” is “the only [debate] commentator we need.” Because she did a really good job yelling at Trump to STFU. What a treasure!

    Close up shop on all media outlets and just leave us Leslie Jones and I’d say we have made marginal gains in utility. Sorry Reason!

    1. Yes, I’ll take that deal.

  8. Why? Too many dudes in the desert.

    It was the earliest known MGTOW.

    1. The Fleetwood Mac fan club?

  9. The alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump’s performance in the debate last night.

    Alt-right Robby calm down.

    1. Alt-right Robby spends most of his time criticizing the Jews for their devious plots to destroy the West through white genocide, but then makes sure to mention that that their goals are at least admirable even though their methods are wrong.

  10. The University of Tennessee has decided not to punish Professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, for his controversial Tweet last week.

    I don’t think they were dumb enough to try and punish him, of all people, for protected speech. The only other person they could do that to that would be dumber would be if Popehat taught there.

    1. $5 says if it was Harvard instead of Tennessee, “veritas” would have been burnt at the stake in the name of social justice.

    2. They may be cautious about punishing a writer who has truckload of virtual ink…

        1. Based on his faculty profile, yes.

  11. “Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Old Hollywood Sexism,” says New York magazine. Why? Too many dudes in the desert.

    Robby has an interesting face. He is surrounded by cattle.

    1. Because Arabia isn’t populated by misogynists.

  12. So, I’m a member of a local chapter of an international civic organization that does good deeds in the community and such. They created a fundraising subcommittee and dragged me aboard. Someone came up with a mission statement for this subcommittee (where none was necessary), and included “social justice” as one of the bullet points. At the expense of being a petulant crybaby*, I intend to object to this, since the bylaws of the overall organization forswear politics. I understand that some people think that social justice is just a term for being “nice,” caring, doing good by the community, etc., but it ain’t — it’s become a loaded political term carrying with it a lot of baggage.

    *I know I should ignore it and move on, but I’ve noticed this social justice-creep more and more lately and it’s starting to piss me off. My kid’s school has a social justice coordinator. He’s in the second fucking grade (my kid, not the coordinator).

    1. We all need a hill to die on, it was nice knowing ya.

      1. I’m inclined to agree. State your piece exactly as above, don’t be too emotional about it, and politely recuse yourself from the subcommittee when they refuse to throw you a bone.

        1. I work in corporate safety in the power generator and trucking industry — mandatory training with documentation for compliance with Anti-Human Trafficking programs and the like just started popping up from a few different sources looking to contract us. Made a small comment about how over-the-top this stuff is getting, and how all the largest national cases have boiled down to nothing more than trumped up (didn’t say trump) prostitution charges — co-workers gave me a quizzical look and I put the mask back on before I could be outed as an undesirable.

    2. If “social justice” meant anything, they’d just say “justice”. By affixing “social” to it, they’re admitting it’s meaningless crap.

      1. “Social justice” is the same as “political correctness”. PC used to just be etiquette until the left started attaching political power to opinions and then treating them as acts in and of themselves. “Hate crimes” are a direct result of that. “Social Justice” is the gateway to weaponizing hurt feelings with legal impact.

        1. I think EAP has it below. It’s not about feelings so much as redistribution and “good government” and punishing the supposed beneficiaries of historical evils. The feelings/safe spaces/trigger warning crap is its own thing.

          1. Oh please, it’s commib

            1. Oops, fucking hate iPhones. Reposting half written comments.

              Anyway, I was going to say it’s largely about trying to redraw the bounds of what is socially acceptable to believe more narrowly so had to remove political opponents from public discourse right out the gate.

              1. That’s the tactic anyway.

      2. “social justice” is how progressives spell “socialism”.

    3. Oh, BP, you poor devil.

    4. Refer them to Hayek’s demolition of the concept.

    5. The SJWs hijacked a perfectly legitimate term.

      “IN BRIEF

      “1943 Society ensures social justice by providing the conditions that allow associations and individuals to obtain their due.

      “1944 Respect for the human person considers the other “another self.” It presupposes respect for the fundamental rights that flow from the dignity intrinsic of the person.

      “1945 The equality of men concerns their dignity as persons and the rights that flow from it.

      “1946 The differences among persons belong to God’s plan, who wills that we should need one another. These differences should encourage charity.

      “1947 The equal dignity of human persons requires the effort to reduce excessive social and economic inequalities. It gives urgency to the elimination of sinful inequalities.

      “1948 Solidarity is an eminently Christian virtue. It practices the sharing of spiritual goods even more than material ones.”

      1. “1949 Non compliance with our version of Christian virtue may require that men with guns be sent out into the community to enforce our version.”

      2. No, it’s not even a legitimate term. You can either have real justice, the individual sort, or “social justice.” You can’t have both. Read Hayek on this.

    6. I would ask others on the board how they’d feel about referring to ‘family values’ in the charter. It might help them get the point that a theoretically politically neutral phrase can have strong decidedly ideological connotations.

    7. It was never “just a term for being “nice,” caring, doing good by the community, etc”. ‘Social’ justice, by its very nature advocates the necessity for *individual *injustice* to ‘rectify past wrongs. You may not have done anything, but someone will make the argument that because of your ethnicity you have received some nebulous (and not bothered to be calculated) advantage because of the actions of some ancestor (never specified) who *probably* (bot not certainly) wronged (again, in a not specified way) the ancestors of another group (which will include people descended from others who were never wronged at all) and so you owe them reparations.

      And the SJW gets to decide if reparations are due and how much and, of course, will handle the handover of the money (while taking their cut – as is only fair for all the hard work they’ve done).

      Its a ‘motte-and-bailey’ defense – retreat to ‘social justice is just about being caring and aware of privilege I don;t know why you’d be against that’ whenever challenged and when not challenged push the boundaries of the above.

  13. “Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Old Hollywood Sexism,” says New York magazine. Why? Too many dudes in the desert.

    Wherein New York Magazine shows its latent homophobia.

    Why can’t a bunch of dudes have fun in the desert?

    1. Yeah. I mean, it was pretty clear that TE Lawrence’s gay mannerisms* were the thing O’Toole nailed best in that role.

      *He might have had a totally chaste bromance with the water carrier kid, or maybe not. Hard to say. Also, was probably sexually abused while captive.

      1. Is it really abuse if you would have said yes if asked?

    2. Congrats on first!

      1. Wrong spot.

          1. You beat Fist at everything else. Yes Fist, I went there. I said it FIRST too!

            1. These fists are made for beating, and that’s just what they’ll do…

              1. Did you mean to say “beating off”?

                1. Yes he did.

    3. Why can’t a bunch of dudes have fun in the desert?

      Because that means women are unnecessary.

      And including women in your production is exploitive.


    Related = Try and count how many incidents of “bias” you can find on the cover of the NYT website. Or just read each headline as a sentence in a paragraph of narration.

    1. New York Times has proved itself time and again to be a pathetic statist bootlicking organization.

      From its front-page gun control whine to its fellation of Hillary Clinton despite her open corruption.

      If those a$$holes had any spine, they would not have endorsed anyone, or would have looked at 3rd party candidates seriously.

      They are part of the problem and I will be happy to see them go down permanently.


      1. Its endorsement of Hillary was downright embarrassing. Not the fact that they endorsed her but the fawning and pathetic op ed that they endorsed her with. It was comical.

    2. Honestly Gil, that first article is a terrible example. The online polls that anyone can vote in with a click of the button are simply worthless. Scientific polls aren’t always totally accurate, but it’s a lot more likely that they’re in the ballpark, especially if you take the averages. The type of polls that had Trump crushing the debate are the same type that had Ron Paul winning the 2008 and 2012 primaries in a landslide.

      1. ?

        Thanks guy.

  15. Signs we’re running out of shit to complain about

    Is Seltzer Problematic?

    1. I mean, if they’re confusing club soda with seltzer water.

    2. Oh please, Sweet Meteor o’ Death, get here soon. I can’t take this any longer.

      1. I say this everyday now, almost like a prayer.

        1. The only thing you have the power to actually summon is a Preeteor.

    3. “Does sparkling water have a downside?”

      Yeah, it tastes like shit.

      1. So, you’re telling me I should be drinking shit?

    4. I saw this morning they’re going after Tom Hanks for his deeply racist film career. Yeah, they’re running out of shit to complain about. Gotta keep upping the ante just to attract any attention.

      1. He really should apologize for being white.

        1. So should Denzel Washington.

      2. Wait, why is Clint Eastwood supposed to be racist?

        I can only imagine that article exists because whatever website that is just randomly picks subjects and then has people (or possibly some kind of robot) write articles about them.

        1. Because he don’t like Obama.

  16. So on Facebook today, I said that it’s odd that the Left is scared of the abuses that Donald Trump may do when he gets into office but yet has kept silent on the current administration’s executive overreaches and abuses. I ended it basically saying that I hope that individuals will take the time to really reflect on what ought to be the limits of Presidential power so we can prevent future abuses and hold those accountable even if they are of the same party affiliation.

    It was a shit show.

    1. What do you mean it was a shit show?

      Did the leftist partisans come out in favor of the government boot if their party’s scum is in the White House?

      1. Absolutely.

      2. I had one acquaintance blaming the GOP for Obama’s misdeeds. I knew then, it was pointless to go further with the discussion.

        1. You lost me at :

          So on Facebook today,

    2. It’s like they live in a parallel universe where Obama hasn’t ordered the CIA to murder civilians opposed to the Saudi puppets in Yemen, where ISIS wasn’t essentially armed by a blundering administration trying to look like they were in command of a situation to domestic eyes, where Obamacare didn’t make medical care even more unaffordable to the working poor and cut down on their employment opportunities, where civil liberties have been utterly shredded, and where the government was not running guns into Mexico in order to create a crisis to be exploited for domestic gun confiscation.

      In many ways I would welcome a Trump presidency. I am tired of being called a racist for opposing the same things I opposed under George Bush. I can take it; I’m just tired of it.

      1. Me too. It’s the constant hypocrisy that angers me. And when you call them out on it, they say that you’re too rigid and that’s the price of politics.

        I didn’t fucking know that killing brown people indiscriminately and throwing journalists in jail for whistle-blowing was the price of politics.

        1. That’s because you are a racist who can’t stand a black president.

          1. Jokes on them….I’m black.

            I remember once a family friend of ours pulled me aside and asked how I as a black man did not support our first black President.

            1. The Progressives will either move on or call you an Uncle Tom. Either way, they’ll keep right on thinking anyone that opposes Obama is a racist.

            2. That just makes you a double secret racist, you racist!

              1. That’s called an uncle Clarence now I believe.

                Interestingly, Samuel l. Jackson said he based his character’s mentality in Django Unchained on Clarence Thomas. I knew the guy was probably a dick but I didn’t he was that far out of his mind. I mean, I know they hate black Republicans, but Christ, has he ever taken a position that suggests he actually has any animosity toward his own race? The antipathy is mind boggling.

        2. ^THIS.

          Why I wish but don’t think the Left will learn any lesson on the limits of executive power.

          It’s all about *them* wielding the power, not about the threat from power.

          1. “It’s all about *them* wielding the power, not about the threat from power.”

            That’s the same issue that I run into when I discuss police brutality. You tell a Progressive that if you decrease the power of the state along with putting accountability on the table, a lot of this abuse shit would slowly go away.

            Of course anything that decreases the power of the state is the worst for a Progressive.

            1. Yes, they firmly believe that you just have to get “the right people” in there. They believe in angels.

              1. Angels kill people. Fuck, one is even called the angel of death. Gabriel has a thing with big flaming swords and shit. Angels no bueno, i have no idea why people like them. Ohh and Lucifer is an angel too. Just FYI.

                1. ^ This x1000, I always tell people “no, you don’t want to meet an Angel, if you do your probably too late, they are Powerful beyond what we know”
                  Like Cthulu

              2. Angels are scary. In the Bible, almost every encounter a person has with an angel the person is totally freaked out and the angel has to say something like “Be not afraid, for I am sent by He Who Is” or something.

            2. God forbid they ever connect the dots to unaccountable public sector unions.

      2. In many ways I would welcome a Trump presidency. I am tired of being called a racist for opposing the same things I opposed under George Bush. I can take it; I’m just tired of it.

        Same here. The (former) anti-war crowd are the worst.

    3. You’re crazy man, you need to practice containing political discussion to hushed whispers between trusted members of friends and families — children can’t be trusted! It’s best to prepare today for tomorrow’s struggles.

    4. Good luck with that. I had to disable my Facebook account in order to keep my sanity.

  17. A blog is only as strong as its weakest linker.

  18. To whatever degree trump convinced the genuinely undecided that he is not dangerous, he “won” the debate. Doesn’t matter whether or not he looked weak or muddled or not forceful or whatever. The opinions of the already-decideds of whichever are irrelevant now.

  19. That UT statement on Glenn Reynolds is hilarious. They investigated a tweet (however that works), and, according to the statement:

    “We will now move forward to rebuild our law school community and refocus on our primary purpose…”

    They’re going to rebuild their community? After the devastation created by a tweet? Should we be sending blankets and care packages somewhere?

    1. That tweet killed my mother. And raped my father.

      1. That tweet created or saved 13 jobs.

    2. “Oh fuck, Reynolds is our biggest star outside of the state. We should probably just shut the fuck up and move on lest our future classes shrink further.”

    3. Call FEMA

    4. Did you see the most recent South Park?

    5. Should we be sending blankets and care packages somewhere?

      As long as the blankets are infected with smallpox.

  20. Court May Determine “Congress is What Makes Law” Rather than “Obama’s Pen” or Agency Rules

    “He added that the grave threat of climate change does not give the EPA a “blank check” to use the Clean Air Act flexibly.

    Judge Thomas Griffith, another Bush appointee, questioned: “Why is this (debate) not going-on on the Congress floor but in front of a room full of unelected judges?””

    We hear nothing about this, of course, because we need that bandwidth for Harambe and Harry Potter.

    1. Judge Thomas Griffith, another Bush appointee

      I remember reading something about Obama’s impact on the circuit courts of appeal. It looked really bad.

      And it’s going to get much worse once Hillary “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” Clinton gets into office.

      The SCOTUS of course will be lost for 40 years. We’re f***ed.

      1. They never mention who appointed the judge when the story is about applauding the ruling.

        1. Wow. I never thought of it from your perspective. It’s spot on.

    2. Those posts on this month’s temperature report won’t write themselves. Reason posts like 20 times a week on uber and the latest chin rubbing Robby post on how some RA at some college did something idiotic but can’t be bothered with covering this.

      I don’t understand why they seem so intent on living down to their critics’ stereotypes.

  21. *calls Columbia Pictures to pitch an all-female Laura of Arabia reboot*

    1. Check that, shaming the Arabs would be racist. Instead it will be Laura of Suburbia. A bunch of Seth Rogen style loser man-children are completely failing to prevent Nazi Donald Trump supporters from moving into the neighborhood until Laura arrives from London to get them all woke and united as a grass roots movement to save the suburbs for Hillary.

      1. So Laura will be played by Judd Apatow’s wife?

      2. Instead it will be Laura of Suburbia

        This is actually a funny, good idea.

        It would make at least a decent mini-series.

      3. That’s a little TOO plausible a pitch

      4. That’s a little TOO plausible a pitch

  22. I can’t wait to see the Law & Order episode about this one

    FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) ? Two men arrested in the killings of a California couple were friends with the victims’ teenage daughter and all attended “furry” events where some participants dress up in colorful animal costumes, according to friends and their social media pages.

    1. CSI beat you to the punch by a few years.

    1. Eddie hardest hit.

      1. Do you really think little Ibrahim will be celebrating lesbianism from his home in Jordan?

  23. Too many dudes in the desert.

    Going to a party
    Sippin on Bacardi
    Wanna meet a hottie
    But there’s Abdul, Seif, and Mahdi

    1. lap83 you got it goin’ on

      1. You just wanna put a wig on him and spoon him.

    2. +1 Conchord

    3. Hey, skedaddle with the cattle prods, will ya?

  24. Taking from the Poor and Giving to the Rich = Obvious Consequence of Most-Millenial Policy Ever

    1. the state schools are using the money to lure the most qualified students, raise average test scores

      So, basically, more academic scholarships. I fail to see the problem.

      1. Not giving is taking.

        1. And not taking is giving.

      2. The problem is with state funded schools in general. They are taxing poor people to provide services to rich people.

      3. My headline point was more about how the current demand for “Free College” is really about taking taxpayer money and throwing it at a population that’s already above-average wealth.

        Obviously schools are free do whatever they want with self-financed academic scholarships. You could argue that they only have that largesse to dole out because so much of the remaining consumer-base is heavily subsized by Federal guaranteed loans, tho i’m not sure that piece makes that connection.

        1. *or, that most people only really “need” this scholarship-funding because college is so expensive… as a result of decades of over-subsidy of college education.

  25. Gotta say, I saw the Leslie Jones pic and thought it was gonna be a link to all the articles talking about how racist it is that her face pops up whenever you do an image search for Harambe.

    1. Her: “He’s really that long.”
      Him: “And about that stout.”

    2. He’s going to wreck my ass. – anxious cheerleader

    3. Bogut is ready to put his shrimp in that Barbie

    4. “And these are not the Hammer.”

    5. “Who has two thumbs and is a tall Australian? This guy.”

    6. “Hello everyone, I banged this cheerleader last night. Christ, what an asshole.”

    7. “Fee, Fi, Go, Fum, I smell p#@*y!

  26. A former classmate from my hometown got a new gig in LA doing PR for the Hyperloop. He was almost settled in before they sent him packing.

  27. “The alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump’s performance in the debate last night.”

    Anonymous 4Channers are verified alt-right?

    1. Why is it internet journalists don’t know how the internet works??

      1. “Another chided Trump for pinning the Democratic National Convention hack on possibly a 400-pound hacker, commenting, “[Your face when] Trump calls you out for being a 400 lb hacker,” with a photo of an obese man in his underwear behind a computer”

        That’s not chiding. 4Channers on /pol/ don’t actually care about fatshaming.

        “Trump’s tweet of a meme showing Clinton’s face and the Star of David over a pile of money”

        Six-pointed explosion effect = Antisemitism, it is known.

        “Pepe the Frog, often used as a symbol of white nationalism”

        Repeat a lie often enough…

        1. The major media obsession with the alt right bogieman is so pathetic. Don’t these idiots understand that 95% of the country probably thinks the “alt right” is some college band if they think about it at all, which is unlikely? No one fucking cares what a goes on a 4chan threads or even knows what 4chan is. Yet, every 20 something journalist douchebag is convinced that the alt right some huge threat that is going to turn the public against the evil Trump.

          These people really do live in a bubble.

          1. The sad part is that 4chan is a very . . . well, *diverse* isn’t the word I would use, but its split up into innumerable forums, 99.9% have nothing to do with politics and bringing politics into that forum will get you sagebombed into oblivion.

            Nobody really gives a toss what Trump/Clinton are doing on /TG/ or /d/ or even /v/ – and that’s where the Gamergaters live.

      2. “Why is it internet journalists don’t know how the internet works??”

        I may be giving them too much credit but I think they know exactly how meaningless 4Chan, Twitter, and Youtube comments are, and just feign ignorance when it suits them.

  28. Man with Toy Gun Shot By Police

    When officers confronted him, he pulled out a weapon. Schleuter says officers then shot and killed the 31-year-old white man.

    The DOJ now says Knight had a toy gun.

    His fiancee says Knight had said he wanted police to kill him and said he knew if he showed something that looked like a gun, they would.

    1. To be fair, the’d also kill him if he’d have showed them something that didn’t look like a gun.

    2. He didn’t need a gun, just some blackface.

  29. When will Robby finally get his College Fix?

  30. Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Old Hollywood Sexism,” says New York magazine. Why? Too many dudes in the desert.

    And not enough sodomy



  31. Fact check:

    “Trump said “murders are up” in New York City since ending stop-and-frisk policies, while Clinton said “crime, including murders” is down. Both are correct.”


    Mostly False

    Not for year-to-date, not for longer term
    Donald Trump

    In New York City, “murders are up.”

    Which is it?

    I have a feeling if I spend some time on these two sites, I may find more fact-checking discrepancies.

  32. The alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump’s performance in the debate last night.

    Watching Vox trying to seriously deconstruct 4chan culture is actually kind of amusing. It’s like anthropologists trying to study some weird New Guinea tribe while the tribe’s all secretly just telling them dumb bullshit and laughing about it.

    “Yeah, I told them to eat the monkey penis, and they did!”

    1. Hillary got totally trolled by Pepe the Frog. It was hilarious.

    2. They can’t seem to tell the difference between the alt-right and /pol/acks.

      1. What do you expect? They also can’t tell the difference between Republicans, conservatives, the KKK, and Nazis.

    3. Yeah, I’ve always liked video games, and while I’ve never been the best at any of them I’ve been pretty good at some. I started playing Dota recently, and am absolute trash at it, but…

      If you think Hit and Run is toxic I’d like to invite you to watch any high-level Dota player’s stream. It will be composed mostly of really disgusting slash fiction about that streamer.

      I do feel like playing Dota keeps me young (or at least immature,) kappa. And I can laugh at Vox trying to figure things out.

  33. Why do protestors think “Making the Mayor Resign” is ‘Success’?

    Maybe if you actually “got someone elected” you might see actual political efforts made in your behalf. Instead all you’re doing is incentivizing CYA behavior and pandering. They had a better idea when they were sweating the police-unions.

    I think it would be an interesting experiment to take a city – like say, Baltimore – and hand it over to a committee of “Black Lives Matter” appointees.

    Give them 1 term. And remind them they need to get re-elected to ensure they can continue their ‘reform work’. What’s the worst that could happen? I mean, its *already* Baltimore.

    1. That one term would allow them to build a network of patronage, and bore into every city agency and program. The problem is that politicians have favors to dispense.

    2. Why do protestors think “Making the Mayor Resign” is ‘Success’?

      Speaking for my own political theater– it’s because the protesters were most likely the ones that put the mayor into office.

  34. Scientists say baby born with DNA from 3 people using new method

    Scientists say the first baby has been born from a controversial new technique that combines DNA from three people ? the mother, the father and an egg donor.

    The goal was to prevent the child from inheriting a fatal genetic disease from his mother, who had previously lost two children to the illness.

    The birth of the boy is revealed in a research summary published by the journal Fertility & Sterility. Scientists are scheduled to present details at a meeting next month in Salt Lake City.

    The magazine New Scientist, which first reported the birth, said the baby was born five months ago to Jordanian parents, and that they were treated in Mexico by a team led by Dr. John Zhang of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York. It’s not clear where the child was born.

    1. New method = DVDA?

    2. They didn’t use frog DNA, did they? That never goes well.

      1. When the boy reaches puberty and starts to masturbate, his tadpoles will be actual tadpoles.

  35. Not another high school senior for you deplorable sickos to gawk at, but pretty close: Swarthmore student called ‘white b*tch,’ told ‘kill yourself’ over op-ed that upset liberal peers.

    The Daily Gazette campus newspaper has since apologized for running Jenson’s column, with editors stating they “fucked up” by running it.

    But some students took the time to respond thoughtfully.

    An alternative Swarthmore campus publication, The Phoenix, featured a couple of op-eds responding to Jenson. One student wrote of growing up poor, saying, “Your article has caused so much pain and agony for so many people.” Another student discussed similar experiences, writing, “We [low-income students] have fought our way through the chaotic spectacle that is college admissions, and we have earned every dollar in our financial aid packages.”

    1. The way the headline reads it seems she owns the “white bitch” moniker.

    2. Do these people really believe that the private college experience as they know it could exist without some people paying full fare?

    3. I’m worried about the divisive direction sh1t is headed in.

      Stuff that shouldn’t be racial is going that direction, and it’s not good for anyone.

      1. Yet another reason Hillary must be defeated.

    4. Bah, Jenson shouldn’t be complaining about the threats, she’s from New Jersey for God’s sake, she should just tell them to go fuck themselves like every other person who greets her on the streets of Trenton.

      1. No shit, “fuck off” is a term of endearment here.

    5. I once heard somewhere that college was supposed to be about “developing the ability to rationally confront complex ideas and weigh their various merits and flaws “.

      That was so funny.

    6. She is a doll. Fuck those the animals.

    7. “The most-triggered generation”

      I like that.

    8. It’s kind of bullshit that College Fix blacked out the names of the people threatening her and calling her names.

      These people want to call her out in public, they can fucking own it in front of the entire nation. Might be instructive for future employers to learn who’s going to be an HR problem in 4-6 years.

    9. I grew up very poor. At one point I Iived in a an unheated summer camp on Stannard mountain in Vermont. The temperatures in our house were often well below zero, and at one point we didn’t even have an outhouse. If I had to take a shit in the middle of the night I went and dropped my pants in the abandoned pigsty behind our place. There’s nothing like exposing your privates to a cold sky full of stars when the temps are -40 to toughen you up. When I was a kid we were proud of our privations.

  36. I don’t watch SNL. So I dunno, I may have liked Leslie Jones in an alternate universe.

    But now? She’s terrible. She has very literally rose to prominence by bitching and moaning. First it was “nobody wants to give me a free dress to wear to my movie premiere.” Bullshit. As if there aren’t thousands of fashion designers who would kill for the publicity. Then it was the whole Twitter thing.

    Just a terrible person. Dragging the level of society down with her bullshit.

    1. That’s the thing about celebrity in the current hyper-politicized era. Even if a person was interesting or funny or entertaining when they rose to fame, being famous now requires being constantly aggrieved and preaching politics non-stop.

    2. She was never funny on SNL. She was good in a bit part in that Chris Rock movie last year, but that’s about it.

      1. Nothing special. The inner-city, straight ebonics talkin’ street comedienne angle has been done.

    3. It is bad enough when someone who actually has talent is an annoying pain in the ass, but you can at least forgive that. But when someone is an annoying pain in the ass and has no talent, that takes the cake. Why do I know this person’s name? What has she done that would possibly justify my knowing who she is much less caring?

      1. She was responsible for getting one of the most glorious trolls in modern history banned from Twitter. No kidding, that’s why she’s famous among the HuffPo class.

        1. And getting banned from Twitter was one of the best things that could have happened to him. It is a badge of honor. Getting banned brought him more attention and made his critics look more stupid and unreasonable than ten years worth of trolling on twitter could have accomplished.

          1. True, Milo is actually playing a complicated strategy game while the SJW’s plate Candyland. Hilarious. And he makes $ off of it. He is Robby Soave’s alt-right(I don’t even like using alt-right) doppelganger.

            1. She is the one whose complaint got Milo Yiannapolis of Breitbart fame banned from Twitter.

              1. Oh, Milo Yapinipolopolis. I was all, “Who is this person she got banned from the TweetDecks?”

                So, she got him banned from Twitter? Huh.

              2. Milo was banned because after he wrote a movie review that included the observation that Leslie Jones looks like a guy, she threw a public fit which then prompted many of his Twitter followers to send racist and/or funny (see: Harambe) harassing messages to her.

                She cried to Twitter and they banned Milo even though he didn’t do anything other than write an insulting review of her terrible movie.

                1. Which then made her a New Hero Of The Left, who now dutifully find her every utterance stunning and brave.

            2. A cat from some stupid 80s movie, i think

    4. The concerted effort to make her A Thing is so transparent, and baffling to me. These sites keep pointing to her comments or tweets as ‘necessary’ and ‘wow’ and whatever the fuck, and it always seems to be straightforward, excited statements that make no attempt at wit or humor. Just something like, “mother of dragons yall!” as she stands next to Emilia Clarke. Is the joke that she’s a grown woman with the Twitter feed of a 13 year old? Are we supposed to find her enthusiasm infectious?

      I usually don’t traffic in media conspiracies, but it does seem like these sites are hyping up a medium talent so that they can provoke a backlash against a not-conventionally-attractive black woman, and then start crying racism. Or I’m getting old and don’t understand what the cool kids enjoy. (Harambe is also stupid)

      1. It is so demeaning and racist. They are trying to make her a thing because she is black. If she were white, they would judge her on her talent and pay no attention to her. She is nothing but a prop for prog entertainment writers to use to make themselves feel good. That is it.

      2. “not-conventionally-attractive”

        You’re extremely kind.

        1. Yeah, in other news, Ru Paul is not conventionally-masculine.

          1. You’re just being an uglophobe

        2. I could see why someone else might be attracted to her. But I assume a lot of people are not.

          1. “I could see why someone else might be attracted to her.”

            “Transitioning over to dating men” is the kindest explanation I can see.

      3. Harambe died for your sins MJG, you won’t be around in a thousand years when the apes run the planet and his word, decreed by the ten chimpanzee disciples, is law.

        1. …Cool, sounds like I make out OK in this.

        2. Ape, shall not kill ape.

      4. The joke is that she needs to man the fuck up about being called manly. The Internet is mean, OK? I mean, when I play Dota I get called all kinds of names all the time, cause that’s how the Internet works. That’s just how it is, and if you don’t like it I’d suggest that you stay off the Internet.

    5. My dad, the stereotypical Limbaugh republican, told me he likes that commercial she’s in and laughs at it every time. I don’t have the heart to ruin it for him by telling him who she is.

  37. My coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master”

    Later, I heard her correct someone who referred to her boyfriend as her boyfriend/partner, saying that he wasn’t her partner, he was her master, and should be referred to using his appropriate title. She compared it to gay rights, saying that if she was a man, they wouldn’t erase her relationship by referring to “Peter” as “Patricia,” and so they shouldn’t erase the D/s relationship by calling him a partner instead of a master. It’s pretty clear that her coworkers aren’t comfortable asking her “will your master be at the end-of-summer barbecue?” or “did you and your master do anything fun this weekend?, though, and thus have just stopped referring to Peter at all.

    1. Pandemonium has begun.

    2. It’s getting complicated.

      I think I’m just gonna call all these narcissist fuck twads ‘asshole’.

      Hey, asshole! What’s up asshole? Thanks asshole! Do you want fries with that, asshole?

      Keep things simple. After all, these people are close to being an asshole than anything.

    3. There is not a single argument that you can make for gay rights and treating being gay like we treat race or sex that doesn’t apply equally as well to BDSM or any other sexual kink. If gays can’t help it but be gay, this chick can’t help it that she wants to call her b/f master.

      If these people don’t like that, too fucking bad. They should have thought a little more carefully before they went along with the concept that being gay is some immutable inborn attribute.

      1. yeah, the comments are full of “OMG BDSM is totally not deserving of the same treatment as LGBT because um, it’s just not!”

        1. Gays are at most three or four percent of the population. A whole hell of a lot more people than that are into BDSM. In many ways BDSM is more “normal” and common than being gay.

      2. Sure. But the argument to make here is that partner or boyfriend/girlfriend cover the *points of the relationship that outsiders care about* and only require a minimal accommodation on the part of other people – basically common courtesy. Even if you don’t like gay relationships and a would refuse to refer to a dude’s husband as his husband, you can still acknowledge the relationship with ‘partner’.

        Demanding that others call your SO ‘master/mistress’ is akin to demanding that the SO be called ‘fuckbuddy’ or ‘lover’, or whatever.

        And partner is sufficiently neutral that it covers a multitude of sins. Its the wimpiest, most generic word that still encompasses the ‘mutual aid and support’ stuff that’s at the core of any relationship.

      3. Indeed- of course the real frontier is going to be poly relationships. While I have no objection to BDSM relationships, I don’t think they will be _that_ common. The poly thing though- once it becomes acceptable I think it might be common. I’d go so far as to say that poly is more natural for us than monogamy, but I think it will cause trouble. Monogamy is not natural for people, I think, but it solves some problems.

    4. Dear Reader:

      Google ‘submissive sexuality’ and/or possibly ‘weeaboo’.

      1. No thanks. Last time I googled something like this, I discovered I are one. [descends back into the tickle dungeon]

        1. Nandaka.. ore ha weaboo to iu koto desukedo… chotto shitsurei na koto deha arimasenka?

    5. Okay, cool. All nonessential workplace communication with a certain nutcase will cease.

    6. Tell her that *conventional* relationships, whatever the genders involved, already have perfectly acceptable nouns to describe the parties. Boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.

      But its simply TMI – we don’t need to know, shouldn’t know, and, quite frankly, don’t give a fuck about your ‘master/slave’ relationship. Especially in the United States where you actually aren’t a slave.

      Tell her she is being completely inapproriate and could find herself facing sexual harrassment charges for pushing her dom/sub relationship onto her coworkers. He’s her boyfriend as far as outsiders are concerned. What you two do together is your business, but you don’t get force us to legitimize it.

      1. But why? I mean if the nature of her relationship is that she is leashed (and I feel a bit odd saying that) who are you to tell her that she is wrong? If a vanilla hetero lover were banned from the workplace for kissing his lover that would be one thing. But that seems unlikely, so…

        I’m a libertine at heart, and not easily offended. I am amused by people who can only go so far in this respect. Either it’s OK to police other people’s sex or it isn’t. Make up your mind people.

  38. So Leslie Jones is getting this 15 minutes all because she got flack for being in that shitty Ghostbusters remake. “National treasure” indeed. She’ll go the same way as all those other SJW “national treasures” i.e., the answer to a trivia question in about 5 years that no one will know….

  39. UN says US owes blacks reparations

    Working group chairman Ricardo A. Sunga told reporters that the panel believed several models of reparations could work in the US context, including “elements of apology” and a form of “debt relief” to the descendants of enslaved people.

    1. This is the sort of junk that drives me nuts.

      Would they ever demand this of Islam? Slavery under Islam was far more abusive and murderous.

      The UN can go fuck itself.

      I wouldn’t even bother joining that morally bankrupted piece of shit organization.

      1. You remember when Canada got its ass handed to it for human rights violations in regards to natives by a committee that included members from Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China?

        1. Yup.

          And now we have The Idiot who will bow before it.

      2. Don’t forget, Rufus, that the Triangle Trade as it actually existed in human history was facilitated by the Arab slavers who brought slaves from the interior to the Slave Coast.

    2. The US owes the UN a boot in the ass.

      1. And another for Jenny and the wimp.

    3. See, originally the UN was supposed to be the United States’ colonial office.

      But you idiots just had to make it into a whole ‘international body of voices’ thing.

      1. See, originally the UN was supposed to be the United States’ colonial office.

        Perhaps that is how it was originally envisioned, but it very quickly got taken-over by the natives, and co-opted by the communists.

        1. I once met Kofi Annan and pretended I had no idea who he was. He seemed slightly upset about it.

          1. Heh. Good for you. And it’s good for our presumptive betters to be taken down a notch on occasion.

          2. Diplomat: “John, Kofi Annan”

            John: “I’ll have mine with with cream and sugar. Two lumps.”

    4. Would redirecting the US’s contribution to the UN budget toward reparations be acceptable? I’d actually be fine with that.

    5. The faster we can create the same environment of permanent payouts and reparations for black people that’s been so successfully applied to native Americans, the better.

      1. There has to be a conspiracy theory out there that the various social programs aimed at blacks were created with the sole purpose of slowly destroying them.

        1. It’s not really a conspiracy theory, since the actual way in which “social welfare” programs were implemented had the net effect of destroying poor families, both black and white.

    6. That’s opening a pretty big door, fellas.

    7. And, as usual, nobody ask the UN why the African nations enriched by the slave trade do not owe reparations.

      Or why the British do not owe them. Or the the Arabs. Or the Chinese. Or the . . . well pretty much every nation.

  40. I’m taking a break from H&R until after the election, folks. Things are just too depressing to read and follow. Ciao until the 2nd week of November.

    Eat, drink, and be merry, my friends.



    1. Noooo. You are gonna miss out on SugarFree literature and Agile wisdom.

    2. That’s right, run away, cosmo.


      1. How racist. Just because he is Indian, you think he uses a lot of prepper.

        1. You make me laugh. Thank you. Come again.

    3. Enjoy the break. There are still good things in the world.

    4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooOo!

      1. Both of them?

    5. I’m pretty sure the chatter around here won’t be any more comforting come the second week of November.

    6. Farewell, Injun, I shall miss you.

    7. You will be missed, sir.

  41. Cue Trump-bot. Black moderator mean to Trump-bot.

    Run c:/moderator-bot/Sean-hannity…..ebate.html

    What a whiny bitch. It’s lovely to watch this total douche get called a liar to his face. I can’t wait for the next one.

    1. What a whiny bitch. It’s lovely to watch this total douche get called a liar to his face.

      I know, we always appreciate it when you visit.

      1. He’s Hit and Run’s Aunt Flo.

  42. How did Trump not say this:
    “I can play the speculation game too like you did about my tax returns! Why doesn’t Hillary want you to see the 33,000 emails she deleted? Is it because they show she blatantly disregarded security clearance protocols? Is it because the emails demonstrate her to be a calculating political operator? Or is it, what I think it really is, that they show just how much money she requested from foreign government representatives in exchange for favorable policy?”

    Seriously, how did he not pick that fruit?

    1. Seriously, how did he not pick that fruit?

      He is not quick on his feet. Instead, he decided to act like the defensive, bitchy whiner that he is. ALPHA.

      1. NO no. The alpha move is to not saying anything because everyone knows it.

        You are such a beta Crusty.

        1. I think Trump was off his game, but that wasn’t entirely a mistake. He needed to sound less obnoxious, and he did. And he might be doing a bit of rope-a-dope here. There are still two more debates.

          1. he might be doing a bit of rope-a-dope here.

            You are far too intelligent to think this.

              1. When there is no hope one grasps at straws.

            1. I want to know what the hell Trump’s secret is. No one ever gives me the benefit of the doubt but people will twist themselves into goddamn pretzels to excuse Trump’s blunders. If it was based on physical contact I’d guess pheromones or something. Maybe hypnotic suggestion?

              1. I think the fact that he won the Republican primaries while barely spending a dime, and his ability to basically control the media narrative by trolling them has made some people think that his is a strategic genius. I can’t help but wonder if he is. This was a man who wasn’t even supposed to make it past the first Republican debate, and now he’s only a hair away from the presidency.

                1. Bard,

                  Here is Trump’s genius. He understands that the media’s power comes not from telling people what to think but controlling what they think about. The media kills Republicans by accusing them of being extreme and then when Republicans try and defend themselves that makes the public only think about if and by how much the republican is extreme. They can’t win that. Trump turned that on its head by taking an extreme position on issues that the public cared about and not backing down. This left his opponents and the media only being able to attack him as extreme. The effect of that was to have the public only thinking about how Trump has a solution and everyone else can only say “you can’t do that” ceding the field to him. Later he moderates but by then it is too late for his opponents. He already owns the issue.

              2. Celebrity. See Al Franken.

              3. According to Scott Adams he is a Master Persuader. But having loathsome enemies probably helps.

              4. I think Trump wants to know what Trump’s secret is too. He just seems to stumble into everything.

            2. You are far too intelligent to think this.

              [citation needed]

              1. You know, I try to be polite around here, but fuck off.

          2. He failed, or choose not to hit some real easy softballs thrown his way, he could have easily hammered Clinton on a number of issues, but he didn’t. I’m not someone who buys into the media narrative that Trump is a buffoon, (the man has been far to successful at this political game for me to believe that), but I don’t understand the strategic value in letting Hillary off the hook in the first debate.

            The man seems to have a head for political strategy, but I’m not seeing the purpose of this move.

            1. The man seems to have a head for political strategy

              Like being a shameless self-promoter who has built a persona that allowed him to take advantage of the political climate at the most opportunistic time?

              Sure, he was smart enough to grab the opportunity and run with it, but that’s not a strategy.

              1. Knowing when to seize an opportunity isn’t a part of strategy? Who knew. Will you still be saying this if he wins the presidency?

                1. Knowing when to seize an opportunity isn’t a part of strategy?

                  He has run for president a few times in the past, it’s not like this was a one-time deal, but mean to tell me that this time he knew his brand would propel him to the top of the Republican ticket, and that his ascent was planned? He knew that he could insult immigrants and would be applauded for it? Jesus. He seized the opportunity, which he deserves credit for, but acting like it was a planned strategy seems pretty far fetched.

            2. He chose not to go after her because that isn’t the point of these debates. Anyone that is going to vote based on her corruption is already supporting him. These debates are for the candidates to tell the country why they should be president. It does no good to attack your opponent during them because “I hate my opponent” generally doesn’t get you elected.

              1. Hillary did end up coming off as the more negative of the two during this debate, that could be part of a strategy. The main thing Trump had to do is not look like the racist monster the media has portrayed him as, and I think on that front he succeed.

              2. It does no good to attack your opponent during them because “I hate my opponent” generally doesn’t get you elected.

                But that has been what he has been doing. That is why people seem to like about him, especially Republicans.

                1. That is not all that he has been doing. The biggest reason Trump supporters give for supporting him is that he feels like he cares about their problems. If he wins, it will be because he manages to convince people he is an outsider who really wants to change things. He won’t win by talking about how Hillary is a crook.

                  1. The biggest reason Trump supporters give for supporting him is that he feels like he cares about their problems

                    I don’t know that it is the biggest, but yes, it is a reason.

                    He won’t win by talking about how Hillary is a crook.

                    Disagree. Not talking about why she is so unlikable could keep more of his potential supporters from the poll than talking about it.

            3. Trump’s goal was to not step on his own dick or look like a lunatic to an audience of people who normally don’t pay too much attention to politics. In doing so he lost the debate on substance but not really catastrophically. Nasty attacks are loved by political animals but are usually hated by independents.

            4. He has a strategy. We don’t know what it is, so can’t judge how batshit insane or brilliant it is.

              What follows is rank, uninformed speculation from someone who didn’t watch the debate and really doesn’t care about them whatsoever. Also someone who predicted Al Gore would come in at the last minute to steal the nomination from Hillary and Obama in 2008.

              My guess is that he wanted to see what happened in the first debate, kind of like a batter watching that first pitch rather than swinging at it.

              My guess – and I should remind people that I am a shitty guesser (otherwise Al Gore would be finishing his second term this year) – is that he wants to crush her in the third debate; that he wants to use strategic surprise to do it; and that in order to prevent her from adjusting her game plan to counter his attacks, he is letting her win.

            5. Here, probably to make the hysteria about how horrible he is look, well, hysterical. Being too aggressive would confirm those impressions. Plus, it allows more time for Clinton to continue to self-destruct before moving in to finish the job.

              1. Trump approached the debate the way he does most things: he had a few broad themes and then just winged it. His themes were don’t be too aggressive and look presidential.

                Big mistake. In each response to Hildog attacks he responded to the last item rather than to the general topic, missing these big opportunities. He really needs to prepare some talking points on these topics so he doesn’t miss them. And he needs to focus on the general topic rather than the latest point.

                A debate of this type is very different from the 10-person circus, where you just want to stand out.

      2. You know Hillary woke up this morning next to The Donald, right?

    2. Lester, why didn’t you ask HRC about her email for the 65,487th time so anyone familiar with this total fucking bullshit issue can collectively put a gun to their head?

      1. You first. Here, I’ll help. Hillary, what about your emails?

      2. I know, can we just get over the fucking holocaust? It’s such a bullshit issue.

  43. The alt-right was not thrilled with Donald Trump’s performance in the debate last night.

    Archive link

    “Trump actually sucked tonight,” anonymous ID 3h7UYcU0 posted, the Daily Beast’s Ben Collins first reported.

    Is this peak Vox?

    1. Either that or peak social networking.

      Text was posted, film at 11.

  44. Stop-gap bill to avoid government shutdown fails Senate procedural vote

    Forty Democrats and two independents opposed the CR because it lacked a $220 million aid package to address the drinking-water crisis in Flint, Michigan. It also drew opposition from 13 Republicans, including Senator Ted Cruz, the former presidential candidate.

    NOTE: This may’ve been posted already by GILMORE? but I can’t be arsed to click on his cleverly obfuscated linx.

    1. Wanna bet the Dems will blame the GOP for “shutting down the government”?

    2. I don’t get it. Why doesn’t Flint just make the original water deal offered by Detroit for Detroit to provide it with water for cheaper than they spent to supply it themselves? What the hell is the 220 million for?

  45. Fellow Canadians: How the fuck did Ezra Levant get my email and how do I tell him to fuck off?

    1. Answer: Poutine.

    2. Reply to Ezra with a Better than Ezra song.

    3. Ask the HRC to do it for you?

  46. GA woman says deputy called her breastfeeding at store ‘offensive’

    “You just THINK you know what the law says and if your nipple becomes exposed I really don’t want to have to arrest you or you be arrested for being offensive. This isn’t like the first amendment where you can say something offensive.”

    I then repeated what the GA state law says and told him if someone finds this offensive something is wrong with them.

    For him to tell me once again that I just “think” I know the law.

    He also pointed out how he could “already see my areola” and that if someone saw my nipple (even if I were trying to cover up) that he would have to arrest me and that he “really didn’t want to arrest me”. For him to see my areola he would’ve had to have been staring VERY hard.

    1. For him to see my areola he would’ve had to have been staring VERY hard.

      She has a baby but its like she doesn’t even *know* men.

      1. She’s pretty cute, actually. I’d “arrest” her if you know what I mean.

  47. So I watched American Umpire on PBS last night. I thought that it should be good because it was detailing the history of how the US became the world police. It also talked about how Europe and other places were our “dependents” because they didn’t pull their own weight when it came to their own defense. They always relied on sucker America to bail them out. It was fairly interesting despite being not nearly as educational as I thought it would be. But then they start talking about all the education and infrastructure this money could pay for and how the US is falling behind, etc. Fuck off. Just stop taxing so much or start paying down the national debt. Anyway, I guess it’s still worth a watch.

    1. Should Donald Trump be praising that?…

    2. I had a discussion a while ago with a friend of mine who was all worked up over how Trump was going to sell out Europe to the evil Putin and cause World War III. I made two points, neither one of which he had any answer for except to mumble something about “alliances” and the “international order”. The first was if Europe won’t defend itself against Russia, there is no way we can save them and they likely are not worth saving. It is one thing to help Europe defend itself. it is quite another to defend Europe entirely. The second is not sustainable and won’t accomplish anything because you can’t save people who won’t save themselves.

      The second point I made was he should consider the example of World War I. England went to war and bankrupted itself and sacrificed an entire generation trying to save France and ensure a balance of power in Europe. The problem was France had not been a great power since the Napoleonic wars. It just hadn’t realized it yet. So, there was no way it was going to be a balance of power against Germany. England bankrupted itself and effectively ended its days as a world power in a futile effort to try and make France something it no longer was and never would be. Maybe the sad fact is that Europe in general after two world wars and 50 years of the scourge of socialism is finished like France was in 1914. The US should not risk bankrupting itself to save it from Russia the way England did trying to save France from Germany.

      1. Germany has a larger GDP then Russia. If it wanted to it could defend itself from Russia entirely on it’s own. Unfortunately Germans seem to have a greater fear of their own past then current threats from Russia, and Islam.

        1. Yes. Russia is dying. It is population is declining and its economy sucks. The UK and France have nukes. Germany has a huge economy and decent population. There is no way Europe should not be able to defend itself. They just lack the will. And if they don’t’ have the will to defend themselves, any effort on our part to defend them will fail.

          The other thing is that Russia and China have diametrically opposed interests. Russia needs oil prices to be high or they go broke. This is why they are always creating problems in the middle east. China’s economy depends on foreign oil and they take it in the ass whenever the price goes up. If we would stop giving them a common enemy and have a little patience, they would quickly be at each other’s throats.

          We don’t’ import oil anymore. That means when the price of oil goes up, it doesn’t hurt us, it just reshuffles the winners and loser in our economy. So we no longer have to care about stability in the middle east the way we once did. Why no one seems to be able to understand that is beyond me.

          1. True, but who will go to war to defend the independence of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania? Not saying it should be US of A but I kind of doubt Germany, Poland et al want to tangle with Putin.

          2. I read that Russia’s birthrate recently turned around.

        2. If they aren’t willing to defend themselves then they’re screwed no matter how much they spend.

          1. On the other, the will to increase spending on ass-kicking gear may reflect a greater will to use it for kicking ass.

        3. Shit, AUSTRALIA has a larger GDP than Russia. (Yes I looked it up, but I knew they were way behind most of Western Europe.)

      2. NATO needs to start enforcing the 2% GDP rule, and I’d prefer it if they upped it to 4%. And most of the European servicemen I’ve talked to tend to agree, but they’re unfortunately not calling the shots.

        1. Agreed but if we keep footing the bill no questions asked the European nations will never pony up their end of the bill.

  48. Leslie Jones article comments =

    Susan McKenna ? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    I wish I could be her new best friend. LOVE Leslie Jones!

    Natalie Vaughn-Matthews
    No meeeeee!

    1. sorry, that cut off about a dozen of the same. (probably an open ‘greater than’ sign)

      People go all squee for her. It has a weird subtext of desperation to it.

    2. Is there any bigger indignity than having your wife or girlfriend go les for Leslie Jones? I could handle if it my wife went on the other team for some hot chick. But fuck going to the other team for Jones would be too much for most to handle I think.

      1. At least you would know the problem wasn’t you.

    3. Stunning and brave.

    4. Dude, you broke

  49. Kinda funny as this may be giving trump too much credit…saw somewhere else. He doesn’t really mention Benghazi or Clinton….now everyone is talking about those things and why he didn’t. Maybe it was on purpose

  50. Wow. They’re gonna bag on Lawrence. Did they watch the film? That’s an honest question. If you watch the film, you go “Oh” and maybe watch it again. To be sure. You can never be absolutely sure. But almost.

  51. Interesting comic, both for the comic itself and the hysterical reaction in the comments:…..ether.html

    1. let’s try OK?

  52. hmm- OK

  53. This is one of the more amusing cases of broken HTML I have seen.

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