Election 2016

The Fifth Column on Gary Johnson, Colin Powell, Deplorable Baskets, Alluring Conspiracies, Black Panthers, and More

Your favorite three-way podcast is back after a week off for, uh, maintenance


On a three-way Skype call from San Francisco, Dearborn, and Lower Manhattan, The Fifth Column, your favorite podcast starring Kmele Foster, Michael C. Moynihan, and myself, lived up to its name this week (geographically, anyway) as a seditious commentary-fest emanating from decadent American enclaves.

Pondered questions include: Are we getting more conspiratorial? Are Donald Trump's baskets more measurably deplorable? Do leaked emails tell us something interesting about the futility of U.S. foreign policy? Is there a better diplomatic phrase in the English language than "dicking bimbos"? And will Moynihan pass up any opportunity to call the Black Panthers pathological monsters? Listen for yourself:

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