Political Correctness

Is the Campus PC Movement Dying?

Liberals are beginning to get that it may jeopardize their progressive project


Last week, The New York Times reported on the absurd efforts of Clark and other universities to warn incoming freshmen against microaggressions (that Nick Gillespie lampooned). But in my morning

College Class
Shastio via Foter

column at The Week I suggest that Clark may be part of a waning trend. There are emerging sings that the campus PC movement is collapsing from the weight of its internal contradictions because:

a movement that gives so much normative weight to subjective triggers cannot be harnessed for constructive purposes because it has as many fissures points as it has members. Furthermore, everyone has an incentive to weaponize their personal angst, turning each against the other, which is why the movement has reached a point where it is devouring its own ideological kin and threatening to finish off the progressive project.

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