Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Has More Daily Newspaper Endorsements than Donald Trump

North Carolina newspaper the second to go libertarian.


Gary Johnson
Jim Thompson/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson has racked up his second daily newspaper endorsement, two more than Donald Trump has received so far.

The editorial board the Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina (a Berkshire Hathaway-owned newspaper with a daily circulation of 67,000), declared its support for Johnson over the weekend. The endorsement notes:

For months, we here at the Journal editorial board wrestled with this endorsement. For most of that time, we looked at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. But as the weekly revelations ripped away any hopes we held for finding the "better angels of their nature," confirming our belief that neither is fit to be president of our still-great land of Lincoln, we began to look harder at Johnson. We refused to let the powerful party behind either Clinton or Trump push us into a bad choice simply because the parties could do no better.

We join many Americans in being sick of the status quo in American politics, particularly presidential politics, that has far drifted from the bedrock ideals of our fabulous Founders. On this day, by endorsing Gary Johnson, we issue a challenge to change that status quo.

The timing is accidentally interesting given the weekend scandal with Clinton's bout of walking pneumonia. It was yet another situation where the candidate and her inner circle made a situation worse by being so secretive about it. Yes, there was going to be criticism of Clinton's health and whether she is in good enough shape to be president. But by trying to hide the problem and failing, not only has the health debate grown louder, it has also folded in criticism of the Clinton's circle's constant secrecy. If it wasn't such a big deal (and it probably wasn't), why was she keeping it a secret? She was keeping it a secret because being honest about it would inspire additional criticism of her by her opponents and the media. That's a terrible reason for a candidate for president keeping things secret!

All of that and the editorial board's justifications for the endorsement matter because in 2012 the newspaper endorsed President Barack Obama's re-election. Clinton's campaign platform is a promise to carry on everything Obama has done or pushed for. The Journal turning away from Clinton says as much about perceptions of her credibility as a candidate as the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia turning away from Donald Trump to endorse Johnson after decades of exclusively nominating the Republican nominee.

It's still very early in the nomination season. There's only been seven daily newspaper nominations so far, five for Clinton and two for Johnson. There are no daily endorsements for Trump yet, but I would imagine that his extremely combative—threatening, even—posture with the press plays a larger role than any of his stated positions.

The Journal notes that one of the reasons they're nominating Johnson so early is that they support the push to have Johnson included in the debates. Matt Welch has been keeping track of the polling results that would led to Johnson's inclusion in the debates. Right now, it's not looking so well.

While I'm very doubtful that newspaper endorsements themselves are going to lead to much, it's nevertheless important to note when media outlets that have been typical endorsers of whatever the establishment parties hand them start turning away.

But it's not unheard of and it's too soon to say whether this year represents an important new trend. Editor & Publisher keeps track of newspaper endorsement trends. In that pivotal 2000 presidential election, when Ralph Nader was on the ballot and getting a lot of attention, 21 newspapers endorsed third-party candidates rather than Al Gore or George W. Bush. In 1980, when independent John Anderson was running as an alternative to Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and Ed Clark and David Koch headed the Libertarian Party ticket, 43 daily newspapers endorsed third-party candidates.

But getting two out of the seven initial newspaper endorsements is no small feat. The Journal's justifications for endorsing Johnson are interesting because they don't agree with his position on marijuana legalization or on eliminating the Department of Education and Common Core, yet they find the other two candidates so unpleasant a possibility that they're willing to work past those differences.

Read the full endorsement here. Nick Gillespie analyzes the importance of Johnson landing media endorsements here. And this morning, the Los Angeles Times notes that polls have Clinton easily winning California, hardly a surprise. But when they delved into the demographics, they discovered that when presented an alternative to Trump or Clinton, younger voters jumped at it. Johnson got 21 percent of the vote with those under 25 and 17 percent of those between 25 and 34. He beat Trump in both age groups.

But the newspaper also notes that Johnson seemed to be pulling away more votes from Clinton than Trump. So if you noticed a lot of generally leftist or liberal blogs jumping on Johnson's Aleppo gaffe last week after ignoring him all this time, now you know why.

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  1. So a dying industry supports Johnson

    1. "If there is hope", wrote Scott, "it lies in the editorial writers of daily newspapers."

      1. 2 + 2 = 15%

    2. Also, perfect spin:
      Johnson is on the newspaper dole. Would you give someone the nuclear button whose paymasters want something exciting to write about?

  2. The Canadians should bar GayJay from entering the frozen north.

    1. He's admittedly smoked the demon weeds on many occasions, so wouldn't that be something like fair play?

  3. Jill/Johnson voters will swing to Hillary in a pinch. As Ted Cruz said, 'vote your conscience' and then look for principled conservatives in the downballot races.

    1. Agreed. At this point, I believe many if not most of Johnson's supporters are people who would never in a million years vote for Trump; they can live with Hillary but would greatly prefer not to vote for her as long as it's "safe" not to do so. If the election looks tight early November, I can see these erstwhile Johnson supporters holding their breath and voting instead for Hillary.

      I think that's why most polls show Johnson taking more from Hillary than from Trump.

      1. I'll just offer (without endorsing) Scott Adams' claim that many Trump voters are on the down low to avoid being attacked by family, friends and associates - and that some of these individuals are telling people "I'm voting for Johnson" as a socially-acceptable way of avoiding a Hillary endorsement.

      2. I think probably more than half of GJs supporters will stay home. The other half might break slightly more for Hillary, or more likely split 50/50.

  4. Wait a minute here... there are still people who read newspapers? Get the fuck out.

  5. This is nice and all but kind of seems like living denial considering trump will win multiple states while Gary doesn't get any.

    1. Trump the former Dem will win nothing, but bookies are betting God's Own Prohibitionists may get a handful of electoral votes. Billy's First Lady was a Goldwater Republican alongside Ayn Rand back when they called him Au H2O. These cardboard figures are actors, sockpuppets to gull the numerous and moronic so soft machines can milk the political State. Gary is a volunteer helping the LP win spoiler votes and elect candidates down-ballot. But THAT is what changes the laws today, just as it has always changed the laws in the past with huge multiplier leverage. Giving money to pressure groups and lobbyists is as intelligent as stuffing coins into a slot machine. The smart money goes on the DONT PASS line in the form of LP spoiler votes.

  6. Holy... fucking... shit.

    This was actually tweeted today.

    Matthew Yglesias ?@mattyglesias 24h24 hours ago New Jersey, USA
    You don't see people overheating in Canada and Sweden where they have single-payer health care and less inequality.

    Am I missing a joke here? Is Matthew Yglesias really this stupid?

    Hmm, I think Matt was actually making a joke. I'll let you guys decide.

    1. See long debate in Morning Links comments.

      Although, the comment is either so stupid or so sarcastic it deserves to be covered more than once.

      1. Ya I wonder if sarcasm...sort of shot at the Bernie bots. Hard to imagine he is that stupid

    2. Don't forget the guy was once a victim of the "Knockout Game". It's very possible he may have some of same exact kinds of head trauma issues Hildog does.

    3. no and yes, holy hell, yes.

    4. Sadbeard is a lot like Sadbeard.

    5. It's a joke. As is his bit about not commenting on pneumonia until he checks wikipedia.

      Either he is that stupid or he has the tiniest bit of self awareness. I know the latter is hard to believe, but it's what I believe here.

      1. Agreed has to be a joke

        1. As i did see sad beard point out one time that the meme where one person has more wealth than 50 million combined or whatever needs to die because it is disingenous

    6. I saw a Facebook post that "Hillary got sick and soldiered through it and nobody noticed, cause that's what women always do".

      Some people are delusional.

      1. No man has ever worked while sick.

      2. Yup, antiabortion fanatics, f'rinstance. Boy were they surprised when Sarah Positive Christianity Palin, Human Torch McCain and Pastor Mitt Moroni all got the bloody snot stomped out of them by a sand person from Kenya!
        Seen Go Pee platform? "We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment's protections apply to children before birth.
        We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide healthcare. We urge all states and Congress to make it a crime to acquire, transfer, or sell fetal tissues from elective abortions for research, and we call on Congress to enact a ban on any sale of fetal body parts. In the meantime, we call on Congress to ban the practice of misleading women on so-called fetal harvesting consent forms, a fact revealed by a 2015 investigation. We will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage." No delusional whack jobs there, by God and Allah!

    7. Texas, on the other hand, is another matter.

  7. " confirming our belief that neither is fit to be president of our still-great land of Lincoln, we began to look harder at Johnson.

    Yeah, I bet they had to look long and hard at that Johnson.

  8. If it wasn't such a big deal (and it probably wasn't), why was she keeping it a secret?

    You know, there's enough journalists downplaying this thing for Hilary already, they don't need any extra assistance from you.

    1. Ugh my thought exactly on that quote

  9. Just now, Johnson got a ringing endorsement from The Aleppo Times.

    1. Hey, if he doesn't know what/where Aleppo is, he's not likely to bomb it, right?

  10. OT: news alert from BBC:

    Internationally-brokered ceasefire begins in Syria, amid uncertainty over how many rebel factions will observe it.

    This word, ceasefire, I don't think it means what you think it means.

    1. Wait, I thought Barry already got Putin to end this as part of 3-dimensional-Jedi-mind-chess that also got rid of all the chemical weapons Assad continues to use.

  11. Gary is up to 9.1 in RCP avg today. *gets out calculator* ... so at this pace he should make the debates by 2033. Libertarian moment!

    1. Hey, that means the 2020s are going to be a downright Libertarian Decade!

    2. It took 2,060,000 counted Prohibition party votes to make beer a felony and wreck the national economy at an average of 1.4% of the popular vote. The LP has already gotten the looters to admit to our getting over 3.8 million secret ballots, so it's a safe bet (one expects no honesty from looters) that we've earned at least 5 million votes since 1972. It may take a while, but you can kiss the communist manifesto plank 2 AND the prohibition laws goodbye, and the Second Amendment ain't goin' nowhere.

  12. Ok, so polls are mostly bullshit, and using poll results as criteria for debate inclusion is even more bullshit. Any thinking person knows this.

    So let's say you want to use poll results as gatekeeper to the debates anyway. Why would you decide to use NATIONAL polls when we have the Electoral College system? We don't choose the President by national popular vote, last time I checked. So if you insist on using bullshit polls, at least use STATE LEVEL bullshit polls, in which case Johnson would easily clear a "reasonable" 10%-15% in majority of states where he's on the ballot type requirement.

    Anyway, I know CPD will make whatever "rules" it needs to in order to protect the duopoly and will continue to somehow win lawsuits and the media will continue to play along in this absurd game but damn it makes me fucking crazy, especially this year when we have a "3rd party" candidate on the brink of actually meeting their goddamn criteria.

    Happy Monday.

    1. Cool handle, bro.

    2. But... he's not really doing better in enough state-level polls, either: his support is decent in smaller Mountain states but diffuse throughout much of the rest of the country.

      1. Hopefully the endorsements will drive up the polls. It will be interesting to see Virginia polls from before and after the Richmond paper's endorsement of Johnson.

      2. I'm thinking primarily of the WashPost bullshit poll where he was 10%+ in 42 states, which is the only data available for lots of states so far. He's logged 10% in plenty of other state level polls as well to back this up a bit. Of course, if you stick to the 15%+ bullshit criteria it's harder to argue he "qualifies" even using state level polls. I can't remember another election where polls were given so much false importance, not only by media but by the goddamned candidates themselves.

      3. Yep. Dewey defeats Truman! Drugs Surrender! Poverty Surrenders!
        But over at Paddypower the Asset-forfeiture Go Pee party is 2 to 1 to lose, and the Asset-nationalization People's State party is 2 to 1 to win, and Bernie is 5 times as likely to be declared winner as Gary.
        Methinks them Irish bookies know only too well who counts the secret ballots in These United States.

  13. There are no daily endorsements for Trump yet

    Yeah duh, there's no daily newspaper that's going on record for that. It'll never happen.

  14. I don't see any Reason articles on Hillary's health problems. Perhaps they don't want to highlight their preferred candidate's problems?

    If Trump got dizzy and fainted, how many Reason articles would we see?

    1. They are awaiting talking points from the left's spin-machine on how Trump gave her pneumonia.

    2. Ask SIV. And don't bother telling us.

    3. Hey, you're right! Reason is totally in the tank for Hillary! How did I not see it before?! Good catch, Kevin!

    4. I hear Boosh passed out after choking on a pretzel one time...

    5. Ah, another Prophet for the Holy Asset-Forfeiture Kleptocracy, prophesying but making no cash bets.

  15. harder at Johnson
    fabulous Founders

  16. Have any magazines come out with presidential endorsements yet? Any of them? Any? Bueller?

  17. If it wasn't such a big deal (and it probably wasn't), why was she keeping it a secret? She was keeping it a secret because being honest about it would inspire additional criticism of her by her opponents and the media. That's a terrible reason for a candidate for president keeping things secret!


    I mean, it happens every four years that a major party candidate gets nominated who has a history of keeling over, has a (non-SS) handler with him/her at all times with a diazepam injector in his pocket, goes days at a time without making a public appearance less than three months from Election Day, told the FBI that he//she was incapable of remembering meetings that are required of all government employees because of concussions, has not held an open press conference in 250+ days and can't walk up a flight of stairs without assistance, runs for office.

    Yessiree. No way in hell this common occurrence in our nation's political history is a big deal at all.

    Sweet mother of fuck.

    1. Like I said in the AM links, sloop, she's such a paranoid control freak that she can't even properly exploit her gateway media enablers for what should be an easy PR slam dunk. "Yeah, I've been under the weather off and on over the last few months, it's been a tough campaign. But I'm not letting a few colds get me down."

      Instead, we get hand-wringing over "conspiracy theorys", then some smoke and mirrors about being "overheated" (on a day when Trump remained fresh as a daisy in the same conditions), and finally her doctor comes out with a statement that she came down with pneumonia on Friday. Well, if it was ordinary pneumonia, you're asking for trouble putting a 70-year-old woman in that situation, then having her do fucking photo-ops two hours later with someone's prop kid. If it's aspirational pneumonia and isn't contagious in any way, then that just fuels the "Hillary's got Parkinson's" speculation.

      1. "Yeah, I've been under the weather off and on over the last few months, it's been a tough campaign. But I'm not letting a few colds get me down."

        Global warming claims another innocent victim.

      2. Do these pathetic Kleptocracy boosters actually buy a paid subscription to Reason to get in here and spew?

    2. Welcome to the Klepto-Gerontocracy, OR to the Libertarian candidate who is the youngest candidate running, climbing, hiking, swimming and bicycling!

  18. It's 2016 and we're in the middle of our supposed "libertarian moment", so tell me again why we're to care what something as antiquated as a newspaper has to say?

    1. I plan to vote for the candidate whose name I see when I walk past the batter newspaper dispenser on my way to work.

      1. ^^^ Sadly, for too many this is probably true.

      2. I just want to see who that great newspaper Rhode Island Slut endorses.

    2. Because people still subscribe to those and their endorsements still carry weight with people, even those who don't read the dead-tree edition of the news.

  19. Newspaper endorsement and $4.25 will get you a mocha at Starbucks.

    1. Yeah, millennials and hipsters don't care about newspaper endorsements.

      It matters to likely voters, especially the elderly, and last I heard, Trump and Clinton are within an inch of each other in North Carolina.

      1. It's those close races that turn libertarian spoiler votes into engines of repeal and regime change. Then there all those branded as felons for possession of hemp seeds in the sixties and seventies, and for possession of beer in the thirties, forties and fifties. Once folks discover that millions of victimless sumptuary "felons" can register and vote to get those laws repealed and their records expunged by voting libertarian--even if none are actually elected--that could make a difference. The difference between a snout in the trough and a hand in the till is typically a couple of percentage points. JFK beat the Moral Majority bigots by 0.2% and Lyndon Johnson was named to the US Senate by 0.009%

  20. With the news of this endorsement, we must wonder: Is Johnson rising?

    1. Turns out that Jim Wells County, where the cadaver vote tipped the election in favor of Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1948, had more Econazi than Libertarian votes in the 2014 Senate race.

  21. "The timing is accidentally interesting given the weekend scandal with Clinton's bout of walking pneumonia. It was yet another situation where the candidate and her inner circle made a situation worse by being so secretive about it. "

    If you were the Clinton campaign, would you rather be talking about Hillary's health today or about how she thinks that half of Trump's supporters are deplorable racists, misogynists, and homophobes, and what that communicates to swing voters in swing states about her class snobbery?

    If people weren't talking about her amazing disappearing and reappearing pneumonia, they might have had to stage a stroke.

    They were just hoping that Trump would say something obnoxious about her being sick.

    1. "They were just hoping that Trump would say something obnoxious about her being sick." - Yup and with Trumplestilskin seemingly now on a leash, he didn't comply.

    2. When US satellites were relaying Soviet teevee in Reagan's second term, one of the interpreters helping Americans understand the broadcasts commented on the health of the dictator at the time: "Well, we know he's not dead, because if he were dead they'd be saying he has a cold or something."
      I kinda hope she lives, otherwise I'll be hard-pressed to unload several gross of those "Who Elected Her?" bumperstickers from the nineties.

  22. RE: Gary Johnson Has More Daily Newspaper Endorsements than Donald Trump

    This is why we need to depose of the vile and insane notion of a free press. Allowing any news periodical to endorse a capitalist pig like Gary Johnson is more than disgusting and reprehensible. It demonstrates how vapid and vacuous these capitalist rags truly are. The ideas that Mr. Johnson have been proven false many times in such awe inspiring countries like, North Korea, Cuba, burgeoning socialist Venezuela, the Soviet Union, etc. If this country was wise enough to embrace the wise concept of State censorship, then such ridiculous people as Mr. Johnson and his ideas would never surface to embarrass our obvious betters enslaving us all or The State. Indeed, giving endorsements to Mr. Johnson only perpetuates the myth the little people of this country is capable of living without their socialist slavers who work so hard to oppress us all, thinking and making wise and beneficent decisions for themselves without an army of State appartatchiks controlling the unwashed masses. It is a sad day indeed when newspapers of this country pander to freedom, social independence and financial freedom and other heresies Mr. Johnson represents.

    1. Truly comrade Jay, we are fortunate indeed that The Lawerd in his Creationist genius saw fit to implant in human nature the instinct for imitating social pressure identified by Dr Solomon Asch. So whenever a prole is outnumbered by three or more who refuse to acknowledge a fact of reality and invent a substitute fact, that new fact becomes true and the old one false, so that Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia. God bless the pious power of the Congregation over the selfish egoism of dangerous loner epistemology.

  23. My in-laws live in W-S and get that newspaper every day. They are both in their 70s and die-hard Hillary supporters. It is kinda funny who GJ has received endorsements now from newspapers based in cities that are home to the two largest cigarette companies (Altria based in Richmond, VA and RJR in WS). Some proggies will probably see this as a conspiracy by big tabaccky to promote legalized weed by getting GJ elected. They might also think that Hillary's recent illness is poisoning by Putin.

  24. They endorsed Obama in 2012. So now they go from left-socialist to libertarian.

  25. It's just... a goddamn Libertarian moment, amiright?

    Dude(ette), they hit $100somethingMillion and they're hitting me up for more money every day.
    When do they show up 2 days in a row on my Google news feed under US Elections, where J didn't gaffe? Where are the Koch$? They could MAKE this!

  26. This is pretty much like getting 2 free passages on the Titantic...

  27. Nothing like a prohibitionist asset-forfeiture crash to wake people up to the dangers of superstition in politics.

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