Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Shift Focus to Answering Questions Outside of Debates

'I'm no longer so sure that it's game over if we're not in the debates,' Weld tells Reason


Empty podium. ||| Matt Welch

Two weeks ago, as Nick Gillespie reported in this space, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson said that it was "game over" if he was not included in the first 2016 presidential debate on Sept. 26. Given that the Democratic/Republican-controlled "nonpartisan" Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) will choose the debate roster in mid-September based on a five-agency polling average that currently sits at 8.8 percent, well short of the required 15 percent, for Johnson, the irresistible force of the LP's debate-centric focus has been on a collision course with the immovable object of the CPD's unreasonably high threshold. Until, it seems, this afternoon.

No matter how much independent-bent political celebrities such as Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mitch Daniels support the L.P. ticket being included in the debates, and no matter how much that motion is seconded by solid majorities of the American voting public, rules are rules, and when said rules are written by the Republican and Democratic parties, Libertarians are screwed. Unless, vice presidential nominee William Weld told me this afternoon, the mounting outrage at the "rigged" system is married to the sight of the two candidates outside every debate venue, making a mockery of the proceedings inside by answering every question simultaneously, only better:

"So I'm no longer so sure that it's game over if we're not in the debates," Weld told me. "I think there's going to be kind of a national uproar if we're not in the debates, and we will join in that uproar, and be standing together on the street corner outside every debate venue answering the same questions as in the debate in real time, you know, putting it out on Facebook Live."

Weld made the same promise during his address at a midtown Manhattan rally this afternoon, which was attended by 500-plus enthusiastic supporters.

"We've seen that the little videos that we record in 90 seconds are seen by 15, 18 million people in a matter of less than two weeks," he told me, "so that kind of free media attention might continue all the way from now until November 8th as a result of our exclusion. That would be a substitute, at least in part, for being in the debates, and it would give us the high ground. It's ground that I think we could occupy with some happiness."

NEXT: Watch Gary Johnson Give a New York Press Conference on Facebook Live

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  1. “I’m no longer so sure that it’s game over if we’re not in the debates,’ Bill Weld tells Reason


    1. authoritarian point of sale?

      1. No, authoritarian Piece of SIV.

        1. While I can understand-yet totally disagree-with you cosmofags crushing on Gayjay, don’t try and tell me you find anything good about his running mate.

          1. Weld’s less evil than Pence and Keane. He’s also older then Johnson, so unlikely to be President or have any power, unlike the other two, whose Presidents would be amongthe oldest in history.

            There. Is that something *anything*? I report, you don’t get to decide for me or anyone else.

          2. He has an L next to his name. That’s good enough for me. Baby steps.

          3. He doesn’t like SIV.

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  2. It’s about time they stopped cringing before the CPD. Expose them.

    1. Expose and mock until the CPD is a national joke.

      1. “The Cleveland Police Dept (CPD) is not a joke, it’s an abomination,” Tamir Rice.

        1. When they clash with the Bureau of Land Management it’s going to get ugly. They OWN the upper west side. About 245 million acres of it.

    1. Perhaps they should start marketing “I’m Deplorable and I’m Proud!” T-shirts. Next they can have Deplorable Pride marches and demonstrations.

      1. “you could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,’ ”

        THIS is what hate speech looks like. Hitlery hates Americans.

    2. 2346, huh? Anybody care to shed light on that number?

      1. Someone left out the 5 ?


  3. The demographic that Johnson needs to win over probably does not even know what Facebook Live is, or how to access it. In the offchance that a small percentage of them are able to access it, seeing a man with presidential aspirations resorting to live streaming on Facebook will likely solidify the idea that he is not a serious candidate. We know this from experience, as GJ employed this exact same tactic when he was running for the Republican nomination in 2012 – he would stream responses to the debate questions on Youtube, and it made him look like an amateur.

    1. Who on earth knows? The third parties need to try what they can against the duopoly.

      Nobody would call Hillary an amateur – yet it won’t necessarily help her being a professional politician.

    2. The demographic that Johnson needs to win over probably does not even know what Facebook Live is, or how to access it.

      What demographic is this? The elderly?

      1. People who have what used to sometimes be called “a life”. People who get out of their basement once in a while and have some clue about how to effectively communicate with other human beings face to face.

        1. Exactly. The elderly.

      2. Wait, what?

        /shakes fist at kids on lawn

    3. Perhaps not as likely voters, but millennials are the largest eligible voting demographic.

      1. Emphasize the pot legalization. That’s what drew me to the Libertarian Party. Then I read Mises, Hayek, Friedman, Spooner, etc… Their writing convinced me.

    4. That sort of tactic is exactly what Prez candidates need to do if they get shut out. Their only possible stage is a national stage so if one avenue is blocked, they have to take another.

      The reason it doesn’t end up accomplishing much is because libertarian activists don’t do what only they can do – local/retail work to show that a third-party vote is viable (even if it is just a protest) in real life. Absent that, voters will almost always end up choosing the lesser of two evils because no one wants to be the only person doing something. If libertarians want people to vote Libertarian, they have to show that they exist. That’s it. They don’t need to sell people on a philosophy. Just demonstrate that you exist.

      1. I enjoy being the only person doing something. ZFG.

      2. That’s true, but on net the Libertarian Party is an impediment to your showing up that way.

        1. Probably true. Given two choices of where to canvass for votes – A Woodstock Festival with a few hundred thousand or an unannounced unmarketed ‘Bring Your Own Drum and Bang It to your own Beat’ party, the LP will only see the opportunity in the latter.

  4. Star pringled boob rivers and stupendous slathered praise sandwiches lofted by bored pigeons in gold disco pants into the piehole of Jebus… also, super duper transfixated awe for yet another fucking goddamn decade of completely fucking worthless ’90 second’ eye gaze by the constipated gazillions turned aimlessly toward the muffled throttled shriek slipping from mysterious edges of goddamn dark space lined like graffiti punk eyeball anger around the smashing vertical grind of the ass jacking fuckslime establishment John Wayne cancer boot.

    1. Yeah, well, I guess you could say that about sums it up.

      1. CLERK: “That is an excellent draft opinion, Your Honor, why don’t I just polish it just a little and you can issue it.”

  5. Peevish crimped anal people with lips like ice screech entire crowds of haranguing starlings when their goddamn screw gets bent noticeably against their grain of a thousand predetermined visions. Fuck the hell that will fall on all our soaring heads when that goddamn billionaire police-witch gets the total Giuliani lsd but the crepe cunt and her parasitic millennial fleshbots smithered alongside fried reason and voice tones yapping on the medias purposely melted from the curling insidious yawning hell of civilization skinning socialism is a long haul scrawping deep into the gaping ass of volcanic fuckery.

    1. “The important thing we have to remember here is that the Senator speaks with absolute sincerity, no holds barred, though I don’t think you jackals in the media appreciate that.”

    2. Explain to me why Cal is shitting the bed. I think drugs are the only way to figure it out at this point.

      1. Cal who? Worthington? Coolidge? O’Mein?

        1. Cal Worthington AND his dog, Spot.

          Make California great again!

      2. The total Giuliani LSD must be terrifying.

    3. I get your drift.

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      He hits that (you never knew was there) sweet spot in-between the “pretentious electronic music guy who takes his shit way too seriously” and the “mindless-guido techno DJ who just wants a pumping beat and some synth stabs

  7. Better plan than being on stage with the two monkeys. The spectacle of it will draw more attention to it, might even get more viewers than the staged affair. He also gets to answer every question, not just the bones thrown by the D+R moderator. I’d never waste my time on the staged affair, but I might just watch his alternate answers.

  8. At the gym tonight. Dumbass 10ft away apparently forgot his headphones so decided to bless the room with his crappy music. Another millennial turd that should have been flushed.

    1. I think the problem with most of these narcissistic young cretins of today is that they never got the proper ass-kicking that they probably should have.

      It’s never too late to take proper corrective measures though.

      1. It used to be that if parents didn’t teach their precious snowflakes how the world worked, it fell to the first employer to finish the job of raising.

        With youth unemployment being what it is, knocking heads in the gym may be society’s last hope.

        1. You think millennials are bad… wait until you see how their kids behave.

          I have a friend who’s an elementary school music teacher, who says that every year she spends more of her time having to settle the kindergarteners down and get them to stop hitting each other, tumbling around, and making weird noises, and less actually teaching music. They come in never having been taught to sit still or play nice at home. The “parents” apparently think that’s school’s job. At least they’re still housebroken for the most part.

        2. I wouldn’t cite gym etiquette as the battle ground of the generations. Each generation sucks in its own unique way at it.

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    1. Looks like spambot has been fed Agile Cyborg for its machine learning course.

      1. Sloppy. I see exactly what the error is, but just don’t think anybody, including me, cares enough to even finish this sentence.

        1. Lighten up. Anyone can misspell “their” occasionally.

  10. I haven’t n’t read anybody’s comment since, like, 9 Denver time. So, maybe it’s already been posted; but VOX, yes i said VOX, actually gets it right.

    Also, if I were to end my post at the word “right”, is there any reason to add the lesser-than /a greater-than at the end? Or is it just more… tidy… that way?

    1. I believe so – its how you tell the computer that the link is complete and what follows is not link.

      If you don’t use the close bracket then it will drop the rest of the text because it assumes that what follows the open bracket is an improperly formatted command.

    2. That “less than, greater than” with whatever is inside it is a command to the computer, the brackets are what tells the computer where to start and where to stop reading the command. Humans can figure out where the beginning and the end of a sentence is even if the sentence doesn’t start with a capital letter like it’s supposed to and the period gets left off, and they can figure out what you mean if you missspel a word or accidentally a word. Computers can’t. You have to specifically tell the computer where to start and stop, and if you misspell or accidentally omit a word, the computer doesn’t work right.

    3. VOX was created by some stupid people with bad intent, but a lot of their stuff is contributed so individual writers may or may not be stupid people with bad intent. A lot of that stuff could have come straight out of the Reason posts on the same subjects.

      When we react rashly to a tragedy by pushing through poorly conceived policy, we are likely to suffer for decades from the unintended consequences of that law. Let’s be thoughtful and deliberate before rushing to enact major policy responses to isolated crimes, no matter how angry they make us. Most of the people calling for policy changes in response to Brock Turner are well-meaning and rightfully seek to enhance protections for women and prevent sexual assault crimes. But it’s our responsibility not to allow that good will to create bad law.

      There’s a general priciple involved there – you don’t really “solve” problems, you just make trade-offs. Every solution to one problem creates other problems, and those problems might not be foreseeable or easily dealt with. Be careful what you wish for.

  11. In other news, John Hinckley is now a full-time member of my local community.

    *hides Jodie Foster DVDs*

    1. What horrible times we live in. Instead of Reagan we have Trump. Instead of Jodi Foster we have Lena Dunham. Instead of John Hinckley have Joe Scarborough.

      1. Future headline:

        Joe Scarborough shot President Trump today in an attempt to impress his favorite actress, Lena Dunham.

  12. Marijuana strikes again.

    U.S. authorities have arrested two North Carolina men accused of hacking into the private email accounts of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials.

    Andrew Otto Boggs, a.k.a. “INCURSIO,” 22, of North Wilkesboro, N.C., and Justin Gray Liverman, a.k.a. “D3F4ULT,” 24, of Morehead City, N.C., were arrested Thursday morning and will be extradited next week to Alexandria, where federal prosecutors for the Eastern District of Virginia have spent months building a case against a group that calls itself Crackas With Attitude.

    One member told CNN that he smoked marijuana “all day every day” and was “probably” high when gaining access to high-level accounts.

    1. Boy, our bumbling intelligence apparatus can sure get the job done when they’re the target, can’t they?

  13. Well, in answer to RC’s speculation NBC and MSNBC are airing a memorial. Now that the Today Show is on they are re-airing their live footage. CBS is airing the memorial. Apparently I don’t get CNN.

    FOX is rearing its live report from 2001, including the footage of the impacts and the people jumping from the towers.

    1. Update: Mrs. Suthenboy showed me how to find CNN. They are airing the memorial and then Obumbles speech. I can hardly wait to hear his lecturing and scolding the nation over Islamophobia.

      1. Also CNN is interviewing Cankles about her memory from that fateful day.

        1. So, basically they are using this as another chance to boost the Democrats?

          1. She was in the tower and flew many people to safety on her broomstick?

            Sorry, that was totally inappropriate.

            1. Not really Eddie. She spent a good bit of time describing how she rushed to the scene and braved the terrible conditions to help everyone she could, so you aren’t that far off.

              1. Well, by rushing their for the photo-ops, she was ensuring herself a ratings boost so she could stay in Congress to help all kinds of people. Influential donors, foreign governments and corporations etc.

  14. Here’s the answer I want to hear Johnson give every time he’s asked what he plans to do about this, that, or the other problem:

    Every politician will tell you they have a solution to that problem – and they’re either a liar or an idiot. First, if there were a simple solution, why haven’t the Democrats or the Republicans who have been working on solving that problem for so many years been able to solve it? Doesn’t that tell you that the problem is not so easily solvable as they would have you believe? I’m not going to stand here and lie to you, tell you I have an easy solution – there are no easy solutions. But I will tell you that the Republicans and the Democrats have collectively spent trillions of dollars not solving problems and I’m smart enough to know not solving problems should be cheaper than that. So no, I don’t have an easy answer to that, but I can tell you I won’t create the worse problem of spending trillions of dollars we don’t have trying to fix it.

    1. Let’s grow up here, people, admit there’s no magic flying unicorn going to come along, wave a magic wand and cheaply and easily solve our problems. That’s not an option. Our options are two: Allow people the freedom to pursue their own individual methods in addressing the problem as best they can and trust that someone somewhere is going to come up with a solution everyone will voluntarily flock to adopting, or we have men with guns threaten to shoot you in the head if you resist having someone else substitute their opinions for how best to deal with the problem for your own.

      I submit to you that the second approach is a cure worse than the disease and I’m not going to prescribe it. Freedom has worked wonderfully for finding the best solutions to problems, because the best solutions are the ones people will freely choose to adopt of their own accord. No matter how good you may believe a particular solution is, if it starts off requiring a law to force people to adopt it, it’s a very bad solution.

      1. I might also add: Why is it that with their long track record of failing to solve problems, the Democrats and Republicans are given repeated chances to solve problems on the assumption that they deserve a chance to try whereas Libertarians are commanded to show their work, demanded to explain how exactly their proposals are going to work, before they’re even allowed a chance to try their hand at dealing with the problem? After giving the others repeated chances to try, and having only failure and a huge tax bill to show for it, what have you got to lose by giving us a chance?

    2. The politics of failure have failed. We must make them work again.

  15. is there a petition to let them in the debates? Obama said he’d fix any problem with enough signatures right?

    1. “The President has too much respect for the First Amendment to interfere with the activities of a nonpartisan organization such as the respected, impartial Commission on Presidential Debates. There will always be disagreements over the inclusion of this or that candidate, and I may not agree with the Commission on every decision, but it is not my job as President to second-guess this private organization.”

      1. at least we could tout the number though if it were high “x million people want to see them in the debates” is more convincing than “Mitt Romney wants them in the debates”

        1. First time I’ve ever dipped my toes into the site. Trigger warning: the waters are infested with SJ ideas. Of the debate-related ones that are out there, “Include All Qualified Candidates in 2016 Presidential Debates” at least petitions the CPD. It currently has 8,400 supporters:

          For comparison, “We want Jon Stewart to moderate a 2016 presidential debate” has 340,000 supporters
          A petition to add just Jill Stein to the debates has 64,000 supporters
          A petition to “allow the Libertarian candidate to debate in the general election” has 3,800 supporters

  16. Politico runs hit piece against Comey in retaliation for not being sufficiently compliant to his future Queen.

    These concerns were only whispered about until July, when the FBI director’s public disposition of the Hillary Clinton email investigation stoked national controversy. Since then, even some of Comey’s supporters have been forced to concede that his exercise of power has been without precedent in the post-Hoover era. Among dozens of current and former Justice Department officials, this realization has given way to a rising sense of alarm: that our next president will find Comey just as untouchable as Hoover once was?and perhaps nearly as troublesome.

    1. Highlight of the hit piece is the entire thing was written by Riley Roberts, a former speechwriter for…Eric Holder.

      1. The attorney general has a speechwriter?

        Does the secretary of the interior get a speechwriter too?

  17. The New York Times is hilarious: Bill Clinton, After a Year of Restraint, Unleashes an Impassioned Self-Defense

    But the focus on the Clinton Foundation, which has come under escalating scrutiny over potential conflicts of interest and foreign donations, has rankled him far more, according to those close to the former president, because of his deep personal investment in the foundation’s charitable work over the past 15 years.

    In a series of swing-state appearances this week, Mr. Clinton unleashed an impassioned self-defense, by turns sarcastic and almost pleading.

    “All we’ve done is save lives,” he told voters on Monday in Detroit.

    “If creating jobs and saving lives is bad,” Mr. Clinton said in Orlando the next day, “I guess you can zing me with it.”

    Moments later, he wondered aloud how much money Mr. Trump had spent to help the people of Haiti.

    Trump’s response.

    1. If alls they’ve done is save lives, it should be easy to trot out someone – an actual honest to god human being – who has been helped by the Clinton Foundation. Besides a friend of the Clinton’s who ended up on the payroll, I mean. Their most high profile endeavor was Haiti, and Haitians are probably protesting outside their NY office right now over the abuse.

    2. The Donald is rather pear-shaped out of his suits.

  18. Weld comes off as little more than a sore loser in this piece. The CPD set an objective standard for inclusion in the debates and Johnson-Weld failed to meet it. What standard do Johnson and Weld think the CPD should use for inclusion? (Let me guess — whatever cutoff would allow them into the debates but keep the Greens out)

    Or should they include everybody who claims to be running for president on equal footing, so that Johnson shares the stage with Jill Stein (once she gets out of lockup), the Prohibition Party, the Constitution Party, the Natural Law Party, etc. Not only would that be a chaotic mess, it would hurt Johnson by negating his claim to be the only alternative to Clinton and Trump.

    1. Perhaps a more rational approach is being qualified for sufficient ballots to reach 270.

      1. That might work, but it would put the Greens and possibly the Constitution Party on the stage too. That would be bad for Johnson, whose main campaign slogan seems to be “I’m not Clinton or Trump”.

        1. Possibly the Greens, I suspect not the Constitution Party (but I’m spouting here without looking it up).

          Sure, if they qualify, they ought to be there.

  19. Lets face it — even if he did get on the stage the moderators would almost never throw Johnson a bone. The opening question would be “How does it feel being on the debate stage with the big kids?” Trump and Clinton would ask why he was wasting everyone’s time, stalling to avoid more questions. No one would shut the fuck up about Aleppo.

    At least here he has the time to give a well-thought-out answer (by his standards anyway) to each question, and he’ll probably draw a decent crowd outside.

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  21. They took in over a million dollars on Saturday 11 September 2016 in tiny donations.

    Their numbers and support have been steadily rising despite the declaration that they are doomed because Gary said he didn’t know Aleppo ( most people including those in govt don’t know).

    They are looking for any reason to screw us: pot heads, whack jobs, fools, etc.

    Truth be told, they are talking to themselves.

    Our folks are more excited than ever.

    Same for Trump.

    Hillary lacks any momentum. Her people are voting, if they actually do so, with their noses pinched.

    She is the least beloved, most scripted candidate in years.

    Her only rallying point?

    Trump is worse.

    We have 6 weeks to continue to grow and we will in every way.

    Weld is right.

    We will take over the streets during the debate and the whole world will watch them
    answer all the questions.

    This is our moment and we are more and more at the point where it is happening for us.

    We have over 50.000 volunteers. Help out. Only 6 weeks to go.

    1. I meant to write 10 Sept

  22. “So I’m no longer so sure that it’s game over if we’re not in the debates,” Weld told me. “I think there’s going to be kind of a national uproar if we’re not in the debates, and we will join in that uproar, and be standing together on the street corner outside every debate venue answering the same questions as in the debate in real time, you know, putting it out on Facebook Live.”


    The entire point of this campaign was to get into the debates. Without that, their campaign has failed.

    National uproar? HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAHHAAH!!!! So like 10 people on twitter got their panties in a wad because they didn’t make the debates.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a travesty that Johnson/Weld aren’t going to be at the debates. However, they’re not folk heroes. They’re 3rd party candidates struggling to stay in double digits.

    1. Yep — their reward for selling out libertarianism is going to amount to nothing more than a couple of talk show appearances.

  23. I never really understood this: why don’t the news channels hosting the debate just say “f*** you CPD, we’ll decide who we invite to our events or not”? Who made CPD king? It’s a private non-profit with no real punitive power, which is why all the lawsuits against them have failed. I know they help fund the events, but the news channels could fund it themselves as well. Bringing Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would surely increase viewership and intrigue as well.

    1. The CPD is a result of an agreement between the major parties to smooth over debate negotiations between their candidates. If it did not exist the campaigns would be negotiating between each other directly and still excluding the third parties. If the major do not agree to share the stage with third party candidate, then you do not get debate.

  24. IMG_0473.jpg

    1. Ugh I knew that wouldn’t work.

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