Gary Johnson

Watch Gary Johnson Give a New York Press Conference on Facebook Live

First group grilling of the Libertarian presidential candidate since he blanked on 'Aleppo'



Though it has since been eclipsed by Hillary Clinton's memorable phrase of "basket of deplorables" to describe half of Donald Trump's fanbase (a proportion she backed away from today), Gary Johnson's blanking on the city name of "Aleppo" on Thursday morning was, for nearly 24 hours, the only time that the Libertarian Party presidential nominee has dominated a news cycle during the interminable 2016 presidential election. Johnson has been moving from one high-profile media explanation to another ever since, and this afternoon he kicks off a rally at midtown Manhattan's Marriott Marquis hotel with his first post-Aleppo press conference.

Reason's Matt Welch and Jim Epstein are on the scene, and will be providing footage and commentary on Facebook Live.

You can also click below to watch. Note: Due to tech issue, audio starts at about 55 seconds in.

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  2. Helloooooooooooooooo?

    *F’dA looks around. Unzips.*

    1. You still had your pants on? Check out Mr. Putting-on-airs over here.

      1. He was unzipping his gimp mask.

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  3. Who will build the roads!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Laid off coal miners. Right after they build the millions of solar panels and wind mills Hillary wants installed.

    2. Roads? We don’t need no stinkin roads! In Libertopia there are robot flying cars you order with your phone. This is not sarcasm. Technology advances at an incredible pace in Libertopia.

      1. Do they have lady sex bots? Asking for a friend.

        1. They are available, yet not widely used because of the easy access to flesh and blood prostitutes.

  4. I can’t see it.

    1. Yeah, it’s a long shot for sure.

  5. The vid, not FdA’s cock.

  6. Now I see but can’t hear it.
    Fuck this phone.

  7. Fuck it. I’m going to Great Wolf Lodge.

    1. I thought we weren’t doing euphemisms anymore.

      1. It is a euphemism now. They jacked the rates up.
        I ain’t paying 700 bucks a night for that.

        1. Last time I took the kids for a birthday, they gigged me for about $500. Never again.

          1. This was actually for a late birthday. Kid #2 turned 5 at the end of June, but everyone was out of town, so no birthday party.

            500 bucks sounds about right. Plus food and drinks.

    2. I got your wolf right here.…..222025.png

    3. Why’d they change the name from Great Bear Lodge? Did the word ‘bear’ offend someone?

  8. I see Matt with a mic introducing the boys but hear. Anyone else have a problem or is it just me?

    1. Can’t hear

      1. It comes on when Weld starts talking.

        1. Thanks.
          Weld speaks with a firmer voice than GJ. I wish he wanted to leave everyone alone.

  9. I was just watching a clip from Morning Joke. Mika has lost faith in Washington. Because Trump.

    Hillary is, was, and always shall be, wonderful, though. So we’ve got that going for us.

  10. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised to walk into a circle jerk here.

    1. All the spooge you can use!

      1. You’re yuuuuuge with spooge?

        1. I like to make a splash!

  11. Stupid Flanders

    1. You forgot ESS ESS ESS etc

  12. If it’s spooge you want…

    Fifteen years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, the United States is safer than it was on the day destined to be forever known as 9/11. Yet the threat to the homeland is persistent, ubiquitous and far different than it was before fear of terrorism became part of our national psyche.

    The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks woke Americans up to the realization that we are not immune from the horror of terrorism that afflicts so many other countries.

    Every terrorist attack on American soil is devastating, even if relatively few have resulted in double-digit casualties (Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando) and none have come close to replicating 9/11. The Boston Marathon bombing shook the national conscience. All the attacks were excruciating reminders of the omnipresent threat of terrorism on U.S. soil.

    Many plots have been stopped before they could reach maturation due to the diligent work of the NYPD and other agencies, the FBI and the intelligence community, all of whom have been given the resources to deal with the threat.

    9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

    1. See the wikipedia entry on foiled terrorist plots. I would include the link but reason won’t take it in any form.

      A decent number of those were in New York City and not some FBI create a plot to get promoted sting operation.

          1. These were foiled attacks, thus no whoomps.

    2. On another blog I linked to one of Radley Balko’s stories about small towns getting military gear, and the immediate response was, “But black people commit crime!”

      It’s maddening.

      1. An… other blog? What witchcraft is this?


    I know athletes are often stupid, but I never figured they could be this stupid. You are going to have a national anthem protest on September 11th? Really? Do these dumb asses know that the only reason they make any money playing a child’s game is because people are willing to pay to see them do it?

    1. They seem to have zero ability for strategic thought, which is exactly what you’d expect from football players.

      1. They seem to be living down to the stereotype.

    2. See? CTE is real.

      1. Touche. The only thing that surprises me about that is that Roger Gadel seems to be suffering from it and he never actually played the game. Football is apparently so dangerous that you can get CTE from working in the league offices.

      2. Crustacean Tennis Elbow?

        1. Crematorium, Taxidermy, and Erotica. Little place down on Federal Blvd.

          1. Is that the place I can get a stuffed ashhole…for educational purposes of course?

            1. That’s it. And it’s more educational than you’d think….

              1. What do they stuff it with? Crab meat?

                1. Imitation crab actually, cheap bastards.

    3. Don’t worry, the Healer in Chief will be releasing a statement which will bring us all together.

      1. Bringing us together to retch in unison at the statement’s awfulness.

        1. Cringe and purge.

  14. Johnson is just another part of the big basket of deplorables. He is just irredeemable.

  15. Johnson and Weld have big noses. I wonder what what Gerald Scarfe could do with them.

    1. Funny. The top link for google search of “Gerald Scarfe Gary Johnson” leads to the corrections page of the NYT.

    2. So did Karl Malden and Eli Wallach. What’s your point?

      1. I was wondering what Gerald Scarfe would do with Gary Johnson’s nose?

    1. I like that one. I saw one the other day that was “I set my DVR to record The Biggest Loser and all I got (insert whatever football team you wish to insult here) games.

  16. Gary’s up to around 9% now. He’s helping Trump by about 1 point. Of course, that won’t translate to election day when all the brave folks saying they will vote for Johnson will run shrieking back to the their tribal mentality and cast their vote, once again, for the less of two evils. I’m sitting this one out. Whatever happens, I had nothing to do with it. *curses and shakes fist at the stupid sheep who are responsible for electing these crooks*

    1. If Scott Adams is right, some of these “Johnson voters” plan to vote for Trump but don’t want their relatives, friends and associates to know about it.

      I think the only reason Trump has any milage at all is because of the secret ballot.

      1. I think about this a lot. I think a lot of people will vote for Trump but they won’t tell anyone because of all the hate going on. Because of this factor, I think that although Hillary is up by about 2 points in the polls right now, she’s probably a couple of points behind in reality.

        1. An anecdote: A while ago a leftist San Francisco artist told me that she hated it “when people said anything good about Trump.” She was talking about the social circles she travels in, not online or in the media. If there are even hedged pro-Trump statements in SF artist circles, I am willing to believe that the polls do not show his true level of support.

          And while I can’t say I’ve seen any Trump signs around, but there are surprisingly few Hillary signs and bumper stickers, compared to the flurry of Obama signs in 2008 or even 2012.

          1. Dude, I live in Baltimore and I frequent the abodes of neckbeard hipster douchebags. Not because I want to be near the hateful little feminine pricks, but because I can’t avoid them here if I want to go outside. I have not seen ONE, not fucking one Hillary sticker on a car. I still see plenty of Obama 2012 and 2008 stickers, but not one for Hillary. I’ve seen Bernie stickers, plenty of them. But I hear the neckbeards bleeting the same old shit all of the time ‘What, you voting for Trump!?’ ‘No, I’m not voting for Trump, not me!’.

          2. I live in NJ, the bluest of the blue, and ride my motorcycle hundreds of miles around the state every weekend. Last weekend was the only time I’ve see any Hillary signs. One was legit, and the other one actually said, “Hillary for Prison 2016”. I counted it anyway as a Hillary sign.

            However, there are a good amount of Trump signs all over the place.

            Either Trump voters have no fear or Hillary voters are afraid of getting their houses burned down by Trump supporters.

            But there are Hillary bumper stickers in the wild; about the same as Trump stickers.

            1. I’ve seen several of those Hillary for Prison stickers around town, lol.

            2. I too have noted the paucity of Hillary flair. For every Hillary sticker/sign I must still see 10 Obama 2012 stickers and Bernie stickers. I have seen probably 4 Trump signs/stickers and about 3 GJ stickers. This is in Alexandria, Virginia, where even a steaming pile of shit with a D after its name can count on at least 70% of the vote.

            3. I see almost no trump stickers and no signs whatsoever in Ohio (and I mean purple Ohio, not the blue north). I have to believe his success is more in spite of his campaign than because of it.

              I’m positive there are a lot more crypto-Trump voters than crypto-Clinton voters; lots of people who don’t like Trump but want to wait till the last minute to admit to themselves let alone the world that they’d vote for him.

              I think this also explains why the progs were so surprised by the Brexit vote. They actually believed rendering an opinion publicly unnacceptable could reliably suppress the opinion.

      2. Between that and the Cankles voters who secretly plan to vote Johnson…

        I really have no idea what to expect. It could be close either way, it could be a landslide either way. If Hillary keeps running her mouth and by some miracle Trump doesnt step on his dick it may not be close at all.

        1. I think Hillary’s best chance to be elected and her only possibility to stay in office for 4 years (if she lives that long) without being impeached for corruption, is that she goes into a coma right now. That way all of her sycophant voter base will still vote for her and she can’t do anymore damage to already shit level image.

          1. I would love to see you interviewed on Morning Joe. Have you thought about starting a kickerstarter campaign to make that happen?

            1. No, but I’ve thought about starting a kickstarter campaign to allow me to move to Patagonia and live like those Alaskan bush people.

          2. Keep her in a glass case, in her hands a single red, white, and blue rose.

          3. “she goes into a coma right now.’

            What makes you think she isn’t already in a coma or possibly even deceased, with look-a likes filing in for her few public appearances?

        2. “I really have no idea what to expect. ”

          Putin hacks the election, and Jill Stein wins by a landslide. She immediately halts all pipeline construction in the nation. Energy process go through the roof, and Russia is once more swimming in cash.
          Hillary Clinton losses her last ounce of humanity, and uses her mastery of the dark arts to raise an army of the dead to invade DC in order to stage a coup, but Bernie Sanders uses his Jew skills to raise an army of golems to protect the watermelon queen.
          Gary Johnson tries to mediate a truce, but keeps forgetting what he’s talking about.
          At this point, the ghost of Ronald Reagan starts making clever quips, and leads the US Marines (accompanied by a giant Margret Thatcher) to Philadelphia, although no one is quite sure why.

          1. I am eagerly awaiting the next two sequels to this story.

      3. Their relatives, friends and associates are pollsters?

        1. I’m just passing on Scott Adams’ wisdom. You’re welcome.

        2. People care what pollsters think. I’m not sure why, but they do.

  17. 9/11 humor? Really?…..ommercial/

    1. Almost nothing offends me but… wow. It’s actually worse than the description I read of it yesterday.

      1. I will give her some credit for the real apology. It was a studid idea. Yes, yes it was.

        1. What was so studid about it?

          1. It takes a lot of studi to come up with a idea that tone-deaf.

            1. It looks like she carries her waterbed with her everywhere she goes.

          2. San Antonio is a very patriotic town. A large percentage of it’s residents are either in the military or retired military. On any military related holiday the town shuts down and the number of flags displayed in yards reminds me of a 1950’s style Mayberry RFD style small town America.

            Any business owner in this city that doesn’t have better sense than to try to pawn something like 9/11 is an idiot and their decision making process is more than questionable.

            I would bet money that she is a Hillary voter.

  18. File Under = “Wearing Your Politics on Your….”

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) ? Thousands of bicyclists have dared to be bare for Philadelphia’s annual nude ride promoting positive body image and fuel conservation.

    The annual ride features people sporting underwear, body paint or nothing at all. Some riders concerned about being recognized by their parents or co-workers wear masks. Others wear just their helmets and shoes.

    The riders pedal through the City of Brotherly Love past popular spots such as Independence Hall and Rittenhouse Square, where giddy crowds cheer them on.

    Volunteer Magda Esposito says it’s “liberating to ride through the city with nothing on.”

    God forbid anyone just does it “because they can”. It has to be ‘promoting’ something.

    1. The PNBR “Code of Conduct

      Sexual and physical harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:

      Commenting on another person’s body (Comment: A remark, opinion or description)
      Commenting on another person’s sexuality
      Expressing an opinion about another person’s body
      Expressing an opinion about an aspect of another person’s body
      Expressing an opinion about another person’s sexuality
      Unwanted sexual looks or gestures
      Cat calls
      Comments about a person’s anatomy, clothing or looks
      Unwanted sexual or physical jokes, teasing, remarks or questions
      Asking someone about their body or their sexuality
      Touching someone’s clothing, hair or body without their permission
      Staring at someone
      Asking personal questions about social or sexual life
      Looking a person up and down (elevator eyes)
      Following someone
      Repeatedly asking out a person who is not interested
      Making sexual gestures with hands or other body movements

      The PNBR is dedicated to the prevention of sexual and physical harassment at all PNBR meetings and events. The PNBR reserves the right to remove any organizer, volunteer, or participant who violates this policy

      ‘reserves.. right’? isn’t it, “asserts enforcement authority”? and where do they “remove” people *to*? What if you’re just coincidentally naked?

      1. coincidentally naked

        Great album name.

      2. Well, we know that neither men or women ever do any of those things, so it’s all good. Everyone is a puritan and a fucking saint. What a beautiful perfect world we live in. Oh wait, heh, people always do most of those things, so can we please get the morality police down there right now to crack some heads and ruin some lives, for the children?

        1. I just think its funny that they assert this whole “Taking their clothes off” is all about “Being comfortable with who you are” and about “Liberation”…

          when it seems to be some weird backhanded way by which they will assert that, by taking off one’s clothes, you’re submitting to control by an authoritarian Thought Police who “Reserve the Right” to control you if you should even so much as “look someone over”. Because that’s apparently wrong whether you’re clothed or not – or even reasonable to expect when you get a bunch of naked people together.

          Its retarded how they rationalize these things to function together.

          Its like somebody combined the Hippies of the 1960s with the fucking Puritans of the 17th century.

          they somehow managed to maintain BOTH the pretension to “FREEDOM AND LIBERATION” …. AND maintain a sort of Police-Power to Control Any Potential Wrong Thinkers Who Might Be Having Vicious And Sinful Thoughts and Coveting the Bodies of their Neighbors.

          Its so, “have your cake and eat it too”

          1. Its like somebody combined the Hippies of the 1960s with the fucking Puritans of the 17th century

            I think it’s more like someone combined 17th century puritans with 20th century leftists.

          2. They want to give orders. Their whole (and hole) philosophy is them being in charge and demanding everyone follow their orders regardless of what you may want to do, and regardless of the fact that the orders today contravene the orders of yesterday.

            They are tyrants who want to rule by whim.

            1. Its jus especially funny that they take their clothes off and then presume this gives them authority to police other naked people. e.g. -“By participating in our collective nakedness, you are submitting to the authority of the committee of naked-organizers”

              Its like
              “Let’s all get together and get naked to express our freedom.

              And while we do that, we must ensure there’s a) No Talking, b) No Looking, c) No Touching, d) No Following Each Other…. etc.”

              1. Collectivist anarchy on display.

      3. Pabst Blue Ribbon makes me do all of those things – maybe too much.

    2. +1 Lady Godiva

  19. Gun Dorks = Identify this particular configuration

    is that a G36 with some really fancy furniture?

    I was originally interested in the story re: the French ISIS “Deadly Viper Assassination Squad”, which seemed interesting….

    The discovery of an abandoned car early last Sunday led investigators to the arrests of three more women and a man w/ links to two attacks this year in France claimed by the Islamic State…
    …A woman identified by authorities as Ornella G., was the first to be arrested, on Tuesday … On the heels of Ornella G.’s arrest, police traced the person linked to the car to a house in the Essonne region… . A confrontation with three women outside ensued, including the 19-year-old daughter of the car’s owner, Ines Madani. She was shot in the leg as she lunged at a police officer with a knife ? after another woman, Sarah H., 23, attacked and wounded a plain clothes officer with a kitchen knife through the open window of his car,… The third woman, Amel S., 39, who lived at the house, also was arrested along with her daughter, about to turn 16 but potentially implicated in the “terrorist project,” according to the prosecutor.


    1. Yes it is but the add-ons aren’t all that fancy. Looks like a picatinny sleeve over the forearm to hold the pistol grip and some kind of red dot sight on it.

      1. That sight setup is how they do the export versions.

      2. Both the folding stock w/cheek-piece, & the railed fore-end aren’t things i’ve seen before.

        they have another photo of a french cop with a more-stock one, which is more what i’m familiar with.

        it only occurred to me bcuz this guy was mentioning that it was fairly popular for US people to buy these “SL-8” plastic-abortions from the 1990s and then convert them to the far-cooler-looking G36 pattern by simply replacing the furniture.

        1. Rifles are like cars. There are just too many out there to keep track of and after a while they all look the same to me; clunky, stamped parts and plastic. It just doesnt hold that much appeal for me. I like artfully machined, polished blue steel and wood parts that fit like they were grown on the gun.

          I collect Winchester 94’s and have a smattering of everything else in bolts and singles. The only semi-auto I have is a mini-14 and I am looking into an M1A1.

          Yeah, I know. Now get off of my lawn.

          1. I own no guns at all. I’m just curious from a ‘trainspotting‘ POV

          2. Other than an air rifle, I don’t own a long gun that isn’t wood stocked.

            Likely soon to change, but yeah, I agree, wood is classy.

            1. The list of what I want is long. One can only justify spending so much money at a time on a hobby, and gun collecting can be an expensive hobby. Yeah, I want some examples of all of their models but for now I am sticking to the long actions that shoot rifle cartridges.

        2. I never look at cosmetics. It shoots a 5.56, that’s all I need to know. Maybe barrel length, but everything else is just lipstick and heels.

          I prefer a .30-06, but that’s usually not good when you want to spray a bunch of bullets all over the place and hope one hits the target. But if I HAD to do that, I’d prefer a 7.62 instead. It’s all about the mass x velocity that makes the most difference.

    2. Yeah, looks like an G36KV, which is the carbine export variant. The export versions don’t have the integral optics.

    3. You can’t see it in the picture, but the holsters are by Louis Vuitton.

  20. So Clinton managed to throw a ton of attention towards the alt-right, a collection of various white supremacists, ‘scientific racists’, nationalists and Reddit users who make up a very small percentage of not just the American population, but the European population as well. Said group has almost no media presence outside of Radix and some amateur youtube videos, yet now the alt-right boogeyman is the spectre over Europe and the election according to parts of the left.

    What will their response be when they realize there’s Garry’s Mod Black Slave Role Playing games?

    1. All of the issues they yammer on about are fabrications and fantasies. All of them. This is why they pine for the glory days of the 60’s. They actually had a cause then that wasn’t made up out of whole cloth but I am not sure just how righteous their cause was even then.

      1. Unless Hillary wins they can go back to being anti war,

  21. In Hillary’s defense, people whose primary concerns going into the upcoming election are about sharia, critical rape theory, illegal immigrants, and trans bathrooms really are deplorable, but then the reason some of those issues are so big is because of Obama and his zombie army of progressive social justice warriors–and Hillary’s trying to ride their asses to the White House.

    So who you gonna blame for that . . . Russian hackers?

    1. The Russians are totally out to get Hillary, because it’s not like she would sell them US secrets or uranium deposits or anything like that, for dirt cheap. The Russians have to stop Hillary, the greatest American patriot of all time. Can we make room for her likeness on that rock face thing in South Dakota already?

      1. If it weren’t for Russian hackers and the Koch brothers, none of us deplorables would care how much money Hillary took from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State.

      2. Ya know, with a little work, I think you could jack-hammer the mustache and glasses off Teddy and end up with a reasonable likeness of Hillary.

    2. Deplorable: adjective
      1. Worthy of severe condemnation or reproach: a deplorable act of violence.
      2. Lamentable; woeful: My finances were in a deplorable state of neglect.
      3. Wretched; bad: deplorable housing conditions in the inner city.

      In other words, pitiable is a plausible synonym. Hillary wasn’t condemning them, she was attempting to draw attention to the problems caused by lack of funding for social infrastructure like education and mental health and toothbrushes. Like the fact that some people can’t even afford proper housing and have to live in baskets. Cardboard baskets. In the middle of the road. Which she is going to fix.

      Also, she didn’t say “basket of deplorables”, her seasonal allergies were acting up and a brief 9-minute cough caused you to misconstrue what she said – “a basket of adorable (kittens)”. She loves Trump supporters just as much as she loves fuzzy little kittens! And she wants you to love them and care about them, too,just as much as she does.

      Hey! I heard that! Who’s the smart-ass who made the crack about how sure Hillary loves fuzzy kittens – she eats them live and wriggling, covered with bbq sauce? Let’s have none of that juvenile so-called “humor”, this is an adult conversation we’re trying to have here.

      Now let us never speak of this again.

      1. “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what ? who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. ? These are people who pay no income tax. ? and so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

        —-Mitt Romney, May 17, 2012

        If they hung that like albatross around Romney’s neck, Trump should do the same thing with Hillary.

        1. I think her comments are more like Obamas “Bitter Clingers” comments in that they both come from a place of patronizing disdain. Mitt’s was more of a recognition of a political fact that everyone knew to be true but thought he should have never said aloud.

          1. Sales and payroll taxes – income taxes aren’t the only dings your finances get.

            1. If course, I think his main point thought was that Obama had that vote locked up which was true.

      2. Reptiles don’t use bbq sauce.

        1. Worcestershire?

  22. Please take all leftists to the Berlin wall and smash their heads against it until they start understanding what ‘left’ actually means.

    1. The Soviet Bloc were the wrong kind of leftists – they did leftism wrong – so we need new leftists who will do it right.

      Oops, I mean do it *correctly,* not “right.”

      Did you know Stalin and Castro were actually conservative?


      1. You know who else was a national socialist that the Lefties insist on labeling “far right”?

            1. Nope. Actually ran into him last Tuesday at the Tech Center. Nice guy; bought me a coffee. Think he’s doing Real Estate or something.

      2. Well as soon as we kill all of the 345 million people in the USA who aren’t native born Scandinavians, we can make it work here. There seems to be something racist and genocidal about that, but it’s for the children. You have to break some stuff to make something.

    2. Oh they understand what it means, thats what they like about it. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t be pushing for racial segregation, destruction of societal norms, mandated re-education classes, sending people to camps, prosecution of wrongthinkers, shutting down of journalistic outlets, etc etc.

      How many lower tier lefties have thrown up test flags calling for camps or the outright murder of their ideological opponents? In the last 8 years I have heard calls for concentration camps and firing squads for NRA members especially but also vague references to anyone who is conservative.

      It also just occurred to me – Hillary’s wardrobe could just as easily be Stalin-inspired as Mao-inspired.

      This is another pre-Obumbles moment. People cant see what is right in front of their nose because it’s just too unbelievable that it could happen here.

      1. The best part, of course, is that they are each convinced that they, themselves, are so wonderful and politically pure that they’ll be the ones running the gulags, when in reality, they will be the first of the inmates.

        1. One upside of a Trump victory is that maybe all these proggies will finally make good on their threat to move to Canada. I’m sure President Zoolander will grant them asylum.

          1. One of these days i should at least Google that movie, so that i know what the hell everybody is talking about.

  23. One of a daughter’s school friends is a gun-grabber, she argued that since those of us that are into guns go shooting so much that we are good enough we should need only one bullet to defend ourselves with.

    So no need for “clips” that hold more than one bullet. No need for any gun that can fire more than once before being reloaded. We can reload one round (she kept saying bullet) as needed

    I didn’t argue, because I find these people to be unreachable, instead I said “No, if I’m going to paint my wall with the guy’s brains I’ll need to shoot faster than that!” That creeped her right the fuck out and the conversation stopped.

    Though afterwards I did remind my daughter that you don’t shoot to kill, you shoot to stop the threat. So covering one’s walls with dura matter is a consequence not a goal.

    1. You don’t need anything stronger than a quill pen.

    2. “So covering one’s walls with dura matter is a consequence not a goal.”

      Exactly, that’s what I say to anyone who bitches about hollow points. I can kill someone with just about any bullet but killing isn’t the point. Hollow points help stop someone from shooting back. That is the point.

      1. I never got the hollow point bit. I can make my home cast bullets do anything a jacketed bullet will do, some of it even better.

        1. I use hollow points because I don’t want the lead leaving the target and hitting someone/thing I wasn’t shooting at.

          I’m not a self loader or very knowledgeable and I just buy off the shelf.

          Is that good think or am I wrong ?

          1. Or passing through a wall if I miss.

    1. Sean Murray is de debil!

      1. It will be interesting to see if Star Citizen crashes and burns in the same manner.

        1. Since it’s never going to be released, we’ll never find out. I’ve owned it for more than a year now, including the single player game that supposedly one day is coming out, and an upgraded ship. I never play it, well, because there isn’t anything to do. Admittedly, I haven’t fired it up since 2.5, but I watched Youtube and I didn’t see anything new and exciting enough to make it worth it.

        2. I like NMS. After 95 hours, I’m definitely bored. Some modders need to get access to the procedural generation engine, then maybe it could start reaching some real potential.

    2. I learned more about physics playing this game than four years of high school. People I know with almost absolutely zero interest in geography, history or religion know where random German towns are, the general concept of the late Holy Roman Empire and what Jainism is thanks to Paradox Interactive games. Gatto fails at education.

      1. I learned more about physics playing this game than four years of high school.

        That’s exactly what he’s saying. Gatto is the father of “unschooling”.

        Perhaps you’ll be more charitable once you hear him speaking of the New Dumbness.

        1. I admit that the stroke-voice and the grandpa-esque “spring and the gurrrrrrrrls” bit at the end made it a bit hard to follow what his actual argument was.

          1. Dude did have a stroke.

            Jus’ sayin’

            1. That’s why I called it “stroke voice” rather than “drunk uncle voice”.

        2. But, you luddites, NMS has 5 inch wide butterflies that weigh 50 kg, and tropical plants on planets where it’s -250C.

          You don’t know shit bout some physics, bitches!

          1. Kerbal Space Program teaches you that in order to get anywhere off-planet you’ll have to harness the most sinister force in the universe.

      2. People I know with almost absolutely zero interest in geography, history or religion know where random German towns are, the general concept of the late Holy Roman Empire and what Jainism is thanks to Paradox Interactive games

        I confess: my knowledge of the Segoku Jidai in Japan, or the end of the Roman empire, are about ~30-50% due to playing Total War games.

        or at least the games provided me a solid grounding, such that when i later went and read a couple of books I was far better able to understand the context and retain the information better.

        I had read large chunks of Gibbon’s “decline and fall” in college, and I probably still couldn’t tell you the difference between Vandals and Visigoths until after i’d played them as a faction attempting to sack Rome. Those sorts of games are marvelous for teaching history.

    3. I was unable to discern anything from that hot mess other than he thinks talkies are the death of Real Cinema he’s not really into MMORPGs

  24. Did anyone know that Joe Biden was the fascist fucktard behind the 2004 bill that got testosterone on the list of scheduled drugs regulated by the DEA? A naturally occurring hormone is a scheduled substance? Guys, we ARE all felons. It’s not even what we can put into our own bodies, but it’s about what’s already there. Orwell was so short sighted.

    1. Guys, we ARE all felons.

      The law’s been moving in that direction for years anyway.

    2. I’d drop out and move to a monastery. Even there I’d be a felonious monk.

      1. BA-Dum-tsssshh

    3. I actually read a story in a lefty rag by a woman complaining about how hard it was for her boyfriend, who’s balls were removed due to cancer, to get testosterone, without which he couldn’t function.

      It was kind of tragic, but I doubt the author considered the source if the problem.

  25. Mr. Fusion missed this one, apparently. Deepdish and Apple products.

    1. Deepdish seems like it would a last name found in India.

    1. “You know Clinton knows what Aleppo is; she probably knows the names of its different quarters. I wouldn’t be shocked if she knows where you could have gotten the best kibbeh there before the war. Take all the shots you want at Hillary, but the woman knows next to everything.”

      That is gag inducing.

      1. Well, she does have lots of friends in that part of the world. So yeah, she probably knows where it is

      2. Everything but how to identify a classified email, send it through a secured server, and not lie and lie and lie and … afterwards about what she did.

      3. That is gag inducing.

        Yeah. Meanwhile, she didn’t know the “c” meant confidential, can’t figure out how to do e-mail on a computer, and it took her 20 years to figure out Bill is a horndog.

        Or, she’s just a lying shitbag…

  26. I forget the discussion here within the last week, but I said that I’d love to see a chart that showed how government increases prices over and above inflation. This comes damn close.


  27. Forget the ‘Aleppo’ gaffe: What’s really wrong with Gary Johnson is his Ayn Randian worldview

    “Well, I’m conservative, but I’m not one of those racist, homophobic, dripping-with-hate Tea Party bigots! I’m pro-choice! I’m pro-same-sex-marriage! I’m not a racist! I just want lower taxes, and smaller government, and less government regulation of business. I’m fiscally conservative, and socially liberal.”

    “How many liberals and progressives have heard this?…

    “You can’t separate fiscal issues from social issues….And conservative fiscal policies do enormous social harm….These policies perpetuate human rights abuses….Even if the people supporting these policies don’t intend this, the policies are racist, sexist, classist (obviously), ableist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise socially retrograde….Here are seven reasons that “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” is nonsense.

    “1: Poverty, and the cycle of poverty…Having a functioning infrastructure, having economic policies that support labor, having a tax system that doesn’t steal from the poor to give to the rich, having a social safety net ? a real safety net, not one that just barely keeps people from starving to death but one that actually lets people get on their feet and function ? makes a difference….

    1. “2: Domestic violence, workplace harassment, and other abuse….And you know who gets disproportionately targeted with domestic violence and workplace harassment? Women. Especially women of color. And LGBT folks ? especially trans women of color, and LGBT kids and teenagers….

      “3: Disenfranchisement….Voter suppression is a real thing in the United States. And these policies are set in place by the super-rich…

      “4: Racist policing….Fiscal conservatism ? the reflexive cry of “Lower taxes! Smaller government!” ? contributes to racist policing. Even if you, personally, oppose racist policing, supporting fiscal conservatism makes you part of the problem.

      “5: Drug policy and prison policy. Four words: The new Jim Crow….It’s true that there are some conservatives advocating for criminal justice reform, including drug policy reform, on the grounds that the current system isn’t cost-effective. The problem with this, as Drug Policy Alliance Deputy State Director Laura Thomas points out: When you base policy decisions entirely on whether they’re cost-effective, the bottom line will always take priority….

      1. “6: Deregulation. This one is really straightforward. Deregulation of business is a conservative fiscal policy. And it has a devastating effect on marginalized people. Do I need to remind anyone of what happened when the banking and financial industries were deregulated?…

        “7: “Free” trade. This one is really straightforward. So-called “free” trade policies have a horrible effect on human rights, both in the United States and overseas.”

        1. “If you care about marginalized people ? if you care about the oppression of women, LGBT people, disabled people, African Americans and Hispanics and other people of color ? you need to do more than go to same-sex weddings and listen to hip-hop. You need to support economic policies that make marginalized people’s lives better. You need to oppose economic policies that perpetuate human rights abuses and make marginalized people’s lives suck.

          “And that means not being a fiscal conservative.”

          1. My name’s DenverJ, and I’m a fiscal conservative. I’m also…(sobs) a white male!

          2. So she has memorized all of the talking points and can regurgitate them. Good for her.

            1. Now go make me a sammich.

        2. Do I need to remind…

          Neat, What “Deregulation”? I think the word you’re seaching for is RE-regulation.

          Do not talk to me about government subsidies and loan guarantees and quotas and complain about “Deregulation”.

          1. It’s a religious tenet for them at this point.

            1. You keep using that term; I am not sure it means what you think it means.

          2. That post is derp-overload. The number of things that person doesn’t understand and/or deliberately lies about is astounding.

            1. The best parts are when they directly discredit their own argument, but just keep rolling:

              In cities and counties and towns across the United States, the government is funded, in large part, by tickets and fines for municipal violations ? and by the meta-system of interest, penalties, surcharges, and fees on those tickets and fines, which commonly turn into a never-ending debt amounting to many, many times the original fine itself.

              You know what might solve this problem by requiring less overall funding, and therefore less of a need for tickets and fines? FISCAL CONSERVATIVISM.

              1. Or the bit about the Drug War. The problems with which exist because… we don’t spend enough on it?!

                1. You also clearly do need to be a wide eyed conspiracy theorist to attribute the drug war to an attempt to bring back slavery. Yeah, rich white people really like paying room and board for incarcerates red minorities, some racket that is!

                  Progressives are just plain retarded. No other way to put it. Take a clear case of a nonsensical policy motivated by nonsensical ideas, and they see a cabal of rich white me. Insidiously twirling their mustaches. They have all the intellectual depth of whoever wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


              THIS BLOWS APART MY PRECONCEIVED…. no wait, actually its sort of a cliche.

              1. OMG every one of her articles is a listicle. It’s like she’s angling for a gig at Everyday Feminism.

          3. 4: Racist policing..

            OOh.OOh can I?

            How about you answer about how Bill and Hillary Fought to get the The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.passed, with all of it’s talk about negro super criminals?

              1. “I grew up in Brownsville [a high-crime neighborhood in Brooklyn], and I remember what crime felt like. And these academic discussions, these ideological discussions about crime, completely ignore the terror in the streets. They completely ignore how crime shaped whether you went to church at night or how you felt coming home from work.

                “Once you add that to the picture, I think crime policy becomes less suspicious.”

              2. Stop ‘n’ frisk had a lot of support in NYC black neighborhoods, too. It’s almost like they don’t all think alike or something.

  28. Do I need to remind anyone of what happened when the banking and financial industries were deregulated?…

    Yes, please remind me and support your work.

    1. They were totally deregulated. I know because somebody told me that. And it was bad, really bad. Millions of Laotians died because of it.

    2. She’s too busy complaining about the lack of a real safety-net in all those cities controlled by fiscal conservatives.

  29. Sicario is an outstanding movie.

    1. Its one of the few things i’ve actually bothered to watch in the last few years.

      this new thing warty mentioned “Hell or High Water” looks very good. (from the same writer)

      1. The Sicario writer is writing another movie with Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin reprising their roles, apparently as part of a trilogy.

        The Sicario director is directing the Blade Runner sequel, which now I kind of want to see.

      2. It’s excellent. Better than Sicario, I’d say, at least in that Sicario has its share of problems.

    2. Arrival, from the same director (who’s also doing the Blade Runner sequel… so…) looks really, really good. I’ve seen a few encouraging reviews out of the Toronto film festival.

  30. William Weld’s fear: A Donald Trump win [+video]

    “Former Gov. William F. Weld says a Donald Trump presidency frightens him more than a Hillary Clinton administration ? and he plans to target the brash billionaire more in his Libertarian vice presidential campaign.

    “”I certainly plan to focus my analysis on Mr. Trump rather than Mrs. Clinton,” Weld said in a sit-down interview with the [Boston] Herald [sept 8].”

    1. What’s an establishment team purple guy supposed to do? Be in favor of the longest existing known member of team purple or go with an unknown guy who occasionally says thing that might be mean according to the ruling PC empire of Murika?

    2. Trump’s popularity is the result of widespread dissatisfaction with a corrupt and incompetent establishment. An establishment that only grows richer and more powerful while the citizenry pays the price of that corruption and incompetence.

      No matter what people are saying whatever threat Trump presents to that establishment is the reason for all the Trump hate. Pence said pretty explicitly that their plan is to take a wrecking bar to the parasitic ruling class. That is why everyone is losing their shit.

      Johnson’s pick of an establishment guy was not a smart move.

      1. It was if he was deliberately trying to ensure he stole more votes from hillary.

  31. Mumbling fatalistic Malthusianism makes me superior to you, you rat fucking deniers! Silence! The science is settled!

  32. So I was at a party with my SO’s coworkers tonight, and I would never be tacky enough to bring up politics at a party where I don’t really know anyone, but the hosts husband decided to make a lame joke about anyone voting for Trump which then descended into a smug “can you believe Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo is”… *sigh*

    1. Yeah I ran into a few of those as well. Then I brought up the old excuse “Well Bush, and Obama did not need to know stuff like that. They pay people to know that stuff for them. They are much to busy to know every bit of geography !!!”

      The sarcasm went right over their heads. =D

      1. Well that’s true. And those people educate them. How is Obumbles supposed to screw everything up when there is tension between England and Argentina if he doesnt know anything about the Maldives?

        1. I know the Maldives and the Falklands aren’t the same thing, but I was reminded of this documentary which features movers and shakers from both sides in the Falklands War about how close the British came to losing the Falklands War.

          Supposedly one of the British expats where I work is a former Royal Marine who was in the Falklands War. I’ve never asked him about it as I think that’s unseemly.

          1. how close the British came to losing the Falklands War.

            if they’d had one more ship hit by exocets, it would have been game over. it was a close-run thing in a few situations. there was another snafu when they lost a bunch of helicopters, and what should have been a blitzkrieg sweep of the island took more like 48 hours of foot-slogging by ground troops

            i think the interesting thing about that little war, from a history POV, is that its pretty much

            = “very last expeditionary war fought by someone other than the US”

            And not just ‘the last’ in the sense of “the most recently past”… i mean “the last” as in, “And they aint ever doing it ever again”

            Consider that for a moment. At that time, they were probably the only power on earth other than the US that even*could* send troops overseas with air support and enough naval strength to protect their own deployment… (but just *barely*… and against a 3rd rate nation like Argentina)

            It basically marked the ‘last gasp’ of a European Military legacy which defined the previous few-hundred years. Say, 1600s-1980s

            in that sense, it was kind of a big deal.

            1. it was kind of a big deal

              Yeah, and the usual suspects went apeshit over it.

              1. “Yeah, and the usual suspects went apeshit over it.”

                There was a famous newspaper headline at the time, “British Left Waffles on Falklands.”

            2. Oh yes. The British are now a third-rate power.

              I remember reading a plan where the British and French would share an aircraft carrier. I don’t think it went anyway. True, aircraft carriers are just a big target in this day and age given missile technology, but things like sharing an aircraft carrier aren’t things first-rate powers do.

              1. sharing an aircraft carrier aren’t things first-rate powers do

                Gosh. Who do you name it after? And then there’s the complication of “you get to wage war on tuesdays and thursdays, i get mondays wednesdays & fridays…”

                1. That would be especially important to decide upfront in case they ever go to war against each other.

        2. How is Obumbles supposed to screw everything up when there is tension between England and Argentina if he doesnt know anything about the Maldives?

          I think you mean “Malvinas”

          1. I think Suthen made a joke you missed.

    2. I wonder if the husband can find Syria on a world map.

      1. “Well he’s running for President! He should know that!” *sigh*

    3. Was talking to a friend last night at a bar about how I believe Hillary should be tried for war crimes for what she did in Libya. Basically, she’s a murderer IMO. Some fat douche Canadian expat eavesdropping on our conversation butts in and smugly asks, “So she actually killed someone with her own hands? You don’t know what a murderer is.” Long story short(er), I finally got him to say that Hitler wasn’t a murderer by the standards he set.

      1. It’s cruel to toy with stupid people like that.

      2. I think Hillary was incompetent to the point of criminality; and that actions taken under her watch were similar/equivalent to things that sent other govt figures to prison

        i don’t think i’d ever use the term ‘murder’. negligent with human lives, certainly. she should have been pilloried for lying to the families of the dead while a camera was pointed at her. She basically used them to sell a cover story. but i don’t think anyone who died was ‘her fault’. I’m not sure she’s even directly responsible for decisions to smuggle guns to syrian rebels – although from what i remember she was probably the most bullish about getting involved there. anything she takes heat for on the policy side is probably shared responsibility w/ Obama & Panetta, etc.

        1. I was trolling after a while for sure. His point was that if you don’t physically do it yourself, it’s not “murder”. Twisting him into a pretzel for so adamantly defending such an idiotic position became my goal. Calling Hillary a “murderer” is just my way of starting the conversation in a way that frames her decision making in a moral calculus. Trolling to a point, but a case could be made that she is one. You could make the case she isn’t, but not in the way he did.

    4. SO?

      Wait, you aren’t Lady B?

          1. is this like how we’re all Tulpa? Are we also all Lady B?

    1. You and your friends look great in those dresses.

    2. I remember the Bierm?dchen being a little… sturdier… when I visited.

      1. Don’t ruin it for me. I’ll ruin it myself when I go.

        1. I was only 16 at the time and as you may know not into the M?dchen but it’s fun as hell no matter your age or proclivities.

          1. Yes, I know.

            I think it will be a good time. I intend to skip the opening ceremonies and enjoy the tents during the week.

  33. War, or something like that.

    War bitches

          1. U2 has a few decent songs. That is not one of them.

            1. outta yer friggin’ mind.

              1. Yeah; U2 has no decent songs.

          1. I have often thought = bass players should wear shorts more often.

            1. oh, wait, he’s playing guitar. well, still.

          2. Oh yes. I have not heard that version of that song before.

            Eric Burdon looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Though to some extent, I’ve never seen him look any other way.

            1. he seems absolutely thrilled to me.

              I saw him perform once in the late 1990s at Manny’s Car Wash , a now-defunct blues bar on the upper east side. he hung out and drank beers with (or near) people in the bar afterward. He seemed to want to be sure to get as much free booze into himself before they cut him off. Which is understandable for most musicians; hell, its a given. but it was a little weird him being sort of this ‘legendary’ guy, but was still gigging small bars and milking his free-drink privileges.

  34. SF has a YUGE city budget; far greater than nearly any other city per-capita:

    “Getting to the bottom of why SF budget is so big”
    “I don’t have a fundamental problem with the amount of money we spend ? if it actually took care of people and built housing and did not let people continue to live and die on the street,” said Mark Hetts, who lives near Buena Vista Park. “It’s a disgrace.”…..174440.php

    Lefty voter is fine with the expenditures but has nagging doubts that maybe it isn’t used effectively!
    Well, it turns out the SF ‘balanced budget’ isn’t really balanced:

    “S.F.’s big budget falling short on pensions, health care”
    “As we told you recently, about half of the overall budget ? $4.7 billion ? goes to workers’ salaries and benefits. Of that, $1.4 billion is spent on benefits. The city’s pension contributions amount to $550 million this year, and retiree health care clocks in at $197 million. The rest of the money goes to other benefits, including Social Security payments and health coverage for current employees.”…..214186.php

    Other peoples’ money…

  35. If you’re still awake, here ya go.

  36. Is a “New York Press Conference” the east coast equivalent of a “Cleveland Steamer”?

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  39. What is Hilary’s opinion on Puntland or BIOIC?

  40. Diego Garcia, you stupid bitch.

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