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Pro-Gary Johnson "Balanced Rebellion" Ad Viral Sensation of this Political Cycle

Campaign sponsored by pro-Johnson AlternativePAC gets over 17 million counted views from Facebook.


Alternative PAC, a superPAC supporting the campaign of Libertarian Gary Johnson, launched a project called "Balanced Rebellion" last month, as I reported. It was intended to help solve the problem of voters who, while disliking both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, didn't want to feel that their third party vote helped make the one they hated more win.

Balanced Rebellion screenshot

The web site for the project and its Facebook page allows voters with a slight Trump preference to pledge to vote for Johnson and be matched with another voter from their state who had a slight Clinton preference, helping insure that a vote for Johnson wasn't in effect a vote for the candidate they hated more, since they knew both major party candidates had lost a vote to the Libertarian.

The accompanying longform comedy video, in which "Dead Abe Lincoln" dissed Clinton and Trump and sang Johnson's praises, is the most viral political video of 2016, the PAC announced yesterday. The ad was designed by the Harmon Brothers, already famous for longform comedy videos promoting sometimes unusual products.

They say it has been viewed (at least in part) over 17.3 million times and shared 409,000 times in just the two weeks since its launch. Their press release says in comparison that "Trump's most popular ad has been shared a little more than 334,000 times in more than two months, and Clinton's most popular ad has been shared more than 192,000 times in nearly two months."

Facebook will measure anyone who has the video playing at all as a view, so the PAC provided some more granular numbers on its impact and spread in emails today.

Of the 17,787,252 views, 17,563,845 (98 percent) came from Facebook, and 11,697,520, 66 percent, of those were for longer than the three seconds that Facebook counts. The PAC did some paid promotion, and 38 percent of the views (6,694,040) arose from paid promotion and 11,093,212 were organic.

As far as the matching process, the PAC's chief Matt Kibbe reports that 33,393 Democrats have signed up and 33,036 Republicans, for a total of 66,429 signed up and 30,819 successful matches made, covering 61,638 people.

Alternative PAC's total fundraising for this cycle has been almost $1.1 million from over 760 individual donors.

"Social media has leveled the playing field this election cycle," Kibbe said in the press release. "We may not have billions to spend but thanks to sites like Facebook we've been able to reach millions of disgruntled voters with our message and they've responded in resounding numbers."

The video:

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  1. Campaign sponsored by pro-Johnson AlternativePAC gets over 17 million counted views from Facebook.


  2. We have reached the high water mark of the Libertarian Moment.

  3. “Facebook will measure anyone who has the video playing at all”

    Hey, that’s personal information!

    1. Now I’ll have to wear clothes whenever I’m in front of the computer. I don’t want to be “measured.”

      1. You’ll have to get into the habit. That’s a pun.

  4. Trump has to laughing his ass off at this.…..rants.html

    1. “But walls don’t work! That’s why we’re freaking out so much about the idea, because we’re worried it…won’t work.”

      “And it will be expensive, and you can trust us because we have a consistent history of opposing reckless and irresponsible, useless, makework spending programs!”

      /mainstream politicians

      1. Are you saying you think a border wall would work? As the ad said, do you think Mexicans don’t know about ladders?

        1. All I know is if it were a 100% useless boondoggle which didn’t stop anyone, the political establishment wouldn’t be freaking out, since they’re all for useless boondoggles.

  5. I see that the ad claims Johnson won’t tell you how to “practice your religion.”

    This is not true.

    It’s one thing to say that religious freedom is a minor issue compared to the awfulness of the other candidates’ platforms.

    But it’s a different thing to pretend Johnson supports religious freedom when he doesn’t.

    1. There’s no contradiction. Telling you you CAN’T practice your religion is not telling you HOW to practice your religion.

      1. Hmmm…I assume you’re kidding there.

      2. You can practice your religion in your own home and in your place of worship. But everywhere else you have to practice the secular state religion. It’s really that simple.

    2. Is this about the cake thing?

      1. Bakers, T-shirt makers, tour companies, florists, B&B operators…and these are just the people who’ve gotten in trouble with the government for exercising their religion. Johnson is OK with this government misconduct.

        In short, his supporters shouldn’t be claiming he’s for religious freedom.

        They can say “don’t obsess over religious freedom, it’s a minor issue.”

        But they *can’t* say, “oh, yes, Johnson is totally for religious freedom, trust us!”

        1. Give it a rest, already. Yawn.

  6. Brian, when Grover Cleveland beat Lemonade Lucy’s fanatical prohibitionist husband and incumbent president, socialist prohibitionist People’s Party candidates got 8.5% of the spoiler votes and put 3 pickpockets in Congress. Within 2 years there was an income tax on the books and a Great Depression crashing banks just as if the commies had won 60% of the popular vote. The prohibition party averaged 1.4% of the vote until it got the 18th amendment in the Constitution making beer a felony. Each of their votes legislated like 36 of the DemoGOP votes without electing a single candidate of theirs. Today, a wasted vote is one that does not repeal any bad laws. Voting is about our kids not being shot or imprisoned or tax and asset-forfeiture looters taking our homes. Gary can’t lose because he is letting us vote for ourselves to win. Don’t let the looters convince you voting is about their government paychecks. Voting is about repealing bad laws and taxes and getting YOUR freedom and mine.

    1. Brian, when Grover Cleveland beat Lemonade Lucy’s fanatical prohibitionist husband and incumbent president,

      Lemonade Lucy was First Lady from 1877-1881. Grover Cleveland won the elections of 1884 and 1892. I don’t recall if Chester Arthur ran again in 1884; Benjamin Harrison was the incumbent in 1892.

      /pedantic bastard.

  7. Face it Reason mammals those cocktail invites are not coming back.

    1. Cocktails out for GayJasy. That’s about all the effort I have in me.

  8. OT: The US needs to improve our blimp technology asap: The Kremlin Dreams of an Arctic Airship Fleet

    A fleet of high-tech aerostats sail across Russia’s remote Arctic streteches, bringing resources from the north to the busy railheads farther south. An economic boom saves the economy, and because American business wants a piece of the action, the United States lifts sanctions on Russia.

    The European Union and China get involved, too. Same goes for disloyal Russian millionaires and billionaires stashing their savings in London and New York real estate instead of investing in the motherland.

    Thanks in part to blimps.

    1. Colonel Blimp?

    2. Yeah, but as some chick with a staticky sweater gets on and its, “Oh the Humanity!”

      All kidding aside, I’ve seen the blimp idea to haul cargo floating around for something like 30 years, and those proposals have probably been around since before the Hindenburg. But none of those plans have yet to get off the ground, and it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. (Sorry for the cliches, but it’s really hard to resist.)

      1. For the US its going to be rally hard to justify – to any *private* business as they have to run a cost/benefit calculation – when the only currently viable design hold about as much as a single semi and costs as much as a fleet of them (with experienced drivers).

        I don’t think we’re going to see ‘Ice Road Truckers’ go off the air any time soon.

    3. Ugh, girls talking like guys is not attractive. Also, would not.

      1. This comment was meant for Crusty’s craft beer link below.

    4. Someone is reading too much steampunk

  9. My desire to take part in Balanced Rebellion is just slightly less than my desire to not have a Facebook account.

  10. They say it has been viewed (at least in part) over 17.3 million times

    *clicks link to Youtube*


    1. I just looked and it’s 233,589. The number is decreasing!

        1. i hate you. could have gone my whole life without seeing that



          2. Don’t click on a HM link, unless at least two commenters have expressed positive sentiments about the link.

            1. I lived in Thailand for 5 years for a reason.

              1. OK, I clicked the link. That was actually pretty interesting. The closeup to his eye, though.

                1. The closeup to his eye, though.

                  I know, right? Elephants are one of the more intelligent animals. It knows it has been condemned to a life of imprisonment and ritualized sodomization.

                  To think that he envies Harambe.

                  1. I recently read The Elephant Whisperer. Highly recommended. Elephants actually have more neurons than humans and they communicate through their stomach rumblings.

              2. You lived there to sodomize elephants for research?

                1. You lived there to sodomize elephants for research?

                  Part of that sentence is true.

                  1. I know you wouldn’t go near an elephant without being properly compensated beforehand. C’mon.

    2. Must be that racist math I’ve been book lerning about.

      1. Studies show that the only math you need to know is [the remainder of this joke is too dirty and stupid to print]

        1. “The remainder of this joke is a result of long division.”

  11. I KNEW IT! I’m Not Really Into Craft Beer, I’m Just Here for the Dick

    When I’m at a brewfest or a tasting, a dude will love nothing more than to lean over and say, “That one’s brewed with cocoa nibs, you know,” or “That’s a good beer?try to pick up on the roasty undertones.” Those instincts are fine, but just so you know, I’m not here to participate in a popular hobby that I’m knowledgeable about. I’m here for some dry hopped dick and balls, man!

    1. “Hey baby, the beer goggles seem to be working, which is weird because I haven’t had so much as a sip tonight!”

    2. A few years back I was drinking at a dive bar with some friends, the bar was serving $2 PBR and $2.50 Guiness. It was my round, and while I was standing at the bar, the girl next next to me ordered a PBR. So I offered her 50 cents to drink something better than PBR, that was enough to start a conversation, and we ended up dating for three years. So sometimes cheap beer snobbery does pay off sometimes.

      1. Yes. As the article clearly states, ladies are out drinking beer just to seal the cock deal, so your anecdote is believable, aside from the fact that beer snobs look down upon Guinness, which is why I prefer to spend time at Irish pubs manned by Irish lasses. I have no idea what those ladies are saying, but I love all of them.

        1. This was back in the long ago time before IPAs ruled the land, and your choices were limited to making love in a canoe beer or a halfway decent stout. Maybe a Heineken or Dos Equis if you wanted to pay for imports that still tasted fucking close to water.

      2. Except that Guinness is a disgrace to stouts, a disgrace to Ireland, and not better than PBR.

  12. Thanks to Elijah Cummings, we now have the latest version of “But Bush did it too!” Looks like Colon Bowel was just as much of a moron as Hillary about electronic security, and a FOIA dodger as well if not quite as corrupt.

    1. From: Colin Powell
      To: Hillary Clinton hr15@att. blackberry. net
      Subject: Re: Question

      I didn’t have a BlackBerry. What I did do was have a personal computer that was hooked up to a private phone line (sounds ancient.) So I could communicate with a wide range of friends directly without it going through the State Department servers. I even used it to do business with some foreign leaders and some of the senior folks in the Department on their personal email accounts. I did the same thing on the road in hotels.

      Now, the real issue had to do with PDAs, as we called them a few years ago before BlackBerry became a noun. And the issue was DS would not allow them into the secure spaces, especially up your way.

      When I asked why not they gave me all kinds of nonsense about how they gave out signals and could be read by spies, etc. Same reason they tried to keep mobile phones out of the suite. I had numerous meetings with them. We even opened one up for them to try to explain to me why it was more dangerous than say, a remote control for one of the many tvs in the suite. Or something embedded in my shoe heel. They never satisfied me and NSA/CIA wouldn’t back off. So, we just went about our business and stopped asking. I had an ancient version of a PDA and used it. In general, the suite was so sealed that it is hard to get signals in or out wirelessly.

      1. None of this has anything to do with setting up a separate server on an offsite location and conducting 100% of your govt business on it while the State Department refused FOIA requests claiming there were “no records” of hillary’s communications.

      2. When I asked why not they gave me all kinds of nonsense about how they gave out signals and could be read by spies, etc. Same reason they tried to keep mobile phones out of the suite. I had numerous meetings with them. We even opened one up for them to try to explain to me why it was more dangerous than say, a remote control for one of the many tvs in the suite. Or something embedded in my shoe heel. They never satisfied me and NSA/CIA wouldn’t back off. So, we just went about our business and stopped asking

        When I asked why we were pulling security, the LT gave all kinds of nonsense about the enemy could attack at any time so we needed to stay alert. We even tried to get him to explain why it was more dangerous outside than inside the wire. He was never satisfied so we just ignored the LT.

        -shit 2Lt to Gen Powell would never have tolerated.

      1. Seriously, Colon Power, Colon Power, or Colon Blow is such an easy nickname. It’s not like you’re not even trying anymore.

  13. Good ad. It’s obvious that it’s not from the Johnson/Weld campaign.

    1. If this is the soft-focus, vague crap which appeals to voters, then I’m disillusioned with politics.

      And anyway, isn’t it customary to show the candidates’ wives and children?

      1. It just shows two guys and they’re inseparable…


  14. Hillary supporters – would you rather have Donald Trump as President, or Gary Johnson? …And Trump supporters – would you rather have Hillary Clinton as President, or Gary Johnson?

    See how this is a prisoner’s dilemma? The choice that would be the most acceptable to a majority of people, and he isn’t even invited to the debates.

    The two-party system is only alive because we keep voting for one of the two parties — voting Libertarian is not throwing your vote away. Voting for someone you hate is throwing your vote away. 65% of Americans are open to a 3rd party. If half of those “threw their vote away” on Johnson, he would win.

    1. I like Gary as a person, but in terms of policy, he really seems highly sensitive about avoiding anything which looks conservative.

      And the soft-focus ads talk about bringing people together (except conservatives, I guess)…but how can he bring people together while the media is screaming about cruel budget cuts and pushing Granny down the cliff?

      In short, will Johnson have the nerve to be less soft-focus, and to work for things which lots of Americans oppose, and which some conservatives support?

      1. I’ve only ever voted Libertarian for President at least in the general election. Usually I vote in the Republican primary for the Pauls. I must admit I’ve been quite smug with my conservative friends and given them the lesser of two evils is still evil spiel over and over. But now I’ve found myself advocating for Johnson by argueing he is the lesser of three evils. This whole I agree with Sanders on 70% of issues, maybe a carbon tax is a good idea and opposition to freedom of association stances he’s been taking have thoroughly turned me off. I am really leaning to staying at home and not voting. Can’t vote for Trump because even though it would be amusing to see him win he has no principles and would be another George Bush as in a democrat with an R next to his name. And Clinton is the personification of death to the republic. It’s quite depressing. I know the Libertarian base is an electoral joke but I’ve been a loyal voter, why doesn’t Johnson try to appeal to people like me instead of Bernie bots who will end up voting for Hitlery anyways?
        TLDR: I would rather see the Libertarian Party lose and stay irrelevant then see it win and become another Republican Party. In other words a party with no principles, no zeal, no idealogy just concerned with winning elections and maintaining power.

        1. Fair points I’ve also discovered.

          But, my measure of political “evil” is one of Utilitarian calculation, in other words one who will increase net government spending/size.

          A candidate who is “good” is one who will cut net government spending/size. I believe Johnson will accomplish this. Ergo, I can call him a minor “good”, not a lesser “evil”.

          1. Great way to put it, ace. Johnson’s far from perfect, but the net effect would obviously be good. Most of his poor stances are already done deals anyway.

            At this point, a minor good would be a fucking blessing. I’m not sure how much greater evil we can take.

    2. The outcome of a prisoner’s dilemma done repeatedly is usually cooperation. That is why biology is replete with mutualism and protocooperation.

      Why doesn’t someone set up a site where Hillary and Trump voters can pledge to vote for Gary in pairs to cancel each other out? It would probably be illegal.

      1. Would you trust such a site? After all there wouldn’t be any way to enforce it.

        Part of the reason the Prisoner’s Dilemma is a thing outside of game theory, is because of outside forces. Gee, would I rather squeal on the Gambino family and get a Columbian Necktie with some cement shoes to finish the ensemble, or would I rather serve a year in prison? I’m more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy, I think I’d rather eat the year in prison.

    3. Frankly, from what I’ve seen, Trump supporters would prefer Clinton as second (and Clinton’s prefer Trump).

      There’s nothing that scares these people more than someone *slightly intimating* that they may moderately slow down the free-shit train.

      1. Seriously? My guess would be that only a small (if not tiny) fraction of Trump supporters would choose Hillary over Johnson. The vast majority of Trump supporters loathe Hillary. I have no idea where you get your impression.

    4. There’s a solution: Instant runoff voting. Then votes for minor party candidates don’t get wasted.

  15. The sordid magicians are out in full fucking force, companions.

  16. Gary might be a pleasant lovely field of dandelions and Trump might be the bombastic bear rug in front of the fucking fireplace and Hillary might be the fucking gibbering grandma spitting on the goddamn blueberry pie… all this shit might be anything…. or it might be the average every four year Copperfield show mounted from the bureaucratic heavens… while the weary millions below think its all so not a goddamn charade….

  17. Methinks all the spew and dimples and wangles are theater… designed by clever lifers in behind the clever curtains.

    The flat wall is alive with gossip and villages and teepees of blood-letting and serial-screaming but those are all actors paid to deliver throat warbles in this fucking shit…

  18. Gazillion dollars gush behind the concrete curtains and above the clouds where tall palaces mount you think they haven’t figured out how to manage us herds? Jesus fucking Christ- the earth is a geometric software field imagined from toads to diamonds, man. You think the fucking silicone fields exist just for silly app millennials to get rich on twitch games or some shit like that? Nah, the mind of the earth has been built in the basement of billionaires and you and I are just the gathering dust in the between the decimals of their logarithms.

  19. The earth is compromised far worse now than ever before and the space outside us doesn’t even give a single comet blink shit because no matter what the FUCK cosmologist claim space has seen us many times and screaming cold rocks care nothing about jack shit but screaming and smashing, bitch.

    1. Once Again AC is speaking the Truth. Preach it brother.

      1. Gentle villain. I post dragon diarrhea directly from my goddamn finger pupils… not even remotely close to truth my lovely villain. I suggest Russell, whitehead, or Descartes my innocent angel.

        1. My finger pupils are good students.

        2. If I accepted cogito ergo sum as my baseline, I would be a much more effective villain.

  20. Gary is some sort of genuine creation out in the ether, man. Plying his trade like all the other political poltergeists. Demanding goddamn FUCKING control over my FUCKING life like all the other nasty shitty scum we elect to pretend to be Jesus wings floating about for goddamn jobs and to save all the motherfucking prostitutes of which there are almost so few compared to a gazillion other FUCKING issues facing the Christians and Communists of this sad land. Praise Jesus and Marx.

  21. Freedom has become the distraction since the Egyptians. Freedom as in humans understanding a full long life of satisfaction and happiness until the moon slowly dips, man. Freedom to peel back the bra for your favorite man to suck your nipples under the blue moon and freedom to lie back on silken sheets while the gentle lithe blonde slides her wet tunnel onto your granite king and she settles down and all the windows shudder while a thousand asteroids smash into your balls and her tits glide your face like the earth is a humongous baby and no humans ever existed and you just got fucking shat into the evolutionary hypothesis and then she lays her tight belly on your and rows her long hips for the ride no man can even afford and she becomes the ocean on your cock and body and you even begin to to wonder why the goddamn fuck you were created and her silken breaching killing murderous sexuality begins to

    1. drip and sweat and your fucking body trembles under her evolutionary strikes and the eagles of her sensuality dip into the consciousness of the building orgasms within the team of oceans she is building and then the surge smashes into your goddamn forehead and it hits you so hard you see a million cherubs with machine guns all shooting fucking bullets directly into the head of your penis and then a herd of chunky stomping mountain ghettoes smash into your stomach and they run directly into your chest and then smash into your neck and die like fire on your face while the female tornado above razes the being you call yourself while she screams for at least one eternity writhing and punching the vessel you call your body and she collapses under the entire strain of a thousand pyramids…..

      yea, that was fucking swell sex

      1. Fap fap fap…. Don’t mind me…

  22. So, 0.04% of people who viewed the video actually signed up for the balanced rebellion? That hardly sounds like a success.

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