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Labor Day Kicks Off Election 2016, Hermine Heads North, Angry Mob Chases Venezuelan President: A.M. Links


  • White House

    Labor Day represents the start of the general election season for most Americans who pay any attention to politics. The FBI released notes from its July interview with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday afternoon. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Detroit. Ads in favor of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson point out 15 percent support in the polls could get him into the debates. Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein flew to the wrong city while visiting Ohio.

  • Tropical Storm Hermine makes its way north.
  • Turkey claims it has cleared its border with Syria of ISIS fighters.
  • An angry mob chased Venzuela President Nicolas Maduro.
  • China is concerned about record voter turnout in elections in Hong Kong.
  • Mother Teresa was sainted by the Vatican.

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  1. Krayewski taking a knee on AMERICA.

    1. Hello.

      Well this is a pleasantish surprise.

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  2. An angry mob chased Venzuela President Nicolas Maduro.

    When you lose the starving peasants...

    1. Won't be starving if they catch him.

    2. Did they string him up and urinate on him?

    3. Obviously a plot by the capitalist pig dogs.

      1. Venezuela is the way it is because [circle all that apply: it has abandoned socialism; it never was truly socialist; the fall in commodity prices has ruined Venezuela and somehow only Venezuela; US interference has destroyed it]. Yes, I have been told all of these things.

    4. Don't worry joe. They don't know you are in Lowell. Massachusetts. Yet.

      1. Oh, good ol' joe. Those were good times. Good times.

    5. Trust democracy Maduro. Let them catch you.

    6. A Chavista supremo, running from an angry mob of his own people?

      I keep thinking of an Alanis Morissette song. What was it?

      Eh, it'll come to me.

      1. It's like having low prices on goods when there's no goods on the shelf.

        1. It's like making a cool million a month...when a loaf of bread costs $300k.

          Isn't it ironic?

          * whispers * Don't you think?

          1. *screeches* IT FIGGGGERRRRRRSSS!

        2. Huhn, I thought it was the one talking about blowing a dude in the theater.

      2. You oughta know what song it is.

  3. Tropical Storm Hermine makes its way north.

    Expecto Poweroutum.

    1. It's been a huge dud here. Nice and sunny, no wind.


  4. Labor Day represents the start of the general election season for most Americans who pay any attention to politics.

    The beginning of doom.

    1. We had an alright run.

  5. Turkey claims it has cleared its border with Syria of ISIS fighters.

    The Trump campaign has a question.

  6. If only Americans had the gumption to chase their presidents through the streets once in a while, I wouldn't be so pessimistic.

    1. ^^^ THIS. Nothing more for now.

  7. "Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein flew to the wrong city while visiting Ohio."

    In her defense, the Cincinnati airport is in Kentucky.

    1. She shouldn't be flying.

      1. She's probably purchased the appropriate amount of carbon credits.

  8. The FBI released notes from its July interview with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday afternoon.

    Friday afternoon document dump. The DOJ has now officially become an arm of the Clinton campaign. I suppose you don't meet with Bubba on a tarmac and only agree not to indict his wife.

    1. The DOJ has now officially become an arm of the Clinton campaign.

      Along with the State Dept.

      1. And every other cabinet department.

    2. Let me put on this Armani shocked face. IOW, it's good to be the Crown Princess.

  9. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Detroit.

    Realizing his promise to make America great again can't possibly be expected to cover everywhere.

    1. How many votes is he going to get in Detroit?

    2. But I thought that the Obamessiah had saved Detroit, just as he had let us keep our plans and our doctors.

  10. Ads in favor of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson point out 15 percent support in the polls could get him into the debates.

    Why would I support him in the polls before I see him debate? CATCH-22!

  11. Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein flew to the wrong city while visiting Ohio.

    The state's too high in the middle. You can never see what round end you're going to when you have to fly that far up.

    1. Who wants to go to Ohio, anyway?

      1. Tin soldiers and Nixon.

    2. Since it's high in the middle, maybe she landed in Columbus and slid down to Cincinnati.

  12. Mother Teresa was sainted by the Vatican.

    How much does that pay?

    1. Enough for at least one hospital with sub standard care where parents are expected to suffer for Jesus.

      1. As opposed to VA hospitals, where you suffer for the state.

    2. About 71 cents on the dollar to all the men saints, obviously

  13. Kickstarter: Evolved - A show about 2 brothers trying to be progressive but their white, male, middle class privilege thwarts them at every turn.

    1. And the default assumption is that masculinity is somehow wrong.

      1. The pilot episode is about how one of the brothers is up for a promotion but he finds out that he is competing against an equally qualified black female! Oh the antics!

        1. They claim it's a satire. Definitely has potential, but not in the way they're thinking.

          1. Nate wants to get a promotion at work but an equally-qualified black single mother, Phoebe, is also up for the position. With Phoebe's help, Nate gets woke that his office is riddled with misogyny and worries that he is the unwitting beneficiary of discrimination. Nate has to choose between getting ahead and sticking to his principles.

            Meanwhile, Ben wants to be the kind of man his girlfriend Rachel wants to be with. But when she asks for a rumspringa, Ben must prove that he is capable of having an 'evolved' open relationship. Ben sets out on a heroic quest to have a meaningless one-night stand but his kind, empathetic nature make the "just sex, no feelings" imperative nearly impossible.

            Indeed. That does seem like a deft satire of something.

            1. Exactly the story I would use for my satire.

            2. Rumspringa? What does Amish culture have to do with progressivism?

            3. Yeah, this is pretty much a stereotype of prog culture. Be funny if it turns out to be the actual intention.

            4. Sounds like the women are playing the men in both scenarios.

  14. President Nicol?s Maduro was chased at a routine political event by a crowd of angry protesters banging on pots and yelling that they were hungry, just days after thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets to call for his ouster, local news media reported on Saturday.

    In one video, Mr. Maduro tries to calm the pot-bangers by walking among them, only to be surrounded as the furious crowd yells obscenities.

    "What is this?" an astounded voice behind the camera asks in one of the video clips.

    Pedro Carvajalino, a pro-government television anchorman, said the protesters had been sent by Mr. Capriles and other members of the opposition.

    "It was a lack of respect to presidential dignity," Mr. Carvajalino said.

    Back in my day "pot-bangers" meant something completely different.

    1. They can only comprehend paying people to protest.

    2. Astro-turfing!

    3. Venezuela seems headed for a transition from a [sort of] elected socialist paradise to a military dictatorship socialist paradise.

    4. In one video, Mr. Maduro tries to calm the pot-bangers by walking among them, only to be surrounded as the furious crowd yells obscenities.

      Of course a socialist politician would think his radiant presence would be enough to fill their empty bellies.

    5. Serious question. Why didn't they just get a rope and fix the problem?

  15. Labor Day represents the start of the general election season for most Americans who pay any attention to politics.

    A major part of the problem.

  16. The New York Times printed a terrible op-ed about the screeching students at Yale and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Corrected after the fact online, but their message about how terrible free speech is got through.

    1. Robbie Soave hardest hit.

      1. Me too. I beat both of them.

  17. Luxury camp at Burning Man festival targeted by 'hooligans'

    The organisers of an exclusive camp at Nevada's Burning Man festival have denounced "hooligans" whom they accuse of raiding their camp, stealing items, gluing trailer doors shut and cutting the power.

    Pershing County sheriff's office was called to the festival to investigate after the night-time raid targeting the White Ocean camp as it hosted its "white party", where ravers dress in white and dance all night to techno music.

    Who brings glue to Burning Man?

    1. The Communists loved calling people "hooligans".

    2. The glue isn't for glueing things.

      1. I'd hope there would be better highs to be found at Burning Man.

    3. TL;DR. I assume the "hooligans" were "progressives" upset at posh people daring to host an event at Burning Man. Is there ANYTHING that "progressives" can't ruin?

      BTW, tickets to BM now cost about $400.

      1. I would have guessed the victims were "progressives".

      2. I'd guess some kind of "left-anarchist" or self styled socialist revolutionaries..

      3. tickets to BM now cost about $400.

        There are 'tickets'? i thought the entire point was that it was a participatory event, celebrating voluntarism or something. Everyone who shows up helps out, etc.

        1. There are 'tickets'? i thought the entire point was that it was a participatory event, celebrating voluntarism or something. Everyone who shows up helps out, etc.

          As I understand it, primary reason there are tickets is that it's on public (BLM) land, so of course the license to use it is very, very, very expensive.

    4. "taking burning man back from the parasite class, back from the EDM tourists. Taking burning man back for the people".

      Yeeah. I am having a hard time working up sympathy.

    5. Who brings glue to Burning Man?

      You do know that Burning Man involves constructing art projects and temporary structures in the desert, right?

  18. USWNT star Megan Rapinoe takes knee in solidarity with Kaepernick

    Rapinoe told American Soccer Now that the gesture was a "little nod to Kaepernick and everything that he's standing for right now.
    "I think it's actually pretty disgusting the way he was treated and the way that a lot of the media has covered it and made it about something that it absolutely isn't. We need to have a more thoughtful, two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country."

    Bravo, Megan. I have been calling for a national discussion about race for some time, and I am glad others are calling for it as well.

    1. Everybody who says they want a national dialogue on race really wants a monologue.

      1. "Dialogue" is progspeak for "give you a chance to compromise."

    2. "two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country."

      Why must it be limited to two sides only?!

      North Americans are assholes. We're the most privileged "oppressed" people on earth.

      Here in Quebec, French nationalists still with a straight face say stupid shit like 'we're oppressed by Canada'.

      1. Perhaps the rest of Canada should actually try oppressing them.

        1. Behold our patriotic militia. Though I think they've disappeared. Probably out drinking and complaining about Ottawa. It's easier to whine:


          1. I went to Quebec on vacation with my family recently. I found them to be almost without exception lovely people, but I did seem notice a bit of anger in a tour guide's voice when she spoke about some failed invasion by Americans that took place in the 1700s.

            1. The memory is a tad too long.

              Next thing you know, it's the Balkans with its endless string of grievances and revenge lasting centuries.

              You don't hear too many Italians griping about invading Germanic tribes I'll tell you that!

            2. Where did you go?

              1. Montreal, Quebec City, Saguenay fjord. Awesome trip.

      2. *Megan rolls on the ground, grasping knee*


        1. It's okay. She's just acting Italian.

      3. You'd think they'd hold a referenda on secession, at least.

        Oh, right - they already did that. Twice.

        And the second one was *after* the Canadian Maple Court had already said that if any province votes to seceed then the rest of them can't force them to stay.

    3. "a more thoughtful, two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country."

      "Let's disrupt a speaker!" "No, let's block a highway!"

      There's your two sides. All the other sides are racists.

      1. Being disrespectful towards someone is a super awesome strategy for getting them to give a shit about "your" plight

    4. Right? You almost never hear anyone talk about race anymore.

  19. Intelligence community investigating covert Russian influence operations in the United States

    U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies are probing what they see as a broad covert Russian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcoming presidential election and in U.S. political institutions, intelligence and congressional officials said.

    The aim is to understand the scope and intent of the Russian campaign, which incorporates cyber-tools to hack systems used in the political process, enhancing Russia's ability to spread disinformation.

    The effort to better understand Russia's covert influence operations is being spearheaded by James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence. "This is something of concern for the DNI," said Charles Allen, a former longtime CIA officer who has been briefed on some of these issues. "It is being addressed."

    1. Some congressional leaders briefed recently by the intelligence agencies on Russian influence operations in Europe, and how they may serve as a template for activities here, have been disturbed by what they heard.

      After Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) ended a secure, 30-minute phone briefing by a top intelligence official recently, he was "deeply shaken," according to an aide who was with Reid when he left the secure room at the FBI's Las Vegas headquarters.

      Whoa, now I'm worried.

      1. "ended a secure, 30-minute phone briefing"

        They didn't use Hillary's phone.

        "...he was "deeply shaken,"

        To be fair, he is old. It doesn't take much to shaking to make it feel deep.

      2. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) in a statement urged President Obama to publicly name Russia as responsible for the DNC hack and apparent meddling in the electoral process.

        Democrat mole Ben Sasse (R-Neb.)

    2. Russia is trying to spread influence, but not in the way these people think.

    3. "a broad covert Russian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcoming presidential election and in U.S. political institutions"

      "spearheaded by James R. Clapper Jr."

      Nothing sows distrust like proving that top government officials are fucking liars.

    4. The Russians are sowing distrust in our system? That's rich. Obumbles, Clapper, and Clinton don't really need any help with that.

    5. Why hasn't Clapper been arrested yet for lying to Congress (re: NSA spying)?

    6. You just know that if (when) Trump wins, the left will forever use this as the reason.

  20. It's a holiday? Glad I was drinking anyways.

    1. Here ya go. Don't want to be caught off guard again.


      1. Alcohol comes in things other than cans? Genius.

        1. Wait.. what?!?

  21. Labor Day represents the start of the general election season for most Americans who pay any attention to politics.

    The start of the 2020 election season, you mean.

  22. About an hour of prep left, then painting my truck.

      1. It crossed my mind, but a dark green. Close to British racing.

  23. Mother Teresa was sainted by the Vatican.

    "She was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God."

    "She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction."

    "She is a lying, thieving Albanian dwarf."

    Christopher Hitchens

    1. So we can put him down for a "wouldn't have"?

    2. H&R is like the Vatican in that it listens to Hitchens' testimony.

      Hitchens did, indeed, give testimony at Mother Teresa's sainthood proceeding.

      The difference between Vatican and H&R is that the Vatican listened to testimony both against Mother Teresa and testimony in her favor.

      So...I suppose you, too, have examined the testimony and evidence at the sainthood proceedings and will be able to tell us where they went wrong in interpreting the evidence?

      1. I do have the authority to speak on behalf of not only Hit and Run, but for all libertarians. I am the One. I am glad you recognize my status.

        1. I've seen people besides yourself make similar remarks. 🙂

      2. I think the whole Saint hood model is flawed not unlike climate change models or Keynesian economic policies.

        It should include card tricks.

        1. If it's flawed, how more flawed is the model by which the testimony of a single witness at the canonization proceedings is given, shall we say, canonical status and the other witnesses aren't considered?

          "More flawed than flawed"?

          1. "Hearing evidence on both sides has a tendency to confuse the court."

      3. Eddie, the lefties on FOX get paid a pretty hefty chunk to defend the indefensible.

        1. Are you suggesting Hitchens was paid by FOX? I don't know if he was, but that certainly wasn't the reason he took the stances he did.

      4. I do not claim to know all about Mother Teresa, but there is one additional source of testimony to consider: ask people in India for their opinion of her.

        For example, check out some of the things actual Indian people have written about her on Quora:


        It is decidedly negative.

          1. "The connection between overpopulation and poverty seemed never to occur to Teresa, who said on another occasion that she was not concerned about it because"God always provides"."

            Do you endorse this criticism?

            1. I would. God may always provide - He rarely provides enough for everyone.

            2. I don know enough about her to know if she truly never thought about the connection between overpopulation and poverty. Maybe she did see the link but thought that opposing abortion and contraception is more important.

            3. The problem with India is too many Hindus. Not too many Christians.


        1. Maybe I didn't scroll through enough, but I didn't find any Indians.

      5. Sainthood is just a form of ancestor worship.

        I think it is funny that the Roman Church broke off from the Greek on the excuse of idolatry when the Romans seem plenty expert at it.

        I have not yet found the part in the Bible where Jesus says I am supposed to ask his mom to intercede on my behalf, but I will keep looking.

        1. I thought the schism was because of Roman support for icons and saints, not greek support for it.

    3. We can at least deal with the accusation that Mother Teresa was an Albanian.

      She was born Albanian, just as Hitchens was born Jewish. It would nevertheless be wrong to call Hitchens a "lying Jew."

      But how Albanian was she, really?

      This article in the ultra-Catholic publication *The Hindu* explains that she went to India early in life:

      "Confronted with disease, destitution and death all around her at a time (1948) when there was hardly any health-care service to speak of, she did what was to become her hallmark. Finding a man dying in the street, she took him to a public hospital, which refused to admit him, precisely on the grounds that since he was about to die, they would not waste a hospital bed on a life they said they could not save! It was only when she sat before the hospital in a dharna that they relented. The man died a few hours later. It was at this point that she began her search for a place where she could take those people whom hospitals refused; where she could nurse them ? she had some medical training ? and they could at least die being comforted and with some dignity. She begged various authorities and finally, an officer in the Calcutta Municipality gave her a pilgrims' hall adjacent to the Kalighat temple, where she requested the police and municipal authorities to bring her all and any of those dying whom the hospitals refused.

      1. My great-grandmother in Italy, being the kind soul she was, set up shop to bake bread for incoming Albanian refugees back in the day. They used to call her 'L'Albanese'. When my mother told this story to me and my friends, they being immature hacks, took to calling me Albanian.

    4. And a much-hyped "social science" study against her is, of course, flawed:

      "...I requested interviews with the researchers, and finally obtained one with Dr. Chenard. Her answers to my series of questions were both astonishing and revealing: She confirmed for me that her academic team did not speak to a single patient, medical analyst, associate, or worker of Mother Teresa's before writing their paper against her; nor did they examine how all her finances were spent; nor did they speak with anyone at the Vatican involved with her sainthood cause, or consult the Vatican's medical board which certified the miracle attributed to Blessed Teresa. The researchers had not even traveled to Calcutta, whereas even Hitchens, misguided as he was, at least did that."

      And as a Vatican official responsible for studying *all* the evidence put it:

      "What many do not understand is the desperate conditions Mother Teresa constantly faced, and that her special charism was not to found or run hospitals?the Church has many who do that?but to rescue those who were given no chance of surviving, and otherwise would have died on the street."

      1. "Special charism" or not, it's still a valid criticism that she raised a ton of money and could have spent it on better medical treatment for the people in her care. Call it a "hospital" or a clinic, it doesn't matter.

    5. "She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction."

      Funny Hitchens should bring up abortion and women's rights:

      "Decades of sex-selective abortion have created an acute lack of women in certain parts of India. Traffickers capitalize on the shortage by recruiting or kidnapping women ensnared in poverty to sell as brides. It's a cycle influenced by poverty and medical technologies, but one that ultimately is perpetuated by India's attitude towards women."

      So a bad attitude toward women...and abortion...go hand in hand? Who could possibly have guessed this might happen?

    6. Here is an article which appeared in a Religious Right periodical known as the Huffington Post:

      "Firstly I'd just like to state what might be a simplistic and yet fundamental reason why I find criticism of Mother Teresa extremely hard to hear: who are we, sitting in our office or in the comfort of our home in our cocoon-like world, hiding behind books and computers, to criticize a woman who abandoned everything to spend her life and bring attention to the forgotten of this world? The day someone will lead a similar life to Mother Teresa's and still criticize the way she acted, then I will truly respect that opinion. But unsurprisingly that day still hasn't come."

      1. Why would someone critical of the way she lived try to live like her?

    7. A vile article (which I'm sure you can find for yourselves) interviews an Indian socialist doctor who criticizes Mother Teresa. He admits that people in Calcutta (now Kolkata?) admire her, but the socialist attributes this to the influence of a colonialist attitude among Indians, in other words, an admiration for the West - an admiration he rejects.

    8. More Religious Right propaganda from The Guardian -

      "I grew up in a Kolkata flat across the road from Mother Teresa's convent. This was in the 1960s, before she was famous. I was one of many Catholic children who volunteered at Shishu Bhavan, her orphanage for abandoned children...

      "In my teens...I met Marxist teachers who forced us to think critically about society and religion. So by the time I reached university I was in iconoclastic mode. I shunned the hypocrisy of many "pillars" of the church....

      "A turning point came unexpectedly.

      "Ten years ago, near the Mother House, I passed a man lying inert, on the Kolkata pavement....

      "In the distance, I spotted two nuns in their distinctive blue and white saris. I ran towards them, "There's a man lying on the roadside. I'm not sure if he's dead." They responded immediately by helping him and calling an ambulance. Yes, Kolkata still has people dying abandoned on its streets.

      "I was brought up to work for change, for social justice. But I cannot in conscience criticise a woman who picked people off filthy pavements to allow them to die in dignity. To my knowledge, there's still no one else doing that."

      1. I'm not the best Catholic, but there's no way I'd let Mother Teresa be subject, unrebutted, to racist attacks.

    9. That's St. Christopher Hitchens to you.

  24. I always find it odd every time the classical music station plays H?ndel's "Zadok the Priest".

  25. Labor Day represents the start of the general election season

    Bullshit, the general is already in its fifth year and going strong.

    1. One of the candidates has been running since the mid 90's.

      1. No wonder she needs help up some steps.

  26. "An angry mob chased Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro"

    "It was a lack of respect to presidential dignity,"

    And the Chinese spit on Obama. What is the world coming to?

  27. Since it's Labor Day, evidently, worst job I ever had was unloading tractor tires at a warehouse at $7 bucks an hour. Boss man would make me punch out between deliveries. 25 years ago and I haven't done a job I've disliked since. Bad jobs?

    1. Being a process server had some bad moments.

    2. Trying to sell steaks door-to-door, out of a huge freezer box mounted in the bed of a clapped-out S10. The job listing said you were supposed to make a thousand dollars a week or something, but when you show up, it's just a bunch of punks like yourself. You start the day in a couple-hour pep session with the slime-ball running the outfit, and then head out on the road. I went with two other guys, in two trucks, and we proceeded to drive about sixty miles out of the city. Two hours later, I demanded the keys to one of the trucks and headed home, having then learned, in practice, something I already knew in principle, but had apparently hoped wasn't universally true. So, it was both the worst job, and yet the most important day of work, in my life.

        1. Guessing if it's too good to be true...

          1. Yeah -- probably should've said, that would've been big money, at the time.

    3. Sweet potato farm. 45 bucks per week. If we weren't planting or harvesting we were baling hay.

      I look at those darned kids today....

    4. I honestly am having a hard time thinking of anything. either it was so bad that i've repressed it, or i've never really had an *awful* job.

      My very very first job (12) was working in an old italian-shoe-repair shop after school. My 2 duties were wrapping shoes in brown paper, or cleaning/buffing patent-leather shoes on a wheel polisher. The main complaints i suppose were the smell (intense chemical odor, either the 'afta' which stripped finish off leather, or maybe glues, i can't remember), or the co-workers, who included 2 cripples, an ex-con, and a crazy nephew (as in, should have been in a mental institution).

      I loved it. i can't think of any jobs i really disliked or that were especially dreary. I guess there was some temp work i did @ a music school where instead of teaching kids they stuck me in an office doing data-entry (the basement had flooded and they used me to inventory everything that had been destroyed. which was mostly 100s of boxes of documents/crap). But that lasted about a month. (shrug)

    5. Plugging holes in the leaky hull of a sewage barge. One guy inside, one guy on SCUBA outside. I was junior, so I was inside.

    6. Hotel desk clerk, unless you enjoy the public screaming at you for no reason under your control and occasionally pulling a gun on you.

    7. Throwing hay bales into a wagon in summertime, in Iowa - hot and humid.

      Hammering shingles onto a roof in summertime, in Iowa - hot and humid.

      I joined the Army to get away from that crap.

    8. My job right now (admin/clerical position at the state women's prison) is pretty annoying sometimes.

      It basically consists of sitting in meetings listening to other people make decisions, being told to fill out the relevant forms and deliver them, and getting bitched at by people who are unsatisfied with those decisions no matter how many times I tell them, "I didn't make that decision; here's the phone extension of the person who did - talk to them, not me". I also spend long stretches of time sitting at my computer trying to put data into reports while the inmates in the waiting room bug me with stupid questions and/or complaints about the free medical/psych treatment that they're receiving.

      What makes it worse is that it's a 25 minute drive into an absolute ghetto shithole. Also, I can't concealed carry because you can't have a gun anywhere on prison property. I've made contact with several other employers, and I can't wait to get something in my town.

    9. Hey, I currently make $87 an hour working from home doing nothing! Click on the link below to find out....

      Wait! Dear God, it's time to come clean. Friends, this may be hard to hear & even harder to believe, but I really DON'T make $87 an hour working from home doing nothing. It's all bullshit! Complete bullshit! Oh God, I'm sorry. So very sorry. The number of hopes & dreams I'm surely crushing here...

      *lays head on desk & weeps*

    10. I'm a vagina spackeler or a current presidential candidate.

  28. "Angry Mob Chases Venezuelan President"

    Could we get 'em to come to DC where they can do the same with our politicos?

  29. Ugh I have the day off and what I really need to do is start tearing apart the bathroom so I can retile it all because the builders did such a shitty job originally.

    1. But that sounds like "labor!"

  30. Saint Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!

      1. I was trying to wash the taste of Hitchens-racism out of the thread.

        1. Just out of curiosity, what was her miracle?

          1. Oh right, it's two, not one. Found them.


            1. Interesting that both were after she died.

              1. In the canonization process, a miracle is "evidence of the intercessory power of the [candidate] and thus of his or her union *after death* with God." [emphasis added]

                Thus, the miracles would by definition have to be after she died.

                1. Interesting. Learn something new every day.

          2. She created the FlowBee, right?

  31. my co-worker's ex-wife makes $72 every hour on the computer . She has been fired for eight months but last month her paycheck was $21092 just working on the computer for a few hours. pop over here......................

    ?????? http://www.businessbay4.com/

    1. Your Mom makes $72 every hour on the computer! GOSH!

  32. Prankster puts exotic dancer sticker on road sign

    Includes a picture of the modified road sign.

    New Hampshire Department of Transportation officials said someone put a fake sticker on a sign on Route 101 West.

    A decal of an exotic dancer appeared on the Exit 5 sign Sunday. The department said it did not put it there.

    1. A better article about the sticker

      Prominent Concord businessman and Republican Steve Duprey was one of the drivers who was surprised to see the image on a highway sign.

      "When I first saw the sign I thought the state had gotten too open-minded in applying the new sign law. Aside from being inappropriate for a highway sign, I thought it was sort of a good prank and suspected that traffic off Exit 5 into Raymond probably hit record highs," he said.

  33. I've heard of Blue Dog, and Red Dog, but Purple Dog May Be a Step Too Far

    1. I thought you'd work in a joke about Mad Dog.

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  35. What part of open borders does the EU not understand? How can you place limits on something that only has positive benefits and no consequences?


  36. Donald Trump Will Not Debate Hillary, if Gary Johnson not Allowed to Participate

    The Donald Trump for President 2016 campaign will pull out of the scheduled September 26th debate between Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Trump, unless third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are also allowed to participate.

    He's been looking for a way to avoid the debate for a while. This might not work out the way he thinks it will.

    1. Whatever the motive, it's a blow for the right side.

    2. Yeah, I don't get how this is anything other than a win for Crooked Hillary.

      1. Idk. Wonder if Stein's presence would hamper Hillary's ability to moderate her message which would be the strategy for the general. Or if it even matters.

        1. Hillary would never allow Stein or Johnson on the same stage as herself, Trump is right about that. But sitting out a debate also means nobody calling her out on all her bullshit. I think she'll take that.

    3. Hillary's the one that has the most to lose from a debate.

      All Trump has to do is not come across as crazy.

      Hillary will have to answer questions about why she took money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State--in front of America.

      Why would she want to do that?

      The idea that Trump wants to avoid the debate doesn't make sense.

      P.S. When has Trump ever shunned an opportunity for a national audience? He likes being famous far more than he likes being popular.

  37. "Turkey claims it has cleared its border with Syria of ISIS fighters."

    "ISIS fighters" being code for "Kurdish rebels or anyone else Erdogan wants to kill".

    Meanwhile, according to the BBC, Turkey has released 38.000 criminals to make way for the 35,000 political prisoners Erdogan has arrested since the failed coup.


    Erdogan is such an ass-wipe!

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