Labor Day Kicks Off Election 2016, Hermine Heads North, Angry Mob Chases Venezuelan President: A.M. Links


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    Labor Day represents the start of the general election season for most Americans who pay any attention to politics. The FBI released notes from its July interview with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday afternoon. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Detroit. Ads in favor of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson point out 15 percent support in the polls could get him into the debates. Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein flew to the wrong city while visiting Ohio.

  • Tropical Storm Hermine makes its way north.
  • Turkey claims it has cleared its border with Syria of ISIS fighters.
  • An angry mob chased Venzuela President Nicolas Maduro.
  • China is concerned about record voter turnout in elections in Hong Kong.
  • Mother Teresa was sainted by the Vatican.