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Anthony Weiner's Sexting Is Dumb, But What Bill Clinton and His Aides Did to Inconvenient Women Is Vile

Weiner embarrassed himself and his wife, but Bill Clinton and his aides deliberately smeared Monica Lewinsky and other women's reputations.


Anthony Weiner, not Bill Clinton
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Former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has deleted his Twitter account after the New York Post revealed a third iteration of his "sexting" photos to an unnamed woman he appears to have never met in person. In one of the photos featuring a crotch shot, Weiner's toddler-aged son appears to be napping beside him in bed.

Weiner's latest and grossest peccadillo elicited predictable guffaws over social media, as well as incredulous musings on how Weiner's wife — Huma Abedin, a senior Hillary Clinton aide who frequently travels with the Democratic presidential nominee while Weiner tends to stay-at-home dad duties — could remain married to such a reckless cad.

It appears that she won't. In a statement released this morning, Abedin announced her intention to separate from Weiner. She also reportedly never gave her permission to appear in the critically acclaimed documentary Weiner, which includes several intimately private scenes of the couple in crisis during Weiner's second (of three and counting) sexting scandals.

Weiner has indeed humiliated himself and his wife repeatedly, and has also jeopardized Abedin's career as one of the closest confidantes of the person who could very well be the next president. He has also embarrassed his young son, whose innocent image is now and forever a part of Weiner's disgraced legacy.

But that's the limit of the fallout from Weiner's sexual compulsion. He has never been accused of sexual harassment or physical adultery, and once caught sending sexually suggestive photos he hasn't tried to deflect the blame to his sexting partners, even after they've exposed him publicly.

Still, a lot of the concern over the once-enduring Weiner-Abedin marriage has centered on how Weiner's digital philandering will affect Hillary Clinton's campaign for president. This is remarkable considering how little concern there is over Bill Clinton's behavior as president — and not just the well-worn tales of his many affairs or even the recently resurfaced rape accusation by Juanita Broaddrick — but the concerted effort by the president and White House officials to smear the reputations of inconvenient women.

The conservative offense taken over Clinton's dalliance with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has long been framed by Clinton supporters as a kind of sexual puritanism or even "sexual McCarthyism." There's definitely something to that. Plenty of on the Right latched on to the admitted sex acts of the president in the Oval Office as an unforgivable moral sin.

But for many liberals (who ostensibly take sexual harassment in the workplace seriously) to discount the disparity of power between the leader of the free world and a 22-year-old intern, and instead choosing to frame Clinton's indiscretions as nothing more than an "affair" smacks of partisan hackery.

The ethical problems posed by a workplace sexual relationship are striking, but what's worse than the president of the United States seducing a wide-eyed volunteer was Bill Clinton's use of presidential power in an attempt to destroy her reputation after her existence became problematic for his presidency.

The late Christopher Hitchens testified in a sworn affidavit during Clinton's impeachment trial that White House senior adviser (and Hitchens' erstwhile friend) Sidney Blumenthal told him over lunch that Lewinsky was a "stalker" and that the president had been a "victim" of "a predatory and unstable sexually demanding young woman." Lewinsky wasn't the only woman in Clinton's past whose reputation Blumenthal took an interest in, according to what Hitchens later wrote of this conversation in Vanity Fair:

The preceding Sunday on 60 Minutes, Kathleen Willey had gone public with her accusation of a crude lunge made by Clinton, and what impressed me most at the time, and depressed me, too, was the tone of voice Sidney used in discussing this. "Yeah, her poll numbers are high now, but they'll be down by the end of the week. You'll see." There was a sort of "We'll take care of her" tone that I didn't like, and Carol [Hitchens' wife] and I couldn't look at each other. We felt the same constraint when he told us that "what people need to understand" was that Monica Lewinsky was a stalker, an unstable minx who had been threatening Clinton and telling him that if he didn't have sex with her she would say he had anyway.

Hitchens noted what should be patently obvious — that it is impossible for the President of the United States to be "stalked" in the Oval Office — and also quoted James Warren of the Chicago Tribune, who said on CNN at the time of the impeachment trial in 1999, "If I had a buck for every person at the White House who bad-mouthed [Lewinsky] to me last January I could leave the set now and head off to Antigua."

I did not have…oh well maybe I did.
Center for American Progress/Flickr

While political surrogates like Blumenthal naturally circle the wagons to protect their boss in a time of crisis, it's important to remember where the "stalker" slur to describe Lewinsky orginated. According to Blumenthal's testimony during Clinton's impeachment, it came from the "Big Dog" himself:

Q. What did the President tell you?

A. He, uh — he spoke, uh, fairly rapidly, as I recall, at that point and said that she had come on to him and made a demand for sex, that he had rebuffed her, turned her down, and that she, uh, threatened him. And, uh, he said that she said to him, uh, that she was called "the stalker'' by her peers and that she hated the term, and that she would claim that they had had an affair whether they had or they hadn't, and that she would tell people.

Q. Do you remember him also saying that the reason Monica Lewinsky would tell people that is because then she wouldn't be known by her peers as "the stalker'' anymore?

A. Yes, that's right.

Obviously, Clinton and Lewinsky did have a relationship of a sexual nature (even if the meaning of "sexual relations" will be parsed forevermore thanks to Clinton's legal wordplay), and his presidency survived impeachment — as he emerged from the trial more popular than ever — riding the public perception that the Republicans endangered the country while going on a pointless puritanical witch-hunt.

So the narrative had to change.

In a fawning two-part 2012 PBS documentary on the Clinton presidency, Ken Gormley — a law professor and the author of The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr — said of the beginning of the Clinton-Lewinsky tryst, "There were almost these sparks flying between them from that first moment when they saw each other." This image of puppy love between a married 50-year-old commander-in-chief and a just-out-of-college intern doesn't sound much like the the account pushed by Clinton and Blumenthal — that Lewinsky was a femme fatale ensaring a hapless horny middle-aged everyman — and Clinton apologists shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways.

The Clinton-Lewinsky affair would have been the behind-closed-doors business of two consenting adults had it not taken place in a workplace (much less the most famous office space in the world). But the details matter, just as the fact that the elder, far more powerful participant in this relationship used the unmatched power of his office to try to shape public opinion by impugning a young woman's reputation matters.

Say what you want about Anthony Weiner, he's never been accused of doing anything even close to as unethical and abusive as Bill Clinton did.

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  1. I feel like everyone has gone insane when sexting someone else is even a god damn scandal. They act like this guy is a rapist when they talk about him, and now he *gasped* sent a picture with his son nearby him.

    Meanwhile, every whore in the world has 50 selfies looking down on their cleavage with her kid publicly advertised on their Facebook and dating sites.

    1. Um, if my wife found out I had been sexting someone else, it would be a god damned scandal. And vice-versa.

      And rightly so.

      1. I'm confused - should I send a photo of my bulge to you or your wife?

        1. Shouldn't bulge have air-quotes around it?

          1. My ample potatoes more than make up for my lack of adequate meat.

            1. It looks like two baby birds fightin' over half a worm.

                1. In a fragile-miracle-of-nature, narrated-by-David-Attenborough sort of way, sure.

        2. Beer guts are gross.

      2. But is it a scandal if no one cares but you and your wife?

        1. Yes.

          Why wouldn't it be?

          1. Because a scandal requires other people to actually give a shit.

            1. Yeah, I think that's sort of the definition of "scandal".

        2. If I remember the scandal correctly, Weiner and his Democrat party pals denied it and denied it. And accused the GOP of lying.

          Until Andrew Breitbart proved otherwise.

          1. And just look where it got Breitbart. He dead and his name is besmirched by Trumptards.

    2. He's a narcissistic moron who has no respect for or loyalty to his wife (or children) and that's their business. What I find repulsive is that there are still voters who would vote for someone so obviously mentally stunted over someone else simply because of a team association. And he has (had) apologists.

      "We're all flawed," said Kristen Hawn, the Democratic half of the bipartisan Washington communications firm Granite Integrated Strategies, when we talked in May as the documentary was released. "And I'm not saying everybody will forgive him, but I do think there's something in all of us that appreciates a politician who is willing to take responsibility for his or her actions, being forthcoming with the voters and asking for forgiveness."

      1. Anthony Weiner should get this scandal behind him so he can get back to doing the work of the American People.

        1. Exactly

          1. Remember the first time? He denied it and denied it and denied it and blamed the GOP - they were smearing him because of his support for ObamaCare.

            Plus - Chuck Schumer ran interference.

            1. Uh, let's not forget he also blamed Al-Qaeda, claiming it might be the tip of their sword.

              Somehow the usual suspects didn't work themselves up into paroxysms of rage over that one. Can't imagine why.

      2. DON'T JUDGE HIM!

        Kristen is an idiot.

        1. You shouldn't judge Kristen... until you've seen pictures.

            1. I'd ruffle her feathers, if you know what I mean.

            2. In that case, I'm in Crusty's camp on this one.

            3. Ugh, she looks almost exactly like my best friend's awful wife.

              1. I don't have a friend with an awful wife like that, but somehow I know exactly what you mean.

            4. God, I hate that pose.

        2. Kristen is a paid PR shill - so deliberately mendacious instead of merely stupid.

      3. He's a narcissistic moron who has no respect for or loyalty to his wife (or children) and that's their business.

        The character of anyone seeking public office is the public's business, as well. This is rightly a scandal because it goes to whether this politician is fit for office. Its not irrational to doubt his judgment and integrity, hell, his morality and impulse control, based on his compulsive sexting.

        1. I agree completely. However, my contempt is mostly reserved for those who would continue to support someone so ethically challenged.

          That includes any and all Clinton supporters.

        2. RCD OT

          Don't change your handle. Look at how the GILMORE/Dennis debacle played out.

          1. No one should change their handle. It's the point of a handle to be easily identified as the same person over time?

            1. The funny thing is that most people are slaves of their behavior and language use, so we would probably be able to figure it out eventually.

              1. My lame jokes would be a dead giveaway. Also, fried chicken.

              2. Yeah, but there are only so many personalities I can keep track of. Names are easier.

          2. But, I thought commenting debacles were the whole point of H & R?

            1. Look, I said at the time and I remain steadfast in my conviction that GILMORE transitioning to Dennis was a very brave thing for him to be so public about, but the pressure of the public eye was too much. Learn "his" lesson.

              1. Stunning. You left out stunning.

        3. Sure, everything about someone seeking office is the public's business if they make it their business. Don't go into politics if you want a private life.

          1. Meh, I'm halfway between on this one. Sort of cheating on your wife in what is clearly not supposed to be an open marriage, not to mention being dumb enough to keep getting caught doing it, may be rightly judged as suggesting severe character flaws, and it's not absurd to want (unrealistic as it may be) honesty and sensibility in public officials. I would say people who aspire to rule others both should be, and deserve to be, put under a magnifying glass.

            That said, if it were discovered that a senator masturbated on the regular or an unmarried politician had an active sex life or sometimes peed on the toilet seat, or even if it were discovered a politician and his wife were secretly swingers, I would agree; politicians having different sexual mores from some of their constituents (or more accurately, from those many of their constituents purport to abide but rarely live up to themselves) shouldn't be a big deal.

            With Weiner though, it's not just different strokes for different folks. He's also demonstrating he's a liar and a moron, which is a public concern.

        4. For me it's the general weirdness of his behavior that is the biggest problem. I'm willing to ignore a fair bit about someone's personal peccadilloes, even if I find them unsavory (and I mainly find Weiner's unsavory because he's married, presumably to someone who wouldn't be very happy about his sexting.) But in Weiner's case...

          Any rational person would have known that this was risky behavior in the first place. But if Weiner had just done the contrition Kabuki properly and then kept his head down for a while it would have gone some way toward reassuring me that he wasn't a complete lunatic.

          Instead he veered wildly between contrition and a sort of leering public self-humiliation (including doing exactly the same thing while (?) running for Mayor of NYC.) It almost seemed as if he got as much of a charge out of getting caught as he did out of the sexting in the first place. I don't really care that much about a man's particular hang-ups, and I don't claim to completely understand Weiner's, but it's pretty clear that he's not trustworthy enough to hold public office.

        5. Exactly, RC.

          Joe Sixpack sending pictures of his genitals to his new found internet friend is of no concern to me, except maybe as a source of bemusement.

          But when a congressman sends dick-pics to strangers I have to conclude "this guy is not fit to be in a position of power because he exhibits poor judgment". Not to mention how humiliating it is for his wife. A normal grown-up does not act that way.

      4. Not excusing Weiner, but have you all considered that the poor guy is sexually frustrated? He probably hasn't had the Huma touch in years, ever since she started working with Hillary.

        1. No doubt. And if they have an 'arrangement' - that's their business.

          But any person who can't be *discreet* under those circumstances deserves the humiliation he's getting.

          1. I don't know what's *gross* about the picture.

          2. He should know better (this is the third time!) than to send pictures of himself to strange fucking women. The guy's not bad looking, fit - it should not be that hard for him to pull. Take the kid down to the park, hook up with some of the hot-momma's there. *Don't* have sex in the bushes while the kids are on the swing.

          This is like compulsive idiocy on his part. Especially now that he's losing the gravy train.

    3. The nefarious sex lives* of someone involved with a presidential campaign are scandal-worthy. How many articles were written about a supposed affair between Trump's former campaign manager and some other person he has working for him!

      *Bulge pics are a lame scandal.

    4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't some of the recipients of Carlos Danger texts in the original Weinergate underaged high school girls?

      1. Are there 'of-age' high school girls? Asking for a friend.

        1. It's possible to be 18 in highschool without being held back. I GED'd when I was 17, but would have been 18 had I graduated with the rest of the class of 2000.

          1. (ignoring jurisdictions where "of age" is already less than 18)

        2. At least when I was growing up in Vermont the age of consent there was 16. I remember having an argument with a friend about it one day while walking down Church Street (the pedestrian mall in Burlington) and walking up to a cop and asking him to settle the argument. In retrospect I did not have very good judgment at the point in my life. In my defense, I was in my late teens, and neither held nor contemplated running for public office.

          1. Your second biggest mistake, after approaching a cop, was thinking he would know the answer.

            1. He did though. He was actually like "The age of consent is 16 in Vermont, boys." That's all we wanted to know.

        3. In some states the age of consent is 16 so yeah.

          Fun facts: in Spain the of consent is, I believe, 14, and in Somalia, if I remember correctly, it's 12. Ya know, just things I, um, happen to know, for no reason.

    5. What he did is the digital equivalent of flashing someone. If a politician was a flasher, I'd be a scandal.

      1. I'd be a scandal.

        Don't leave us hanging! You should finish your story!

    6. Is this one of those comments where "whores" refers to not just sex workers but women generally?

      1. I am having a hard time interpreting it otherwise.

  2. Say what you want about Anthony Weiner, he's never been accused of doing anything even close to as unethical and abusive as Bill Hillary Clinton did.


    1. I think we're all just lucky he never really had the chance.

      1. I seem to recall he was one of saner Democrat candidates for mayor, i.e. not balls-out flaming Bolivarian socialist like the rest of the crop. Instead we got Bloomberg again and now Deblasio.

        1. No he was not one of the saner candidates for mayor. Weiner is a down-the-line class warrior pushing an agenda only mildly to the right of DeBlasio.

    2. Luv me a brohaha, but never want to even hear of a Hillary sexting scandal.

      1. Crusty, what's your call?

      2. "Do you want me to take my Depends off?"

        1. "Tell me i'm a dirty slut. Tell me you like it nasty. No, say it directly into the goiter."

          1. *begins quivering uncontrollably as clear fluid leaks out of ears*

            1. That's how the next part goes, yes.

          2. You want a cigar?


            I've got a dozen in there.

      3. Sorry, but "brohaha" in a comment about Hillary sexting is just perfect.

    3. Yeah, can someone tell me why Hillary serially abusing her husband isn't like a big election issue? I mean, for someone who's running so hard as a feminist, you'd think being a spouse abuser would sort of put a kink in the narrative. Or is it just empowering when a woman beats up her husband?

  3. Weiner embarrassed himself and his wife, but Bill Clinton and his aides deliberately smeared Monica Lewinsky and other women's reputations.

    The Monica Lewinsky scandal was nothing more than a coup attempt by Republicans. Or perhaps we forgot what the move The Contender was about?

    1. "The Monica Lewinsky scandal was nothing more than a coup attempt by Republicans."

      that doesn't make much sense unless you think sitting VP Gore was in on it with the Republicans

      1. Gore was the mastermind behind the whole thing.
        Wake up Sheeple!

  4. digital philandering

    You mean like, with a finger?

    1. Paging Swissy, urgent!

  5. In short, there's a difference between an idiot and an alleged serial predator.

    1. To be fair, he's a serial idiot.

    2. Yeah, the times article said he was half naked and showed pics of his crotch, to a woman he knew and conversed with on the internet.

      To risk sounding like Buttplug, I'm not sure this rises to the level of scandal.

      I'm not even sure that could be considered sexting.

      1. It's really only a 'scandal' in the sense that it does reflect poorly on Weiner's judgement, technological competence, and ability to think ahead. It's not like Weiner has a lot of political power to throw around nowadays, or the likelihood that voters will grant him that in the near future. I remember back when Weiner was bloody beloved for his dramatic speeches in Congress.

        If I were a politician I would be paranoid as hell all the time. Can't imagine taking risks like this, maybe it was his ego?

        1. Most politicians I've met have nothing but contempt for the ungrateful voters who don't appreciate everything they've done.

      2. What do the messages show?

        Screen shots published by The Post showed that the two exchanged photos ? woman in various bikinis and of Mr. Weiner half-dressed, showing off or his crotch ? and that they talked about sex.

      3. It's a bit disconcerting, however, when his son is lying right next to him in said crotch pics.

        1. Meh. Here is what the Times said:

          In one message, Mr. Weiner abruptly changed the discussion from massage parlors and allegedly wrote, "Someone just climbed into my bed."

          "Really?" the woman said.

          Mr. Weiner's response, in a screen shot dated just July 31, 2015, showed a child curled up next to Mr. Weiner, who was wearing white shorts, according to the article. Mr. Weiner and Ms. Abedin have a toddler son.

          Change of subject in a joking manner. Irony. One might make the same joke about one's dog.

    3. True enough, John, but its a distinction without a difference if the question is fitness for public office.

      1. He's got plenty of positions that make me doubt his fitness for office that have nothing to do with what pics he sends to his friends.

        And, as far as I know, he's not in, nor is he running for, public office.

        Not to mention the pics are no worse than shit I see on billboards everyday.

        1. If his sext life was not a scandal, he'd be in office right now.

          Context comes from meaning, F d'A. A picture that is just fine in one context (on a billboard, say, or in my wife's possession) can be absolutely not fine in another context (sexting with some skank).

          1. A picture that is just fine in one context (on a billboard, say, or in my wife's possession) can be absolutely not fine in another context (sexting with some skank).

            So a billboard depicting a guy in his underwear on display to anyone with eyes, including children is less "bad" than a private pic between two consenting adults?

            Come on, RC, be honest. Aren't you attempting to smear a political adversary because you disagree with their positions and want them out, rather than because you are actually offended by the material?

            Sure, his judgment, given his former situation, can be called into question, but he's not even in office. Why care?

            1. I thought RC was just bragging that his junk was up on a billboard somewhere.

            2. So a billboard depicting a guy in his underwear on display to anyone with eyes, including children is less "bad" than a private pic between two consenting adults?

              It certainly can be, yes. If one of those two consenting adults is married, and his wife doesn't know about it, I would say that's a problem in a way the same pic up on a billboard wouldn't be.

              Kinda like how, in one context, me taking money from a law firm is just fine (if, say, I've done work for them), and in another its a problem (if, say, I'm a witness for the other side).

              X, they had to take that billboard down. It was causing traffic accidents.

              1. I guess my point is, when it comes to scandals, more is not better. If the idea is to discredit Hillary or the democrats, this type of thing is detrimental to the cause.

                She's got legitimate scandals surrounding her. Benghazi, classified emails, F&F... By trying to hype this into a scandal, people look at it and go, "This is bullshit. These people are obviously trying to create a scandal and can't be trusted."

                When everything is a scandal, nothing is.

                This is just a pic of a dude in his underwear.

                1. I guess my point is, when it comes to scandals, more is not better.

                  Fair enough.

                  Although, given the daily applications by her media pals of a fresh coat of teflon against more substantive scandals, I have to wonder if something more tawdry might not get some badly needed traction.

                2. That's a point I often try to make.

                  There is plenty of real, substantive stuff to criticize these people for. Jumping on whatever scandal in convenient is cheap and low-class. Try to be better than these idiots.

                  Of course, this guy is named "weiner", so you kind of have to do something with it.

              2. It is hard to drive when you're scream-cry-vomiting.

            3. "So a billboard depicting a guy in his underwear on display to anyone with eyes, including children is less "bad" than a private pic between two consenting adults?"

              Jim Palmer, P, Baltimore Orioles

  6. The good old stalker defense. One so stupid only a sycophant or academic could believe. Horny Bill had a choice. He made it as his own moral agent.

  7. How could Huma remain married to him? Come on, folks. He's Huma's beard for her relationship with Hillary, which Huma maintains so that she can feed classified information to Islamists.

    1. And, of course, act as an agent of influence.

      1. Nothing like hiding your treason in plain sight.

        *adjusts tinfoil hat*

  8. Oh, do you guys remember during the Lewinsky/Clinton affair that Clinton's secretary had gone to the secret service to ask if Lewinsky could avoid "signing in" because she knew what was going on, and was afraid the sign-in logs would become public?

  9. Never has a politician been so aptly named.

    1. Dick Nixon has a bone to pick with you.

      1. I once knew a guy whose name was Richard B. Larger. That's right, his parents named him Dick B. Larger.

        1. I had a college buddy named Rodney Woodrow Boughner (yes, pronounced "boner").

          1. Was he a fan of "Growing Pains?" There was a character in that show nicknamed 'Boner.' In a show called 'Growing Pains.' Boner. Growing Pains.

  10. Weiner should just get into the porn profession already where ENB can keep an eye on him.

    1. The last thing ENB needs is more Weiner coverage.

  11. How many stories today are we going to have about clowns causing a stir by waving wood around?

    1. Oh, well, played, sir. A tip o' the monocle to you.

  12. The dude was in a marriage of convenience to Hillary's mistress.

    You expect the guy to live as a celibate monk?

    1. I would hate to be one of their kids.

      1. Why? I'd love to have a parent who was in fucking Sharknado!

        1. I just googled "weiner in sharknado". Thanks, that will be in my search history forever.

          1. Thinking about a handle change.




            1. Dean VW?

            2. Don't mess with an established brand.

              1. Well, when SugarFree is the voice of reason (so to speak), I should probably take a moment.

      2. I would hate to be one of their constituents.

        1. I'm not too thrilled about being in the same species.

    2. But he was celibate! I mean, diddle the nanny or give all of your money to a stripper or get caught with transgendered prostitutes in the backseat of your car or something. It's the least we ask.

    3. Now that would be a story if he came right out and just said that. I think he would end up getting sympathy by playing the guy just trying to get laid in his loveless relationship.

      1. Good lord that would be epic.

        1. But then he'd end up dead in DC mugging a couple days later.

          ...I need more tinfoil...

          1. It's simpler than that. He wants to work again. And not in the private sector where he got relegated after the last scandal.

    4. I expect my politicians to be the flawless, objective, hyper-competent, problem solving ubermensch they claim to be. Until, of course, there's a scandal, and then suddenly they're humble, human and somehow unable to solve their own problem yet are expected to solve everyone else's...

      1. Naw, I just expect them to not lie to me repeatedly about sending pics of their junk to people.

        Oh, and often those pics were unsolicited.

      1. She was certainly raised Muslim, and I haven't heard that she has renounced the faith.

        1. Can you remain a Muslim and marry outside the faith?

          1. Oops. I got the order of operations wrong.

          2. Interfaith marriage in Islam

            Islamic Law has different regulations on interfaith marriage, depending on which of the two spouses is Muslim.

            It permits a Muslim man to marry up to four non-Muslim women from the People of the Book (that is, Christians and Jews)...

            Muslim women are forbidden from marrying non-Muslim men according to Islamic law. All major groups of Muslims have forbidden Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men. ...

            Under Islamic law, if a non-Muslim woman is married to a non-Muslim, and she converts to Islam, the marriage is suspended until her husband converts to Islam. She could, in theory, leave the non-Muslim husband and marry a Muslim one. If the non-Muslim husband does convert a new marriage is not needed. ...

            1. Muslim women are forbidden from marrying non-Muslim men according to Islamic law.

              Huma seems fairly indifferent to what the law requires in other contexts.

            2. I recall watching a particularly terrible episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie where one of the female characters is basically threatened to be shunned by her family for wanting to go out on a date with the local hunky non-Muslim firefighter. For a show made by the state broadcasters to encourage 'tolerance' of Muslims, this lack of tolerance is not addressed.

  13. I came just for the Weiner jokes.

    1. Sounds like a strange fetish.

    2. I came just for the Weiner jokes.

      Ewwww. I hope you washed your hands afterwards.

    3. Lord Humungus has a used sock. Who knew?

      1. These troll euphemisms are getting weird.

    4. I think with Weiner shrinking up, now there's some room for Johnson to expand.

      1. Johnson should've nominated Weiner for his VP. It would've been just as bad as Weld, but at least we'd get the LOLs

  14. I have to agree with Fisher. Whatever you want to say about Weiner (I found him a repulsive excuse for a human being even before the whole "Carlos Danger" incident), trading dirty pictures pales in comparison to conspiring to destroy the reputation of a young girl.

  15. She also reportedly never gave her permission to appear in the critically acclaimed documentary Weiner

    What's really shocking is that he DID.

  16. Well, I see that Huma is splitting from Weiner after this third sexting scandal.

    I guess with Hillary headed to the White House, she can move on from her current business arrangement with Weiner. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary told her to dump him, so he can't embarrass her after the coronation.

    1. Hillary (standing naked and stroking Huma's hair with right hand while holding a picture of Weiner in the other): Hooma, remember the time would come?
      Huma: Yes.
      Hillary (crushes picture): The time has come. Dump the son of a bitch. I'll be damned if that motherfucker is going to embarrass you - US! - AGAIN!

      1. *gratuitous vomiting*

        Dammit Rufus, even SF has some boundaries!

        1. You're right. I didn't like the ending.

          I should have closed with - "Now lick my pussy, bitch. And go hard on the slurping."

          1. Pussy? I'm thinking more a Bill's mummified member sewn on as an extension to her scabbed clitoris.

  17. The only thing left that needs to happen now is that Hildog needs to bite the bullet and finally divorce her ersatz husband Slick Willie.

    This will allow Hildog and Hum-dog to finally come out of the closet once and for all as the lesbian lovers that they truly are, and as a side benefit Slick Willie and Little Weiner can spend the rest of their days partying on board the Lolita Express.

    1. I see you nick named all involved. Keep being you.


        1. Rufus --- Roofie

          Roofie --- Rohypnol

          Rohypnol --- Date Rape...

          Hmm, I like it, your new nickname is Date Rape the Monocled.

          1. No no no, thats not how it works.


            Rufus the monocled sounds somewhat like droopy dongle. Somebody with a droopy dongle has ED. Ed was a horse that could talk, so his nickname is Talky von Carrot Muncher

            1. No, it's Gammy.


          2. The best part - Rape is Canadian!

      2. I'm pretty sure that "Slick Willie" was created by some Arkansas newspaperman back decades ago when he was the governor, and "Hildog" of course was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

        1. Now I have to figure out how to turn on closed captioning on hulu or amazon, because I'm pretty sure it's spelled 'Hilldawg'. Broh.

    2. Sorry, but Slick and Little aren't getting invited onto the Lolita express at this point unless they are married to women with influence they can peddle.

      1. Hillary won't drop the Slickster until she's sure she can maintain control without him, so sometime after the next presidential election.

        Or he gets caught, in public, doing orgies in the Lincoln Bedroom

        1. Better just to wait at this point and be the brave widow.

          1. I'm not betting on him going first.

        2. Hillary won't drop the Slickster until she's sure she can maintain control without him

          Which effectively means never. She's the more vicious, but he's the smarter of the two. There's no way he'd have given her the keys to everything. Plus, I really don't think she's the one who can command much loyalty. If he were out of the picture, my guess is that the knives would come out from every "friend" they trotted out along the way.

  18. to discount the disparity of power between the leader of the free world and a 22-year-old intern, and instead choosing to frame Clinton's indiscretions as nothing more than an "affair" smacks of partisan hackery.

    But it's perfectly acceptable to discount her intellectual capacity to willingly and knowingly make a decision to engage in an "affair" with her married employer. Because delicate flower.

  19. I'm trying to trap a feral cat - get him fixed and vaccinated.

    His name is Carlos Danger.

    The goal is to make him Carlos the Meek

  20. Monica should just feel lucky she didn't end up like Mahoney.

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