Clinton Foundation Defended, Trump Immigration Positions Defended, EpiPen Costs Defended: P.M. Links


  • Trump rally
    Loren Elliott/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    Hillary Clinton is insisting her meetings with global leaders and others who had given significant donations to the Clinton Foundation did not influence the things she did as secretary of state.

  • Donald Trump's campaign is insisting that his positions on immigration have not changed. His allies are finding the situation a little bit awkward.
  • Trump's name nearly got left off the Minnesota ballot, but it looks like the Republican Party came through at the last minute.
  • Hospitals in Orlando say they won't be billing the victims of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub for their treatments. They'll try to find reimbursements from state and federal funds and private funds made to help victims.
  • Martin Shkreli (a.k.a. "pharma bro") defended the price increases for EpiPens and blamed the pricing on insurance companies.
  • Apple's put out a new security update for its iPhone operating system after a company uncovered what appears to be spyware being used by government hackers in the Middle East.

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  1. Hillary Clinton is insisting her meetings with global leaders and others who had given significant donations to the Clinton Foundation did not influence the things she did as secretary of state.

    Her proven truth track record speaks for itself.

    1. Well, the Epi-pen manufacturer gave her foundation $250k and now they get to charge whatever they like for epi-pens without having to worry about competition.

      1. Here, let me google “coincidence” for you. Also, Trump.

      2. This just in: The Last American Hero hates women. Disgusting.

        1. I have no problem with women so long as they restrict their movements to the kitchen and bedroom.

          1. You know, some of there movements require the bathroom.

            1. their

            2. That’s why there’s a terlet in the kitchen.

              1. Can you make Sangria in it?

          2. Six test runs in one afternoon, chewin’ on my ass every minute of the way.

          3. How do your sammiches get out of the kitchen, then?

    2. There’s smoke, but no fire. Hillary ’16.

      1. So she’s saying she didn’t inhale?

      2. So very much smoke. Incredible amount of smoke. So much smoke you’d think there has to be a fire somewhere. Where else could all this smoke be coming from? But, nope.

        Put that extinguisher away. I’m with her.

        1. A small, smoldering ember is being deprived of oxygen because of all the smoke. Woe to all when the smoke lightens and the conflagration ensues.

        2. Flames are just smoke in a different phase (plasma) – I’m sure forgetting to mention that equivalence was merely a slight oversight.

        3. Cigar smoke?

          Imagine the aroma!

          1. It’s not just Hillary who smoked Bill’s cigar.

      3. There’s smoke and mirrors, but no fire. Hillary ’16.

      4. Where there’s smoke, there is liar.

    3. Hello Rufus. Still lost in Boobpedia?

      1. He’s dehydrated, and can’t come to the internet right now.

    4. Uh, I think we can trust the wife of a former President, for gosh sakes.

    5. Hello.


      1. Hey Rufo, you were missed.

        1. Aw.

          Been on Boobpedia all day.

          /thumbs up to DEG.

          1. Glad to hear you liked it.

  2. His allies are finding the situation a little bit awkward.

    This is what about Trump they find awkward explaining?

  3. They’ll try to find reimbursements from state and federal funds and private funds made to help victims.

    Makes sense as I, a taxpayer, am ultimately to blame.

    1. You shouldn’t have made Mateen feel so bad about being gay.

      1. What about Milo?

        1. I can’t picture a persona feeling less bad about being gay than Milo. Not even the Gayest Monster in Gaysville.

          1. Let me in a room alone with him for eight minutes. He would learn how to feel bad about it.

          2. Or, at least, that there are things worse than being gay, which is actually sort of the opposite of what I said.

    2. Maybe they should bill the estate of the perpetrator…

      Have they found her yet?

    3. Shouldn’t their health insurance cover it?

  4. ?Donald Trump’s campaign is insisting that his positions on immigration have not changed.

    Something something cuck…

  5. U.S. ship fires warning shots at Iranian vessel

    A U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots after an Iranian fast-attack craft approached two U.S. ships in the northern Gulf, a U.S. defense official said on Thursday, in the most serious of a number of incidents in the same area this week.

    1. Obama apologizes, sends Iran hordes of tax payer dollars.

    2. Well, I’m glad to see that the nuclear deal has launched a new era of U.S.-Iranian friendship. Maybe we should give them another $1.3billion and ask super nice to please stop?

      1. Nothing on Reason on how the Obama administration illegally made that payment, and won’t even say where the money came from. So that element of it – circumventing Congress – was probably illegal, as well.

        And it sure as fuck was illegal, reading the laws in question.

        1. Fucking socons.

    3. They fired flares.

      I am sure Obumbles has ordered them to surrender the next time a dinghy buzzes one of our destroyers. They probably have a pallet of cash on board to surrender as well.

      1. Suthenboy|8.25.16 @ 4:44PM| block | mute | #

        They fired flares.

        They put a few .50cal rounds across the bow as well

        1. The video I saw just showed flares. I didn’t see the 50’s.

          1. Remember the Cole – if a dinghy comes within a few hundred yards they should sink it.

            1. A policy the Commander in Chief has some control, right?

            2. Or an Airbus A300.

              Remember the Stark!

          2. This cat and mouse with the Iranian forces in the Strait for decades.

            You would think the Iranians would get the message. Once they pushed too far and lost an armed platform and a navy ship.

            All without touching the US Navy.


            I think they do this just to get video for domestic propaganda consumption and perhaps to lure the US Navy into complacency in case one day they do try to attack.

          3. A U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots toward an Iranian fast-attack craft that approached two U.S. ships, a Pentagon spokesman said on Thursday, in the most serious of a number of incidents in the Gulf area this week.

            “They did feel compelled ultimately to fire three warning shots and the reason for that is… they had taken steps already to try and de-escalate this situation,” spokesman Peter Cook told reporters.

            A U.S. defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the USS Squall patrol craft fired three warning shots from a .50 caliber gun in the northern Gulf on Wednesday after warning flares did not work.

  6. Martin Shkreli (a.k.a. “pharma bro”) defended the price increases for EpiPens and blamed the pricing on insurance companies.

    Are insurance companies the new Jooz?

    1. In a post-apocalyptic world, Martin Shkreli would end up in a gladiator arena as an appetizer for a radioactive mutant bear before the local warrior faces the beast.

      1. He’s the guy trying to catch the sharpened boomerang.

      2. +1 Imagine Dragons

      3. In the post-apocalyptic world Shkreli is The Humungous. The head of the FDA is the one getting turked by the radioactive bear.

  7. It’s time for Dirty Limerick Thursday.

    Let’s shake it up this time and do something a little different.

    This will be to the tune of, “Three Blind Mice”. I’ll give the first few lines, and you guys fill in the rest.

    Hil-ary Clinton
    Hil-ary Clinton
    See how she runs
    See how she runs

    1. *paging SugarFree and Agile Cyborg*…

      1. I’m working on something with the Dread Pirate Buck Sexton.

    2. There is something wrong with the scansion.

    3. “She tried to cut off his penis with a carving knife

      Have you ever seen such a pissed off wife”

    4. Hillary Dillary Dock

      Her hubby’s ran wild with his cock

      The intern came in, stained dress again

      Hillary Dillary Dock

      1. Wait, wrong song, oh well.


          1. Well, I couldn’t come up with anything about Willy’s cock using three blind mice.

    1. Feature not a squirrel.

  8. I guess Canada’s gun laws are working?

    Three people are dead, all of whom were found with apparent crossbow injuries, in the Scarborough area of Toronto on Thursday afternoon.

    Toronto police said the bodies of two men and a woman were found in an east-end garage. Two people were found with no vital signs, and one person died after officers arrived, police confirmed.

    I was gonna make a Hanzo joke, but

    a) crossbow, not bow
    b) he hit three people

    1. Must ban crossbows.

      1. Crossbows that can be aimed and fired with one hand and crossbows with an overall length of 500 mm or less are prohibited. You cannot lawfully possess or acquire a prohibited crossbow.

        You do not need a valid licence or registration certificate to possess any other type of bow, including a crossbow that is longer than 500 mm and that requires the use of both hands. Criminal Code provisions making it an offence to acquire a crossbow without a valid licence were never brought into force.

        On one hand, this means my most beloved Deus Ex (OG flavor, JC Denton 4Eva!) is totally illegal.

        On the other, I can equip an arbalest mercenary company of my dreams.

        1. What a shame.

          Crossbows are crazy fun Pan, get one. I shoot rabbits with mine.

          1. OH MY GOD! After 16 years, that game still finds ways to surprise me!

            Well, with graphics being what they are these days, we’ll never see its likes again. Making enormous levels that most players won’t see in full is a huge no-no.

        2. I eagerly await the next time I go to Canada and the bordertard asks me if I have any crossbows.

  9. Liberty GB:UK Political Party Publishes Online Article Calling Hillary Clinton ‘Islam’s Whore’

    The article by American conservative personality Audrey Russo said that receiving donations from Islamic countries conflicts with Clinton’s claim to be an advocate for women’s and LGBT rights.

    1. Excuse me, it’s ‘The Sunni’s Whore’, thank you very much.

      1. It’s actually ‘Anyone who pays whore’.

        1. So Hillary is Hugh’s mom?

      2. It’s the whore of Babylon, thank you very much. Islam is the beast she rides. Or, the chick she rides is Muslim, something along those lines.

  10. Apple’s put out a new security update for its iPhone operating system after a company uncovered what appears to be spyware being used by government hackers in the Middle East.

    The Android crowd will be dining out on this for years.

    1. If Apple is the girl who picked up Herpes, Android with its malware infestation is like this super-promiscuous girl who’s a host for drug-resistant STDs of all sorts. That and HIV.

      1. Android malware isn’t a problem if, like with sex, you practice proper IT hygiene.

        Apple doesn’t give you that choice.

  11. Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham:Actresses Wear Lingerie in Unretouched Photoshoot for Lonely Girls Project

    Dunham and Kirke posed in the garments in New York City for the New Zealand lingerie label Lonely as part of its positive body image campaign showing women in their natural environments.

      1. Link’s broken anyway.

        1. Link’s broken anyway.

          Intentionally so.

    1. [Runs into safe space]

      1. Boobpedia is a good safe place..

      1. The link is Pantsed. It’s a circle jerk.

    2. their natural environments.

      Million-dollar brownstones? Hamptons beach house?

      And I met Dunham’s mommy the other day. No further comment.

      1. No further comment.


      1. My bulemia wasn’t coming through for me today, but you did. Thanks Hyp!

        1. You’re welcome. I eagerly await Crusty’s comments. Barf bag ready…

          1. I’m on record as stating that Lena Dunham’s casual recollection of her kiddie-diddling is not something I find attractive.

            1. Finally, someone morally repulsive enough that it even turns off the Crusty. Bravo, Lena!

      2. from the comments:

        Me4 hours ago
        This is what real women look like. Grow up from your fantasy model world.

        1. The guy that made that comment is a beta male loser who’s rationalizing the type of girls he gets.

          1. Well maybe. But he’s kind correct too.

            He just doesn’t understand that there are levels of attractiveness we are prepared to accept – based on proximity and access.

            I’d be willing to date someone who looked like Dunham – assuming they had a better personality – but they’re not someone who’d I *prefer* to see naked except as part of sex.

            Its about competition in a specific sphere. These women are perfectly competitive in the getting screwed sphere but I’m not going to give a damn about seeing then naked on the internet when I can see much better looking women naked. So they lose out there – doesn’t mean they should feel inferior anymore than the existence of really smart people should make the dumb ones upset that they’re not getting the Nobel.

            At the same time – the proper response to stuff like this should be ‘meh’. Instead its used by complete strangers to attack people in one of their most vulnerable areas. Its understandable with Dunham – she’s done a lot to market herself as unpleasant and public – but assholes do this all the time with anyone.

            On the gripping hand – the proper response to this sort of attack is to bite down the tears and rage and pretend it means nothing. Nothing excites an internet asshole more than someone impotently raging at them.

        2. She is a 30-year-old woman who has support for trying her best to resemble a 65-year-old mother of 4. It’s so stupid.

  12. Boy there appears to be a lot of money to be made in the EpiPen business — why I believe I’ll start my own company and undercut these high prices.

    *Looks at absurdly byzantine rules and regulations covering pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales*

    Never mind.

    1. It’s clearly capitalism’s fault

  13. Education is key in preventing bear deaths

    Well, maybe, but how do you get the bears to go to school?

    Thanks, I’m here all week folks.

        1. How does one calp one’s hands?

          1. It’s Swiss dialect….or is it?

      1. Make Warty teach in the nude and exercise strict, wooden ruler based, discipline.

        1. Make Warty teach in the nude and exercise strict, wooden ruler based, discipline.

          Current status: tumescent

      2. Why other grrizz like that, Ted?

    1. Tell them there’s a decent sized otter population?

      1. Given your handle, I presume that’s based on personal experience/preference?

      2. Tip the veal and try the waitress.

        1. Or the waiter, in this case.

    2. Amusing and terrifying at the same time. Well worth the three and half minutes. This should tell you everything you need to know about brown bears.

      1. Aww, who’s a clever guy? Who’s a smart fella?

      2. That was awesome!!!!

        1. Seconded. Good fer tha’ Bear!

      3. What do you mean *they* cut the power! How could they cut the power man! They’re animals!

  14. Hillary Clinton is insisting her meetings with global leaders and others who had given significant donations to the Clinton Foundation did not influence the things she did as secretary of state

    Okay then.

    That’s that.

    1. She’s speaking the truth since I have absolutely no idea what things she actually did as Secretary of State. As kleptocratic maniac, however…

      1. Spot on.

  15. Donald Trump’s campaign is insisting that his positions on immigration have not changed.

    The insistence “I’ve consistently said [this thing I’ve clearly been saying the opposite of before now]” is the most presidential thing Trump has done so far.

  16. What is it about grocery stores that makes some people go bugnutty batshit crazy?

    Woman drives through store after refused gift card purchases

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (AP) ? Employees of an Oregon grocery store are cleaning up after a police say a woman drove her SUV into the store and down the aisles.

    Springfield police say a 43-year-old Glenwood woman tried to purchase $2,200 of gift cards and became upset when her check bounced and Safeway employees would not complete the transaction.

    The Register-Guard reports ( that she angrily left the store Tuesday afternoon and returned just after midnight Wednesday morning. Police say she parked in front of the store and was yelling about wanting her gift cards.

    Police say the woman then drove the SUV through the store entrance, up and down an aisle, and out the other side of the Safeway.

    Police arrested her at her home.

    No one was injured.

    1. I’m astonished this didn’t happen in Florida.

    2. “The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year.”

      1. +1 mission from God

  17. Libertarian Jeapordy:

    The Answer: Fuck you! That’s Why!

    The Question: Why Did U.S. Customs Cut My Cigars in Half?

    tldr: A tobbaconist imports expensive Dominican cigars. Customs saws every cigar in half, looking for demon drugs. Then, having ruined the cigars, charges him a 54% excise tax on the undamaged cigars’ value. The guy can’t do anything; thanks to FDA regs he isn’t allowed to do anything but throw the garbage he paid thousands of dollars for.

    1. Can’t he just refuse to accept the cigars?

    2. grrrrrrrrr……

    3. What assholes.

      1. From personal experience, I can tell you that the CBP is the *worst* government agency.

        Total petty tyrants. I’ve run into a few of them in my international travels.

        1. I’ve had mixed experiences with CBP.

          I pick the TSA as the worst government agency.

          1. Um….IRS and ATF have hurt feelings.

    4. They’re jealous because even cut in half, the cigars are longer than theirs.

    5. Fuck. At least we can welcome one more to our ranks.

      1. He’s not there yet.

        The asshole had donated a drug dog to the local pd. He just doesn’t understand why he, a loyal supporter of comrade stalin(!), is getting the shaft.

        1. Get the Institute of Justice on it, and maybe one of their lawyers can pass on some literature.

        2. If only Comrade Stalin knew!

      2. I bet he’s regretting that drug sniffing dog donation now.

        1. Not really. He’s wondering why they didn’t have a dog check the shipment and give the all clear. The fact that a dog might sniffed the shipment and then given them permission to cut everything open has clearly not occurred to him.

          1. We just need better dogs. That’ll fix things.

    6. Merciful heavens. How do you not grab an AK and go on a rampage after shit like that?!

    7. No one needs to smoke cigars plus they’re icky. I have no sympathy for those who do.

      /Prog alpha male.

  18. They really cant help themselves. They just cant keep their hands off of absolutely everything. Any and every excuse to have the state take your money.

    Consider that this policy will mean disasters will no longer have single or double digit death tolls but triple and quadruple. This, while a hurricane is gaining strength and appears to have Louisiana in it’s sights.…..survivors/

    Fortunately at this point it looks like the citizenry is going to pillory this guy if he doesnt back down.

    1. (pssst. there’s no hurricane gaining strength. there’s no hurricane. it’s not even a tropical depression. it’s just low pressure with a bunch of rain in the Caribbean Sea that they think might possibly strengthen and then might possibly go into the Gulf of Mexico and then might possibly… who knows)

      A *Republican* did that?

      1. Yeah, I know. We are a little jumpy down here. We haven’t had one in so long I figure we are a little past due. I am still stocking up on supplies…going to fill all of the gas bottles tomorrow and just bought two of these:…..lsrc=aw.ds

        1. If and when you are ready to upgrade, I have nothing but good things to say about Berkeys.

          1. Thank you.

        2. Understandable. They’ve been super jumpy about it down here in South Florida for the same reasons.

        3. Yeah, we’ve had a decade respite after that crazy spell. This year has been different. Much more humid, much more thunderstorm activity. It feels more hurricaney.

          So people are paying attention to this tropical wave. The late developing ones tend to bring chaos.

    2. With sh1t like this, people should just disobey en masse.

      WTF will they do any way in the midst of a disaster? Rescue people or charge them for permitless Good Samaritanism?

      1. Charge them. Shoot them if they resist. What else can they do?

  19. Men’s fashion tip of the day (Trying to steal GILMORE’s thunder edition)

    When you’re wearing a jacket, wear a pocket square.

    When selecting a pocket square try to find a color that matches or complements a color of your shirt or tie, or go with white. There are many ways to fold a pocket square, but the main thing is to not just crumple it up into a mess so it looks like you have a tit. I prefer the single-corner fold.

    Also, know the difference between a pocket square an a handkerchief. A pocket square tends to be much smaller and made of finer fabric. Handkerchiefs tend to be 100% cotton and about the size of a piece of letter paper. Handkerchiefs belong in your pants pocket, and are to be used to blow your nose. Pocket squares are fashion accessories and are not amenable to snot.

    How to fold a pocket square

    1. Pocket squares are so gay.

      1. But not ascot gay.

    2. I can’t find the video on Youtube, but scroll down in this article to see how Mr. Humphries folds his pocket handkerchief.

    3. Fuck that, i keep a philly i that pocket so my homies know i’m still street as a motherfucker.

  20. In continuing my theme last night of “Alt-right Propaganda is so stupid it’s hilarious/awesome” I present:

    “The Last Son of the West.

    In this tale of dubious subtly, the white (who has the face of an anime character) noble last son of the West fights a bog monster with Nietzsche’s face called Nihilism, Carl Marx playing a piano, and has a demon called ‘Feminism’ request that he have sex with her ‘for she is already barren’.

    Also, the last four minutes heavily rips off Cowboy Bebop.

    I love this just because it’s such an unbridled expression of internet mouth-breather culture. The Nietzsche name drop, the constant use of anime assets by white nationalists, the sanctimonious declarations of ‘noble values’, the unabashedly immature worldview where everyone is a monster to be slay by their pure Crusader knight image.

    I also love in the comments how the alt-righters immediately start devolving into arguments about whether Christianity is the real identity of the West or a poison that destroyed Germanic paganism. If the fascists of the 1930s couldn’t figure that out these idiots won’t.

    1. I really can’t understand why there’s such a connection between alt-right and anime.

      1. ‘Cause every last one of them lost their jackoff virginity to an episode of Sailor Moon.

        1. Or because there are no black people in anime?

            1. Man, you sure sound white!

              1. It’s the one contribution of my mother’s line.

                1. It’s not the only thing your Mom ever gave me!

                  /You have to pick the low hanging fruit

                  1. Say hi to people in Jersey for me.

                  2. + 1-month supply of amoxicillin

          1. Or because there are no black people in anime?

            You say that to Dutch’s motherfucking face.

            1. Other than being a 26-episode long NAP violation, is that not one of the most libertarian shows ever?

              1. I would say it’s more ‘gun fetish anarchist’ than ‘libertarian’.

                “What’s the matter Dutch, someone finally drop an a-bomb on Roanapur?”

                “Naw, that’d be better, because then I wouldn’t be the only one gettin’ fucked! Some goddamn idiot set fire to my dock!”

            2. Quality is awful, but this is my favorite Dutch moment.

          2. Titor even mentioned Cowboy Bebop!

      2. I really can’t understand why there’s such a connection between alt-right and anime.


        Spend 1 minute on 8chan and you see how pedophilia, jacking off to Japanese cartoon people, and aspie-rightness are co-morbid.

        1. I don’t even wanna know what 8chan is.

          1. Scum of the internet, basically. A non-darknet international waters type website where one can go to idk view lots of kinky porn stuff, mixed with hacker stuff, mixed with Faces of Death stuff.

          2. 8chan is what you get when you take /b/ and /pol/ from 4chan, mash them together, and add more child porn to the mix.

      3. I guess if you’re a white male of certain age you spent a lot of time with Toonami and it’s equivalents as a kid?

    2. You should black out the specific words that refer to alt-right and post it to the Storm Front or Social Justice subreddit.

      1. /r/stormfront is my favorite subreddit.

        (waits for it)

        1. Irish? You’re back?!?

          1. That’s exactly what I was waiting for!

            (/r/stormfront is a weather subreddit. It got taken over as revenge for /r/holocaust becoming a holocaust denial subreddit)

      2. Rrrriiiiiight…”black out”.

    3. Also, the last four minutes heavily rips off Cowboy Bebop.

      At the very least, they know to steal good stuff. I’d have expected some Gor shit in there.

      1. The Trump propaganda video also uses music from The Protomen, who are an awesome as hell band who are writing an entire 80s style rock opera about Megaman.

        1. Specifically, an Objectivist rock opera about Megaman.

          The Protomen are friends of a friend. Awesome guys.

          1. an Objectivist rock opera about Megaman.

            This phrase ensured Reason is getting $100 from me next donation cycle.

  21. It’s Official: Gary Johnson is a Left-Wing Candidate

    This seemed less about Johnson and more about beef with the reason staff; whom this author goes at full-tilt.

    1. But what I find telling is the way the Libertarians have chosen to break through this year?not by standing up for the principles they long proclaimed were so important, but by pandering to the Left.

      I’m afraid the real reason for the behavior of the Johnson-Weld ticket is the one offered by DC libertarian Bruce Majors, who explains, “The Johnson campaign is aiming for disaffected Hillary and Bernie supporters, and even more for Democrat-leaning Independents.”

      I couldn’t have written it better myself.

    2. I didn’t know SIV writes for the Federalist.

    3. Which one of our “Reason won’t report on my pet issues!” trolls is that, I wonder?

    4. Stop Saying the Libertarian Party Is Principled

      Well, that’s been demonstrated time and again. What’s amazing is that they have absolutely no regard for principles and are still terrible at attracting votes.

    5. I haven’t been this entertained since the Robert Spencer/Jihad Watch vs. Cathy Young feud!

      1. That was a thing? Oh, weep for the years I wasted reading The Atlantic instead of H&R.

    6. Standard Canadian Disclaimer: Not my monkeys, not my circus

      But I get where he’s coming from when he bitches about how Reason pretends not to care about culture war. If a Mirror Universe Johnson had same fiscal policy, but treated, say, abortion or gay marriage as he treats “gun rights and religious liberty” I doubt we’d see such passionate defense come up.

      1. Even if they’re not our monkeys, we can still point out that they’re throwing shit.

      2. Is this a hypothetical? Just read coverage of Rand Paul.

    7. Me: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are turning us off by failing to defend religious liberty and gun rights.

      Nick Gillespie: You’re just upset because libertarians aren’t warmongers and Bible-thumping culture warriors.

      Me: Libertarians are defining themselves by their opposition to conservatives rather than their stance on liberty.

      Brian Doherty: You care more about the culture war than about small government.

      Gary Johnson: A carbon tax is a libertarian solution!

      Ronald Bailey: Sounds reasonable.

      This insolence calls for an uppity piece from ENB pointing out that people @ the Federalist aren’t really pro-liberty about anything and are probably racists too.

      1. To be fair, outside of say, Chapman, Bailey is probably the least libertarian writer on the site. He’s a transhumanist first, moderately pro-capitalist second.

        1. Bailey over Suderman? After his hysterical articles on how horrible government shutdown was and how evil Republicans were for it I can’t take him seriously on any topic.

          1. Suderman’s just a hysteric hack in general, with or without his current TDS, his emotional response discredits him.

            Bailey had the indecency to try to calmly cast his technocratic solutions as libertarian in nature.

        2. Bailey is probably the least libertarian writer on the site.

          I think that’s unfair, and actually not true either.

          I was mostly just mocking the little pissing matches Reason has with other political publications.

          The reference was to ENB’s piece which (similar to Tracinski’s) wrote-off “Cultural Libertarians” (read: Brietbart types) as failing to meet Reason’s standards as bona-fide proponents of liberty. Everyone like to pretend *they’re* the ones with principles, and everyone else is just a fake-sellout.

          1. My response is more to the fact that I think that Tracinski using Bailey as a marker for ‘principled libertarian thought’ at Reason is wrong because he’s not a libertarian.

            Bailey just openly discussed the necessity of mandatory vaccinations through a technocratic argument he’s trying to dress up as libertarian. He dishonestly tries to frame it in a way where his ‘libertarian principles’ only apply to microbes spread by non-vaccinated individuals, and no one else.

            1. The one thing that pushes Bailey up the “libertarian list” for me is that he’s at least willing to engage with the commentariat at some level. Most of the writers just drop an intellectual deuce and walk off.

            2. My response is more to the fact that I think that Tracinski using Bailey as a marker for ‘principled libertarian thought’ at Reason is wrong because he’s not a libertarian.

              Yeah, they call that “Weak Manning” (or ‘The Weak Man-argument’); ignore the many principled positions the mag takes on many issues, and attack the sideline areas where they are in iffier territory.

        3. Uh, didn’t Bailey used to work for the feds? As far as I know there was never a Damascus moment, so he can’t exactly be an ancap. But he’s also willing to go and engage with people in the comments, and he’s fairly reasonable and affable, even if he is guilty of being wrong on the internet.

    8. Some of it is silly and worthy of eye-rolling, but some of it is accurate. The list of things that get dismissed at Reason as KULTURWARZ seems to grow all the time.

      1. As I lean small L — I don’t hold the pragmatic ‘getting on the ticket’ moral compromising that’s been done against Gary Johnson and Reason all that much.

      2. Yep. Libertarianism is to some extent an alliance between people with a common enemy (tyranny, more or less), but who may have very different material interests. What we have right now is the equivalent of Tyranny launching excursions into ReligiousFreedomistan and GunRightsembourg, and the people living in GayMarriageton and Potlandia are saying “good luck with that”. And it wasn’t exactly that long ago that the people living in GayMarriageton and Potlandia were reclaiming territory long held by Tyranny with the support of the libertarians in ReligiousFreedomistan and GunRightsembourg, so it feels like even more of a betrayal. If Tyranny does decide to mount an offensive to retake GayMarriageton and Potlandia, I don’t see the libertarians of ReligiousFreedomistan and GunRightsembourg actively helping Tyranny, but I also don’t see them being eager to die on those foreign hills.

        1. Your views intrigue me and I’d like to see them in a Crusader Kings 2 mod.

  22. Hi All,

    I’m a longtime lurker, sometimes poster.

    Next week I’m starting a 3 city trip through your great nation. San Francisco, DC and NYC.

    Any Reason meetup type things happening? I live in the sticks of South America where everyone is some brand of socialist. So talking to actual liberty minded people would be awesome.

    Plus you guys are always good for scifi talk and general fun topics too here in the comments.

    1. Welcome to the funhouse.

      If you’re used to socialism, you’ll find those cities very familiar to you.

    2. Good luck buddy, I live in the frozen, socialist, tundra of Minnesota.

    3. Good luck trying to find casual libertarian conversation in those places.

      1. Eh, I survived a year at University of Toronto, I think I can make it. Even met a libertarian candidate for parliament at the local book fair.

  23. Chelsea Clinton:Hillary Clinton’s Daughter to Remain on Clinton Foundation’s Board, Official Says

    She will remain on the board if Hillary Clinton is elected as president, a spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. Bill Clinton said he will resign from the foundation’s board if his wife is elected.

    1. That’s understandable. Hill would have her 400K a year salary. Bill would have his 400K a year pension. So really only Chelsea, who has proved herself utterly unemployable with no useful skills will draw, is the only one who needs to draw her maintenance from the family slush fund.


        That’s a skill, right?

      2. That’s rich, buddy! You think Bill and Hill can get by on a measly $800K a year?

        Do you have any idea how much it costs just to keep Bill’s hookers quiet?

        And lets not even think about Hillary’s body disposal fees.

    2. Duh, that’s the whole reason the foundation exists.

  24. #AltRightMeans: Supporters and Opponents Use Hashtag to Define Political Movement

    The hashtag is being used by opponents and proponents to address ideology considered to be an alternative to mainstream conservative politics.

    “Cargo shorts,” one person joked.

    1. It’s a youth movement.

      Which means that…

      wait for it…

      The kids are #AltRight

  25. ugh.

    Lottery winner who spent $20M on boyfriend’s bail money to appear on ‘Fix My Life’ series

    BOLIVIA, N.C., Aug. 24 (UPI) — A North Carolina woman who spent part of her $188 million lottery jackpot bailing her boyfriend out of jail is due to appear on a Fix My Life reality series.

    Marie Holmes, who won a $188 Powerball jackpot in 2015, made headlines when she spent more than $20 million of her newfound fortune bailing her boyfriend, Lamar “Hot Sauce” McDow, out of jail on multiple occasions.

    1. What the fuck did the guy do to rack up $20M in bail?

      1. Not strictly sure, but he ended up copping a plea to drug charges.

        1. Also, did he jump bail? If not, I would imagine the lady got her money back, right?

          1. Honestly, if she’s really shit with money, having some portion of it be locked in bail until boyfriend shows up at trial might not be the worst thing…

              1. Well article is actually rather light on how much money she still has, so…

                1. Maybe I’m callous but I’d keep the money over the boyfriend

                  1. You know, even if he skips bail, you can hire the best bounty hunters to go grab him, so you can get your money back.

                    It’s not like she paid ransom or weregilt, bail money eventually returns if the dipshit shows up in court. Though I guess there’s opportunity cost, like lost interest or somesuch…

      2. With a nickname like “Hot Sauce”, it might be a question of what didn’t he do.

        1. It probably just means he’s got mad ball handling skillz.

  26. Philippines fisherman hid giant $100M pearl under bed for 10 years

    PUERTO PRINCESA, Philippines, Aug. 25 (UPI) — A fisherman in the Philippines had what is believed to be the world’s largest natural pearl hidden underneath his bed for 10 years.

    Puerto Princesa City Tourism Officer Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao shared a photo of the nearly 75 pound pearl, as she had sought help from gemologists to have it certified for its authenticity.

    “The Puerto Princesa City would likely earn another prestigious title and a record breaker for having the WORLD’S BIGGEST NATURAL GIANT PEARL FROM A GIANT CLAM,” she wrote.

    Maggay-Amurao told local news outlet Palawan News the man was not aware of the pearl’s value and kept it as a good luck charm before entrusting it to her, because it was too heavy for him to bring along as he moved to another part of the province.

    According to the Guardian, the pearl is 1 foot wide, 2.2 feet long and worth an estimated $100 million.

    heh. Giant clam.

    1. I hope the guy got to keep the $100M

    2. heh. Giant clam.

      Stop. Leslie Jones has suffered enough.

    3. they might claim that thing is worth $100 million, but why? What the hell can you do with that thing?

    4. 100 million my ass. The jewelry business creates ‘value’ out of thin air. Other than for cutting, grinding, polishing stuff diamonds are completely worthless. Even at that carbide steel is better. Same with all of the other precious stones. They have some very narrow industrial or scientific use and that is about it.

      1. I know, right? And don’t start me on gold. Can’t hold an edge, can’t support weight. It’s OK for a mace but it loses shape after one blow.

      2. What a downer you are.

        Diamonds are FOREVER.


        1. Yes young man.

          DeBeers has determined that you should spend exactly 2 months salary for your bride to be’s rock is the appropriate amount that must be adhered to so the little snowflake can hold her head up in polite society and be sure you love her.

      3. I have read that if DeBeers liquidated their storage vaults that the market would be so flooded they would become worthless. That’s why it is mega important to keep the mines under control of only a few interested interests.

        Biggest ripoff of all time.

  27. Hospitals in Orlando say they won’t be billing the victims of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub for their treatments. They’ll try to find reimbursements from state and federal funds and private funds made to help victims.

    How very, ah, *charitable* of themus.

    Wait a minute – all these people had health insurance, right? RIGHT? Why can’t the insurance company pay up?

    1. Have you dealt with an insurance company? They’re probably considering the gunshot wounds some kind of preexisting condition. It happened to me when i got necrotizing fasciitis from a spider bite.

      1. It would be interesting to know if there is a terrorism exemption on ACA health policies.

      2. But Obama Care covers pre-existing conditions

      3. Hey, that spider was there before you signed the policy.

    2. They’re billing the insurance. They’re just not billing the people for whatever parts of the bill the insurance doesn’t pay. And they’re not billing the uninsured people (but Obamacare solved that!) at all.

    3. In the article I read, they said they would bill insurance. They just wouldn’t go after patients for copays, or uninsured costs.

  28. Hillary Clinton is insisting her meetings with global leaders and others who had given significant donations to the Clinton Foundation did not influence the things she did as secretary of state.

    I wonder if she actually believes it.
    The funny thing is that one’s actions are by definition influenced by the people one comes into contact with. There’s only so much time in the day, if big wigs donating money are getting face-to-face meetings with her than that’s going to crowd out people that don’t donate money.

    Again, it’s not about bias, it’s about where your attention is focused. The media determines what the issues are by what they decide to cover. The people Clinton meets every day determines what she’s thinking about. Issues that aren’t covered get neglected. People who aren’t seen don’t get their interests attended to.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Someone in her position should know things like that.

    1. That’s exactly right. If she weren’t aiming to ‘do business’ with the people she met with, she wouldn’t have met with them.

      The fact 50% of her visits were from Clinton Foundation donors is de facto proof of access-peddling.

    2. I am willing to accept that she didn’t behave any differently than she otherwise would have, once the meeting occurred.

      What she did was effectively charge admission to her office.

      It’s like the building inspector who expects an extra $20 just for doing his job and for not losing your paperwork. The victims are the people who didn’t get their buildings inspected, and the people who had to pay $2M a pop for actions Clinton should have done for free.

      1. I guess that’s the difference between a bribe an extortion? Pay me or you won’t get the service you deserve?

    3. I think the best you can say about this is Hillary treated the Clinton Foundation as an extension of her State Department. Only these employees had no rules they had to ignore and no oversight from anybody other than the Clintons.

    4. Oh come on. All that stuff is only true for campaign contributions, especially from corporations. Donations to a foundation are as pure as driven snow, and only conspiracy theorists believe that money and access are connected. Unless it’s campaign money. From corporations. To republicans. Then it’s corrupt, obviously.

  29. The well is dry…

  30. Too bad its Domino’s.

    Domino’s New Zealand delivers first pizza by drone

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Aug. 25 (UPI) — Domino’s New Zealand teamed up with drone delivery company Flirtey to complete the first ever drone pizza delivery.

    Video shared to Facebook shows the Domino’s DRU drone flying through the air to deliver pizza to Domino’s Group CEO Don Meij, New Zealand Minister for Transport Simon Bridges and Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeny.

    “History in the making ? our first DRU Drone test flight today was a great success,” the company wrote.

    The drone flew through the sky before lowering the pizza box down to the three men who can be seen inspecting the pizza, which remained intact through its flight, before enjoying a historic bite.

    1. the progdissonance continues.

    2. Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

      (I imagine it’s a reliance for the traveller because he can use it whichever part of the Muslim world he goes to)

      1. “The indemnity paid for a Jew or Christian is one-third of the indemnity paid for a Muslim. The indemnity paid for a Zoroastrian is one-fifteenth of that of a Muslim.”

        1. All lives matter. But not necessarily equally.

    3. Ugh. Another brain dead smug, shrill progressive feeling the need to “educate”.

      There’s only ONE person who has that right and that’s Heroic Mulatto!

    4. Want to get a progressive really upset?

      Point out that The Handmaid’s Tale is more likely to happen due to Islam than Christianity.

      1. Christians exalt women.

      2. That stupid book they made me read in CEGEP.

        Atwood genius this, Atwood genius that.

        Fucking boring book. NO ANAL SEX.

        1. I’m used to science fiction writers who actually try to figure out how their worlds came to be.

          Apparently, in Atwood’s world, women lost all their power because the government froze their bank accounts, and all men, despite plenty of moral or pragmatic reasons (entire industries would collapse overnight), did nothing to stop it. Sure Atwood, sure.

          1. There was a nuclear war, a military dictatorship took over, the dictators happened to be sexist men. It’s plausible by sci-fi standards.

      3. More likely? There are Islamic cultures operating almost exactly that way as we write. I am not aware of any christian cultures that were that extreme…not saying there haven’t been, but if there are I don’t know about them.

        It isnt more likely, it is a certainty.

        1. I’m more talking about The Handmaid’s Tale happening in the context of the book, i.e. the United States only. Because Atwood believed that Reagan was steering the country towards a theocracy based on old American Puritan colonies (she’s legitimately stupid enough to believe that the USSR had a secret police because the tsarists did).

          1. You are just reiterating your point which I agree with. Progs think guys like Reagan would usher in that world using christianity as the vehicle while in reality Islam is the perfect vehicle for it. Pointing this out gets under their skin.

            As has been pointed out many times around these parts, progs project.

            Dammit, I think I am drunk. Again. I might have to do something about that. I keep hopping on the wagon but some jerk apparently greased the planks so I just keep slipping off. Maybge I should listen to my brother when he gives kind, sagely advice: “Fuck you, you’re a grown man. Make your own decisions and live with ’em.”

            1. If you only think you’re drunk and feel the need to fix that the only course of action is to drink more and remove all doubt.

              1. I think that’s the AA motto.

    5. So what is up with progs love of Islam does anyone know? Especially since they say they care about gays and women rights. Islam is like christianity is on STEROIDS.

      1. Perhaps they are really terrified of islam

        Or they know they don’t get along with christians who they see as team red.

      2. As long as it’s not Christian and *believed* to have been accosted or assaulted by Western civilization, they will defend it.

        A type of Stockholm Syndrome sets in with these idiots where history and politics are concerned.

        The bottom line is if you’re a feminist or gay and you find yourself defending Islam or Sharia or whatever – then you’re an ignoramus idiot of the highest ranking order.

      3. They don’t care about gays or women or blacks. What they care about it authoritarianism and Islam is a pretty good model for that.

        It really isnt any more complicated than that. They are fellow travelers.

      4. Muslims are a race! Punching down!

    6. How someone that fuck-ugly can be photographed looking as smug as she does…. Well, everything about her defies logic.

    7. One of the things I find infuriating about lefties is that they never say what they mean. They won’t do it because they instinctively know that if the average person knew what their real motives and intentions are they would be soundly rejected. They couch it all in code words and by twisting the meanings of common words. Everything they say is intended to deceive.

      There is some kind of weird attraction to Islam and Islamic cultures for pinkos. I first began puzzling over it when I saw the Code Pink ladies rallying in the ME during the Arab spring. Why the hell would feminists rally in support of the most misogynist cultures on the planet?

      “Because they aren’t feminists. They are commies. Pinkos. You think the name ‘Code Pink’ is a coincidence? They like the Arabs because they are socialist and authoritarian.” was the answer I got. Over the intervening years observation has borne this out. I am convinced that if they had their way we would live in an Ultra-Authoritarian culture where every aspect of everyday life is strictly proscribed…by them, of course.

      Of course Sally Kohn is going to attack Trump and defend Islam.

    8. So, she’s in favor of Jim Crow, as long as white people don’t benefit? I mean, excluding white muslims.

  31. “Hillary Clinton is insisting her meetings with global leaders and others who had given significant donations to the Clinton Foundation did not influence the things she did as secretary of state.”

    She’s spent years learning to keep a straight face when she tells whoppers; it’s paying off.

  32. The prog mindset…whether stupid or evil i am not sure (posted on another thread)

    1. Prog sees a problem
    2. Prog doesn’t bother to diagnose problem (root cause)
    3. Prog address sympton with laws/mandates/regulations (they have good intentions…phew!!)
    4. Market reacts and a bunch of bad consequences happen
    5. Prog doesn’t bother blaming their regulations and laws for the failure…insists due to wreckers and kulaks cause they had good intentions
    6. Prog becomes delusional (again doesn’t diagnose root cause) and doubles down (prog harder)

    7. Repeat 4 thru 6

  33. It’s 110 Degrees and Hillary Wears a Long Coat to Her Rallies?! Here’s What She’s Hiding

    At one of Clinton’s recent outdoor events, Hillary was surrounded by people wearing summer dresses and sleeveless blouses. Clinton herself was wearing a long wool coat and black pants. Despite it being over 100 degrees in the middle of August, Hillary was wearing something that would allow anyone to quickly overheat.

    1. She is more machine now than man…twisted and evil

    2. Did you not see her open a jar of pickles on the Kimmel show? What more proof do you need? #Science

    3. I don’t know about that but I do know it is no coincidence that she wears Mao suits.

  34. So, Ghost In The Shell live action news.…..1785728312

    The rest of the cast is revealed.

    Now people are bitching that one of the actors is *too Asian*. Not too *Japanese* mind you, just too Asian for the character he’s supposed to be played.

    1. Can you guess which one?

      Hint: Its the one that not too long ago all these same people were swearing was a Japanese ethnic character because all the people in Japanese manga have round eyes.

      1. And apparently they’re also bitching because Johansen is weaing a bra in her headshot and Kusanagi’s cyborg body doesn’t need one.

        I’ve looked that picture over *veeeeeery carefully* and I can’t tell if she’s wearing one or not.

    2. No. No link Kotaku! Bad! Bad amalgamation of a Phoenician god and an Achaian hero!

      Since I’ve been weebing all day in comments, let’s give link to Crunchyroll

      1. Agammamon – not Agammemnon. I *can* spell.

        1. Isn’t Mammon a Phoenician god? Hence the amalgamation of Mammon and Agamemnon? Or do I have your handle wrong?

          1. Its something I made up years decades (shit) ago for a roleplaying game. Has no meaning, just rolls of the tongue well and is always available as a handle anywhere on the internet.

            1. Challenge accepted.

    3. At least one sane person in the comments.

      You know, I’ll stick my opinions in the camp that says “Sure, I’m ok with this.”

      Adaptations of any sort aren’t really interesting if they aren’t different.

      I’m with him. I had a low opinion of this thing, but seeing those pics… eh, y’know, it could work. Hard to complain when you have Beat Takeshi as the bossman.

      1. I think they’ll all do well. The only casting choice I take issue is having Chin Han as Togusa. Especially in that pic – he looks a good 20 years too old for the role.

        As for the rest – some match the models better than others but its more important to me if they can act than if they resemble the drawings.

  35. Is the secret service guy on the left on the current drudge headline photo secretly giving a shout out to Elvis Costello on his birthday with the pigeon toed stance?

    1. His heel really itches.

    2. Normally I’m not one to jump on the Hillary Health train but – she needs a stool to get into an SUV?

      1. The serf she usually uses wasn’t available?

  36. . . . it would have remained relatively unknown had I not received an encrypted PGP message from the moniker “Master Control Program.”…..1785741600

    Christ, millennial journalists can be full of themselves. This is story that anyone with more than a passing interest in the history of videogames knows. And its been told better elsewhere. But hey, its the author of this article that will really get it the widespread attention it deserves.

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