Thousands More Clinton Emails Uncovered, Trump Campaign Denies Softening on Immigration, Lochte Loses Sponsorships: P.M. Links


  • Hillary Clinton
    Hallie Duesenberg The Photo Access/Newscom

    The FBI has uncovered another 15,000 Hillary Clinton emails that had previously been undisclosed. They are now assessing whether these are new emails whose contents are unknown, whether they're personal emails, or whether they're duplicates of previously released emails.

  • "Clinton Foundation" will remain the easy counterargument whenever anybody attempts to bring up foreign government influence on Donald Trump—and deservedly so. The prince of Bahrain used a donation to the Clinton Foundation to try to arrange for access to Clinton.
  • Trump and his campaign deny he's softening or "flip-flopping" his stance that he wants to get all illegal immigrants out of the country.
  • Olympian Ryan Lochte is now losing sponsors over his scandal in Rio where he deceptively claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint. But an investigation by USA Today questions whether Lochte's story was actually all that far off.
  • France's Nicolas Sarkozy has officially announced that he is going to run to regain the presidency from a very unpopular Francois Hollande.
  • England is going to isolate prisoners they characterize as "extremists" in order to keep them from trying to recruit other prisoners to their causes. Hey, maybe that's a good reason to stop imprisoning so many people? Maybe think about that? No? Very well, then.

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