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A British court has sentenced Stephen Bennett to 12 months probation and 180 hours of community service for posting "grossly offensive" comments on a police website. Local media did not report what those comments were but said one was offensive to Asian women and one was offensive to Muslims.

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  1. First, for god’s sake, first.

  2. OMG we have a new thread! Of course, Monday am links are just hrs away.
    Also, thanks to nudges from Netflix and comments here, I’m watching Stranger Things. Winona? Still, after all these years, all the way back to Beetlejuice, WOULD.

    1. I watched the Last ship last night. It’s not a bad show. Bridget Regan is a would,would would.

  3. That’s life without the First Amendment.

    If you’re somebody who can’t think of a good reason to allow racist or bigoted speech, how ’bout because persecuting racists and bigots for the stupid shit they say creates genuine sympathy for racists and bigots?

    Before Abu Ghraib, I didn’t think it was possible to create legitimate sympathy for terrorists, but willfully violate people’s rights (like the Bush administration did), and that’s what happens.

    1. TRUMP 2016!

      Report that,.motherfucker.

      The Malicious Communications Act 1988 (MCA) is a British Act of Parliament that makes it illegal in England and Wales to “send or deliver letters or other articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety”. It also applies to electronic communications.

      I guess it helps too that the burden of proof isn’t on the government to prove intent. How would you prove your comment was not for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety when so many delicate snowflakes get distressed and anxious (and panicky and weepy) at every little thing.

  4. The Brits stiff upper lip’s turned in to a limp dick. Then again,there are cops in this country that would[and have] arrested people for ‘bad speech’ on a web site. And good morning all.

  5. The judge said ‘running the risk of stirring up racial hatred in the present climate’, was ‘very serious’ describing it as ‘conduct capable of playing into the hands of the enemies of this country’.

    The mere fact that the thought police felt the need to rationalize their behaviour here suggests there may be hope yet.

    1. I guess the he doesn’t want to piss off the wogs.

      1. god dam chinks and mother – fucking towel heads….mmmm glad I got that off my chest

        1. But in Britain, “Asian” means Indian.

          1. What does the word ‘food’ mean’ mean there?

  6. Another Muslim personally offended by the remarks challenged Bennett online, telling him ‘act your age’.


    1. He didn’t use the wittiest rejoinder, Delete your account ?

    2. …not your shoe size. Maybe we could do the twirl. You don’t have to watch Downtown Abbey to have an attitude.

  7. *looks around for Rufus, realizing I’m the only Canadian around*

    Uhh…Humm… Hello… I think… I guess… I… I…


    *runs away crying to Kuujjuaq*

    1. Buck up I’m a Browns fan and you don’t hear me whining.

    2. So what did you make of the big virtue signalling fest that was the Hip’s last concert?

      1. The last time I was in Kingston, I saw a woman pushing an empty grocery cart in the middle of the street at around 3 am. Need I say more?

      2. I thought it was sort of grim watching it.

        And wow I didn’t know every person in Canada was apparently a die hard hip fan from day 1. They are alright, but most of their songs are not great.

        1. I was taken aback by the hoopla, my 79 year old father even watched it.

        2. To be honest, I didn’t hear anything about the Tragically Hip last concert until you guys mentioned it. I guess that two solitudes thing is not all that bad after all. Still like Courage.

  8. What’s Limey for ‘Woodchipper’? Asking for a friend.

    1. douche canoe?

      1. egregious fuck bucket?

  9. The famous quote, actually of somewhat murky provenance, where Gladstone said “Mr. Disraeli, you will probably die by the hangman’s noose or a vile disease,” and Disraeli replied: “Sir, that depends upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress” would never fly in today’s Britain.

    The correct response would be “Waah, waah, you hurt my feewings. Your comment was grossly offensive. Arrest this man!”

    1. I’ve heard that this joke at least goes back to John Wilkes (the Parliamentarian, not the actor).

      1. it’s a joke, shit I thought it happened in real life…now I gotta re-write my history paper…

        1. It may or may not have happened, but it goes back before Gladstone.

            1. “One day Samuel Johnson was dining at Lady Sandwich’s, and Lord Chesterfield said, ‘sir, your dictionary sucks.’

              “Johnson turned to Boswell and said, ‘James, when you write my biography be sure to think up a really witty comeback for me. But in the meantime,’ turning to Lord Chesterfield, ‘yo momma.'”

    2. In other waah waah waah hurt my feelings! Canucks news, we had the joy of having a MP complaining about the comments on an article in some newspaper that was criticizing the separatist position, and asking the government to act upon it. Let me say that again : He wasn’t complaining about the article in and of itself, but he was complaining about the nature of the comments. The name is Xavier Barsalou-Duval. Worse part is the guy probably was in the same high school as me when I was there. Makes me regret not being a bully, maybe I could have beaten some sense in him.

  10. Govt picking winners and losers on internet forums.

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