Friday Funnies: Wheels Off Obamacare


Chip Bok / Creators Syndicate

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  1. Bill Cosby’s rape van? That’s not very topical.

    1. Driving on dirt highways in the sky is the wave of the future, though, apparently.

      1. If Geordi was wearing his visor he never would have crashed his shuttlecraft into that cloud. Poor Data.

        1. That’s Pluto Nash, not Geordi, Fist of Strabismus.

          In Star Trek, they actually solved The Universal Riddle of Coverage; like ObamneyCare, Pluto Nash bombed hard. And put Eddie Murphy’s career on a….

          *dons sunglasses*

          …Death Spiral.

          1. Pluto Nash bombed hard.

            Never Forget. 8/16/02

      2. Anal on an airplane?

  2. Friday Funnies are back? It’s abok time.

    1. Wasn’t that the episode where Welch has to fight Nick in a bizarre mating ritual brought on by The Jacket reaching a critical phase in its development?

      1. ‘Twas the episode where Nick and Matt wound up fused together in a freak transporter accident, becoming the completely self-sufficient and independent chimera, HermaNickaMattPhroditus.

        They wrote a book about the experience a few years ago, IIRC.

        1. Wait…someone from Reason wrote a book?! Why didn’t I hear about this!

  3. A road sign saying, “Welcome to Milwaukee” would totally redeem this.

  4. The lack of axles might explain the problem with the wheel, but not why the sudden braking send the patient backwards. Another piece of sinister whimsy by Bok.

    1. Bok is God in his cartoon universe, he cares naught for your petty laws of physics!


      1. *slap!*

        1. *slap!*

          1. *slap!*

            1. *SLAP!*

      2. We have to publish the cartoon to find out what physics is in it.

    2. but not why the sudden braking send the patient backwards

      Sinister indeed, my dear IFH, and easily mansplained:

      Like ObamneyCare’s cost controls, neither the patient gurney nor the back doors of the ambulance were secured. So, then the brakes hit suddenly, and the wheels flew off, the gurney lunged forward, bounced off the driver’s seat, and the gurney slid out the back of the ambulance with patient still strapped to the gurney. A most apt, elegant, and simply poetic artistic metaphor of ObamneyCare.

      Which is way too sophisticated a theme for a pinhead like Bok; I think somebody else drew this one.

      1. I would have expected the gurney to keep going forward and decapitate the driver, so that the cheery line could have been said by the head lying on the side of the road, but then again I am a bear of little brain.

        1. “a bear of little brain”


          *flees in abject terror*

    3. why the sudden braking send the patient backwards

      What if the patient was being towed?

      1. Then there would be a LION present.


    4. The picture is correct. The physics are correct. Let me explain.

      You can see by the two lines behind the patient that the doors flew open further up the hill, allowing the gurney to fall half way out of the van.

      This symbolizes the rushed method that O-Care was put together. There’s no handle or lock on the back door, no lug nuts on the wheels and apparently no door or window on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

      The gurney dragging on the ground caused the whole thing to shake… symbolizing that mostly sick people sign up for O-Care, shaking up of the whole system, exposing the flaws.

      The shaking caused the wheels to vibrate off lug bolts, causing them to leave the vehicle. Once the wheels flew off, the vehicle came to a quick stop, dragging on the ground, pushing some dirt forward. The gurney was already half out of the back, and since it wasn’t going very fast when the wheels came off, there was not sufficient force to push the gurney BACK INTO the van.

      Now as for the driver’s comment, the “single payer” vehicle is probably already on the drawing board somewhere and will be even more flawed. A huge vacuum on the front sucking up money, all kinds of luxury for the drivers, but a very small area for actual patient care.

    5. Easily explained by the “Law of Unintended Consequences” which means what is expected to happen either totally doesn’t or mostly doesn’t but many other things DO happen when gubment gets involved. And in pretty much every single instance none of it is good.

  5. That explains the mattress and pillows on the roof.

  6. A half-decent – for Bok – cartoon. There I said it.

    1. “It” being a compliment?

      1. let’s not get carried away there.

        1. Well, they couldn’t even get the patient “carried away”, so we’re on track so far.

  7. I see LightworkerCare paid for O! to get a duck bill implanted where his lips once were.

    Kudos, Bok!

    1. Swissy! Comment ca va? Happy Friday!

  8. I don’t get it.

    Awful. Therefore, perfect.

    Happy fucking Friday, Reasonoids! May a rare, death disease reach out and grab each of you and drag you slowly, painfully to your graves.

    Also – fried chicken.

    1. Almanian! I read your book, you magnificent bastard!

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