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In Colombes, France, the local housing authority has ordered a halal supermarket to sell alcohol and pork or it will shut the market down. The housing authority, from which the market leases its property, says the store is violating its lease, which calls for it to be a "general food store." Officials say the store also violates the nation's republican principles by prioritizing certain groups. The owner of the store says he is just selling what his customers want.

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    1. OYE!

    2. Such chutzpah these folks show.

  1. “We want a social mix. We don’t want any area that is only Muslim or any area where there are no Muslims,”

    Like that could ever happen in France.

    1. Morning. Next they’ll make them eat left handed.

      1. Well in all fairness some of us don’t use our hands so that might be an improvement. And good morning mammal

        1. So,your from Kentucky?

          1. Um no, I’m the sentient reptile neighbor to #Floridaman. I have parentless mammals to keep my food bowl full.

            1. Mornin’ reptile and Adans. Seriously just had vinegar pork and a beer for dinner. Yummy.

              1. Nice, I have a jimmy dean sausage and egg filled tater patty

    2. Ah yes. Enforcing conformity as a way to achieve diversity. Mr. Orwell, please call your office.

  2. Pork and alcohol desert!

    (Though pork and alcohol make a wonderful dessert. Mmmmmm bacon flavored bourbon….)

    1. I don’t eat much pork except bacon. More of a rare beef eater. Being a Browns fan,I would find it impossible to go without beer. [Although,the starting offense looked good last night.]

  3. Although,the starting offense looked good last night.

    I hear they’ll be signing Tebow shortly.

  4. Question – If this were a private landlord taking the same stance on the terms of the same lease, would anyone’s opinion on the matter change?

    1. Yes.

      1. Agreed.

        The USDA says the proposal is intended to ensure that SNAP beneficiaries have access to healthy food choices, especially in areas where they don’t have much choice about where to shop.

    2. A private landlord wold have had to include these terms in the lease and the store owner could have agreed or not to them.

      In this case the store owner signs a lease and then the ‘landlord’ – in this case the ‘housing authority’ because Europeans can’t be trusted to manage their own housing stock – is redefining the terms in very specific ways.

  5. I can’t imagine why ethnic communities in France feel marginalized.

    /heads over to Asian grocery while there’s still time

  6. Let’s Talk About Juanita Broaddrick

    I won’t be around for the links, but here’s a really weird feminist justification for rape, if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Seems that it boils down to it’s okay in this special case, because Clinton.

      1. Well, she makes a *general* case that its possible for a man to rape without realizing it or that a single instance of such (as she describes it) makes a man irredeemable.

        The question is – would she actually be willing to extend that to men in general or is this really something that only applies to Clinton because . . . he’s Clinton?

  7. “If we get rid of where they shop, not only will the attacks stop, they’ll even start to finally love us!”

  8. In what way is this different/the same as requiring gay wedding cakes? Discuss!

    1. Strictly speaking, this is an exercise of property rights. But the owner is government, so socialism is to blame.

    2. In this case the government is the landlord, so they can pull the ‘My roof, my rule,” card.

      Landlords do get to set up a set of rules like no pets/no smoking or whatever, and can bust you for lease violations. Without being an expert on French contract law, I’m OK with this.

      After all, if you sign a lease agreement that says no pets, and you adopt a puppy, then the landlord is within their rights to toss your ass out on the street. There’s no law against adopting puppies, but Landlords can evict you for violating a lease agreement.

      You can always try to argue with the landlord, but that’s a civil, not criminal issue. And as long as they keep it a civil issue, I have no problem with it.

      1. The legitimacy of the government being anybody’s landlord notwithstanding…

      2. If you sign a lease that say ‘general grocery store’ and then the landlord turns around and says that you have to sell pork and alcohol – *after you’ve signed the lease and started business* – I’d say that is a completely different situation.

        Not selling pork or alcohol or non-halal meat does not, IMO, stop you from being a ‘general grocery store’. They’ve got bread, fruits and vegetables, etc and I’m sure there are tons of groceries that other stores choose not to sell but no one is making a fuss about.

        And its France, its not like pork and alcohol (especially alcohol) are hard to find. There’s probably a package store right across the street.

    3. Or like requiring pharmacists to carry contraceptives and Plan B.

      (For the past couple of years, I’ve been arguing that it’s funny how people who say such pharmacists are imposing their religious beliefs never say the same thing about kosher markets that refuse to sell pork or halal markets that refuse to sell pork or alcohol. I see the Frogs are now taking that argument away from me.)

  9. Heh, the “gay wedding cake” angle applied to the Muslims…..

    Way to go France.

  10. He signed the contract. He’s got to abide by the contract.

    Why is this even coming up here? He took a voluntary action, no one forced him to open a store.

    Why is it always okay for Muslims to demand special rights?

    1. The contract doesn’t seem to specify a requirement to sell these items.

      1. Apparently it does.

        The Muslim is trying to weasel out of the contract he signed.

  11. They should be forced to bake wedding cakes for gay gentiles and Jews, all decorated with crunchy bacon bits, then they will be just as exceptional as Americans.

    1. while wearing the burka? kind of like Camp Cutthroat for whiney gay, muslim, jew losers!

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