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Thiel vs. Gawker, Silver Linings for President Clintrump, BLM Loses the Plot, and Did the L.P. Sell Out? The Fifth Column Returns

Malice subs for Moynihan in the Michael slot on the world's greatest libertarianish podcast


It's not my fault I love this. ||| Fifth Column fan art!
Fifth Column fan art!

On this week's episode of The Fifth Column, regular co-host Michael C. Moynihan was "on assignment for Vice News," so the fast-talking Russian-born anarchist Michael Malice slotted in to spread his unlikely but intriguing vision for why a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for liberty (short answer: she would be roundly hated, and soon driven out of office).

Other topics of discussion:

* Gary Johnson's latest debate prospects.

* Peter Thiel's unconvincing justification for driving Gawker to extinction, and what that tells us about how disturbingly easy it is for people to suppress speech they don't like via the legal system.

* Whether (as Malice contends) the Libertarian Party is selling out its philosophy by getting into pragmatic politics.

* Whether the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton, or whether it is driving that tank at stragglers who refuse to march in Hillary Clinton's parades.

* How bad on a scale from bad to worse is Trump's Putin connections and selective bellicosity compared to Clinton's Saudi connections and selective bellicosity.

* A new reason for Kmele Foster to hate on Black Lives Matter: charter schools.

* The unreconstructed awfulness of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

* Freethink's exciting new video-channel thingie.

Listen to the whole show right here:

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