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Thiel vs. Gawker, Silver Linings for President Clintrump, BLM Loses the Plot, and Did the L.P. Sell Out? The Fifth Column Returns

Malice subs for Moynihan in the Michael slot on the world's greatest libertarianish podcast


It's not my fault I love this. ||| Fifth Column fan art!
Fifth Column fan art!

On this week's episode of The Fifth Column, regular co-host Michael C. Moynihan was "on assignment for Vice News," so the fast-talking Russian-born anarchist Michael Malice slotted in to spread his unlikely but intriguing vision for why a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for liberty (short answer: she would be roundly hated, and soon driven out of office).

Other topics of discussion:

* Gary Johnson's latest debate prospects.

* Peter Thiel's unconvincing justification for driving Gawker to extinction, and what that tells us about how disturbingly easy it is for people to suppress speech they don't like via the legal system.

* Whether (as Malice contends) the Libertarian Party is selling out its philosophy by getting into pragmatic politics.

* Whether the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton, or whether it is driving that tank at stragglers who refuse to march in Hillary Clinton's parades.

* How bad on a scale from bad to worse is Trump's Putin connections and selective bellicosity compared to Clinton's Saudi connections and selective bellicosity.

* A new reason for Kmele Foster to hate on Black Lives Matter: charter schools.

* The unreconstructed awfulness of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

* Freethink's exciting new video-channel thingie.

Listen to the whole show right here:

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NEXT: Hillary Clinton's Terrible Tax Plan

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  1. A new reason for Kmele Foster to hate on Black Lives Matter: charter schools.

    He must hate black people. What next? Is he going to say that All Lives Matter? That’s crazy talk.

  2. Trump’s Putin connections aren’t as bad as Clinton’s Putin connections.

    Not unless Trump sold him all the uranium left in the country (after Hillary sold most of it) – and emailed him 4 year’s worth of the SecState’s correspondence.

    1. Whatever Trumps shortcomings may be, I’m not sure that you can get much worse than selling vital and dangerous government property to an ostensible antagonist purely for personal gain. That and the gross negligence with classified information also does not appear in the long list of Trump shortcomings. So there’s that. Yes yes he’s an orange buffoon blah blah blah. Trump may reek of stupidity, but Clinton absolutely reeks of the most sinister variety of unbridled corruption that one can imagine in a high level government official.

      1. Does the government own all uranium mines? If so, how is it that Canadian company controlled them?

        I’m not trying to be difficult (and certainly not arguing against the general awfulness and evil of Hillary). I honestly don’t get it.

    2. Wait, when did Hillary sell uranium to Putin (seriously asking)? I thought Russia had plenty of the stuff.

      1. OK, I’ve used Google and on a brief look, it looks like she might have used her influence as SOS to facilitate the sale of a Canadian mining company to a Russian company.

        I’m not yet entirely convinced that this is a good example of something terrible she’s done.

  3. What Gawker did was no different from News of the World. But nobody defended them because Murdoch.

    Principals over principles.

  4. Am I correct that what really screwed Gawker over was their refusal to take the content down after being ordered to do so for a judge? Because that makes a huge difference in how this will effect other news sources.

    1. From what i understand, yes – that, plus things like the following depositions from the editors =

      “Can you imagine a situation where a celebrity sex tape would not be newsworthy?” asked the lawyer, Douglas E. Mirell.

      “If they were a child,” Mr. Daulerio replied.

      “Under what age?” the lawyer pressed.


      1. What a smart alec trying to be a smarty smart-alec. Either way, quite the douche.

      2. Well yeah, that too. They were their own worst enemies in court, but legally, being a moron isn’t enough.

        1. Yes, their contempt was simply icing on the cake in the process of legally screwing-themselves.

          Because Theil didn’t screw Gawker – and neither did Hogan. They did it to themselves.

      3. God, what a terrible answer. At the least, he should have given the age as “sixteen”, but he really shouldn’t have backed himself into a question like that in the first place.

  5. Interesting interview over at Slate. More admittance that the media is in the tank for one candidate, but a interesting discussion on how this will not actually help that candidate win.


    1. He seems to think that media being in the tank for the Democrat is a recent thing attributable to Donald Trump. The media has been almost entirely in the tank for the Democrats for decades. That and I took umbrage with this:

      The other thing to think about in terms of what you just said is, normally, back in the day, if you had a candidate who said so many things and then changed his mind so often and the press uniformly said, “Look, this is bad, this person is telling untruths, and has been caught making these statements over and over again,” that would have been a death knell for any serious presidential candidate.

      The guy basically says that waffling candidates received a bipartisan reprimand for being untruthful in the past, as if all the bad parts of politics arose out of Trump but up until his arrival everything was just peachy. This is just another thinly veiled hit piece that repeatedly calls Trump “crazy” and “lunatic” without directly calling him those things, by merely taking those things for granted and criticizing other journos for being so blase’ about it.

  6. The Alantic has a long form article discussing the conditions that led to Trump’s rise. Mentions naturalizing illegal immigrants as something that the Republican elites are for but their base is wildly against. Furthermore discusses how focusing on that issue does not win them points with Latinos (who are more interested in education and healthcare), but loses them major points with their base.


  7. The Libertarian Party is selling out its philosophy by getting into pragmatic politics.

    If purity was so great we’d all choose to stay virgins.

    1. In your analogy, if embracing watered down centrism and moderation were akin to getting laid, then every vagina in the world would be a pile of roast beef mounted on hermaphroditic troll people. I for one, would choose to remain a virgin in that scenario.

      1. Well, it’s easy for you to say that now. But after a few years at sea, that roast beef sandwich starts to look pretty appealing.

        I do agree that his analogy misses the point a bit. But I really don’t care about the LP. If they become a moderate centrist party that can compete, there is nothing to stop people from forming their own party based on libertarian purity, is there. I don’t know why people put so much stock in the LP. There are plenty of better ways to get your libertarian purity fix.

  8. Hillary who? The media is now in the tank for Jill Stein. Get with the program, people.

    1. Jill who?

  9. “Whether (as Malice contends) the Libertarian Party is selling out its philosophy by getting into pragmatic politics.”

    Pragmatism? No, the Johnson-Weld ticket doesn’t even know how to sell out properly.

    It would be one thing if they appealed to the middle with such things like calling for the imprisonment of cocaine traffickers, or “saving Social Security.”

    But what pragmatic purpose is served by calling for compulsory nazi cakes? Where’s the political genius in alienating centrists and catering to hard-core Clinton-Stein voters (who aren’t going to vote Libertarian) by saying Hillary Clinton is totally awesome, or spewing repressive retardation about guns, or calling for a new federal jobs program for one specific racial group?

  10. A new reason for Kmele Foster to hate on Black Lives Matter: charter schools.

    I clicked the link to the piece mentioned above and, I have to confess: I found Dr. Andre Perry’s arguments completely unconvincing and, at many times, not rational even. To me it seemed like he thinks that Louisiana’s charter schools are not performing as well as he would like because everything and everybody is conspiring against black people including, apparently, the weather. And so BLM should look at charter schools because BLM seems to possess the Midas touch or something. It is just a stupid essay written by a man who should know better.

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