Donald Trump

The As(s)ininty of An Ideological Test That Donald Trump Would Fail

The chief peddler of hate wants to stop hate


Earlier this week, Donald Trump proposed to stop Muslims who hate on women and gays from coming to the country through an ideological litmus test. That's a laugh coming from the

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chief peddler of hate in this country. Indeed he and many of his followers would fail their own test, I note in my column at The Week.

Trump is trying to cloak his neo-reactionary agenda in progressive garb. But the idea of a test raises some rather troubling questions from the standpoint of limited government:

If President Trump can demand that Muslims believe in his version of women's equality — whatever that might be — what's to stop President Hillary Clinton from demanding allegiance to her version of women's rights? She could well make belief in reproductive rights a pre-condition for admitting Catholics. Or demand that prospective immigrants of any faith or persuasion adhere to liberal notions of gender equality and endorse affirmative action and eliminating the wage gap. How about government-funded child care so that women can be truly equal with men?

So why are #NeverTrump conservatarians at the National Review warming up to Trump's test?

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