Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Takes Miami; Pro-Cuban Trade, Anti-Venezuelan Regime Change


Gary Johnson has begun doing public events as part of his campaign for president, a new turn for what had been for months a strictly "earned media" (that is, being invited to talk on TV) run for president. Yesterday he spoke at Florida International University in Miami in front of "more than 500" people.

From a Palm Beach Post account of his press push thorough South Florida:

"We do believe that we occupy this big six-lane highway down the middle here, and our pitch is, you elect Trump, you elect Clinton, it's going to be more polarized than ever. And anybody that thinks otherwise is dreaming. So what if you elect a couple of Libertarians?" ….

Johnson told the FIU audience he's for ending "crony capitalism" and in favor of smaller government, abortion rights, term limits, the Second Amendment, ending the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and ending U.S. support for "regime change" overseas.

Johnson blamed U.S. pursuit of regime change for fueling the rise of Islamic State terrorism. Asked by an audience member about fighting ISIS now, Johnson said, "we will see that job through."

If he had a "magic wand," Johnson said, he'd favor replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax. But as president, he said he'd support any bill from Congress that simplifies and reduces taxes.

Despite his overall tax stance, Johnson said during the Univision taping that he's "open" to a tax aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

"You could implement a carbon tax that really isn't going to be revenue-generating as much as it is going to be self-regulating, that you would actually reduce carbon emission through a tax like that and ultimately reduce costs," Johnson said.

Amusing details from Johnson's attempt to hit famous Cuban-American restaurant Versailles; he and a media team were booted because the manager who was expecting him wasn't there to approve.

Some details, first of all on Cuba policy, always very important in Miami:

"I applaud Obama for what he's done," Johnson, a former Republican, said about the president's decision to lift some sanctions against the island. "I'm looking forward to visiting Cuba and I think it's long overdue. Free trade is really how we bring the world together."….

He shows he's good at the retail politics by praising the local favorite coffee:

"Oh my goodness, whoa," Johnson exclaimed after his first sip of the Miami staple. "Boy, this is one of life's greatest pleasures right here. If I lived here this would have to be part of the routine, oh my gosh."

He was bold enough to admit there are problems people might throw at him that he saw no clear presidential solution for, such as Venezuela's socialist crisis:

The Libertarian nominee didn't have a specific solution to Venezuela, beyond saying that he won't support the U.S. government getting involved in regime change.

"I don't want to speak to anything that I really don't understand and I don't understand what's happening in Venezuela or what we might be able to do to remedy that," Johnson said.

In other Johnson news:

• Ed Morrissey at Hot Air thinks that the Johnson/Weld ticket is more "no labels centrist" than hardcore libertarian, and notes Weld's tendency to give less libertarian answers to questions than Johnson, even when they are sitting next to each other.

• Johnson speaks to Fox Business in defense of more open immigration policy.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown reported earlier today on Johnson's statements against hate crime law made while in Miami.

NEXT: The Justice Department Is Wrong. Private Prisons Aren't the Problem.

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  1. god damn, this election cycle sucks.

    1. Don’t worry, soon we will have President Clinton Squared and you will be longing for the quiet calmness and altruistic reflections of the 2016 election year.

      Chin up!

  2. Amusing details from Johnson’s attempt to hit famous Cuban-American restaurant Versailles; he and a media team were booted because the manager who was expecting him wasn’t there to approve.


    1. Actually, that is pretty funny.

      ” Hello, I am Gary Johnson. My friend Ernesto was supposed to let me in tonight.”


      “Ernesto. He said he would get me in tonight.”

      “No, no, no. Who are you?”

      “I am Gary Johnson. I am running for president.”

      “Sure you are. Step aside Mr. Johnson, those people behind you have reservations.”

      Apparently Ernesto ‘called in sick’.

    2. That place is gonna be making so many cakes.

        1. I actually did.

  3. He was bold enough to admit there are problems people might throw at him that he saw no clear presidential solution for, such as Venezuela’s socialist crisis:

    Oil price crisis, Doherty. It’s like you’re channeling some kind of Reason veteran.

    1. “Well, I could solve Venezuela’s socialist dictator crisis, but first I’d have to go Congress to get a declaration of war, which I really don’t plan on doing”.

      1. Speaking of regime change.

        What are the odds Maduro is ousted and (ideally) hanging from a lamppost in the next year?

    2. “The clear U.S. Presidential solution for Venezuela’s socialist crisis is to make sure the U.S. doesn’t become socialist, so when the Venezuelan government’s wheels fall off we’ll still be prosperous enough to send any humanitarian aid they request. Hillary Clinton, of course, will disagree with that, since she seems bent on having her administration repeat all the same mistakes that got Venezuela into it’s mess.”

  4. What’s the connection between Versailles and Cuba?

    Also. What in the fuck? He’s for a carbon tax? I didn’t read Morrissey, but sounds like he’s about on track with that assertion.

    Still. Better than the other two.

    1. The problem I have with a carbon tax… or how it’s frame is, it’s supposed to be a tax on “emitters”. And emitters tend to be what environmentalists usually classify as ‘unfavored industries’.

      Oil companies, factories and what not. If I buy gas at the pump, I’m the emitter. If I buy something made in a factory, I’m driving the emission. this idea that emitters are a bunch of cigar-chomping, mustache-twirling Big Men, laughing on top of a pile of money while they actively destroy the environment is stupid.

      So again, when the enviros fly all over the planet visiting their COPx conferences, they’re the emitter.

      1. The AlGores and other such con artists aren’t going to pay carbon taxes anymore than the billionaires ranting about millionaires and billionaires are going to pay their fair share.

  5. I have seen a couple dozen comments today from people claiming to be registered libertarians who will not be voting Johnson. Most because of Weld, who could easily have been Clinton’s VP pick, but also because of Johnson and his Nazi cake policy.

    These guys are no libertarians and neither especially better than Trump.

    Credit where credit is due; Johnson is right about regime change in Venezuela. As bad as things are there and as tempting as it is to give it to someone who deserves it good and hard, it would be a mistake. It is their own doing, they have to be the ones to undo it. As my grandfather used to warn me – You cant stir the shit without getting it on you.

    1. It boggles my mind how so-called, or self-proclaimed libertarians won’t vote for Johnson.

      1. I’m not. I just spent 4 years telling myself that I wasn’t ever gonna compromise on my vote like I did with Romney, and I have 3 options that suck just as bad, if not worse than him.

        Sorry, Johnson and Weld are really shitty LP candidates, and are openly hostile to Christian, gun-loving, pro-life libertarians like me.

        1. It just occurred to me that my sarcometer needs a massive readjustment.

        2. The LP candidates are almost always pro-choice, as that’s the party platform. Johnson has been pretty consistently good on gun rights. Weld was lackluster in the 90s, though he has renounced his support for gun control at the time (who knows how sincere that is).

        3. Are you sure your not a Trumpette because what your saying sounds like the same script the Trump people have been tossing around. If you were really a Libertarian you would know the truth about Johnson’s position and wouldn’t have to have it explained to you.

      2. I know, right? Its like they just want all those M1903s turned into automatic engines of mass destruction.

    2. Not a fan of Weld, but don’t fool yourself, Clinton never would have picked him. As much as conservatives and libertarians dislike him, he would be run out of the Democratic Party in 2 seconds for multiple reasons.

    3. Ah…the single issue voter. Saving the world from public accommodation law. Thank Christ the CRA is going to go away under Trump and/or Clinton.

      1. I still can’t understand why we hate you.

    4. These guys are no libertarians and neither especially better than Trump.

      That’s ridiculous and you know it. Trump is awful on civil liberties, awful on spending, and at best unknowable on foreign policy because of his habit of espousing contradictory views.

      Johnson is vanilla paste in competition with shit sandwich and shard of glass popsicle. It’s pretty clear which one I’d rather have.

      1. I think of it this way as a partial conservatarian.

        The principles I care about are (in rough order of importance) cutting spending, free religion, free trade, being pro-life, gun rights, corporate deregulation, and privacy protection. My opinions on drugs, immigration, and foreign policy exist but won’t override these seven.

        I’m the last person who will tell you that I refuse to vote Republican, because the nominal Republican position on every single one of those is libertarian except abortion (which I take the right-wing side on). Privacy is debatable obviously, Rs have both pro- and anti-privacy factions as do Ds.

        But Trump isn’t a nominal Republican, and is openly hostile to Republican/libertarian ideas on spending, trade, privacy, and free religion, while being ambiguous or squishy on guns and abortion.

        Literally every candidate in the race sucks on free religion, so while Gary’s gay Nazi cakes are horrifying they’re completely par for the course this year.

        My other difference from Gary is on abortion but as the president has fairly little impact on abortion it would be a dumb place to draw the line.

        I, in a nutshell, am one of the Austin Peterson crowd, completely willing in theory to vote Republican, and I think the idea that Trump is no worse than Johnson is ludicrous.

      2. Johnson — and even Weld, who ultimately matters no more than Biden did –are FAR better than the two frightening and nauseating alternatives. That anyone would care so much about wedding cakes to say they are no better than Trump or Clinton is asinine.

        Newsflash: the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. And the perfect libertarian, however you want to define that, would probably never lower themselves to getting involved in the shit show that is politics.

        1. My question still remains over the broader issues of Freedom of Religion/Freedom of Association with Johnson. There’s so much focus on the meme-worthy “gay nazi cake” issue that no one asks about his take on matters like the Little Sisters of the Poor insurance case (or even the related Hobby Lobby one). Freedom of Religion cases can, in a rough estimation, be divided between those where the religious persons are the actor (such as bakers or photographers deciding on whom to serve) and those where they’re at the mercy of other actors (such ACA abortifacient requirements or petitions for practice inside jail). The latter is seemingly never spoken about, despite the nexus of First Amendment rights, market practices, and centralized government assumptions. As a pro-life Catholic, of course such cases matter to me ? but, as someone who deeply cares classical liberalism, I also concern myself about for more libertarian purposes.

  6. C’mon, Doherty, it’s like you are not even trying. You could have headlined this with:

    Johnson Pleasure Routine Would Include Local Coffee

  7. This is the ideal Hit & Run comment. You may not like it, but this is what peak posting looks like.

    1. I love self-referential comments, like this one.

    2. To which are you referring?

      1. Or beta, I’m not sure which.

  8. “Oh my goodness, whoa,” Johnson exclaimed after his first sip of the Miami staple. “Boy, this is one of life’s greatest pleasures right here. If I lived here this would have to be part of the routine, oh my gosh.”

    Never has a candidate sounded so presidential.

    1. And no mention of what that coffee is. Around here is it Community Coffee, River Road, French Market or Mellow Joy.

      I love coffee.

      Ah, there it is;…..gQodjIUGxA

      I would appreciate if anyone wants to weigh in on this.

      1. That poor lady had so much coffee she needs to use the bathroom real bad.

        1. It’s not the weekend Eddie.

          1. What, I’m commenting on the lady in the ad who’s jumping around a lot.

    2. Never has a candidate sounded so presidential.

      “Oh wow, wait. Wait. Okay?” Johnson exclaimed after spitting out his first sip of the Miami staple, “Johnson Coffee is the greatest coffee in the world. Okay? Not like this swill. Swill. Together, if you drink my Johnson Coffee, we will make Coffee Great Again. Great. Really great. Uuge Johnson Coffee. Okay?”

      There – now even more presidential.

      1. This is almost making me want to vote for him.

    3. That shit is good, though. When I worked in Miami for a while, they’d make a batch for everyone.

    4. “Oh my goodness, whoa,” Johnson exclaimed after his first sip of the Miami staple. “Boy, this is one of life’s greatest pleasures right here. If I lived here this would have to be part of the routine, oh my gosh.”

      Never has a candidate sounded so presidential.

      Quick, alert the #NeverTrump types of Johnson’s Reagan-like behavior regarding local tasty treats!

  9. that stock photo tho

  10. “Whhen the Commission on Presidential Debates on Monday finalized its rules for determining which candidates get invited to this fall’s headline debates, it suddenly made Libertarian dark-horse candidate Gary Johnson’s job a whole lot harder.”

    1. *shrugs*
      It would be hypocritical to bemoan Stein’s spoiler role and call for her to be removed from polls, considering she’s polling at a higher percentage than a libertarian has ever gotten in the actual election. It sucks for Johnson but using the same exclusionary tactics as the two-party system isn’t the answer.

  11. How is Johnson’s outreach to the Left going?

    “If you live in a state that doesn’t want to restrict your access to, say, public restrooms, voting rights, a minimum wage, or basic medical care, then great. If you do, Johnson doesn’t have much to offer you in terms of policy. But he does have a lot to say about “debate” and “discussion.”…

    “We already live in a country where your ability to access basic rights is largely contingent on where you live?look at abortion in Mississippi or voting rights in North Carolina. Some people might call that an arbitrarily discriminatory system that needs active federal intervention.

    “Gary Johnson just calls it “small government.””

    1. This is my shocked face.

    2. I don’t think anyone was ever under any illusions that Johnson would win a huge portion of the left vote or compete for the presidency. His strategy has clearly been to build a brand that has broad appeal across the spectrum – from disaffected Bernie supporters who care more about being anti-establishment or legal weed and reduced surveillance than socialist ideology, to NeverTrump Republicans and centrists dissatisfied with both options. If the polls hold up (which is questionable, as 3rd party support historically drops come election time), he’d be the most successful 3rd party candidate since Nader. He’s getting, by 3rd party standards, good support from across the spectrum.

      I think Johnson has said or done some specific things that turned off libertarians and conservatives that didn’t necessarily provide an offsetting positive benefit, but as a general strategy, I find it difficult to argue that doubling down on appealing to hardcore libertarians plus pandering to staunch conservatives, while ignoring the rest of the electorate, would be a better campaign. Hardcore libertarians are a very small portion of the electorate, and most of the staunch conservatives will ultimately back Trump because they hate Hillary that much and they wouldn’t want to waste their vote on a third party.

      1. “doubling down on appealing to hardcore libertarians plus pandering to staunch conservatives”

        See below – you can’t just wave off the Johnson/Weld ticket’s calls for more protected classes, more “jobs programs,” and more gun-control laws by saying, “oh, sure, he’s not, air-quotes, ‘pure,’ and he isn’t as hardcore as you’d want, derp derp.”

    3. I would have liked a better VP pick than Weld, and it would be nice if Johnson was more charismatic, eloquent and consistently libertarian without alienating most of his potential support. But I’m not at all convinced that the campaign the conservative-leaning people hear wish he had ran would be more successful.

      1. I wouldn’t want him to run a conservative-oriented campaign, because he’s not a conservative and I wouldn’t ask him to lie.

        I might be interested in him if he said, for example, that “I won’t challenge the Civil Rights Act but on the other hand I won’t make it worse.” Instead, he thinks the CRA isn’t strong enough and isn’t sufficiently repressive against religious freedom.

        And I wouldn’t so much mind if Johnson’s hand-picked running mate said, “I don’t want to make radical cuts in jobs programs at this junction, let’s look for savings elsewhere.” But I draw the line at “let’s spend *more* in the name of ‘jobs programs’ for black people because that *totally* worked before!”

        I wouldn’t so much mind if Johnson’s handpicked running mate said, “I don’t want to roll back the gun-control laws, I just don’t think we need new ones.” But that’s not what Weld said; Weld wants *new* gun-control laws.

        See the pattern?

        1. JOHNSON: “Screw religious freedom! I agree 73% with Bernie Sanders!”

          WELD: “More gun control! Jobs programs!”

          CONSERVATIVE VOTER: “I’m going to vote for someone else.”

          H&R COMMENTERS: “See, we *told* you that it was a waste of time trying to appeal to these Jesus freak nutjob conservatives!”

          1. And of course, abortion is the icing on the (national socialist) cake.

    4. I think his best bet is to focus on the independents and the Republicans who are pissed that a Democrat is running on their ticket. Registered Democrats are highly unlikely to go for the small government message, so let Jill Stein erode Clinton’s support among Democrats. As much as Stein is hurting Johnson’s chances of getting to 15%, I think she will be an asset in the general election if it starts looking like Johnson has a real chance of winning.

  12. OT: Plastic Surgery for Children

    Anyone talk about this today? Been out and about.

    1. But remember, “conversion therapy” is the worst thing since Auschwitz.

      1. It should be a crime to talk anyone out of life-altering medical decisions made in the midst of puberty.

    2. So…are all you sexual revolutionaries having a Kronstadt Moment?

      “This term refers to the Kronstadt rebellion of 1921, in which Soviet sailors, soldiers, and others turned against Lenin and the Bolsheviks and were, of course, crushed like bugs. Since then, some ex-Communists and ex-leftists have spoken of their “Kronstadt.” The term has a couple of definitions: It can refer to the moment of one’s disillusionment with the Party; or it can refer to the moment at which one took a stand against the Party. In any case, this moment, for some, was the Nazi-Soviet pact. For others, it was Khrushchev’s “secret speech.” For others, it was the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution, or the suppression of the Prague Spring. Many, of course, have never quite had a Kronstadt.”

    3. These parents act like their child’s wishes and a quack’s prescription trump their parental authority.

  13. Too little too late Gary, you lazy fuck.


    But it was not a ransome ransome

    1. What’s funny is that 2 weeks ago, every media outlet was writing ‘explainers’ how this most-definitely, undoubtedly, certainly, no-question was never/not/no-way/not-remotely “ransom”.

      now, basically everyone in Washington basically admits, ‘well, yeah… i mean, ok, duh’.

      What’s hilarious is that this sort of thing was the kind of public-duplicity that would cause a massive scandal. Now its like, “Throw it on the pile over there!”

      I don’t expect there will be much revisiting of editorials at the WaPo or NYT. Instead there’s some inverse Gell-Mann effect, where newspapers will forget they ever said such things, and instead simply edit-in the new Govt version of events and insist that things have always been this way.

      1. Pravda had more integrity than these people. The guys at North Korean News Service think that the American media lays it on a bit thick at times.

        1. Today SD Spokeshole :

          “So you wouldn’t have given them the $400 Million in cash (terrorist-ready untraceable older currency from multiple countries) unless they released the hostages, correct?

          This is a week ago, State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau-

          “I’m not going to get into the tick-tock of specifics,” she said in a press conference on Monday, “but claims that our freed Americans were not allowed to depart Iran until a plane full of cash landed anywhere are false. As U.S. officials have previously publicly discussed, there was a delay in our citizens being released that day that had nothing to do with the Hague settlement and was related to resolving some last-minute issues solely related to the prisoners ? most importantly, locating and ensuring all of the individuals who were involved with the prisoner swap were on the plane and ready to depart ? Mr. Rezaian, Mr. Abedini, Mr. Hekmati. …..So I think that answers your question.”

          HAHA FYTW. Good job idiots, you just gave them jihadi cash to kill more westerners in exchange for four hostages of which have already been replaced.


      2. Orwell’s memory hole in action……….

    2. “This wasn’t some nefarious deal,” the president said. “It wasn’t a secret. We were completely open with everybody about it and it is interesting to me how suddenly this became a story again.”

      Translation: “I told the media to keep a lid on this and it worked for a while but then it got too juicy and those fuckers had to go and blab about it anyway.”

  15. A courageous white progressive uncovers the hidden root cause of the Milwaukee riots.

    You’ll never guess what it is! Here’s a hint:

    “If you start 200 years ago and walk through American history…”

    1. …and don’t forget “neoliberalism and its culture of cruelty.”

      1. Need to come up with a name for the corollary to Godwin that compares everything to ISIS.

  16. …a national sales tax…

    Johnson said during the Univision taping that he’s “open” to a tax aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

    New taxes

    Burqa bans

    Gun bans

    “Humanitarian wars”

    Criminal and or civil penalties for refusing to bake a cake for members of a protected class, like Nazis or gays.

    Dedicated public servant Hitlery Kkklinton.

    Drug prohibition

    A stronger EPA

    Federal crackdown on white slavery “sex trafficking”

    Taxpayer-funded abortions

    “Freedom From Religion, Not Freedom OF Religion”

    Johnson/Weld 2016

    1. Hey, so I don’t see mass surveillance on that list. And so, my vote is won.

      1. William Weld proposed thousands more FBI agents to do that very thing. (CNN Town Hall II) GayJay didn’t disagree.

        1. Yeah, SIV, that guy Trump is really sumpin’, hunh?

        2. FBI? Naw, man, I’m talking NSA here.

  17. Geez, have you ever had such good Messican assecks? I mean, gosh, this is going to be part of my daily routine. Gee whiz.

    1. That candidate has my vote.

      1. At this point I’m tempted to throw in a joke about Cheech and Chong being gay, but that would be really offensive.

        1. I insist. Go on…

          1. Actually, that *was* the joke.

  18. Sentence I never thought I’d type: good column on HuffPo where a black Democrat looks at the track record of her party’s long-standing dominance of big city governments and wonders when the bloc voting by black communities for Democrats is going to start having any benefit for them.…..ign=buffer

    1. They just have to vote harder.

    2. Inexplicably, voting for a party that has organizational continuity with the party running the Confederacy has worked out badly for black people. It’s hard to imagine, but there you have it.

    3. I read that whole thing.

      Its freaking spot-on about *everything*.

      So much so that – and i’m angry with myself for feeling this – you almost suspect that it was ghost written for her by some conservative. But then there are some parts where its clear she’s pissed off, and for all the right reasons.

      Suggesting that blacks stop being Democrats or Liberals would be a waste of my time, but what I am suggesting is that we require white liberals to do more than pat us on the head and tell us they know better. Free programs aren’t enough, nor are they actually free for African-Americans. How many stories have we heard of African-Americans being excessively fined for minor civil infractions or misdemeanor criminal matters? Those fines are used for running a system that not only doesn’t work for our community but many times exposes us to a criminal justice system that causes us to become unemployable or financially decimates our families.

      Remember Eric Garner, the man in New York that died from a chokehold for selling loose cigarettes? That enforcement order was created during Democratic Mayor and Democratic Governor’s administrations. I’m sure that they believed that the revenue generated by the cigarette tax would fund important programs for the poor, but there was a real cost to African-Americans in the community who were fined, harassed, incarcerated and, in the case of Eric Garner, died over a tax.

      So much good stuff in there.

      1. That article needs to be posted as a retort to every retarded millenial lefty, with the note that, “this was written for you”

    4. Horrifying. This lady should just get on with it and vote for Trump, who will make Black lives better. I went to the author’s Twitter page and almost gouged my eyes out at the chirpy pablum. Essential reading for right-wingers who think liberals are keeping Black people on some proverbial plantation. Talk about smug.

      1. Getting worried they may leave your plantation huh?

      2. Getting worried they may leave your plantation huh?

      3. Golden shackles, funded by taxpayers, keep black people poor and complacent.

        Read Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning” to educate yourself. Take away a persons meaning in life and they lose their survival instincts, drive, and self-worth. That’s what govt entitlements do to people. The resulting crime, unemployment, and broken families are entirely predictable.

    5. where a black Democrat looks at the track record of her party’s long-standing dominance of big city governments

      Unfortunately she blames everything on white limousine liberals not really caring enough.

      There’s still no comprehension that it might be the liberal policies themselves that are causing the problems she sees.

      1. There’s still no comprehension that it might be the liberal policies themselves that are causing the problems she sees.

        I don’t think so at all.

        She flags liberal opposition to 1) school choice, 2) liberal big-city-mayors who’re primarily responsible for stop-&-frisk policies, 3) lack of liberal priority with criminal justice reform (while expressing some anger that 4)”immigrants” get so much attention and pity)..

        It’s ironic that the liberal elites proudly proclaim the inhumanity of deportation which could break up the families of these immigrants, but they are more than happy to justify the need to send black men and women to prison for minor infractions, thus separating the families of American citizens. Where is the outrage for our families?

        … then cites democrats habit of offering blacks 5) “free stuff” being mostly self-serving…

        Free programs aren’t enough, nor are they actually free for African-Americans. How many stories have we heard of African-Americans being excessively fined for minor civil infractions or misdemeanor criminal matters? Those fines are used for running a system that not only doesn’t work for our community but many times exposes us to a criminal justice system that causes us to become unemployable

        …and also noting that “Progressive” tax policies tend to punish the poor…

        and more.

  19. Excuse me. This is the ideal Hit & Run comment. Only Hitler could find it to be disagreeable.

  20. “I don’t want to speak to anything that I really don’t understand and I don’t understand what’s happening in Venezuela or what we might be able to do to remedy that,” Johnson said.

    Look Johnson, it’s not very hard. I’ll go through it step by step:

    1) Ally with someone opposed to [insert badguy here] Maduro, no matter how bad they are themselves
    2) Bomb the shit out of everyone and everything not with our chosen puppet leader
    3) ????
    4) Peace and prosperity

    How hard is the plan to understand?

    1. Did you steal that in the DNC hack, or did you listen to a Trump speech?

  21. “Gary Johnson opposes hate crime laws, roots for death of innocent children of color”.

    He’ll lost 3% of the vote when Clinton unleashes her attack dogs on him. And I’m only half joking.

  22. Until Gary gets this treatment, he won’t be taken seriously.

    1. ENB did this already? Great minds. Damn.

  23. My mothers neighbour is working part time and averaging $9000 a month. I’m a single mum and just got my first paycheck for $6546! I still can’t believe it. I tried it out cause I got really desperate and now I couldn’t be happier. Heres what I do,


  24. “? Ed Morrissey at Hot Air thinks that the Johnson/Weld ticket is more “no labels centrist” than hardcore libertarian, and notes Weld’s tendency to give less libertarian answers to questions than Johnson, even when they are sitting next to each other”

    I essentially agree. Johnson has taken a look at the Republicans and concluded that there’s nothing there worth salvaging. At least someone has integrity. I won’t be sending money to rand Paul, or mike lee or Justin amash or Thomas massie– all of whom would restrict a women’s right to choose or go along with some Republican’s bullshit war.

    1. So send it to the dems for their own wars?

      1. Or their own restrictions on women’s right to choose (their healthcare provider)?

    2. Having a conscience on the subject of abortion is, like, so passe.

      1. What we need is top men to decide what women do with their bodies.

        1. Amsoc joins in chant. “Yeah, Yeah! Hands off Uterus! Hands off Uterus!”

          “Um, I think they’re saying `Hands off Uber-Lyft`”, someone informs him.

          “Oh, then stick your fist in far enough to kill’em.”

        2. So, why the fuck are you ok with top men deciding other shit you fucking cretin?

        3. How… dare…

          *takes exasperated breath*


    3. You’re voting for Clinton, who never met a war she didn’t love. You’re a nasty, hypocritical piece of shit. Please stop shitting up threads.

  25. Hey soc when you going to show around the utopia of Venezuela

    1. I merely point out the price of oil, the economic plight of Tex-Ass, and the fact that Venezuela was poor before Hugo Chavez and people get so upset. I want people to have a good time here so thanks, but no thanks.

      1. Skip to the part where you say something extremely racist about Asians.

        1. Or the part where he wishes he could enforce forced labour and massacres on various groups he doesn’t like. You know, the things amsoc actually likes about Venezuela and the Soviet Union.

          1. Kazakhs are Muslim Asians, you know.

            1. *Amsoc dusts off his commissar cosplay and Lubyanka kit*

  26. Jezebel comentariate on Bill Clinton today:

    8/18/16 7:37pm
    I don’t know if I’ll ever come to terms with how much of a fox I find Bill Clinton…in that picture, now, I don’t care, I would do bad things with that man.

    Is that so wrong?

    8/18/16 7:44pm
    Still would. No shame

    8/18/16 7:45pm
    Shame is the tool of the patriarchy.

    8/18/16 7:49pm
    He’s 35 years older than me, and when I met him as a 20-something, I was like “yep…would.”

    Socks: Olympic Jockstrap Bandit
    8/18/16 7:52pm
    No shame. I would break that man.

    8/18/16 8:00pm
    I used to be so hot for Bill Clinton until someone (who didn’t know my secret lust) told me he looks like my dad and wow, talk about a (lady)boner killer.

    8/18/16 8:07pm
    There’s always Obama. At least that is what I tell myself.

    1. Tupiniquim – white cat with hands is all of us
      8/18/16 8:09pm
      If it makes you feel better, Bill Clinton would bang you with 100% certainty! Have you seen the John Mulaney bit about him and his mom? Priceless!

      8/18/16 8:24pm
      Co-signing. Met him as a 20-something as well…when he took my hand everyone else in the room faded away.

      8/18/16 8:40pm
      When I met him I walked away (with very weak knees) finally understanding the word “charisma”. Also, everyone who sees the photo asks me if his hand is on my ass. It wasn’t. Dammit.

      Jezebel’s comment section. Known for their virulent cries of misogyny if someone remarks that a runway model is attractive. In response to Bill Clinton’s 70th birthday.

      Just….. I can’t even with these people… Can you even? Because I can’t even.

        1. I shan’t even.

          1. I shat seven.

  27. Gary Johnson was on Adam Carollas show recently and I think Carolla put it in the right light. “I agree with the guy on a lot of points but he showed up in flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt”. I can’t vote for that.

    1. The only person running that respects gun rights is Trump.

  28. Maybe you could phrase it as Johnson is against the USA imposing regime change on Venezuela, because the way you have it makes it sound like he against the regime being changed at all.

  29. The obvious solution to Venezuela is for some group like Voice of America to print up a bunch of custom rolls of toilet paper, printed with classical liberal and anti-communist material on the sheet, then airdrop it into the country ? while the denizens are happily able to take shits again, they’ll be able to read the paper on the roll (bonus points for including crossword puzzles on some sheets) and turn against Chavismo!

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