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Rockwood, Tennessee, police officer Jared Hall has been placed on paid leave after firing a live round during an active-shooter drill at a Roane County school. Students were not present during the drill, but teachers and staff were. Officers were supposed to fire blanks so that teachers could learn what gunshots sound like.

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  1. Nah it wouldn’t be cheaper and easier to just take a field trip to an indoor range and leave the cans off for a couple rounds of .45 Gotta do this the right way; on taxpayer time.

  2. Shooting in an enclosed space is foolish . In a hall or class room it’s a good way to damage hearing. So much for cops being ‘well trained’ in firearms.

    1. They are good at sticking their fingers and saying, “Nah, Nah. I can’t hear you.” And, Mornin’.

      1. How do they stick their fingers in their ears with their head up their ass? That’s a hell of a trick.

        1. How do they stick their fingers in their ears with their head up their ass?

          Some people use their thumbs.

    2. I sometimes get the impression that their training focuses on their not being responsible for their actions.

      “Don’t worry about hearing damage. That’s a disability ticket. Not only that, but the family of the person you killed will pay the hospital bill. And don’t worry about what is behind your target. If you miss then the target will be charged with a crime. Have fun causing pain and misery, that’s what being a cop is all about!”

  3. Nice shoot! I think a photographer is one of the most interesting and, sometimes, dangerous professions. As for the gun, I’m sure it shouldn’t be studied at schools and colleges, but parents must be ready for all situations and take care for their children.

  4. If more cops fired blanks, we could wipe out sociopathy in a generation.

    1. I see what you did there.

      1. Morning to you also

  5. “Knowledge is power. It’s a program to try to educate teachers what they might hear.”

    I’d wager policemen “accidentally” shooting is far more likely than an active shooter. So…Success!!

  6. Anyone who’s been in active shooter training knows how amped up the presenters get during them. It’s like a porn addict being able to not only visit an adult film set but direct one of the shoots. No doubt there are true believers out there conducting some of these, but others any good intentions seem incidental at best.

    This guy, if only he had said that pep rally poster made him fear for his life…

  7. Well this just seems like a poorly thought out exercise.

    Whatever happened to basic safety ideas like don’t point a gun at something or someone unless you plan to put a bullet in them? I was taught that rule #1 of basic gun safety is always assume the gun is loaded. Even firing blanks isn’t 100% safe, just ask Brandon Lee. Teaching cops to violate basic rules of gun safety seems like one of the dumber ideas I’ve ever seen.

    1. Your forgetting the # 1 rule of policing, officer safety first.

      1. Except if they were actually sincere about officer safety, they would have had a master of arms collect guns, and then hand out blank filled guns.

        This story is fractally stupid. The more you think about it, the dumber it becomes.

        1. fractal stupid

          Very nice.

          1. *fractally*

            *** gets coffee ***

    2. Basic safety ideas are for people who are held responsible for their actions. Cops are taught to panic fire, and then charge their target with a crime when they miss.

      1. Sounds like Obamacare.

      2. As they couldn’t charge the wall with anything, the shooter was kind of held to a minimum level of responsible.

        1. Not very creative of you, Fist of Citation; you charge the wall with resisting arrest since the wall won’t respond to commands.* Then the shoot is justified. It’s like you never took a Balko nutpunch or something; clearly Froot Sooshi’s mediocrity has infected you.

          *has mental image of Fist of Decibels yelling at wall expecting a response.

    3. let’s see, government program – check, poorly thought out – check, implemented with disastrous or unintended consequence – double check…all is well, you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

  8. looking at the picture, my shotgun has more protuberances than his!!!

    1. Like this? And you happen to sell ice cream and have a bald-pony tail, perchance?

      1. That does not look like a comfortable grip or well thought out distribution of triggers.

      2. puppies, I deal exclusively in lost puppies…

      3. couldn’t open the link of work computer…but now I can see that worthy piece of equipment…kind of like a great big pepper box…I want one

  9. Couldn’t hit the librarian?

  10. Maybe he should have shot a teacher and shown what can happen when you don’t arm yourself.

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