Trump Talks Immigration Plan, Death Toll Rises in Louisiana Flooding, Yemeni Hospital Hit in Airstrike: P.M. Links


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  1. Donald Trump’s big speech today on foreign policy and immigration involves an ideological test for those who want to enter the country.

    The test will be very tastefully done.

    1. How about “Are you now or have you ever been a member of an Islamist group?”

      1. [Looks at bottle of Heinz ketchup]

        There are 57 card-carrying Islamists in the State Department!

    2. If you get a perfect score, you get to be Trump’s next wife.

      1. Even if male.

        1. Obviously, some extensive surgical modifications may be necessary.

          1. Even if female.

            1. I believe SugarFree has covered this aspect of The Donald’s sexuality in his “fiction.”

              1. That shit is a documentary. SF’s on the ground, collecting data.

              2. His friction fiction.

    3. The test will be yuuuuuge!

    4. Hello.

      1. ‘Suf Ruf?

    5. “I hold in my tiny little hand a list of bad, bad dudes!”

  2. Doctors Without Borders says a hospital it helped operate in Yemen has been hit by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, resulting in casualities.

    “They hate Doctors Without Borders! Stay away from Doctors Without Borders!”

    1. Fuck ’em. They were providing aid to the enemy.

        1. The patients were muslims and all muslims are radical muslims. Those kids were already jihadi.

          1. If they didn’t wanna get blowed up, they shoulda been born in an awesome Western society instead of some crappy Islam place!

      1. You were Kos along?!!

  3. Yemen vs Saudi Arabia? I am confused, who are WE supposed to bomb?

    1. Nuke it from orbit, it is the only way to be sure.

    2. Never Saudi Arabia. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      1. Honestly, there really is no fucking reason why we should have anything to do with those fucking camel-fuckers anymore. Fracking, Canadian oil, shale oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear can supply all of our energy needs and all the petroleum products we need. Not that companies shouldn’t be free to trade with them, but we don’t NEED them.

        1. I don’t think it’s about the resources as much as the Arabian Peninsula is an excellent strategic location for our bombers and such.

          Uncle Sugar has a looong reach thanks to them.

          1. Yes, we need to keep bombing the Middle East so we can have bases for all the bombers we’re using to bomb the Middle East.

            1. It’s a pyramid scheme!

            2. I’m pretty sure that sums up the logic pretty well.

              You let us bomb who we want from your country, then we’ll help you bomb who you want from your country.

              I wasn’t saying it’s a great idea, I just think that the location is advantageous for war hawks to “Secure American Interest” which is the main reason America has “anything to do with those fucking camel-fuckers “

  4. “Burqini” bans are spreading in France because protests have turned violent.

    Mankinis are still okay there, right?

    1. I think they’re required.

    2. This is France. It’s required that you wear something that’s spandex that barely covers your nether-regions. The fatter you are, the smaller the area the spandex should cover.

      1. First sentence: good

        Second sentence: awful

      2. Technically, it’s all the same amount of Spandex. “One size, fits small”

    3. France is banning people from Burquina Fatso?

      1. John hardest hit.

        1. Well, the first two words anyways

  5. …August means California is on fire. More than 100 buildings have been destroyed in wildfires.

    All of them described as bungalows.

    1. I saw the smoke from the air yesterday. It was pretty bad.

    2. The Santa Annas are another California feature I will not miss.

      1. It’s awesome at the beach. Hot, and great waves.

  6. “”Burqini” bans are spreading in France because protests have turned violent.”

    I’m confused about what was being protested.

    Was it for more tits? I guess I’m on board.

    1. You want to see saggy Schumer tits?

      1. Ted has a collection, if you’re interested.

      2. I don’t not want to see that.

    2. I thought bikini tops were illegal in France.

    3. Was it for more tits?

      Basically, yes. Women are now required to expose some percentage (above zero) of their breasts. I guess this is the kind of twilight-zone stuff we’ll be seeing more of leading up to the unpleasantness that is surely inevitable after the events of the last couple years.

      1. At least Brazil is fair. I have a couple Brazilian families in the neighborhood.

        All of the moms wear thongs at the beach, but the dads banana hammock too.

        1. a couple Brazilian families in the neighborhood

          Now that’s a lot of families.

        2. I guess t-backs are in for the barely pubescent this year? I feel like a creep every time I’m checking out some chick in a very high cut bikini and she turns around and looks like she’s not in high school yet. That’s when it’s great to be holding a one year old.

          1. Was it just me, or did the Chinese gymnasts all look like they were 10 yrs old? (and might have been…)

  7. Thousands have been forced from their homes.

    And in an election year! Good thing the sitting president isn’t up for reelection, I guess.

    1. Yeah, I was gonna post something about how I’m sure the national media will blame Obama personally for this. “Heckuva job, Brownie”

  8. So burqini ban? It is funny that the Left wants the US to be more like Europe. And yet, Europe is the place that has attacks against Muslims in response to terror attacks by Muslims. France (one of the Left’s favorite places) is the place that bans the Burqa.

    We have had a number of terror attacks by Islamists, and yet there is no significant amount of hate crimes against Muslims here in the US. Even by those evil white gun owners.

    1. The French are also hella more racist.

      1. And had massive protests against gay marriage.

      2. The French are rest of the world is also hella more racist.

      3. The French are rest of the world is also hella more racist.

  9. I live in Milwaukee, and fortunately my neighborhood has not been affected by the “protests.” Hopefully this blows over quickly and the people targeting people based on the color of their skin get thrown in jail.

    1. So, both the local government *and* the BLM people?

    2. people targeting people based on the color of their skin get thrown in jail.

      Don’t they mostly already work at the jail?

    3. Keep your head down and your powder dry.

      1. Jesus dude, it is 2016. Ammo comes with the powder inside a sealed metal casing. C’MON! Powder Dry…psha, you just stumbled in from the Wilderness I guess.

  10. The death toll in the Louisiana flooding is up to six. Thousands have been forced from their homes.

    Barack Obama doesn’t care about Louisianans?

    1. Heckuva job, Brownie!

    2. This is Barack’s Katrina.

  11. There might be a newly discovered habitable planet at Proxima Centauri. We couldn’t get luckier than this if it turns out to be true. That’s just over 4 light years away. I deem it “Libertalia”.

    Also, fuck you California wildfires. Fucked up my hiking trip last year.

      1. The rough fire. I was doing the JMT and it hit the Sierras hard. I couldn’t see more than 50 feet one day.

    1. I deem it “Libertalia”.

      DORK ALERT: The first planet I named in No Man’s Sky is called Liberterra Prime.

      1. There should be a godwins law type thing for this…Anywhere where libertarians are present at least one will name something starting with “libert”

    2. 4 Light years might as well be a million light years.

    3. I get why this can be kind of cool. I am a big Sci-fi nerd.

      But, reality is a bitch. People fucking forget how far a light-year really is. It will take a crew months (perhaps a couple years?) to get to MARS. Even if we had the power source to accelerate a ship to .01c (a ship which has the technology to support a living crew, not some tiny robot ship), it would still take over 400 years to get there. And it isn’t like we are truly anywhere close to being able to put people into any sort of suspended animation, and revive them safely. So a colony ship? Now it has to be somewhat self-sustaining, which means much bigger a ship, more mass, more fuel to accelerate the ship. Or slower velocity, which means MUCH, MUCH bigger ship, to support a large enough population of humans to survive the generations it would take.

      Until we can manipulate gravity, we are stuck in our solar system.

      1. “Leif, there’s no Vinland out west, lest not one you could get to by longboat. Let’s just go back to Iceland and fuck our cousins.”

        -Bear Odinson, Dream Killer, circa 1000 AD.

        1. Vinland pussy can’t cook!

          1. They didn’t stay end up staying in Vinland. So it really wasn’t worth much after all.

            BTW: Historical foot note, Leif was a Christian (unlike his father Erik who wouldn’t convert).

      2. Where’s Murph?

      3. +1 Trisolaran Fleet on the way

      4. Even if we had the power source to accelerate a ship to .01c (a ship which has the technology to support a living crew, not some tiny robot ship), it would still take over 400 years to get there.

        Project Orion type setup is good for ~.2c or so depending on appointments, and could be built now.

        1. We don’t know what you could get out of Orion type propulsion, because we don’t know what the ship would look like. But, at .2c, it would take 200 earth years to get there, though with time dilation that is shortened to some 195 Ship years.

          Now the question is whether or not you could build all the stuff required to support an ark ship 195 years, and still be able to power it up to .2c- and I am doubtful.

          Like BO, I love the fantasy, but believe it is only that for 100 years. In a way, I wish that humanity could focus on the near term. Once we have a foothold at the top of the earth gravity well, we have abundant resources in the solar system to support teaming life. But instead we are focused on going to mars or pluto or out of the solar system. That’s why I’m happy with the startups that are just looking at farming near earth orbits. They are the ones that will bring us to the futures.

          1. But, at .2c, it would take 200 earth years to get there, though with time dilation that is shortened to some 195 Ship years.

            .2c (20%) would get one to Proxima in about twenty years, time dilation basically immaterial. Orion vehicle is pretty well thought-out actually, I was surprised to learn the concept initially involved such vehicles taking off from the earth. People sure thought of the environment differently back in the late 50’s/ early 60’s.

            1. You are right- I missed the order of magnitude on your decimal.

              Even so, at 20 years you are still talking about quite a ship.

              I did a research project on the Orion drive back in the late 80s. I am very familiar with it. However, the theoretical ships were all much smaller than a ship that would spend ~40 years away from earth. So again, I would question the scaling of such a system, let alone whether or not you could get such a large ship to .2c. As the ship gets larger, you need bigger bombs and more of them, and a larger blast plate to handle the larger boom, etc. So the mass keeps scaling. I am sure there is a sweet spot there- but is that sweet spot large enough to encompass an ark ship? dunno.

      5. If that EM Drive pans out, it would be a game changer as things become much easier if you don’t have to drag propellant around.

        1. Didnt pan out. Ambient heating from the power cable or something I read.

          1. Source? Seriously, I just looked and all the articles I can find are still of the “we still don’t know if it works or not” sort.

            1. I haven’t heard of a test setup that can confidently get Emdrive thrust out of the noise. Even the NASA guys got the ‘anomaly’ from the one that wasn’t supposed to work in their test setup.

              If anything is actually going on in there (doubtful), no one understands why – including the inventor.

    4. Go hiking somewhere else.

  12. Derpbook update:

    It can actually be fun trolling friends.

    A friend posted an article “proving” Trump lies more than Clinton

    I pointed out that Trump being a liar doesn’t make Clinton not a liar. And that bragging that she doesn’t lie as much is just damning her with faint praise.

    And of course, Trump lies to make himself look good. Clinton lies to cover up her corruption. There is a huge qualitative difference in their lies.

    I feel no need to defend Trump, it’s just fun watching former Bernie supporters rationalize voting for Clinton

    1. Everybody unfriended you, I presume.

      1. That remains to be seen.

        1. I’m praying for you bud. I hope by the end of the week you won’t have any on theFaceySpace and can finally free yourself from Cthulu’s grasp.

      2. I would have unfriended the fucker who sent me that article, with extreme prejudice.

        /Probably why I don’t book my face.

        1. I decided to severely roll back my participation on facebook a little while back through Facebook’s settings and a chrome extension called FB purity. It’s actually quite nice now. I only see stuff from the people I care about, shared things are hidden by default, and most of the crap I don’t care about has been removed from the screen. It’s facebook as it should be, a place to talk with the handful of relatives and friends who aren’t textable/snapchatable for whatever reason, but I still value staying in contact with them.

          1. I only have one guy’s posts blocked.

            And, I’ve only unfriended 1 guy, which I was required to do after he was convicted of a particular crime.

            1. And, I’ve only unfriended 1 guy, which I was required to do after he was convicted of a particular crime.

              That sounds like FINRA or PCI-compliance bullshit. Which was it?

  13. …blamed “progressive policies” for destructive behavior in response to a deadly police shooting over the weekend.

    Not that I doubt they’re largely being a contributing factor, but did he enumerate which ones?

  14. KITTY!

    But Kelsi emerged soon after to join her cousins in the stream. “She got out of the tent because she couldn’t find her shoe,” Sevy, Kelsi’s grandfather, said.

    In that moment, the mountain lion struck. The adults in the family heard screaming ? one of the 10-year-old cousins witnessed the ambush. And as they ran toward the sounds, they saw the cat holding Kelsi in its mouth.

    “The cat bit Kelsi on the side and tried to pick her up and drag her a little bit,” Butt told East Idaho News. When the animal could no longer keep the child in its teeth, it attempted to grip her in its paws.

    Somebody call CPS.

    1. Let the cougars pay the cougar tax. I pay the Homer tax.

    2. I find the best way to fend off kitty attacks is to throw one of those little shiny foil kitty toys. One of my kittens really likes chewing on fingers.

    3. Sooo, camping in the wilderness with no firearm to protect themselves against attacks from predators.

      How the fuck is that not neglect?

      1. They might have fended off the cat but nothing would save them from indignant lefties.

        1. #justiceForPuma #catsArePeopleToo

    4. The Butts rallied to Kelsi’s defense.

      I feel bad laughing at a story of a four year old being attacked by a lion

      1. “I turned my head and saw the back part of the cat,” Butt told East Idaho News.

        You mean you saw its butt?

        Thankfully the girl got away with no worse injuries than my housecats inflict.

        1. Please tell me his first name is Seamore.

      2. Butt’s eyes did not deceive her.

        Also a good one.

    5. Is that what the daycare meant by “nature-based learning”?

      The only people who “love” nature are those who have never been stuck in it.

      1. I love nature. That’s why i enjoy watching it on teevee, in air conditioning, with narration by David Attenborough, the way God intended.

        1. “Wild Kingdom”

          Marlin Perkins- “Let’s watch Jim Fowler get attacked by that tiger over there!”

      2. “The only people who “love” nature are those who have never been stuck in it.”


    6. Kera Butt

      Nice… name.

    7. Those are some unbelievably light wounds for a child who was allegedly lifted in the mouth of a mountain lion. My dachsund had much larger canine wounds from the pit bull mix that attacked him, and it only managed to get hold with it’s top teeth.

    8. My favorite human vs. wildcat video:

      I just love the panther’s “AHHH, IT’S GOT ME!!” spaz out.

  15. Why the Doomsday Clock is a load of politically motivated nonsense.

    So the Doomsday Clock was originally started in the late 1940s by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to reflect the possibility of a nuclear war. Following the end of the Cold War, the clock declined dramatically until the mid-2000s, when suddenly they decided that it was also going to calculate for things like climate change.

    So now the clock is at 3 minutes to midnight since January 2015, citing things like the Paris conference being non-binding and continued lack of global political action to address climate change. For perspective, according to the Bulletin in 2016 we’re at the same level of danger as the hottest part of the 1980s and in even more danger than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. All because we don’t want to cripple the industrialized West apparently.

    1. That’s usually what happens with organizations. The founder of MADD left after it became a neo-prohibitionist organization. Something similar happened with the founder of Greenpeace, if I recall correctly.

      1. One of the secondary founders, Patrick Moore. Another, Paul Watson, got kicked out for being too crazy. He’s the guy who rammed Japanese whaling boats now. Most of the actual founders have been dead for decades.

        1. Didn’t Moore claim GP are now run by a bunch whackos now. It has nothing to do with the environment.

          1. Moore is a legitimate environmentalist, he actually thinks things like nuclear power and genetic modifications are ways to improve efficiency and reduce pollution (he has a degree in ecology as well). His arguments are all about technological improvements benefiting both humanity and nature, while Greenpeace is stuck in their hypocritical Technology-Is-Original-Sin bubble. Of course according to Greenpeace he’s a shill for the nuclear power industry and Monsanto.

    2. As if it wasn’t politicized during the cold war.

    3. That stupid thing still exists? Does anybody even pay attention to it?

      1. I liked its bit in Watchmen.

      1. Thank you.

        Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME something occurs at Midnight, for me, it occurs at two….minutes….to miiiidnniiiiiiigggghhh!

    4. The Doomsday Cock, however, is all too real.

  16. While Araud argued the ban was valid on the grounds that it protects women from “cultural oppression,” Alouane said the law must protect religious freedom and state neutrality, instead of being, as she argued, “used as a tool to restrict both.”

    So… something is folding in on itself here, but I’mma continue to monitor this sitch on the ground before I decide what.

    1. Religious dress has long been a source of contention in France, whose secular laws forbid people from wearing religious symbols in public spaces, such as schools.

      So you can’t wear say, a crucifix necklace? Really?

        1. From the link:

          Secularism guarantees freedom of conscience for all. Everyone is free to believe or not to believe.


          1. nor object to the school curriculum on religious grounds

            Wow. So even religious objections aren’t allowed.

      1. Yep, the Revolution did a real number on France when it comes to religion.

        1. Strictly, the policy traces back to the early 20th century, it was aimed at you-know-who, later they decided that the Muslim situation would be a great excuse to ban crucifixes.

          1. The entire concept of secularism in France is wrapped up in the Revolutionary notion of secularism. Policies are a long standing product of that influence.

  17. Stunner:…..-1.3721015

    “…In response, Carlos Leitao told reporters the $15 number was “arbitrary” and that it didn’t make much sense.

    “As an economist, what I want is a relationship between the minimum wage and the median wage,” he said.

    “Whether it is $15, $14, $13 or $17, it depends on the reality of each state, each jurisdiction. The minimum wage in Quebec doesn’t need to be the exact same as in Ontario, the United States or elsewhere.”

    Sometimes politicians make so much sense…and then the same guy pulls this crap:…..-1.3518594

    1. It’s all about government control.

    2. 15 was picked because it lends itself to alliterative slogans. Are you going to Fight for 12? I guess 14 would work for those too.

      And C$15? So like US$5.25?

  18. Having finally gotten up to speed on the Milwaukee riot: is this really the hill on which #BLM and its fellow travelers are (metaphorically) willing to die? Is this really the man for whom they’re willing to cashier the last of their intellectual honesty? When the movement had sympathetic victims dying under genuinely questionable circumstances, there was room for libertarians to make entreaties to attempt to bridge the racial divide for the sake of reforming abusive policing. Now, it’s unclear they were ever serious or that #BLM was anything but another racist, racialist pressure group. They’ve gone from correct if misdirected to simply spreading lies to give rioters intellectual cover. Well, fuck ’em. If a bunch of prissy college kids want to gin up actual violence and burn down black cities, that’s their cross to bear. Libertarians should sit this one out and focus on cities and areas of the country where reform is achievable. When the National Guard on standby to police harder than the police, it’s clear there’s no longer room for conversation.

    1. When the movement had sympathetic victims dying under genuinely questionable circumstances

      [citation needed]

      The only one I can think of is Freddie Gray. #BLM hasn’t batted an eyelash at any of the truly questionable police brutality stories that I’ve seen over the past two years. They’ve gravitated to the shithead thugs who either try to fight the cops or pull weapons on the cops.

      1. Even Freddy Gray is questionable. The prisoner in the other compartment said he heard him banging around, as if he was trying to injure himself. It seems possible, especially since Gray was the beneficiary of an earlier injury lawsuit payout.

        1. Garner, the kid in Cleveland, and the guy in Charleston are the most sympathetic ones I can think of. For some reason BLM finds the worst examples like Michael Brown to hang their hats on.

        2. Eric Garner

          Tamir Rice

          Fair enough.

          Sandra Bland

          Nope, she tried to fight a cop, got hauled off to jail, and offed herself because she was mentally unstable.

          Walter Scott

          The cop’s murder trial is coming up in October. Seems like the department handled it correctly, to me.

          Overall, we have #BLM getting 2 right, getting it kinda right on Gray, and wrong on everybody else. They’re swinging and missing, and have been since Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

          1. Nope, she tried to fight a cop, got hauled off to jail, and offed herself because she was mentally unstable.

            Actually, she resisted an aggressive cop who was getting physical with her. His attempt to arrest her was based far more on her pushing back against his authoritah than her traffic infraction (the only offense stated or noticeable). He should have de-escalated, but chose to escalate.

            He didn’t kill her, per se, but he put her jail on bogus shit.

            1. Actually, she resisted an aggressive cop who was getting physical with her.

              Not really, that’s not what the dashcam footage shows. In fact, the cop seems very reluctant to do anything but put handcuffs on her, even though she’s a class A prick.

      2. Philando Castile.

    2. BLM jumped the shark pretty fast.

      1. BLM is to black people what WBC is to baptist churches. Or so it would seem.

    3. Is this really the man for whom they’re willing to cashier the last of their intellectual honesty?

      I don’t think BLM has had even an image of it, much less actual intellectual honesty. Once cops started getting shot people started to become suspicious rather quickly. Every single story I hear, even from people who would usually be sympathetic to causes like police abuse and racism, is all about how confrontational and annoying BLM is.

      My cousin’s a tagger in the city, her and her friends were apparently all about BLM until the local BLM taggers tried to forbid them from using a public graffiti wall because it was a platform for ‘black voices only’. Now they absolutely hate them with a passion and go out of their way to paint over their work.

      1. BLM is planning to shut down Elvis Week at Graceland. That is not going to end well.

        1. I’m all shook up.

          1. They should get ready to play some jailhouse rock.

      2. “My cousin’s a tagger…” so, a vandal.

    4. What has #BLM been saying? I’ve tried to find out, but it looks like every tweet with that hashtag is blaming #BLM for rioting.

      I notice that, on the site connected to Campaign Zero, they only list unarmed black people killed by police.

      1. What’s his name, the de facto spokesguy, has been on Twitter fanning flames. No engagement with the facts, afaik.

          1. This guy. It’s probably not fair to call him the centerpiece of a movement with no center, but he’s certainly whored for it hard enough that it’s almost unfair not giving him the title.

    5. “Now, it’s unclear they were ever serious or that #BLM was anything but another racist, racialist pressure group.”

      It is? I don’t think that is or ever was the case.

  19. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, one of the more popular speakers at this year’s Republican National Convention, blamed “progressive policies” for destructive behavior in response to a deadly police shooting over the weekend.

    Yeah, okay. Or was he not referring to qualified immunity?

    1. Sheriff Clarke may actually be a bigger asshole than Arpaio, and that shouldn’t be possible.

      1. But he’s the right color, so its okay.

      2. and I’d bet money Arpaio gets re-elected this year.

        1. For the same reason Trump gets support. It isnt that their policies are liked, it is that the source of their derision and criticism is a postiitve indicator for them being good to their supporters. It is team all the way down.

  20. Here’s what happens when there’s a wrong-door armed raid in England

    tl;dr: No pets killed, no people killed, and an actual apology and pledging to make things right. I’m stunned.

    Ch Insp Mark Dexter said: “When officers entered one address it was discovered to be unconnected to the investigation.

    “Officers have apologised to the occupants and will ensure any damage to the property is repaired.”

    1. Polite totalitarianism is so much better than rude totalitarianism.

    2. Did they invite them for tea at 4pm?

  21. Chelsea Clinton: Donald Trump Reportedly Tried to Attend 2010 Wedding of Hillary Clinton’s Daughter

    The book “Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton” by Joe Conason claims that Trump tried to attain an invitation by calling Bill Clinton’s former advisor, according to Politico.

    1. Certainly it was because he liked Chelsea, right?

      1. It’s because she’s such a good person.

      2. Hey, the man has standards.

    2. FFS, assuming this is true (which is hardly a given), he didn’t crash the wedding. He called and asked if he was supposed to be invited. I get that for Fisher and Shackford, this is the smoking gun that Trump is worse than Hitler.

      Joe Conason is hardly a neutral source. I mean the story is written by someone, who got a hold of an excerpt from a book, written by a liberal commentator, which hasn’t even been published yet, and who quotes someone close to the CLINTONS about something Trump may or may not have done in 2010.

  22. Reposting this from my late post this AM.

    When Randys attack!

    1. Weld agreed with the FBI during the libertarian debate on CNN.

      Very unfortunate.

      1. I don’t know what is more pathetic:

        1) That bumbling zeros like Gary Johnson and William Weld managed to win elections as republicans to the governorships of states with a primarily Democratic electorate.

        2) That the delegates of the Libertarian Party were so greedy for unearned votes that they decided that the free publicity garnered by handing their standard to the aforesaid bumbling zeros would way outweigh the idiocy that would become associated with the LP brand by the move.

        I honestly think that 12 years of running retread Republicans has destroyed whatever claim to legitimacy the LP ever had. Just as the Democrats aren’t very democratic and the Republicans aren’t very republican, the LP has become not very libertarian. It has morphed into just another political party whose name only has a tenuous connection with the policies advocated by its candidates.

    2. Reposts are gay.

  23. Some news from Canada that might cheer up heartless monocle-wearers of these here parts.

    Government rolls out new payment system, lots of government employees have problems getting paid. That’s bad, but now, now it’s a crisis:

    Union dues not collected properly under Phoenix pay system

    1. Trudeau has his cape and beanie on as we speak to fix the problem!

        1. Always. I’m surprised he even bothers to wear one in Parliament.

        2. Pantsless.

          Shocker, he’s like a Ken doll.

  24. So now the clock is at 3 minutes to midnight since January 2015, citing things like the Paris conference being non-binding and continued lack of global political action to address climate change.

    I have no objection to this, as long as the clock refers to that time at a date far, far, far in the future.

  25. Come for the rather excellent New York Times article on just how fucked up things are in Venezuela, stay for the Chavista apologia in the comments. Also stay for the one woman in the comments blaming the US for the fucked up situation in Venezuela:

    Some will brush off my comment as, far too simplistic in a complicated world. Well, let them: the root of all this current world disorder is in a word: OIL!
    America in her greed, played her ugly part by opening “Pandora’s Box” with the obscene vote wage WAR under the guise of rooting out Saddam. Sure he was a monster but the point is he was their monster and none of our affair.
    But….The extreme damage machine was perversely put into place and
    now we are looking at educated civilizations and her peoples desperate for food, CLEAN WATER and dying of bug bites. Oh sure, today it is Venezuela with Malaria. Well how about yesterday, the American CDC advising her citizens to not visit Miami, Florida? WE DID THIS! And American Society can turn upside down in a blink. Good luck out there today.

    1. God these people are boring as they are predictable.

      Reminds me of a statement by Keynes:

      “Marxian Socialism must always remain a portent to the historians of Opinion ? how a doctrine so illogical and so dull can have exercised so powerful and enduring an influence over the minds of men, and, through them, the events of history.”

      They’re also very good at blaming others and hurling stupid strawman fallacies.

      1. Never underestimate the lure of free shit to be paid for by Others.

    2. No, I brush off her comment because it’s retarded.

    3. *blinks twice*

      What the-

      *peers closer*

      What the actual fuck?

    4. +1 genuine frontier gibbersh.

    5. I see the NYT is trying out promoted comments like H&R.

      1. They are always months behind on the cool trends.

    6. Uh, sure, when a kleptocratic bolshevik thug attempts to fund his lavish socialist undertakings using a single commodity which then nosedives due to supply expansion, then oil is indeed to blame in the same sense it’s to blame if I wrap my sedan around a tree.

    7. This is why all the other petrostates have all collapsed into horrible dystopias with slavery once OPEC killed the price of oil right?

      Oh wait, none of the other petrostates have. The only one that has managed to collapse into starvation and chaos is the one that had the more socialized, nationalized system. Odd how that works.

    8. If it’s OIL, maybe this graph + this graph is a sign that the world’s descent into disorder may stall. We shall see.

  26. NYT commenters- God love ’em!

      1. Are you God?

    1. None of my Gods love them!!

  27. Donald Trump’s big speech today on foreign policy and immigration involves an ideological test for those who want to enter the country.

    Like “Have you or anyone you know been a member of the Communist Party?” or “Have you or anyone you know been a member of a ‘terrorist organization’?”

  28. Responding to Trump’s speech, #NeverTrump’s Evan McMullin had some interesting responses:

    What @realDonaldTrump doesn’t understand is that dictators create terrorists. They are two sides of the same coin. I’ve been there. I know.

    @realDonaldTrump would rather advance the ideas of dictators than those of democracy and basic human rights.

    How does @realDonaldTrump intend to work with our allies against terrorists when he’s insulted them all?

    In @realDonaldTrump’s “new approach,” America turns its back on the universal cause of freedom and allows terrorism to thrive.

    “Extreme”, @realDonaldTrump? You sound more like ISIS than an American president.

    1. Barack Obama has no qualms calling people extreme.

    2. What @realDonaldTrump doesn’t understand is that dictators create terrorists.

      Huh. What dictator created the IRA? The Weathermen? The Red Brigades? Or conversely, where are the North Korean terrorists? Or the Cuban or Zimbabwean terrorists?

      I’m not seeing much of a correlation.

      1. The North Korean terrorists are in the regime.

        1. Different meaning of “terrorists.”

  29. Reason #863,218,458 Why Socialism Doesn’t Work

    At the Washington Post’s Wonkblog on Monday, a guy named Matt O’Brien reports on the ongoing disaster in Venezuela. The title of the article is “Venezuela’s death spiral is getting worse.” I will give serious credit to Mr. O’Brien for actually doing some investigation of what is causing Venezuela’s problems.


    The essence is this: Suppose you get the government license to import butter, and are given the right to buy enough dollars to do it at the official rate of about 7 bolivars to the dollar. So you buy a dollar for 7 bolivars. Now, are you actually going to buy butter with that dollar, or are you going to turn around and go to the black market, where you can now get well over 1000 bolivars for that dollar? Probably, you’ll buy a little butter to cover your tracks, and bolivars with the rest.

    Those bloodsucking kulak parasites, trying to make money while the country starves for butter. Unbelievable.

      1. Tariffs, of course. Is there anything more retarded than tariffs?

        1. Price controls? Or are they just another example of tariff?

      2. Butter. Just one more line to stand in.

  30. This is apparently a thing that Mr. 9/11 Rudy Giuliani said today. I give up on everything.

    “Under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn’t have a successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when [Hillary] Clinton and Obama got into office.”

    1. It wasn’t successful because we came together as a country!!!1!!1!

      /hurr durr

    2. How dare you argue with a man who insightfully pointed out that liberty is the product of submitting to the government’s orders! You are clearly the inferior intellect, sir!

    3. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11!!!!!!!

      1. Hey, Guliani has hijacked Playa’s account!!

    4. Eight years before January 2009 would have been three months after 9/11. Checkmate, atheists.

        1. Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying counting fingers?

    5. Wait, didn’t Obama have some public office before his Senate run?

    6. 9/11 Truther take: “Giuliani admits 9/11 wasn’t done by 19 hijackers!”

  31. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, one of the more popular speakers at this year’s Republican National Convention, blamed “progressive policies” for destructive behavior in response to a deadly police shooting over the weekend.

    Politicians make bad laws, and force the popo to enforce them. The citizen’s, angry about the enforcement of these laws burn their community down in protest.

    Profit ???


    1. God I wish Mencken was alive to comment on the state of our society. =D

      1. He would start all his essays with “I can’t even.”

        1. Milly Mencken quote.

          “These people. I can’t even”


        2. “Bootleg whiskey isn’t going to do it for me this time, let me have some of that excellent ‘marihuana,’ as you yahoos call it.”

    2. The citizen’s what?

  32. Badass. Man, I want to know the guy with the mountain lion t-shirt. Mancrush.

    1. Is that an elephant gun ?
      It looks like a gun that my uncle owned.

      1. The deal is that this round was developed for big game hunting guides according to wiki. Nyah. I’m probably too much of a pussy to shoot that gun. Largest I ever shot standing up was .30-06 and 8mm Mauser. So if your uncle was/is a professional wild safari guide or an obscure gun nut, it’s possible.

        1. Well he was a gun nut and a Biker. Definitely possible.

          R.I.P. Uncle Frankie.

      2. Is that an elephant gun ?

        Jack O’Connor said that more elephants were taken with a 7×57 than any other “elephant gun”. His claim that the cartridge is so accurate that you could take an elephant by shooting it in the eye.

        … Hobbit

      1. That dude is so badass he probably has wolf, mountain lion, AND Kodiak bear.

    2. He does have great legs.

    3. That there is something that screams for a muzzle brake.

    4. I vaguely remember that Elmer Keith had a bolt action sporting rifle chambered in 50 Browning. Some sports writer came to interview him, saw that thing hanging on the wall and asked about it. keith told him what it was so the guy got all excited and just had to shoot it. Keith gave him a round and they went out back.

      After shooting it the guy was laying on his back on the ground with his eyes rolling around in his head he asked Keith “Jesus man! How can you stand to shoot that thing?”

      Keith replied “Oh, I just had it made as a novelty. I was never dumb enough to actually shoot it.”

      The 577 T is basically the same thing.

      1. That’s what makes mountain lion shirt guy so…. *swoon*

  33. [Biden] warned that Trump’s false assertions last week about President Barack Obama founding the Islamic State could be used by extremists to target American service members in Iraq.

    Damn, I wish Uncle Joe had decided to run.

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