Donald Trump

Stop Calling Trump 'Crazy,' Pleads Mental Health Advocate

The Narcissist and Megalomaniac communities, however, warmly embrace the Republican presidential candidate.*


John Roca, PacificCoastNews/Newscom

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) begs pundits and members of the public to stop calling Donald Trump "crazy." It is pretty clear that the reality-challenged Republican presidential candidate's antics, constant stream of tweeted schoolyard insults, and inability to form a complete sentence are signs that something is terribly wrong with his "very good brain." Still, as Kennedy explains:

"Crazy" is never uttered with compassion. I have never heard it used in the context of trying to get someone the treatment they need. When that language is commonplace, it becomes that much harder for those experiencing mental illness to openly seek treatment that works. It discriminates, in subtle and overt ways, and extends its reach into schools, workplaces and the health-care system, where we still don't provide routine mental health exams.

While I understand the former congressman's concern, I seriously doubt that people will discriminate against mentally ill folks based on pundits' metaphors. Nevertheless, will someone please compassionately intervene and get The Donald the help that he (and our poor country) so desperately needs?

*No offense to Narcissists and Megalomaniacs meant. But it is Friday, so enjoy the 12 Steps of Narcissists Anonymous here.