More Hillary Clinton E-mails, Will Smith Suggests Anti-Trump 'Cleanse', Martin O'Malley Complains About DOJ Balitmore PD Report: P.M. Links


  • State Dept.

    More Hillary Clinton e-mails that reveal the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Will Smith says even though he is "embarrased" by Donald Trump it's "good" to hear him speak because "we get to cleanse it out of our country."

  • U.S. ground troops are in Libya, according to the Pentagon.
  • In the wake of a wide-ranging Department of Justice investigation that found systemic civil rights abuse in the police department in Baltimore, the police commissioner says six officers were fired this year. Martin O'Malley says the report doesn't take his "reforms" into account.
  • A cop in Florida fatally shot a woman while roleplaying a "bad guy" during a citizen police academy session.
  • The Syrian rebel alliance in Aleppo is shifting.
  • The Senate in Brazil voted to approve an impeachment trial for Dilma Rousseff.