Minnesota's Longest Serving State Lawmaker Toppled by Somali-American Activist Promising Police Reform

Ilhan Omar came to America as a refugee and likely will be the first Somali-American lawmaker in the nation.


Carlos Gonzalez/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Minnesota's longest-serving state legislator was ousted in Tuesday's primary election by a Somali-American who built her campaign around a call to reform policing in the state after two high profile officer-involved deaths.

Ilhan Omar, a 30-year old woman who was born in Somalia and came to Minneapolis after a four-year stay in a refugee camp in Kenya, is poised to become the first Somali-American state legislator in the nation. She defeated state Rep. Phyllis Kahn, D-Minneapolis, who has represented the heavily Democratic district since 1973.

Omar's victory is significant for a number of political and cultural reasons, not least of which because represents the political ascendency of Minneapolis' substantial Somali population. The Twin Cities are home to the largest Somali community in the United States, a fact that too often gets attention only because of the attention that community has received from counter-terrorism efforts.

It's worth noting that Omar made police reform a centerpiece of her campaign against Kahn.

After Philando Castile's death at the hands of police in the nearby suburb of Falcon Heights, Omar called for a statewide ban on traffic stops for vehicle violations like expired registrations and broken taillights—Castile had been pulled over for a busted taillight before he was shot and killed while reaching for his identification—which she argues give police too much discretion and can be abused to target certain communities.

"We know that it's not productive and that needs to completely be banned," Omar said at a debate last week that included Kahn and a third candidate, Mohamud Noor.

Omar's platform called for more accountability from police departments investigating lethal incidents, which she says would increase trust from Minnesota's minority communities.

Kahn's fate was probably sealed when she called Omar "very attractive to the kind of, what we call the young, liberal, white guilt-trip people."

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  1. Somalian…so, Libertarian Moment (finally)?

    1. First matter on the agenda: stop paying for roads.

      1. ok, this was covered, skulking back under my rock.

    2. Somalian…so, Libertarian Moment (finally)?

      Oh screw you and your nimble fingers.

      1. I had the forethought to check the thread first. It was too obvious and there were already 12 comments when I opened it, so…..It pretty much had to be there already.

      2. Age and treachery, Paul.

    3. I consider this a thread winner.

  2. So Phyllis Khan? and Ilhan Omar? FFS, where is Bjorn Gustafson or Thor Johannson.

    First the Swedes give up on Sweden, then they give up on Minnesota! No wonder their ancestors gave up Odin and Thor for Jesus.

    1. Of course they gave up on Minnesota. Didn’t you see that great expose on the Swedish Diaspora a while back?

      It begins: “My name is Jan Janssen, I live in Wisconsin, I verk in a lumbermill dere…”

    2. Slightly on-topic, I never took the “Swedish” thing you guys were talking about seriously until I had a layover at Minneapolis/St Paul this Monday.
      How my eyes didn’t get blinded by all the bright blonde hair I don’t know. I swear, despite Vancouver having people from all over, I’ve never seen that shade up here, and there were dozens of samples scattered throughout.

  3. Eric, it’s “Phyllis Kahn.”

    1. “Kaaaahhhhnnnn!!!”

      /Captain Krik

  4. “We know that it’s not productive and that needs to completely be banned.”

    One step forward…..

  5. We’re going to reform the police by giving them sticks to wack women about the knees for not covering up properly. Also, stoning, and if that don’t work, throw them down a well.


  6. Guaranteed: Omar will be the only state legislator pushing for police reform bills, but she will aid the passage of retarded economic bills. So, expect more of the same, Minnesota!

    1. No one needs more than one kind of burqua!

  7. What’s her position on cabbies refusing to pick up passengers who bought liquor in the duty-free shop?

    1. Who would want to ride with a cabbie that’s snooping into your luggage/parcels? I mean, given a choice. They have uber there?

  8. OT: Ya know, I posted this last night but it still amazes me so I am re-posting.
    Police shoot woman in training exercise
    FL of course

    1. I don’t know much about guns: is it that easy to confuse regular ammo with blanks?

      1. There shouldn’t have been a real gun anywhere near this situation. It should have been a plastic prop.

        1. Exactly. Blanks can still injure someone if they happen to be close to the muzzle, as there is still gases and burning gunpowder residue expanding, even if there is no slug being propelled.

          There is absolutely no reason why blanks even had to be used. “BANG BANG” is good enough with a prop. Blanks should be used when training in a Force on Force scenario. But, this was merely a demonstration. WITH A VOLUNTEER!

          And even if, for some stupid reason, they felt that the use of blanks was necessary, there should have been double and triple checks. And a chain of custody if the weapon and/or magazine was passed from one person to another.

          1. 3 words: Jon Erik Hexum

            1. I was trying to remember that name…

      2. No, not at all.

        1. You’d have to be a complete idiot to confuse blanks with actual rounds. One has this bullet thing sticking out the end, and the other does not. Its kinda hard to miss.

          1. All this stupid tragedy aside…There is NO WAY i can NOT see a charging in this case. None. Whatsoever. If I had been having an expo on firearms at my gun range and pointed a gun at a volunteer and they fucking died I WOULD BE IN JAIL! END OF STORY!

            It is the responsibility of the person holding the gun to ensure’s its state. That is for us regular schmoes…for cops, who are ostensibly “trained”, there is even LESS of an excuse.

            1. The authorities did not say where she was shot or how many times, but Sue Paquin, a local photographer who was covering the event, told The News-Press in Fort Myers that the officer had fired several shots at Ms. Knowlton.

              My understanding is he only hit her once too. Seriously, this shit is out of control.
              They hold these to show potential jurors how “split second” decisions and what not must be made for “officer safety”

            2. “Like any other human being, he’s very grief stricken,” Lewis said. “Officers have been assigned to him to make sure he’s psychologically stable.”

              Ohh THIS special snowflake gets a suicide watch while NOT being behind bars but Sandra Bland is thrown into a cell for sass and not found dead until a day later…ok.

              1. Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen. Move along!

        2. No, not at all.

          So down, we’re talking about cops here.

          1. says the guy in such a rush he has to abbreviate “Slow”, sheesh. no more coffee for you.

      3. Google “simunition” – these are “harmless” projectiles that are fired out of real firearms with gunpowder. They can be very useful in practicing tactics in realistic situations.

        The immense danger is that someone will screw up and put real ammunition into a firearm instead of a simunition.

    2. This is where my parents used to live before Hurricane Charley, when my Ma said “No fucking more. We’re moving to Western NC. NOW.”

      1. Thats “almost’ like Colorado…NOT!

    3. Anyone who watches TV incessantly knows it was the husband who switched the blanks.

  9. Finally, Minnesota becomes the first true Libertarian state in the union.

    First thing to go: Roadz.

  10. I thought it’s come out that Castile was stopped because he fit the description of a robbery suspect and was he the robber?

    1. He wasn’t the robber and it was his girlfriend, the driver, that the murderer identified as sort-of looking like the male suspect in a four-day-old robbery BOLO. And if the murderer thought either person in the car was a robbery suspect, he failed to follow felony suspect stop procedures.

      1. The outcome isn’t much better when cops do follow procedures.

        Just sayin’.

        1. What I’m getting at is that I don’t think he actually thought Castile was the robbery suspect. He didn’t even mention it afterward, just that he pulled him over over a broken taillight. Later, after the murderer lawyered up, the robbery suspect idea was brought in to confuse the facts.

    2. He “fit the description” or a robbery suspect from a robbery that occurred a few weeks before his death. He “fit the description” in that that robbery had been committed by a black male with a “wide nose” and Castile was a black male with a “wide nose”. I haven’t seen anybody seriously argue that he was, in fact, the robber. If the cops had anything at all to smear Castile with I’m sure they would have already done it, but even they don’t have it in them to accuse him of being a robbery suspect.

  11. “a fact that too often gets attention only because of the attention that community has received from counter-terrorism efforts.” I don’t think that attention is too often at all.

    1. The only attention I’ve seen is from the lefties and multicultists screaming about how the Salamees in Minnesota are good Muslims that never done nuffin to nobody. I wouldn’t know they were there at all were it not for the rhetorical defense brigades preemptively defending them.

      1. In my anecdotal experience they are a very entitled population.

        1. One can guess that from the “intersectionality” of black and Muslim. I can tell you the Salamees are pretty damn dysfunctional here in central Ohio. My wife is an office manager for a law firm that does a lot of family outreach (guardian ad litem) and child protection cases pro bono, she says the very worst cases of abuse and overall bad life choices predominate in the local Salami community, with a frequency far outside their total numbers. But hey, all cultures are equal and deserving of respect or something.

          1. salami, a pork sausage. need i say more?

  12. Appoint her to the Committee on Roads, ha ha…wait, someone already did that joke?

  13. I’m to the point where I don’t really care who “topples the longest serving lawmaker.” She could show up to her press conference wearing a Che Guevara burkha and a suicide vest, and it would probably be a net gain.

  14. Leftists in this Minnesota district have nothing to worry about: Your leftism will be delivered, regardless of it being an old, white communist, or a younger African Marxist.

    Leftism is leftism.

    1. Isn’t Minnesota a leftist district?

      1. Good point!

        The closest thing you’ll get there to someone that values freedom and liberty would be a flaming, raging RINO.

        And don’t be fooled by things like shall-issue carry: That passed in a quite brief window of opportunity.

  15. so she wants to stop enforcing laws i see. I’m all for changing tactics but still enforcing laws.

  16. I have no doubt that she’ll be just as successful here as she was at encouraging reform in her own country.

  17. I would be more impressed if she were not an idiot…. “statewide ban on traffic stops for vehicle violations like expired registrations and broken taillights”.

    So is this another set of laws the Democrats are going to ignore like not rioting, murder, occupying, and shouting down people at events?

    1. No stopping at stop signs, turn indicators, left turns at red lights,….

      Very unintentionally libertarian.

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  20. Should we be worried, like Bernie, that African Socialism will replace Nordic Socialism?

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