Tell Donald Trump That Immigrants Are Making Michigan Great Again

Without new arrivals to this country, the state would be poorer and less populated.


The wall that Donald Trump wants to build along the border might leave the loud-mouthed presidential wannabe not just (as rival Gary Johnson wryly suggests) dreading the athletic acumen of Mexican pole-vaulters testing its height, but also struggling to explain the economic wreckage that he has wrought. Michigan residents in particular would probably require an explanation, as a new report points out the important role foreign-born residents play in driving economic activity in the struggling state.

The Great Lakes State was the only one of the 50 in the union to lose population in the decade leading up to the 2010 census. Since then, Michigan has rebounded a bit, growing in population from 9,883,640 in 2010 to an estimated 9,922,576 last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But if it wasn't for new arrivals in this country, the state would still be clearing out. "Between 2010 and 2014, Michigan's foreign-born population grew by 10.2 percent—almost twice as fast as the number of immigrant residents increased in the country as a whole," according to The Contributions of New Americans in Michigan, a report issued last week by the Michigan Office for New Americans and the Partnership for a New American Economy. "Today, the Great Lakes state is home to more than 640,000 individuals who were born in another country."

In terms of moves within the United States, United Van Lines reports that last year, moves out of Michigan continued to slightly out-pace moves to the state, 52 percent to 48 percent. By contrast, from 2010 to 2014, 59,327 immigrants settled in the state. So if you take those immigrants out of the picture, Michigan looks like a slowly deflating balloon.

But it's not just bodies that new arrivals contribute to Michigan—it's prosperity, too. While 7 percent of the state's population was born abroad, new arrivals make up 8.3 percent of entrepreneurs, who have started new businesses that create jobs instead of taking them from Trump supporters. Whether they're making Michigan's economy great again is an open question, but immigrants are making it a damned sight better than it would be in their absence.

How much better? Immigrants earned 7.7 percent of all income ($19.6 billion) generated by Michiganders in 2014, says the report.

And yeah, immigrants are taking jobs that many Americans don't want, though not always in the ways that we might expect. At a time when government and industry leaders complain that not enough Americans show interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), immigrants represent 15 percent of all STEM workers in Michigan—more than double their share of the population. Their ranks actually include one in four computer system designers.

But immigrants also take the stoop labor jobs that we often think of as the hard-working low-paid entry-level work that Americans don't want. In Michigan, they comprise 27 percent of "laborers who hand pick crops in the field." In their absence, the state's agriculture sector would be in big trouble; Georgia farmers had to abandon parts of their harvest when tough rules drove immigrant workers out of the state, and parolees brought in to replace them promptly quit because the work was too physically demanding.

And if you're the sort of person who wonders just how Michigan can keep supporting its impressively opaque and rather spendthrift and intrusive government, rest assured that immigrants contributed $5.4 billion to state coffers in 2014. They have earned—in spades—the same right to grumble about the misuse of their tax dollars as native-born Americans.

Donald Trump might argue that he's only targeting illegal immigrants—not anybody who legally vaults over his wall. (Or maybe he wouldn't differentiate—he seems increasingly unsure about letting anybody other than fashion models enter the United States.) But the Michigan report points out that the estimated 126,000 undocumented immigrants in the state are well entrenched in the local economy and community, and generating around $2 billion in income. These workers "contribute to a range of industries that could not thrive without a pool of workers willing to take on highly labor-intensive roles." They also manage "to overcome licensing and financing obstacles to start small businesses."

The report states that mass deportation of such a large and entrenched community is highly unlikely, and suggests that legalization should at least be considered to minimize the legal and practical problems inherent in having so many people outside the law.

In tough times, Americans have a history of resenting new arrivals who achieve a measure of success while also standing out because of language and culture. But time and again, immigrants have more than proven their value, punching above their weight when it comes to creating businesses, new jobs, and overall wealth that improves their adopted country.

In the case of Michigan, new arrivals are not only taking jobs that the native-born don't want, but settling in a state that most Americans take a pass on, and that locals are leaving. They may well be the state's main hope of having a future as something other than a museum of its own past glory.

So not only do immigrants seeking opportunity have reason to fear Trump's nativist tantrums, so do people born in this country who recognize that we continue to need the energy and willingness to work that new arrivals bring to jobs—and locales—in which Americans have little interest. Immigrants help to make the place…well…pretty great.

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  1. I guess the problem I have with modern libertarianism is the amount of exemptions and carveouts we make for people that listen to Rush Limbaugh. I mean, we’ve got one for immigration, for gay rights, for abortion, for the Iraq War, for diplomacy with Iran, for improving relations with Cuba, for ISIS, for Trump. What exactly do we have left? Rhetorical fellation of rich people and concealed carry for psychotics? I say that’s weak sauce.

    1. WHAT?

      1. As a libertarian I’m not voting for Donald Trump. You?

        1. *Looks at handle*

          As a what? I think you signed on under the wrong handle. Go have some coffee and try again.

            1. Other than maybe Noam Chomsky, there’s not a lot of overlap in a Venn diagram between libertarians and socialists — certainly not our resident socialist troll.

              1. I can’t imagine a libertarian supporting Pol Pot.

              2. Don’t let lefties or progressives ever co-opt or enter the libertarian ranks. Progressivism is a virus that erodes and destroys prosperity and liberty. Look at what they did to liberalism.

                1. That might be the plan. Use some of the overlap as a way to claim the title. Then drop all the libertarianism that doesn’t overlap. Eventually you will here about classic libertarianism.

        2. As a Socialist, you cannot also be a Libertarian. That’s like a fish saying “As a cat…”.

          1. What about a catfish, genius?

      2. Libertarianism is Mexicans, pot and ass sex. Liberty is expendable. Vote Democrat because Republicans are icky. There’s more, but it is too early.


          1. I’m never quite sure if these posts are trying to make fun of ‘stupid’ Trump supporters or it’s a caricature of what ‘smart’ Leftie’s think stupid Trump supporters sound like.

            Or maybe it’s meant to make fun of both groups. If so, kudos.

            1. Maybe it’s what he believes.

    2. AmSoc, you are the poster ‘child’ (I use the term loosely, as you are not truly human) for why your kind should be euthanized at the vet. You are a malignant cell, and with your marxist compatriots, you comprise a malignant tumor. A tumor that needs to be cut out before it consumes and kills it’s healthy host. Just like your kind have done in Soviet Russia, communist China, Cuba, Venezuela, the Eastern Bloc, Venezuela, etc..

      You are vile poison wherever you go. So go elsewhere. Or prepare to be excised and thrown away like trash once real Americans have enough of your kind.

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  2. It’s true but there is a dark side – when they come here they often shed their religion and traditions in favor of Western Secularism. Whereas American children usually have some form of formal moral training (e.g. Sunday school), Muslim kids are often raised by popular culture – they learn their 10 Commandments from horror movies and Law and Order reruns and whatever they are taught at public schools. As a result the second generation may be morally unmoored. The end result can be Orlando and San Bernardino. (And Charleston is the Christian equivalent, not to mention the Trumpocalypse.)

    1. You see what I mean, spinach? People who call themselves libertarians think their crackpot ideas about the psychology of Muslims justifies keeping Muslims immigrants out. What does libertarianism even mean these days? For me, it’s keeping the government out of our bedrooms and stopping warmongers from fighting bullshit wars.

      1. See what I mean, Spinach? Look at this disgusting racist. Why, if he lived in the American West during the railroad construction era, this person would definitely be a member of an Anti-Chinese League chapter.

      2. “and stopping warmongers from fighting bullshit wars.”

        So in other words, you hate Barack Obama?

        1. But he is Ready for Hillary!

          1. She’s the first American Woman Chief Warmonger! It’s historical.

            1. Plus, she’ll only wage smart, effective wars. None of those bullshit wars for Hillary!

      3. I don’t support ‘keeping Muslims out’. I think immigration must be strong – but we must also be aware of the dangers. Anyway, you’re the ‘crackpot’. You seem very angry.

      4. You do know what dajjal means, don’t you, AmSoc?

  3. “…but also struggling to explain the economic wreckage that he has wrought.”

    He has? I see he is already stepping into ‘But Bush!!’s shoes and the man hasn’t even held office yet.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if Cankles wins she will accelerate our descent into banana republic hell, and equally no doubt that if Trump were able to do half of what he touted in his speech yesterday our economy will take off like a rocket. The economic wreckage and malaise we suffer from now is directly attributable to Bush and Obama, as is all of the egregious damage to rule of law.

    I predict that if Trump wins and the economy improves, even if it improves dramatically, the TDS people will still be tearing their hair, gnashing their teeth and blaming him for wrecking the economy and every other evil under the sun.

    1. 1) Trump is what is known in literary circles as an “unreliable narrator”. You’d have to be a bit credulous to believe that he would or could do anything he proposes, such as making Mexicans pay for a bigger border wall.

      2) Politics 101: if a politician proposes doing something horrendously freedom destroying or economy wrecking, there’s a strong possibility they are being candid in that moment. If they propose doing something enhancing freedom or undoing the prior economic wreckage wreaked by politicians, they are likely lying. Why? Incentives. People don’t generally expend inordinate amounts of energy to obtain power and rule over others, only to choose to not use that power for their own benefit at the expense of the ruled.

      1. “Trump is what is known in literary circles as…”

        Literary circles?


        Did you just say ‘literary circles’ with a straight face?

        Meanwhile, in ordinary circles Hillary is what is known as “complete and totally full of shit.” Someone in an actual literary circle once put is rather succinctly – something something about ‘every word, and and the.”‘

      2. Cutting regulations and taxes has been done many times and proves to be a far more effective way to improve the economy than importing low wage labor and putting up a few taco stands. OK, we can never have too many taco stands…but still.

        As it is now the system incentivizes companies to move overseas and take advantage of cheap, non-union labor. It isnt impossible to change that.

        1. Jobs moving overseas isn’t always a bad thing. It’s called comparative advantage. If companies can produce goods at a lower cost by moving their factories, then the people who buy the stuff win. And it’s not like there are a fixed number of jobs out there. Yes people will lose their jobs, but they can find new ones. Better ones. Manufacturing going overseas frees human capital at home to be put to other uses.

          This is all in theory is course. In practice because of the regulatory state, creating new jobs and businesses is easier said than done.

          But moving overseas by itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

          1. I agree. What I don’t like is government hacks deliberately manipulating the market on behalf of cronies. About the only thing they are good for is increasing the value of my stock in Vermeer.


          2. I would hope that most Americans can find better things to do than assemble Iphones and Happy Meal toys.

            The way some people talk about it, you’d think that mindless assembly line work was the pinnacle of the American Dream.

            1. “The way some people talk about it, you’d think that mindless assembly line work was the pinnacle of the American Dream.”

              Assembling iPhones is pretty good work. It would be a step up for a lot of American workers. We don’t need the protectionism, but there’s no reason to denigrate good work.

          3. It isn’t jobs moving overseas, it is that the average American worker is less agile in his or her ability to learn new skill sets or start new businesses due to… you guessed it! The government.

            We have a regulatory state and zoning laws that make starting your own business so burdensome that most give up before they try.

            We have a school system stuck in the 19th century, from grade school to college. 99% of our population cannot understand any computer language, which might as well be illiteracy in this day and age. We all know how incredibly terrible Americans are at math and science.

            We have rent seekers who push out competition with lower prices brought by subsidies.

            We have government regulated licensing of almost every skillset imaginable which in the vast majority of cases tests how much bullshit you are willing to put up with, how much money you’re willing to have stolen from you, and how good you are at taking tests rather than how good you are at your skill.

            We have black markets that over and over again prove the broken window fallacy.

            Etc. Etc.

            As libertarians we need to understand why people are so against globalism right now. They see a problem, they just have the wrong means of fixing it. The problem is real, so berating people for coming up with an idea to fix the problem is not helpful unless you can show where the problem is actually coming from and show them how to actually fix it.

            1. Globalism would be great if it improved America, instead of dragging us down to the rest of the world’s lower common denominator.

      3. If only Trump could be confined to literary circles.

    2. The economic wreckage and malaise we suffer from now is directly attributable to Bush and Obama, as is all of the egregious damage to rule of law.

      You give them too much credit. This is something that has been going on for a long time. It started with our first Progressive president: Teddy Roosevelt. His cousin FDR really got it underway.

      Since then a bunch of regulatory agencies have been created, all making reams of rules every year. Can’t blame Bush or Obama for that.

      Rule of law started breaking down under Nixon who created the Drug War, and Reagan dramatically accelerated it back in the 80s. The Clinton Crime Bill in the 90s didn’t help either. Again, can’t blame Bush or Obama for that.

      We’re watching the culmination of policies that have been building for over a century.

      Now we’re on the brink of something terrible. But it isn’t the fault of the last two presidents. It began long before either of them were born.

      1. You are mostly correct but I can and do blame them for that, and everyone else who participated in it.

    3. “I predict that if Trump wins and the economy improves, even if it improves dramatically, the TDS people will still be tearing their hair, gnashing their teeth and blaming him for wrecking the economy and every other evil under the sun.”

      Correct. And suddenly the MSM will ‘find’ 47 million on food stamps, 94 million not working, and declining wages.

      1. don’t forget the homeless. it was amazing how the day after Reagan became president the country was flooded with homeless people that never existed before.

    4. I predict that if Trump wins and the economy improves, even if it improves dramatically, the TDS people will still be tearing their hair, gnashing their teeth and blaming him for wrecking the economy and every other evil under the sun.

      If the economy improves, then people will get rich. That’s evil. The economy is supposed to grow equally for everyone. Can’t have inequality. That’s evil. That’s why free markets are evil. They don’t distribute the wealth equally. Only government can do that.

      So if the economy improves then Trump is a terrible person for catering to the rich. We need more government to prevent this inequality. And if it doesn’t then that’s just proof that we need government to run the economy.

      Heads they win, tails you lose.

      1. As long as I can keep my guns and my money I don’t give a damn what that gaggle of fuckwits in DC does. Start talking about taking either from me, as the Dems do daily, and the hair on the back o fmy neck starts standing up.

        1. No argument here.

        2. clinger

    1. OMG, rising wages and lower unemployment?? How will the economy cope??

      1. Bitterly, at least according to the marxist shitstains that run the media.

  4. “In the case of Michigan, new arrivals are not only taking jobs that the native-born don’t want, but settling in a state that most Americans take a pass on, and that locals are leaving.”

    Dearborn. Go there. It’s Michigans future.

    1. I was going to ask. What about Dearborn? It seems to me, from what I read, it presents an interesting possibly caveat. Sorta like Marseille perhaps?

      1. Actually Dearborn is nothing like Marseille. For one thing, although it’s overwhelmingly Arab, it’s not overwhelmingly Muslim. The Detroit region has an enormous number of Arab Christians, who also have a strong political presence. Remember the Christian communities that were destroyed by Saddam? They moved here. Also refugees from assorted Lebanese civil wars. Google tells me there are around 120,000 in the area.

        1. It’s Hamtramck (pronounced ham-TRAM-ick) that has gone Muslim-majority. It used to be largely Polish.

        2. Ah. So the conservative media is over playing it sounds like.

          Good to hear and thanks for the lesson.

          Christians Arabs are alright, alright.

        3. Obama and Hillary will fix that! Those filthy Christians must be oppressed……I mean must stop oppressing those enlightened Muslims!!!!!

        4. The Detroit region has an enormous number of Arab Christians, who also have a strong political presence.

          Just looked…

          3 Antiochian Orthodox, 2 Syrian Orthodox, and 3 Melkite Catholic churches and 6 mosques.

          Remember the Christian communities that were destroyed by Saddam? They moved here.

          No, kidding? enough for 3 Chaldean Catholic churches. Add that to the list.

          Also refugees from assorted Lebanese civil wars.

          And enough Lebanese immigrants for 3 Maronite Catholic churches.

          So? 6 mosques and 15 churches? and that’s not counting Protestants.

  5. 2,000,000,000 / 126,000 = 15,873 . That’s not very high. How big is it when you subtract free schooling costs ($12,500 per student) and any other aid they receive (food stamps, earned Income credit, etc.)? Come on man, you write for a libertarian site. You can’t really expect to throw out big numbers and expect no one to check them for what they mean realistically. By the way, Detroit’s GDP is 236,500,000,000 in 2014. The 2 billion you mention is 0.8% of that.

    Also, immigrants and illegal immigrants are not the same thing. Stop trying to conflate them.

    1. Yep, those numbers don’t exactly tell the story they appear to on the surface.

    2. When I started reading the article, a yellow flag went off, since it was clear the numbers stated didn’t paint a complete picture. Articles like this, which are intentionally misleading, are more off putting than if they had just actually shown the numbers even if it didn’t create the narrative they wanted. I prefer honesty over a perfect story.

    3. You’d have to compare it to non-immigrants to make any meaningful sense of it too. And how many are children? If the number is per capita, $16k isn’t bad for a family.

      1. “$16k isn’t bad for a family.”

        $16K for a household is well under the poverty threshold and means they are a net drain with respect to taxes.

        If it’s $16K per capita then it would be below the US mean, but not by a whole lot, assuming a standard household size. Again, the article should have actually used enough numbers to accurately represent the data instead of being a puff piece.

  6. “Immigrants Are Making Michigan Great Again”

    Again? Michigan was never great. The only way to make Michigan great is if it’s covered in water or maybe a glacier

    1. covered in water or maybe a glacier

      Well, the glacier thing happened. So “again” is good.

      Make Michigan great again. Like it was 30,000 years ago.

    2. Then get all of Americas illegals there at the same time. All the progtards too. Then freeze it forever.

    3. O H

  7. Immigrants earned 7.7 percent of all income generated by Michiganders in 2014, says the report.

    How much crime are immigrants responsible for? How much welfare and other social services are immigrants using? If we don’t look at both side of the equation, we can’t really get an accurate picture of the situation, can we?

    According to a 2012 study by the Pew Hispanic Center, Michigan has about 120,000 undocumented immigrants. How does that contribute to Michigan’s greatness?

    1. Michigan has about 120,000 undocumented immigrants. How does that contribute to Michigan’s greatness?

      *** meekly raises hand ***

      By … increasing its diversity?

    2. Depends on what they are up to, I guess. I’m sure some of them contribute a lot to agricultural endeavors.

  8. “And yeah, immigrants are taking jobs that many Americans don’t want, though not always in the ways that we might expect.”

    Only taking the jobs Americans don’t want? I didn’t realize that Michigan as at 0% unemployment.

    1. What’s preventing non-immigrants from taking the jobs that immigrants work?

      1. Laws making it illegal for them to do so. Employers too scared of getting caught to hire legal workers for illegal jobs.

      2. Pride. They want a great job with a living wage that they can brag about. So when they see “Help Wanted” signs they keep on walking. They’re too good for those jobs.

        For me that is something I have never understood. I’ve never gone for more than a week without a job since I was fifteen.

        I will do about any menial task for a paycheck. Wash dishes, stock shelves, clean toilets, whatever. A shitty paycheck is better than no paycheck, and you’ve got to pay your dues before you can move up.

        Americans want instant gratification. They don’t want to start at the bottom. So they remain unemployed while immigrants take the jobs the natives are too proud to do.

        1. I will do about any menial task for a paycheck. Wash dishes, stock shelves, clean toilets, whatever. A shitty paycheck is better than no paycheck, and you’ve got to pay your dues before you can move up.

          I believe that, since the ’80’s in particular, this kind of work ethic has falled out of vogue. I recall, as a kid, in the ’80’s, the great push to graduate HS and matriculate through college. Concurrent with that was a social change demonizing and denegrating Blue and Pink Collar work as “low brow” and “beneath [you]” and “not a real job”. In their homes, even, union factory workers, construction workers, janitors, etcetera told their kids, not “follow my lead; it’s honest work!”, but, instead, “[we] want you to make something better for yourself.”

          1. Being someone who grew up in the 80s, I can relate. My friends all thought I was stupid for taking jobs that they thought were degrading.

            Now here I sit with a professional job, working from my own home. Meanwhile they have done nothing with their lives. They’re still waiting for the right opportunity to land on their lap.

            Joke’s on them I guess.

    2. “Jobs Americans don’t want”……….translation: jobs Americans don;t want for illegally depressed wages. So much groggy bullshit in these weasel statements.

  9. So, how long did it take for the promoted comment thing to be completely taken over by griefer trolls and spam bots?

  10. I live in a close-in suburb and work in Midtown Detroit (where I’m sitting right now). Both Trump and Tuccille have got it wrong. The net in-migration to the Detroit area is not only immigrants, it’s also post-millenials. There’s a new condo building next to my office (repurposed from an old office building). It’s full. And pretty much every condo in downtown Detroit (and there are now dozens, all repurposed office buildings and factories) are also at a 95% occupancy rate.

    As for the cultural climate, have a look at this:…..ts-heatmap

    I’ve been to several of these and many of them have hour-long waits (like many hipster places they don’t take reservations). And that’s just ones that opened this year.

    And it’s a hot town for jazz, techno (not my taste, but a world-class venue) and a world-class symphony that is the most high-tech, most on-line orchestra in the world (disclosure: I’m one of the IT advisors for the DSO). Check out the DSO app, which allows live streaming of pretty much every concert they play.

    And many of the new residents aren’t working in the car industry–they’re in multimedia, design, app development etc. Come visit, Jerome.

    1. I listen to WJR daily and visit Detroit annually. Gentrification has started, no doubt. Until crime is greatly reduced, however, it will be limited to kid-free families. On my last extended visit in 2013, my wife was terrified to be alone even near the Renaissance Center. Fix crime and Detroit will be great again.

      1. Eliminating gun control will take care of most of the crime.

        1. Yes, that would help.

          “Contrast this [Chicago] with Detroit and the attitude of its police chief, James Craig, on gun control. Craig actually changed his mind on gun control and has urged the people of Detroit to arm themselves. Moreover, crime in Detroit has been falling all throughout 2014, and Craig attributed this to the fact that the people of Detroit are taking his advice.”

  11. So. A report published by the “Michigan office for New Americans” about the contribution of new Americans to the state of Michigan is somehow used as evidence that the detrimental effects of illegal immigrants to the rest of the country is bogus. Because…TRUMP!

    That is some darn fine logic there. More of that and you’ll be on par with MSNBC and FOX News.

  12. legal vs illegal you moron

  13. Hudson . although Henry `s article is flabbergasting, last thursday I bought a brand new Buick after having earned $7028 recently an would you believe ten-grand this past-munth . it’s actualy the most-comfortable job I have ever had . I began this 4 months ago and practically straight away started making a nice at least $83.

  14. I’ve no doubt that Mexicans and arabs are the life blood of what remains of many small towns in Michigan.

  15. At the top of my head – There’s nothing unusual about the fact that immigrants there (around 8 percent of total population, half are Asians) earn 7% of total income or make up 15% of STEM positions. STEM shortage is a myth and some STEM jobs are glorified desk work.

    Your typical immigrants are usually not net tax payers. The cream of the immigrant crop in Michigan (corporations are immigrants, I presume) is undoubtedly paying the bulk of that 5 billion in taxes, but at that level we might be talking about stocks, intellectual property and other things that has nothing to do with the state. Also enter deductions, tax credits, state contribution to healthcare and education, etc.

    Immigrants are often entrepreneurs because they find a place in their ethnic communities. Drive around OC and LA and you’ll find dozens of Korean BBQ joints, Boba places, Karaoke bars, “Room Salons”, Coin-op laundry, etc. These aren’t meaningfully different from a sandwich shop managed by a native born white guy. They’re not economic hubs offering long term, stable careers.

    Less than 2% of immigrants work in farms. The job is crappy because the owners (who are subsidized to the HEAVENS) won’t take care of their workers. I often hear that some workers have to defecate on the ground or collapse in heat exhaustion. The workers get zero official healthcare benefits, and when something happens the owner tries to give them cash and make things go away. Even guest workers are sometimes mistreated.

  16. liar Tuccille

    Today, you hear Muslim calls to worship over the city like a new American Baghdad with hundreds of Islamic mosques in Michigan, paid for by Saudi Arabia oil money. High school flunk out rates reached 76 percent last June according to NBC’s Brian Williams. Classrooms resemble more foreign countries than America. English? Few speak it! The city features a 50 percent illiteracy rate and growing. Unemployment hit 28.9 percent in 2009 as the auto industry vacated the city.…..sty506.htm

  17. Well I guess all of them in this country should go there.

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