Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Wins GOP Primary to Seek Tenth Term

Defeats candidate who supported Trump more enthusiastically but didn't get an endorsement.


Speaker's Office

Speaker Paul Ryan handily won his primary today in Wisconsin, defeating challenger Paul Nehlan by a 70 percent margin in his first election since becoming Speaker of the House. Ryan won his first congressional election in 1998.

Back in May, when Ryan, who was chair of the Republican National Convention, flirted with the idea of not endorsing Donald Trump, Sarah Palin jumped in to say she was endorsing Nehlan over Ryan because of it, insisting the problem with Ryan and "his ilk" was they they'd become "disconnected" from the people they represent, "as evidenced by Paul Ryan's refusal to support the GOP frontrunner who we just said is our man." It was an early expression of the anti-Never Trump attitude that because Trump won Republican and Republican-leaning voters were obligated to vote for him, and a variation on the old "a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for the major party candidate I assume you don't like" saw.

Ryan eventually came around to endorsing Trump, and at the Republican National Convention trotted out the same argument Palin had in May. "Democracy is a series of choices," Ryan explained. "We Republicans have made our choice."

Trump, too, had eventually come around to endorsing Paul Ryan, as well as Arizona Sen. John McCain, another elected Republican official he had feuded with (Trump likes "people who weren't captured"). A few days before endorsing Ryan and McCain, Trump said he wouldn't endorse McCain and wasn't ready to do so with Ryan. In one poll, McCain held a 13 point lead (with 39 percent) in a crowded field ahead of the Arizona primary later this month, but had a high unfavorability rating with Republican voters. Were Trump not to have endorsed Ryan and McCain, their wins could only have hurt him come November.

As it stands, the AP's lead anyway framed Ryan's win as a potential sign of "doom" for the Trump campaign in November. Trump tweeted a thank you to Nehlan, raising his profile, for defending Trump as he faced criticism for comments he made about the family of an American soldier who died in Iraq and whose father spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

In his final campaign swing, Ryan praised Trump, saying he was right on trade agreements.

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    1. Well it’s not like he was pushed in front of a metro train!!!

    2. It’s called ‘desensitizing ‘. Once the Clinton crime mafia has another 4 years at it, they’ll be able to strangle infants on the Whitehouse lawn televised live, and no one will even question it. The progs are already there.

      1. Postpartum abortions are a woman’s right!

        1. There’s no way they’ll have to say anything that makes that much sense.

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    4. “Suggests”? I’m pretty sure Assange knows who his source is!

      It’s going to be awesome to see how Reason handles this one. Most of the Reasonoids love them some Julian Assange, but any suggestions that American politicians sometimes assassinate their domestic usually scare the living crap out of them.

      They’ll probably do what they often do, which is ignore the revelation like it never happened.

  1. Oh, and McCain is still a thing? No idea.

    1. Yes. They’ve shot him up with the same formaldehyde evil dictator fluid that is keeping Hillary on her feet and kept Gaddafi walking around for like 30 years after he was already dead. It’s time to man the holy water cannons and industrialize the manufacture of silver stakes.

  2. And since I am apparently the only one here I will say that Paul Ryan is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met…and I’ve met quite a few brilliant people. That said, he is a slimy piece of shit.

  3. 10th term? And he’s what, like 15 years old? Term limits now! Go home, Eddie Munster, you statist prick, there has to be a job for washed up monster sitcom actor freaks like you.

    1. The supposedly ‘real’ Eddie Munster ended up marrying a fan he met at a DragonCon in like Scranton or something.

      Only thing sadder than that is knowing that. Fuck I hate Wikipedia sometimes.

  4. Everyone should be excited for a thousand boring suns to be voted into even more boring suns by a million boring suns… all suns located in the exciting boring hell of Paul Ryan World.

    Space craft will be like this in the goddamn future man. Like huge spinning job hells of shit outside andromedusa and alongside the mining alleys of Jupifactorio and a thousand boring suns flittering from the hearts of detached workers will fucking vote in a even more fucking jupifacborios by a million pissed off job hells and tons of space craft floating round that space sit will ponder over fucking space liquor and alien pussy the galactic strategy of such nonsense… and fucking asteroid shits.

    1. Dilbert meets John Varley.


  5. OT:
    On this day, in 1945, the US dropped the second nuke on Japan, the aggressor in WWII, causing Hirohito to shit his pants and accept the conditions required by the Allies to end WWII.
    I’m sure the millions of lives saved were irrelevant to him; the most recent (and best) histories suggest he was really worried about insurrection in Japan and his personal welfare; forget those peons dying by the thousands!
    War and the resultant deaths are never laudable; ending a war by saving all those lives is.
    Hey, Commie Kid! Fuck you!

    1. Oh, and it is a pathetic reminder of group ignorance that 8/9 is not a day of celebration and thanksgiving to the US in Japan.
      One of these days they will admit of the harm they caused

      1. Nukes were the knuckle-punches of elite gods once spited by hell.
        Nukes today might be a page turn in the book of old gods spited by freedom’s lusty scream.
        Nukes today might be the unstable lost mind of an icon grasping for a precipice unfounded.
        Nukes today may as well be the edges of hell haunting a billion dreams of peaceful breathers.

      2. The Germans fully acknowledged all the harm they caused in WW2. The Japanese refuse to to acknowledge things like the Rape of Nanking. Neither society is exactly winning the culture wars.

  6. OT; AGAIN (cause this article sucks):
    FL Cops gill granny during police exercise

    seriously, this should be 5-10 negligent homicide.

    1. No reasonable prosecutor would pursue this case.

  7. Was this outcome in doubt at some point? Wow, woop-di-freaking-doo, an incumbent defeated his challenger in the primaries. Ryan’s challenger was a Trumpist, and so his political philosophy basically boiled down to “Yeah, what he said.”

    After all being pro-Trump isn’t a political philosophy. The Tea Party people had at least something approaching a semblance of a political philosophy, being at least somewhat anti-crony capitalist. And now they’re stuck trying to drive a drive a stake through that immortal vampire that is the Ex-Im bank to claim a win.

    As far as I can tell, there’s no real underlying philosophy to Trumpism beyond some vague populism. Hell, If I’m wrong and maybe Trump is playing some 4-D chess on the political classes, please explain it to me.

    1. Hell I looked at the earlier Trump thread, walked away, and said nope.

      It’s a hundred shrieking chimpanzees trying to interpret what CoCo the Gorilla has to say.

      And all I can think is that my business plan of putting monkeys in front of keyboards needs some revisions. This will probably not produce a St. Crispin’s day speech.

    2. I haven’t seen any actual polling, but I recall seeing a couple of headlines last week stating that Ryan was in trouble due to the state’s open primary and suggesting his campaign would be over today.

    3. I don’t know that there’s even vague populism behind Trumpism. Trump could come out tomorrow and bash populism and the people who like him would be like “yeah! Fuck protectionism! Ratify the TPP now!!”

  8. That’s too bad – was hoping that piece-of-shit Ryan would have been sent packing.

    1. Me too – but incumbency is tough to beat.

      Ryan embodies exactly what is wrong with the GOP and why they went nuts and nominated Trump.

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