Election 2016

Gary Johnson Still Very Likely to Appear on Ohio Ballot, Just Not as a Libertarian

Ohio's ballot access rules are especially hostile to third parties, forcing candidates to run as independents in Buckeye State.


An Independent, at least in Ohio
Patrick Ryland

A number of Ohio news outlets ran with a story today about the Libertarian Party (LP) presenting a "surprise" candidate — restaurateur and occasional state-level politician Charlie Earl — as its candidate for president in paperwork filed with the state. But this really isn't a surprise at all; the party frequently uses placeholder candidates to meet ballot access requirements.

In the case of Ohio, the LP placed Earl's name on petitions last March, as it began the process of collecting enough signatures for the party's candidate to appear on the 2016 presidential ballot. Because the LP didn't have its convention until late May — when Gary Johnson was chosen as the party's nominee — Earl's name has remained on the paperwork set to be filed with the state. But Ohio has a statutory provision which allows parties to substitute candidates within five days after submitting the ballot paperwork, and the LP fully intends to replace Earl's name with Johnson's before next week's deadline.

The whole "surprise" angle of this story was likely driven by a statement from Josh Eck, spokesman for the Ohio Secretary of State, who told assembled reporters, "I am not aware of any time in Ohio history where a candidate has filed petitions to run for president and asked for another name to be put on the ballot. Our legal team will need to review the revised code to find out if that is legally possible."

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News notes that the "reporters did not investigate, and simply believed the Ohio elections official," who was apparently unaware that that the LP used placeholder candidates in both 1996 and 2004.

LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark tells Reason that despite the Office of the Secretary of State's general unhelpfulness in providing the requisite forms to replace the candidate, this story is a "big pile of nothing."

It is worth noting that Ohio is a particularly hostile state for third parties, which are referred to as "minor parties" under state law. According to Cleveland.com, in 2013 the state passed a law requiring third parties to acquire enough signatures to equal one percent of the previous presidential or gubernatorial vote (which based on 2012 voter turnout would be around 56,000) in order for the party to be recognized by the state. It gets worse. Third parties would need to win three percent of a presidential or gubernatorial vote to stay on the ballot for the next cycle.

Because of this, the LP is not recognized as a political party in the state of Ohio. But since only 5,000 signatures are required for an independent to make it onto the ballot, the LP has secured well over that amount with the intention of putting Johnson on the Ohio presidenital ballot as an independent.

Sarwark tells Reason "this is not abnormal" for third parties struggling for ballot access. He used Tennessee as an example of a state which requires 33,000 signatures for a political party's candidate to be recognized, but only 25 (that's a 2 and a 5) signatures for an independent candidate. In a state like Tennessee, it's simply the party's cost-benefit analysis which compels them to eschew the expense of collecting tens of thousands of signatures, and just running their candidate as an independent instead.

Sarwark seems confident that despite the "shenanigans" the LP has to go through in Ohio, Johnson will indeed appear on the ballot.

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  1. Gary Johnson Still Very Likely to Appear on Ohio Ballot, Just Not as a Libertarian

    The Buckeye ballot speaks truthfully.

      1. Gary Johnson Still Very Likely to Appear on Ohio Ballot, Just Not as a Libertarian

        The Buckeye ballot speaks truthfully.

        First and best.


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  2. I wonder if there is a correlation between a state’s swing-stateyness and the hindrances it places on 3rd party ballot access. Seems like the Duopoly party has a big shared incentive to restrict access in those electorates.

    1. Isn’t Oklahoma one of the more difficult states for third-party ballot access? You still need 3% of the turnout from the previous gubernatorial election.

      Oklahoma isn’t very swinging, I don’t think.

      1. IIRC Oklahoma has jailed people for attempting to get petition signatures for ballot access.

        1. That’s rather North Korea of them.

        2. It’s true. It’s why Durant left!

      2. Oklahoma isn’t very swinging, I don’t think.

        Gasp! How dare you say? They do ALL the things they kinda sorta aughta!?! Rumors!

      3. Cocklovehomo is the reddest state in the Union. It is on the opposite end of the suckfest spectrum from New York, which is really a circle anyway with two arms of suckiness.

        1. I thought Nebraska was the reddest. I could be wrong.

        2. I’d suggest Maryland and Hawaii for bluer than New York, but Maryland actually elected a Republican governor.

      4. I was registered in Oklahoma in 2012. While I would have personally preferred President Romney, I was annoyed enough by living in the only state that literally forbid voting for a third party (via disallowing write-ins) that I picked Obama as a protest vote given that Republicans run the state and are responsible for that ballot access situation.

    2. I think the last time we had a Libertarian on the Presidential ballot here was 1996. It’s pretty horrible.

      Strangely enough, though, we always seem to have a few independents on the ballot for the State House and Senate, at least in my district.

      This Spring was the first time we ever had an open primary here. For the Democrats. So I got to vote in my first primary ever. If I remember correctly, we had three candidates who weren’t HIllary or Bernie. So I just picked one of them at random.

  3. “reporters did not investigate, and simply believed the Ohio elections official,”

    I’d get my shocked face out but it’s suffering from overuse.

    1. But doing reporting work is HARD.

    2. Reporters… contradict government officials rather than accurately relaying their narratives to the public unsullied? That sounds like anarchy. Possibly even blasphemy.

  4. A clueless government official?

    No. Way.

    1. In this case, it’s not cluelessness, but mendacity.

  5. It is time for the stranglehold of two, quite frankly, insanely shifty political parties on politics in this country to end.

    I mean fuck, I understand all the fear of Donald Trump, and he’s an awful candidate, but the possibility of President Hillary Clinton. Shit just go ahead and sell out the whole damned nation.

    NEITHER of these fuckers is qualified to be President.

    The government of the US needs a “no confidence” vote from the governed…

    1. Too bad. That social contact you signed at birth provides eternal consent to your betters to keep sodomizing you.

      1. That’s the motto of the DNC, isn’t it?

      2. Yeah government is that thing we just _belong_ to…

      3. Fuck you, you fetus hater. The social contract begins at conception!

        1. Signed in jizz, sounds about right.

        2. But one party gets termination rights.

    2. The government of the US needs a “no confidence” vote from the governed..

      Otherwise known as the second amendment.

      1. Trump said something about that. Ed should do a post.

    3. Listen, there are plenty of alternatives. Like that weird CIA guy that isn’t named George H.W. Bush.

  6. Ohio sucks.

    The DNC sucks.

    The GOP sucks.

    It all sucks.

    Now get off my lawn.

    1. Or, if you live in Phoenix, get off the sand and trash strewn part of the lot that does not include my adobe-colored house!!!

  7. The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are naked pandering careerists who are every bit as unable to conceal that fact as Hilary Clinton.

    1. I know virtually nothing about Ohio, but even I know DeWine is a ginormous dickbag.

      1. True story.

        In the early hours of the Iraq war, the son of a black friend of mine was killed. I went to the service at a black church in CLE. DeWine was there.

        After the service there were long lines to offer condolences to my friend. Just as I got to him my line merged with DeWine’s, and I elbowed my way in front of him.

        When my friend saw me he shouted my name loud enough to silence the crowd (since I hadn’t seen him in 5 years). DeWine’s face drooped noticeably.

  8. I swear.

    If I find out anyone at Reason voted for anyone but Johnson, why I don’t know what I’ll do!

    1. You’ll make them feel the Johnson?

    2. Take up drinking professionally rather than just as a hobbyist?

      1. Well, he could still move to the real Canada that speaks the Queen’s English.

  9. Have voted for a few Libertarian candidates in Ohio … one got 3% once — WOO HOO!!!!!


      1. No, no, front hand! I choose front hand this time!

    1. She’s good at punching faces, but not soccer balls.

  10. So if Gary J gets 3% as an Independent inOhio, which party will qualify for next ballot – the Independent Party or
    the Libertarian Party?.

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  14. In Clinton Body Count news, from the Drudge headline: Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich ? Who Was MURDERED in DC ? Was Wikileaks DNC Source

    The classic Law and Order setup: “It looks like a robbery gone wrong, Lieutenant, because he still has his wallet and phone.” (Note to professional assassins: always take the wallet and phone, because then the police will think it was a robbery.)

    Or maybe Hillary/the DNC ordered the hit to stop him from testifying?

    Or did the Real Killers just want us to think it was Hillary…?

    1. In a few years Hillary will be felled by whatever illness plagues her, and the DNC will be just as corrupt as ever. They’re more of a criminal organization than a political party.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clintons had some people whacked. They are that sleezy, and despite my hatred of other politicians – I wouldn’t say the same about them all.

      But Assange is playing coy here. He didn’t say the dead staffer was the source of the leak. He could have multiple motives:
      1. Deflect attention from the Russian sources who gave it to him/improve his own credibility in the process.
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      3. He could have simply wanted to insinuate the connection, without lying. The staffer has nothing to do with it, but he knows how this will play online. Sort of connected to #1.

      But this will be dismissed in the mainstream media because Assange doesn’t say much of anything. His sources take risks to leak him info. Some end up jail, and some may end up worse off (dead/murdered).

      1. this will be dismissed in the mainstream media

        Dismiss? Dismiss what?

    3. please stop linking to Gateway Pundit and make me assume everything they say is baseless & retarded by default

      this is a mild-improvement

      Of course, everyone is sure the last batch of emails from the DNC-leak actually said nothing of any significance or imporantance because the media has done such a fabulous job going line by line and helping….HEY LOOK OVER HERE TRUMP SAYS PEOPLE WITH GUNS SHOULD KILL DEMOCRATS OMG LOOK AT THAT

  15. Isn’t Cleveland in Ohio?


  16. Guess who bought a new summer home?

      1. Dammit. PM links are too early in the AM for me.

  17. I’ll be voting for GJ in spite of his running mate and his brain farts on various topics. I’m voting for him because he balanced the budget every year he was governor and vetoed hundreds of stupid laws. I see no reason in waiting for the libertarian messiah. GJ is way better than the other two.

    1. Maybe you can earn a translating medal in one of President Johnson’s foreign humanitarian wars. Hitlery should keep you in business.

      1. You don’t get to talk down to anyone, SIV. Your guy is losing. He’s losing by design. He’s throwing this election to Hillary. You fucked up. You trusted Trump.

      2. The best way to end wars is to win them.

        1. I’ll just put you down in the Draft Gen. Wesley Clark column.

          1. Spot the Not: Wesley Clark

            1. I like Hilary Clinton. I think she’s – she’s a fantastic leader.

            2. I think that President Obama has the strongest record with veterans among any president in my lifetime.

            3. Five-year-olds have an uncanny way of getting into your psyche, your self-esteem.

            4. When Bill Clinton ran in ’92, and I listened to him, and I had of course known of his record from Arkansas, I found him extraordinarily inspirational, and I voted Democratic.

            5. Sometimes it’s more important to consider others before yourself. It’s what I’m expected to do.

            6. Everybody in the military has a reputation, and usually it doesn’t come out to the public.

    2. I think you should stop thinking about voting as a “personal” thing which reflects your own aspirations and desires, and see it more as a duty to further a historical inevitability.

      In that sense, a vote for Hillary is the smartest choice

      I think the GOP needs to be destroyed and reform itself….. and the left needs at least 4 more years believing that their ideas have merit and should be adopted, encouraging them to push harder and harder within their own ostensible ‘allies’.

      i understand it if not everyone is with me on this. But trust me, its the best choice.

      1. There’s a reason conservatives believe in preserving worthy ideals and institutions and embracing change only when it becomes inevitable. It makes the ideology seem hopelessly backward and recalcitrant at times, but it also prevents radical liberalism from exercising the full weight of power. And that’s what you’re suggesting: permitting the progressive left, for the first time in a century, unbound exercise of power. I’m not saying it’s not inevitable what with this quisling Republican stalking horse she herself arranged playacting as her sole opponent. But it’s ushering in a very dark era.

        1. it’s ushering in a very dark era.

          not dark enough. needs more darkening.

          1. The leftist destruction of what remains of the Constitution, more spending, more debt, more Third World peasants and Muslims voting for the Democratic Party until sharia law is imposed… that isn’t dark enough for you?

            1. I think you’re exaggerating, but if you weren’t, it would be closer.

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      with my own view summarized @2:28

    1. That has to be Portland. Seriously. The dude’s only war is with himself. What a fucking retard. And I’m a real peacenik, which is different than retarded.

  18. Something more interesting than LP candidates who aren’t libertarians:

    No Man’s Sky

    1. Eh. I was kind of skeptical about that before it came out and now that reviews are coming in I’m not exactly having an epiphany.

      It just seems very redundant and pointless. Impressive, sure. But not really worth spending money or time on.

      At this point I rarely play video games. I’m looking forward to Mafia III and the new Red Dead whenever it comes out. Otherwise, meh.

      1. Keep in mind, amateur hour is over when the PC version is released on Friday. So we’ll see what the real game is like.

  19. Nobody needs more than two parties.

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    2. That was weird. I read that as ‘Hillary needs her adult diapers two sizes bigger’.

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  29. “”I am not aware of any time in Ohio history where a candidate has filed petitions to run for president and asked for another name to be put on the ballot. Our legal team will need to review the revised code to find out if that is legally possible.”

    I am not aware of anyone tieing their shoes under water. Our legal team…

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