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In March Reason brought you all the coverage we could manage from South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), one of the largest conferences for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the world. Next year we're looking to do one better and be on the stage instead of just in the audience. But we need your help—register for a free PanelPicker account and cast your ballots for our proposals, starting today:

Making Law on Mars, featuring Reason's Peter Suderman and Brian Doherty and TechFreedom President Berin Szoka, moderated by Stephanie Slade:

Four Perspectives On Ending Police Violence, featuring Reason's Ed Krayewski, Reason Foundation's Lauren Krisai, LEAP's Norm Stamper, and attorney Eric Sanders:

Get a Warrant: The 4th Amendment and Digital Data, featuring Reason's Scott Shackford, R Street Institute's Mike Godwin, the ACLU's Neema Guliani, and Demand Progress' Sean Vitka:

Cool Tech vs. the State, featuring Reason's Brian Doherty and Ron Bailey, the Mercatus Center's Andrea Castillo, and 3D printing pioneer Cody Wilson:

Is the First Person to Live Forever Already Alive? featuring Reason science correspondent Ron Bailey and bioethicist Kathryn Hinsch, moderated by Stephanie Slade:

Would Your Childhood Be Illegal Today? featuring the one and only Lenore Skenazy:

Community voting runs through September 2. Get to it!

NEXT: About That Vanderbilt University Football Player Caught in a Sex-Trafficking Sting...

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  1. What is Reason going to do for me?

    1. Make you see the error of your Yokeltarian ways and convert you to the Cosmotarian faith?

    2. Write more Anti-Trump articles?

    3. Provide a means to waste time all day arguing pointlessly about politics?

    4. Run HyR with minimal moderation? It ain’t much, but it ain’t nothin.

      1. They DO let me berate Robby and Nick in the comment sections at my leisure. I guess that’s something.

        1. Nick: Hey Robby, why do they abuse us like this?

          Robby: Who?

          Nick: The damn Yokeltarians in the comment section!

          Robby: I don’t know, what do you think they want?

          Nick: Maybe we should write more about Trump?

          Robby: I dunno, do you have any other ideas?

          Nick: No, just more Trump, get on it!

          1. Seems like Robby gets it and has a bit of a sense of humor. Nick is kind of hopeless. Doesn’t he understand that the complaints of the anonymous rabble that may or may not actually support Reason in any material way are the most important thing?
            I think he lost it when the jacket stopped being in charge.

  2. But we need your help?register for a free PanelPicker account and cast your ballots for our proposals…

    Bitch, I’m voting for Lyndon LaRouche!

  3. Only if Lena Dunham gives a talk.

    1. I would prefer if Lena Durham was giving the talk.

  4. Is the First Person to Live Forever Already Alive? featuring Reason science correspondent Ron Bailey and bioethicist Kathryn Hinsch,

    Watch as Ron Bailey continues to desperately try to convince himself that he won’t feel death’s icy grip sometime in the future!

    1. I thought this was Kurzweil’s schtick. Plagiarism?

      1. Nope, seems to be pretty consistent with futurists. Immortality is just around the corner, usually at around the time said futurist is in his sixties or seventies. I uphold that the Singularity is basically Atheist Techno Heaven for a lot of people.

        1. It’s all good, except that would mean Hillary will be in politics forever. We’ll have to hear that cackling forever. People will be in congress for thousands of years, and just look what a complete sociopath they turn into after only a couple of terms. Imagine what they could get up to in a thousand years.

            1. It’s making me really start to warm to the idea of term limits for congress.

        2. Let govt finish the job of regulating away harm from our lives (e.g. hot air balloon rides).
          Surely immortality is right around the corner with just a little more govt intervention.
          Ban all activities that might lead to death!

    2. Nobody is surviving the heat death of the Universe…

      1. Don’t we have to survive global warming and Trumpocalypse first?

      2. I dunno, tarran. Give us a few billion years, and we might figure out a way . . .

        1. It has to have something to do with green energy and subsidies. I mean, since big oil is causing the heat death.

      3. Ron and his immortal pals will be making their own universes by then.

  5. Making Law on Mars

    Ok, first of all, there aren’t any people on Mars.

    And isn’t the best reason to want to go to Mars because there aren’t any laws?

    We haven’t even got there yet and already Reason wants to ruin it.

    1. Well, I was informed about a week ago that there are laws governing mars. It’s a ‘celestial body’ and the federal government can (for its own citizens) absolutely control (read: it’s claimed the authority to) what you do and if you can even go. So, boom.

      1. The good news is that my transmission telling them to bugger the fuck off can get here in as little as 5 minutes, but it will take them months to get there and my Mars star ship killing catapult will be ready.

        1. You’re abusing the Second Amendment.

          1. Where in there does it regulate catapults?

    2. In existing law, the main thrust seems to be toward forbidding private property rights in space and other communistical nonsense. So it is something that ought to be looked at from a more libertarian POV. And no one is going to Mars anytime soon without a government sending them there.

      1. What if we cause global warming on Mars? Surely that has to be our biggest concern.

        1. That would be priority one on Mars, I’d think (causing it, not preventing it).

  6. Cool Tech vs. the State

    Did you know there are 12 year old kids running around with CRISPR kits? Do you know what they can do with those things?! Well, do you?

  7. Would Your Childhood Be Illegal Today?

    I’m pretty sure me and my little comrades were committing at least 300 felonies a day. We probably would have been hunted by DHS as potential terrorists.

    1. Yeah, I was just thinking about running the countryside unsupervised. Also all of the bombs, rockets, and homemade guns I….may have allegedly made.

  8. But will there be a full day “online harassment summit” next year?

    1. Shut up and show me your tits, whore.

      1. I always peruse the H&R comments tits out whilst twiddling my nipplebuds.

  9. I think Reason’s next article should be:

    10 Reasons why Trump is the Anti-Christ.

    Hey, I throw this stuff out there for free. If they don’t take advantage, not my fault.

  10. Little badass…..Influencer

    1. So the gun held to her was not her gun that the robber took from her? I am told that is what always happens.

  11. I’ll vote for all of them, but I don’t understand why Robby isn’t on any of the panels.

    He knows about rape at college.

    Also, there should be an ENB panel about how hookers are actually sex workers.

    1. You’re not going to get bottles chucked at your head for talking about police reforms or the fourth amendment.

      Well, not yet.

      1. Coming out against rape is highly controversial

        Also, I understand there’s a lot of controversy about how prostitutes are actually sex workers, too.

        If the millennials weren’t here to explain this controversial stuff to us, God only knows what we’d do.

        Did you know sex workers get raped on campus one out of three times?

    2. I don’t know what kind of hookers you are into, but I’m pretty sure most of them are, in fact, sex workers.

      1. They are in fact sex workers, and isn’t that fascinating?

        And we know because of ENB.

    1. Did…did Chavez think Total Recall was a documentary?

    2. This is the kind of bizarro shit those kinds of people say and I cant figure out if they are deliberately trying to demoralize their own population or if it is only wackadoodle madmen that end up in those positions. Whatever, our very own god-king has a heavy dose of it himself.

      Demoralizing the population is how you get former secretaries of state to skate when they are clearly guilty of heinous crimes…everyone just shrugs it off.

    3. I assume he means home grown Martian capitalists. Because Commies never caused any environmental damage. Just look how much nicer the environment is in China and the former USSR than in the US or Canada.

    4. I thought the link was going to Kim Stanley Robinson’s page.

  12. Making Law on Mars is a natural. That should be a shoe-in.

    Maybe Robby could speak about rape on Mars.

    1. Are you going to be OK?

      1. That depends.

        Are we or are we not against rape?

        What about falsely accusing people of being rapists?

        Are we against that, too?

        About a dozen posts a week for year after year, I’ve become convinced that rape is wrong and so is falsely accusing people of rape.

        Thanks fart-copter!

        But writing another dozen posts a week for year after year is probably warranted anyway because . . . well just because!

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