Vote for Reason at SXSW!

Help us get our panel proposals accepted at one of the world's largest tech conferences.


In March Reason brought you all the coverage we could manage from South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), one of the largest conferences for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the world. Next year we're looking to do one better and be on the stage instead of just in the audience. But we need your help—register for a free PanelPicker account and cast your ballots for our proposals, starting today:

Making Law on Mars, featuring Reason's Peter Suderman and Brian Doherty and TechFreedom President Berin Szoka, moderated by Stephanie Slade:

Four Perspectives On Ending Police Violence, featuring Reason's Ed Krayewski, Reason Foundation's Lauren Krisai, LEAP's Norm Stamper, and attorney Eric Sanders:

Get a Warrant: The 4th Amendment and Digital Data, featuring Reason's Scott Shackford, R Street Institute's Mike Godwin, the ACLU's Neema Guliani, and Demand Progress' Sean Vitka:

Cool Tech vs. the State, featuring Reason's Brian Doherty and Ron Bailey, the Mercatus Center's Andrea Castillo, and 3D printing pioneer Cody Wilson:

Is the First Person to Live Forever Already Alive? featuring Reason science correspondent Ron Bailey and bioethicist Kathryn Hinsch, moderated by Stephanie Slade:

Would Your Childhood Be Illegal Today? featuring the one and only Lenore Skenazy:

Community voting runs through September 2. Get to it!