CU-Boulder Suspended Student for Rape, Before Interviewing Alleged Victims

Biased Title IX investigator relied upon an anonymous tip. The victims never filed complaints.


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The University of Colorado-Boulder expelled a student for sexual assault—even though his alleged victims never accused him of anything.

Working off of an anonymous tip, a particularly vindictive Title IX administrator launched an investigation into the male student and concluded that he had raped two different female students—students who never filed complaints. The first victim, in fact, was initially unable to recall whether they had engaged in sexual activity at all.

The male student—referred to as "plaintiff" in his lawsuit against CU-Boulder—was denied the right to cross-examine the two women, properly review the evidence against him, and appeal the administrator's decision. He was subjected to an astonishingly unfair adjudication process that ignored his due process rights at every turn and presumed him to be guilty from the start.

This isn't the first case I've seen where Title IX administrator disciplined a student for sexual assault despite the fact that the victims never filed a complaint. It bears some similarity to a case at Colorado State University-Pueblo, where a male athlete was suspended for years for raping his girlfriend, even though the girlfriend never complained and in fact stated unequivocally, "I'm fine and I wasn't raped."

In the UC-Boulder case, the Plaintiff was suspended from campus pending an investigation into allegations that he had sexually assaulted two female students, uncreatively referred to as "Jane Doe 1" and "Jane Doe 2." The impetus for the investigation was an anonymous phone call made to Christine Gonzalez, a Title IX coordinator at CU-Boulder. Note that the plaintiff was suspended two days after Gonzalez received the call—well before the university even bothered to interview Does 1 and 2 to determine whether the accusations were merited, according to the lawsuit.

The investigation was conducted by CU-Boulder Title IX Investigator Alexandra Tracy-Ramirez. The plaintiff's lawsuit argues persuasively that Tracy-Ramirez was biased against him from the start and determined to find him responsible for sexual misconduct, independent of whatever evidence she turned up. Her interviews with Does 1 and 2 are confusing—or at least, the summaries of them are confusing, according to the lawsuit. Doe 1 told Tracy-Ramirez that she couldn't remember meeting up with the plaintiff on the night in question, but "felt like she had engaged in intercourse" the following morning.

A couple things caused her to re-contextualize the alleged encounter as rape: the plaintiff started telling his fraternity brothers that he had slept with her; she began dating a fraternity brother who disliked the plaintiff; and she had a conversation with Doe 2. It's unclear whether Doe 1 was intoxicated during the encounter. Indeed, it's not completely clear the encounter took place at all.

As for Doe 2, the second victim "did not meet with the investigator or provide a detailed account of what happened," according to the lawsuit. Tracy-Ramirez told Doe 2 over the phone that she believed the plaintiff had engaged in nonconsensual sex with Doe 2. Doe 2 eventually "confirmed this account," though she avoided Tracy-Ramirez's calls for weeks, according to the lawsuit.

After suspending the plaintiff, Tracy-Ramirez summoned him to appear before her in person. He would have just this one chance to prove his innocence to her. His lawsuit notes that he was not fully aware of the charges against him at this point—he didn't know what Doe 1 had told Tracy-Ramirez. (The investigator hadn't even spoken with Doe 2 yet.) During the meeting, Tracy-Ramirez summarized Doe 1's account and said that "any information he provided after the meeting would not be considered as part of his defense," according to the lawsuit.

It's little wonder that Tracy-Ramirez eventually decided—based on a preponderance of the evidence standard—that the plaintiff was guilty: at no point did the university equip him with the tools to defend himself. Twisting the knife a bit further, the university denied the plaintiff the right to appeal.

This is just one side of the story, and indeed, it's perfectly possible that the plaintiff committed sexual misconduct against one or both of the Does. But the university relied upon an investigative model that wasn't merely ill-equipped to determining the truth—it was positively opposed to the principles of justice. This is the Alice in Wonderland method of conducting a trial:

'Let the jury consider their verdict,' the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.

'No, no!' said the Queen. 'Sentence first—verdict afterwards.'

The College Fix has more details on the lawsuit here.

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  1. I feel raped by people who eat fruit sushi.

  2. Who are worse: Title IX administrators or police union leaders?

    1. Throw one of each, tied back to back, out of an airplane at 20,000 feet. Who hits the ground first?

      Does anybody actually care?

  3. Fascist Democrats are at it again… Using Government to target anyone they choose. I dislike Trump but the Republicans don’t destroy the lives of people they deem “less than worthy”… I worry about a country where Clinton will pick the next few Justices of the SCOTUS.

    I mean Democrat are the ones that brought you the “Tax for being alive”…

    1. I don’t like the GOP, but I have utter contempt for the Progressive establishment. There’s definitely a difference in magnitude of my dislike, and it stems from how the media acts as an enabler for the progressive cause and a baiter against the conservative cause.

    2. “I dislike Trump but the Republicans don’t destroy the lives of people they deem “less than worthy””

      Oh my little cognatively dissonant partisan. Tell that to the poor bastard rotting in jail due to some mandatory minimum law pushed by a Republican.

      Good thing I’m here to stir this pot. The stench of Team Red is overwhelming.

      1. The mandatory minimum push was refreshingly bipartisan. The one thing that truly brings us all together is the expansion of state power and building up that boot that is stomping in the face of liberty forever.

      2. Mandatory minimums were put in place in response to demands for ‘fair’ sentencing. It seems that certain activist groups felt that certain criminals were being sentenced with a heaping dollop of racism.

        Mandatory minimums took away the ability of the supposed racists to enact their racism via sentencing.

        Mandatory minimums came under fire in response to demands for ‘fair’ sentencing. It seems that certain activist groups felt that certain criminals were falling victim to mandatory minimums far too much and that the cause of this was racism.

        Those activist groups were not lead by republicans.

      3. Because of runaway violent crime connected to drugs and mostly crack this change in law seemed like a good idea at the time. It ended up not working out for non violent criminals and is now changing. Everything does not come out as planned but if you do not try things you never find out what works. We do not have parole here in Virginia and our crime rate reduced a lot since the revolving door was closed, some things do work out.

  4. Tar. Feathers.

  5. He just needs to self-identify as a Muslim refugee. Then they’ll move much more cautiously.

    1. A TRANNY Muslim refugee. Then they don’t dare fucking touch him.

  6. This is still the best version of Alice in Wonderland.

  7. Nice picture of Winston’s mom. Way to go Fruit Sushi, picking on the commentariat like that.

    1. But no alt-text, of course.

  8. a particularly vindictive Title IX administrator

    Without knowing what the “norm” actually is, how would you know? also – what else do any of these people actually do, *other* than blow every perceived transgression wildly out of proportion for the sake of justifying their own existence?

    most of these cited cases of Title IX investigations would be described as “relationship problems” in a past, saner-world. The actual situations where there is real, genuine, criminal behavior, i think criminal justice tends to supersede them in any case. Their job is petty and vindictive *by definition*

    1. CU Boulder is in some kind of political incorrectness competition with other universities.

      1. It’s infuriating being a libertarian in this town. I walk through campus to go to work.

        1. I get triggered by that prog pisshole before I even get past Superior.

    2. Title IX is the Interstate Commerce Clause of academia.

      1. I would like to put that on a t-shirt

  9. Robby, I don’t know why but the University of Colorado is CU.
    I have to look at their logos everyday.

    1. The usual explanation for “CU” and “DU” that I’ve seen is that the University of California system and University of Delaware were already referred to as “UC” and “UD” when the Colorado schools were founded.

  10. So why don’t they fire this particular administrator?

    1. I hope this kid wins his lawsuit against the university and also files and wins a lawsuit against the administrator personally, as well as her department and the Board of Regents for that matter. Why should universities have private justice systems any more than private corporations? Next thing you know they’ll have their own jails.

      1. It’s a government-run university so all those folks have immunity; IOW, they can sue the university, and perhaps the administrator but only in her official capacity. Only when these people face personal liability for their actions will this sort of thing stop.

        1. Agreed. But even in her personal capacity, if she costs the university money because she’s sued, they may at least fire her. They’ll whine that they’re persecuted (they probably even believe that) but it may make a bit of a difference.

        2. “The qualified immunity doctrine protects government officials from liability for civil damages “insofar as their conduct does not violate clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.”

          I guess being that the current populace of the USA is unaware of what Due Process means, none of this crap should surprise me.

      2. I kinda also hope the court renders their verdict against the university before arguments begin. Would make a tidy and fair payback.

      3. Pushing for colleges to have their own jails is actually an outstanding way to troll the TitleIX madness. I’m genuinely curious how some administrator would argue against it.

    2. As always in these situations, I hope that the plaintiff refuses any settlement that allows the SJWs involved to keep their jobs.


  11. Now this is what I call progress. You can’t just wait around for all these rapey guys to start rapin. You got to nip this rapiness in the bud! Forward, comrades!

    1. Round up the usual suspects! Everyone with a penis, you’re outta here. We’ll come up with some victims and charges later.

  12. Guilty. If. Charged.

    1. First verdict, then trial, then charges.

  13. In Progtopia only rule by decree will do, the parceling of guilt and innocence based on demographic. The complete destruction of the rule of law is required.

  14. The impetus for the investigation was an anonymous phone call made to Christine Gonzalez, a Title IX coordinator at UC-Boulder.

    If only there were some way to get ahold of Mrs. Gonzalez.

    1. “Since coming to CU-Boulder in 2012, Christina has been an advocate for policies, practices and programs that enhance the student experience and encourage student learning, development and involvement,” CU-Boulder Provost Russell L. Moore said. “She is a passionate leader and mentor and a key member of our leadership team.”

      Jeezus, does anyone in that educational echo chamber actually believe this shit? BTW from Ms. Gonzlez’ bio-essay on the CU site referenced above

  15. The really stupid part of this, if my understanding of the law is anywhere close to correct (please comment if you know more), is that he way the charges were handled by the University probably terminally screws up any chance there might be for the justice system to obtain a conviction, even if he’s fairly plainly guilty.

  16. Oh the hilarity of Mrs. Hyphenated-Name having “fraud” and ‘defamation’ listed as one of her practice areas: http://www.hopkinsway.com/atto…..y-ramirez/ also the horror that shes a practicing attorney and none of this seemed to be outside the realm of basic law boggles the mind.

    She should be disbarred

    1. LOL at that bitch’s hair. And she went to the University of Arizona, so you know she’s a genetic dead-end.

    2. Disbarred my ass; she should get what William Wallace the Scottish rebel got when he was executed.

  17. You know – sentence first, verdict afterwards might actually be a good way to go about things.

    Charges are laid out, judge sentences, the jury then gets to consider the evidence, the law, *and* the sentence awaiting the accused before rendering a verdict.

    Could certainly take the teeth out of a lot of drug war laws.

    1. agreed. you think juries would be more likely to convict if they saw the huge sentances for non-violent crimes?

    2. Yes, this. There would be an awful lot of jury nullification. And add one more data point to this – what the prosecutors offered for a plea deal.

    3. It’s an interesting thought. One way to test whether it would help would be to run it by a bunch of Prosecuting Attorneys. If they hate it, it’s good.

  18. RE: CU-Boulder Suspended Student for Rape, Before Interviewing Alleged Victims
    Biased Title IX investigator relied upon an anonymous tip. The victims never filed complaints.

    Let us all applaud CU-Boulder’s suspension of a student for rape. The CU-Boulder administration does not need any stinking proof. Allegations of rape, as we all well know, is sufficient enough to convict anyone in the People’s Republic of Boulder. It is not necessary to gather such needless points of evidence as sperm samples, interviews, etc. A person’s word alone will suffice to imprison anyone for rape. Soon, our lovely incarceration nation will follow in the footsteps of this wonderful display of justice in place people in jail for such heinous crimes as littering, jaywalking and blinking without permission from The State. Soon, all the little people will be in jail where they belong and our beneficent and wise socialist slavers will be able to enjoy all the freedom to loot the national treasury, start wars, and increase the personnel at our local gulags.
    What a wonderful future we all have!

  19. The Department of Education has decreed that each university sacrifice an unspecified number of hetero male students on the Altar of Title IX, and if the Gods of SJW are satisfied the school will continue to receive it’s federal funding.

    Really, how different is this than the Aztecs ripping the beating heart out of some poor schmuck? (Except that these Gods really exist.)

    Schools get much more funding from their states than they do from the feds. As many states as possible should tell their schools that if they violate student’s rights they will lose all state funding.

    Of course, if Hillary wins, the DOJ will rule the cutting off of state funds a violation of some federal law.

  20. Right to face your accuser doesn’t apply since you are not being accused. Well played, title ix Schutzstaffel

  21. One wonders how anonymous tips about certain university administrators might be handled.

    1. You have an evil mind. I like it!

    2. Garrote?

  22. This is eerily similar to something that happened to me back in college so I guess it’s about time I put this story down. Thought about it for a while but never had the guts. This kind of thing appears to be getting too damn frequent to ignore. Apologies for wordiness in advance.

    I too was unjustly railroaded by a private school in Colorado despite the lack of a victim, accusations or evidence. And although I was not expelled or charged in a court of law, the incident severely tainted my college experience. Here’s the story:

    It was the fourth week of freshman year, that time when people are still making friends but kind of alreay know who everyone is. Late one night in the dorm common area I encountered this girl I had flirted with a handful of times before while playing ping pong. She asked if she could borrow my computer to check Facebook and one thing led to another. We had sex twice (once while my roommate was asleep in his bed) and she stayed overnight in my room. No alcohol or drugs were involved.

  23. The next morning we parted on good terms and agreed to meet up again sometime soon. I didn’t have her phone number but a couple days later I got a harried Facebook message asking if she could come to my room & talk. When she arrived in a panic she told me that there were virulent rumors being spread that she was raped. Apparently the morning after she had some soreness in her ladybits and her roomate/friends started jumping to conclusions. She claimed she adamantly denied it but to no avail, and honestly I don’t doubt her. Needless to say I was stunned and scared shitless.

    At that point I said that I was overwhelmed and needed to clear my head by going to Chipotle, inviting her to come along. When she replied she wasn’t interested I announced I was going anyway, and if she didn’t want to tag along she would have to leave my room. “But I’m so horny”, she non-chalantly stated. So after doing the deed again we went to Chipotle and actually got to know each other, like a real date oddly enough.

  24. After arriving back to my room I went into damage control mode. I gathered up all my booze and bartending supplies (I was on a mojito kick at the time) and dumped them down a gutter miles away in the barrio. I tried to study in my room but the silence was perturbing, so I went to the downstairs lounge. While there one of my newer friends, a big rugby player, asked if he could talk to me outside. He asked me what the story was in a friendly and inquisitive manner. But only a few sentences in he turned one me and insisted on telling me what he thought he knew, eventually threatening to beat my ass. He surely would have succeeded. I defused the situation enough to avoid having my face caved in, but didn’t succeed in actually convincing him of my innocence. After that I avoided being seen on campus for anything but class. Admittedly it was bad optics.

    1. The next afternoon while leaving the lunch hall I was approached by one of our security guards, a pretty cool dude who looked like he played linebacker only a few years back but never went pro. He politely but firmly informed me we were going to my room and he was going to inspect it. So I then had to nervously walk all the way across campus while everyone stared. In that moment I had the gutwrenching feeling that the process WAS the worst punishment. Before rifling through my belongings he informed me someone anonymously reported that I had been brandishing a big knife and was talking about stabbing people. I was too shocked to do anything except repeatedly mumble “but, no, what?” I admitted to having a swiss army knife and the only contraband left in the room, a decorative airline-sized bottle of tequila that was a gift from my high school lover. Luckily he wasn’t a pro pig and let me keep the bottle after pouring out the low quality liquor.

      1. It was at this moment I knew it was only going to get worse and became extremely paranoid. Although I had a few peeps I was on friendly terms with, there was no one I could confide in or consult. And of course at that time I wasn’t accustomed to nutpunches of similar incidents. Funnily enough, the coolest guy in class that I highly I respected for his game said he didn’t know, didn’t care, had no bad blood, and wasn’t getting involved. That weekend I made the rounds by a few house parties, barely drinking shitty beer and chain smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. My story got a lot of attention from some dudes who I guess initially gave me the benefit of the doubt because I seemed to weak to be a real rapist. The semblance of normalcy provided some small measure of hope.

        1. A day or two later I was summoned by the Director of Student resources or whatever bullshit admin title she had. She informed me that the school was going to be enforcing a “no contact order” between me and the girl, who I hadn’t spoken to in a while anyway. They would also be evicting me from my room and forcing me to move to another dormatory in a solitary room. Pretty much everyone I knew was in my dorm so this was basically a social death-sentence before even considering the appearance of guilt. I tried to be as reasonable as possible, asking what accusations had been made and if we could all sit down to a mediation session and talk things out. The administration refused to even tell me if there WERE accusations. I prodded and explained that I knew there were none because this girl had no ill will towards me and it would be social suicide to falsely cry rape. Needless to say I left out the part about her coming back for thirds.

          1. This simpleton attempted to sympathise and say she knew it was all probably part of the “rumor mill” (a phrase she loved for some fucking reason), but that their methods were for the best. I protested that the appearance of guilt was socially almost as bad as actually being guilty, and of course that I was completely innocent. Another thing she insisted on was me seeing the school therapist, something I vehemently opposed. But eventually I caved on that matter in order to leave the room and generate some good will. My final request was that I get a meeting with her boss since I knew this lady was too dumb and touchy feely to be pulling the real strings.

            1. It was the most frustrating experience of my life, not just because she didn’t belive my version of the truth, but that she was completely disinterested. Facts, reason, incentives, none of it had the slightest impact. Punitive measures had been decided, my desires were unimportant, and I had absolutely no leverage. I even considered death threats, car vandalism, killing pets, and firebombing people’s houses but figured these people were too dense to adequately grasp the level of insanity they were pushing me to. Threats of force only work when your enemy believes it’s an actual possibility you will take action.

              1. I struggled to keep my calm while waiting for the therapist, a nice enough 40 something gent I’ll call “Brad” becasue his demeanor was somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Pitt’s in The Big Short. I had been to therapy as a child after my parent’s divorce and expected him to pussyfoot around the issue (unfortnately there were no legos to play with). But he was cool and immediately acknowledged the awkwardness of the situation and the obviousness I didn’t want to be there. I spilled my guts, particularly the part about how the administration seemed completely indifferent to my plight. I was taken aback when he actually sided with me, stating “You’re right, they’re probably just covering their asses.” After that he basically proceeded to talk me of the edge, explaining that it’s better to bend over and take take it then start fresh rather than blow my scholarship or worse. So that’s what I tried to do. It never occurred to me that if the thing they most feared was word getting out, then that’s what I needed to threaten.I felt so small and the notion of getting the press or lawyers involved just didn’t come to mind. I mean who would care? I was a privileged white male loner alleged rapist from the South.

                1. There was another meeting with the frog-faced HR lady and one of my parents who was actually a faculty member, which interestingly didn’t count for shit. I semi-placated her insistence to bring them in for a meeting but refused to actually tell any part of the story. The one piece of respect I was granted was that she didn’t spill the beans and left it at that. With the only detail to work being my pissy mood, my family came to assume that I made unwanted advances that simply pissed off some girl.

                  1. Eventually I got my meeting with Ms. Chief Cunt, the beaurocrat in charge of student life. She was even less amiable to reason than her peon and didn’t even bother to feign sympathy. After resisting the temptation to flip her desk I recognized I was the road and miraculously left without requiring Terry Tate.

                    1. I acquiesced and moved dorms, never violating the no-contact order and steering clear of the girl. I spent a lot of time alone. I never found a clique but did meet my best friend to this day and managed to hook up with a few more girls as well. One was quite evidently innocent but I’m fairly sure the others were at least familiar with my reputation. Could never tell if it was a turn-on.

                      Around the time this was happening I was recruited by a modeling agency while shopping at the mall. It was completely outside my normal scene but flattering to say the least. Towards the end of the ordeal I had the opportunity to take some interviews in New York. When I actually got offered a contract I jumped at the opportunity to GTFO and start fresh.

                      The final night on campus I was smoking in the snowfall at midnight when I spied the girl across the quad. It was the first time I just stared and didn’t abashedly break eye contact. She paused for a few seconds and eventually left, although not at a hurried pace. For some reason I had convinced myself she had grown to hate me, and while never actually corroborating the rumors, got ground down by the same system and lost energy to deny them.

                    2. A week later while on Christmas vacation prior to my exile to the east I finally sacked up and Facebook messaged the girl after 3 months. I wished her well and said I don’t know what I did to make to resent me, but I wasn’t a player and genuinely liked her at the time. She was surprisingly conversational and after a few messages I called her and we chatted for hours.

                      Apparently the administration gave it to her just as hard as they did me. She was forbidden from talking to me and treated more as a guilty party than victim. Unlike me she eventually broke down and told the whole story to her family. As a nice Christian girl from a rural town this did not make for a very happy Thanksgiving. The poor girl, who was quite the fit tennis player when I met her, ended up gaining weight, abusing Mountain Dew (I can’t make this shit up), starting smoking, and becoming a total slut. After her second semester she transferred to a school closer to home.

                    3. After a semester of online classes in New York I was ready to leave. Cash was running low and it was obvious the modeling thing wasn’t going to work out. Although I got to see some really interesting things while catering for the rich and famous (fun facts: George Soros’s drink is Campari and Beyonce is even hotter in person), I was still isolated and unfulfilled. I returned to Colorado and cranked out the degree in two more years while only having my one friend. The paranoia of being “that guy” never fully went away and I got the impression some people were skittish around me because they were ashamed for believing unsubstantiated rumors. But I couldn’t bring myself to try and be friends with any of them. I had no illusions that keggers and causes would ever feel normal.

                    4. The thing that still sticks with me is the amount of extreme prejudice I was shown. I was literally pre-judged as guilty by my “friends”, the administration, and even my family to a lesser degree. And although there were a few sympathetic souls, not a single one encouraged me to fight back in my most helpless of times. I still carry a grudge against the institution and refuse to donate or even pay my hundreds of dollars in outstanding parking fines. I trash it as “not worth the money” at every opportunity. I delight in their failing financial state and the impending layoffs. But part of me is reluctant to hold a grudge the same way the frog can’t fully blame the scorpion. These administrators are used to absolute authority over petty matters. It is not the individual that concerns them, nor the collective student body, and certainly not principles. It’s the perpetuation of the status quo and positions of petty power. I’m wholeheartedly convinced their deference to procedure and dictat is so absolute that it wouldn’t take much for them to commit worse atrocities. And it would never occur to them to step back for a moment of introspection. I’ve never bothered to look it up but I”m fairly confident they repeatedly violated their own due process policies in the student handbook, all on a whim. In short, elites uber alles.

                    5. Thanks for reading and if you know of an an effective organization specialzing in challenging these apparatchiks with extreme prejudice, let me know. I’ve got a big fat check for them.

                    6. I’m certain that all of those admin scumbags hate FIRE. It’s not directly relevant to your case, but standing up for students sure makes them mad.

                    7. What these stories reinforce is that, if I ever have a son, I’m letting him know in no uncertain terms if he goes to college that he’s not to do anything more with a woman on campus than talk to her, and it better be in the presence of about 10-20 other people when it happens. Too many of the SJW SS looking to punish him for the mere offense of having a dick and not having the decency to transition to being a woman as penance.

                    8. I’m on the OFA mailing list but am a committed Libertarian leaning conservative. This morning I got an email asking me to take a survey of what’s important to me and how much I’ve been involved. The last page asked for identity questions – age, “gender identity” and ethnic group (check all that apply)

                      “gender identity” : “Last time I looked, I still had a dick”

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