Democratic Convention 2016

Watch Matt Welch Talk Democratic Convention on Tonight's Real Time with Bill Maher

Live at 10 p.m. ET on HBO, with Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank, Cornel West and Alex Wagner


Tonight at 10 p.m. ET I will be talking all things Democratic National Convention on HBO's comedic current-affairs program Real Time with Bill Maher, along with co-panelists Cornel West and Alex Wagner of The Atlantic. The top-of-the-show interview will be with recently unified Hillary Clinton supporter Bernie Sanders, and the mid-show addition will be former Democratic Congressman Barney Frank, so this should be a fun one. (West, for example, was a Bernie delegate on the DNC Platform Committee, then bolted to Jill Stein; Frank, meanwhile, was part of a last-ditch DNC "Unity Reform Commission" to bring Planets Sanders and Clinton together, and has had withering words to say about the Bernie-or-bust crowd.)

Make sure to go to the show's website for Overtime questions as well. Here's the Overtime segment from the last time I was on:

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  1. Bill Maher and Cornel West? What the fuck is wrong with you Matt. You can’t possibly believe any intelligent discourse will take place. No matter what you say, you’re going to come out of that needing a shower.

    1. At this point, I think he goes on TV to show off his hard-won Most Elegantly Dressed status. GILMORE (I do not accept this Dennis nonsense) should be proud.

      1. I just hope he’s shaved those sideburns.

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  2. From the linked video:

    All economics is is how human beings decide who gets what and why.

    ?Nick Hanauer, regurgitating John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice Theft

    1. The pie is baked, now we just need to divvy up the slices.

    2. I’ve never gotton around to reading Rawl’s. Been on my list for years.

      1. “Know your enemy”

    3. Spot the Not: John Rawls

      1. Clearly when the liberties are left unrestricted they collide with one another.

      2. The suppression of liberty is always likely to be irrational.

      3. It may be expedient but it is not just that some should have less in order that others may prosper.

      4. It is a fallacy to conclude that because something is so, it must be so.

      5. No one deserves his greater natural capacity nor merits a more favorable starting place in society.

      6. Ideal legislators do not vote their interests.

      1. I’ll just say 6. Random guess.

      2. The Not is #7: I’m not bragging on myself baby; but there’s no ifs and buts, or maybes.

      3. I’ll guess #4, since it is a true statement.


      4. If I were to pick one of them, #4

    4. Nick Hanauer’s deep thoughts:

      “Amazon didn’t create any jobs. Amazon probably destroyed a million jobs in our economy.”

      “During Seattle’s successful campaign for a $15 an hour minimum wage, our opponents would sometimes roll their eyes and snort, ‘If $15 is so good, why not $50?’ It was a straw man argument: Nobody was proposing a $50 minimum wage; it would have been too high, and we said so.”

      “Greed is a sin because humans are social creatures. And they simply cannot survive without the opposite of greed, which is cooperation.”

      “I make an eight-figure income annually.”

      “The only really expensive thing in our family budget, frankly, is private air travel.”

      “The person earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 isn’t going out to eat at restaurants. They’re not taking piano lessons. They’re not going to the gym or the yoga studio. They’re not sending mom flowers on Mother’s day. What good is this person in the economy? If you raise it to $15 an hour, they’re doing all of those things.”

      1. They’re not doing all that on $15 an hour unless they work 60-80+ hours a week or still qualify for social welfare benefits.

        1. Actually, the results in Seattle are totally unexpected.

          The average hourly wage for workers affected by the increase jumped from $9.96 to $11.14, but wages likely would have increased some anyway due to Seattle’s overall economy. Meanwhile, although workers were earning more, fewer of them had a job than would have without an increase. Those who did work had fewer hours than they would have without the wage hike.

          Accounting for these factors, the average increase in total earnings due to the minimum wage was small, the researchers concluded. Using their preferred method, they calculated that workers’ earnings increased by $5.54 a week on average because of the minimum wage. Using other methods, the researchers found that the minimum wage hike actually caused total weekly earnings to drop — by as much as $5.22 a week.

          Who’d a thunk that raising the cost of a job would result in fewer of them?

      2. In June 2014 Hanauer wrote an op-ed for Politico magazine in which he foresaw pitchforks coming for his “fellow .01%ers” if they did not address the issue of increasing wealth inequality. He noted how it would result in the destruction of the middle class and damage to the wealthy class. He made comparisons to the period preceding the French Revolution in the 18th century.[11]

        So – the super-wealthy are the ones advocating for a super-high min-wage?

        So they can deflect criticism, basically, and avoid the guillotine – and who cares if it decimates jobs. They’ll blame the other rich people for being too greedy. Classy. They’re like dogs that piss on themselves as a self-defense move.

        1. Not with a pitchfork through the throat, pinning them to the stable wall, painfully gasping gurgle… gurgle… gurgle.. as torches are flung into the bottles of aged artisanal accelerants, newly smashed in the mansion foyer.

      3. It was a straw man argument: Nobody was proposing a $50 minimum wage; it would have been too high, and we said so.

        This is why economics instructors are bitter, bitter men.

        1. No one ever explains why it’s a strawman. They just deflect.

          I’d phrase it like, “If there are no negative side affects to raising the minimum wage, why stop at $15?”

          At some point they have to agree there are negative side effects.

          1. He’s strawmanning the strawman.

            I would have retorted “Why is $50 too high? Every one of your arguments for $15 applies even more for $50, so if you think that’s too high then you clearly don’t believe your own arguments.”

      4. “Amazon didn’t create any jobs. Amazon probably destroyed a million jobs in our economy.”

        Jobs are labor and labor is an input just like paper, steel, electricity. Amazon reduced (significantly) the amount of a single input required (labor) to distribute materials. We still get those materials, and get them cheaper, while a million people are freed up from the distribution chain by *efficiency increases* to produce something else.

        Jobs are a cost, not a benefit. To believe otherwise would mean that you opposes vacuum cleaners, cars, phones, computers, bulldozers, etc.

        1. Maybe if we make this argument for another hundred years people will begin listening.

          1. Adam Smith, from the grave, begs to differ.

        2. “Jobs are a cost, not a benefit.”

          Yes, but they are a benefit to the individual working the job, and their self-interest naturally comes before such abstractions.

        3. We still get those materials, and get them cheaper, while a million people are freed up from the distribution chain by *efficiency increases* to produce something else.

          1. The people “freed up” from having the job Amazon destroyed probably don’t have the experience, talent, or skills to produce the things that the money saved is now being spent on.

          2. Distribution and brick-and-mortar retail jobs are by definition local. The “something else” that is bought with the money saved is probably produced overseas, meaning the same people who lost the old jobs cannot get the new jobs.

          In the big picture of course, creative destruction is great. And the people overseas who were born and raised in huts with dirt floors and now live in more modern conditions certainly are better off. But it creates a significant amount of disruption in individual lives

      5. Most of it based upon magical thinking.

        The idea that money just gets formed out of thin air . . . indefinitely.

  3. Years ago I read an Eddie Huang blog post in which he was complaining about something one of the NY commies wanted to do. The New York commie’s justification was states rights, and the blog was about how Eddie is a lawyer and he learned in law school that “states’ rights” means “slavery.” So when you really think about it, that New York commie wants to return black folks to the field, nah mean?

    True Story

    1. Apparently Eddie went to the law school at Yeshiva. Is it okay or deeply evil to laugh about that?

  4. Anyone looking for a job?…..0-annualy/

    1. they do say they want someone who has an advanced degree in history, food, brewing, culture, or business.

      “We prefer a bearded fellow with a collection of elbow patch sport coats.”

      1. I hate both of those things but would sacrifice

        1. I have a beard and a selection of tweed jackets.

          No bowties. Mrs. Dean forbids them.

          1. Your wife has poor taste.

            1. She married him. You needed more clues involving bowties to figure that one out?

    2. I’d be perfect for that job.

      Except for the fact that I hate beer.

      Kind of a deal breaker.

  5. Neil De Grasse Tyson says shit you could hear in any 7th grade science class, and the crowd goes nuts like he just performed a 5237D-dive off the top of the pyramid of giza into a teacup.

    Its one of these symbiotic relationships, where he loves to be admired, and people love to admire him… but the what-for and the why has been completely lost. I see him more and more often commenting on subjects (like say Paul Krugman) he has no particular expertise in, but his opinion somehow carries special weight, because TOP MAN.

    i think its an unhealthy thing in general, this “Public Intellectual”-gig. they could be doing good work, but instead they’re playing celebrity game-show contestant.

    1. Putting the “ass” in astrophysics.

    2. As far as I can tell the guy’s only accomplishments are that he’s black and wrote dumbed down popular science accessible to the masses. Based on his Wikipedia, he hasn’t done any particularly significant research.

      So he’s basically the token black scientist. Unlike Krugman, this has gotten him into a higher position as a Top Man. Krugman is that clown who desperately wants to become a court jester, but just can’t quite make it so he’s stuck at the declining NYT toiling away pushing the leftist agenda one piece of propaganda at a time.


        I LOL every time I see this.

        1. I would love to see someone try and disagree with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and have him suddenly get all cold-blooded thug on them, and go =
          “Yeah, you want it to be one way?…….but its the other way

      2. To be fair, Paul Krugman is a Nobel Laureate.

    3. “…but the what-for and the why has been completely lost…”

      He’s black and has *science* degrees. Obo of the TV science circuit.

  6. In that clip, it seems like matt is the only one who got a question that he could provide an intelligent answer to

    (*NDGT got a pass because saying “nothing” didn’t require an astrophysicist)

  7. I tried to watch the Bill Maher dnc election special with Michael Moynihan and Salman Rushdie, and I just couldn’t do it. I fast-forwarded all the lame joke shit to get to the roundtable with Moynihan and Rushdie, and Sal Rushdie’s egregious Hillary Clinton sycophant behavior was intolerable. What the hell is up with that? Adored author, sleeps with many beautiful women, and enthralled by Hillary Clinton? Somebody reanimate Hitchens and let him know that happened.

  8. You xould discuss these guys

    1. This is why I cant plug for Johnson. If he is a libertarian I am a flying reindeer.

      1. We’d be looking to appoint Supreme Court justices like Stephen Breyer and Merrick Garland

        Garland is Obama’s gun control guy.

        1. There are judges like Janice Rogers Brown or Don Willet out there, and Gay Jay is nominating Breyer and Garland. For shits sake.

          Stick a fork in the national LP. I’ve been over my local state LP ever since they decided to be the enforcement arm of the Republican Party and the ever revolving door of supposedly LP candidates into the Republican Party and not very libertarian shit they push once elected.

          1. Trump short-listed Willet. The only reason JRB wasn’t on his list is the consensus is she’s too old

            1. Too bad. Even if she was on the Court for only a couple of years, it would be a net positive.

              Add Clint Bolick to the list.

            2. You mean “whoever wrote the list and handed it to Trump to read short-listed Willet.”

              1. Better than John Sunnunu short-listing David Souter for George H.W, or George W picking Harriet Miers on his own and then wondering why everyone was so upset. GayJay’s would-be VEEP William Weld likes Justices “in the mold of” Merrick Garland and Stephen Breyer.

          2. Johnson said something quite different from what Weld said. Johnson said he wanted justices that would follow the Constitution as it was originally written. Weld is the one with the terrible ideas about who is good.

            I nearly choked on my coffee when I heard that, but I’m still voting for them because I think if they got elected, they’d have plenty of libertarian advisors (Johnson has already said he’s consulting with Cato quite a bit) to help them make good choices.

            1. I’m still voting for them because I think if they got elected, they’d have plenty of libertarian advisors


              How the fuck are they going to get elcted with less than 1% of the vote?

              Johnson/Weld have alienated libertarians, An-caps, “Conservatarians” and #NeverTrump Republicans. Now they’re just battling it out with Jill Stein for the Hillary-hating progs. Good luck with that GayJay. This is the worst LP ticket of all time.

      2. Nothing says “reasonable” to independents and low-information voters quite like a moderate Republican turned libertarian endorsing Democratic justices…. Be nice; be nonpartisan; let disgust with Trump and Clinton do the rest, carrying you to 15 percent of the vote and a slot in the debates this fall. There’s a nonzero chance that it’ll work.

        But what if it does?

        What lesson should Johnson and the Libertarian Party draw if the ticket manages to do respectably against two historically unpopular nominees by not running as libertarians?

        emphasis mine.

        which i basically what runs though my head whenever they talk. Even if they *do well*, I don’t think they represent any sort of advancement for a libertarian message *at all*; worse, they seem to me to be making such a mockery/hash of even the most basic logic/principles of libertarianism, that for all the short-term protest-votes they might gain … they may sacrifice equally as many who are looking for someone to actually stand up for principle.

        You don’t move the Overton Window by demonstrating “Even libertarian candidates are too-afraid to talk about actual libertarian ideas”

        1. If you’re thinking of casting a vote for a guy who can’t win, it doesn’t matter what his positions are, really.All that matters is whether he’s gone too far in muddling the message you want to send with that vote

          This Allahpundit fellow really does put it succinctly

        2. If this is part of a strategy of getting 15%, it’s fucking idiotic.

          They could get a lot more votes by attacking both candidates than by bashing Trump and sucking up to Hillary. I really am perplexed as to why Johnson is doing what he’s doing. The only explanation that could remotely make sense, and it’s a stretch, is that he’s angling for some kind of kickback from Hillary when she gets elected. Hard to see why she would agree to that, but nothing else makes any kind of sense.

      3. This is why I cant plug for Johnson. If he is a libertarian I am a flying reindeer.

        You’re not a libertarian. You’re a garden variety conservative.

        1. Paid your bet yet?

        2. “You’re not a libertarian. You’re a garden variety conservative.”

          From turd. Nuff said.

    2. Lol!

      GayJay voters are the biggest statists in the electorate. I’ve warned you cosmo-fags and now I’m fully vindicated. If you can’t vote Trump (I won’t, I live in GA and don’t vote for major party candidates in national race general elections) look into the only real libertarian in the race, the Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle. If I bother to vote I’m voting CASTLE*

      (for the civics-challenged amongst you: I proudly voted for Donald J Trump in the GOP primary and hope he wins in November. )

  9. The only guy in that clip I enjoyed listening to was that Mark Walsh guy.

  10. Odd thing I’ve been watching lately: a British comedy/period piece called Jeeves and Wooster, adapted from the novels by PG Wodehouse, with the titular characters played by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. It’s strangely arresting, both for the absurd situational comedy and the characters’ inimitable style but also for a peek into the interwar lives of the British aristocracy and its various hangers-on. Nothing at all is mentioned about the Great War nor the coming continental conflict, which lends the show an amber-like stasis. The only symbolism I’ve made out so far that gives away the context of the setting is the Arabian getup that Wooster wears to a fancy dress party, which very much resembles that famously worn by T.E. Lawrence. Lawrence would have been dead for all of a year or two at the time the series is set. Other than that, these quiescent and myopic young men who banter about love and betrothals and gambling and effecting elaborate schemes are each just a few years from being drafted to fight the Huns.

    1. Those are pretty good, but they inevitably lose maybe 50% of the Wodehouse humor, which is in his descriptions and narration. Reading about a woman who has “a laugh like a squadron of cavalry charging over a tin bridge” is funnier than any screen actress portraying that character.

  11. I fucking love cocaine science!

  12. Please tell me Matt is bringing a steel chair, and will be “cleaning house”, old-school pro wrestling style.

  13. Matt’s a glutton for punishment. Some truly goofy stuff being said in this video, and the crew he’s hooking up with tonight is even worse.

  14. Who’s the dude in the weird shirt? WTF, is that an Eskimo or something? Quinn the Eskimo? That fucker is real? Did his igloo melt because of global warming?

  15. Good luck Matt. You’re gonna need it. Milhouse’s brother can be quite crankily smug.

  16. You scratch our back…..s-through/

    1. That’s not cronyism. It’s making America work!

  17. Is Tyson some sort of scientist or something, or does he just play one on TV? Seriously, who the fuck is this guy? Does he hang out with Hawking and discuss gravitational waves over a beer?

  18. Cornel West right off the bat: “Hillary is the Wall Street conservative candidate.”

  19. I’ll liveblog this for you conservative Bratfart “libertarians” that won’t watch Maher if asked!

    1. “Why can’t you Peanuts be more like pro-PETA anti-NRA Bill Maher! He’s so much more libertarian than you guys!”

    2. Shut up, cankle boy.

  20. “Republican strategist Matt Welch”

  21. Welch gets a little applause with his assessment of Hilldawg’s speech and the dissension in the ranks in the DNC.

  22. I just tuned in but I take it that Maher is all in for Hillary.

    1. Yeah. Maher will play the gadfly and democrat dissident except when an election is on the line. He’s much funnier in the off years too.

      1. Maher was never funny. He is too smug to be a good comedian.

        1. He’s a barrel of monkeys compared to John Stewart. Maher doesn’t hesitate to make a joke at the expense of his own team if the opportunity arises.

          1. True. I gave up on Stewart years ago, when it became clear that he and the Daily Show were just the humor department of the DNC.

  23. Cornel West is upstaging Matt.

    1. The same way Mike Tyson upstaged Holyfield by biting a chunk of his ear off.

      1. West is chewing on Matts ear?

    2. Cornel West is a half wit retard. He and Richard Belzer were both on Maher together some years ago. They kept saying the most retarded things and almost broke their arms patting each other on the back.


  25. Ha, Maher’s audience doesn’t know what to do with anything foreign policy related, but luckily Maher brings them back with “TRUMP IS EVIL”.

  26. Trump’s two boys – Uday and Qusay, got a lot of attention from Maher last week.

    (fyi to peanuts)

    1. I’m sure they even noticed. You’re such a retard.

    2. A perfect example of why Maher will never be funny. Plus, his face is too shittable.

  27. Hell, I thought Barney Frank was dead. Matt doesn’t get to interact with the “libertarian Democrat”.

  28. Exhibit 22A of why Trump will win in a landslide: even Michael Moore is worried

    1. Do you seriously believe he’s worried? Or is he just saying, “Hey Hillary voters, don’t get too cocky, make sure you actually show up and vote”?

      1. I pegged him as a Bernie supporter

        1. Did he enjoy it?

          1. You guys can be so funny…!

            1. Pegging is always funny. How does Colbert like being pegged by Hillary?

          2. I should know better by now

      2. I think Moore is calling it like he sees it, because I can’t imagine he’s much of a Hillary fan.

    2. He needs to know how to manipulate a dumbed down population

      Oh, you mean, like every other politician manipulating dumbed down people like you, Moore?

      Yes, I agree.

      I wonder if Moore knows that he looks like a cartoon version of Duck Dynasty?

      BTW, Moore, how’s it going in Venezuela?

    3. He’s not as stupid as he looks

      Maybe not, but you are for sure.

      1. I don’t know, man…I can’t tell if Moore is playing the long con or not, sometimes. I mean, dude’s gotten filthy rich selling fucking communism. Maybe he’s just an epic troll.

    4. If you really think Hillary is using logic and brains to do anything, you are beyond hope, amigo.

    5. 300+ electoral vote landslide. My “un-libertarian” sense of group loyalty is the source of my faith in the electorate.

  29. A video political cartoon: Trump is the dog, Clinton the cat, the media the bed

    1. Trump…Clinton…bed… I am so NOT clicking on that.

    2. Excellent.

  30. There are tunes that remain as other than music and Intro and Outro is one of them:

    Regardless of whether you find that amusing, I did find one of the comments so:
    “Hector Heathcote1 week ago
    Q -what’s the difference between gordon ramsey and a 10k rural run?
    A ; one’s a pant in the country?”

  31. I like that West called Welch “Brother Matt”.

  32. I would have a very large internal struggle if Maher was on fire in front of me. On one hand I would love to piss all over him, but on the other hand I struggle with the thought I wouldn’t piss in him if he was on fire.

    1. I would have difficulty pissong with him watching. Plus all the screaming because he’s…..well….. on fire.

  33. Eddie Huang…that show based on his bio is a certain type of 90s Orlando-area child/adolescent-hood in true suburbia/ex-urbia(a lot of my old friends). As someone who grew up a short bike ride away from Rollins College, that is different from my 90s (close-in suburb of)Orlando child/adolescent-hood. I imagine he holds a grudge with people who live in bland, walled housing developments on major, four lane roads, and he thinks he is above that. Childhood is such a definitive era for humans. My childhood burb was filled with old people who moved in in the 50s and 60s when the homes were built or shortly after they were built. Today, my parents still live there and are the old people, and most of the ranch homes have been torn down and replaced with 2000+sq ft Spanish Revival homes by (mostly)lawyers and other high-paying professionals. Huang in Orlando lived among young families, in 1300 sq ft homes that were all the same, where the walled, planned project exited onto a huge road with speed limits of 45+ MPH. There was no community. The nearest 7-11 was 2 miles away on a 45+ MPH, 4+ lane road. My nearest 7-11 was like 0.5 miles away, and only half of that was on a 30 MPH, 2 lane road. My parents chose well. I don’t know what my point is. But, I do not like that society decided massive roads and pre-fab houses based on tax revenue were the way to grow society. But, I also think that if there was demand, they should have been built.

    1. I just wonder what the tax breaks to the county for those housing “projects” were worth? Eddie Huang hates sprawl because he grew up in it. How many others in the same age group feel the same way? Those sorts of developments didn’t arise naturally, they were aided by tax breaks. I wonder what Orlando would look like today if it had been developed in the free market.

  34. Fuck Bill Maher and his Political Correct bullshit.

    Eat my shit Bill.

    1. Stephen Cobert asked Trump how he liked the taste of Putin’s dick. How does Colbert like to be pegged by Hillary?

        1. Dissa-shitpyrate-ed.

      1. “I wouldn’t know Stephen. How is the taste of Hillary’s.. whatever”


        “I have nothing against Colbert. It’s tough going in the talk show biz. I understand he must be upset at having a third rated show and feels the need to lash out.”

        1. How is the taste of Hillary’s.. whatever

          Like grilled cheese, only a little tougher to separate the two halves.

          1. Egads, man!

      2. I thought Democrats believed that a man sucking another man’s dick was perfectly moral activity that is just as good as any other sexual act.

        In joko veritas, it seems.

        1. The Regressives believe that anything goes, so yeah, dicks, clits, or whatever are fair game for anyone. I’m a non-binary, pansexual, libertine.

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  37. Holy shit, Cornell West is one charming motherfucker. I disagree with a lot of what he says, but I enjoy hearing him say it.

    1. Yes, sometimes listening to a gibbering retard is endearing.

  38. I just watched the whole episode. Matt, how do you restrain yourself from punching Bill Maher in the throat? I don’t think I could do it. What an evil piece of shit that man is.

    As the above guy said, Cornell West is quite charming, though. Too bad he buys into the idea that stealing money from others somehow empowers black people or poor people to uplift themselves, and perpetual poverty amongst blacks has nothing to do with the pervasive regulatory state or patronizing government handouts, though he does at least get the problems with the war on drugs.

    You (Matt) should really invite the guy to lunch and give him your best libertarian pitch.

    It really is too bad black people have been brainwashed for so long, they should really be our greatest allies.

    1. Yeah, I actually think Maher can be entertaining sometimes, but he was bloody insufferable in this episode.

    2. Cornell West is a radical of the old school.

  39. “It would kill us all, 10 different ways”

    Words to live by 🙂

    Thank you and good nite.

  40. Life expectancy, median income, scholastic accomplishment, and intellectual output are all higher in Blue states…..-blue.html

    Now that we’re all in favor of wall builders and keeping dirty immigrants out of our backyards can I, as a Californian, suggest a modest proposal? Anyone who moved to Texas from California because they thought the economy was better in Texas and now want to move back to California because the petrochemically- based work in Texas has collapsed and because Texas is a smelly, humidity-laden cesspool ruled by morons… Can I suggest a mental competency exam and a basic exam on taste and manners before readmittance?

    1. A bona fide racist pontificating a dogshit mental midget thought exercise. Pile of shit on a dinner plate.

    2. You leftist turds would all fail. Now go pay your fucking mortgage, you thieving socialist piece of shit.

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