The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column Takes on the DNC

Bernie dead-enders, BLM politics, and Russkies galore, against a backdrop of European horror


Logistics, schmogistics: The Fifth Column will bring you analysis, commentary, and sedition every damn week. This week, not only did your favorite podcast starring Kmele FosterMichael C. Moynihan, and me record an episode in the middle of the Democratic National Convention on a Wednesday, we're posting in the middle of the DNC on a Wednesday. Step back, and have a listen:

Moynihan issues a qualified defense of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, I talk about my drinking bouts with Bernie revolutionaries, and Kmele does that Kmele stuff about the Black Lives Matter moms. Plus, we talk about the horrifying daily terrorism going down in Western Europe. It's a good broadcast; give it a listen.

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