Gary Johnson

Republican Who Resigned From Gary Johnson's Administration Over Pot Now Endorses Him for President

The presidency is "a hell of a lot bigger than any disagreement Gary and I had in the past," says former New Mexico pol


Darren White. ||| Twitter

When then-Gov. Gary Johnson announced that he supported legalizing marijuana back in 1999, he became the first major elected official in the U.S. to say something that the presidential candidates for the two major parties still won't touch with hazmat gloves 17 years later. The move was enough of a shock that it had repercussions back home in New Mexico, including the resignation of Department of Public Safety Secretary Darren White.

On July 21, the last day of the Republican National Convention, Darren White endorsed Gary Johnson for president on Twitter. New Mexico journalist Andy Lyman has more:

White told NM Political Report that his decision to distance himself from the GOP was a "very difficult decision."

"At the end of the day I am going to vote for the future of the nation," White said on Monday.

Johnson said it was "great" that he got White's support. […]

Johnson told NM Political Report that he is ready to move passed the pair's previous disagreements.

"I hate to use this term," Johnson said in a phone interview. "But I forgive him."
White said any differences they had in the past are minor compared to what's at stake.
"We're talking about the presidency," White said. "It's a hell of a lot bigger than any disagreement Gary and I had in the past."

Reason on Johnson endorsements here.

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  1. People willingly getting high is not quite as bad as what Trump or Hillary will do to the nation? That’s where the bar is for this guy?

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  2. It’s weird how some people are absolutely terrified of the notion that adult human beings are the rightful owners of their own bodies.

    1. Hence the need to attribute violent crime to marijuana use: then it becomes a public safety problem.

      1. +1 Reefer Madness

    2. So children don’t own their bodies?

      1. Is every spanking prosecuted as an assault?

      2. That sort of misses the point, Trey.

        1. He’s mad at his Mom for grounding him, cause she found his roach?

      3. No

    3. Except it’s not just their bodies. It’s the bodies of everyone they steal from to feed their habit. It’s the bodies of all the people in their life they disappointed. It’s the bodies of everyone in society when productivity drops.

      A vote to legalize weed is a vote to legalize crime.

      1. You’re flirting with a Poe’s Law violation there, Eugene.

        1. Flirting? I think he pushed Poe’s Law down on a pool float and straight up molestered it. I think Poe’s Law is going to start crying the first time someone goes to 2nd base with it. I think Poe’s Law is going to put on a lot of weight in college.

            1. Poe’s Law liked it, but is mad that Eugene doesn’t call anymore.

      2. You have my endorsement.

        1. But that’s just cause I’m high right now, thus easily persuaded.

          1. And unlikely to motivate yourself to the polls on Election Day.

            1. These euphemisms!

  3. “We’re talking about the presidency,” White said. “It’s a hell of a lot bigger than any disagreement Gary and I had in the past.”

    I’m sure his endorsement will clinch New Mexico for Gary.

    1. Darren White’s a piece of shit. It was under his watch that the Bernalillo County sheriff’s department gained national attention for killing and beating people with extreme prejudice.

      He’s the last person Gary Johnson should be courting.

  4. So I was thinking about this during the drive into work, and here is my BOLD PREDICTION for the 2016 Presidential race…

    Johnson/Weld will actually win just enough Electoral College votes to throw election the House, and will win enough of the popular vote (~30%) to give House Republicans cover to vote Johnson/Weld for the presidency. Paul Ryan mic drops in Trump’s face on the way out.

    1. Excuse me waiter. I’ll have what he’s having.

      1. And make mine a double.

      2. Me too. It’ll help me enjoy that lovely fantasy for a minute or two before my damn realistic head gets in the way…

        1. I’m just high on life, guys.

          1. And the same whole bar of chocolate that Maureen Dowd gobbled?

            1. I’m not sure what this refers to specifically, but please refrain from using the words “Maureen Dowd” and “gobbled” in the same sentence. Especially in a discussion of Johnson.

    2. I would be delighted to have that be true. I just really, really doubt it.

      If it goes to the House, it goes to the GOP. Patronage matters.

      That said, I could see Johnson/Weld pulling just enough votes to make one of the two parties recognize the need for a realignment.

      1. OK, I don’t believe any of this is actually going to happen, but…

        Even if the country is in a Trump sort of mood right now, do you really think that is where the Republican establishment wants to see the party go in medium term? Do you think they see a long-term future in that direction?

        1. A Trump Sort of Mood, the latest album of adult contemporary lite jazz from the Cucksman Trio.

        2. …do you really think that is where the Republican establishment wants to see the party go in medium term?

          Almost certainly not. But, I suspect that they’ll rationalize that, given the trip to the House, they’ll be able to keep Trump on a sufficiently short leash. And ensure that any subsequent Trump administration is populated by party loyalists and not Trump loyalists. That’s a harder leap to make with Johnson.

        3. …do you really think that is where the Republican establishment wants to see the party go in medium term?

          Almost certainly not. But, I suspect that they’ll rationalize that, given the trip to the House, they’ll be able to keep Trump on a sufficiently short leash. And ensure that any subsequent Trump administration is populated by party loyalists and not Trump loyalists. That’s a harder leap to make with Johnson.

          1. Johnson would be hard to keep under control. His behavior as Governor of New Mexico, vetoing bills from his own party, will scare the GOP congresscritters enough.

            1. Johnson would be hard to keep under control.

              Johnson has a mind of its his own.

              1. Johnson can be slick when he gets excited. I think he could push deep into the other parties. Right now it is just the tip…of a larger move. Johnson is a big member of the disgruntled caucus and I think beating the competition fairly well. We will just have to wait for the climax to see where the seed of liberty lands.

                /i could go on.

                1. But you need 30 minutes to recuperate?

            2. Precisely. Trump’s advertised himself from day one as a dealmaker. And the Dems have already committed their hearts and souls against Trump. So, there’ll be only one team to make deals with.

              Johnson? Hell, he could easily enough find allies on either side of the aisle.

        4. It could happen if there is an October Surprise:

          One from WikiLeaks could involve the deleted e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server and could be related to the FBI’s ongoing investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Another could involve the leaking of confidential tax-return information regarding Donald Trump, who has steadfastly refused to release his returns even as he demanded to see the returns of people seeking to be his vice-presidential running mate.

        5. Do you really think that they are thinking about a long-term future? As long as they keep their cushy jobs for another term, they are happy.

          1. I think that’s true within certain boundaries. But a lot of these people really do think of themselves as patriots working for the greater good. I do think there would come a point where many, even most, would show some integrity. Trump is testing them. I don’t think he’ll push too many over the edge, though.

            1. Ted Cruz surprised the hell out of me and showed what looked like integrity. And, I thought they where going to burn him at the stake.

        6. No, but they’ll get used to it. See where the parade’s going, get out in front of it.

      2. “If it goes to the House, it goes to the GOP. Patronage matters.”

        That will cause a no-kidding civil revolt.

    3. New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and New Hampshire for Johnson. Final tally in the EC stands at Trump-268 vs Clinton-251 vs Johnson-19.

      You heard it hear first.

      1. I can see possibly New Mexico, Utah and Idaho going for Johnson.

        I would have expected New Hampshire if they had voted for Cruz in the primary. But no, they chose Cheeto Jesus.

        I still hope this gets thrown to the House, and the LP becomes a major 3rd party in the process. The duopoly is f***ing us all.

        1. You can substitute NH for some other mountain state that I’ve never been to but which in my hopes and reams is a secret libertarian mountain playground. Let’s go with Wyoming.

          1. I would put the odds of Wyoming voting for Johnson at about the same as the Yellowstone supervolcano going off.

            What’s the best happiness hallucinogen one can take in this depressing year? 🙂

          2. Off-topic: Wyoming is worth the visit. Absolutely breathtaking. Same thing with Montana.

            1. For a guy from India I have to imagine anywhere with less than 50 people visible is a nice respite. WY would be pure heaven, nothing but grass and a shitload of wind for hundreds of miles.

            2. I keep telling my wife that if she gives the word, I’ll move to some mountain town in Wyoming or Montana, wash dishes for a living, and play outside in the mountains.

              1. Er, she would come with me, I presume.

                1. What is her incentive if you are going to do all the dishes?



                  1. My happiness and a life just below the poverty line?

                    1. Oops, meant to say above, but below is probably more realistic.

    4. I already suggested that scenario.

      I think CO, NM, AZ, UT, NV, and ID is enough.

      Im not crazy enough (yet) to predict it.

      1. One can play around with different scenarios here

        One also realizes just how easily Trump could win. I think the map really does favor him.

        1. I use a map at Leip’s presidential election atlas.

      2. No way in hell Colorado goes for Johnson (too many shitlibs in the urban areas who lurv their big gubmit), and New Mexico is wishful thinking because the Dems are far too entrenched down there now. Utah and Idaho are within reach, though.

      3. Colorado, in my lifetime, has gone from reliably red to purple, and perhaps now reliably blue. I think Hillary will win CO, as much as I hate to say it.

        1. Colorado, for a long time, was more of a Grover Cleveland-type state–business-friendly Democrats held most of the power (Big Ed Johnson wasn’t an FDR fan) with the occasional Republican takeover. It became Rep-friendly for about 20 years as those folks aged and shifted their alignment, but the California locust migration, along with large numbers of mestizo immigrants since 2000, has effectively changed that.

          1. Having lived here for the past 20 years and been involved politically it is much more complex than that. The Rs are still a strong group but the Unaff BY FAR outnumber everyone else. Also, the LP has 35,000 registered so I would say we are probably the most libertarian state in the union. Getting of Denver and Degette is a problem but not impossible.

            1. I’ve lived here for a lot longer than that and have seen the changes first-hand, especially in the neighborhoods where I grew up like central Westminster and north Aurora. The white people moving into the Highlands and RiNo neighborhoods aren’t suburban small-government conservatives, they’re mostly childless hipsters or boomers, a trend going back to the LoDo loft movement that started about 25-30 years ago.

              Denver won’t go Republican (or Libertarian) short of a massive depression under a Democrat administration or a huge demographic shift. Hillary’s annihilating Trump here by close to double digits.

    5. I don’t see Johnson getting anywhere near ~30% unless he’s included in all the major debates like Ross Perot was back in ’92, and Perot only got ~17% of the vote– which was considered unprecedented at the time.

      1. 19% (actually, 18.91%).

        And, he dropped out of the race.

        And, Clinton and Bush were way, way, way more popular than Clinton and Trump.

        1. Again, must be included in all the debates. And we shouldn’t discount other less tangible factors. Ross Perot had a personality that was a force of nature. Johnson lacks that. Also, the things that concern people today seem to be somewhat different than back in ’92. I just don’t see a formula for that good a showing for Johnson. I really hope I’m wrong, but 30% would seriously light shit up.

          1. You and Bill hit the key point.

            I think he is going to be in the debates. And at that point…I have no idea. I don’t think he needs to go negative but he needs to distinguish himself from them in clear ways. Be the adult in the room (easy), but be adult in an interesting way (hard).

          2. There is no way that 30% are going to go vote for Johnson unless a protest vote movement gains steam. This election is going to be Trump voters voting against Hillary, and Hillary voters voting against Trump, and many others too disgusted or apathetic to care.

            1. That is why Johnson needs to be an option. You cant win as not-X. He has to present himself as something to vote for, not just a way to vote against Trump and Clinton.

              1. Agreed. If he gets into the debates and plays up the socially liberal, fiscally conservative points, and makes sure to never stop pointing out what American intervention does to the Middle East, then he could win some people over.

            2. I think you are probably right, HOWEVER!

              I’ve been working on this theory (read: talking to myself in the shower) about how it’s really important to have a critical mass of *apparent* support before people are willing to vote for you in large numbers.

              It doesn’t even have to be big enough to win, but it has to be big enough that people can identify with a movement because, really, voting is about making people feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves.

              I don’t know what this magic threshold is, but if Johnson passes it, then I think a lot of people who “don’t want to throw their vote away” will be willing to vote for him – even if it means throwing their vote away – because they know there are enough like-minded people out there that will affirm their decision.

      2. The 30% scenario is predicated (to my mind at least) on something I’m not convinced is going to happen. First, he needs to get into the debates. That strikes me as entirely plausible. But, beyond that, he needs to absolutely knock one out of the park in the debates. He’s got to successfully introduce libertarianism to wide swaths of the American public. And he’s got to convince them its a sensible, but not boring, alternative to the Tweedledumb and Tweedlefuckingidiot.

        I’ve yet to see that he’s that good a public speaker.

        1. I’ve yet to see that he’s that good a public speaker.

          I find him to be a poor and somewhat annoying public speaker.

          He yells. Seriously.

          I haven’t seen William Weld speak, and I would very interested in watching a 3-way debate between Pence, Kaine, and Weld.

          1. Policy aside, Weld came off very well in the CNN Townhall. Too well, in fact, for a VP when compared to Johnson. Johnson really has to work on his debate prep. Weld? He could wipe the floor with Pence and Kaine because he’s 1) a good speaker and 2) not bogged down by the crazy/corruption of his running mate.

    6. My BOLD PREDICTION: The LP gets 3% of the vote.

      And if a lot of that 3% came from Utah, such that Johnson wins a plurality in that state, that sure would be something. But I doubt even that.

    7. This had me laughing.. with love though. I really think if we can gain attention for Gary and Weld, they have a real chance in the election and give the country another chance. Otherwise, we’re screwed.

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  6. Okay. He was, and is, on the wrong side of an issue.

    I’m glad he sees that that issue he’s wrong on is less important than a lot of the other issues at stake.

  7. Well shit, I thought Gary might have trouble getting votes, but now that he’s got the backing of a guy who was the sheriff of the 32nd largest city in the country back during the Bush administration, I guess the tides have shifted.

    What does the deputy mayor of Tulsa think about Johnson?

  8. Not to downplay this, but so what? Some public employee changed his mind about something that happened nearly two decades ago.

    What am I missing?

    1. The liberty / authority breakup of the GOP.

      1. So, which side does you can’t smoke pot guy fall

        1. Well, to me it sounds like he was one of the authoritarians. And, Trump has shown him that authority can be a very dangerous thing.

    2. Well, to me, the “so what” is that this case demonstrates that Johnson might be able to peel off a significant number of traditional Republicans.

      The guy quit because Johnson was willing to consider legalizing “the marijuana”. I’ve seen no evidence he’s changed his mind about that. He recognizes that the rest of the story is more important.

      1. The guy previously worked for Johnson. And while you may not see any evidence he’s changed his mind on pot, there’s plenty of evidence to show that the world itself has, and I doubt this guy’s immune to that.

        But most important, he’s some nobody functionary. His endorsement means literally nothing.

        1. His vote counts exactly the same as everyone elses. Unless you live in Chicago.

          1. That’s why I wrote endorsement.

            1. His endorsement counts exactly the same as everyone elses.

  9. Just imagine where we could be right now if the Republicans had NOT kicked the libertarians from the party circa 2003. Imagine if they hadn’t been clinging onto the bluehairs like grim death. Imagine if they had gotten a clue to shift more libertarian a decade and a half ago – fiscal responsibility, liberty of the individual, etc. It may be seen as too cliche, but evolve into fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. INSTEAD, they went fiscally liberal and socially conservative. And now they’re a dead party with a glint of light in supporting the libertarian candidate- for some.

    Just plain fucking STUPID.


    And largely STILL haven’t gotten the message.

    1. 2003?

      You misspelled 1971.

    2. 2003?

      You misspelled 1971.

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