Brickbat: Rough Crowd


Mike Ward

Quebec's Human Rights Council has ordered comedian Mike Ward to pay $35,000 to a singer he made jokes about in his standup act. Jeremy Gabriel has a condition which causes facial deformities. Ward joked he defended Gabriel's poor performance when singing before the Pope Benedict XVI because he thought he was dying only to find out he was not. The court ruled Ward's remarks infringed on Gabriel's rights to "dignity, honor and reputation."

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  1. OT:…

    At least 19 dead, dozens injured in knife attack outside Tokyo

    At least 19 people were killed, and 20 injured when a knife-wielding man went on a rampage early Tuesday at a facility for the disabled in the Japanese city of Sagmihara.

    The Sagamihara City fire department told the Associated Press that 19 people are confirmed dead in the attack.

    The fire department said a doctor or doctor on the scene confirmed the deaths around 8 a.m. local time.

    1. Police told Japanese broadcaster NHK they received a call from an employee of the facility, located west of Tokyo, just after 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, who said a man carrying a knife broke into the building.

      The man later turned himself in at a police station.

      NHK said the suspect, 26, is a former employee at the facility, Tsukui Yamayuri-en, on suspicion of attempted murder. Another broadcaster, NTV, said he broke into the facility by smashing a window with a hammer, and that he was upset because he had been fired, but that could not be independently confirmed.

    2. We need commonsense everything-control laws. If only everything had been banned that day, nothing would have happened.

      1. The BBC article on this had a typical side note, to the effect that mass murders in Japan are very rare because of their strict gun laws.
        Because that’s the only thing keeping their murderous impulses at bay.

      2. Have a look at English law regarding weapons. They have commonsense everything control. You can be arrested for possession of many common items.

        1. including certain ideas…me hatz de thoughts polize!

  2. Pretty damn harsh but the govt shouldn’t be getting involved.

  3. If bad jokes were a crime, the very existence of most politicians would be criminal.

    1. And I suppose this is the point where I’m supposed to say that the whole country of Canada is a joke and should be illegal, but I’m above such xenophobic appeals to our baser nature.

      1. so no speaking truth to power?

    2. And most of the H&R commenters would be criminals….or is that redundant.

  4. Sooooo, WHY WAS HE THE ONLY ONE FINED?!?!? Did they fine everyone who LAUGHED at the joke or not?!?! And if not – WHY NOT?!?!?

    1. That’s right – progs tell us that if you don’t storm out in righteous indignation you’re complicit. So punish the audience!

      1. *basking in the glow of all my enemies being carted away to camps after EVERYONE is adjudicated guilty of something….*

        1. you know who else liked basking in the glow?

          1. George Hamilton?

    2. This.

      “He was making money off of laughing at a disabled child,” she testified.

      Everyone in those clubs — accessory to HATE CRIME!

    3. Look, fines are not going to get this job done. Until monsters like this see the inside of a jail cell for a few months, attitudes won’t change.

  5. And to add further insult,he’ll get paid in that funny looking money.

  6. Can’t remember who said this about the moral panic about Pokemon Go, but it fits here too:


    Sums up leftists and the islamofascists quite nicely…

  7. Now that we know they have a ministry of hurt feelings I ask,do they have one for ‘ funny walks ‘?

    1. funny walks come from hurt feelings or really, really bad chafing?

  8. The tribunal also ruled that the comic must pay $7,000 to Gabriel’s mother for moral and punitive damages.

    The tribunal got $35,000, and his old lady got $7,000. Did the guy get anything out of this? Well, he shouldn’t, because he’s apparently a Habs fan and we all know those are the second worst people on earth.

  9. I would like to know more about these laws. I do remember the story of Ezra Lemant (spelling may be wrong, sorry) after his magazine reprinted ‘offensive’ cartoons.

    Who determines the protected classes? Is it dependent merely on public opinion? How many people have to be present before your “jokes” become criminal? Do these rules/laws apply to everyone, or only people with enough money to pay the fines but not enough money to actually fight back?

    1. *Ezra Levant

      1. levant, levant, da da dadada ( to the tune of the pink panther)

  10. From the link: Justice Scott Hughes said in his decision that Ward’s jokes were “discriminatory” and “clearly prohibited by the Charter.”

    “Prohibited by the Charter” sounds like a phrase that belongs in “1984” or “Animal Farm.” I’m sure it won’t be long before Canada’s scrotum has a Charter with similar prohibitions.

  11. I have to wonder who would be dumb enough to make retard jokes in a country that has a ministry of hurt feelings.

    1. He should simply point out that *his* retardation caused him to make inappropriate jokes.

    2. …retard jokes in a country of retards…

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  13. Serious question: Has anyone ever actually paid these fines related to speech & writing? I suppose some people might if typical fines are, like, $100, but AFAIK all the serious cases are overturned.

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