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Sarah Silverman: 'To the Bernie or Bust People, You Are Being Ridiculous'

Comedian called for Democratic Party unity.



Comedian Sarah Silverman—a proud supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders's campaign—urged the various factions of the Democratic Party to unite around Hillary Clinton in her speech at the Democratic National Convention Monday night. Silverman said that although she was "proud to be a part of Bernie's movement," it was time to pack it in.

"To the Bernie or bust people, you are being ridiculous," she said.

Her earlier remarks were marred by bad audio, and her latter remarks were drowned out by the crowd, which raucously chanted "Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!" Despite generally positive feelings on the main floor, there are clearly still divisions between the diehard Bernie fans and the rest of the convention attendees.

Silverman also praised Clinton for vowing to undo Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that hinged upon whether filmmakers should be allowed to produce an anti-Hillary Clinton documentary prior to the election, despite campaign finance laws prohibiting them from doing so. It's always jarring to see people like Silverman—who make a livelihood saying controversial things—come out against free speech.