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Hillary Clinton: "There's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else"



60 Minutes

Hillary Clinton appeared with her presumptive running mate Tim Kaine on 60 Minutes for their first joint interview, and was asked by Scott Pelley about concerns some voters had surrounding her about corruption.

"I will take responsibility for any impression or anything I've ever done that people have legitimate questons about," Clinton started "but I think there's been a concerted effort to convince people…. of something."

"I often feel like there's the Hillary Clinton standard and then there's the standard for everybody else," Clinton continued.

It wasn't just a tone deaf answer, it was a total dodge. Clinton said she was referring to a "double standard" she saw in Republican attacks, not specific charges of impropriety. While Pelley and Clinton suggested the claims of corruption surrounding Clinton were vague (in asking his question Pelley told her than un unidentified voter he spoke with was concerned about her corruption but couldn't explain what it was), that's not the case. There's questions surrounding inappropriate foreign dealings via the Clinton Foundation, for example. Most recently the FBI announced it would not be indicted Hillary Clinton even as the FBI director admitted Clinton was "extremely careless" and would likely have been prosecuted if he were someone else.

It gets better. The standard FBI Director James Comey invoked, involving mes rea, or knowledge of a crime, isn't one Democrats would like to extend to other "criminal justice-involved" individuals. In fact, Democrats torpedoed bipartisan efforts over complaints that requiring mens rea for more crimes might let some white collar criminals who didn't know they were breaking the law get away with it. Better to imprison a hundred innocent people then let one guilty man go free and all that.

Watch the relevant clip here or the whole interview below:

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  1. Where’s all the Trump articles, he’s like just as awful. I feel like saying nothing about him is Reasons way of winking to his supporters so they can get invited to tailgate parties.

    1. Wait, there are going to be parties?

      1. You’re going to love them, Animal believe me when I say that they’ll be beautiful.

    2. By “tailgate parties,” you better mean making out in the back of a Rolls Royce with Miss America 2016.

      1. She’s a bit old for The Donald, don’t you think?

        If he wins we may have the American leadership version of Bunga Bunga parties.

    3. They’re funner than the cocktail parties.

      1. Especially the part where you roast marshmallows over the flames of the burning crosses.

    4. Trump is awful and everything but there is no comparison regarding who is worse.

      Clinton is by far way worse of a choice than him.
      There is absolutely no way any rational person who is not brain dead can think Hillary Clinton is a choice. I beg of anyone to show any reason that she holds any promise for good.

      1. She’ll reinvigorate the flagging pantsuit economy.

        1. She looks like Dr. No most of the time.

          1. Nah. She looks like

            Kim Jong Hill

  2. The woe is me schtick from someone who has profited handsomely from her time as a ‘public servant.’ I’m sure that one will go over well with voters.

    It’s amazing that her credibility ratings are so low.

    1. “It’s amazing that her credibility ratings aren’t lower.”


    2. She went into public life knowing that people would treat her differently.

      She just wanted to be treated like everyone else, but gave it up for the good of the nation.

      Isn’t that how you know she loves you?

    3. The woe is me schtick from someone who has profited handsomely from her time as a ‘public servant.’ I’m sure that one will go over well with voters.

      Yeah, a while back there was a minor discussion about flip-flopping and how the term gets abused. On NPR this morning, they were talking about HRC and the convention saying she needed to reintroduce herself in order to overcome the trust issues. One of her backers mentioned (not in direct quote, hilariously) that “she’s the most famous person you don’t know”. This is like the 2012 Democratic primary all over again, I predict at least half-a-dozen reinventions before the election. Perpetually reinventing yourself into a corner is a lot worse than flip-flopping. I predict a Trump win.

    4. My mom is an old school feminist who has told me with a straight face that “it’s just horrible what Hillary Clinton has had to endure just because she is a woman.”

      1. You should attempt to convert her to a less destructive cult like Aum Shinrikyo.

      2. old school feminist = whiny sycophant?

        1. All I know is that if college campuses are shitty places today, they must have just been the worst places in hell in the late 60s/early 70s.

          1. People had senses of humor in the day.

            When I was in college Campus Crusade for Christ was an annoying presence. “Jesus Saves” was written on every blackboard on campus.

            One night, some guys stole a giant billboard “Texaco Next 3 Exits” in 6-ft tall letters and reassembled it on campus.

            On the back, in 5-ft spray paint letters, someone added: “The Holy Rutabaga Saves!”

      3. Haha. That;’s going to be Dem refrain for the whole general campaign of course. In fact, if Hillary were a man, she would’ve been tarred and feathered long ago.

  3. “I often feel like there’s the Hillary Clinton standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,” Clinton continued.

    I’ll say.

    1. Yeah, most people who commit felonies get indicted…..

  4. The standard FBI Director James Comey invoked, involving mes rea…

    It’s a flippin mes!

      1. ALTERNATE JOKE: She’s a woman, she can’t have *mens* rea, you sexist.

        1. She could at one point have menses rea, however.

          1. Paging Teenage Girl.

    1. It wasn’t even mens rea. I feel like a broken record, but his excuse was they hadn’t prosecuted people for negligence statutes in the past and they couldn’t prove intent. Both are utter nonsense.

      The negligence laws relevant here are part of the Espionage Act. The Espionage Act which the Obama administration set a completely lower standard for. It used to be just for prosecuting, you know, actually espionage. They have used it to go after leakers. And some of the negligence laws were specifically used in cases where the Dpt of Justice couldn’t prove intent.

      And the idea they couldn’t prove intent given her numerous lies and the deletion of 30k emails is absurd. Usually, lying and deleting emails is automatically taken as evidence of intent.

      Then there’s the list of other laws she broke…

      1. Comey relentlessly move the goalposts.

        We started with gross negligence. He moved the goalpposts in his presser to “intent”, and said we couldn’t prove it.

        Which was bullshit. Her illegal actions had intent tattooed on their ass.

        When called on it by Congress, he then moved the goalposts to “specific intent”, and said we couldn’t prove that.

    1. Could she have come off any more defensive? This is a woman who doesn’t even get hostile interviews and can barely handle it.

      I still say she crumbles in the debates. She’s going to curl into a fetal position and get despondent. It will be Jeb on steroids as there’s only two of them up there. And unlike Romney in 2012, Trump isn’t going to get pushed around by the hacky moderators.

      Regardless of your opinion of Trump, you might as well have your libertarian card revoked if you don’t enjoy one of the self-anointed Top Man class getting exposed.

      1. I still say she crumbles in the debates.

        They will be *awesome*.

        She’ll have a five-minute coughing fit *and* be fake-smiling so hard her cheeks will tear open.

      2. She won’t crumble in the debates, she will do what many women do while arguing… it won’t be about what Trump said, but rather how he said it. She will try to tone police him. And it will be very effective among the people who were already going to vote for her anyway.

        1. ^ This. And the post-debate stories will all reflect on Trump’s tone and how how mean he was to a womyn, monster that he is!

          1. And how all right thinking people must agree that a man like that can’t be allowed near the nuclear button.

          2. Because after all, what we need is a president that is for safe spaces and against meanies!

            I think Trump will be a horrible president, but a Clinton presidency is going to be down right frightening on a global scale. Where is my “None of the above” choice?

        2. A common occurrence in the business world: He’s right but I don’t like how he said it.
          But how will Trump respond when she tries to tone police him ?

          1. Hit the nail harder, of course.

            1. Hit the nail harder, of course.

              It will be interesting to see if she expects this and how she reacts to it. After years of tone-shaming being always successful, even if she is anticipating him doubling-down it she may just not be prepared to react to it in any meaningful way.

              If I were Trump I would wait for the tone-shaming to come and then just mercilessly mock her as a frail weakling who will crumble the moment some foreign strong-man talks to her a little mean.

          2. “If you can’t take this, how do you expect to face up to Putin?”

      3. It would be enjoyable if it didn’t mean that terrible bullshit wasn’t right around the corner. This is like enjoying the liberating feel of taking your hands off the drivers’ wheel while going 100 mph heading toward that tree. This isn’t about the Statist foundation crumbling and falling, it’s about the Idiot Brigade about to take over the Corridors of Power just as the monetary/economic/fiscal crows come home to roost. The peons are restless and discontented and are voicing their displeasure.

        For now.

      4. My prediction:

        No debates. Her team knows they are extraordinarily risky for her, both this cycle and especially with Trump.

        Not gonna happen, unless her polling is so bad she’s a sure loser, and the debates become her Hail Mary platform for trying to save her candidacy.

        1. It’s two months until the debates and Trump is ahead in many polls and nearly even on Silver’s forecast metric. Unless there’s secret audio of Trump going on a racist or sexist rant, it’s hard to see world events going Hillary’s way between now and then; more likely she just continues to bleed support. Every attack or cop killing confirms Trump’s narrative, and Hillary’s narrative of BHO Land Sure Is Swell is no defense at all against the sledgehammer that Trump and his Legion of Supertrolls are wielding.

          She has to debate. And she’s going to come out swinging for the fences.

        2. So…R.C……(sips coffee)… what’s….happening? I’m going to have to go ahead and……disagree with you on that.

          Seriously, I can’t see any candidate refusing to debate. It’s a bridge too far.

        3. I have predicted this as well. (Mrs. Rich can vouch for me.)

          “I will not dignify the blatant bigotries and false allegations of the crude and abusive Mr Trump with blah blah ….”

          She has a well-established record of avoidance already, and debating can probably only hurt her.

        4. No debates? Donald should buy time to debate an empty cot in a jail cell.

    2. That hesitation at 0:35 pregnant with a stifled lie too obvious to tell.

    3. I’d never lie to the American people. Mostly. I’d always try to tell the truth. And not lie. I’d always try to not lie. Except sometimes. Yeah, like Jimmy Carter. What was the question?

      1. “There’s no reason to panic. Now it is true one of the pilots is ill. Slightly ill. But the other pilots are just fine, at the controls, flying the plane, free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment. “

  5. Hillary is the perfect example of ‘the guilty mind’.

    1. She’s the female Nathan Thurm.

      1. How do you adjust the tracking on YouTube?

  6. People say Trump often puts his foot in his mouth, but my god, this woman keeps supplying her opposition with stuff like this!

    1. It’s, um, incredible.

      She repeatedly lies *when she doesn’t have to*.

      1. Can you imagine if the media went after her like they would go after a Republican? She would be 20 points back in the polls.

        1. She wouldn’t be the one they would be polling people about period. Just like the dude in the WH would never have become the candidate either if any questions had been asked and honestly answered. We seem to be on a trend to get the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to be dumber, dangerous, and more destructive as time goes bye.

  7. “…and then there’s the standard for everybody else.”

    The amazing thing is that she is paying a dozen consultants and communications ‘experts’ millions to come up with a suicidal line like that. They probably thought that was a great line and she loved it since it feeds her martyr and ‘poor little rich girl’ act.

    And no one at the meeting raised their hand and said “That’s a really stupid thing to say, considering the context.”

    1. She doesn’t pay people to be honest, and it doesn’t pay to be honest.

      1. Splunge!

        1. So it’s a good idea, but possibly not, and you aren’t being indecisive ?

      2. I’m not so certain. I think it’s partly an effect of Dem dominated media. It’s hard to know how to shape PR when most of the work gets done for you without you realizing it.

  8. Clinton was “extremely careless” and would likely have been prosecuted if he were someone else.

    That’s a MAN, baby!

  9. Hillary Clinton: “There’s the Hillary standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else”

    Least. Self-aware. Person. Ever.

    1. That’s right up there with the “Nobody is too big to jail” line.

  10. “I said LEGITIMATE question. Sorry, time’s up.”

  11. “While Pelley and Clinton suggested the claims of corruption surrounding Clinton were vague…”

    I see we’re already at the “that’s old news” phase of this corruptionfest. “Oh, the [insert scandal here] issue. That’s already been fully addressed by the authorities and beaten to death by the press. Get over it. It was nothing. You’re just fixed on it, you lunatic.”

    It’s nice to see Pelley playing team ball, too.

  12. Bitch doesn’t lack chutzpah, I’ll give her that much. Someone should ask Kristian Saucier what he thinks about the Hillary! standard.

  13. “Most recently the FBI announced it would not be indicted Hillary Clinton even as the FBI director admitted Clinton was “extremely careless” and would likely have been prosecuted if he were someone else.”

    Ed, please stop making me “defend” Hillary Clinton. Here’s what FBI Director James Comey said:

    “In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.”

    That’s pretty much the opposite of what you said. As for calling Hillary “he”, what guy would be caught dead in that pantsuit?

    1. He did say she was extremely careless.

      Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

      And he did say this:

      To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.

      Which is pretty close to “would likely have been prosecuted.”


  14. Are you Hitlary? No? Then you have no idea what this poor, poor woman has been through.

    Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen.

    1. New national anthem.

      (Joke adapted from the comic strip Funky Winkerbean)

  15. http://projects.fivethirtyeigh…..-forecast/

    Trump’s odds via Silver’s Special Prognosticatory Blend

    July 12: 22.5%
    July 20: 38.1%
    July 25: 46.2%

    More than a few nervous predictit speculators at the moment.

    1. Isn’t it illegal for Americans to bet on U.S. election outcomes?

      1. Predictions markets are legal. I believe the official rationale is of the FYTW variety.

        1. Here’s the ever-credible WaPo with an explanation.

          1. “Only PredictIt and IEM have been granted permission by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to run these kinds of markets.”

            So like you said, the FYTW exception.

  16. At this point it really does feel like she is rubbing it in people faces. I can’t believe that she is unaware of the optics of such a statement. So, the only other explanation is that HRC is telling the American People FYTW.

    1. Optics. It’s the optics. Once she gets her optics in order she’ll do great.

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  18. And this comparison of all the candidates appeared in my FB feed.


    Amazing! Hillary MOST HONEST!

    They must have missed Comeys testimony in Congress, amongst a million other things.

  19. “I often feel like there’s the Hillary Clinton standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,” Clinton continued.

    This sounds like nothing more than a little kid whining “it’s not fair”.

  20. Hillary: “Waaaaaaa! The mean boys are all calling me mean names again! I thought running for President would be like eating cake and ice-cream a church social.”


    Hillary isn’t used to seeing a Republican candidate who fights back rather than just acting as a punching bag for whatever jabs the Democrats and their lapdog enemedia allies choose to rain down 24×7. She thought she’d be running against another beta “male” like Jeb Bush who would roll over and curl up in a fetal position every time the Democrats or the enemedia accused them of being politically incorrect.

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