Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Endorsed by Two More GOP State Reps

Millennial Montanans Daniel Zolnikov and Nick Schwaderer cite the Libertarian ticket's positions on war, surveillance, spending, debt, and trade


Daniel Zolnikov ||| Montana legislature
Montana legislature

This morning the Gary Johnson/William Weld ticket for the White House nabs its first endorsement from a state legislator who is running for re-election in 2016 as a Republican. Daniel Zolnikov (R-Billings), a 29-year-old two-term state representative known for his civil libertarian work on surveillance and free speech, is joining with his fellow State Rep. Nicholas Schwaderer (R-Mineral County), who had previously telegraphed his support, in backing the Libertarian. From their joint statement:

Having served on the House Taxation committee for the past two legislatures, we know that one of the most important issues facing any government is a balanced budget. We are both in our 20's, and we know that our generation will bear the heaviest brunt of a spending-­crazed federal government. Johnson has the best credentials to fight for fiscal responsibility, based on his record of standing strong against out of control spending while Governor of New Mexico. […]

The Snowden revelations of 2013 revealed yet again that we have federal agencies going far beyond their constitutional authority to surveil the private affairs of millions of Americans. This surveillance is purposely done in secret without adequate oversight by elected representation. If serious action is not taken by the next administration to curb the surveillance state, an Orwellian future awaits America. Johnson is the only candidate who has vowed to uphold our 4th Amendment rights and he is our best chance to preserve privacy in communications. […]

While we do not agree with every single policy stance expressed by Johnson, we recognize that he has by far the best record of any candidate and has the best vision for the future of our nation.

Our generation will be most affected by the outcome of this unprecedented presidential election. Gary Johnson is the only serious presidential nominee who stands for policies that will lead to growth and opportunity for young Americans.

We do not want another war. We do not want more deficit spending and debt. We do not want increased surveillance and violations of Americans' rights. We want a sane, intelligent government that lives within its means and governs according to the Constitution. Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are clearly the best choice to lead our nation toward prosperity and freedom, and we are proud to support them for President and Vice President of the United States.

Zolnikov and Schwaderer are making their official announcement later today; I'll throw up a link when it's online. Read more about Johnson endorsements here.

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  1. Green Party’s Jill Stein Wants To Be ‘Plan B’ For Bernie Sanders Supporters

    On columnist Dan Savage’s (explicit language-laden) criticism that supporting the Green Party is helping Donald Trump

    I do not say there is no difference between the parties. What I say is that there’s not enough difference to save your job, to save your life, or to save the planet. And the scary things, the horrific things that Donald Trump says, Hillary Clinton has already done. Whether it’s massively deporting immigrants, whether it’s threatening nuclear warfare. …

    Put it this way: I will feel horrible if Donald Trump is elected, I will feel horrible if Hillary Clinton is elected, and I feel most horrible about a voting system that says: Here are two deadly choices, now pick your weapon of self-destruction.

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  2. Lightning strikes again. For something that has such a low probability of occurring it sure seems to be killing a lot of people lately.…..1469403515

    1. Bad link, it seems.

      1. My apologies.…..1469403515

        1. Authorities say 27-year-old set off device that also injured 12 after being denied entry to Ansbach event

          “If only he hadn’t been discriminated against!”

    2. It has a high probability of occurring somewhere fairly often (just like lightning, so it’s an excellent analogy). It has a very low probability of killing any particular person. I’m pretty sure that’s the point when people point out how unlikely it is to be a danger to any particular person.
      The biggest danger to the public at large is an ugly reaction to the attacks.

  3. “Republicans endorse Republican” isn’t even a “dog bites man” story.

    1. Haha, bugs you, doesn’t it?

    2. I love the butthurt. Every point Johnson climbs in the polls must set that hamster in your upper intestine to running.

      Can we all now agree that Libertarians really and truly do not have the first fucking clue about national politics? I’ve been sitting here for several months watching all of you talk about all of the things Johnson is doing wrong as a campaigner, only to watch more and more non-Libertarians come into the fold after every “mistake”.

      Y’all have been wrong about almost everything so far. It’s time to admit you don’t have clue fucking one about how non-Libertarians will respond, or about how elections unfold in the public eye.

  4. Johnson is getting a surprising amount of support. I am anxious to see what percentage he pulls in the actual election. I wonder how many will change their mind at the last minute and vote for one of the major candidates out of fear of the other major candidate.

    Also, If Cankles wanted Bernie voters the leaked emails probably nixed that. The Berniebots are pissed, and rightfully so. They probably will go for Stein. It would be a beautiful thing if that throws the election for Cankles. I can only imagine the shit-fit she will have if she loses. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

    1. It would be a beautiful thing if that throws the election for Cankles.

      A wonderful, magical thing!

    2. DWS had to step down because of what she did to Bernie, right? But Hillary then gave her a position in her campaign. Seems like a message of FYTW to Bernie supporters.

      1. I’ve already seen three of my “facebook friends” who are Bernie supporters state that there is no way they will now vote for Clinton.

  5. Looks like only Republican elected officials have endorsed Johnson. I guess the cosmotarian strategy of appealing to Leftists isn’t bearing any fruit. So, I guess all those efforts to denigrate social conservatives in hope of attracting libertine Leftists is only costing Johnson votes. As anyone with half a brain would have realized.

    Imagine how many more votes Johnson would have if he wasn’t so focused on appealing to Sanders supporters who will never ever vote for him, ever.

    1. Democrat politicians and left-leaning voters are not the same thing. I think I may have convinced a few Bernie supporters to vote for Johnson.

      1. I’m waiting to hear about a Democratic official endorsing Johnson or any left-leaning pundit saying anything even slightly complimentary about Johnson. Like it or not, people who are likely to vote Republican are those most likely to consider the Libertarian candidate. And Johnson keeps shooting himself in the foot by going out of his way to denigrate anyone that doesn’t fixate on ‘gay wedding cakes’ and ‘bathrooms’.

        He’ll take home another 1% in an election where he easily could have seized 8%.

        1. denigrate anyone that doesn’t fixate on ‘gay wedding cakes’ and ‘bathrooms’

          He’s not doing a very good job of that. Both sides in those stupid debates are pretty fixated.

        2. And Johnson keeps shooting himself in the foot by going out of his way to denigrate anyone that doesn’t fixate on ‘gay wedding cakes’ and ‘bathrooms’.

          This is what’s known in the reality business as “a bald-faced lie.”

    2. According to this 23% of Sanders supporters are going to Gary Johnson, perhaps now after the DNCLeak, more will see the light?

  6. Astute millennials gathering on the horizons of discontent will be the mass required to swell third party realities into political turgidity.

    The country will be run by Trump and his slithering band of evil fucks and the results will be the production of an astounding and sweeping glue adhering millennials operating from positions of clarity to strikingly alternative modes of government.

    Jutting chins and earth-pointing arrowhead brows are the stuff of bondage and temple knuckles and Trump billows stiffly with steel-tipped staves coated with the fragments and tissue of those mangled in his stringent boundaries ever resistant to the thoughtful, gentle, and organic.

    The handcuff king will rule with unrivaled impunity insuring oncoming storms that will sweep in pregnant with driven histories.

  7. @agile.cyborg..
    That was beautiful.

  8. The endorsements just keep coming in.

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