Violence in Munich, Tim Kaine VP Speculation Grows, Jon Stewart Takes on Trump: P.M. Links


  • Kaine
    Tim Williams / CQ Roll Call / Newscom

    Several people were killed in a shooting at a McDonald's in Munich, Germany. The attackers are still at large.

  • Some progressives aren't happy about Hillary Clinton's likely VP pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.
  • DNC delegates who support Bernie Sanders are adopting a "wait and see" attitude regarding the upcoming convention.
  • Jon Stewart let loose on Donald Trump in an interview with Stephen Colbert.
  • Pokemon Go launches in Japan.
  • Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein "truly afraid" about about American politics for the first time in his life.

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  1. Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein “truly afraid” about about American politics for the first time in his life.

    Let me get out my tiny violin…

    1. We have been freed from the Fistyranny!

      1. All of western civilization is crumbling!

        1. You nominated Trump. What else did you expect?

          1. if only trump would aspire to be woodrow wilson

      2. Fisty is not a tranny!

    2. Well done, TM. You are First by all rules.

      But, yeah, Klein “hasn’t been paying attention,” as the saying goes.

      1. He even (correctly) kept the typo. If he added [sic] it would have been beyond-Fisty.

        1. Some might say “uber Fisty”

          1. Had Nietzsche written “Fisty and Uber-Fisty”, world would have been a better place.

            Maybe we can get Agile Cyborg on the case?

    3. for the first time

      Like popehat said – this would carry a lot more weight if he hadn’t said it for every republican candidate since reagan

      1. Yeah, that’s a major factor in why the left-tard pants-shitting over Trump is not convincing anyone. They were saying the same things about Romney, McCain, GWB, and any Republican Senator or Congressman not facing a Tea-Party primary challenger.

        1. saying the same things about Romney

          Yep. That was the most eyebrow-raising thing during the Romney campaign to me. The progressives talked about Romney like he was fucking hitler. They have zero credibility.

          1. One minute you’re minding your own business and the next thing you know Romney’s elected and you’ve find yourself in a binder on a shelf in a storage room at Bain Capital.

            Totally reasonable fear.

        2. It’s just such a weird coincidence how EVERY Republican is Hitler incarnate.

          1. Not so much. We had a… manufacturing systems fault in our cloning facility.

            1. I thought it was a fuckup with all the pesky time-travelers.

              1. Well, that’s the rub. We needed a power source and discovered we could direct the time travelers entry point directly into the furnace. Which was like, totally free power. But after a while they just stopped coming.

                Now we’re having to pay for the power and well cuts had to be made somewhere. Surely you’ve noticed that the new Hitler clones hair and skin coloring is a little off?

            2. Was that Hitler clones? I thought it was more Kriegers.

          2. What the Dems don’t tell you is that they actually think EVERY Democrat is Stalin incarnate, and they actually like it that way….

        3. Yep, when milquetoast mushy moderate Mitt Romney is a racist sexist right-wing extremist, then the terms have no meaning anymore.

          1. We’re all Hitler

        4. Well, to be fair, GWB righteously FUBARed everything and McCain is a madman.

          1. Yeah but Obama thought the change everyone wanted was MOAR FUBAR…

      2. I guess that was NonWhiteHat… close enough

      3. Or if every trait that has poor little Ezra shitting his pants about Trump weren’t things he applauded about Barack Obama.

      4. It’s like the leftist version of The Incredibles, when everyone is racist/sexist/whateverist, then nobody is.

        1. I am Spartaracist!

      5. Truly. I am still waiting for all the people who in 1980 said they’d leave the country if Reagan got elected to get around to leaving.

        BTW – Popehat is wrong. They’ve said that about every Republican nominee since Hoover.

    4. PWND!

    5. Is… Is this what it’s like to be Fist? I mean, it feels good, don’t get me wrong, but…

      I dunno. I guess I was expecting something more like The Quickening.

      1. You haven’t lopped off his head yet.

      2. There will be a proper Tribute, TM. With a parade of captured warriors and beasts, small coins thrown to the crowed, feasting, orations by SugarFree…

        1. “crowd” dammit.

        2. Orations…tee hee. Oh, you meant da prose.

        3. Ah. Excellent. Let the Tribute… COMMENCE!

          *raps scepter against floor*

          1. Not so fast, TM, I have to stand behind you in the ceremonial chariot holding the golden laurel over your head and muttering “you are not a god, you are not a god…”

          2. Come to the Senate chambers oh illustrious machine, I assure you, there are no old men waiting to assassinate you there.

            … it’s a murderdrone.

      3. More like The Fappening.

      4. “Is… Is this what it’s like to be Fist? I mean, it feels good”

        Wait til you get the womens! They don’t call him Fist for nothing!

    6. So all of Ezra Klein’s other pants-shitting was just him being a show-off?

      1. Possibly. But Solyndra isn’t going bankrupt. Damn you for saying otherwise.

    7. In other news, Ezra Klein fails to realize that only the most blindly partisan Dems could deny that Hilary embodies almost all of his fears. Vindictive, liar, narcissist, admires authoritarians, conspiracy theorist, doesn’t apologize and her defensiveness escalates situations, surrounded by sycophants, incompetent campaign, bully.

      1. “…only the most blindly partisan Dems…”

        So, that would be basically the entire media (-Fox) at this point right?

    8. So is Rufus going to acknowledge your firstness? Or will he pass you by and say, “Hello” to Fist?

      1. If AnonBot came in first, Rufus would say hello to it.

        I don’t know what he’s do if he were first.

        1. He’d apologize for queue-jumping in typically polite Canadian fashion.

        2. Obsessively refresh until there was finally a first post, clearly.

    9. In other news, Ezra Klein fails to recognize that only the most blindly partisan liberals could deny that almost all of his fears are also embodied by Hilary. Vindictive, liar, narcissist, admires authoritarians, conspiracy theorist, gullible, doesn’t apologize and her defensiveness escalates situations, surrounds herself with sycophants, incompetent campaign, bully, etc.

      1. Stupid skwirls.

        1. Smart skwerls for repeating that juicy nugget.

    10. Hello Rufus.

    11. Me today, you tomorrow, you fucking idiot Ezra.

    12. Methinks Ezra needs to ask Rachel Maddow to return his testicles.

      Look at his arguments. Trump “retweet(ed) a follower who said she(Megyn Kelly) was “a bimbo”. Isn’t that the same complaint of 99% of the Left blogosphere?

      “Trump is a liar”. Lulz.

      “Trump is a narcissist”.- “Obama is the not the Word made flesh, he is the triumph of word over flesh.”- Ezra Klein

      “Trump admires authoritarian dictators for their authoritarianism”. Tell me why I lied so I didn’t pay an extra $695 in taxes last year.

      “Trump is a conspiracy theorist”.- Who went on the Today show to tell us about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that was lying about Monica Lewinsky?

      “Trump is very, very gullible”.- Who gave Russia that “Reset” button (that really said “overcharge”)?

      “Trump doesn’t apologize, and his defensiveness escalates situations”. -More lulz. “What difference, at this point, does it make”. And, how long has that whole e-mail thing been going on?

      “Trump surrounds himself with sycophants”.- Can you say Huma Abedin and Sid Blumenthal?

      1. (cont.) “Trump has proven too lazy to learn about policy”. – Hilldog is too fucking lazy to learn e-mail.

        “Trump has run an incompetent campaign and convention”. – She got her ass kicked by Pres. Hope and Change, then a crotchety old socialist took her 12 rounds despite the DNC screwing him.

        “Trump is a bully”.- Ezra, balls- some assembly required.

        “Trump has regularly incited or justified violence among his supporters”. – Never saw that before from President “punch back twice as hard” or when Hill said her biggest enemy was Republicans.

  2. Several people were killed in a shooting at a McDonald’s in Munich, Germany.

    Terrorism? Not terrorism? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO THINK.

    1. That’s not how it works, First. You’re supposed to shit your pants several times and then tell OTHER people what to think.

      1. Did Trump ever come out with a line of adult diapers?

        1. Depends

          1. Four hours late, but I laughed!

      2. We have to wait and see how many were involved. If thousands of Muslims are involved, it’s not terrorism…it’s covered up.

    2. There are duelling reports of them yelling anti-immigrant things in perfect german or yelling “Allahu Akbar”. I’m thinking it’s both. They just happened to show up for their terrorist attacks at the same time, saw they had matching outfits, and neither wanted to go home and change.

      1. This exact thought crossed my mind.

      2. I just assumed all outfits in Germany were matching.

        1. It hasn’t been that way in the west since 1945, and in the east since 1989.

    3. Workplace violence, Fist. Nothing to see here.

    4. Shh, no more tears, only dreams now.

    5. Not first, so last.

    6. They were told the big macs were not getting shipped to venezuela

  3. Damn, Tim Kaine is looking old…

  4. Ezra Klein needs to get out more.

    1. I am fine with Ezra staying indoors. In a small room. With no windows. And locks on the outside.

      1. To be safe, he should also make sure no air gets into the room. Best to just wear a plastic bag over his head to prevent those trumpish fumes from infecting his brain.

      2. But that’s where he does all of his best work.

        1. disconnect his internet and call it a “Safe Space”

    2. I thought Trump had no chance of beating the mighty Hillary. So what does Ezra have to be so afraid of?

      1. Do you think Trump could beat her in a physical fight? I am not so sure.

        1. She seems like a biter.

          1. He seems like a bigger biter

            1. I assume her vagina is lined with razor sharp teeth and could easily swallow Trump whole. Like a sarlacc.

              1. don’t forget the snuke.

                1. Classic

      2. beating the mighty Hillary.

        1. I like that.

        2. These masturba-ah, fuck it.

      3. Klein has publishing deadlines, too.

  5. DNC delegates who support Bernie Sanders are adopting a “wait and see” attitude regarding the upcoming convention.

    Wait and see and fart?

    1. Well, choosing a white male crony-corporate Beltway-insider establishment type will almost certainly win them over.

    2. I’m legitimately curious to see if the DNC has more unrest than the RNC. I don’t think it will, but…Bernie supporters don’t strike me as the type who are used to not getting what they want.

      1. I’ll actually watch if there will be millenials rolling in the aisles, screaming, and stamping their feet.

        1. You pretty much just have to go outside to see that.

      2. Chicago 7 to Phiilly 5 maybe?

      3. I assume they will do the Cleveland thing and separate everyone and everything, but the anti-war/anarchy/anti-capitalism types could be out in full force.

      4. Small sample size, but #DNCLeaks was bringing them out in force to denounce the DNC. Several were staying home or voting for Stein.

  6. Jon Stewart let loose on Donald Trump in an interview with Stephen Colbert.


    1. Exactly. Stewart will come out of “retirement” when a conservative is elected. No chance in 2016.

    2. Well, it must not have been that great. I’d usually expect to see “Jon Stewart DESTROYS Trump”, “Jon Stewart EVISCERATES Trump”, “Jon Stewart PULVERIZES Trump”, or the like if it was.

      1. Jon Stewart LITERALLY ANNIHILATES Trump!

      2. Literally decimate?

        1. Trump was lucky, and escaped with nine stubby digits still intact.

    3. Sounds like the basis for another Dumb and Dumber sequel.

    4. Colbert needs ratings; Pulls stunt with Stewart.

    5. Jon Stewart has called for mandatory civil service for citizens, but remember, Trump is the fascist out to destroy the Republic.

      1. He can lead by example and volunteer to clear mines by rolling along the ground.

      2. Why does the left care whether Trump is a fascist, anyway? Is an ideology based on emotion, hatred of individualism, worship of leaders, and strict government control over the economy somehow bad? Oh, right: He’s not their fascist.

      3. See how Donald Trump embraced the fascist notion of corporatism in the NY Times:

        If I were elected president, the foxes would no longer guard the henhouse. To ensure the safety and soundness of our banking system, we need to fundamentally restructure the Fed’s governance system to eliminate conflicts of interest. Board members should be nominated by the president and chosen by the Senate. Banking industry executives must no longer be allowed to serve on the Fed’s boards and to handpick its members and staff. Board positions should instead include representatives from all walks of life ? including labor, consumers, homeowners, urban residents, farmers and small businesses.

        Oh, wait, that’s Bernie Sanders. Nevermind!

    6. Partisans gonna partisan

  7. OK, Robby. You know what? OK. Wow. You know what?

    1. Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein “truly afraid” about about American politics for the first time in his life.

      But that guy’s, like, a decade old or something.

  8. Several people were killed in a shooting at a McDonald’s in Munich, Germany. The attackers are still at large.

    I blame trans fats.

    1. Gluten made them do it.

  9. Jon Stewart no longer hosts a show. And he hasn’t done anything since leaving the show to warrant paying attention to him. So why is Jon Stewart taking the exact position you would expect him, link worthy? Who the fuck cares? If he had said nice things about Trump or done something other than what you would expect, that would be link worthy. This, not so much.

    1. Forget it John, it’s Soave town.

    2. “And he hasn’t done anything since leaving the show to warrant paying attention to him.”

      He never did anything while he was on his show that warranted paying attention to him either.

      1. He was mildly entertaining during the Bush years, but really stopped being funny or relevant once he became an Obama sycophant.

      2. His huge lie about school funding was worth paying attention to, but probably not in the way he hoped.

    3. He should stick to his rivalry with Seth Rollins.

  10. Wait a second. Ezra Klein is scared, you say? Something must be done. This has gone too far.

    1. He can move to New Zealand with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

      I see that as a positive of a Trump presidency.

      1. Didn’t Lena Dunham “threaten” to move too?

        Why do these losers keep campaigning for Trump?

        1. She’s too busy doing this – I shit you not.

  11. Pokemon Go launches in Japan.

    Wait, how was Japan not the first place it launched?

    1. Yeah, you should have made *that* your first comment.

    2. They had to add more tentacles.

      1. I’m giving you the [golf clap] that Tonio should have.

    3. Well the developer was a silicon valley startup that spun out of google last fal (Niantic).

    4. Japan can only handle so many roving monsters at once.

      1. [golf clap]

    5. They knew the Japanese players would put the most stress on the system. And on the news cycle. The story about the guy that ran into a cop car while playing is going to seem tame pretty soon.

    6. They are hoping Pokemon Go will bolster Napa’s aging population. Now if they could only make the little virtual fuckers pay taxes. Or to make Japanese people start fucking again.

      1. I can help the women with that…

  12. Some progressives aren’t happy about Hillary Clinton’s likely VP pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.

    So many whites this election cycle. Just so many.

  13. Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein “truly afraid”

    Yes, but so does putting worms on fishhooks, or trying to jumpstart his car

    1. Also, the dark. And firm handshakes. And testosterone.

      1. This toxic masculinity is why Ezra Klein needs feminism.

    2. Or having milk in the fridge a day before the expiration date.

      1. Easy buddy. Dairy is one of those things you just don’t take risks with.

    3. Or having milk in the fridge a day before the expiration date.

      1. Squirrels scare us all.

        1. Don’t be afraid, embrace your inner squirrel!

    4. Has anyone besides me noticed that Ezra Klein looks a lot like Jon Favreau? Like, a lot?

      Is it just a Millenial thing?

    5. Remember, Ezra is that guy who was too dumb to handle Netflix


    I don’t recall Reason using “dark” describe Trump’s speech. Either the staff is no longer on the journolist or someone is going to get a stern email about failing to use the daily talking points.

    1. It was “terrifying,” however.

    2. I was listening to the POTUS channel on the way home from work (actually, I’ve been listening to it all week) yesterday and everyone kept going on and on about how dark the RNC was but never really explained what they meant by “dark.”

      1. Was Ben Carson there?

      2. They’re trying to play Donald’s silly game of associating a word to an entity through repetition. No logic or explanation needed.

  15. I learned from the DNC wikileaks emails that there is a guy who works at the white house named Bobby Schmuck.

    1. That is awesome.

    2. That’s Barry Schmuck, and he’s in charge.

    3. There are campaign signs in Phoenix for some guy named Schmuck.

      1. A guy named Orson Swindle use to be in charge of the Federal Trade Commission (he also ran for Congress in Hawaii).

      2. OT: any other zonies around here?

        1. Yo, dawg. Tucson represent!

          1. “Valley of the (surface of the) Sun” here.

            In case you couldn’t guess.

            Bobby Hill’s thoughts on Phoenix

  16. Syrian opposition turns to Pokemon to win support

    Meanwhile, ISIS plants landmines around key Pokehunting locations

  17. Some progressives aren’t happy about Hillary Clinton’s likely VP pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.

    What are they gonna do, vote for Trump?

    1. They’re going to pull the “Straight Democrat” lever even MORE grudgingly this time.

    2. Stay home and let Jill Stein squeak out a narrow victory.

    3. Well….maybe they’ll only vote SIX times for Granmaw Felony instead of the twelve they did for President Obama

      1. Granmaw Felony is today’s example of why I come by H&R every day.

        Do the rest of you crack up as much as I do from our commentariat? There’s a bunch of very clever and funny people here, the best of any posting board I’ve ever visited.

        Long cruddy work day with two flights, including waiting at the gate for my flight home now. Then I can return home to what has recently been a difficult marriage. But I can laugh out loud right now thanks to all of you. Thanks people!

        1. Hey! I know it’s like five hours later but you’re not the only one who gets by on H&R snark. Hang in there Anacreon, I definitely don’t see you around as much as you used to be, but don’t work too hard; that shit will kill you early.

        2. Why do you think no one reads the articles?

          We’re all here for the smart, funny, and nihilistically cynical people…I need my 6-8 giggles and two “choking to death” laughter fits every day.

          1. I read them. But salivate towards the bottom of the page and tremble when I push the link that opens the comments.

  18. You Can Tell the Obama Is Super-Serious When….

    U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice will travel to Beijing next week to avoid escalation in the South China Sea

    It shows how seriously we take an issue when we don’t think its even worth John Kerry’s time.

    “Who are you again? Oh, Benghazi-lady! Ah. So. Let us get our ‘Of Course We Believe You’-face out of the drawer here.”

    1. But she is a powerful black woman. How can those racist Chinese not respect that?

      1. Susan Rice’s most famous role in international relations was helping start a war in the Congo that killed millions

        (the laughably charitable characterization of her tenure from The Atlantic was, “”U.S. influence was not put to particularly effective use in Africa.””)

        next to that, she provided some very transparent lies on Benghazi.

        I honestly don’t know WTF Obama sees in people like this other than a) Loyalty, and b) Optics.

        But her competence aside – the signal it sends to the Chinese is obvious. She has no credibility, and has no reputation to protect. Its saying, “it doesn’t matter if she fails – we expect her to fail. Don’t bother even listening to her”

        1. What Obama sees in her is someone so incompetent that she has nowhere else to go and will thus be loyal and willing to be thrown under the bus. She is shockingly stupid. We are so fucked.

      2. “But she is a powerful black woman. How can those racist Chinese”

        Yellow is the new black?

        1. Considering what the average Chinese person thinks about black people, perhaps not the wisest move in any event, even given her tattered reputation.

    2. Ah. So.


      1. Also, more Japanese than Chinese.

  19. Being a lawyer, I get “vote for me!” e-mails from judges all the time. Today I got one for a local judicial race touting that the judge has received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police!

    I mean, normally I don’t care about these things, and either skip the judicial races or pick one at random But with that kind of endorsement, I’ll surely be voting for her opponent.

    1. But who will protect you from the Autism Menace?

    2. I go through the lists and cross out all the ones that say “Prosecutor” and circle the ones that say “Defense Attorney” when making my choice?

  20. DNC delegates who support Bernie Sanders are adopting a “wait and see” attitude regarding the upcoming convention.

    Well, you don’t STOP being deluded just ’cause your ancient cranky idiot leader bowed to the Inevitable.

  21. Some progressives aren’t happy about Hillary Clinton’s likely VP pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.

    Which is an important pick because her of health, which for some reason should isn’t an issue although it really should be an issue. Who knew Mike Pence would be the youthful face in an election.

    1. So, what you’re telling me is, Hillary’s going to be walking with a Kaine, soon?

      1. This may be your greatest day of commenting, ever. You are on!

    2. The same progressives who will tell you that Hillary is in perfect health and only a sexist would thing otherwise are losing their shit over the possibility of her picking Kaine as a VP. I guess they worry he wont’ know how to act at state funerals or something.

      1. Curious, are Republicans who care about the GOP VP pick also expecting their candidate to die?

        1. Trump has not had mysterious health issues.

        2. No. They think he might be impeached.

    3. In the name of KAINE! KAINE LIVES IN DEATH!

    4. Is he Demon Kaine or Corporate Kaine?

  22. From the second link:

    “Let’s be really clear: It should be disqualifying for any potential Democratic vice presidential candidate to be part of a lobbyist-driven effort to help banks dodge consumer protection standards and regulations designed to prevent banks from destroying our economy,” Democracy for America executive director Charles Chamberlain said in a statement.

    Hahahaha! Sure! Because everyone knows that banks are out to destroy the economy and only tough regulations can restrain these violent nihilists from putting themselves and the institutions they’ve worked to build right out of business. Bankers, much like Heath Ledger’s Joker, just want to watch the world burn.

    Who says Progs are not pro-business? They just keep a lid on rampant self-destructive impulses that plague all these businesses!

    1. The political class knows better than any businessperson how businesses should be run. I know this because progressives routinely tell me so.

  23. WaPo’s “Tell Us What You Really Think” Editorial Page:

    Final grade for the Republican National Convention: ‘D’
    By Jennifer Rubin

    Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, too long speech
    By Daniel W. Drezner

    Donald Trump’s creepy fascist infomercial
    By Alexandra Petri

    Donald Trump wants to copy Richard Nixon. Here’s why he’ll fail.
    By James Downie

    Donald Trump, the candidate of the apocalypse
    Editorial Board

    Trump’s America is a dark and desperate place
    By Dana Milbank

    I am beginning to suspect there may be some very subtle partisan bias in America’s media

    1. The only thing dark here are the stains in the pants of the WaPo’s editorial staff.

    2. Donald Trump, the candidate of the apocalypse
      Editorial Board

      It’s good to see that, in these difficult times, the Washington Post, a respectable and award-winning publication and a model of journalistic standards, is keeping a level head about things and not resorting to juvenile hyperbole.

    3. Why are you linking Reason articles?

      1. I know, right?

        part of the bitch which i think Reason editors fail to grasp is =

        “Please stop repeating all the same shit we get from non-libertarian MSM.”

        I don’t need to come to Reason to hear diaper-loading hyperbole about the Cthulu-esque horrors of Trump. I can get it literally EVERYWERE. In equal doses, in same portions.

        What’s the point of hemming and hawing that “liberty is doomed!” under trump if the same is true under Clinton?

        Why not offer a “there’s a bright side to DOOOM” argument. Why not look at possible upsides to the coming Tyrannical super-state? Repeating the same gripes endlessly is booooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrring.

        1. I’ve given them a pass this week being the R convention, but pants have been shit over Trump on Reason. They are making me despise him less. I understand that Trump brings the clicks, but overload and the same old shit will just make them cosmos…oh, oh. *dim bulb appears over my head

    4. Yes, but those headlines aren’t evidence of it. Donald Trump is hated by lots of Republicans (including Jennifer Rubin).

      1. Ruin just thinks he should be promising to shoot more people. That makes her moist.

    5. are you sure those aren’t ghost written by Reason?

  24. They just weren’t hitting it hard enough.

    As the last eight years have unfolded, the enormous economic and political consequences of the Lehman Brothers failure have emerged with stark clarity, never more evident than in this week’s Republican convention.

    The widespread anger, frustration and disillusionment that has fueled the rise of Donald J. Trump can be traced to Lehman’s collapse, the bailout of Wall Street and the ensuing Great Recession.

    No wonder the debate over Lehman’s fate, and whether it could have been avoided by Treasury and Federal Reserve officials, hasn’t subsided.

    Now a widely respected academic ? Laurence M. Ball, chairman of the economics department at Johns Hopkins University and author of “Money, Banking and Financial Markets” ? has produced the most comprehensive and persuasive argument yet that the Federal Reserve could have saved Lehman from the precipitous and chaotic bankruptcy that occurred that fateful weekend in September 2008.

    If only the Fed had stepped in and bailed Lehman out, none of that bad stuff would have happened.

    Also- Trump sucks.

    1. If only we had made the taxpayers bailout more wall street cronies, the public wouldn’t be so angry and voting for a dark candidate like Trump.

    2. Was he not widely respected 7.5 years ago? Why didn’t he say anything then?

      1. He’s a respected academic. First he waited for event to more-or-less finish, then he gathered data, then he put forth a paper (214 pages of it).

        From the article:

        He recently presented the result of four years of research, “The Fed and Lehman Brothers,” to a group of economists gathered in Cambridge, Mass.

        It’s an interesting article, that never goes into why the professor believes counter-argument (“Lehman was bust, and no fucking way would it ever become solvent if we loaned them money”) is wrong. I guess 214 pages was too much for a journalist?

    3. Screw Lehman. We should have let more of them go under or liquidated then after the fact.

      Moral hazard exists.

    4. Now a widely respected academic ? Laurence M. Ball, chairman of the economics department at Johns Hopkins University and author of “Money, Banking and Financial Markets” ? has produced the most comprehensive and persuasive argument yet that the Federal Reserve could have saved Lehman from the precipitous and chaotic bankruptcy that occurred that fateful weekend in September 2008.

      Sounds a little like a “If only they had killed baby Hitler!” piece.

  25. Cattle-Auction for Charity Gets Weepy

    Cattle itself expressed no feelings on the matter. Ghost of dead-girl reported to say, “JEEZ!!! DAD!?? LIKE, A COW?? OMG SO EMBARRASSED”

  26. Some progressives aren’t happy

    Really, just end the sentence there. And delete “some”; their default is angry.

    1. No progressives are ever happy.

  27. Wynnewood, Oklahoma: Police Officer Fatally Shoots Dog During 5-Year-Old’s Birthday Party, Reports Say

    Officer Josh Franklin fatally shot the family’s 3-year-old dog, Opie, during their son’s birthday party, outlets reported. The officer told the family the dog lunged at him through the fence.

    1. He meant to shoot the 5 year old, geeze, give him a break already.

      1. The kid was autistic?

        1. No, but he was holding a toy.

    2. So, the cop was separated from the dog by a fence? And he still went back to his car to get his rifle? And he was serving a ten year old warrant? What a fucking pussy.

    3. I guess we can see who doesn’t read the articles here. :-p

      1. No one reads the articles.

      2. dammit. I thought it sounded familiar… the trumpalooza screwed me up.

        1. I think this one is good to keep sharing. The cop had time to shit his pants, go back to his car, find his rifle then shoot the dog.

      3. I read Reason for the sideboob.

  28. A Rap for Reason Readers:

    I be readin’ down the lynx
    Lookin’ for some cred
    Across the comments section
    I start to feel dread
    While Brooksie representin’
    By not full indentin’
    The trolls come a rentin
    That space inside my head

    I move on to some more
    Resting upon some gore
    Those free of sugar leave
    A hella urge to heave
    So down I go to the core

    With Cyborgs words my mind will twist and fold
    As rhymes with Brony shits and calls it gold
    I don’t get why
    Rico must comply
    With SJWs from on high
    That shit can get so old

    But I am not one to judge
    Lest I become STEVE SMITH fudge
    And though I do deadlift
    My Warty level is not yet 5th
    So to avoid the “sqautch” I nudge

    We all have our opinion
    Some will see it differin’
    But in the end you see
    I think we’re for liberty

    This year will be a pain
    But all is not lost in vain
    We have new readers and the like
    And even a Johnson polling spike
    So stay on that liberTrain.

    Peace to your word mother.

    1. Bravo. Peace to your word mother also. May your Johnson poll always be spiked.

    2. Well-done.

  29. Remember that troll who used to post stuff on weekends about the Civil War? Wasn’t that annoying?

    “”No city in the North was more pro-South, antiabolition or anti-Lincoln,” writes historian John Strausbaugh reveals in his fascinating new book City of Sedition: The History of New York City during the Civil War.

    “But there were plenty of New Yorkers who hated the South, and they launched words ? and sometimes weapons ? against their slavery-sympathetic foes. Violence roiled the city: Black vs. white, Protestant vs. Catholic, immigrants vs. nativists. All this in a city that helped create the legacy of a man named … Abraham Lincoln.”

    1. And regurgitating that makes things better how, exactly?

      1. I have desperately emailed John C. Wright previously to replace Eddie as Reason’s local Ultramontanist/Caesaropapist. Never got a response.

        1. An Ultramontanist *and* a Caesaropapist?

          Is that like how the Jews are both socialist and capitalist at the same time?

          1. Just covering both bases because Wright’s hard to pin down.

        2. After I read his Desolation of Smaug review, Wright would have to blow up a hospital for sick children and their sick puppies for me not to like him.

          1. That’s my point. Even when I completely disagree with him, Wright’s still an enjoyable read.

          2. On par with Mark Twain’s “Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses”.

          3. That is absolutely fantastic.

    1. So we’re one step closer to making Snow Crash a reality? I can live with that.

  30. A handful of people are the left are beginning to see the light, or the dark, or whatever.…..president/

    From the ashen, haunted faces around me in the press gallery, and the conversations over hastily guzzled drinks before and after, I feel sure I wasn’t the only person here who felt as if he were suffering from PTSD, sunstroke and a stomach virus, all at the same time. Still, it was an educational bout with the existential flu. Anybody who still thought Donald Trump was a joke and a dumbass who would humiliate himself and his party go down to Mondale-scale defeat now knows better. You can pick Trump’s speech apart and examine its flaws, of course, but from the point of view of performance and dynamics only one verdict is possible. He killed it. He. Killed. It.

    Michael Moore said the other night on Bill Maher’s show that he now thought Trump would win the election, and that feeling has been sneaking up on me for months now.

    1. Pants were shit. I’m not a Trumpian but he did not fuck up. His new handler will benefit him if he listens.

    2. I won’t be surprised if either wins. The left has been deluding themselves about how “electable” Clinton is (as much as the right was deluded about Romney). There is also still a possibility that one of her scandals might actually catch up with her.

      1. I think you are right. The problem is that Trump is on the right side of the public mind on all of the issues that are driving this election. Worse, Hillary can’t try to get on the right side of those issues without antagonizing her insane base. All she has is “but he is the RACIST” And that is a lot. It might work. But it is hardly a sure thing.

      2. As I have said in the past, Obama “crushed” Romney by bringing out record numbers of black voters and young voters. Clinton will get 90% or better of the black vote, but that doesn’t mean that lots of black voters will show up at the polls and for her.

        Obama’s young voters are now older and disillusioned and show all signs of turning off not turning out. The new young voter are hard over for Bernie. It’s clear on Facebook that these people have no intention of lining up for Clinton. I expect them to bail out for Jill Stein or stay home.

        And as far as labor is concerned, the local union was totally fucked over by Obama care. Democratic support for immigrants is not all that popular with the overwhelmingly white, lower-middle class factories that turned Iowa blue for Obama in the last two elections.

        I see lots of “news” articles talking about the structural problems that Trump has to overcome to win the election. These articles ignore all the serious problems that Clinton has to deal with.

        I think the middle of the country is going to move towards Trump no matter how much the coastal elites bitch about Trump.

        1. In fact, the coastal bitching is likely to make them move more towards Trump

    3. Michael Moore said the other night on Bill Maher’s show that he now thought Trump would win the election, and that feeling has been sneaking up on me for months now.

      Last night, my wife and I were discussing the election, and we ended up betting on the outcome; my wife is convinced that Hillary has it in the bag, and I’m convinced it’s going to be Trump.

      It’s a bit risky; my election predictions are about 90% wrong. But I feel good about this one.

    4. They don’t get it because they don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon. They have no idea how much his message resonates in flyover country. The silent majority are tired of having the noses rubbed in shit and Trump’s ‘America first’ message hits home for them.

      I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more cases of PTSD, sunstroke, and stomach virus after November.

  31. Democratic Coalition Against Trump: Super PAC Files Complaint Related to Melania Trump Speech

    The group’s complaint alleges the Trump campaign accepted illegal corporate contributions by allowing a volunteer who was paid by the Trump Organization to write Melania Trump’s RNC speech.

  32. Anybody else having trouble posting?

      1. I got better.

        1. RICO’S A WITCH!

          /and probably too young to understand the reference.

          1. Rico turned me into Newt Gingrich.

  33. Sheriff facing federal trial for having his deputies beat prisoners in the jail’s chapel (the one place with no cameras) and who told the prosecutor he’d like to “fuckingg shoot you right between your goddamned Jewish-eyes-look-like-opossum bastard” wants his gun back because WAR ON POLICE!

  34. Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein “truly afraid”

    Fear is truly the mindkiller.

    1. I’n Ezra’s case, there was no work for it to do.

    2. Only if you have a mind to kill in the first place.

    3. Trump’s nomination makes me truly afraid too, because it means Hillary will win.

      1. Do you rent out time on your magic crystal ball?

        1. Yeah, I listened to the tail end of Trump’s speech on the way to work this morning and he sounded a lot like most of the people I talk to around here. We’ll see how it turns out but Trump’s “I really care about you middle class American” probably resonates with more people than hysterical critics calling his supporters retards.

    4. Trump is the little-hands that bring total obliteration.
      I will face Trump.
      I will permit the hair to pass over me and through me.
      And when it has gone past I will turn the inner wall to block its path.
      Where the Trump has gone there will be nothing. Only the hat will remain.

      1. Try looking into that place where you dare not look! You’ll find Trump there, staring out at you!

  35. Malawi: Girls in Parts of Country Made to Have Paid Sex Upon Reaching Puberty, Report Says

    According to a BBC report, girls in remote southern parts of Malawi are made to have intercourse with paid sex workers known as hyenas upon reaching puberty as a form of ritual cleansing.

    1. Africans mistaking semen for Lysol again.


    John Kerry says AC is as big of a threat as ISIS. And you people wonder why I think Trump is likely to win the election.

    How is it that Trump is the crazy and dangerous one for thinking maybe letting Muslims into the country with no idea who they are is a bad idea and Kerry who thinks air conditions are the real threat is the sober adult? Our entire political class has gone insane.

    1. Wait, does this mean they want to get rid of R410A?

      This doesn’t make sense. R410A replaced R22 due to Montreal. R410A does have higher “global warming emissions”, but it’s also a ton more efficient than R22, and as a result in the long run it decreases pollution.

      1. 410 Sucks!, get over 80 Psi and off goes your head pressure to 590+, TXV bad, DX good no matter what the Manufacturers say, stupid they are

    2. John Kerry says AC is as big of a threat as ISIS. And you people wonder why I think Trump is likely to win the election.

      Well, YEAH! Have your read his shit? I mean if ISIS was made to read Cyborg their heads would assplode.

    3. Agile Cyborg is not a threat!

      1. to the weak minded he is.

    4. This is even more retarded than a fatwah against Agile Cyborg. Air conditioning could end violence in the middle east. Well, maybe a combination of air conditioning, netflix, and comfortable couches.

      1. Air conditioning and refrigeration have increased life expectancy more than nearly anything else. Maybe indoor plumbing has more so, but by a thin margin. No wonder progs hate it.

    5. Agile Cyborg really only threatens to upset the beat poetry scene with something actually good.

    6. Did he turn off his AC yet? If not, he’s a hypocrite. If so, he’s a moron, and no one cares.

  37. “A Kentucky woman filed a suit against County Clerk Kim Davis, among others, because the state refused to let her marry an animal….

    “Earlier this month, Mark “Chris” Sevier filed a lawsuit against the same defendants because he was unable to marry his computer.”

    1. Does this have something to do with that link HM posted the other day?

    2. Dude, gays can get married now. Do you think the victim crowd is satisfied? (not talking about gays here). Umm, no, they’re pissed, because their excuse for whining and blaming has been taken away. They need a new gay marriage. Animal marriage or computer marriage makes perfect sense as their next cause. Once they get that, they’ll move on to something else. Not that they care about any of this marriage stuff, they just want to whine, it’s all they know.

  38. Why Libraries Are Everywhere in the Czech Republic

    There are libraries everywhere you look in the country ? it has the densest library network in the world, according to a survey conducted for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are more libraries than grammar schools. In fact, there is one library for every 1,971 Czech citizens, the survey found ? four times as many, relative to population, as the average European country, and 10 times as many as the United States, which has one for every 19,583 people.

    Why so many Czech libraries? Well, for decades they were mandatory ? every community, from a big city down to a tiny village, was required by law to have one.

  39. Alan Cumming: Actor Writes Letter to Dairy Queen CEO Requesting Vegan Options at Fast Food Restaurant

    “Dairy Queen has the opportunity to broaden its appeal by offering healthier, ‘greener,’ animal-friendly vegan treats,” Cumming said in his letter to John P. Gainor Jr.

    1. “Alan Cumming has the opportunity here to go fuck himself”

    2. I prefer the PETA blogtitle

    3. “Dairy Queen has the opportunity to broaden its appeal by offering healthier, ‘greener,’ animal-friendly vegan treats.”

      Did he provide a whole prospectus with cost-benefit analyses?

      1. Every time someone uses the term “Opportunity” to describe what is in effect a ‘cost sink’, i always want to ask why, if this is such an ignored business-sector, why the person in question isn’t simply offering their own vegan-consumer foodservice options?

        The reason companies don’t do things isn’t because they’re hateful of vegan’s money. its that they dont believe there’s any profit in it. People making ‘demands’ of companies dont seem to believe their own bullshit enough to start their own businesses.

        1. I guess the rationale here is that Dairy Queen is established, and thus will see its customer base avail itself of those totally irresistible vegan snacks. But opening a vegan place from nothing would make it hard to catch on.

          1. In other words, they want someone else to spend the money.

    4. OK, no joke, vegan deserts (including ice “cream”) tend to be really fucking good.

      1. I dont believe you, and we will leave it at that.

        1. He’s trying to trick you. Of course vegan deserts are good, they are barren, dry lands. Vegan desserts, on the other hand, suck.

      2. Still would taste better with bacon.

  40. Verizon Nears Deal to Acquire Yahoo

    The deal, which may be announced in the next few days according to people familiar with the matter, will likely bring to an end the tumultuous reign of Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer, who tried and failed to re-invent Yahoo as an independent company. If finalized, the nation’s largest wireless carrier would add the iconic web pioneer and its millions of daily users to a growing stable of media properties.

    Verizon is discussing a price close to $5 billion for Yahoo’s core internet business, one of the people said. While the deal doesn’t include the company’s patents at this stage, it does include real estate assets.

    With the wireless industry maturing, Verizon has been buying up internet and advertising technology companies, including AOL, and presenting itself as the best bet to take on Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc. in mobile advertising. Yahoo has millions of users, a collection of websites including Flickr, Tumblr and Yahoo Finance and Sports and some useful digital-ad tech like Flurry and BrightRoll. Together with AOL, the new Yahoo under Verizon may have a better chance of competing in a digital ad market dominated by two big players./blockquote>

    1. Rumor on Tubmlr is bad stuff is on the way for the site. It’s not profitable. The user base doesn’t have any money and doesn’t watch the advertisements.

    2. Ya who?

      1. I assume they meant socialism.

    1. Sam Biddle is still able to find work? Jesus.

    2. It’s many hours now since WikiLeaks released the emails and not a single news site has reported on it yet, including here.

      #DNCleaks was trending on Twitter, then suddenly disappeared. People are turning on Clinton, the DNC, the MSM, and Twitter. It’s awesome to watch.

  41. ISIS reportedly praised the attack through a newsletter

    Those are some fast ponies they have!

  42. Several people were killed in a shooting at a McDonald’s in Munich, Germany. The attackers are still at large.

    The authorities have not yet confirmed if the perpetrator looked like a bespectacled Michael Douglass.

    Some progressives aren’t happy about Hillary Clinton’s likely VP pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.

    Wow, these guys do regard their principles.

    DNC delegates who support Bernie Sanders are adopting a “wait and see” attitude regarding the upcoming convention.

    “We also want to vote with out conscience, like Ted Cruz said!”

    Jon Stewart let loose on Donald Trump in an interview with Stephen Colbert.

    “Get off my lawn!”

    Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein “truly afraid” about about American politics for the first time in his life.

    And that’s saying much, because Klein is the courageous sort and …. What are you guys laughing at?

  43. and for the record, these links suck
    ENB was caught asleep at the wheel and she turned it around…Rico here…I can’t even

    1. These are actually better than I usually expect from Rico on a Friday. Many of the sentences are in excess of six words.

    2. Robby stopped caring a long time ago. He’s just waiting for that offer from the Daily Beast to come in.

      1. I figured he was waiting for Salon to call him back…… I kid, he’s notthat bad, openly anyways.

        1. Daily Beast seems to be where Reason writers go after graduation. It’s literally the only reason I know the Daily Beast exists.

  44. Also, anyone heard from Derpatologist?

    Hell, or any of the others who used to hang out…like ARTPoG and HERCULE

    1. Derp is still around, just posts later.

      1. Heathens, philistines, and communists post later. I never touch the stuff.

      1. God I miss him…I was his 2012 presidential campaign manager.

  45. I take credit for the attack. It was all my fault. Sorry. 🙁


      1. Trumpkin-in-denial

  46. Donald Trump has left Ezra Klein “truly afraid” about about American politics for the first time in his life.

    Something about “the lamentations of the womynz” comes to mind…

  47. I like Tim Kaine. I think he’s anti war. If so that’s good enough for me.

    1. Still voting Johnson/Weld of course. Right now I’m taking a ‘wait and see’ approach. Jumping to conclusions wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.

  48. A bill speedily passing through the California legislature threatening to curtail religious freedom at faith-based colleges and universities is beginning to garner opposition on multiple fronts.

    “Several Hispanic advocacy groups released a joint letter on Tuesday denouncing SB 1146, which would open the door to legal action against religious colleges and universities that adhere to traditional teachings on sexuality and marriage….

    “Under the legislation, religious universities that receive state student financial aid, such as in the form of Cal or Pell Grants, would be prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender identity, gender expression or sexuality in admissions, housing and hiring.

    “The legislation makes clear that religious universities would not be in violation of the law for providing housing accommodations for married couples, so long as “‘married’ includes both married opposite-sex and same-sex couples.”

    “Separate bathrooms or housing for male and female students would also be allowed, as long as “students are afforded housing or restroom accommodations consistent with their gender identity.””

    1. “religious universities that receive state student financial aid”

      Why is this a thing??

      1. Because the feds nationalized student loans, so if you want to borrow money to go to college you have to do it through the government.

        1. How could anyone have possibly foreseen such negative consequences?

  49. Some progressives aren’t happy about Hillary Clinton’s likely VP pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.

    I guess America is ready for the first woman president, just not the first all-female ticket.

  50. Derp? Derpy derp derp?

  51. So we visited the Texas state capitol today, and it got me thinking: what is the appropriate architectural style for a libertarian** government building. I’m thinking that you don’t want it to be too grand and stately, as that hides the inherently coercive nature of government, but you still want people to respect the role that government has in protecting basic rights.

    In other news: Jesus Christ is it hot in Texas. Why would anyone build a state here?

    ** Anarchists need not answer

    1. “appropriate architectural style for a libertarian** government building.”

      Like it comes straight out of Mordor. Black exterior, spikes everywhere. Make the government look as obviously evil as possible. As a reminder.

      1. God, that would only make it hotter.

        1. Er, not sexually

          1. Let’s not be hasty…

            1. Well, I’ll try anything once.

    2. Why would anyone build a state here?


      (shoots revolver in the air, whoops)

      also = Blood Meridian

    3. A food truck type mobile office.

    4. Go full on Field of Mars a la Republic Rome and only permit temporary structures.

    5. The Citadel from Half-Life 2. Make it a monstrosity right off the bat and scare the hell out of people.

      1. In all seriousness, I feel pretty strongly that governments should not occupy sky scrapers.

    6. I don’t know about the outside but the inside should have urinals and toilets everywhere to convey the proper prospective of what goes on in there.

    7. ATCO trailers, in an endless row…

    8. Same fucking weather in NYC today. I’m not stepping outside until Monday.

  52. what is the appropriate architectural style for a libertarian** government building. I’m thinking that you don’t want it to be too grand and stately, as that hides the inherently coercive nature of government, but you still want people to respect the role that government has in protecting basic rights.

    Make it look like an outhouse. You kinda gotta have one, but it don’t need to be flashy.

  53. Well, I’m off for a week vacation. Driving my girlfriend to her new job in upstate new york, then visiting my family in vermont. The drives going to kill me, but last time I did it in 2 days. 20 hours straight, slept 5, then the final 9 hours. I did that trip solo, maybe I can get this down to a straight shot.

    1. Drives like that make me miss amphetamines. Caffeine just isn’t the same, le sigh.

    2. Good luck! My advice though: drop her at the greyhound station.

      1. I doubt they’d like to move people.

      2. I don’t think he hates his girlfriend.

    3. From… where?

      I used to regularly drive ~14-17hrs straight back in college; but more than that can be rough. The ‘starting in dark, ending in dark’ had a draining effect.

      1. Front range colorado. I drove my parents a car they didn’t want to ship. I’m cheaper, or they love me.
        I drove though Ohio, to the border at hour 20. Couldn’t go any further. I left at 5am.
        It’s about 30 hours total. I like the 15 hour day, that’s very doable.

        1. interesting.

          I’ve never done a big-shot cross-country drive. I’ve driven from VA beach to the top of Maine before, and from NYC to the top of Ontario/Hudson Bay, but never all that far East-West.

          I imagine some parts are worse than others. I always enjoyed the long stretches if there were nice vistas to look at, rolling hills, mountains in the distance, etc.

          I cant stand the new jersey turnpike.

        2. My favorite drive of all time was a last minute decision to bail out of Mardi Gras late on a Sunday night. I decided to try and make 8AM class on Monday in Nashville.

          in theory it should have been no problem. but then it started to rain super hard the way it rains in Louisiana.

          And i had no wipers. And I hadn’t slept in 3 days. It was sort of like a horror movie.

          1. That does sound like the intro to a horror film.
            It’s not too bad, but there’s not much to look at. You leave the Rockies, and then it’s just flat. All the way to new York. I think it’s Kansas, but there’s one state where it’s nothing but billboards about abortion and cowboy boots. There’s corn.

            When we moved out here, my pickup didn’t have any ac, and I felt like I was going to die there.

            1. Sounds like Nebraska – if you’re going to NY, you’re likely to take 76 up to 80 in NE.

              1. I think you are correct.

            2. The billboards in Missouri are all about strip clubs and adult shops.

        3. I drove from Long Beach to VT. Can’t remember the total time, but for the last leg, I night drove from Colorado Springs to Xenia Ohio (short sleep), then straight through to Hartford. In my ’68 Mustang.

          Have a good trip.

  54. NYT says = 9 dead

    “At this point, we believe there are three perpetrators, there are conflicting reports, but there are as many as three perpetrators on the run,” said Marcus da Gloria Martins, a spokesman for the Munich police. He said the suspects were armed with “long guns.”

    But a short while later, Peter Altmaier, the chief of staff for Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that security officials had specific information about only one individual, who was believed to be still at large. “We are certain about one person,” Mr. Altmaier said, adding that there was no information regarding the motive of the attack.

    Police officers from Munich and from elsewhere in Bavaria flooded the city. An elite counterterrorism unit of the federal police has also been deployed to Munich, officials said.
    Latest Updates

    The police issued an appeal to the public not to share images or photographs of the attack, of the victims, or of police operations, warning, “Don’t help the perpetrators!”

    I think its interesting that the police demand an intelligence blackout, and then discover that they have zero good intelligence.

    I again observe that it seems like police have not really gotten any playbook together on “how to deal with active shooters”; its like they reinvent the wheel every time.

  55. it seems like police have not really gotten any playbook together on “how to deal with active shooters”; its like they reinvent the wheel every time.

    In my experience, more often than not “ready for anything” means “completely unprepared”.

  56. Germans can be pretty ballsy

    Shooter: “…and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you”
    Balcony Man: “a gun! fuck off! your head should be cut off/open you asshole”
    Shooter and Balcony man shouting at each other
    Balcony Man apparently to people filming: “He’s got a gun here the guy has one”
    Unseen voice: “Shit/Fucking Turks!”
    Balcony Man: “Shit/Fucking Kanacken” (derogatory term for people of Middle Eastern descent)
    Balcony man to someone else : “EY! HE’S GOT A GUN! He has loaded his gun! Get the cops here! He’s walking around here the wanker!”
    Shooter: “I am German.”
    Balcony Man: “You’re a wanker is what you are”

    1. excellent.

      i think what actually occurs in real-world “crisis” moments can be really enlightening. I’ve only seen a few, but what’s notable is that people don’t all “panic” or even react in the same way or at the same speed.

      Some people immediately freak out and and start acting completely irrationally. Some people maintain a degree of obliviousness, and then lumber away in quiet confusion. Others aren’t actually all that upset at all, and try and figure out what’s going on. Others get angry at everyone else around them for being so retarded.

      What generally occurs is something like the above, where the relatively non-panicking people try and communicate with the panickers, and you get some very funny exchanges. great movie-dialogue “sides”, really.

    2. Alright, this feeds into something I suspected earlier, but didn’t want to say. I wonder if this guy’s entire problem is that he considers himself German but everyone else considers him middle eastern. A.K.A. nobody is right.

      1. Half (?) the terrorists in Paris were born in France.

        The killer in Nice was born in France, correct?

        Omar Mateen was born in Long Island, NY

        Why do we keep acting like birthplace/nationality is some disqualifier for being a muslim-terrorist?

        1. I thought the Paris guys were mostly Belgian. I think the Nice guy was Tunisian. Monday’s train attacker was an actual refugee (I think), but your point stands. IIRC, 2nd generation of immigrants have more trouble with assimilation than first, more regression to crime, welfare, etc.

          1. I thought the Paris guys were mostly Belgian.

            yeah, something like that. But still, native-born.

          2. I think Europe the 2nd gen has that problem but not so much in America.

          3. 2nd generation of immigrants have more trouble with assimilation

            If that’s true, it must be a pretty new trend. Which makes me think it has less to do with immigration and more to do with the times we live in.

            That raises the interesting question — how would millennials react if there were significant numbers of violent ideologies reaching out to more than just Muslims?

        2. “Why do we keep acting like birthplace/nationality is some disqualifier for being a muslim-terrorist?”

          Because the people obsessed with this want to use as a weapon against freedom of movement.

        3. It’s not. As has been pointed out several times on this site, immigrant’s children are generally the ones doing the attacks. What I’m talking about is his insistence that he is German. That sounds like a big personal motivation that is separate from ISIS motivations.

          1. Yeah that’s really interesting. The guy talking to him is a hero for letting us gain insight into the attacker’s motivation.

            I am extremely relieved that 3 gunman didn’t kill more people than they did.

        4. Why do we keep acting like birthplace/nationality is some disqualifier for being a muslim-terrorist?

          Because then what would left is just religion and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

    3. Also =

      fuck anyone who says concealed carry wouldn’t make a difference.

      1. It would absolutely have made a difference here… look at this opportunity to take the guy down here.

    4. Too bad Balconey Man wasn’t armed. Two to the chest and one to the head and this whole thing would be over. But if all you’ve got is words, I suppose Balconey Man is the best you can do.

  57. Oh, yeah- and this-

    Jon Stewart let loose on Donald Trump in an interview with Stephen Colbert.

    That’s nice.

    Get back to me when he does it live and uncut with Trump right there in front of him, instead of having his writers spend a week thinking up “That’s what I woulda told him!” zingers.

  58. -Jon Stewart let loose on Donald Trump in an interview with Stephen Colbert.-

    Hmmm, it would ALMOST make a Trump victory worth it just to see Stewart get THAT upset again. On the other hand, he would probably come out of retirement to yell at the general public for another 4 years. Choices, choices………

    1. Keep him in retirement; keep Trump in Trump Tower.

  59. Not sure if anyone has posted it, but here’s a pretty good take on Peter Thiel.

    Peter Thiel and the GOP

    1. Wasn’t PayPal at the forefront if the “fake culture war” in canceling an expansion in NC following the bathroom bill?

      1. He sold his share in PayPal over a decade ago.

        1. But he holds it dear in his heart.

        2. Great, now who am I supposed to harangue?

  60. Still no mention of the fact that Trump got restoration of Glass-Steagal into the GOP platform?

    1. I know him as “Thormund – He who will freak Brienne like she deserves”

  61. A day in the life

    Since I’m the highest ranking member in my class, I’m the class leader, which means I have to send a daily attendance report. Here’s what happened today.

    Me: Good morning sir. All present and time.

    Him: Thanks

    Me, later: My bad. I meant “on time”. Me fails English today.

    Him: You disappoint me. I thought you saying something profound and philosophical that was beyond my paltry understanding.

    Me: Sorry. I’m about as deep as a sheet of paper.

    1. Sir in the first exchange but all pals in the next one, so I’m going with the second as the Not.

      1. I’m pretty sure he’s a civilian. Either way, they tend not to be very upright about customs and courtesies here.

        I forgot to salute a warrant officer a while back. He was unfazed. My brother is a warrant officer and he said they tend not to care much about such things.

        I saluted a chief by mistake the other day. I saw junk on the collar and a name threaded in gold so I figured officer.

        Made the same mistake with an Air Force guy who was in a flightsuit. Usually only officers wear those.

        Seems kind of silly to wear a flightsuit unless you’ll be flying. It’s sort of like the Marines manning a desk who wear their boots with a dog tag threaded through the laces. Ah, okay Rambo. You be you.

        1. Other services aren’t so bad. It’s those Commonwealth rank badges that did me in. Diamonds and crowns, and a crown with stripes. On unfamiliar color uniforms and in unfamiliar locations.

          I have high hopes for you Derpy that you’ll do as well with your military courtesies, marksmanship, and fieldcraft as you do with linguistics. Don’t get sloppy because you’re on vacationat DLI.

          1. Did pretty well on the landnav course at basic. We found 3 out of the 4 points and the only reason we turned back is because it was a competition and we were told we would get no points if we came back late. I blame myself since I had the compass and led the way.

            As for marksmanship, it took me 5 tries to qualify because my rifle, which I named Shooty-shooty bang-bang, jammed every 5 rounds or so. I had to lube the bolt like a porn star’s asshole to get it to cycle correctly. I’ve shot other guns a lot more that jammed way less. It was also a lot harder to shoot in armor and a helmet than I expected. No one in our 200-person training class got expert.

            The Army SPORTS thing (slap, pull, observe, release, tap, squeeze) is a bit confusing. The USMC motto of “tap, rack, bang” makes more sense. Stating explicitly would be even better: if it jams with the bolt closed, pull the charging handle and tap the forward assist. If it jams with the bolt open, slap up on the mag. If that doesn’t work, lock the bolt to the rear, drop the mag, clear, and reload.

            I heard a story from another soldier who graduated a few weeks before me. He said in his platoon they made a big deal out of naming their weapons.

            Private 1: I named my weapon Oprah, because she’s black and powerful.

            Private 2: I named my weapon Bill Cosby because…

            Drill Sgt: Private, you will give your weapon a different name.

    2. Next time you report in, say, =

      “Good morning sir. Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance. One person is sick.”

      1. $10 (Canadian) to a charity of your choice if you do this!

      2. [thunderous applause]

        Good morning sir. It’s a godless universe full of pain and we are helplessly plummeting into an abyss of endless sorrow. Private What’s-his-face is at a dental appt.

        1. $20! Who’s with me?

          1. Video, or it didn’t happen. Then I’d kick in $20.00. (U.S., eben.)

            1. If we can’t trust the word of an H&R commenter, we may as well shut the whole site down!

  62. Those politico commenters really show their ignorance in regards to history. People are still touting the benefits of socialism, while it’s caused disaster time and time again. RoADZ!!! Cops!!!! Firefighters!!!!! They couldn’t fathom these things being handled by individuals in a free market. Things too complicated for them are way out of their comfort zone.

    Meanwhile, markets have shown themselves to be far more effective and efficient at providing goods and services. Whether complex, or simple, the power of free individuals in the market, free from force, theft and coercion, perform better than services forced upon individuals through the state.

    Someone mentioned controlling prices. In WW2 goods had “price controls”. After the war, meat was the last item that had price controls, and it remained in shortage until……the price control was lifted. Then somehow, the shortages were no more. This isn’t magic, nor should it be hard to grasp as there are so many other examples throughout history.

    Ignore the failures, and even the violence required with socialism. The right slavers will come along and fix it!

    1. If I had the money, I’d broadcast this on prime time a few times a year:

  63. So, DNC staff wonder about a “Fuck You” emoji.

    Not sure if it exists, but I did find one for the DNC.

    1. Says something about the culture, but then again they literally are a political organization. Playing politics is what they do.

    2. I was expecting a hammer and sickler, but maybe with a rainbow to make it gay friendly.

      Anywho, here are 2 theme songs the DNC could use:

      1. Perfect. If the DNC don’t adopt that as their theme song, they’re really missing a golden opportunity.

      2. I *hate* that Russia has the most stirring goddamn anthem in the world.

  64. This is quite interesting if true.

    CNN post Trump speech poll

    Disclaimer: I don’t know the linked site and in no way claiming saying it’s factual.

    1. “Together, we will lead our party back to the White House, and we will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace. We will be a country of generosity and warmth. But we will also be a country of law and order.”

      Doesn’t that just make you want to throw up? What a fascist!

      1. In which derpetologist studies himself.

        1. Yes, and if Trump says 2 + 2 = 4, well that means it *must* be something else.

      2. The law and order part actually does creep me out, considering how badly that term has been used to destroy the constitution and civil rights. If not for that, Trump’s speech would have been overall very good in my opinion. And the wall shit, that’s some pure derp.

        There’s no way in hell Hillary can match that. He talked for more than an hour and exhibited a lot of energy. If Hillary talks for more than 10 minutes without screeching, getting a hairball, and a subsequent coughing spell, I’ll be surprised. Or if most people haven’t fallen asleep by then.

    2. LOL Trump’s convention had the lowest ratings in 12 years.

      1. So even fewer people will have seen whatever speeches and platform planks the media has been hyperventilating about for the last week? Sounds like it will help Trump in November.

    3. “I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens. When innocent people suffer, because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws ? or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash ? I am not able to look the other way.”

      I can’t imagine why this man is so popular.

      1. He’s at least interesting and has some energy and charisma. Hillary could bore mold to death.

    4. I presume the polling they did was one of those “dial this number” or “Tweet this address” if you feel X vs Y… conducted in the middle of a broadcast –

      and by the very nature of a broadcast, if you’re conducting this poll immediately after trump’s speech, the most likely people to respond are those who actually watched it, and were enthused.

      IOW – its a heavily-pre-biased sample. That doesn’t mean its bad or good, necessarily; its just that you should expect that people who are already Pro-Trump will probably be more likely to watch than, say, you or I.

      I sure as hell didn’t watch a split second of the RNC, though i was almost interested enough to watch Thiel’s speech. nope.

      1. Thiel was very good.

    5. “We must abandon the failed policy of nation building and regime change that Hillary Clinton pushed in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Instead, we must work with all of our allies who share our goal of destroying ISIS and stamping out Islamic terror.”

      That’s *crazy* talk!

    6. “America is one of the highest-taxed nations in the world. Reducing taxes will cause new companies and new jobs to come roaring back into our country. Then we are going to deal with the issue of regulation, one of the greatest job-killers of them all. Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as $2 trillion a year, and we will end it. We are going to lift the restrictions on the production of American energy. This will produce more than $20 trillion in job creating economic activity over the next four decades.”

      This man has *nothing* to offer libertarians!

    7. “The replacement for Justice Scalia will be a person of similar views and principles. This will be one of the most important issues decided by this election. My opponent wants to essentially abolish the 2nd amendment. I, on the other hand, received the early and strong endorsement of the National Rifle Association and will protect the right of all Americans to keep their families safe.”

      1. This is the NOT, I believe it’s from Mein Kampf.

  65. Clown Stewart is the official court jester for King Obama, Lord of the Drones, and defender of His racist war on drugs!

  66. Great article by Ezra Klein. Nails it.

    1. You have to try harder than that, little fella.

      1. Nah. Don’t. Succinct enough? Enjoy your weekend!

      2. Punching down!

        1. Yeah, hopefully that’s not his punch. He’ll need to hit the bag then.

          1. You leave Winston’s mom out of this.

            1. Who’s Winston? And who is his mom?

  67. Ezra Klein and Jon Favreau.

    Dumb and Dumber. Although I can’t really tell which is which.

    1. Both.

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