Hillary Clinton Selects Tim Kaine as Veep Running Mate

As expected, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton selected the Virginia senator as her running mate.


|Tim Kaine

As the online money expected, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton selected Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate, seeking to secure an advantage in a key battleground state. Clinton made the announcement on Twitter, which Bill O'Reilly pointed to as an example of America's decline. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who was also on the short-list, also broke the news on Twitter.

Kaine has been a senator since 2013, governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2012, and lieutenant governor from 2002 to 2006. He served as mayor of Richmond from 1998 to 2001. He was previously considered for the vice presidential nomination by Barack Obama when he was first running for president 2008, and was eventually President Obama's choice to lead the Democratic National Committee.

Democrats will try to paint Kaine as a centrist—he is described as pro-trade, says he is "pro-choice" while personally opposing abortion, and progressives are upset that he signed a letter urging regulators to reconsider the rules for regional banks. In 2014, Kaine tried to get a vote on an authorization for the use of military force against ISIS. Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist A. Barton Hinkle recently called him the "affable ideologue" and the 2012 race Kaine participated in as "the most interesting race being ignored" tht year. Kaine is also a proponent of the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank.

Read more about Kaine at the links above and below:

Kaine is against Citizen's United, but uses Super PACs, natch: Is Tim Kaine Now a Danger to Democracy? A. Barton Hinkle

DNC Chair Tim Kaine Congratulates Me For Helping Pass Health Care Reform Ron Bailey

Kaine Delivered the Response to the State of the Union in 2006: Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kaine Nick Gillespie

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  2. Clinton made the announcement on Twitter, which Bill O’Reilly pointed to as an example of America’s decline.

    Twitter as a whole, or Twitter used for major announcements?

    1. I don’t know… but I wonder if she was donated to for selecting the medium.

    2. Bill O’Reilly, Clinton, and Twitter-the “example of America’s decline” trifecta.

    3. Hillary Clinton making an announcement is an example of America’s decline.

      1. Hillary Clinton not already executed for treason is an example of America’s decline.

    4. One cunt posting her running mate of a cunt and another cunt comments about it using a private cunt company.

      That’s the way I see it.

      1. You trying to give Ken an aneurysm?!

    1. Apparently wiki leaks is starting to get painted as a white privilege, semi Koch Bros org by HRC fans on twitter. Backing milo didn’t help.

      1. But the DNC staffer who was figuring out ways to attack Bernie Sanders for being Jewish is just being persecuted by the evil Koch machine.

        1. Yep. It’s that insane

          1. Hillary could murder children and put the video of her doing it on Youtube and those people would complain about how unfair the Republicans were being for making an issue of it.

            1. Post-birth abortions are a woman’s right! To deny that is to jihad against women!

              1. Don’t let my mom find out!

            2. I have had this argument with leftists. They admit Hillary is bad, but argue the hypothetical of what Trump might do as a rationalization.

              1. FWIW, you can have that same argument right and many have. Trump and hurt feelz far far worse in many minds than things Herself has actually done. And the sentiment often gets raised by people who would never vote for Trump.

              2. I have had this argument with leftists. They admit Hillary is bad, but argue the hypothetical of what Trump might do as a rationalization.

                By “Leftists”, you mean…. well, everyone?

                1. Karl Rove approves!

            3. Bill did starve 500,000 Iraqi children to death and we never heard a negative word about that from his wife.

              1. ^ This.

        2. Those Koch machines are evil! I just saw one that wanted $1.50 for one lousy bottle of Kocha Khola! Evil bastards!

          1. I bet that is awesome.

      2. Gawker comments have rationalized it as Sanders hasn’t been a Democrat long enough and he has attacked the leaders of the DNC,so of course it is all cool.

        1. I think it is fair (or expected, at least) for the DNC to fight against an independent suddenly coming forward and angling for their party’s top nomination. What do you expect them to do?

          And he’s a Jew? C’mon!


    1. I laughed, with vigor

  4. #DemoCrackers

    1. Saltine, Ritz, or Club?

      1. As long as it’s bleached flour.

      2. As long as it’s bleached flour.

        1. Fucking shit squirrels.

          1. *loads Ithaca 37 with birdshot*

            I hear ya, brother. I hear ya.

  5. Clinton made the announcement on Twitter, which Bill O’Reilly pointed to as an example of America’s decline.

    I’m not a fan of Twitter but what? Was America demonstrably better when campaigns faxed press releases to AP and Reuters?

    1. Well, O’Reilly was a gatekeeper then.

      1. Pretty much. O’Reilly remembers the days when he and others like him were the only source of news. If he or some other fellow from a “respectable” source didn’t talk about it, it wasn’t worth talking about. Now with the rise of social media, we uneducated peons can actually see everything and decide for ourselves what is actually news and what’s unimportant BS to be ignored. An unacceptable change to an old fool like him.

    2. O’Reilly is a dinosaur. I think the species is Neoconosaurus. Plant eater with small brain.

      1. Nah…plant eaters are usually envirotardisaurs. Neoconosaurus are usually omnivores.

  6. Crooked Kaine. Is living in the shadow of not-quite-prosecutable corruption scandals a prereq for being on the Democrat side of a ballot this year?

    In my state (PA), they’re Senate nominee earned the disturbing distinction of having a state ethics rule named after her.

    1. What? Another manufactured scandal?!

      1. Are you talking about that vast right wing conspiracy?

  7. So while “Jon Stewart pulverizing Trump” was important enough for Soave to put in the PM links, these two tidbits were not.

    Leaked emails reveal Politico reporter made ‘agreement’ to send advanced Clinton story to DNC


    New Leak: Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’s Religious Beliefs Against Him

    Reason usually is right on top of the Wikileaks stuff. They seem to have no interest in these stories. Funny that.

    And of course the sever won’t take the links.

  8. Let’s take the low road and make fun of his daughter.

    The song notwithstanding, how many emails shuffled between the Clinton gang regarding this girl belonging to the Facebook group?

    1. I can’t speak ill of a Tischy, but that girl sucks.

    2. Facebook; a sign of America’s decline. (how many characters do I have left?)

  9. Has the libertarian case for Tim Kaine been made yet?

    1. He DID cut a bunch of spending….after he wasn’t able to get tax raises to pay for all that stuff.

  10. Huzzah!

  11. He’s boring but I can live with that. Two cheers for boring politicians!

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, this IS the libertarian moment. Let’s all go to the hill and wait for the spaceship to arrive. Here, drink this.

    1. What flavor? Grape?

      1. Hobo piss flavor. Tastes kind of like malt liquor.

        1. As long as I can get a buzz of of it, there’s room for improvement…or else I’ll just drink more and it’ll be okay.

          1. Yeah, I’ve spent years training my liver. I could drink Stricnine and gasoline and not even have a hangover!

      2. Applewhite koolaid?

      3. Blue.

  13. So boring, he dyes Easter eggs white.

    1. While his running mate makes watching paint dry, interesting once again.

  14. Clintonkaine, ask your doctor about it today!

  15. Clintonkaine, ask your doctor about it today!

    1. Is #NeverClintonKaine right for you?

      1. Side effects may include an inflamed Johnson.

        1. You’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use that one, haven’t you.

          1. Not really.

    2. Clinkaine? Wasn’t that the clan that the Highlander was born into?


        Yeah, sorry, I really liked Highlander.

    3. Clintonkaine is Schedule II. You’re gonna have to beg.

  16. Yay another old white dude!

    1. Democrats, the party of old white people! Be excited, people of color! Be excited, be be exicted, be excited…

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    1. $68 hourly

      Shutup, you fucking peasant.

      1. And miss the chance to actually Make money? HAH

      2. If she makes $68 an hour and made $16,869 in a month, that means she worked 250 hours in that month.

        1. Thank you, Captain Math!

          Please, do another one!

          1. If Hillary Clinton visits a coal mining operation with 107 employees, how many employees are left alive?

        2. Well, if you work real hard, like the meth whore I saw yesterday in the parking lot of my nephew’s hydroponics store, being pimped out by her boyfriend to three guys simultaneously in a Mazda, you can make all kinds of meth money. It must have gotten freaky too. The one dude was really scrubbing the back seat pretty hard after she left. Must have been a lot of stank left.

          1. Her number, did you get it ?

  18. Is it just me, or does the news seem kind of depressing?

    1. What, you don’t like a good puppycide to enliven the mood? It goes good with a nice chardonnay, don’t you think?

  19. Inspiring!

    Also, this is White Privilege. Or whatever. I had too much wine.

    1. I can’t figure out why anyone likes Wine. My wife likes it. I never have. I can drink an entire bottle and not feel the nice effect I do from one beer. Gives me a headache though.

      1. Different folks for different strokes.

        Like stroking a cock, baby!

        1. These masturbation euphemisms are getting awfully transparent.

          1. It’s a euphemism?!?

        2. I know. I keep trying to like the stuff, but after 30 years, it’s still not working.

          1. Yeah, same here. It’s OK, but there’s plenty else I like more.

      2. I used to poo poo wine but I find I can often drink way more wine than beer before feeling full.

        1. That, and the after-effects of white wine are miniscule compared to beer. Which is unfortunate because beer is so delicious.

      3. I can drink an entire bottle and not feel the nice effect I do from one beer. Gives me a headache though.

        My guess is you’re drinking red, because the tannins are said to be the major culprit behind wine headaches and red has much more of them than white.

      4. I can’t figure out why anyone likes Wine.

        The taste, especially with the right food pairings. Also, the pomposity can’t be denied.

        “Victoria and I used to like this view….. Once we had a picnic here and drank a ’95 Opus One. With smoked salmon
        and artichokes, but we didn’t care.”

        1. A dry red tastes damn good, and I can drink more of it in a sitting than whiskey. Win-win.

        2. Wine pomposity makes me think of John Kerry, the ultimate pompous empty suit. Especially John Kerry bringing James Taylor to France.

        3. Steak and cabernet sauvignon go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

          Or pot and ass sex.

      5. “Why do women always leave me for total smegheads? Why do they dump me for men who wear turtle neck sweaters and smoke a pipe? I mean natural yoghurt eaters. “Reliable”, “sensible”, “dependable”, and lots of others words that end in “-ible”. They’re obsessed with house prices and spends half his life at antique fairs looking for bargains and drinking wine. It’s never beer is it, it’s always wine. ‘What do you want on your cornflakes darling’, ‘oh I’ll ‘ave some wine please’.”

  20. How does picking this guy give her an advantage other than executive experience? Boring, white, not appealing to Sanders supporters, and too old to carry the torch further in eight years if she wins.

    1. She just was looking to match Trump’s pick. Boring.

      1. Trump needed boring (read stable) as a counterbalance. He doesn’t outshine her, I’ll give him that.

        1. He better not get between her and a camera.

      1. That was McAullife, right? Not Kaine.

        1. Ha! Okay, in my defense, my search string was “reason.com kaine felon vote” and that was the second return.

          This is what I get for trusting my memory and Google.

    2. The Grinch|7.22.16 @ 9:15PM|#
      “How does picking this guy give her an advantage other than executive experience?”

      He’s from a swing state; she hopes people there vote for him ’cause they pay the same state taxes. It’s all very logical.

  21. The privileged white male is chosen by Clinton

  22. Klinton Kaine Kamp… I’ll just let that marinate.

    1. Maybe that just has the sort of gulag like appeal that progressives love?

    2. KK….

  23. If someone can prove to a jury that Kaine fully understands that the chances of Hillary committing a felony in the White House are almost 100%, then maybe he’s indictable as an accessory before the fact.

    He may not know which law she’s going to break, but he’s gotta know that she’s gonna break some law to make some cold hard cash.

    1. Almost 100%? WTF? You can’t be serious.

    2. Accessory before the fact? Hmm… there should be a word for this.

      1. That’s accomplicated proposition.

      2. I believe the word you are looking for is “scapegoat”

  24. First trailer for American Gods.

    No relation. And yes, it’s a fucking Twitter video.

    1. Oh yes. This looks like it should. Excellent.

      1. I thought Ian McShane was the big draw, until I saw Peter Stormare swinging a hammer at a cow’s head.

        1. It’s cast exceptionally well, and I would argue that beside the fact that a midget is not portraying Shadow and Ian McShane’s existence, the highlight of the trailer is Crispin Glover.

          1. I don’t think I had heard that Stormare and Glover were cast in the show, so those two were definitely the big surprise for me. No sign yet of Gillian Anderson.

            1. It has a lot of potential.

              1. Dane Cook is in it though. he has destroyed many promising things with his meager little sack of talent.

    2. I thought the book was just OK. Plot was too transparent.

      1. Cool concept, just not really brought to its full potential

    3. What the hell is this and why do I want to watch it?

  25. I just have to say that the Democrats are quickly blowing any advantage they had in 2008. And what, if any appeal could they have for libertarians? Seriously. The GOP at least has Paul, Massie, and Amash. Name one Democrat that’s even remotely as libertarian as those 3? And now the GOP has Peter Thiel. Where is there any, even the least minute appeal for libertarians in the Democratic party? So no matter how much I hate the GOP in general, they at least have some hope, the Democrats have none.

    1. Gillespie seems pretty libertarian for a Dem. Can’t think of any politicians though.

    2. I know everyone probably haaaaaated Ivanka Trump’s speech, but I gotta tell you, that was smart marketing. Millennial Democrats swung for Bernie, they got handed Hillary by the older crowd. And there’s Ivanka Trump. She’s hot, she’s rich, she’s saying what they want to hear.

      And then they look at Hillary.

      And then they look at Ivanka. Saying what they want to hear.

      Strategically, I like it. Why should a candidate only make empty campaign promises to one side, eh?

      1. “And then they look at Hillary.
        And then they look at Ivanka”


        1. Lemme add: I’ll bet there’s one there whom crusty wouldn’t.

      2. And then they look at Hillary.

        Having seizures, no less.

        1. That’s just the Hillarybot running the “Act goofy to better imitate a human” program.

        2. Look at Hillary on TV for the next four years, or Ivanka………….

        3. Wtf was that?

    3. no matter how much I hate the GOP in general, they at least have some hope, the Democrats have none

      Hey, I wonder what Jesse Jackson has been up to lately.

  26. The stars were right.
    Kaine had been chosen.
    Kaine has been chosen.
    Kaine will always be chosen.
    The stars were right.

    1. No, NO! *Seven* syllables!

  27. He has no neck, meaning he cannot break it.

    It also means he can’t check his blindspot.

    1. I wonder how the egg sacs running down his torso help.

    2. So it’ll keep humans from dying in car crashes because no one will ever leave their homes out of embarrassment at their hideousness?

    3. For fuck’s sake. It looks like a dude wearing a fleshy motorcycle helmet. What’s the lesson here?


  28. I bring you horror such as you have never witnessed.

    Read on IF YOU DARE.

    So while Trump appeared flawless on the Cleveland stage Monday night, whether she intended it or not, her all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness that is accepted by her husband’s political party. To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the G.O.P. white is always right.

    Melania Trump’s latest sin was wearing white, which symbolizes white supremacy.

    Thank goodness it wasn’t red.

    1. her all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness

      Foreignness? What kind of foreignness? European foreignness? You mean like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway? The countries that Democrats will not let us forget are the utopias of progressive greatness, and just all happen to be more than 90% white.

      1. just all happen to be more than 90% white.

        They’re working on it.

        1. Did you see how quickly the left shut up bragging about Venezuela? Just sayin.

    2. I’m a proud member of the GQ Klux Klan!

    3. Thank goodness it’s before Labor Day!

  29. I Google Image searched for Tim Kaine. Why does he always have a weird expression on his face? His expressions remind me of George W. Bush.

    1. Scotch-Irish and Catholic so, drunk?

      1. An Irishman is never truly drunk so long as he can hold onto a single blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.

        1. Good saying-I admire the Irish and I’m working on that right now. Surprised I can still type.

    2. You mean the shit weasel politician look? Required to enter DNC.

      1. They also lose their souls. You see, when becomes a DNC member, the demon gets your body, but your soul escapes into the ether. Sp what’s left behind isn;t really a person, but a dark soulless thing that is really just an abominable caricature of a person.

  30. “the most interesting race being ignored”

    I want to be in that race.

  31. What is the over/under on Kaine’s 2A support? I hope it sucks because that’ll boat anchor the Clinton cunt that much more.

    1. “Kaine is a gun owner.[146] He has supported expanded background checks for weapons purchases as well as “restrictions on the sale of combat-style weapons and high-capacity magazine.”[146][153] As governor, Kaine oversaw the closing of loopholes in Virginia law that allowed some who had failed background checks to purchase guns.[146] In the Senate, Kaine has supported the Manchin-Toomey legislation, which would require background checks to be performed for weapons sold at gun shows and via the internet.[146] He also supports legislation to bar weapons sales to suspected terrorists on the No-fly List.[146]”

      So he’s pretty much on the pro-gun control side of everything that’s actively being debated currently, but presumably not in favor of total confiscation. It’s doubtful he will help her with gun owners, but I don’t think he hurts her any more than she already hurts herself on the issue.

      1. Oh, fuck that! That is not fucking pro-gun! Restriction of “combat-style”…yeah, fucking blow me. What the fuck does that really mean?

        And what the goddamn hell is a “high-capacity” magazine? IMHO, 100 rounds is a good start, not high capacity.

        Background checks on weapons sold via the internet? Apparently the fucking moron has no idea what an FFL is or why I have to pay one $65 every time I buy a gun from gunbroker.com. Total fucking bullshit.

        He’s a fucking gun commie and a piece of shit cunt too. Zero understanding of what current gun laws are or how they actually apply to regular people.

        Fuck him and his gun-restriction regime. He’s anti-2A based on your post, and he needs to burn in hell for it.

        Fucking cunt.

        1. Yeah’s, he’s definitely not pro-gun by any means. But he’s not any worse than Clinton is, so I don’t see it costing her any votes.

          1. This. Do gun issues really matter that much in general elections? Pretty sure the economy is a lot more important.

            1. Yes they do. Look at the Bill Clinton economy as artificially inflated as it was. Gore should have cruised to a win. Guns cost the Dems that election.

              1. Hmmmmm…..really? It’s typically pretty tough to win after two terms of the same party. Gore was also a stolid candidate, and the vote was really close. Guns may have contributed there, but I have a hard time seeing as to how it cost them that election.

            2. Look at gun sales after every stupid media event. Look at the reaction in Congress from anti-2A liberal scums. Yes, the behaviors are grossly apparent and they reflect the sentiment of regular Americans versus the disconnect the liberal shitbags in Congress.

              It matters, and it is a make-or-break issue for many politicians. Best to call it out early.

              1. You should call it out, but I am still doubtful it’s going to turn an election. Especially when it’s a lock for Clinton.

                1. Hardly a lock.

                  1. Isn’t that called a “safety”?

                  2. Yes, a lock. There’s this thing called ‘reality’.

                    1. No, that’s still a delusion. Very much so.

              2. Gun control is quickly surpassing abortion as the big leftist “emotional issue”. If you talk to people on the left about gun control they have a strong emotional response when discussing why guns need to be banned. Ten years ago the responses were always more cynical/dismissive/condescending but they have been led to believe that this issue is directly impacting their lives and it has become very personal to them.The parallel on the right is gay marriage.

      2. “restrictions on the sale of combat-style weapons” – Anti-2A

        “restrictions on the sale of high-capacity magazine.” – Anti-2A

        “…require background checks to be performed for weapons sold…via the internet.” – Clear ignorance of what an FFL is or their role.

        The guy is anti-2A and should be called out on it. Just because you own a gun doesn’t mean you are pro-gun…hardly. He’s got his. He’s a politician and an elitist with armed guards; hardly a regular citizen.

        Anti-2A and will be called out as such. Any gun-owning liberal or democrat should be wary of this guy. Libertarians can see though the bullshit.

      3. They are all “gun owners,” by which they mean “they actually shot a single-shot .22 one time, at a Scout Jamboree when they were twelve years old.”

      4. Well it’s not like they will take the guns away from the privileged site, like him.

    2. It has to be horrible because, said or not, it’s Hillary’s #1 issue and always has been. I think I read some on it, and he’s pretty damn horrible on the 2A.

  32. Well at least it wasn’t Warren. Kaine isn’t good, but if Hillary ever dies in office, he’d be a better president than Warren would be.

    1. If I had to guess, Hillary is playing according to Trump’s rules. He’s playing her like a fiddle. She wanted to pick Warren, or even Bernie, but Trump wouldn’t let her. It’s almost too obvious. Wait until the debates, she’s going to fair no better than any of the GOP candidates did, and probably worse.

      1. I don’t think she wanted to pick Warren. Warren would be replaced a Republican in the Senate, and she’s far enough to the left to risk alienating the middle. And there’s no way in hell she’d ever pick Bernie. He wasn’t even a Democrat before last year and he basically accused her of being corrupt (among other things) in the primaries.

        1. She’s playing it too safe. It’s almost like she thinks she’s popular or something and the election is safe. Trump’s going to beat her.

          1. It’s looking that way. The right pick could have torpedoed Trump for good. This vanilla white bread pick just doesn’t make any sense.

            1. It makes perfect sense: the election is a lock for Clinton. Why would she do anything to perturb that?

              1. We agree 100 percent. It’s an absolute lock, no doubt about it.

          2. “Trump’s going to beat her.”

            More delusion.

            1. Actually not. The independents have not spoken, and with Hillary’s trust issues and general establishment links along with other shady issues, it’s still an open game. Also, the Dem convention hasn’t happened yet. She still has an excellent opportunity to fuck shit up. She has the potential to do that, and she’s demonstrated that on more than one occasion.

              Game is still on.

              1. Hilarious…I’m actually laughing.

                Independents hate Trump. There is no reason to believe anything will happen at the DNC that will discomfit Hillary.

                1. ORLY? Must have missed that poll. Links plz.

                  Nothing will happen at, it’s the peripheral that will make a difference.

                  Full disclosure: I hate Dems and Repubs and will be voting libertarian regardless.

                  1. I’ll give a link later but there has been reams of polling that demonstrate that Trump is radioactive to normal people.

                    1. I’m still waiting.

                    2. And the Canadian still hasn’t posted anything. I’d really love to see his head explode this November when Trump beats Hillary, but I doubt he’ll post here after that happens.

        2. I don’t think she wanted to pick Warren.

          Of course not. Hillary doesn’t want another woman. She’s going to be the first woman President. In her mind that’s not worth much unless you get to boss around powerful white guys.

      2. “He’s playing her like a fiddle….wait until the debates, she’s going to fair no better than any of the GOP candidates did, and probably worse.”

        Your posts are usually banal and insipid but sometimes you spice them up with the most delightful delusions. Tell us how Bernie is going to beat Clinton.

        1. Bernie is an ankle-grabber. Nothing more needs to be said about that.

          1. A defeated ankle-grabber.

        2. “Your posts are usually banal and insipid but sometimes you spice them up with the most delightful delusions.”

          Oh, the irony. Tell us more, oh wise one, about the American people. You’d know better than those of us who actually live in the US and see and interact with Americans on a daily basis.

      3. My prediction: No debates. Hillary won’t let it happen.

        1. Why? It’s the perfect opportunity for Trump to immolate himself.

          1. The same way he immolated himself to the nomination?

        2. Trump can debate Gary Johnson.

      4. I could easily destroy Hillary in a debate. She’s so vulnerable on so many things. She’s conditioned to go up against mainstream republicans. Smiley, ineffectual milquetoast types who go along to get along. The ones who never want to offend anyone.

        That is the antithesis of Trump. She has no idea how to handle him, and he will shred her. My one hope is that in all this, Trump will manage to push her buttons in a way no republican ever has before and cause her to lose her shit on camera, showing us her inner raging bitchcunt that we always read about from insiders.

    2. There was no way it would ever be Warren. To quote Veep, “Are you trying to blow up the universe now? Who’s going to go for two women on the ticket?”

      I am surprised she didn’t go for a non-white Democrat (and no, Warren doesn’t count!).

      1. Yeah, that was my thought as well. Warren/bernie were non-starters. Impossible to be veeps. And i doubt either would want the gig (it would destroy their cred with the uberprogs)

        I was expecting cory booker or julian castro. someone young, black/hispanic, and who could smoothtalk w/ the media.

      2. I suspect she sees Warren as a threat to her control of the Democratic party, and she’d have more passionate fans than Clinton herself.

        1. Plus, the Clintons probably have dirt on Kaine, and can control him. I am guessing that would be untrue of the others mentioned.

    3. This. Kind of wish it had been Brooker though. Wasn’t he a bit good on CJR? He also would have been bringing the young cool black guy vibe.

      1. Booker is a piece of shit. I live in NJ and know he’s got a steamer trunk of baggage. He sucks but is throating the Dem fast track. No value in that piece of shit at all other than a lack of gag reflex.

        1. But CJR! He and Rand talked it up!

          1. You apparently know nothing about Booker.

        2. You live in Jersey? Which exit?

    4. I dropped a deuce this morning that would be a better President than Fauxcohantas.

  33. Pic of Kaine here, with Shrill trying to get around his gut to get close enough to hug him:

    1. The faces that sunk a thousand campaigns.

    2. Maybe she’s trying to get the obese, middle-aged, white male vote (whose nuts have long been stored in a jar of formaldehyde)?

    3. Trump will probably take to calling him “fat-fuck” on twitter.

    1. Crusty most excited.

      1. So am I. I’ve always said Dawkins’ strongest proof against God’s existence was his marriage to Lalla Ward. She still looks pretty good.

        1. She does.

        2. She finally had the good sense to leave that snide blowhard. Maybe she will go back to Tom Baker. Dual cameo in Series 10 maybe?

          I am not ashamed to admit I always had an idea for my own private multi-Romana special.

    2. Why would I want to date Richard Dawkins?

        1. BTW, when I said you were most excited, I didn’t mean about Dawkins, I meant the British MILF. She’s ok for Brit MILFs, and I’m a fan of Brit MILFs. She’s just somewhat ok.

  34. Flip the ticket.

    1. Ok. Now I see a bunch of small print in blue ink. This isn’t doing anything more for me than the loser large print numbers on the otherside.

    2. Based on your comments, you seem to be a die-hard liberal. Support for Booker. Support for Kaine and Clinton.

      The Dem ticket sucks, no matter how you slice it or do a mash-up of it.

      I’m sticking a big, fat, “Liberal” sticker on your forehead. If you need a razorblade to scrap it off, let me know.

      1. Based on your comments, and specifically this one, you’re an idiot. I never said I support Clinton or Kaine or even Booker.

        I’m an Objectivist you twat. I hate the Dems but I am able to comport with this thing called ‘reality’, unlike most people here. And the reality is clear: not only is Trump going to lose, he’s going to give us Democrat presidents for a long time. May as well have the best ones.

        1. You don’t need to outright say it. You’ve more than adequately implied it.

          You’ve already decided in your tiny head how the election is going to go, and you’re pontificating that.

          You’re either a liberal troll or an ankle-grabber like Bernie. I’ll let you pick. Your posts tell the story.

        2. Didn’t your flapping-headed Canadian ass vote for Justin Trudeau?

  35. “The Supreme Court of Virginia on Friday struck down Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s executive order restoring voting rights to 206,000 felons, dealing a severe blow to what the governor has touted as one of his proudest achievements in office….

    “In response, McAuliffe said he will “expeditiously” sign roughly 13,000 individual rights restoration orders for people who have already registered to vote. He said he’ll continue until rights are restored for all 200,000 people affected by the original order.”

    1. Good on him.

    2. Restoring felons’ voting rights is good by me but it should go through the legislature.

      1. Absolutely. It’s not the restoration that bothers me, but the overreach of executive authority.

    3. Actually, Ken Cuccinelli, who the proggies and vagina voters ran out of town when he ran against McAwful, supported this too, if I recall correctly.

    4. We can’t have unfavored people voting while we’re still going strong on our goal of removing all people’s rights for all reasons, for everything. Unless, we need their votes.


  36. Kind of solidifies the point that Clinton is just pretending to be really far left to make the Sanders people happy and get elected.

    As soon as she’s in office, bitch is bombing Turkey.

    1. Tim Kaine openly opposed raising the income tax on those making more than $350K per year because he didn’t want to piss off the folks in McLean who bankroll the Virginia dems. The Berntards will love this!

      1. The Berntards will fall in line. Of this there can really be no doubt.

        This and budget cutting actually make Kaine look semi-alright at least in the fiscal side of things. Flip the ticket!

        1. Yes, and Al Gore was once a conservative yellow dog democrat. Tim Kaine just signed on to throwing climate change deniers in prison, so all centrist bets are off.

          1. Democrats have no souls, or principles. They will do as their dark progressive lords command.

    2. Hillary’s a Neocon. There is basically no difference between her and Boosh, except that she’s even more of a war monger, she’s a criminal, and shreek loves her.

      1. If she is elected, I give her one month before she orders ground troops in Syria, with McCain cheering her on…Maybe she’ll order another round of bombing of Serbia too because, well why not? And it sounds a lot like Syria.

      2. You don’t even know what a neocon is.

        1. You?

  37. Tim Kaine was so effective as VA governor and made the dems so well loved here that Bob McDonnell was elected with 60% of the vote and the dems lost a bunch of seats in the assembly and senate that they have still not reclaimed. I am sure he will do wonders for Hillary.

  38. Mauritanian Authorities Once Again Go After Anti-Slavery Activists

    “Mauritania was one of the last countries to officially abolish slavery, doing so in 1981, but the law isn’t enforced. An estimated 10% to 20% of the country’s 3.4 million people are enslaved. Mauritania is an Islamic republic, and distorted local interpretations of the religion are used to justify the continued existence of the practice ? although the Mauritanian government denies that slavery exists and often blames the Western world or enemies of Islam when faced with allegations.”

    Oh, look, Mauritania is hosting the 27th Arab League Summit.

    1. Bunch of rednecks. I bet they have names like “Ali Bubba” and “Cooter Mohammed”.

      1. Bitterly clinging to their guns and Koran, no doubt.

      2. They turn old General Lee into a car bomb, The Dukes of Qaeda.

    2. distorted local interpretations of the religion

      Narrated Kurib: The freed slave of Ibn ‘Abbas, that Maimuna bint Al-Harith told him that she manumitted a slave-girl without taking the permission of the Prophet. On the day when it was her turn to be with the Prophet, she said, “Do you know, O Allah’s Apostle, that I have manumitted my slave-girl?” He said, “Have you really?” She replied in the affirmative. He said, “You would have got more reward if you had given her (i.e. the slave-girl) to one of your maternal uncles.”

      Bukhari – Volume 3, Book 47, Number 765

    3. You’ve forgotten your cultural relativism, Fusionist. But you better be paying whoever cuts your hair a big enough tip to ensure that they are making a living wage or $15/hr, whichever is greater.

    4. The Ku Klux Koran

  39. Bill O’Reilly is a sanctimonious blowhard. Who gives two shits less about his opinion.

  40. I still can’t figure out how out of a nation of 320 million people the best we can come up with is Trump and Hillary?

    1. Everyone else has more important work to do.

      1. You’re right, waaay more important stuff like following the latest Kardashian tweet and just generally being mindless sheep.

        1. I’m liking the cut of your jibe.

          1. I’m liking

            *narrows eyes*

      2. True that.

        *goes back to masturbating*

        1. Lol fap fap fap fap, take one look at Hillary and that fap session is history.

          1. Some here would take that as a challenge.

          2. Only if you aren’t into tranny geezers.

      1. Ahh, not meant as a reply to Mouser.

        1. *Mauser

        2. I clicked on your link, it is disgusting how corrupt the law enforcement in this country is, I wonder how much other stuff gets falsified, And cops wonder why people are scared.

  41. So Reason is suddenly not interested in Wikileaks?…bitch ass Cosmo mammals

    1. Wikileaks has not yet released the Trump pant shitting manifesto. I’m sure it’s coming any day now. Patience, weedhhopper, 40 million more Trump pants shitting articles await!

      1. What the hell would there be to release that would be more damaging than what Trump himself says?

    2. The same minute that you posted.


      1. Reptiles are slow creatures.

  42. So are the retards in the progpen freaking out she didn’t pick a trans-genger, left-wing, SJW whacko especially since she settled on an non-photogenic, old, white male?


    1. Methinks they are all going to fall in line to crush The Trump. Another reason he’s going to lose in a landslide.


    3. Did you mean trans-gender, or trans-ginger?

  43. The Democrat VP is more pro-life than the Republican Presidential nominee. Fun year. Between this and the Wikileaks story, progressives will be ditching Hillary on droves. Unfortunately, they’ll probably go to batshit crazy Stein instead of Johnson. Nobody’s winning this election with more than 40% of the popular vote, and voter turnout will be the lowest in history.

    1. No more than 40% of the popular vote?


    2. I predict Trump will win with much more than 40% of the vote, with pretty high turnout.

      1. I predict Sofia Vergara will give me a long, drawn-out handjob and swallow.

        1. Are you in the Cytotoxic camp of “Trump has zero chance”? He’s too much of a chicken to bet on it. Are you?

  44. I was pulling for Monica Lewinsky to be her running mate. And so was Bill.

  45. She must really need Virginia in order to win. First she has the Guv’ner restoring voting rights of felons; “McAuliffe has said depriving felons of the right to vote perpetuated a racial injustice.”–NPR
    Now she chooses a senator from Virginia that is tied to the big banks as her running mate. It reminds me of Obama calling for “hope and change” and choosing a Washington lifer as his mate or McCain touting his experience and choosing Palin.

  46. She must really need Virginia in order to win. First she has the Guv’ner restoring voting rights of felons; “McAuliffe has said depriving felons of the right to vote perpetuated a racial injustice.”–NPR
    Now she chooses a senator from Virginia that is tied to the big banks as her running mate. It reminds me of Obama calling for “hope and change” and choosing a Washington lifer as his mate or McCain touting his experience and choosing Palin.

  47. She must really need Virginia in order to win. First she has the Guv’ner restoring voting rights of felons; “McAuliffe has said depriving felons of the right to vote perpetuated a racial injustice.”–NPR
    Now she chooses a senator from Virginia that is tied to the big banks as her running mate. It reminds me of Obama calling for “hope and change” and choosing a Washington lifer as his mate or McCain touting his experience and choosing Palin.

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  49. if i hear that he “speaks spanish” one more time as if that makes him latino, i’m going to scream. i’m not saying it’s not a positive, but latino’s are treated as if the merely have to hear their native tongue and they can’t help themselves.

    1. It’s hilarious because this passes as legit in the DNC.

  50. Oh this Tim Kaine …. http://www.cfr.org/middle-east…..ine/p37316

  51. Also, how do any of you know that your binary reality matches the fingertips of your digital reality on these place….

    Good luck with that… all these data flow through American digital pipelines managed by overseers…. the camp of comments has fallen into the now.

  52. Kaine and Mabel 2016

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