Republican Convention 2016

Donald Trump's Economic Plan Is Just Typical Government Pork

He sounds like Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown.


Donald Trump
Richard Ellis/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Donald Trump's nomination acceptance speech tonight called for lowering taxes. He didn't say which taxes or how much or anything concrete at all, because that's just not how Trump rolls. He said "reducing taxes will cause new companies and new jobs to come running back to our country." He also called for reducing regulations that cost the economy $2 trillion a year. Sounds great, right?

And then two paragraphs later we get this "solution" to get Americans working:

This new wealth will improve the quality of life for all Americans – We will build the roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, and the railways of tomorrow. This, in turn, will create millions more jobs.

The railways of tomorrow? Yes, if you weren't aware, Trump is a fan of government pork projects, including high-speed rail. His position appears to essentially be based entirely on envy: He complained to The Guardian that China has high-speed trains and America doesn't. That doesn't actually mean America needs these trains. They are huge money sinks that pass money along to connected cronyist interests and labor groups, and there's little to show that these trains would actually serve as economic engines.

In fact, evidence shows the exact opposite. As Matt Welch recently noted, California has been warned that a high-speed rail would require continued government subsidies and they've known this all along, despite telling the public it would be profitable. The Reason Foundation has been warning about this all along.

This is not to say there aren't infrastructure development needs, but approaching it as a jobs program, the way Trump is here, is designed to create tons and tons of pork projects, with various interest groups jockeying for a hunk. This is essentially the opposite of Trump's claims that he's going to fight against special interests and the "rigged system."

But I suspect that might be okay to many Trump supporters, particularly the unemployed ones. Elsewhere in his speech he bluntly acknowledged that he knew how to use "the system" and that's why he could be the candidate to "fix" it. While he says it's to make government more "fair," it's very clear that even under Trump, his idea of fairness would benefit certain groups of Americans over others.

And as we've seen in California, those who benefit from this pork are also going to see the costs bloat beyond what we've been sold. Taxpayers approved $10 billion to get the train started, but it's going to cost $68 billion at the minimum and nobody wants to invest in it. It's a boondoggle designed shovel money to connected people (as evidenced by the fact that it drifts into the middle of the state for no other reason other than to increase the length of it and the number of people who get to work on it).

And Gov. Jerry Brown, who loves this horrible train plan, loves these infrastructure plans the same way Trump does. Brown also envies how China has previously propped up its economy with corrupt infrastructure projects that blow money to create empty malls and ghost towns. It's Keynesian economics at its most hollow and wasteful.  

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  1. So it’s kind of like California, 2 democrats in the run off….


    1. That’s pathetic.

      1. To be fair, there were three numbers in this post.

      2. He’s trying to be big like Warty.

        But, unfortunately, typing isn’t exercise.

    2. Dude, do I have to give you the “don’t be a dick, people will respond better” talk again?

      1. I don’t think Cytotoxic is capable of not being a dick.

      2. I’ve tried that. The people here are just stupid.

    3. *shakes head*

      Come on, man. If you want to pull off a whycome-caps, you gotta do better than that.

    4. Check your work time:


      D+ for effort

      1. *Scribbles down notes*

  3. Wait, did Donald Trump do something today? I haven’t read the last 20 Hit and Run posts, somebody fill me in.

    1. If you don’t like this Trump article, don’t worry, there will be another in 5 minutes.

      1. To be fair, this isn’t exactly like last winter when every H&R post was about the Donald for no reason. Most of the staff is at the Republican convention, and the Republicans have actually nominated Donald Trump for president of my country!!!!!
        Still, as much as an ass hat that Trump is, it’s better than Hillary being elected.
        (Have I mentioned my hatred of HRC?)

  4. Yeah yeah, you and your faggoty fact-checking Scott. How many cocktail party invites will you score with this bit of virtue signaling?

    Us real Americans know that if you really, really look at Trump’s speechifying you’ll see clear and incontrovertible proof that he supports everything that I already support. Or at the very least shows he’s better than Hildabeast.

  5. He didn’t say which taxes or how much or anything concrete at all, because that’s just not how Trump rolls.


    Oh, there are several other paragraphs and a whole different point being made? Whatever. You done fucked up, Scott.


      Well it is true that American politics have been long on meaningless platitudes and vague agendas for some (all?) time.

    2. Don’t worry, Hillary is going to tell us exactly how she’s gonna pay for free everything. She’ll have a calculator with her and a giant blackboard to do the math. Nick and Matt will be there, so we can’t miss it.


        1. This.

      2. Calculators are too technologically complex for her, she’ll be using her fingers and toes.

    3. Just tell me where to stick my penis.

      I’ll try to finish. Try.

      1. If you can pull it off, Beyonce’s mouth needs to be occupied by something other than “singing”.
        Yesterday, I knew “Beyonce” as some celebrity that I would never know. Today, after being assaulted in the ear, I hope you accidentally damage get vocal cords

        1. “Her” not “get”

  6. It’s a damn good thing no one took me up on that Trump article drinking game. I’d have to live the rest of my life with so many people dying of alcohol poisoning because of me and my silly game.

    1. Wait, what? That sounds fun; please elucidate.

  7. So the Republicans are turning to their roots?

    1. The early Republicans didn’t support pork, they supported internal improvements. Quite different.

      1. They did think that marriage was between one man and one woman after all…

        1. You mendacious POS. The Republican party started specifically because the Whigs couldn’t agree on slavery, while the Democrats were whole heartily supporting slavery. The Whigs shattered, with the pro slavery faction joining the Democrats. Meanwhile, Lincoln freed the slaves, while simultaneously destroying the last vestiges of a Republic of Free States.
          But that kind of nuance doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker for your Yugo.

          1. I know that, though to be pedantic what caused the collapse of the Whigs was the Kansas-Nebraska act. I was referring to their initial fondness for tariffs, internal improvements and opposition to Mormon Polygamy.

            1. Opposition to Mormon polygamy was mostly based on the US not wanting a seperate sovereign nation in the West, especially one made up of white men, as opposed the theoretically sovereign native nations that had no power to resist the US.

              1. Also tariffs were bipartisan at that time, and the argument about using federal power to improve the infrastructure was not introduced by the Republican party.

                1. argument about using federal power to improve the infrastructure was not introduced by the Republican party

                  This would be an interesting rebuttal if I made such a claim.

      2. ISIS doesn’t support pork either. Do you think there’s gonna be some type of alliance forming?

        1. ISIS is clearly against pork. That is why it will never be a failed state and the US military must intervene soon before…

          1. Any organization that declares that I can’t eat bacon? They should just go fuck themselves. Seriously, wanna get rid of Islam? Air drop pork chops. Fuckers be like “This is what pork tastes like? Shit, fuck Mohammed.”

  8. Alright, finally we’re done with Trump week. Now onward to Hillary week!

    1. In which there will be even MOAR Trump articles!

  9. Disliking Trump is not endorsement of Clinton. Logic is hard.

    1. Some people are just honestly trying to figure out the 396,745,231 Trump articles to 2 Hillary articles over the last few months. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just sort of note worthy.

      1. Yeah, you’d think these articles are topical as if the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION was happening this week.

        I’m sure there will be zero coverage of next week’s DNC because Reason is just so in the tank for Hillary.

        1. I guess you didn’t notice the ‘over the last few months’ part. Oh well.

          1. In just a few clicks you can find the entire March issue of Reason that has Hillary on the cover and Matt Welch’s in-depth look at just what a censorious hag she has always been.

            But no one ever reads the cover store, right?

            1. So, I was wrong, there’s actually been 3 Hillary articles?

                1. ITT, morons getting reckt by GMSF.

      2. I’ll give you this: I laugh at how many foreigners convey their contempt of Trump and don’t consider the consequences of Hillary as though she’s totally kosher. Fuck. I seriously don’t care who wins.
        I’m for abolishing the Executive branch through a constitutional amendment. That’ll bring the deficit down like nothing else.

        1. But then who would act as a sober civilian check on the military keep getting us into conflicts so that the industrial-defense-intelligence industry can keep the powerful in power the American people safe?

    2. Disliking Trump is not endorsement of Clinton.

      True. But, if you write 50 articles with the tenor of “DONALD TRUMP IS SATAN INCARNATE!! EVEN HITLER WOULD BE A BETTER CHOICE!!” and 2 or 3 articles with the tenor of “Well, Hillary Clinton certainly does have some problems. And, from a libertarian perspective, she might not be the best choice. But at least she’s not DONALD TRUMP. BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP IS SATAN INCARNATE!! EVEN HITLER WOULD BE A BETTER CHOICE!!”, well, that just might be indicative of a pattern.

  10. So Trump is a typical Republican shithead. I am jack’s lack of surprise. I mean the US is basically in Banana Republic mode now…

    We can only hope that Hillary, the Never Trumpers, Bernie Sanders or Gary Johnson will deliver us the libertarian moment…oh wait

    1. I think we must be close to the moment where Zontar from the planet Volton appears in his UFO to save us. Right before we learn about Soylent Green. Yes, we’re totally fucked.

      1. We are no more fucked than we ever have been before. I find it fascinating that some folk have finally realized that Presidential elections are a waste of time and emotional attachment. Kind of like that sporting event between two teams you hate and wish that they both could lose.

        1. As far as the last 40 years in the USA go, we are a hell of a lot more fucked than we ever have been. I mean, there was always the chance we got into a nuclear exchange with the former USSR, but that didn’t happen, so…

      2. Nitpick. Zontar was from Venus.

    2. SMOD is stiil in the running, so there’s still some hope for a libertarian moment.

    3. If you are hoping for Hillary to keep the US from becoming a corrupt banana republic, then you are truly pay reasoning with.
      The female half of the Clinton crime family is going to save the republic? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ.

      1. *past reasoning with

      2. I was being sarcastic, Jeez.

    1. I think this is a better representation of the 3:

      The 3 Crones

  11. OT: I’m sure it’s already been covered, but Hillary picks Kaine? The exact Democrat answer to Pence. First people say “who?” then they say “seems harmless, nothing to see here.”

    1. Is it official?

      1. The article hedges – she might still change her mind.

    2. whitehousesowhite#

      1. #DemoCrackahs

        1. #veepsausagefest

      2. Well, if The Donald gets in, at least it’ll be partially orange.

        1. No matter what, it’ll probably never be this colorful again.

    3. Safe choice. Shows she’s expecting Bernie’s supporters to fall in line behind her since this is the farthest thing from pandering to that section of the Democratic Party.

      Might be a poor decision if Trump continues to aim for the populist vote.

    4. Wouldn’t this be the most boring Veep line-up since 1980?

      1. Also the Trump has an Indiana Republican, Hillary might pick a Virginia Democrat. SJWs have a sad. And the LP have a Boston Brahmin…

        1. Why do SJWs have a sad? Just because it’s all white dudes?

          1. Yes. And considering the history of the Two Parties those states are quite appropriate…

        2. Yeah, just when we expected Hillary to trot out Lieawatha and Trump to do something even more insane, we get Pence and… what the fuck was his name?

          1. I think it’s Herman Cain.

            1. Shit

              1. He’s on my radio. Every. Morning. My other options are: shitty rap. There’s probably NPR, but I haven’t bothered trying to find it.

                1. Herman Cain makes Ben Carson look like the most knowledgeable man to ever run for president.

                  1. 9-9-9!!!!

                    It’s probably not the worst idea. It’s just that you shouldn’t come up with a tax plan just because it’s memorable.

                2. Yeah I’d pick the shitty rap. Besides, you sound white; it might be excellent rap.

                3. I’m lucky I’ve got a classical music station in my area.

                  1. I’ve got the internet, so I stream stations from anywhere.

                    NYC has two AM all news stations, which is what I need to get ready for the grim reality of the weekday world. Music is for the weekends.

            2. What’s Herman Cain? You mean some dude from Virginia named Tim Kaine? Herman Cain is a Republican.

          2. Herman Cain?

    5. Who could possibly fill the shoes of Joe Biden? No one will accept the invite.



    1. He’s here this evening, I mean this morning.

    2. He was on another thread defending Daddy.

    3. SIV IS MILO?

      1. SIV would lick spittle off Milo’s shoes. Milo is a proud faggot. SIV is living in denial.

        1. Milo is a proud dangerous faggot.

        2. Didn’t Reason magazine just cover a story about Milo forming a Nazi army and trying to hunt down some poor innocent Twitter user? I think the person was a famous Nun or something, maybe an orphan Saint? Have they caught that dangerous faggot yet?

          1. Honestly? I’m okay with Milo being banned. Is it just? No, but Twitter isn’t tasked with bringing justice, and if conservatives want to put their social media presence where their mouths are, they can quit en masse. I wish they would. Since that’s not happening, let’s look at it from Twitter’s perspective. You have a bunch of one-off, no-name, douchebag wannabes flooding a conversation and rendering it unpalatable even to pretty open guys like me. You have, in other words, douches with no attachment other than the notion that they can reach out and touch a persona non grata with their words. Well, that’s awful. Twitter could go through the feeds and ban the flagrant abusers one by one, or they could hit them where it hurts. They can ban a celebrity. It’s not unprecedented, but it’s unheard of. And it certainly sends a message: you send one of ours to the hospitable, we send one of yours to the morgue.

            1. There is room in the world for restraint and civility. If it takes holding certain celebrities ransom to compel civil discourse and encourage microcommunities to self-police, well, that’s the nature of the beast. That’s the internet. If free-speech enthusiasts want to try their hand at building a novel platform, well, go they’re welcome to try to, and god speed. Until then, we have this scenario.

            2. I don’t disagree. But it shows that Twitter is really just run by SJWs. There aren’t a lot of options for people looking to pursue social media without going through SJW-run sites. Twitter can do whatever its management wants. But they should also be called out for being the assholes that they are.

              To your point, the people that think this is a “free speech” matter remind me of those who demanded to know how the R and D delegate shenanigans were constitutional.

            3. Honestly? I’m okay with Milo being banned. Is it just? No

              Do you understand why Milo was banned? I don’t think anyone understands why he was banned.

            4. Twitter’s perspective is that the obnoxious behavior of Milo’s followers justifies banning him, but worse words and actions by followers of Iran and ISIS and BLM don’t require the same. Totally fair.

            5. If you don’t know what happened, you should wait to opine.

              Jones started the whole thing Monday trying to get her followers to go after someone who didn’t like the movie. That’s what started the pile on her.

              It was two days old before Milo said anything.

              Yet he was banned for ‘inciting’ it.

  13. Has anybody ever seen Trump and Brown in the same place at the same time? OMG! JERRY BROWN IS DONALD TRUMP!

    1. I am Governor Donald Trump. My aura smiles and never frowns. Soon I will be president!

  14. And as we’ve seen in California, those who benefit from this pork are also going to see the costs bloat beyond what we’ve been sold. Taxpayers approved $10 billion to get the train started, but it’s going to cost $68 billion at the minimum and nobody wants to invest in it. It’s a boondoggle designed shovel money to connected people (as evidenced by the fact that it drifts into the middle of the state for no other reason other than to increase the length of it and the number of people who get to work on it).

    Come on, Shakeford, what’s your problem? Multiplier effect means CA gets like, a hundred thousand trillion billion dollars, so why you bitching?

  15. so my proggie / brown roommate is literally fearing for his life and wants to move out of the country now that he thinks trump will win. I have no idea how to respond to that

      1. yeah i dont think that’ll work. he’s a prog so it’s already all about his feels as it is

        1. Is your roommate brown? Can I touch him?

          1. lol but seriously he thinks the racists are everywhere just waiting for an excuse to go get him and trump will give them the reason

            1. I’m white. I just want to *touch* him. A simple prick is all that I ask for.

  16. I have my vote

    1. And he’s brancing like he’s never branced before.

  17. The tried-and-true Republican “increase spending” plan. It worked for Ronald Reagan!

  18. But hey, Trump said he’d reduce the trade deficit, which is basically the same as cutting spending and balancing the budget, right?



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