Republican Convention 2016

Reason LIVE from Cleveland—GOP Convention Finale

Watch Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch LIVE discussing what happened at the GOP Convention.


Watch Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch LIVE discussing what happened at the GOP Convention.  Check it out here or at Facebook.

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  1. Holy shit, a bunch of my freckles on my arm are rearranging themselves in contravention to the laws of biology!

    It looks like they’re spelling out something…this is seriously frightening…they’re spelling out V O T E F O R T R U M B

    Who the Hell is Trumb? What kind of message is this? I don’t know of any Trumb.

    I guess it’s nothing to get excited over then.

    1. It’s telling you vote for:


      1. Is this a Spot the Not?

        1. Clearly umbrellas.

          1. Speak for yourself.

    2. “THUMB”. Your limb is agitating for its leader, the thumb.

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  2. All they need is one mic, one beat, one stage.

  3. Listening to Trump talk about how Hillary Clinton is a criminal makes him seem . . . like a very wise man.

    1. How does this line differ from what we’ve heard for the last 4 days? Remember HRC is personally responsible for the safety of every American everywhere in the known universe.

      1. “Remember HRC is personally responsible for the safety of every American everywhere in the known universe.”

        I don’t know about that, but I know that according to both Department of State documents and Clinton Foundation documents, she took money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State.

        Putting Hillary Clinton in charge of the White House is like putting Al Capone in charge of the FBI.

        1. That’s an insult to Capone. At least he was competent at what he did!

    2. He’s pretty much tearing Hillary a new asshole, which is pretty funny at least. He was absolutely right about every thing he said about her.

      1. He’s dead on!

        I disagree with the man on all sorts of issues, but he hits the nail on the head on some of them, too.

        He hit the nail on the head talking about how we got nothing in exchange for the Iran deal, too.

  4. This screeching keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention is not really my bag.

    1. Isn’t your bag full of other people’s stuff?

      1. Talk to your right-wing candidate. He got way more government money through his bankruptcies than the pittance I did. If I ever go that route again, I’ll be sure to check out Trump’s books on the subject.

        1. When the hell did Johnson declare bankruptcy?

        2. MY right-wing candidate? Classic progressive thinking. I criticize your ideas, so I must be on the side of those you hate.

          1. The punchline is that he things Trump is ‘right-wing’ in any meaningful way.

  5. I wonder if Hazel is watching this.

    1. She’s smart enough not to.

  6. Wrong, Donald. Feelings of victimization are for Entitled rich White guys– not Black people in inner cities.

  7. Ell-Gee-Bee-Tee-Que

    1. He got it right, too
      Slow and steady

  8. Trump is a blowhard, but it is fair that BHO44 with the help of HRC has made him attractive. To the same extent that GWB43 gave us BHO44, his critique is good enough for the hillbillies.

    I’ll vote for Johnson, but I understand how Joe six-pack feels.

    1. I’m voting for Johnson, too.

      But, yeah, Trump is nowhere near as bad as people make him out to be.

      1. Yes he is. He is every bit the mentally ill fascist he acts like, your willful delusion notwithstanding.

      2. I probably won’t vote, and if I do it will be for Darrell Castle. I did my part voting for Trump in the primary.

        But all y’all cosmos should VOTE TRUMP4LIBERTY

      3. oops….I think Trumps terrible: bigoted and unprincipled….don’t get me wrong; if he were to cross his arms and jut his chin like Mussolini I would not be surprised

        but joe six-pack is an idiot, and Obama squandered eight years to make a case for his party.

      4. They said the same shit about countless dictators, despots and so on.

        Oh come on! He can’t really mean that.


        Gun control in Germany? We’ll gladly give them up, cause this Moustached guy can’t be that bad. Gov’t will take care of us, this outrage will pass.

        1. However countless despots have also gotten into power because they were less worse than the other guy and would just be a regular crook…

          Specifically in Hitler’s case it was either him, a military dictatorship or Communism. The Reichstag had been rendered impotent by Presidential decree by the way. And Papen wanted to render Hitler a figurehead but fucked up since Goering was in control of the Prussian police…

          1. Being occupied in the Rhineland and having German miners forced to mine at gunpoint to pay off World War I reparations didn’t help matters.

            Any libertarian can find things not to like about the Marshall Plan, but it sure beat what the French did to the Germans after World War I.

        2. What is it that makes you want to compare him to Hitler exactly?

          1. His demonization of minorities, appeal to violence, and other fascistic tendencies.

            1. Appeal to violence?

              What does that mean?

              Are you making shit up again?

              1. I mean at rallies when he refuses to speak in favor of calm and actually seems to endorse belligerence by his supporters.

                I am thankful that I not only never will be as wantonly blind as you but that I am incapable of such.

                1. “I mean at rallies when he refuses to speak in favor of calm and actually seems to endorse belligerence by his supporters.”

                  You may need to go see someone about some kind of anxiety disorder.

      5. No, Ken, he is not. He is worse.

        1. Not if you’re Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat pol. Then he’s your meal ticket for the next 15 years at least.

          1. You are gonna be so surprised when Trump wins. Will you eat your 8th grade social studies textbook if he wins?

            1. No. That textbook is as non-existent as Trump’s chances of winning. Why would I keep a decades-old textbook?

              1. Because that’s what your school issued you and they’ll send your parents a bill if it’s lost or destroyed?

              2. Are you seriously gonna try to convince us that you are an adult? How old are you?

        2. In what way exactly?

          I know all the reasons not to like him, but I can see some reasons to like him, too.

          His criticism of the Iraq War is dead on, which makes me think he’s reluctant to invade Syria.

          Hillary is yet to admit the Iraq War was a mistake.

          He doesn’t care about the Second Amendment as much as I do, but he’s not about to pick Supreme Court justices specifically because they’re hostile to the Second Amendment.

          I suspect that may be Hillary Clinton’s primary selection criteria for Supreme Court justices.

          There are a couple of other things I think he’s pretty good on, too. Point is, I ain’t voting for the guy, but the things I see people smear him for mostly turn out to be bogus. And I can think of some things to like about the guy.

          With Hillary, we get the worst of the necon warmongering (she’s a biggert neocon than Bush Jr. ever was) and the worst of a progressive SJW and progressive economics, too.

          Can anybody think of anything good to say about Hillary other than that she’s not Trump?

          1. Hillary may be in favor of increased immigration and won’t start a trade war.

            “His criticism of the Iraq War is dead on”

            No it isn’t. He seriously mused that Bush made up the evidence (he didn’t) and that Saddam was a force for stability (he wasn’t). Also, there was no alternative to getting rid of Saddam.

            “he’s reluctant to invade Syria.”

            Didn’t he talk up invading to take their oil? Or someone else’s oil?

    2. Also the help of HyR. Listen to all the good stuff in this speech. I’m sure the HyR bloggers will pick out all the bad stuff to highlight, and most of it bad only by insinuation & projection.

      1. Ride that persecution complex! Ride it good!

      2. Just like they were totes unfair to great man Romney, who stressed cutting taxes, school choice, eliminating or simplifying regulations. You can always count on Reason to mischaracterize the great Republican option before us.

  9. I would laugh if Trump used Goddamn Devil as intro or outro music.

  10. Well, Trump is talking about how we should abandon nation building and regime change. What he’s pretty much been saying all along. Which is light years better than Hillary on foreign policy. If Trump would STFU about this law and order bullshit and call the cops out on their crimes, he’d sound pretty good overall.

    1. He’s said Law and Order about eight times. Taking advantage of the circumstances is a no brainer

      1. Now he’s off on the crazy wall shit. It’s a shame how he can be so right and so wrong within minutes. I’ve told plenty of his supporters that this is why I can’t vote for him. But he’s not as bad as Hillary, no one is. Hillary will be 1000x worse than Obama, believe it.

        1. Uh huh. Is Hillary under your bed? Where did she touch you?

    2. Except Trump just wants America to be *paid* to get into all that shit ie mercenary. And then there’s his other batshit fascist crazy ideas that are vastly worse.

      1. “Except Trump just wants America to be *paid* to get into all that shit ie mercenary”

        Is that what they’re saying in Canada or something?

        “In 2006, NATO member countries agreed to commit a minimum of two per cent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to spending on defence . . . .

        The combined wealth of the non-US Allies, measured in GDP, exceeds that of the United States. However, non-US Allies together spend less than half of what the United States spends on defence . . . .

        Today, the volume of the US defence expenditure effectively represents 73 per cent of the defence spending of the Alliance as a whole.

        —-“Funding NATO”, NATO Website

        Only four countries in NATO are paying their agreed upon 2%.

        The others are paying half of that.

        The United States is paying double its agreed upon percentage of GDP.

        Insisting that other NATO countries pay their fair share doesn’t make us “mercenaries”.

        Why make shit up?

        1. That’s besides the point. He’s been caught saying a couple months ago that America should be getting cash money to ‘protect’ its ‘allies’.

          1. Are you drunk?

            How is that different from saying that NATO members aren’t paying their fair share?

            “Free riders aggravate me,” [Obama] told me. Recently, Obama warned that Great Britain would no longer be able to claim a “special relationship” with the United States if it did not commit to spending at least 2 percent of its GDP on defense. “You have to pay your fair share,” Obama told David Cameron”

            —-The Atlantic


            Is it okay when Obama says it?

            By the way, Canada is one of the “free riders”

            They’re only paying 1% of their GDP but they’re supposed to be paying double that.


            Why don’t Canadians pay their fair share, eh?

            Maybe the reason Canada has so much money to spend on social services is because they’re ripping off the United States.

            1. Um. Are you retarded? He was saying that the USG SHOULD GET THE MONEY which is completely different from saying they should spend more on their own military. Jesus tap-dancing Christ.

              1. Where are you finding this information? Did you watch the speech?

                Don’t expect Cytotoxic to back anything he says up.

          2. Yes. Cash payments to make up for their cash payment shortfalls you dufus.

            Damns, are you really this stupid or just that disingenuous ?

            It must be one or the other because there is no other explanation.

            Did your mother drop you on your head when you came out of the chute ?

            1. So Cyto is taking everything literally, like some kind of Asperger patient?

              No, when Trump said the other NATO members should pay their fair share–he didn’t mean they should pay the U.S. government.

              He meant they should write Trump a check personally!!!

              What else could he have possible meant when he said they should pay their fair share?


    3. Trump hasn’t supported the cops in the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. You don’t get elected by hatin’ cops and sympathizing with criminals.

      1. You don’t have to hate cops to say there needs to be reform and they have to be held accountable for their actions.

        1. No but timing is everything. Racist Black Nationalists have killed a bunch of cops in the past few weeks.

  11. Hey, I found a classical cover for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

    1. Classical?

      That’s some guy on a synthesizer.

      I’m suing you for false advertising. You’re worse than Hillary Clinton!

      1. Compared to other Rickrolls, this is very well labelled. You gotta grade on a curve.

  12. So is US similar to Germany in 1932: Choice between military dictatorship, Commies or Nazis? Or Argentina in 1970s: Military dictatorship, Peronists or Communists? Or the Middle East: Corrupt authoritarians, Islamists or Military dictatorship?

    1. No, it’s basically a choice between a vetted and veteran politician with a deep understanding of the issues versus a coddled aristocrat on an ego trip who is supported by people who like to chant “white power!” Choose carefully.

      1. vetted and veteran politician with a deep understanding of the issues

        *points and laughs at Stalinist Stooge*

      2. A deep understanding of fucking traitorous criminality.

      3. Yes, Hillary knows the political system well. In particular how to use it in mafioso like ways to enrich herself and make herself above the law. And if she needs to destroy a few countries and kill millions of people along the way, she won’t mind at all. She’s George Bush and Al Capone combined, in a Pantsuit. Fuck that evil cunt straight to hell.

      4. You’re talking about Johnson and Weld in the first sentence. There’s no way Hillary has a clue about the constitution, or economics for that matter.

      5. Holy fuck, does amsoc really support Hillary? What happened to all that talk about left-libertarian values???

        1. It’s an election year, and unlike past elections, this is the MOST IMPORTANT EVER

        2. You are talking about the guy who says he is no commie only to start defending the USSR and Stalin…

  13. George Will discusses the increasing blueness of Texan politics.

    link text

    1. Is this evidence of the libertarian moment?

      1. Everything’s evidence of the libertarian moment, I guess. Except for Trump. Reason has yet to make the case for why Trump is evidence for the libertarian moment. So, everything except for Trump is evidence of the libertarian moment.

        1. Well Gillespie back during Primary Season was saying that Trump and Sanders was evidence of the Libertarian Moment…

          1. That would sort of be true, if it weren’t for how stupid most people are. There’s finally an uprising against the establishment, but people are just like a dumb raging mob. They know something is wrong, just not what, and what should be done. They want change, but they don’t know what change. Typically this is when politicians seize the moment and say ‘look over there! The Jooos! It’s all their fault! Get em!’ and that’s when things go from bad to worse.

    2. George Will is a cuck Hitlery-supporter. He pines for a Bush Restoration.

      1. Thanks for the retard take on things SIV. You’re always so good at letting us know what retards think.

      2. Well, Hillary is the best he can do then.

    3. He discusses it in terms of changing demographics (race and ethnicity):

      [some guy Will is describing] discerned “a seismic shift in demographics” that meant his state could “turn Democratic sooner than most people thought.”

      Isn’t this exactly the type of argument you reject when people here mention it as a reason to oppose unrestricted immigration?

      1. I do reject it because it never caused a seismic shift like that described before. Between 1990 and 2010 or so Texas simultaneously gained a bunch of Hispanics and moved rightward.

        Thing is, when your party vilifies groups for a while and then doubles down on it with a fascistic candidate, it has consequences. Then you might start to push whole blocks out of your reach. Think of it as not so much support of Democrats as people who have come to fear Republicans.

  14. Yeah I’m not so sure I want an America where the laws are enforced until we get rid of a shitload of laws.

    1. This

  15. I’m voting for Trump. You know why? Because, in the same rhetorical vein as Melania Trump, I think the common people know what they want and they deserve to get it hard and good.

    1. That’s just what the editorial staff here said about Obama!

  16. Is Trump filibustering his own nomination?

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of getting that vibe from Trump. From Hillary I get the vibe of something old and musty smelling lying dead in a corner somewhere.

      I wonder if she can talk that long without getting the screechy voice and a hairball? Just curious. Maybe they can shoot her all full of formaldehyde and stuff and she can do it.

      1. Wow, I wasn’t even watching, I just took a random guess.

        1. No, he’s got cult of personality going for sure. He’s done whipped his sycophants into a tizzy. Pretty soon we’ll have Budweiser swilling rednecks ridin around in their pickup trucks, with rebel flags flying, running down all the good peoples of color and gunning down city slickers in cold blood. It’s all over but the redneckpocalypse.

      2. I do wonder if Clinton will survive four years of the presidency. If she does, it will be amusing to watch her campaign for a second term.

  17. Pat Buchanan is sporting a rail spike right about now.

    1. I hadn’t heard “rail spike” and I am stealing it, if I can get your permission.

      1. Pretty sure I lifted that from Stephen King.

    1. I’d totally be using that if I was him.

    1. I have to say Joan Jett has proven over time to be as authentic a rocker as they come.

      1. Joan Jett was always authentic.

      2. Punk rock was originally a lot about emulating Glam Rock and bubble gum stars from the ’70s.

        She was never more punk rock than when she was dressed up like Glam queen Suzi Quatro (AKA Leather Tuscadero) covering Gary Glitter.

        And she was aping Suzi Quatro all the back during the Runaways.

        I can say, anyway, punk kids in SC circa 82 – 84, we had nothing but respect for her. I remember Mike Ness used to have her name on the bridge of his guitar back in the day.

  18. I don’t know about the rest of you but I trust this Trump guy. I trust him to completely make good on his promise to have blustery bad policies and utterly trash the constitution in his own way. So, business as usual.

      1. Get out of the way HM!!! I was pouring syrup on waffles.

    1. *pours syrup on you

  19. I haven’t been watching, but I presume that this sums up the convention?

  20. Heh…as the radio coverage cut out, the recorded music apparently from the hall that’d just started was “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”?presumably for Cruz.

  21. Now all the conventioneers are invited to a high-society banquet.

  22. Watch Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch LIVE discussing what happened at the GOP Convention

    I don’t have the sound turned on, but I can just imagine it.

    Nick: My gawd, Matt, did you see when everyone in the audience were actually wearing those swastika armbands and actually doing the Nazi salute!?

    Matt: Yeah, it was scary, Nick! I was so afraid!

    Nick: Yeah, me too, I wasn’t sure we’d get out alive. Then there was the report that Trump was going to sacrifice a colored baby to Satan, live on stage, just to get these Nazi crackers even more fired up!

    Matt: Well, even scarier than that, there was rumor that racist faggot, Milo was going to be able to speak!

    Nick: Terrifying Matt. Thank goodness, our DNC coverage is next, back to some sanity.

    Matt: That’s right, it could be a libertarian moment!


      I can’t understand why the RNC would pimp the convention out to CNN.

      I listened over the radio while I watched online.

      CNN had a commentator live trashing everything the RNC did . It was amazing on one way because it was happening and oh so stupid that the RNC would sign up for CNN to broadcast their event in the first place. They should have known they would get a bunch of CNn broadcasters that would trash commentate everything they did.

      Maybe CNN paid uber monies for the privilege to do so.

      And we all know that privileged counts.

  23. Finally, something worthy is on TV tonight: The Fifth Element is starting on Syfy.

    1. “Time not important, only life important.” Much truth.

      1. “Anybody else wanna negotiate?”

    2. Meanwhile on BBC America, Ladyhawke and STTNG for the next 48 hours.

  24. Reason sent its entire staff to Cleveland and brought one microphone.

  25. “Xenophobia is the clitoris of the Republican Party”

    -Nick Gillespie

    1. Did he really say that?

      1. Your mom said that.

      2. Yeah he said that to Matt but didn’t repeat it.

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