Trump and the GOP Are Official, Republican Convention Continues, Cop Killed in Kansas Shooting: A.M. Links


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  1. …so then I said, “As far as I’m concerned you can kiss my ass.” Oh, hey, there are some links here!

    1. Linked ’em? Damn near killed ’em!

      1. Hey! That’s my joke.

    2. Hello.

      I get the feeling ENB was hastily brushing her teeth and putting on lipstick as she put the links up.

      1. Yeah there’s probably 2 or 3 fewer links than normal. I give her a D- for today’s assignment.

        1. She’s been picking up bad habits from Fruit Sushi.

  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t put my name to this shameful act, either.


      1. This is the most half-assed attempt at Linx I’ve seen in over a decade of posting here. This isn’t even phoning it in, this is semaphore and smoke signals.

  3. Don’t pretend to be your ex-boyfriend’s current wife on Craigslist. ,/i>

    It’s more satisfying doing it in the dark.

    1. Sloppy work, son. Some people look up to you and this is what you give them, broken tags. You should be ashamed.

      1. I like to keep it fresh, trying new styles. Think of that comment as New Coke.

        1. More like Crystal Pepsi.

        2. Johnny Manziel was already using this line by week 6 last season.

          1. Correction Johnny Football snorted this line by week 6 last season.

  4. Man reportedly stabs mother, 3 daughters over their attire

    PARIS — Authorities in southern France have detained a man they say stabbed a woman and her three daughters at an Alps resort, apparently upset at what they were wearing.

    Jean-Marc Duprat, a deputy mayor for the town of Laragne-Monteglin in the Hautes-Alpes region, says the mother and her girls, aged 8, 12 and 14, were vacationing at a nearby resort when the man attacked them Tuesday morning. He said the man, who is not related to them, was upset they were wearing shorts and T-shirts.

    According to The Telegraph newspaper of Britain, the suspect is a Moroccan man who was arrested after the incident.

    The newspaper said the youngest girl was left fighting for her life in a local hospital with a punctured lung.

    Local media also reported that the man accused the women of being inappropriately dressed before or during the attack.

    A French prosecutor, however, told the AFP news agency “the motive of the attack is very blurred.” He did not say whether officials believe it could have been the latest attack by Islamic extremists to hit Europe.

    1. Let’s file this under Europe’s ongoing cultural enrichment.

      1. A French prosecutor, however, told the AFP news agency “the motive of the attack is very blurred.”

        You’re MAKING it blurry, you filth

        1. Didn’t you read the article? Anyone could have done this. Anyone! Just because he’s a Moroccan means nothing. White men stab women and their daughters all. the. time.

          1. Let’s be fair: usually their own gfs and daughters.

            1. Obligatory Louis CK: “Why would you beat your wife? She’s your wife. It’s like keying your own car.” (or something to that effect.)

              1. Women as property? Nice work, Lou.

    2. Another completely random, unexplainable act where the motive shall forever remain a mystery.

    3. Jesus, they didn’t even bother reporting on the resort’s dress code.
      How do I know how to think about this?

      1. He was just performing code enforcement?

        1. Ezzzactly.

          Terminate the colonels command.
          Terminate the colonels command?
          Terminate……….. with extreme prejudice.

          1. Hey now, don’t bring me into this. I told him to stab Hitler.

            In fact you are all under standing orders to kill Hitler. As always.

    4. He did not say whether officials believe it could have been the latest attack by Islamic extremists to hit Europe.

      But did he really need to?

      1. Is attacking women for wearing revealing garb even Islamic extremism, or is it just Islam?

        1. It’s extreme.
          You should see the babes in a typical Jakarta shopping mall.

          1. I’ve heard it said that the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim.

  5. …Donald Trump is officially the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

    And America hasn’t been the same since.

  6. And then they got ENB to phone it in.

    You know, you could at least look us in the eye when you hit post.

    1. This is the Hit & Run equivalent to the walk of shame.

      1. Quit being a sex shamer. It is called the “stride of pride.”

        1. Depends on how bad it burns.

    2. An extra half an hour and she couldn’t even manage alt-text…

      1. Right? She probably had everything setup last night before …whatever happened

        1. Is that anything like Donald Trump’s ‘whatever’?

        2. Date night with a hunky secret service agent.

  7. US entrepreneurship declines in 2015, reversing 4 years of upward growth

    As optimism on Main Street remains stagnant, a new report finds U.S. entrepreneurial activity fell in 2015, reversing four years of upward growth.

    According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2015 U.S. Report released by Babson College on Tuesday, total entrepreneurial activity in the U.S. fell 2 percentage points last year, sliding from 14 percent in 2014 to 12 percent in 2015. This indicator measures those starting and running new businesses.

    Researchers pointed to a drop in “nascent activity,” meaning that fewer people overall entered into entrepreneurship in 2015. The report underscores the idea that a Main Street post-recession recovery is still a work in progress, with sentiment and overall levels of entrepreneurship potentially wavering.


    1. This is why they think people shouldn’t have guns. It’s all projection.

    2. Nathaniel Friedman is yet another in a long line of douche sportswriters.

    3. Bethlehem Shoals still has a Twitter account.

      Milo Yannininninininainaininananpolus does not.

  8. Looks like me and fist were the only holdouts.

    1. White knuckling it?

      1. Come on, that’s not even a euphemism.

  9. Things to watch for on day three of the Republican convention.

    More awkward and glitchy streaming from your favorite Declaration of Independents authors.

    1. I was thinking Red Sox – Giants if it’s on in my market, or a movie.

  10. Are You Experienced?
    …Bros Before Homes is really nothing novel in the manosphere. MGTOWs have been advocating this reward-for-independence from women for as long as there’s been a movement. What is novel is that this return to a man being his own mental point of origin and prioritizing life experiences as his first priority is a result of an awareness that’s now filtering into the mainstream. It’s very easy to criticize men for being juvenile about foregoing what popular culture would have us believe is preparing ourselves for adulthood, but when this new idealism affects the men women hope will be well-positioned Betas when they’ve reached the end of their Party Years, then there’s cause for concern….

    1. …The Blue Pill conditioning of the past 60 years has done everything but teach men to “dream big?to see their happiness in terms of adventure and travel, sex and ideas”. That particular conditioning is reserved for women playing along with the Eat, Pray, Love narrative. If anything it’s just the opposite. From education to family to church, men are conditioned for servile Beta-hood and lambasted for not ‘Manning Up’ and being supportive of women’s empowerment at the cost of their own. Conversely, women and womankind have been lifted to unrealistic idealism in pursuing their own interests at the cost of childbearing and monogamous domesticity. Apparently, Bovy’s never read Lean In or even watched a Disney princess movie in the last 50 years….

      1. “adventure and travel, sex and ideas”

        Hey, baby, let’s climb to the top of Mount Rushmore and have sex while reading Locke’s Two Treatises, including the less-read Book One.

    2. Do people no longer believe in thesis statements or does Longtorso here link text from the middle of the article? I’ve never clicked through a link of his.

      1. I look for good quotes from the middle of the article.

        1. Well, they are quotes. I’ll give you that much, at least.

  11. “The response to Melania Trump’s plagiarism is an example of white privilege.”

    I. f***ing. HATE. privilege theory.

    1. Oh come on, it’s fun!

      I guess this is what Melania Trump, and generations of white women, mean by “help.” It seems to mean that they rely upon black women’s labor to help them look good, sound good, and gain influence, while treating that labor as wholly expendable.

      1. Didn’t Melania Trump grow up in Yugoslavia and then transition into a career as a European fashion model? I’m sure she benefits from “privilege”, but it seems like its about as far from the traditional black/white privilege narrative as you can get. Why are we all treating her like she’s some upper middle-class lady from Atlanta or something?

        1. Wait, if she was born in Yugoslavia, how would that work when it’s her turn to ascend to the Presidency?

          1. It’s not like anyone pays any attention to the constitution or the rule of law anymore.

            1. As long as she didn’t intend to ascend to the Presidency when it happened, she would be in the clear.

    2. Hey, I guess the non-response to Warren’s plagiarism is an example of Red Privilege.

      1. Her culture has no concept of word ownership you fucking asshole!

        Her people freely take and give words (and recipes) when they need them. It is communitarianism at its best.

    3. Brittney Cooper is an assistant professor of women’s and gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers University. She is the co-founder of the Crunk Feminist Collective, and she has written for Salon, the New York, The Root, the Washington Post, and, among other publications. She is working on a book called “Race Women: Gender and the Making of a Black Public Intellectual Tradition.”

      Ok, I need a ruling. WTF is a ‘Crunk Feminist Collective’?

      1. Just read their mission statement, bro:

        The CFC aims to articulate a crunk feminist consciousness for women and men of color, who came of age in the Hip Hop Generation, by creating a community of scholars-activists from varied professions, who share our intellectual work in online blog communities, at conferences, through activist organizations, and in print publications and who share our commitment to nurturing and sustaining one another through progressive feminist visions.

        The term “Crunk” was initially coined from a contraction of “crazy” or “chronic” (weed) and “drunk” and was used to describe a state of uber-intoxication, where a person is “crazy drunk,” out of their right mind, and under the influence. But where merely getting crunk signaled that you were out of your mind, a crunk feminist mode of resistance will help you get your mind right, as they say in the South. As part of a larger women-of-color feminist politic, crunkness, in its insistence on the primacy of the beat, contains a notion of movement, timing, and of meaning making through sound, that is especially productive for our work together. Percussion by definition refers to “the sound, vibration or shock caused by the striking together of two bodies.”

        1. They might as well have a leading S for “Scrunk”, in honor of the repulsive odorous skunks they are emulating.

        2. I’m just going to chalk this one up to ‘Shit I Will Never Understand’.

        3. There are cookies in the break room for anyone who made it all the way through that and need a minute to recover.

          1. We’re gonna ask you to drink some orange juice and wait around for 15 minutes before you get up and try to perform any normal functions.

          2. Break! room? That sounds dangerous. I don’t want to break anything. Why can’t we have a safe room instead?

        4. Hey, no fair giving Sugarfree ideas about percussion.

        5. Hey, no fair giving Sugarfree ideas about percussion.

      2. The Shame of Rutgers continues to embarrass a major university.

        1. I’d like to see some of the sane alumni fund / send a pamphlet of this nonsense out to prospective students.

    4. All privilege theory? Or just Illinois privilege theory?

      1. That was great. What movie is this from?

  12. “The response to Melania Trump’s plagiarism is an example of white privilege.”

    Sure, but what isn’t these days?

    1. When everything is white privilege, nothing will be white privilege.

      1. Sounds like something a cracker would say, cracker.

  13. Bros Before Homes
    On the subtle sexism of men who praise experiences over stuff.

    …The superiority of experiences has become our era’s reigning banality. Consider last year’s Time profile of American anti-stuff advocates: “Minimalists like to say that they’re living more meaningfully, more deliberately, that getting rid of most material possessions in their lives allows them to focus on what’s important: friends, hobbies, travel, experiences.” We hear much the same from more recent awestruck portrait in The Guardian of the new Japanese minimalism, from a man who owns just “four pairs of socks”: “Spending less time on cleaning or shopping means I have more time to spend with friends, go out, or travel on my days off.” It’s hard for me to picture how having enough socks to last an entire wash cycle could possibly impede a social life; the reverse seems more likely….

    1. …Tony’s essay in Toronto Life inadvertently highlights the sexism underlying the minimalist trend. It’s not just?as Ruth Whippman brilliantly demonstrated at The Pool?that the cool new tidying advice is aimed, much like older housekeeping advice, at women. It’s also that the very idea of experiences mattering more than things is a way of valorizing the stereotypically masculine. “While men are conditioned to dream big?to see their happiness in terms of adventure and travel, sex and ideas and long nights of hilarity?women are now encouraged to find deep fulfilment in staying home to origami our pants,” she wrote.

      Whether women are being encouraged to rid our homes of useless belongings, or urged to shop for new ones, the result is the same: Society continues to associate women with the home and the material, men with the outside and experiences. …

      1. That essay originated on slate. I remember, i read it when it came out. The author basically spends her whole life looking through news articles to find trend pieces that paint her lifestyle as uncool, and then complain that these pieces must be sexist. She did the same thing for the fashion piece decrying the standard bob.

  14. New York City police are searching for a man who opened fire on a street in Brooklyn, narrowly missing two cops.

    If they had widely missed then they could have narrowed the suspect down to other NYPD.

  15. Human Hearing Loss Could Be Reversible

    After a songbird loses its hearing due to physical trauma or loud noise, the sensory hair cells in its inner ear regenerate naturally. The healed bird can use its restored hearing to decode complex songs from other birds. In fact, this ear repair is almost universal in vertebrates. Fish and frogs share it. Only for mammals is hair cell death irreparable.

    More than a third of seniors suffer from at least moderate hearing loss, and while hearing aids have improved over the years, no drug currently exists on the market to recover their lost hearing. In the lower vertebrates like fish and birds, those new hair cells arise from the supporting cells of the cochlea’s lining. Now, for the first time, scientists are developing methods that could do the same for humans.[…]

    Dr. Albert Edge showed in 2013 that a “notch inhibitor” class molecule gives rise to new hair cells in a culture. Each hair cell responds best to a particular frequency of sound?they are arranged in order of frequency along the cochlea?so scientists can pinpoint the effect of these new cells on hearing. When regenerated hair cells were then grown in the cochlea of mice, the pitches corresponding to their placement were better detected by the animals.

    1. Trying to regenerate hearing loss is how man bat came into existence. Beware or we will have evil half men half bats flying about.

    2. That doesn’t sound right. I have noticed in the past several years that my ears are now sprouting several crazy wild hairs that I need to watch out for. What is this nonsense about us not being able to grow more ear hairs?

      1. Them and the eyebrow hairs are about all I have left to use in my comb-over.

        Since reaching the other side of my head, I can now close my eyes and see objects with my sonar, ala Daredevil.

    3. I already have the genes for hairy ears. Thanks, Dad.

      1. My mother gave me the genes for height (lack thereof) and middle-aged woman upper arms. Can’t do a damned thing about the height, but if I stay reasonably thin the upper arms don’t flap around.

        Thanks, Mom. These were supposed to be the cake-eating years.

  16. There’s norovirus at the RNC

    Eleven members of the planning team for the California delegation to the Republican convention were recovering Tuesday from a bout with norovirus, or what’s commonly known as stomach flu, health officials said. No delegates appeared to be affected.

    The symptoms, which can include vomiting and diarrhea, were first reported Thursday as logistics members arrived at a hotel about an hour west of Cleveland ahead of the Republican National Convention, said Pete Schade, Erie County health commissioner.

    1. What a shitshow.

    2. What a shitty situation.

    3. And the people were quarantined while warnings were given to follow basic hand-washing procedures to the delegates right? When we know a dieses is specifically about its not that hard to contain spread.

    4. There truly is some sick shit happening there.

    5. Sounds like some shitty democratic plot.

    6. Well, shit.

  17. He admitted to shooting his decades-long friend in the back of his head ? as a favor, he says

    Cho’s two daughters grew up considering Lee an uncle, he said. Their families vacationed together. The two men did business together.

    Then a few months ago, Lee asked Cho for a favor he wasn’t sure he could do, even for his closest friend, he told the detective.

    Lee’s motel business in Korea was foundering. His marriage was falling apart. Lee told Cho he wanted to die, but didn’t want to burden his family with the trauma and social stigma that comes with suicide, Cho said.

    Lee tried to hire people he’d met at nearby casinos to kill him and make it look like a random crime, Cho said, but they demanded payment ahead of time and he didn’t trust them to go through with it. Ultimately, he turned to his best friend.

    “He said there is no other way — this is the only way,” he told Trapp.

    Cho’s defense attorney, deputy public defender Robert Kohler, told the mostly non-Korean jury that cultural context could help them make sense of what may seem an improbable story.

    “There’s a strong stigma attached to suicide,” B.C. Ben Park, a Penn State professor who has researched Korean attitudes toward suicide, told jurors. “Suicide is a sign of failure of moral upbringing, so it stigmatizes the whole family.”

    1. Lee tried to hire people he’d met at nearby casinos to kill him and make it look like a random crime, Cho said, but they demanded payment ahead of time and he didn’t trust them to go through with it.

      Well duh. It’s not like he was going to be able to pay afterwards.

      1. What’s so difficult about it? Wave a wad of cash at them, then stick it in your pocket. Tell them they can get it off your body afterward. If they elect to mug you instead, tell them it’s unwise to leave a witness. So now it looks like a murder-mugging.

        Assuming anything Cho says is true in the slightest.

    2. From the tagline I thought it was going to be an RNC delegate story.

    3. This is the first time of I’ve heard of someone committing suicide by being shot in the back of the head, without it being sarcastic.

    4. Damn, feel bad for the friend. I wouldn’t do it for one of mine. It would be personally traumatic for me, and would carry a criminal sentence if I got caught even if I could prove that you actually asked me to help.

    1. Also Tuesday, health officials said 11 members of the planning team for the California delegation to the Republican convention were recovering from a bout of norovirus, or what’s commonly known as stomach flu. No delegates appeared to be affected.

      The symptoms, which can include vomiting and diarrhea, were first reported Thursday as logistics members arrived at a hotel about an hour west of Cleveland, said Pete Schade, Erie County health commissioner.

      Those who got sick are keeping themselves isolated in their rooms, Schade said, and the Ohio Health Department is trying to identify the source. Norovirus can be contracted from an infected person, from contaminated food or water, or by touching contaminated surfaces.

      Ohio Health Department spokesman Russ Kennedy would only confirm one of the suspected norovirus cases.

      He then said the victim was infected before arriving in Ohio.

      Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California GOP, told delegation members to wash their hands frequently, avoid shaking hands and not to share food.

      1. One more reason to build a fence around California.

    2. ????!!!!! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!

    3. The Conspiracy Theory That Alex Jones Is Actually Legendary, Long-Dead Texas Comedian Bill Hicks
      Alex Jones is no stranger to conspiracy theories, obviously, but here’s a really good one that doesn’t come from him?rather, it’s about him: Have you perhaps heard that he is actually legendary Texas comedian Bill Hicks, who allegedly died in 1994, but who was actually “recruited by the CIA to become the controlled opposition by the mainstream media” who was “continuously fed approved intelligence by his CIA handlers”?

      If you haven’t heard that, fret not. There is a 33-minute long video on Vimeo, created by a user who goes by the name “CastleJenniferBassett” with the catchy title of “IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks.” …

      1. That’s awesome. Thanks!

    4. So the only violence so far at the RNC was perpetrated by the left.

      Shocked, I am.

    1. That is fucked up

    2. That is one of the worst things I’ve read in awhile

    3. Just put a bullet in both of them.

    4. Distant relative of Merkel?

    5. If you legalized drugs, shit like this probably would not happen.

  18. Experts: ‘1 in a trillion’ chance Melania Trump speech wasn’t plagiarism

    Harrick noted that the company does not play “judge and jury” on whether something was plagiarized, but the odds that Trump’s speech did not include plagiarized content are effectively a mathematical impossibility.

    According to Turnitin, there is a 1 in 1 trillion chance that two writers would write the same 16-word sequence by coincidence. The longest matching sequence of words between the Trump and Obama speeches was 23 words.

    So, there is still a chance it was just a coincidence.

    1. How many orders of magnitude accurate is this?

      1. Imma say probably about 12.

        Given that the two compared speeches are nothing but hackneyed drivel covering the same topic, the likelihood of repetition is not nearly so unlikely.

        1. No, it is still highly unlikely that two people would write the same general phrases in the same pattern. I am not sure why it is so hard to admit that the speech was ripped off.

          1. One in a billion sure. One in a trillion? They don’t have the statistics to extrapolate that.

          2. Oh, the speech was definitely ripped off, I’m just saying that the probability number is no where near that high.

            That number has to be considering straight randomness, and does not take into consideration the similarity of subject and the hackiness of the original.

    2. Obama plagiarized from Deval Patrick’s speech in 2008. That was okay, per the media.

      1. Does he have a “D” after his name? Then of course it’s a non-issue.

      2. That was DIFFERENT.

      3. They’re buddies. It’s cool, man.

        I have a feeling speechwriters plagiarize all the time but we don’t notice it.

  19. Pokemon Go: Bosnia players warned of minefields

    Bosnians playing the hit mobile game Pokemon Go are being warned to avoid straying into areas still sown with landmines from the war in the 1990s.

    A Bosnian demining charity, Posavina bez mina, issued its warning after hearing reports of Pokemon Go users venturing into risky areas.

    Players use their smartphones to hunt for cartoon monsters in the real world.

    At least 600 people have been killed in landmine accidents in Bosnia since the end of the war in 1995.

    About 120,000 mines remain undiscovered, a Bosnian demining group estimates.

    As the popularity of Pokemon Go has soared, there have been numerous incidents and accidents involving gamers.

    “We received information that some users of the Pokemon Go app in Bosnia were going to places which are a risk for mines, in search of a pokemon,” Posavina bez mina said on Facebook.

    “Citizens are urged not to do so, to respect demarcation signs of dangerous mine fields and not to go into unknown areas,” it added.

    1. Where else will they find Amputar?

    2. I wouldn’t walk on grass for weeks after coming back from Sarajevo in 1997…

  20. “The response to Melania Trump’s plagiarism is an example of white privilege.”

    It’s probably more like attractive-people privilege. But I still don’t give a shit.

    1. It’s probably an example of sane people realizing the whole thing is a stupid non-issue.

  21. In China, the PLA owns most of the airspace, and getting permission to divert around thunderstorms can be very difficult. So sometimes pilots try to just fly through the damn things. Inevitably the odds catch up with them:

    China Southern A320 damaged in hailstorm

    A China Southern Airlines passenger jet was able to land safely after suffering severe damage, including cracked cockpit windows and fist-sized holes to the fuselage, after being hit by hailstones while flying between Guangzhou to Chengdu on Saturday.

  22. Don’t pretend to be your ex-boyfriend’s current wife on Craigslist.

    Her hamster cheeks are most intriguing.

    1. ’caused by pets moulting in her bed’

      Is that one of those eu-fur-misms?

      1. oh, brava!

      2. Is Swiss out this week?

        1. What did I miss? OH, I see…

          *narrows gaze*

      3. One more reason why the brexit was a good thing. The limeys don’t have to worry about bad eu-fur-misms anymore.

    2. “…caused by pets molting in her bed.”

      Sorry, I am not buying that.

      1. “…caused by pets mounting in her bed.”

        If you fix the typo it becomes more understandable.


    Midweek Mystery ? Does Bigfoot Exist?

    In 1924, a group of miners working in the Cascade Mountain Range in the state of Washington were startled to see a huge simian creature staring at them from behind a tree. Panic-stricken, one of the men fired at it and although the bullet appeared to hit the giant ape in the head, the beast ran off, apparently unharmed. Soon afterwards another of the miners, Fred Beck, spotted it again on the edge of a canyon and again fired, this time hitting the creature in the back. The group watched as it fell over the ridge. They scrambled at once down into the canyon below, but could find no trace of the creature’s body.

    However, that evening as it grew dark, the men heard strange scratching noises outside their log cabin and saw shadowy gorilla-like faces at the window. The terrified miners barricaded the door but soon the creatures were hammering at the roof and walls. Heavy rocks were thrown and the cabin rocked from side to side. The men began shooting through the walls in all directions but still the hammering continued, only ending as the sun rose the next morning. The miners packed up at once and left the cabin, vowing never to return.


    2. Yeah, I absolutely believe that.

    1. Good guys carry “AR” style, bad guys carry “AK” style. Those are good guys. Although the one one the right is one of those evil SKS rifles. Which is still a good-guy.

    2. It goes without saying that I support the right of anyone to carry around whatever kind of weapon they feel like, anywhere, at any time. That having been said, there is no easier way to make yourself look like a total cock than getting decked out in tacticool gear during a peaceful protest in an American city when the closest you’ve probably ever been to real combat is watching Black Hawk Down in Dolby 5.1.

      1. That was actually the first movie I ever saw on my dad’s old Mitsubishi 55″ in HD (Oh boy! 720p). It was visceral as hell to me, since the image quality was so much better than anything I’d ever seen in a home setting before.

    3. I thought it was going to be a fat chick.

      1. Me too

        1. Fat Chick wearing a bullet-proof vest.

    4. Dude on the left looks badass as hell, and i would like to party with him. Dude on the right? That’s cool, man, you do you.

    5. I think I’ve seen the guy on the left before.

  24. Seven: In California, the Right Age to Begin Learning about LGBT History

    Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that the California State Board of Education voted unanimously to include study of the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans in history and social-science classes. This LGBT-focused content will be taught in elementary, middle, and high-school grades.

    Teachers will give students, beginning in second grade, information about diverse family structures, including families with LGBT parents, to help students “locate themselves and their own families in history and learn about the lives and historical struggles of their peers,” according to the text of the framework.

    In grade four, as students study the history of California, they will consider the history of LGBT individuals in their state and learn about the emergence of the nation’s first gay-rights organizations in the Fifties.

    1. Anyone who thinks government schools are left wing indoctrination centers is just a pants-shitting yokel.

    2. What history? LGBT has either been just another guy in a society just like everybody else, or were being punished for crimes against nature. There isn’t any history except for the gay rights movement that you can ascribe to their gayness.

      1. I suspect they will start trying to retcon historical figures into LGBT categories.

        1. That’s going to be a hoot! Are they going to be like, these men wore powdered wigs, so we think…?

          1. Bunch a slave-owning homos!

    3. include study of the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans in history and social-science classes.

      FINALLY teachers are allowed to talk about Eleanor Roosevelt!

    4. Is there a way to learn about amazing things humans have done without segregating them by race, color, creed, sexual preference?

      1. You are a cis-something monster for even asking that question!

    1. Is 80’s bush popular again?

      1. Hopefully manscaping is dead.

        1. Waxing from the neck down is a bit much, but nothing wrong with taking the hedge clippers for a bit of a trim. Parting the forest to find the tree… well, let’s just give a small hurrah for ease of access.

          1. If you have to trim hair to find it, it’s probably not worth the effort.

              1. I’m a grow-er AND a show-er!

            1. Growing up in tje country skinny dipping in the creeks and ponds was common.

              Getting lucky meant some co-ed swimming.

              Guys were subdivided by bank walkers and waist deepers.

          2. Parting the forest to find the tree…

            I don’t ever have much trouble finding the tree, but I find that a little ‘scaping helps give it the stature of a mighty oak.

        2. No woman I know wants to floss while she eats.

      2. George Herbert Walker is what I think of when you say that.

    2. What’s worse – women using hairdryers on their pubic hair OR a women having enough pubic hair necessitating the use of a hairdryer?

      1. You are only against big bushes because you are a shrubber.

        1. Back in the early 90’s when I was a young man and the trimmed bush was not quite ubiquitous in the age group, my friend brought a new girlfriend into our circle of friends. He complained that she was unruly down there. I had my girlfriend declare in her presence ‘So-and-so doesn’t shave her bush – gross!’ We all nodded in agreement. He reported the next day on our success.

          1. But little children aren’t hairy there either, so does that make them sexy? To me hair in the “normal” places on ladies makes them look grown-up & attractive. But I shave my face hair. Tried a beard for a while at Daddy’s insistence, didn’t like it.

            1. tried a beard for a while at Daddy’s insistence

              These gay euphemisms are getting out of hand.

            2. Personal tale told to me:

              Pre-pubescent girl is in the bathroom with her grandmother.

              Girl: Grandma, you have hair down there!
              Grandma: Of course. So does your mother.
              Girl: No she doesn’t!

      2. If you aren’t sleeping with anyone and aren’t wearing bikinis then what does it matter? Women don’t shave their legs all that often in the winter either.

  25. Six months. Only six more months left (almost down to the minute) of Block Insane Yomomma’s vile reign of divisiveness, hatred, and terror.

    It can’t go by fast enough.

    1. To be replaced with a bigger, better edition of divisiveness, hatred, and terror.

      Say Hello to President Hillary Clinton! 🙂

      Or to President Donald Trump! 🙂

    2. Yes, then we can replace our old, worn out reign of divisiveness and hatred for a shiny new reign of divisiveness and hatred.

    3. Did he kill your dog or something?

  26. “Jul. 20, 2016 9:30 am”


  27. Win-Win-Win!

    Activists clash during RNC protests

    It’s the largest gathering of protest groups and the largest gathering of police since the beginning of the Republican National Convention.

    Activists from Black Lives Matter, Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK were in the square and, at one time, were said to be throwing urine at each other.

    Police were trying to draw a line and keep the groups separated. A police spokeswoman said that emotions were high, but not too many fights broke out.

    1. said to be throwing urine at each other.

      Just when I thought this was a sh1tty year, these guys prove me wrong!

      It’s a p1ss poor year!

    2. be throwing urine at each other.

      Do these asshats not own squirt guns?

      1. Do you have something against piss-balloons?

        1. They’d better be good balloons because accidents do happen.

      2. Jarate is a venerable martial art.

    1. *jazz hands*

      1. *uptwinkles*

    2. pull excited faces or wriggle on the spot

      I once knew a girl who did that. Good times.

      1. Was she in elementary school, too?

  28. Police investigating restaurant that served glass in an officer’s sandwich

    The police officer bit into a sandwich Monday and encountered a crunching sound and a “grisly texture.”

    When he looked inside the sandwich, he saw shards of glass. Then he discovered his mouth was bleeding.

    The unidentified officer had to be hospitalized after the incident Monday, according to ABC 6. It happened at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, though investigators are not naming the establishment.

    Detectives have not determined if the glass was placed there accidentally or on purpose, but the restaurant was shut down to conduct interviews.

    this sounds like one of those Halloween stories…

    1. The Night Hoagie Came Home

  29. If the left keeps on pushing this “white privilege” shit even harder they are going to lose the white vote by enough to override their gains in minorities. In their constant celebration of the decline of white people, they somehow don’t notice that 2/3 of voters are still white people, and it will be another decade or two before the decline of white people will be significant enough for them to forget about them entirely.

    1. I actually think that 2016 is the tipping point. If I am right, Trump wins, if the time is not yet, Clinton wins.

    2. Republican Congressman Makes The Case For White Supremacy
      …”This whole ‘white people business’ though does get a little tired,” King declared. “I’d ask you to go back through history,” he added, “and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people your talking about. Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”…

      1. India??

        Without them, no base ten number system. Without that, no algebra or mathematics. Without that no economics, sciences, computers…

        1. Eh, I get his frustration. White men have contributed a hell of lot to the modern world. When everyone else gets themselves boosted up based upon what their race or gender did in the past and you just get torn down for it, I can understand wanting to point out that nearly every modern convenience has a white man to thank for it.

        2. And who’d we call for customer service?

        3. Why does algebra and mathematics depend on base 10?

          You can do both in any base.

          1. You can even make jokes in base 13.

            1. That’s white privilege. Besides, its not quite right to say that non-Indians lacked a base ten counting system. What they lacked was a numerology for doing calculations quickly and easily in their counting systems. But algebra and math sure as hell doesn’t depend on Indian numerals. Mine started with latin letters and quickly worked its way up to greek.

              1. “But algebra and math sure as hell doesn’t depend on Indian numerals.”

                Much of modern mathematics does.

                1. Convenience, not necessity.

          2. Eh, not so much the base 10 as the whole of the Hindi numeric system.

            Algebra and mathematics with strictly European numeric systems is not possible, at least not possible in the easy forms we know it today. Roman numerals simply aren’t all that great for mathematics manipulation.

            1. “Algebra and mathematics with strictly European numeric systems is not possible”

              Totally wrong

              “at least not possible in the easy forms we know it ”

              Less wrong but still not correct.

      2. I was hoping it was Peter King.

        Add onto his being a terrorist.

      3. Asshats like this guy are why people are repulsed by the GOP. Ideas percolate and grow – *** under freedom *** .

        This is why Hong Kong did better than China, South Korea did better than North Korea, Singapore did better than Malaysia, West Germany did better than East Germany.

        You can’t pinpoint human progress on one group.

        F*** these divisive idiots.

        1. ^This

          It doesnt have a goddamned thing to do with skin color. It is culture, and cultures that allow for more freedom are more innovative and successful.

    3. If the left keeps on pushing this “white privilege” shit even harder they are going to lose the white vote by enough to override their gains in minorities.

      The white privilege stuff isn’t about making gains with minorities. They marginalized minorities decades ago and now take them completely for granted. It’s an appeal to the smug urban white voter that implies that while they can make up for any benefits they’ve received from institutional racism by checking the correct box in the voting booth.

    1. Is India Wild Wild West enough to get away with hiring mercenaries? Harder to prove you were behind it if some grizzled guy just breaks in and shoots the perpetrators in their homes.

      1. When they inevitably reboot the A-Team I fully support this grislier version of it.

        1. How can you get any grislier than a hard-chromed mini-14 that can cause military vehicles to actually flip and fly into the air.

      2. Large parts of India are still a mess. There are some places you should avoid altogether, and if you do go there, travel with an organized tour company.

        My friend’s father was shot in the neck by dacoits (as we call them) in a country that has very strict gun control. The rule of law is altogether lacking in some parts, and people do take up arms to resolve disputes because it can take years to get justice through courts.

  30. TW: Nancy French

    How an elite NYC school re-segregates kids, gives black students cupcakes, and shames white students

    What’s the best way to teach white elementary school children how to examine their “whiteness” and realize the “privilege” that goes along with it? Move the black students into their own room and offer them comfort and cupcakes.

    At least, that’s how they’re doing it at the Bank Street School for Children in Manhattan. The New York Post reported on the school’s “Racial Justice & Advocacy Curriculum” headed by social justice activist and “director of diversity,” Anshu Wahi.

    The program has a few set “goals” that are presented in the K-8 classrooms at this elite private school. There are separate activities for black and white students. The black students are moved to a “dedicated space” where they will not only be the majority, but will “feel embraced” by minority teachers who will allow them to “share experiences about being a kid of color” and offer them a safe space to “voice their feelings.” Sometimes they even get cupcakes.

    1. Anshu Wahi


      1. Of course she’s Indian. A privileged Punjabi chick nonetheless. Brainwashed at Dartmouth and Harvard.

        Make the caste system great again!

        I am in misanthrope mode this morning.

    2. Well, how else would you teach kids that everyone should be judged based solely on the color of their skin?

    3. The tuition at that school is between $44,000 and $46,000 per year, depending on age.

      Any child at that school, white or otherwise, is INCREDIBLY PRIVILEGED.

    4. People like segregation. It’s a fact of life. I don’t know how we managed to get white people to have bad feelings about it, but whatever we are doing to convince them isn’t working on large sections of the rest of the populace.


        Jesus, why are parents allowing their kids to go to this school. If parents are literally having their children coming back crying claiming they are a bad person for something they didn’t even do, they should be pulled from that school in a hot second. You’ve got money, drag your kid elsewhere, and refuse to pay another dime to a school that is essentially abusing your children.

        1. Because the parents are guilty white leftists who are fine with damaging their own children to atone for the sins of their race.

          1. Sigh, yeah, but you’d think at some point they might think, “Hey my kid hasn’t even hit puberty yet. Maybe just maybe he shouldn’t be coming home crying because the teachers think he’s inherently evil.”

    5. This will turn out well.

    6. Dr. King weeps.

  31. There’s hope for Crusty

    In a huge new discovery, scientists may have just found a possible new vaccine for a very common sexually transmitted disease.

    Chlamydia is a relatively common sexually transmitted infection that is mainly treatable and often doesn’t have any symptoms, but it has the potential to cause serious complications like reproductive issues and blindness. Researchers have recently discovered an antigen that has the potential to act as a vaccine against it, according to a McMaster University statement.

    1. I hope they can adapt it for the strain that afflicts koalas.

      1. Is there something you’d like to share with us?

        1. If that vaccine works, he will finally stop sharing with everyonething

          1. If the vaccine works, he may just disappear.

        2. It’s VD. You don’t want him to share.

          1. You can’t stop him.

    2. it has the potential to cause serious complications like reproductive issues and blindness.

      I can give myself chlamydia!?

      1. Yes, that’s why you should wipe it out of your eyes if are into leaning back.

    1. That’s fucked up.

    2. GRRRR!

      *hugs Lou Malnati’s menu*

  32. ‘Safe space’ offered at Cleveland university in response to Republican National Convention

    Case Western Reserve University, a private Cleveland-based institution, is hosting a “safe space” for the campus community in response to the Republican National Convention and national political and racial unrest.

    “Last week’s tragedies have horrified us all and raised profound questions for our country. Amid our shock and grief, we also recognize that our city soon will host the Republican National Convention (RNC), an event that is expected to draw dozens of protests?and could see a significant degree of conflict,” the July 11 memo stated.

    1. I, for one, am glad that they are making it so obvious that safe spaces are just signaling. Every time they call for something like this, every one else on campus gets to question the premise just a little more.

    2. a private Cleveland-based institution,

      As a private institution, they can do whatever stupid thing they want.

  33. Pokemon Go: Indonesia bans police from playing game while on duty; warns game could be used to spy

    Indonesians have joined the frenzy for the game, which has become a worldwide hit since launching two weeks ago and has already been blamed for a wave of crimes, traffic violations and complaints in cities around the globe.

    Despite Pokemon Go not yet being officially available in Indonesia, many have downloaded it illegally and taken to the streets to hunt for virtual “pocket monsters”.

    But its popularity has caused concern among the security establishment’s top echelons, with officials suggesting its high-tech capabilities could be put to use in spying.

    “Spying can come in different forms,” said hardline Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu.

    1. Cops are some of the best players. They have nothing better to do every day but patrol around diverse neighborhoods slowly. It’s great for catching a bunch of different types of pokemon, hit a bunch of gyms and pokestops, and hatching eggs.

      1. Somebody seems to know a lot about being a cop and Pokeyermom…

        *eyes Illocust suspiciously*

        1. Actually, just random gossip I picked up. My dad used to be a cop, but he definitely didn’t understand Pokemon Go until I explained it to him. His phone wouldn’t be able to handle the game anyways.

  34. Bacon-wielding woman, 86, fights off thief in Iceland

    The woman had withdrawn her pension from a bank in Altrincham on Monday before heading into the Iceland store.

    While shopping she was approached by a woman who grabbed her trolley and demanded her money.

    Not willing to give up without a fight, however, the octogenarian hit the woman over the head with the bacon before the would-be thief fled empty-handed.

    Greater Manchester Police said while the 86-year-old was “safe and well”, she was “shook up about the incident”.

    1. Does Playa know this?

    2. Slapped with Bacon

      good song title

        1. “You’re one degree from Bacon, bitch!”

    3. Iceland?

      Did Iceland win them in the Brexit or something?

      1. *disclaimer – I know you were making teh funny*

        Its a grocery chain. They specialize in cooler and frozen stuff. I did a double take the first time I saw one.

    4. Was her attacker a Muslim? I think they then have DR 8/bacon by default.

  35. Sounds like a real war over at Fox. It’s everyone versus Megyn Kelly.…..alk-ailes/

    1. Maybe Hannity and O’Reilly won’t be picked up by Fox or its successor? Looking for the good here.

    2. Let’s all jump the queen!

      No, alas, I can’t make that relevant.

    3. Well, I guess Kelly was either lying then , or lis lying now.

    4. She spoke out against Daddy Trump. No one speaks out about Daddy. She must be destroyed.

      Apostates are more dangerous than infidels.

  36. I’m closing next Tuesday morning. Should I take the whole day off, or would you recommend a half day?

    1. Whole day. Things can come up that can eat up time, in my experience.

    2. What do you mean next Tuesday? Always Be Closing. Put down that coffee. Coffee is for closers.

    3. What do you mean next Tuesday? Always Be Closing. Put down that coffee. Coffee is for closers.

      1. Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you — go home and play with your kids!! You wanna work here? Close!!

      2. ABS, Always be squirreling.

    4. It takes only a couple of hours if there are no issues. I went to work in the afternoon, but my work schedule is flexible.

    5. The whole day (speaking as a one time lawyer who used to do closings).

  37. The Republican Party Is Not Dead
    Donald Trump is awful. The convention is a disgrace. But the GOP will come back strong sooner than you think.

    Does this year’s hilariously slipshod Republican National Convention represent the death knell of a party that is too old, too white, and too right-wing to survive in the years to come? Assuming Donald Trump loses in November, as seems more likely than not, one can certainly imagine the GOP descending into a civil war. Pro-Trump Republicans might blame anti-Trump Republicans for a narrow defeat. Republicans of a libertarian bent might blame GOP populists for Trump’s rise, and the populists might start blasting the libertarians as RINOs. With such a divided party, and with a brand so tarnished by Trump’s noxious rhetoric, how could Republicans ever recover?

    It’s pretty simple. Republicans will recover because if Hillary Clinton is elected president, something will go wrong on her watch, and voters will blame her whether she is responsible for that failure or not. When this happens, swing voters will turn to the GOP. They won’t do this out of any great enthusiasm for the Republican message, to be sure. But they’ll do it, because they will have only one serious opposition party to choose from.

    1. Why is the convention a disgrace? Because they didn’t let a few butt hurt top men overturn the fair results of the primaries?

      God do these people deserve a Trump Presidency.

      1. I’d feel much more that way if I didn’t feel so strongly that I and my kids don’t deserve a Trump presidency (or a Hillary presidency).

        1. What is Trump going to do to them? Convert them to the virtues of fashion models and bad interior decorating?

          1. Leave it as bad as he found it.

            1. That sounds better than leaving it worse.

          2. Encourage ED.

            1. Destroy the USFL again?

              1. BTW, that is a very serious reason I have for not voting for him. The USFL one, not the ED one (although that too).

                It says a lot about his character and termperment.

              2. I am pretty sure the USFL destroyed itself, or the jury in the anti trust suit did it.

                1. It could have survived as a Spring league, the move to fall killed it, which was pushed by Trump.

                  The lawsuit was to force a settlement/merger. He wanted to own an NFL team. He never wanted to own a 2nd tier football team.

                  He doesnt get small business.

                  If Bassett had lived, the USFL might still be around today.

                  1. That was a disturbing thing about Trump. I wanted a major spring league. But I think Trump’s only that way about biz he can control himself; don’t know if he has anything about smaller biz in gen’l.

                    1. I still would like to get a 2nd-tier football league going. I’d call it the Cheapskate Football League or Budget Football League or some such. Slogan: 75% as good as the NFL for 25% the cost.

                  2. No one wants spring football. There is too much football as their is. I love the sport but it is nice to give it a rest for a few months. And another pro league just further deluded the talent and the quality of play.

                    1. No, I think there’s spectator appetite for American football year-round. The women’s leagues started in the fall but all switched to spring & early summer. Look at the field sports seasons in the countries where the winters aren’t so bad, like the British Isles, where our games came from. They start football in the fall, play thru the winter & into spring. Or look at rugby season in most of North America, starting in the fall, finishing in spring, taking the winter off; in Fla. & Cal., they start later in the fall & continue thru the winter. Plus there’s some off-season play.

                      Know when the “traditional” end of baseball season used to be? Thanksgiving day. And it’s not like they started later in the spring at that time, either, typically in March. They’d even get up games on nice days in the winter.

              3. I am pretty sure the USFL destroyed itself, or the jury in the anti trust suit did it.

                1. Also, technically the USFL won the antitrust suit.

      2. Reading the National Review team twitter feed is weird: #NEVERTRUMP tweets are devolving into a Salon-like parody.

        1. NR is first on my list of people who deserve a Trump presidency. Maybe if KJL ever stops being editor, I’ll read them again, but I’m not really feeling like I miss anything going into about year eight of my boycott.

          1. KJL writing about porn is one of the most embarrassing train wrecks ever published outside of the far left.

            The magazine has fired or ran off every good writer they had for the last 15 years. Gone are people like Stein and Derbyshire to be replaced by utter hacks. Even Coulter was funny once in a while. I read the things they write and I am often left to wonder just who the hell they are trying to convince or what they are trying to accomplish.

            1. Butthurt as you may be about that one time he wrote an anti-yokel article (which I have a feeling would be lauded as an inconvenient truth if all the places that said “white” were crossed out and replaced with “black”), but Kevin Williams is still usually worth reading even when he’s wrong. And that guy that writes about guns (Cooke?). And… no, that’s it. I mean, at least it’s not the Weekly Standard, I guess.

              1. Everything he said was demonstrable bullshit. It was just a fact free rant. Even if you somehow agreed with it, what purpose did writing it serve? He didn’t convince anyone. He just cost his employer a fair number of long term subscribers and created a lot of bad will among people who generally agree about things. He just proved what an ass he is and how he is more interested and asserting his class status than anything else.

                Most importantly, who is he to claim people deserve their fate? What has he ever done besides get paid to talk out of his ass about things he knows just enough about to be dangerous?

          2. Oh, she is easily outdone by David French, who even briefly fancied himself a presidential candidate.

            OTOH, Cooke is excellent, Goldberg occasionally funny, and KDW is 50% excellent, 50% retarded (his columns are a coin flip).

            Their commenters are the worst collection of yokels imaginable.

            1. […]and KDW is 50% excellent, 50% retarded (his columns are a coin flip).

              Agreed. But I’ll applaud him solely for writing this incredible gem about the State of the Union Address. Even given that half of his articles are pretty good (and the other half really dumb), I don’t think he’ll come close to something so good as that again.

            2. KDW delusion is worse than Trump delusion.

              Sorry he shits on poor whites in untenable and unenviable positions. Sorry he goes and slums it in welfare wastelands and draws natural conclusions. I guess he’s supposed to board the Trump Train and champion protectionist rackets to bring back prosperity by hobbling trade.

              1. Except nothing he said was based in any fact. It was all just bullshit unsupported assertions. Poor people don’t use or abuse drugs with any more frequency that rich people. That is well known and been known for years. Whatever reason the white working class is struggling, it isn’t because of drugs and anyone who can do five minutes of google searching should know that.

                Moreover, Williamson is a shallow thinking half wit. He totally ignores the crushing weight of the regulatory state so he can pretend that every rust belt city is the victim of some kind of God like moral judgement from the market. Those towns were once some of the most productive places on earth. And now they “deserve to die”. Really? Why? Because some hipster doofus like KDW thinks they are icky?

                Williamson did more to discredit the case for free trade and against Trump than if he had been a paid false flag operation with orders to do so.

                1. Bullshit. Wealth is a product of habits of mind. If you’re habitually popping pills or cooking heroin rather than working toward tangible, prosperous goals, you’re not going to enjoy the wealth enjoyed by a workaholic who drinks heavily or a clever person who regularly rips on the bong. Drug use is not an infinitely pliable indicator of wealth, and I’ve never read KDW claim otherwise, but it’s an indicator. Why is that a difficult thing to admit? And you’ve never, ever pointed to where KDW said these places “deserve to die.” How does one kill a town, John? Are we going to carpet-bomb it out of existence? He’s said that industrious people with dreams need to leave them for places where prosperity still exists. Places where cultural nihilism don’t predominate. If it’s okay to say about Detroit, why not anywhere, I don’t know, whiter?

                  You have a bug up your ass for some reason I can’t pinpoint, but I take you at your word when you bitched about Williamson not taking blacks to task the way he does whites. Maybe the point is that whites shouldn’t look to political benefactors the way blacks did in the 60s. That way lays social ruination.

                  1. Coomodius,

                    You seem to have this idea that the market is some big machine that if left alone will produce perfect results. No. The market is a set of laws of human behavior that if left alone will generally produce the most efficient results. Individual results may vary. Thinking that everyone who is poor is that way because of some moral failing and greater moral judgement of the market is pathetic and just as stupid as thinking that every good result of the market is by luck or exploitation. Life is more complex than that.

                    As for the details of your post, there is no point in responding to it. It is just an unresponsive trip into rainbow puppy Island where life is always perfect and bad things never happen and the market takes care of all who let it.

                    I am sure that makes you feel good. And I guess everyone needs something. It is however, completely asinine and at odds with reality.

                    1. Perfection is the enemy of good, John. Nothing is perfect. But I’ll give you an example of imperfection: lavish protectionist rackets favoring domestic producers and their unionized workforces in places like Detroit. How is Trump going to do any better by threatening American consumers with higher import costs?

                      Thanks for conceding the rest of my post.

                    2. And as far as denigrating the poor for moral failures, you’ve got it exactly backward. The moral failings of poor blacks are routinely excused, papered over, or ignored, such that they’ve become a cultural malaise giving rise to incredible violence and racial tension. There’s well-deserved condemnation from bottom to top, because blacks are human beings, too, and therefore responsible for their decisions, and their leaders are humans and aren’t excused for having good intentions. But you’re not allowed to give voice to any of this, because blacks are a client class in the progressive political superstructure.

                      And your position is that people like KDW should be more permissive toward poor whites because what poor whites need more than anything is their own political benefactors who will hold them in horrible stasis for over half a century and going.

                    3. The market is a set of laws of human behavior that if left alone will generally produce the most efficient results. Individual results may vary.

                      If only this could be beaten into every child. Along with the caveat that, as far as we know, there is no intervention that improves the situation of the aggregate poor better than a free market, well guarded against fraud.

            3. Cooke is good. And Goldberg has his moments but ultimately is not that bright and fairly limited as a thinker. Goldberg is great at tearing down the left. Granted, that is not much of a challenge but someone has to do it and Goldberg is funny and good at it. Goldberg, however, falls flat when he tries to write anything explaining or defending a conservative position. I get the sense that he really doesn’t have much of a world view beyond a set of clever rationalizations for policies he personally prefers.

              And the commenters are the worst. It has been a real education for me over the last year or so to finally realize many on the right are just as stupid and emotional as those on the right. What makes the NRO comenters so horrible is not that they are wrong, we are all wrong sometimes, it is that they absolutely think they are the height of principles and the guardians of what it means to be a conservative. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

              And don’t get me started on French. Lets just say that although I have never met him, I am well acquainted with his reputation in the Army and in the JAG corps in particular. I will leave it at that.

            4. Their commenters are the worst collection of yokels imaginable.

              Nah, Breitbart is the worst. Sucks, too, because I never thought of Andrew Breitbart himself as that type of person. He played the happy warrior (and seemed to be more libertarian over time) to a tee.

      3. God do these people deserve a Trump Presidency.

        Shame they’re getting another Clinton instead, innit.

        1. You can always hope./

          1. I can always hope that fissures erupt under the GOP convention and swallows the whole lot of them, because absent Trump and his Klingons even at this late date the party could put up a better candidate with a better shot at beating Hillary.

            1. That isn’t happening. So it looks like Hillary is your gal. She might come through for you.

              1. I flip a coin every morning when I wake up: do I want a troll who will infuriate progressives for four years? Or do I want the very real possibility of another four years of Obama thoroughly discrediting his past eight? Do I trust Trump to deliver on his rhetoric, or do I trust Clinton to be a little less awful? Is Trump going to kill the small-government impetus for a generation and is that worse than Hillary owning SCOTUS for a generation? What is the possibility of either of these septuagenarians keeling over in office?

                1. I don’t think Trump will kill small-government impetus. The US has a strong culture of limited government, even if it’s less now than it was in the past. It’s without a doubt the best thing about these United States and is in fact the basis of all my other favorite things about it.

                  Conversely, there is absolutely no doubt that Hilary stacking the SCOTUS would be a killer of whatever semblance of small-government policy-making there is. I’m not saying vote for Trump necessarily, just saying Hilary is a guaranteed disaster no matter how you slice it.

  38. The Twitter censorship thread seems to be dead, so I will continue it here. Soave and many of the comenters miss the point about twitter. Twitter is of course free to run their business as they like and are perfectly free to have unfair and biased standards for speech by its users. Twitter is not free however to lie to its users about what those standards are. The terms of service for twitter are viewpoint neutral. They don’t say “you can be banned if you engage in outrageous behavior and you have politics we don’t like”. They claim to apply to all content equally. Yet, Twitter in no way abides by these terms in practice. In practice leftest engage in all sorts of gross violations of the rules and are never punished for it and conservatives have been banned when their behavior clearly was consistent with the rules.

    If Twitter once to discriminate on the basis of politics, it needs to change its TOS to reflect that. Otherwise, it is guilty of fraud.

    1. Fraud? It’s a free service. Prove damages.

      1. You don’t need damages. You need a valid deal. The deal is I give twitter the use of my data and the ability to market to me and in return they give me use of their platform. So there is consideration on both sides. So the deal is valid.

        This is a class action suit waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter than the damage is negligible. Some people were damaged and everyone could be potentially damaged because they do not have a right to express conservative views but think they do because of the TOS. You get attorney’s fees in such suits.

    2. Team Almanian. Fuck Twitter, fuck Yiannapoulos.

      1. I am not sure what you are saying. But it doesn’t matter what you think of him. Twitter should have to live by their TOS.

        1. I’m saying this rates up there with Kardashian v. Taylor Swift in terms of who the fuck cares.

          1. It matters because at some point you get tired of leftist being two faced assholes and getting away with it. You should enjoy standing up for Yiannappolis. Anyone can stand up for someone who is liked and popular. What is fun is to stand up for someone who is unpopular. I can’t understand the appeal of the “fuck them all” attitude. Nothing bores me more than a cop out.

    3. I wonder why they don’t bother to update their TOS. It’s not like their loyal fans would leave them if they did.

    4. Earlier today Milo said he was not sorry for his dialogue with Jones.

      “No, of course, I don’t have any regrets,” Milo told Heat Street. “But feminists on the other hand should have regrets that they have taught strong women that they are victims and attacked people for having different opinions to them on Twitter.”

      Milo also defended himself against accusations of racism with the fact he has a propensity for black men.

      “I keep getting accused of being a white supremacist. But if that’s the case, I must be the first black-dick-sucking white supremacist in history.”


      1. I seriously doubt he’s the first black-dick-sucking white supremacist in history.

        1. +8, Hateful

        2. The openness about, it is the big deal. The guys you’re thinking about it don’t admit they are doing it.

  39. If it walks like a Reichstag Fire, and quacks like a Reichstag Fire, then maybe it’s a Reichstag Fire

    – Iowahawk

    Turkey purge hits 50,000 and 21,000 teachers suspended as military launches first airstrikes against Kurdish rebels since failed coup…..-coup.html

    1. It’s becoming pretty clear that the “attempted coup” was a setup.

      Erdogan is the worst kind of dictator. And he looks like Gollum.

      1. Yes. It’s pretty bad.

        They had an enemies list, and they are acting on it.

        Only one of my extended family has returned to facebook. And her postings are extremely apolitical (pictures of cute puppies). I’m not going to talk to her or ask her any questions till things settle out a bit.

        1. I was stupidly listening to NPR this morning and when BBC World News came on they were interviewing some young Turks who are supporters of Erdogan and they felt that the purge was completely justifiable, completing believing and eating up the government’s propaganda about Gulen and his supporters being responsible.

          1. Erdogan is an honest to God actual potential Hitler. This is going to get far worse before it gets better.

            1. You know who else… wait a minute, fuck.

          2. I had a few years of primary schooling in Turkey. I experienced a program that was designed to grow good little citizens of a fascist country. The flavor of fascism that was in vogue at that time was an updated form of Kemalism.

            It really doesn’t take much to convert a fascist of one flavor into a fascist of another flavor. So I’m not shocked that Erdogan’s efforts to put a stake in the heart of Kemalism and replace with with his new islamist flavored variant seems to be not be that difficult.

            1. Once you have a solid base of fanatics, you can sway them from one movement to another.

            2. So the final stake in Atat?rk’s Turkey?

              1. Islamist Turks are already tearing down statues of Ataturk, so, yes.

            3. It’s really sad and scary. I was reading about the $500M gilded palace he built — I’m waiting for Vogue to do an article about how fashionable and western Emine Erdogan is.

              The media seems to be only talking to Erdogan supporters which makes it sound like they are biased and in support but in reality, I doubt any of his detractors would be safe or comfortable criticizing him now.

            4. And Erdogan will constantly place himself in proximity to an image of Ataturk because in Turkey, that signals legitimacy, regardless of how far off one might be from it.

              He pretty openly wants to destroy Kemalism, and yet he will get away with using Kemalist imagery to accomplish it. It’s fascinating.

              1. And Erdogan will constantly place himself in proximity to an image of Ataturk because in Turkey, that signals legitimacy, regardless of how far off one might be from it.

                Founding father syndrome.

      2. The coup might have been real. It doesn’t matter. He is using it to do what he couldn’t before, without causing a coup.

      3. Even the middle eastern guys I know are espousing this view now. He was too blatant. Should of stuck with purging the army folks, then people would have defended him until they were blue in the face.

    2. What a damned mess.

    3. It is a straight-up purge of secularists. Turkey is going to become the new Iran.

      Where is Vlad when you need him? I ask cuz’ Europe is going to need him.

  40. “The response to Melania Trump’s plagiarism is an example of white privilege.”

    Interesting that ENB would post this link, since she seems to be a keen advocate of the white privilege concept herself.

    1. She is an attractive young white woman. She knows a thing or two about privilege.

      1. I don’t understand. If you’re a woman with a gift for math, you should be given special treatment. If you’re a woman with an athletic gift that lets you outplay a not-quite-semiprofessional man, you should be worshipped. If you’re a woman with a natural talent of having a face and body that people want to use to sell their goods, you’re a horrible person. Its like the Uncle Tom of womanhood.

        1. My mother used to say that feminism was nothing but a movement started by homely women angry about the power attractive women had. I think there was a lot of truth to that. Looks and sex have an epic amount of power and only women have them. Yet feminists have spent 70 years now trying to deprive women of that in the name of female empowerment.

          1. The purpose may be as superifical as envy, but there’s a deep-seated need to interpret very obvious facts as indicative of something other than plain observation. Women can’t possibly be popular based on sex appeal because sex appeal is merely a crank twisted by men. So sexy women aren’t merely exercising undeserved influence, they are in fact subservient to men. Only feminist harridans are truly free, despite living miserable, paranoid, insular lives. At least they’re not slaves to the male gaze.

            Conspiracy cranks, all of them.

            1. semi-related: “It was a nice face, a face you get to like. Pretty, but not so pretty that you would have to wear brass knuckles every time you took it out.” (Farewell, My Lovely – Raymond Chandler)

              1. It is passages like that that let me overlook all of Chandler’s sins.

            2. Women can’t possibly be popular based on sex appeal because sex appeal is merely a crank twisted by men.

              These euphemisms.

        2. Not only that, but I bet there is a (weak, but positive) correlation between looks and intelligence.

  41. Hadley dated the victim’s husband, who is a U.S. Marshals Service agent

    And there it is again – law enforcement self-sacrifice syndrome.

  42. Hillary Clinton: Democratic Candidate Reportedly Seeking Running Mate With National Security Experience

    Candidates include retired NATO commander James G. Stavridis and Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Tim Kaine, outlets reported. Clinton is expected to announce her running mate on Saturday.

    1. Tim Kaine friggin’ sucks. That is all.

      1. You don’t like The Peoples’ Eyebrow?

    2. If Stavridis joins her campaign, I will lose all respect for the man.

      On the other hand, he has struck me as a guy with integrity and who gives a shit about the Navy’s organizational culture, so I think Hillary would be really foolish to have him anywhere close to her inner circle.

    3. Who is the most loathsome? That’s the one to put your money on.

    4. Dick Cheney has a lot of national security experience. Jus’ sayin’

    5. I hoping for Vilsack so we could make jokes.

      1. Frozen Caveman Lawyer Style.

  43. Renegade – wanted to ask you about Schade Feedback (or whatever you want to call it).

    How does one calculate the value of the fb resistor? Also does the driver need to be higher current? Planning on using an EF86 for my next project amp since I have loads of them.

    Something like this schematic is my beginning point, which is a pentode output version of JC Morrisons SE UL amplifier.

    1. Depends. Is the driver a pentode? If so, life is easy, the impedance there is basically just the plate resistor. So you can calculate gain by the usual ratio of the feedback resistor to the plate resistor. The tricky thing is not upsetting the DC. Take a look at the 50 watt amp in the RC30 tube manual- it does a terrific trick of doing plate to plate and plate to cathode feedback.

      1. That’s a mighty complicated masturbation euphemism.

        1. LH and I share some odd kinks.

      2. In the linked circuit, the 220k plate resistor is pretty high to pull off that trick. The issue with scaling the feedback resistor is that it will end up damn high and stray capacitance will bite you in the ass.

        1. Gotcha. Luckily I’m just in the parts buying mode, not the actual building so I’m open for ideas.

          1. First idea: start with a different circuit. 😉

            I’d recommend springing for Menno’s little pamphlet on trans amps (speaking of kinks). He reviews the method and shows some very nice examples.

            1. I’ll take a look.

              I’ve actually built two different version of the schematic – simple ‘n’ stupid with a low parts count & cost. Rugged too, but not something I would use with full-range speakers.

  44. Not even one link for the passing of GARRY MARSHALL?

    Kids today…

    1. *pours out a little Shotz*

    2. I like when he played, in effect, Andy Breckman on Monk on the airplane.

    3. Guy was an ordinary genius, like John Hughes.

  45. We landed Somewhere,the Moon maybe? in 1969, but I don’t believe it cause there ain’t no linky

    1. That was hundreds of years ago and done by a bunch of racist white men who spoke some archaic language.


      All of the reason staff who are under the age of 40.

    2. Pournelle quote, approximately:

      I always thought I would live to see the first man on the moon. I never thought I would live to see the last man on the moon.

  46. Chick next to me on the bench has a nice ass. Too bad she’s sitting on it.

    1. Get her to sit on your face, and then take pics.

      1. Ok.

        Gahk! Two inch hairball and that wasn’t a chick.

  47. And this?…..63200.html

  48. A psychologist office rents out some office space from me. The business owner came to me the other day and said she was worried that one of her patients has a CCW permit. She said the guy suffers from depression and she doesn’t feel safe with him having a gun. So her plan is to drop him as a patient, report him to the Sheriff’s office as a person who shouldn’t have a gun and to put a sign up on my building’s door barring firearms from the premises.

    At first I tried to reason with her, telling her that he probably already owned a gun before he got the permit. That simply being depressed is not grounds to declare someone a danger and that a sign won’t stop someone from shooting her if that’s her big concern. She steadfastly declined all reasoning because she still felt scared and then insisted that I put a sign on the door. Then I lifted up my shirt, showed her that I come armed to work every day and that no amount of irrational fear is going to make me put a sign up. I saw the color drain from her face and ever since then she is overly nice to me but avoids all eye contact, like she thinks that if she gives me one wrong look I’m going to shoot her.

    Funny thing is, I’m not sure if I’m more afraid of her shitting her pants and getting the local law enforcement to harass me or if she’s more afraid of me randomly shooting her. Only one of those fears is even slightly realistic.

    1. Good on you Free Society. Hopefully a couple months spent around you will make her realize how silly she’s being. It’s hard to keep up irrational fear when you undergo daily exposure with nothing happening.

      1. A psychologist changing her mind?!?

        Good luck with that!

        I know a bunch of shrinks. Most of them mean well. A few of them are really good at their jobs. All of them are nuts to varying degrees.

        1. Most shrinks got into the business to self-diagnose

          1. Shrinks serve a role, but I see them as a paid substitute for broken families, support networks, and social cohesion.

            They are a symptom of the times.

      2. Maybe she’ll come around. But she is probably the most emotion driven person I know. She gets visibly upset if someone complains about Obamacare or says something like “taxation is theft” in her presence.

        1. She gets visibly upset if someone complains about Obamacare

          You would, too, if some threatened your rent seeking.

          1. Oh I’m sure the law has benefited her tremendously. There’s a few reasons that her profession skews overwhelmingly left. Rent seeking is one of them.

    2. Invite her out to the range one day. She’ll most likely say no, but sometimes the fear can be overcome with a couple hours putting holes in paper targets.

      It’s certainly better than the opposite, which is her nearly wetting her pants every time you walk into the room.

      1. My range is private property with a full whiskey bar. We set off 50 pounds of tannerite (sp?) that made an explosion so loud people were calling 911 from two towns over. Every emergency responder in the area came out to put out what they thought was the propane facility next door exploding. People at a nearby Wal-Mart were instructed to shelter in place and we made the local newspaper. But no charges were filed since we technically didn’t do anything illegal (that we admitted to). I assume that she regards my range as the seventh circle of hell.

    3. Wow, dude. Hats off! I loved the part where you lifted your shirt up and showed her your gun. AWESOME!

      The part I find scary is this:

      , report him to the Sheriff’s office as a person who shouldn’t have a gun

      She shouldn’t have that sort of power.

      1. She shouldn’t have that sort of power.

        She’s not even a psychiatrist. Just a psychologist, so I’m not sure that she has any real power on the matter. But I’m counting on law enforcement not to consider any distinction before they proceed with their harassment campaign so I tried my best to allay her fears before she went that route.

        1. Is there any way to get her psychologist license revoked if she gets her patient’s CCW license revoked?

          What she’s talking is malpractice, and it would be apt payback.

          1. I think it would be a violation of confidentiality at least, since she wouldn’t be basing her complaint on any kind of actual threat, just her emotional response to a benign a fact.

            1. Actually, they are allowed to break confidentiality in the case the patient, in their opinion, is likely to harm someone.

              So, if the guy said that as soon as the ammo for his roscoe arrived in the mail, we was going to ventillate his ex, she would be required to call the cops and to warn the ex.

              And, I’m sure she knows the rules well enough that when she complains to the cops, she will check of the right boxes to keep her out of trouble with the licensing board.

              1. In CA, the largest sections on the licensing exam are the parts about ethics, including confidentiality.

          2. Actually, you’re really really right. Patient confidentiality is a real thing. There is a strong possibility her discussion with Free Society violated it.

            1. HIPAA, bitches.

            2. She didn’t give me any identifying information of the person other than it’s a guy. Now if she went to the Sheriff an reported him with no reason to believe he would harm others than the fact that he feels sad and owns a gun, I think that would be a violation of confidentiality. But I don’t know…

        2. Do psychologists even need licensing??

          I thought anyone could hang a shingle offering therapy.

          1. Yes but I think it’s just a license to use that title. I think it can be gotten around by calling yourself a “life coach”.

          2. Yes, in most states, people aren’t allowed to call themselves psychologists unless they’re licensed (other states require them to go by “unlicensed psychologist”).

  49. New York City police are searching for a man who opened fire on a street in Brooklyn, narrowly missing two cops.

    So like how do they know by how much the bullets missed the 2 cops? Was he firing tracer rounds or something? Or do they just assume that any bullets with a 2 block neighborhood to be narrowly missing police officers?

    1. Maybe he just wanted to see the cops, a little bit. Hadn’t seen them for a few days. He missed them, but not that much.

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