Obama Raising Heat Wave Awareness, Gary Johnson in Cleveland, Turkey Bans Travel for Academics: P.M. Links


  • NOAA

    President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.

  • A speechwriter with the Trump Organization has taken responsibility for plagiarism in Melania Trump's speech. Gary Johnson appeared in Cleveland for the Republican convention. Dan Savage incorrectly claimed the Green party didn't field local and state-level candidates while also hurling race-based insults at Jill Stein in an effort to discourage his listeners from supporting her. Tourists are apparently hitting up the home of Hillary Clinton in New York.
  • The police chief in Kansas City, where a police officer was fatally shot this week while pursuing suspects who allegedly fired a gun out of a vehicle, said "anti-police speech has got to stop because the consequences are real."
  • An appeals court in Texas ruled the state's voter ID law had a "discriminatory effect."
  • A Pokeman Go player in Baltimore crashed his car into a police vehicle.
  • Turkey has banned all academics from travel as the government's post-attempted coup crackdown continues.

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  1. Turkey has banned all academics from travel as the government’s post-attempted coup crackdown continues.

    Is this ban about Ghostbusters, too?

    1. Hello.

      “President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.”

      He’s a meteorologist too? Is there anything he *can’t* do? Greatest President EVAH!

      1. Can he explain why so many people take Dan Savage seriously?

        1. Can he explain Paris Hilton? The Kardashians?

          1. Can he explain Paris Hilton?

            I’ve got this one. She’s a very rich young woman who’s kind of cut and loves the dick.

            1. “kind of cut”

              You mispelled ‘a cunt’

            2. News Flash: Paris Hilton is now 35; no longer young.

              1. When you’re 51, 35 is practically jail bait.

          2. Paris Hilton is the granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, and thus started off life very well-heeled.

            She has somehow parlayed this into leveraging her image and name for a series of fragrance launches, among other things.

            1. I vaguely recall reading a few years ago that her various business ventures were actually quite successful. Much to everyone’s surprise.

            2. Well rounded heels as well.

      2. Isn’t “raising awareness” something reserved for problems that affect a minority or are otherwise invisible to the general public? I think people are fucking aware when it’s hot outside.

    2. China’s banned it because it apparently promotes cults and witchcraft.

      Surprisingly, they weren’t talking about social justice.

      1. Yeah, the cult that believes women can be funny.

        1. TIWTANLW

        2. Marie Dressler was funny. But she’s been dead for 80 years.

        3. Madeline Kahn was hilarious, and such on purpose.

          Margaret Dumont was a pure joy in Marx Brothers movies, but supposedly she didn’t understand a single thing that was going on (which is why she was perfect in them).

          1. I’m not a big fan of the Marx Brothers, to be honest.

            Glenda Farrell is another actress who is a joy to watch doing comic stuff.

            1. Don’t know about consistency, but Bette Midler in Ruthless People was hella funny. Meryl Streep was gold in She-Devil. The list goes on more I think about it.

              1. The difference I think is that the women you lisst were actually capable of acting.

                Most “comediennes” are neither funny nor capable of pretending for seventy minutes.

            2. I’m not a big fan of the Marx Brothers, to be honest.

              You’re DEAD to me! DEAD!!!

              1. No kidding, burn him, he’s a witch.

          2. …supposedly she [Dumont] didn’t understand a single thing that was going on…

            I’ve heard the same thing about Slim Pickens and his role in Dr Strangelove.

            1. HTML fail:

              The fist line is the quote, the second is my comment.

              1. tc;dr

                (too confused; didn’t read)

            2. See also: Leslie Nielson and Airplane!

          3. Katherine Hepburn could carry a comic role, although, if memory serves, more as a foil than as the har-de-har funny character.

            And, of course, the immortal Mrs. Thin Man, Myrna Loy.

            1. Myrna Loy = Goddess.

        4. Yeah, the cult that believes women can be funny.

          I guess I’m a cult member, because I laugh at women all the time.

    3. It sucks. I feel bad for Turkish colleagues (most of whom, luckily, actually live abroad).

      Why are some of the coolest parts of the world so fucked up?

      1. Because they have people in them?

        1. *wild applause*

    4. Turkey has banned all academics from travel as the government’s post-attempted coup crackdown continues.

      “I’ll show you amateur-hour fucks how to overthrow a democracy.”


      1. “Hey, Obama, I gots yer fundamental transformation right here.” [tugs crotch]

    5. This would be a reason to smuggle yourself out of the country. The second the government starts going, “Nope you can’t leave”, you need to get the fuck out now. Getting lined up against the wall is the next step.

      1. It’s OK, as long as Mexico pays for the wall.

  2. In case this hasn’t already been covered, the Daily Show sucks.

    1. What a bunch of immature assholes. The funniest thing about that is not that they wouldn’t allow filming. It is the way they acted when someone tried to do it. If they were anything but overgrown children, they would have politely folded up shop and gone to look for other rubes to try and interview. The gig was up. Once someone is going to record the interview, they can’t get away with selectively editing it to make them look like a fool. So the best thing is to move on to easier targets.

      Instead, they make complete asses of themselves. How that Breitbart guy kept from punching one of them in the face is beyond me. These assholes are worse than cops.

      1. These assholes are worse than cops.

        Let’s not get carried away. They are assholes, but essentially toothless. If one of them shot someone, they’d be arrested on the spot, not given a vacation and sympathy.

        1. They only lack the ability, not the will. If they had the authority and immunity from consequences cops do, they would be much worse than cops.

          1. That could probably be said of half or more of the world’s population.

            1. I don’t think so. Most of your destiny is about time, place and opportunity. The only difference between these assholes and the people who were shooting Kulaks in Russia or digging mass graves during the French terror is these guys were born in a time and place that has not as of yet given them the opportunity given to those others.

              1. I think that is sort of what I was trying to say. A lot of people could be turned toward that sort of thing easily, given the right time and place.

                I could be off. I live in a comfortable time and place and don’t desire to use force to bend people to my will.
                You could also be off in your estimation of how much every leftist wants to violently crush all other viewpoints.

              2. I think you’re ignoring the violent reaction that people of all stripes have to desperation. When the bread lines start forming, it’s not just the progs who start shooting.

                1. That kind of violence can be handled. When things get better it goes away. I am talking about ideologically driven genocidal violence. That is much worse and not everyone is capable of that.

    2. As I recall from the video, Pollak zinged the TDS crew with something like “you’re trying to make fun of these conservatives because they’re gay” instead of phrasing it the other way around. But they definitely don’t like the idea of raw footage being available to compare with their finished product.

      1. That is their shtick. They never let anyone record the interview and then edit it to make them look bad. That would be a dick move but at least tolerable if they only did it to politicians and powerful people. But they rarely do it to anyone who can fight back. Instead, they go to things like that or some small town in Idaho and interview average people who have no real way to fight back and make them look like fools for the Congress of Baboons that is their audience. That is what makes them true scumbags. Worse still, they smugly think of themselves as truthsayers fighting the powerful rather than douchebags who bully people who can’t fight back.

    3. You know, back pre-Obama, the Jon Stewart Daily Show was good. Sure, he was biased, but he’d give it to the Dems much as he’d give it to the GOP. He had real criticisms for the Democratic party and he wasn’t afraid to say them.

      And then once Obama was elected, Stewart went full acolyte, and didn’t dare to criticize the lightbringer. And it’s been worse since Trevor Noah, who isn’t the least bit funny, took over.

      1. That is just it. When Bush was President, he was biased but could at least say he was criticizing the government. Once Obama got in, the show just became government propaganda. It was state run media with a laugh track. And nothing is more boring than government propaganda.

        1. ^^^ See also: Bill Maher

          1. Maher has called himself a libertarian, but he’s only a legalize-hookers-and-drugs libertarian. He couldn’t give two shits about free markets or limited government.

            1. True, but at least he DID used to give Bill Clinton and the democrats shit pretty regularly.

      2. Have you seen Trevor Noah’s stand up prior to his gig at the Daily Show?

        It’s not even comedy. He talks about gun control and white privilege.

        1. Serious question, did he even try and pretend he was making a joke? How did the audience know when they were supposed to laugh?

          1. Audience?

            No one watched the show before, and their numbers have only gone down. (seriously if they’d been held to the ratings standards of any other show, no one would have ever heard of them because it would have been canned years ago)

            1. It is funny how shows that really don’t command high ratings but command the attention and love of journalists get treated like they are more important than they are.

          2. “Please laugh.”

        2. The only thing I have heard from Noah’s standup was a bit about eating tacos, which was kind of stupid, but I laughed.

        3. What idiot thought it was a good idea to have a super-lefty try to be a comedian?

          *Thinks back on the lefty rag that tried to counter the stereotype of lefties having no sense of humor by publishing an edition filled with jokes and their readership was outraged, shutting them down.

          1. I think it’s more a matter of, who would allow someone who has absolutely no idea of life in America to be the host of a national network TV show?

            Steven Fry (Jeeves and Wooster, Fry and Laurie etc) did a show some years back chronicling his travels here.

            There was, to be sure, a distinct, patronizing, “you’re all a bunch of hicks” vibe to the show but still he seemed to understand. There was also a “I understand why you like powerful gas-guzzling cars, tacky cities (Miami, Vegas) and shooting guns. They’re all fun.”

            He got it, we didn’t have to be like him to be alright. That’s what the Poms, the Aussies and the post-apartheid South African leftists don’t get. We’re not like them, and we don’t care what the fuck they think.

            1. Yeah, lefty comedians fail when the whole joke is “look how stupid people who don’t agree with me are” and all relies on the premise that every sensible person agrees. There are plenty of lefty comedians who manage to avoid this, though and I think Steven Fry is a good example. And I thing you describe it well. Some people get that other people are different and that’s OK.

      3. Back in Bush 43 days, Keith Olbermann was actually fun to watch, and MSNBC was kinda tolerable in general. Reason being it is easy speaking truth to power while maintaining moral integrity and entertainment value.

        But it is much harder to haul power’s water without losing all respect and turning into a bore, leading to pathetic product, and resulting internecine blame-game warfare. This has all happened to wide swaths of the fourth estate since Emperor Clown put them all in such a position. The Onion is so boring now. Same with Daily Show. MSNBC has had a couple near-death experiences while giving careers of multiple lefty luminaries a real-death experience in the process. Newsweek and The New Republic both died as anything credible while eating their own in all kinds of back-stabby ways.

        Thanks Obama.

        1. In fairness to Olbermann, he is an asshole leftist but he is one of the few asshole leftist who has never from what I can tell cut Obama any slack. Olbermann is about a hundred times more honest than Stewart.

          1. I recall Olbermann basically getting in a pleated mini and cheerleading (can’t unsee that thought now, sorry) for Clowncare during its passage, even using his then-terminal (how convenient) father as a prop.

            1. The honesty bar is pretty low.

      4. Sure, he was biased, but he’d give it to the Dems much as he’d give it to the GOP. He had real criticisms for the Democratic party and he wasn’t afraid to say them.

        Not really. His criticisms of the Dems usually amounted to that they weren’t harder on the Republicans.

    4. The Daily Show is not relevant anymore.

      1. How much longer can it go? Ratings have tanked since Noah went on.

      2. Think Comedy Centralized confused The Daily Show as being some kind of institution greater than the sum of its personalities a’la 60 Minutes. Viewers were probably confused as well.

        They all failed to note the (successful) show was actually called The Daily Show with John Stewart, and that program has been off the air for some time.

        1. Yes. Stewart, whatever else you want to say about him, was a talented commedian. He just got too political.

          1. Kilbourne was the last host of TDS.

            1. That was before I had cable. I don’t think I ever saw his version of the show.

          2. Yes. Stewart, whatever else you want to say about him, was a talented commedian.

            Eh, the smug asshole schtick was funny for about a month.

    5. The “mexican-standoff with cameras” thing is becoming…. well, a “thing”. People point their camera at each other and effectively, “Dare people to say something” because everyone knows that the slightest tidbit will be used against them in the court of public opinion.


  3. A Pokeman Go player in Baltimore crashed his car into a police vehicle.

    He told the cops he just wanted to have “a peek at you!”

    1. I hope he has the money for Poke Bails

      1. His balls will be in the pokey for sure.

        1. Joke

          Pope Jimbo’s Head.

  4. “This map says it all,” President Obama tweeted just after noon Wednesday. “Stay safe as it heats up: Drink water, stay out of the sun, and check on your neighbors.”
    OK, dad.

    1. I never knew it was hot without his bold leadership.

      1. Until Obama, I always thought this was known as ‘summer.’

    2. This is just how the Earth heals.

    3. Like nothing worse is going on that demands attention.

    1. Yeah, can’t have him pulling votes away from Daddy.

      1. I am curious why SIV keeps using his handle when it is so obviously a lie.

        1. Brand awareness.

        2. Isn’t SIV something you catch from fucking monkeys?

          1. No. But if you are a single issue voter who will vote for anyone who supports the legalization of cock-fighting and oppose anyone who doesn’t toe the line on your pet issue, one would assume that you wouldn’t expend a great deal of energy supporting someone who ignores your pet cause.

  5. “President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.”

    There’s a lot worse things he could be doing.

    1. There’s a lot worse things he could be is also doing.

  6. President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.

    Talk about plagiarizing!

  7. An appeals court in Texas ruled the state’s voter ID law had a “discriminatory effect.”

    Empowerment through infantilization again?

    1. The court’s suggested fix:

      POLLSTER: Hey, you – are you legally eligible to vote? (beat) Okay, go on in.


    No link to a Ghostbusters story.

    1. Is that a euphemism?

      1. Haha, sick burn. Ed is implying that all of Rufus’s lovers are imaginary.

        1. Thar’s not what your mother told me.

  9. Turkey has banned all academics from travel as the government’s post-attempted coup crackdown continues.

    Turkey Pol Pot Pie

    1. Don’t worry, Sydney Schanberg and the NYT will be all over this two years too late.

      1. Or he would have if he didn’t die last week

        1. Wow. I missed that.

  10. Heat wave?

    High 83, low 67 here next Saturday.

    1. I don’t recall any concern from the Climatechanger-In-Chief during the cold-wave last winter.

      Maybe we should get a more fuel-efficient Air Force One.

      1. Nearly perfect fuel efficiency when it sits unused at Amdrews. Why does he need to travel again?

        1. Fundraising. That’s the primary reason for his travel.

          Using the power of the presidency to raise money for his political party.

          1. Oh, of course. I keep forgetting its one of the invisible ink duties of the President along with with being the nation’s dad and scold.

    2. 92 and muggy here in Sunny Minnesoda.

      Fucking sucks.

      1. The first time I ever saw a mosquito was in Minnesota.

        1. Two sizes of mosquitoes in Minnesoda.

          The first size is small enough to fly through the screen on your front door.

          The second size is big enough to open your front door and come in on their own.

          Uffda. Quite the deal.

  11. A speechwriter with the Trump Organization has taken responsibility for plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech.

    You mean Melania plagiarized some speechwriter’s work?

    1. JFK plagiarized his MOST FAMOUS QUOTE:

      The most stirring line of JFK’s inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” echoed similar exhortations made by many others, including Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. and President Warren G. Harding, who told the 1916 Republican convention, “We must have a citizenship less concerned about what the government can do for it and more anxious about what it can do for the nation.”

      That he heard a variation of many, many times at Choate:

      It became one of the most famous political speeches in history.

      But according to a new book, John F Kennedy stole what was to become the best-known quote of his 1961 inaugural address ? from his old headmaster.

      He enraged his former classmates by plagiarising the line ‘ask not what your country can do for you ? ask what you can do for your country’, which they had heard ‘time and time again’ in a similar form at school.

      And yet Progs have the audacity to tar poor (OK, rich) Melania for her lifting words. Shame!

      1. He also won the Pulitzer for a book that was ghostwritten for him.

        1. Thin Thighs in 30 Days?

  12. Remember guys, according to Michael Hihn you can thank Muhammad for your right to self-defense (from the ‘Muslim Problem’ article earlier today):

    Ironically (perhaps) a defining principle of libertarians (and others) comes from Muhammad, violence being permissable if self defense. Jesus strongly opposed self defense, even non-violent defense. He preached total submission to enemies. Turn the other cheek is the best known. But if someone takes your coat give him also your cloak, If someone forces you to walk a mile, walk two. Give or lend whatever is asked, without question..

    One Quran passage is shamefully distorted by Islamophobes, “Kill the infidels,” Of the first three testaments in Islam, the only command to immediately kill ALL infidels, even one’s friend, spouse, child or brother is Deuteronomy 13.

    In the Quran, only if the infidels are attacking the temple. And they may not be pursued once driven away, which would no longer be defending the temple. Other parables describe when violence is justified. I believe it’s the entire Western world, perhaps more, where the just use of force comes from Muhammad.

    Somehow I think his insight on Islam is about as sound as his insight on Judaism.

    1. Kindly refrain from importing the Hihnfestation to other threads.

      1. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m just encouraging anti-Hihn white blood cells.

        1. “White” blood cells?? Listen to yourself.

    2. I guess the only two belief systems out there are Christianity and Islam. Thanks, Islam!

    3. No violent passages in the Koran, except or all these.


    4. Because no one else has ever come up with the concept of self-defense. It is known.

    5. Don’t feed the pitiful troll John.

      1. Eh, Hihn seems to mostly stay away from the link threads. I just thought it was a hilarious ass-pull.

        1. (giggles)

          1. It’s like a first grader has a crush.

    6. ronically (perhaps) a defining principle of libertarians (and others) comes from Muhammad, violence being permissable if self defense.

      Because Saxons, Danes and Normans were Muslim. It is known.

      1. I read The 13th Warrior too.

        1. Obviously you didn’t, or you’d know the book’s title isn’t The 13th Warrior

          1. Yeah, I was trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about, so I googled. “Oh right. Eaters of the Dead.”

            1. you mean beowulf

              1. Nobody has read Beowulf in 400 years.

          2. Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in AD 922 (later republished as The 13th Warrior to correspond with the film adaptation of the novel)

            1. Well now you’re just letting us bask in our hipster cred for knowing it by the original title.

              1. Never go against an academic when citations are on the line.

                1. Also, never get involved in a flame war in Asia.

    7. Jesus strongly opposed self defense, even non-violent defense. He preached total submission to enemies.

      Hihn knows appears to know as much about Jesus as he does about not chimping out when someone corrects him.

  13. President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.

    President Obama is trying to catch the Snorlax that has supposedly been spotted in the East Wing.

    President Obama is working on his tan.

    President Obama is spinning in his chair instead of paying attention to the intelligence briefing.

    President Obama is taking bites out of his string cheese instead of peeling it.

    1. That last thing is just unacceptable.

      1. You must first chill the string cheese overnight, in a brown paper bag soaked in lemon juice.

        1. I bite my string cheese. I also prefer to let it sit at room temperature for the morning (I eat two sticks at lunch) so that I can actually taste the cheese. Cold cheese doesn’t have much flavor.

          1. Cheesist! Try some Havarti.

            1. With Dill!

  14. The police chief in Kansas City, where a police officer was fatally shot this week while pursuing suspects who allegedly fired a gun out of a vehicle, said “anti-police speech has got to stop because the consequences are real.”
    Did he deliver that remark in a crowded theater?

    1. Having clicked the link, I was unaware that Kansas City was in New Jersey.

      The more you know…

      1. OK, Ed, the link no longer goes to NJ.

        It is now SF’d.

  15. Crossfit Games to award Glock pistols to winning athletes

    Rational debate ensues. No, wait…

    “All were innocent lives taken from us by guns.

    The guns did it, all by themselves.

    1. “We’re mourning the loss of our queer brothers and sisters in Orlando, ”

      Crossfit is out of the closet?

      1. I read it as they are NOT mourning for any of you straight breeder types.

    2. Isn’t the real problem Crossfit?

      1. I am not a fan of it either, but I have to admit this makes me reconsider. Can a fitness regime that gives away pistols really be as bad as its critics say?

        1. Glocks and Annie Thorisdottir. How bad could it be?

          1. +1 Julie Foucher, +1 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

          2. My wife made me watch some Crossfit stuff the other day (i.e. she put it on and I was too lazy to leave). I think they have half the women in Iceland there.

    3. Ugh, they couldn’t have picked a better gun than a Glock?

      1. Like a harpoon, or an alligator?

        1. *googles assault alligator*

    4. If I was a total douchebag troll, and in charge of the games, I would replace the gun prize with the same model of truck used in Nice.

      1. You could win an unrefrigerated ice cream delivery truck!

        1. There you go. Carry your fucking medicine balls and weight vests and climbing ropes around in it, like a portable gym.

  16. Pain sufferers turning to street drugs as B.C. doctors prescribe less opioids

    The increased reluctance of B.C. doctors to prescribe opioids has some chronic pain sufferers turning to the black market.

    Maria Hudspith, executive director of Pain B.C., said her organization is hearing from concerned pain sufferers who no longer have access to drugs they need to function normally, and are turning to the streets to acquire them.

    1. Getting painkillers in Vancouver isn’t exactly hard, especially around Downtown Eastside.

    2. I guess they want more of the incidents like the one posted in the AM Links.

  17. Ed,
    Once again you are a shining example of when to post links(on time) and how to alt-text like a motherfucker. Rock on sir.

    1. Your compliment has one significant flaw – the PM Links don’t count.

      1. You shut your dirty whorish mouth. I can’t hit the a.m. links on time so it has turned me into a thread corpse fucker.

      2. And better alt text would be ” MLP starlet Pinky Pie hits Eastern US. Apple Jack hardest hit.”

  18. Another biomass to ethanol enterprise bites the dust. Without mandates the industry just cannot make a profit.

    What dragged Abengoa down?

    In a word, debt. In a more sophisticated sense, building assets that did not generate sufficient cash flow.

    It didn’t help that the Obama Administration crushed cellulosic ethanol with news that they would not aggressively set cellulosic targets or bump overall ethanol numbers ? leaving cellulosic projects in the unenviable position of competing for market share with first-gen ethanol.

    Observers pointed to the EPA’s 230 million gallon target for cellulosic biofuels for 2016 ? almost double the 123 million target for 2015 ? but biogas producers as of September had ratcheted up production sharply and had reached a 160 million gallon annual rate, leaving not much headroom for either liquid cellulosic biofuels of any flavor

    1. Biomass to ethanol is for pussies anyway. You might as well go all out and engineer algae to create fucking petroleum and stop pretending like the ICE doesn’t rule all until we get fusion in our cars. If the government wants to be green, it can just buy half the shit and pump it back into the ground. Negative carbon.

  19. When Mother Nature appropriates your culture.

  20. BTW, I’d just like to mention how much I hate summer.

    1. Still better than winter.

      *Goes outside, blinds everyone with his white skin*

      1. Winter is Awesome. My favorite time of year is late October through early March

        1. Your favorite time of year is almost half the year? Mine too, but I’m going with April to September.

      2. I like the long days of summer, but I also like snow.

        1. I know of a place that you might like.

          1. I like snow, but temperatures a little closer to freezing than Antarctica.

          2. The front range of colorado?

            1. I was thinking longer days. A lot longer.

              1. I’d freeze and burn at the same time.

                1. I do this every year while snowboarding.

                  1. But your goggle tan is rad.

    2. Big guy, huh?

        1. All sweaty ass and balls are beautiful.

  21. President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.

    Does this have something to do with the Weather Underground?

    1. For my money, the best weather site out there.

      1. Word. But unfortunate choice of name.

        1. I stick to the domain name, and say it as if I were exclaiming, “Wunderbar!”

          1. My German teacher in high school always used to say “wunderdankebar” when you said something right. Cuz you can do that in German.

      2. IBM owns both the weather channel and the weather underground.

        1. IBM owns The Weather Company. The Channel is now a separate entity, not owned by IBM.

      3. The radar overlay is extremely accurate.

        At least where I live, it is.

        1. Did you ever look at that weather map I linked?

          1. Should I click on this at work?

            1. That’s hurtful. Not all of my links will add 55 gallon drums of lube to your Amazon history. That being said THIS ONE will.

              The weather map is totally SFW

              1. I tried anyway, I was blocked because “Czech Republic”

                1. Why did I think you were Canadian? (no offense intended)

          2. Yeah, it looks pretty similar to windyty.com

          3. awesome sauce!

          4. That’s pretty cool. I’m going to use that a lot.

  22. Police kill family dog at child’s birthday party

    The adults ran outside to see Opie near the fence that surrounds their yard.

    “He [Opie] was over here kicking and gasping for air,” Vickie said.

    The police officer used a high-powered rifle he retrieved from his police vehicle to put the dog down. He fired two more shots from the rifle in front of the children.

    Malone said the officer initially told her the dog had lunged at him through the fence. According to the Wynnewood police chief, the dog charged the officer. While he declined our multiple requests for a recorded interview, Chief Ken Moore said the officer told him the dog was vicious and attacked him by coming around the corner of the house. Moore said the officer tried to kick the dog off him once and then shot him.

    … after going back to his vehicle to get the rifle.

    1. If he was that scared of cujo, he should have just stayed in his car after he went back to it. That amount of pants wetting and shitting shouldn’t be around small children.

    2. Well, did the officer go home safely?

    3. The killer was a cop, the victim was a dog. The perfect storm of unaccountability.


    5. You can go to a fakebook page someone set up and vent about it.

      1. Excellent profile pic.

      2. God dammit. Somebody gave them a 3 star rating. That really fucks up the average.

  23. A Pokeman Go player in Baltimore crashed his car into a police vehicle.

    “That’s what I get for playing this dumb a?game,” the driver is heard saying in the video.

    How about getting to pay restitution to the taxpayers of Baltimore and to spend a year in the Poke, mon?

  24. California Obamacare rates to rise 13% in 2017

    Covered California officials defended the system Tuesday, saying that the competition between insurers offering coverage on the exchange was working to keep rates lower than they otherwise would be.

    “California has a very competitive marketplace,” said Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California.

    You keep using that word “marketplace”…

    1. “otherwise would be”

      That sounds a lot like “saved or created”.

    2. There ought to be a law to protect patients and make care affordable.

    3. Our plan year starts in September. I’m going to be paying 10% more for insurance on top of paying more out of pocket for pretty much everything. Yay.

    4. Yeah. It’s a controlledplace.

  25. At least the PM Links are on time.

    1. Maybe she was resisting?

    2. “Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets.”

    3. How dare they report on bad cop stories when there’s a war on cops out there!

    4. It’s amazing that every officer that’s accused of wrongdoing has all kinds of awards and commendations.

    5. They give each other awards to stave off this kind of stigma. How could it have backfired?

  26. http://praxispolitics.com/2016…..s-failure/

    Pretty interesting article on the charlatan retards who run the GOP.

    1. the charlatan retards

      Nice band name.

      1. The Charlatan Retards UK. There’s already an American band named that.

    2. Shouldn’t they be retarded charlatans? A charlatan retard would be someone pretending to be dumb who is actually quite smart.

      1. Yes they should. Good catch.

    3. Being rewarded for failure. Nice gig, if you can get it.

    4. That’s a phrase just begging for a portmanteau. Unfortunately, if I call them Charlatards, someone will think I play Pokemon Go.

    5. You know, if you assume there is only one real party, which is intrinsically hostile to conservatives and libertarians the rare liberal leftist, and anyone else opposed to the Total Global Technocratic State, it makes perfect sense. Democrats who lose elections have failed the Party. Republicans who lose elections have helped the Party. Republicans who win the election but sit around playing with themselves in Congress have helped the Party. Anyone who keeps the mass of independent, little-people Americans from wielding political power has helped the Party.

  27. Fancypants College In Cleveland Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention

    I wouldn’t use *that* place for a safe space. It looks like a tornado hit it.

    1. It looks like someone toilet papered that building with aluminum foil.

    2. Also, something like 1500 cops from out of town are staying at the dorms there during the RNC.

      The students are shitting their pants that guns are being allowed into the dorms.

    3. Goddammit, Frank Gehry, Architectural Assassin, strikes again.

    4. Case Western Reserve University

      Sounds like a booze brand.

      Fancypants, indeed!

    5. It looks like Metalthulhu is erupting into our dimension.

  28. From the accounts I’m reading at Anthony Watt’s blog, it looks like the climate is trending toward la Nina. But it figures Obama would be behind the curve.

    1. It’s trending there. Hoping it holds off until November until it’s officially there.

    2. Roy Spencer has some excellent posts up about it. Record month to month drop. He’s embarrassed that he projected a tie with 1998 for warmest year, but unlike certain other “scientists,” he’s right upfront admitting his error.

  29. A speechwriter with the Trump Organization has taken responsibility for plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech. Gary Johnson appeared in Cleveland for the Republican convention. Dan Savage incorrectly claimed the Green party didn’t field local and state-level candidates while also hurling race-based insults at Jill Stein in an effort to discourage his listeners from supporting her. Tourists are apparently hitting up the home of Hillary Clinton in New York.

    Isn’t that like 5 different stories under one bullet?

    And does this mean Melania will become VP eventually? Does this make her Eva or Isabel?

    1. To be Eva, she’d have to have a “foundation” in Dr. Evil air quotes. It’s a good thing that in the US, those things don’t happen.

    2. What does this all have to do with your Mom?

  30. War on speech! Woohoo!!!

  31. Turkey has banned all academics from travel as the government’s post-attempted coup crackdown continues.

    And with 50,000-70,000 of the secretive ringleaders arrested and/or under investigation, Turkey is finally safe for democracy. You’d think the biggest and best kept conspiracy in the history of intrigue would have gone over a lot better than this.

    1. That seems to be the same premise as Stranger Things.

      1. I thought the premise of Stranger Things was “The 80s was cool, 80s movies were cool, and Stephen King used to not suck.”

        1. More like, “The 80’s were weird, but they were OUR weird.”

          /really liked it, and looking forward to another season

          1. I liked it too, but I did spend my formative years then.

  32. The johnson/weld money comet thing is about 20k short of their goal.

  33. So is Hillary either Christina Kirchner or Isabel Peron?

    1. Hillary is your Mom.

        1. You know you want to enter her bunker.

  34. “Bay Area county bans nonexistent fracking”
    “For the first time, a Bay Area county has banned hydraulic fracturing. Even though no one fracks there.
    The Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to ban the controversial oil and gas extraction technique, which has touched off fierce political fights across the state and country.”

    CA! Leading the nation in forbidding what is not being done!

    1. So stunning and brave.

      If there were gas to be extracted, do you think they’d forgo the royalties?

      1. Yep, about the time they’d all give up their cars and pedal to the office 40 miles off.

        1. Pedal? No, they’ll force people to pull them in rickshaws.

    2. “Don’t even *think* about fracking here!”

  35. So Robby said this:

    It’s one thing to say that awful, racist, evil people deserve the same free speech rights as everyone else. It’s quite another to actually engage in awful, racist, and evil behavior.

    So you have freedom of speech until you say things you don’t like? Is this like how Stalin said that the USSR had rights as long as they didn’t break the law and opposing him was against the law?

    1. And all of Leslie Jones racist tweets get swept under the rug. Robby is perhaps the most loathsome SJW of all, in that he pretends not to be one while softly advocating their views.

    2. Winston, I’m quite sure that’s both taken out of context and does not say what you presume it says.
      Wanna provide a link so we can all laugh at you?

      1. In fairness, I don’t think it is. Go back and look at his post on the Yiannopolis thing but I think robby meant just that. If you disagree, I would like to hear why.

      2. It’s one thing to say that awful, racist, evil people deserve the same free speech rights as everyone else. It’s quite another to actually engage in awful, racist, and evil behavior.

        vagueness translator: “It’s one thing to say that evil racists deserve free speech rights, it’s another to be one of the people saying evil racist things.”

        Robby does have a tendency to dance around the edges of SJW advocacy himself so I don’t think it’s entirely wrong to read things as written. Not to mention the fact that simply saying something racist isn’t the equivalent of actually being a Nazi or endorsing Nazism, which is a whole other can of worms that Robby blunders into with imprecise language. It’s utterly childish of him not to see the distinction.

        1. AT what point do people stop giving Robby the benefit of the doubt. Time and again he will as you say dance around the edges of SJW advocacy and Winston or me or someone else will call him on it and his defenders will parse his words and claim because it doesn’t have to mean that, Robby should get the benefit of the doubt and we should assume it doesn’t mean that.

          I suppose that is a reasonable position, for a while. But after about fifty instances of it, isn’t it time to maybe consider the possibility that Robby does mean that?

          1. It’d be one thing to give him the benefit of the doubt here or there. But there is a clear pattern of hyperbole, imprecise language, ceding ground to SJWs and just generally writing articles like he’s a sophomore who hasn’t quite figured out the beliefs he’s claiming to advocate.

            I wonder if Robby is a real person or a web-server that functions as one big social signal generator with fantastic hair.

          2. AT what point do people stop giving Robby the benefit of the doubt

            When he starts losing his hair. It’s literally like that one episode of The Simpsons from early seasons.

    3. So you have freedom of speech until you say things you don’t like?

      That isn’t what he said. He said people can say nasty things; DOING nasty things is a whole ‘nother thing entirely.

      1. OK, so Winston lied again. What a surprise!

      2. How do you “do a nasty thing” on twitter? The entire thing is communication.

        1. How do you “do a nasty thing” on twitter?

          I could provide some illustrative links, if you’d like

          1. I don’ think they would be safe for work.

            1. I’m not at work, but I don’t want to see what HM can dig up…

              Wait, I’m at home, why am I hanging out with the commentariat?

      3. DOING nasty things is a whole ‘nother thing entirely.

        He was referring to tweets. Or are they not “speech”?

        1. It’s Robby’s way of saying, “I support free speech but…”, which is what I have come to expect from him.

        2. *scrollscrollscroll*

          Oh ffs, are you not surfeited yet on anti-Rico wangst?

          It was an interesting question. All men have freedom of speech, but does a person have the right to follow another around screaming, “BITCH. CUNT. NO ONE EVER LOVED YOUR NIGGER ASS.” Not withstanding the difference in reaction if someone were to do this in person, instead of just in public. Basically, at what point does speech become action (such as say harassment which he said)?

          Interesting question. Of course people have to find a way to ruin it for everyone.

          1. but does a person have the right to follow another around screaming, “BITCH. CUNT. NO ONE EVER LOVED YOUR NIGGER ASS.”

            To be fair, Hammie, I paid you to do that.

            1. REVERSECUCK

              1. Dlokcuc?

                He was my favorite character on Deep Space 9.

          2. It was an interesting question. All men have freedom of speech, but does a person have the right to follow another around screaming, “BITCH. CUNT. NO ONE EVER LOVED YOUR NIGGER ASS.” Not withstanding the difference in reaction if someone were to do this in person, instead of just in public. Basically, at what point does speech become action (such as say harassment which he said)?

            I didn’t really see that, seems more like he didn’t like the assholes saying racist things rather questioning if social media is really the equivalent of a physical conversations and the question of how to prevent anti-harassment measures from just being a way to crush dissent and engage in censorship.

      4. Winston’s Mom does nasty things.

        1. With her tweeter.

        2. 2 Girls, 1 Cup? Winston’s Mom is the cup.

        3. You guys are like a bunch of sharks.

          Poor little Winston made some ineffectual replies to some cuts here once and it turned into a “Winston’s Mom is an easy punch” meme.

          You should cut the guy some slack.

          It’s stale.

          1. Thanks for the advice, Tulpa

    4. People are making this out to be about restricting free speech, when really I think it’s more about moralizing. Other people can engage in that behaviour, but as a right-thinking person you must STRONGLY object to it and take the dumb Twitter fight very seriously.

      1. And that would be fine if Robby even attempted to be even handed in his moralizing. The comments on the article revealed that the actor had a long history of really vile racist tweets against white people. If Robby wants to moralize against the people who called her an ape, fine. He is right to call them out. If he wants to do that, however, he should also call her out for doing the same thing. Otherwise, he looks like he is condoning her behavior or at least pretending it is somehow different than theirs.

        1. I’m not defending Robby’s work as a whole, just that people are reading a bit too much into that quote. I do not approve of his habit of constantly surrendering the moral high ground to social justice groups.

          1. I find just how selective Robby-outrage is to be amusing. Robby is a goddamn American hero when he foments a moral panic that confirms a certain demographic’s biases that life on a college campus is akin to Anne Frank hiding in an attic from the Gestapo.

            1. …is akin to Anne Frank hiding in an attic from the Gestapo.

              The worse I ever got when I attended university was a citation after someone complained when several of us, extremely drunk, carried a gay friend of ours around on a lawnchair declaring ‘Make way for the homo superior!”

              I was expected to write a short essay explaining what I had done wrong. My essay consisted of explaining who David Bowie was, the latin origins of homo superior, and how you’d have to be a complete idiot to believe I was promoting homophobia by declaring a gay man a ‘higher man’. Nothing ever came of it.

              1. More than we got.

                There was once a contest in our dorm to see who could yell the phrase “13 inch cock” in the stairwell and have it reverberate the loudest.

                Nothing else happened.

        2. What if someone thinks she, individually, happens to look like an ape? What if a skinny old white woman has the facial features of an ostrich, is it racist to call her an ostrich or an old bird? What if short fat Mexican has a face reminiscent of a pug, racist to call him pugsly?

        3. It is different. She is black and gets a pass. White people don’t get a pass.

          It shouldn’t be that way but it is what it is.

    5. When I was in 10th grade, I went to SAT tutoring. The first thing they did was give me a practice test. Well, being 15 and not really giving a shit, I didn’t actually try, at least on the English part. I got a 200 on reading comprehension, which meant I spelled my name right, but not much else.

      15 year old me had better reading comprehension than you do there.

      1. The “activity” he was referring to was tweeting.

        1. If these guys where showing up at her home and threatening her or trying to get her blacklisted then that line would make sense.

      2. Don’t you get a 400 by leaving the test blank?

        1. Back then, it was a total 400 for leaving the test blank. 200 English and 200 Math.

          1. Right. I remember now. I think I’m about the same age as you.

      3. They can’t just stick to the Godwin at the top of the article, because that’s too easy to understand: “one can and should support the free speech rights of Nazis?without actually converting to Nazism.”

        1. I wasn’t objecting to that. If you read what I wrote it was the “actions” remark which was in a reply to Brendan O’Neill complaining about Twitter racists. Which implies that Robbie thinks those “tweets” are “action” and not “speech”. And saying that “there’s a difference between Nazi speech and Nazi actions” is not the same as saying that “the Nazis can say what they want but I don’t have to agree with what they say”.

          1. He did not say “actions.” He said behavior. Though either way, speech qualifies as both an action and behavior.

    6. The only reason Robby’s here is because he’s a shitty, hectoring writer who got turned down for an internship at WaPo and had to settle for Gillespie-era Reason to make rent. At this point the most libertarian thing about Reason is the commentariat.

    7. Um… what’s the problem? “Yes, the Nazis have a right to march. No, that doesn’t mean you should march with them.”

      I mean, criticize it for being trite and pointless, but it isn’t wrong.

      1. Also, feel free to criticize it for being poorly expressed, because while I think I understood his meaning, I’m not entirely sure.

      2. It’s by Robby. It MUST be wrong.

  36. Last company making VCRs throws in the towel:


  37. There’s a heat wave? I thought it was just summer.

    1. Feels normal here.

      1. Bullshit. It’s been hotter than hell. Can’t be that much difference between Denver and Boulder.

    2. In flyover country where no one lives anyway

    3. Permanently summer now due to GW.

      1. I’m shocked that Games Workshop has that amount of power.

        /clueless sedentary gamer.

        1. Based on the success of Total War:WH alone, they should be able to end hunger and poverty.

          1. From my 74 hours previewing the game, I’ve had fun so far. The Orcs are Orcy, the Drawfs are defensive crumudgeons (I did really well with a defensive attack tactic with Dwarf Armies) and Chaos is slower than molassas flowing uphill in winter.

            1. I plan on getting it in the Fall. Just too much to do right now.

              1. By then they might have gotten around to releasing half of the game.

                1. DLC fuckery has gotten egregious, hasn’t it? I’m not even considering Fallout 4 until there’s a GOTY edition.

                  1. This is why the only games I bought even close to release were Witcher 3 and Overwatch. Everything else waits for GOTY Edition and Steam Sale.

          2. After Age of Sigmar*, we are lucky the entire planet didn’t get suck into the Warp. So that will merely balance the scales.

            *as I’m told by WFB players. I’m more of a SAGA guy.

            1. Age of…what?

              You’re a funny guy! Next you’ll be telling me they made a sequel to Highlander that was set in the near future and they were aliens or some shit.

  38. A speechwriter with the Trump Organization has taken responsibility for plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech


    1. “The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania’s speech than the FBI spent on Hillary’s emails.”

      Okay, that’s pretty good.

      1. Now it all seems to be a plot. Trump can get his zingers in, and show his compassionate side as he forgives the poor speechwriter and does not fire her.

        1. No, it appears that Melania Trump admires Michelle Obama

          WTF? The fucking Republican nominee’s wife admires the opposing party’s incumbent’s wife and shouts it out loud at the Convention.

          1. Only in a truly retarded political climate would it be unthinkable for the wife of politician from faction A to admire the wife of politician from faction B. There’s no reason to even think that a wife should share her husband’s political beliefs.

            1. Yeah, but they’re not supposed to give speeches saying so at their spouse’s nominating convention.

      2. But not really true. The FBI seems to do quite a bit of investigating, only for it to be flushed into the toilet.

  39. Turkey has banned all academics from travel

    Does anyone else thinks its a little odd that a developed nation in the midst of something akin to a soviet-style political-purge seems to rank “last” in the list of relevant news?….. after Pokemon, shit Trump’s bimbo wife said, and Dan Savage’s diss-du-jour?

    1. Again? Do they intend to do this every summer from here on out?

    2. “Hey, folks! Why don’t we systematically bomb the ice with thermonuclear weapons to clear the path for our expedition? That way, we’ll be able to reach our destination, and confirm beyond any doubt that the fascists are killing Mother Earth!”

    3. /SJW sciencer, tongue protruding, punches numbers into calculator.

      “That can’t be right!”

      Looks at ice in confused amazement.

      “That can’t be right at all!”

      /Strokes patchy beard and greasy pony tail. Throws Birkenstock shoes at ice.

      1. Real Sciencer, on the other hand:

        “This can’t be right. Hot diggity! Now I can submit a grant to search for causality between ACGW and increased Polar ice!”

        1. The Anglican Church of Global Warming?

          1. I wish it was Anglican approach

            “Well, maybe it will destroy all life on the planet. Maybe it won’t. Important part is to not judge. Or do anything. Cake?”

            Anthropogenic Catastrophic Global Warming is what is usually being argued about.

  40. My favorite new thing to watch next election night will be Minneapolis’ referendum on raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.

    Sure more than half the names on the petition appear to be bogus, but they still cleared the threshold to get it on the ballot

    Since I no longer work in the city, I can hardly wait to see the results. I wonder who will serve coffee to the downtown drones once Caribou has to pay $15/hr to its employees.

    1. Self-serve kiosks. Hell, get rid of the storefronts, too. Vending machines that brew to order and send you on your way. I bet they could slash prices and still make a fortune.

      1. The Automat has been biding its time for decades, lurking in the shadows, waiting to serve you food without human interaction. It’s time is now!

        Also, self-serve ordering kiosks are THE BOMB. Used one at a Max Hamburgerrestauranger in Stockholm and it had menus and ordering in a bunch of languages.

      2. Minneapolis has an entire ecosystem tied into the Skyways in downtown. Filled with small eateries and coffee shops. That shit is going to be a ghost town if this $15/hr thing passes. And the residents of Minneapolis are more than dumb enough to vote this shit in.

        1. Why do you hate unions and… uh, little children?

  41. Mystery Surrounds Sources of Many Bill Clinton Speaking Fees
    Small foreign speaking firms often listed as source of payments, actual paychecks came from undisclosed third parties

    1. But the fact that Trump’s wife may have read a speech that was prepared for her and contained a few lines lifted from a Michelle Obama speech is what is really important. Ignore the other candidate collecting millions of dollars from unknown foreign sources. She is just a bit careless sometimes.

      1. The Clintons’ criminal enterprise is old news. It shouldn’t even be called news, it’s so old. It’s olds. Melania literally denying Michelle’s life is brand new news. What’s newer than new? It’s basically prenatal it’s so new.

        1. It really is a criminal enterprise. I read where they made $160 million dollars between him leaving office and her becoming Secretary of State. That is more money than they could ever spend. Yet, they kept stealing. There is something just amazingly craven about it. They don’t really even have a reason for doing it anymore or even stop to wonder why they are doing it. It is just what they do.

          1. Craven? I’d call it outrageous chutzpah if I though for a moment more Americans than not give a shit. As it stands it must seem like money on the table. Not taking it would be nuts.

            1. If she does win, she is just going to do more and more blatant shit. It is just going to get worse. And unlike Obama, she isn’t popular. People hate her guts. If she manages to win, she will only win because people disliked Trump more. She will command less loyalty from the public than any President in memory. She will start her term about as popular as Nixon ended his.

              Think of the damage Obama did to the Democratic party as a whole. Then remember, most of the public liked him. How much damage is Hillary going to do?

              1. I imagine everyone that works for the dept of defense and the justice department wants to put a knife in her back.

                It will be darkly entertaining if she wins.

          2. Uh, her whole party is a criminal enterprise, and not just in the sense that the state is inherently an implement of theft and violence.

      2. John for one fucking minute could you please just acknowledge that not every piece of criticism is identically equal to another?

        No one here has ever suggested that MT’s speech is an offense on the same order a Hillary’s private server, general incompetence as SecState and other grasping, thieving corruption.

    2. How is this not money laundering?

      1. After committing treason and getting off the hook, you think anyone is going after her family for financial crimes?

      2. It is money laundering. The whole function of the Clinton foundation is money laundering. I imagine they get away with it because most of the other pols have charitable foundations as well.

  42. HA!!!

    First the news came that the panels on the new Vikings stadium were coming loose. Now there is a broken window that will take two months to repair.

    I’m so glad we are spending our tax money on this wonderful venue. Seriously, who thought putting a bed of softball sized rocks next to a giant glass wall was a good idea? I shudder to think what would have happened if they had played the ’98 NFC championship there. Gary Anderson’s missed fieldgoal would have resulted in some serious glass breakage.

    1. And didn’t the vast majority of the fans want them to keep playing outdoors and just stay at the new U of M stadium? The fans don’t even want the damn thing yet the taxpayers are still forced to pay for it.

      1. Legend has it that the old GM of the Vikings, Jim Finks, was super urinated off when they built the Metrodome. He allegedly was mad because the value of a luxury box in an open air stadium was waaaaaaay more than one in a dome.

    2. Now there is a broken window that will take two months to repair

      There is that economic stimulus they always claim.

    3. When asked about the broken window, an MSFA spokeswoman said only, “We have a broken window.”

      And they say journalism is dead.

    4. “Perhaps laying a bed of rocks next to a big glass house wasn’t the best idea.”

      Top men.

      1. Bad idea?? With those rocks sitting so close to giant panels of glass, they can stimulate their economy anytime they want.

  43. An appeals court in Texas ruled the state’s voter ID law had a “discriminatory effect.”

    I’m sure it does.

    1. Nine of the 15 appellate judges who heard the case generally upheld a district court’s finding that 600,000 people, disproportionately minorities, lack the specific kind of identification required ? a driver’s license, military ID, passport or weapons permit, among them ? and that it would be difficult for many to secure it.

      How did they register to vote, and how are conceal carry laws not also discriminatory on the basis that these same minorities will find it difficult to obtain the usually more rigorous ID required for said permit?

      1. How would it be difficult for them to secure it? The only way I can see is if they have no other ID and no way to verify who they are. And if they have no way to verify it, maybe they are not that person?

        It is so pathetic and transparent.

        1. It took me a while to get my colorado ID. They wouldn’t take my VT ID. Or my social security card. Or my small form birth certificate.
          But I got it.

          1. Joe from Lowell used to say that it was wrong to require an ID to vote because so many people in immigrant communities didn’t have them. Then someone pointed out to him that immigrants shouldn’t be voting unless they are citizens, which requires about a million forms of ID and years to obtain. Hilarity and lots of yelling and insults ensued.

          2. The argument (as it goes) is you are white, or not a minority, and are therefore smart enough to jump through the hoops to get it done. The implication that I get from the anti-voter ID set is that minorities don’t have the ‘stuff’ it takes to jump through those hoops, and so these laws discriminate against us. More simply put, that which is difficult to do discriminates against those who don’t have the resources or know-how to do it.

            My response to that is, then everything in society that’s more difficult to do discriminates against those who don’t have the resources or know-how to do it– and therefore it logically follows that going through background checks and conceal carry permits for firearms is ipso facto discriminatory.

            1. It’s a fucking stupid argument.

              The correct argument is that the voter fraud moral panic has been orchestrated by certain groups as a way to push for a national ID, thus plunging the last knife into what was once American federalism.

              But, hey, “Ihre papieren, bitte!” is worth it if we get the satisfaction of punishing the right people, year?

              1. *yeah

                Fuck auto-correct in the throat.

                1. I’d just like consistency. I think if we need IDs for stuff, it shouldn’t be hard to get. My VT ID should have transferred. My SS card should have been sufficient. The short firm birth certificate should count.

                  I also think the DMV should be open 20 hours a day. And ID’s should be free if we need them to do anything. I’ve heard that poor people can’t afford them.

              2. If the left had raised the concern that voter ID were a pathway to a national ID, I’d be more sympathetic. But the left has pushed on-and-off for a national ID for their own pet issues, like National Health. It doesn’t follow that the U.S. needs a national ID to demand and ID at your local polling place.

                But that aside, I’m very impressed that the left applies the anti-gun-control argument when it comes to voter ID. And for what it’s worth, I’d love to toss aside any idea of requiring ID to vote, just as quickly as I’d like to toss aside my requirement to get a special ID to keep and bear a firearm. But wait, whoa, now IDs are the only thing standing between us and mayhem.

                My point is, that it’s grating as shit to me to listen to someone say “They’re too poor and stupid to show a sliver of ID at the polls!” when the same person is supposedly registered to vote. going further, I’d absolutely love to see the ID requirement in voter registration to be eliminated as well, but for some reason, we still require ID for that, and no one questions it.

                1. It doesn’t follow that the U.S. needs a national ID to demand and ID at your local polling place.

                  Tell that to the REAL ID folks.

              3. Not really, since most of the forms of ID discussed are state affairs, as are the elections.

              4. In Minnesoda the super liberal Phyllis Khan was in a primary fight for her life with a Somali. The irony is that he campaign blew the whistle on 141 people in her district using the same PO as their address for voting purposes.

                Of course, that sort of voter fraud is totally new. No way it influenced Al Franken’s win.

      2. Reasons. I need to have an ID to buy beer. I’ve been ID’d for a lighter before. I have no sympathy. ID for travel. ID for flights. ID for guns.

        1. Was it an assault lighter?

          1. Probably. It was a black one. I took the guard off too.

      3. how are conceal carry laws not also discriminatory

        Because voting is a Right. Guns are icky permission-based.


    2. Fact is that the DNC has a network of community organizations that systematically commit voter fraud on their behavior and they want to protect that process.

      1. Yup. I was skeptical about this until I unintentionally worked for one for a day during the 2014 election cycle. They will say anything and do anything to get what they want.

  44. Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Adviser Says Presidential Candidate Should Be ‘Shot for Treason’ for Benghazi

    New Hampshire state Sen. Al Baldasaro, a Marine veteran who advises Trump on veterans’ issues and has campaigned with him in New Hampshire, said in an interview with NBC News that Clinton’s use of a private server should be considered treason and “as far as I’m concerned, the laws of the land on treason could be a firing squad if she’s found guilty.”

  45. Quantum Computer: Research Team Says It’s Created 1st Scalable Quantum Simulation of a Molecule

    In a paper uploaded to the open access journal Physical Review X, the team said they used the variational quantum eigensolver approach as it represents a quantum equivalent of a neural network.

  46. John Kasich: Ohio Governor Offered Chance to Be ‘Most Powerful Vice President in History,’ Report Says

    Donald Trump Jr. told an unnamed Kasich adviser that if his father was elected, his vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy, The New York Times Magazine reported.

  47. President Obama is raising awareness about the heat wave.

    It grinds his gears.

    A speechwriter with the Trump Organization has taken responsibility for plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech.

    Gladio incumbere

    Dan Savage incorrectly claimed the Green party didn’t field local and state-level candidates while also hurling race-based insults at Jill Stein in an effort to discourage his listeners from supporting her.

    Leftists just don’t like dissidence, regardless of which side it comes from.

    An appeals court in Texas ruled the state’s voter ID law had a “discriminatory effect.”

    “But not being allowed to board an airplane or open a bank account without ID is not ‘discrimination’, m’kay?”

    A Pokeman Go player in Baltimore crashed his car into a police vehicle.

    No word on whether the police officer was also playing Pokemon Go.

    Turkey has banned all academics from travel as the government’s post-attempted coup crackdown continues.

    Keep your enemies closer, my godfather used to say.

  48. Our Glorious State Broadcaster is at the GOP Convention, risking its collective soul and sanity for the Ungrateful Populace.

    Vicious attacks on Hillary Clinton are for sale on buttons and T-shirts

    Warning: This story contains images and language that some readers may find offensive

    But there are a few buttons and the odd T-shirt about his Democratic opponent for U.S. president, Hillary Clinton, that might make even her harshest critics wince.

    Well, I know there may be one or two detractors here, so tell me, what was your Wince-o-Meter score?

    1. I just didn’t realize that the CBC had so many pearls to clutch.

    2. The “the bitch fell off” one made me laugh out loud. Anyone who can’t laugh at that has no soul.

    3. Maybe some right winger should make a movie about the assassination of Hillary Clinton to give these delicate blossoms the vapors for realz.

    4. Meh.

    5. Yeah, they’re tasteless, but it’s a goddamn political convention, taste need not apply.

      You know what’s also tasteless? A supposedly public broadcasting network plastered with more ad time than the private ones peddling their shitty comedies.

  49. An appeals court in Texas ruled the state’s voter ID law had a “discriminatory effect.”

    I eagerly await the companion rulings, that requiring a photo ID to operate a vehicle or buy a gun are also unconstitutional.

    1. Driving is a privilege or something.
      On that, any good libertarian rebuttal to that argument?

      1. AK-47?

        If literally anything is only permissible because whatever asshole is on top decided to permit it under certain circumstances, then submit or be the asshole on the top.

      2. The right to travel freely within our borders is a perfected right, properly subject to authority only in commercial matters.

        I can see how “it’d be nice if everyone agreed to abide by certain universal rules for use of the roads” morphed into “You must, it’s the law!”. It just isn’t terribly sensible, since most people violate the traffic regulations regularly and often anyway, so even the stated goal isn’t being achieved.

        The state would serve itself and its constituents best by regulating commercial licenses only. There isn’t money and power in that proposal, however, so micromanagement of a macro population and petty persecutions it is!

        1. Well said, I heard something very similar a few yeas back and could not recall it.
          Unrelated, sorry about the handle encroachment Hamster.

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