Turkey President Erdogan Declares Coup Attempt Over

The Turkish president said the coup plotters were guilty of treason and would be treated the same way as terrorists.


CNN Turk

The president of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, returned to Ankara from the seaside province of Marmaris to declare the coup launched against him by a "portion of the military" had failed. The hotel he was staying at was also reportedly bombed after he left, according to CNN.

Erdogan addressed Turkey during an interview on CNN Turk conducted via Facetime. "Those who are responsible, we will give them the necessary punishment," Erdogan said, calling on his supporters to demonstrate in the streets. Erdogan also reportedly appeared at a rally in Ankara.

Erdogan has accused the imam Fethullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, and his followersm of orchestrating the coup attempt. Gullen has a loose network of charitable organizations, professional associations and other ventures, including 150 charter schools in the U.S, as the Associated Press reported in February.

The Turkish president said the coup plotters were guilty of treason and would be treated the same way as terrorists. More than 40 people have reportedly died in clashes in Ankara. Gulen is already on Turkey's most wanted list for terrorism, although the U.S. has declined to extradite him and has not previously commented on his status. President Obama called for "restraint" in Turkey and support for the "democratically-elected government."

Opposition parties in the Turkish parliament have all officially condemned the attempted coup.

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  1. This has the feel of a noose sighting and n-word graffiti at a small, northeastern liberal arts college.

    1. When you’re president, Saying things are so can sometimes make them so. Until the coup people can shut him the fuck up, he can just keep saying, “they failed” and as far as the world is concerned, they have.

      1. Yeah, but events on the ground matter. Istanbul is under government control, but I am not sure about Ankara.

        1. Please, tell us more about your Civilization game in progress.

          1. Well, I took just took out out India. So now it’s down to me, Assyria, and Japan. Shit’s crazy. You don’t usually see the Assyrians as a big evil empire like the Romans or as Aztecs. I’m not a big fan of domination victories because that requires a lot of micromanagement, but it is what it is.

            1. I rolled Assyria my first time out in BNW (just got it a week ago). Had to use a pair of siege towers (bought one just before terracotta army finished) to steamroll Spain and Portugal, because 2 of the 7 civs are off on their own continents without any competition to interfere with their growth, while the other five are (were) sharing a room.

              So far, I’m not a fan of the BNW spawning algorithm.

    2. This whole attempted coup smells to me like either a false flag or something that was known and known to be a small unorganized group of discontents by Erdogan beforehand. Best thing that could have happened to him. Now he can purge the army of secularists/moderates in a couple of weeks – and he will have no opposition to implementing an authoritarian Muslim Brotherhood-type state.

    3. Yep, it is Reichstag stuff. He just flies into Istanbul at just the right moment and after supposed to be flying to Germany and London? What?

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  2. Too bad the Goat Liberation Front failed in its mission.

    1. Cause everyone knows Erdogan is a goat fucker, and the coup was an attempt to free the harem of goats imprisoned in the palace without affirmative consent.

      1. Goat lives matter.

        1. They thought they were free for a moment, baaaaaaaaas of joy turned to baaaaaaaas of O fuck he’s back and more pissed off then ever.

  3. Once again Obama has earned his Nobel.

    No one can deny that he called for calm and respect for the democratically elected government.

  4. As far as I know John Kerry’s words of advice for Americans to shelter in place has proven the best course of action.

    We are fortunate to have such great leaders.

    1. What would we do without them?

    2. Lie back and think of Erdogan.

    3. To be fair, I also remember something or other about duct tape.

  5. I hate erdogan but is that a smart thing to say? Doesn’t that just make people with their backs against the wall start fight hard. Knowing death is around the corner? I feel like it’s been non violent til now.

    1. Especially when the insurgents control an air base and maybe Ankara.

    2. If you think attack helicopters, fighter jets and at least 40 dead qualifies as non-violent, I’d hate to see you when you’re angry.

      1. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
        — Thomas Jefferson

      2. I saw lots of scenes on the news of crowds facing tanks and ACPs. One of those situations goes bad and there are a couple hundred dead right there. It’s how I knew the thing wasn’t going to work – they weren’t willing to break sufficient eggs to make that Constitutional omelette.

    3. It would be interesting if they decided the best chance to survive and hurt Erdogan was to flee with as much military gear as they could grab and join the Kurds.

      1. I really doubt the Sons of Ataturk are going to join up with the Kurds.

  6. Lest we forget, most of the oil sales funding ISIS travel into his country, I suggest we consider that his ouster may not be such an awful fate.

    1. Shit no it wouldn’t be an awful fate, did you ever look up the list of overreaches that autocrat douche committed?

  7. Secular liberal elites 0
    Heartland religious salt of the earth 1

  8. The president of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, returned to Ankara from the seaside province of Marmaris

    My understanding was that he went to Istambul from Marmaris; does this mean that he’s back to Ankara by now?

    1. Istanbul

      1. But what happened to Constantinople?

        1. That’s nobody’s buisness but the Turks.

    2. You’re so cute when you say that. I just want to pinch your cheeks.

    3. They keep saying he’s landed at Ataturk Airport without seeing the irony.

  9. Well that just sucks balls, I was hoping to high heaven that Erdogan would be kicked out.

  10. Well, this will be his excuse to purge all non-loyal military members and others resulting in a dictatorship.

    1. Yeah it’s gonna get a lot worse.

  11. Treated the same way as terrorist? So he’s going to help them get money and supplies? That’s mighty white of him.

    1. Sent to Europe in a raft.

      1. Two points!

    2. Buy their oil.

  12. Wow Turkey is fucked.

  13. Pro government mob beheaded a rebel soldier, shit went south fast. Add Turkey to the list of shithole Middle East states.

    1. Was it ever taken off that list?

      1. True, it was always a shithole to an extent, but it at least seemed like it had some elements of hope.

        1. It was far more Tragedy than Hope.

      2. Well, it’s not in the Middle East so it technically can’t ever be on that list.


    2. The nerve of those serfs getting mad at being shot at.

      1. They should not have forced the military to shoot them.

  14. President Obama called for “restraint” in Turkey and support for the “democratically-elected government.”

    Cucks for Erdogan.

    Who doesn’t think Erdogan is President for Life? Or Putin?

    Here’s the fundamental problem. Freedom’s “defenders” mistake process for outcome, and Freedom’s enemies don’t make that mistake.

    A democratic tyranny is still a tyranny.

    There really wasn’t much hope for Turkey. Demography is on the side of the Islamists.

    But I’m glad the military at least gave a go at trying to stop them. Sad they failed. Depressed that a guy like Dan Hannan came out against the coup. He’d rather Freedom be extinguished than break the rules. Fetishizing process over outcome.

  15. Had a terrible nightmare last that Trump won the election, and Block Yomomma declared martial law and refused to leave office as a result. Must have watched too much news last night.

    1. Had a terrible nightmare last that Trump won the election


  16. The military waited too long. It was also terribly planned. How did they not have a single political party in support? Why did they not control the internet? No attempt to kill the president?

    It was so poorly planned it looks like a plot by Erdogan to increase power.

    1. I agree about waiting too long.

      But it’s easy to say they should have done better. Sometimes you’re just dealt a bad hand. Demographics and enthusiasm are against secularists in Turkey.

      Although I grant it is possible it was a coup “attempt” arranged by Erdogan. Better to arrange coups against you yourself than leave it up to your enemies.

    2. Looks like a fake uprising to me.

  17. If Obama could get away with it he would do the same thing as Erdogan or Putin, as would Trump and most of the authoritarians in our government, it is another reason they support Erdogan the dictator, they envy the power he has to mold Turkey into an authoritarian state, as did Putin in Russia.

    1. I don’t think that’s true in the Anglosphere. At least not yet.

      Everyone is committed to the outward show of democracy, though the Left wants to render it powerless, with the real power going to the apparatchik state.

      1. Everyone is committed? I agree with you generally on the outward show and our constitution does help as well, but then again look at how far we’ve fallen from true freedom and look at the increasing power of the executive branch, I know Roosevelt and others were certainly nor innocent either but it seems one of few things holding back our leaders is term limits but even that could eventually erode.

  18. I’d like to say I’m surprised how many of the “libertarians” here secretly fantasize about military dictatorship, but it’s really just confirming what I already knew.

    1. Libertarians want freedom. It’s a sorry, but not particularly rare state that military dictatorship brings more freedom than the alternatives.

      Turkey’s military has given them what freedom they’ve had. Who really thinks Turkey will be more free under President for Life Erdogan than they would have been under the military?

      1. It’s a sorry, but not particularly rare state that military dictatorship brings more freedom than the alternatives.

        Uh, yes it is a particularly rare state. Military dictatorships certainly love to say they’re bringing more freedom than the alternative, but they invariably end up just as bad or worse than what they replaced.

        1. No they don’t. You’re just wildly ignorant of history, particularly Turkey’s history.

    2. Given that the options are temporary military dictatorship intended to restore democracy or permanent dictatorship run by an adherent of evil totalitarian philosophy entirely hostile to our people, it’s not that shocking at all.

      1. The military dictatorship is never temporary and never actually restores democracy. So the actual options are between two permanent dictatorships.

        And as bad as Erdogan is*, he’s not running around shooting hundreds of people at random.

        * – And for most of the pro-coup people, Erdogan’s badness is purely linked to his muslimness. If he were a christian politician with the same policies, he’d be a wildly popular reformer who’s making the tough choices to protect Turkey from religious extremism.

        1. Thank you for interjecting your Western values into Turkey. The military in Turkey post-Ottoman has been the institution that safeguarded a secular society. That has changed in the recent past.

          You could at least try harder like comparing Turkey to the Egyptian coup, but talking about a Chritian Politiician being okay is just a silly attempt at a troll.

        2. Not true. Turkey has a long history coups, where power is transfer back to civilian authority, shortly thereafter. And I don’t care about anyone’s “muslimness,” Erdogan is a monster who should have been hung for what he’s done to that country.

          1. Other than level of success, I don’t see any difference between Erdogan and, say, Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. I wouldn’t consider anyone who suggested the military should arrest social conservatives to be a libertarian, and I don’t consider anyone who’s in favor of killing hundreds of civilians in the name of arresting Erdogan to be a libertarian either.

            But then, over the 12 years I’ve been commenting here, I’ve become increasingly convinced that there’s no such thing as a libertarian period.

            1. It took you 12 years to figure this out? Most of the libertarians here are Republicans who think themselves too hip to register as such.

              1. Erdogan’s goat F***king ass has taken over the media, imprisoned the opposition, his cabinet is corrupt. Over 1,863 journalists lost their jobs due to their anti-government views.
                Erdo?an also tightened controls over the internet, signing into law a bill which allows the government to block websites without prior court order on 12 September 2014. A 13 year old boy was arrested for criticism of the president- and lots more

            2. You’re an idiot and wholly ignorant of what Erdogan has been doing to his country. He’s a despot.

              1. “He” has been doing to his country?

                One man among a population of 75-million, and ‘he’ has done this?

                1. Yes.

                  1. If you assign him 100% of the accountability, you diminish the responsibility of the other 74M+. This is true of every nation-state. An evil tyrant doesn’t arrive without the incremental acquiescence of brainwashed masses who endorse the hierarchy of ill-begotten power. Nor does any tyrant. Nor any useless politician.– sorry, redundancy.

                    1. You’re talking to Cytotoxic like he’s worth talking to. That’s probably your first mistake.

        3. The military dictatorship is never temporary and never actually restores democracy. So the actual options are between two permanent dictatorships.

          In the case of Turkey, their military dictatorships have been temporary, and then they restored democracy within three to five years. So Turkey is the example that negates your claim.

          1. Somebody ought to read up on Ataturk. The military is SUPPOSED to keep Turkey secular and step in when the religious loonies take over. That is their Constitutional role in Turkey.

            It’s over now. RIP secular Turkey.

            1. It is in ours too.

        4. Chile’s military dictatorship lasted 17 years. Pinochet gave up power voluntarily. They’re now the only decent economy in Latin America.

        5. You should stuff your mouth with some food and try reading once in a while


    3. We aren’t “secretly fantasizing” some of us recognize what the Turkish military has done in the past to promote freedom. What bloody alternative did they have? Sure it’s a nice thought that democratic mechanisms would work but face the facts that in Turkey’s unique history the military actually helped, in most other systems the military hindered freedom.

  19. Pennsylvania huh.

    1. Yup, Erdogan wants Pennsylvania to extradite his nemesis.

  20. Three important rules everyone should know:

    3) Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

    2) Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

    1) Never stage a coup unless you have the the executive in custody.

    1. They failed rule number 1 miserably.
      Imagine if it would have escalated? There could have been three failed states side by side in a massive brutal sectarian religious civil war. Armpit of the world that area is.

      1. There’s still fighting going on apparently…

        1. There is hope…

    2. As you wish!

  21. ‘Erdogan appealed for people to take to the streets, and many of his followers obeyed his orders and mosque loudspeakers exhorted his supporters to go out and protest….’

    And as he remained sheltered under protective barricades and outwardly pointed firepower, the unarmed sheep did just that.

    1. They are lucky this was a half-assed liberal coup. Hard core types like communists would just run the idiots over with tanks and machine-gunned the rest.

  22. Republic of Turkey 1920 – 2016. RIP

  23. In other news, previously unreported, Erdogan also said Turkey is just fine and please hold the mayo.

  24. In other news, previously unreported, Erdogan also said Turkey is just fine and please hold the mayo.

    1. He also said to kill the infidel squirrels!

  25. Now if we could just get a coup in this country.

    1. True that!

      1. Will wood chippers be involved?

    2. With our luck, it would be a false flag coup like Turkey had, intended to provide an excuse to purge Dear Leader’s enemies.

  26. So “Gulen” is Turkish for “Goldstein”?

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