'Friendly' GMO Mosquitoes Knock Back Dengue Fever by 91 Percent

If the FDA will let them, they could do the same thing here when Zika arrives



While the Food and Drug Administration and Congress dither over what to do about the high probability that the Zika virus will start spreading via Aedes aegypti mosquitoes later this year, GMO mosquitoes are reducing their numbers dramatically in tests in Brazil. The FDA issued a finding of no significant impact back in March, but at the behest of anti-biotech activists kept the comment period open until mid-May. Consequently, communities are not permitted to deploy biotech mosquitoes to protect their citizens. The technology acts by creating male mosquitoes that pass along a gene that is fatal to mosquito larva. Does it work?

In a press release, the company reports the results of a test deployment in the city of Piracicaba in Brazil:

Piracicaba's Epidemiologic Surveillance service released new data this week which showed a 91% reduction of dengue fever cases registered in the CECAP/Eldorado district, an area of 5,000 residents, in the 2015/2016 dengue-year as compared to the 2014/2015 period. The incidence decreased to just 12 cases in 2015/2016, the first year in which Friendly™ Aedes, the genetically engineered mosquitoes that fight wild Aedes aegypti, were released there, versus 133 cases in the previous year. According to Epidemiologic Surveillance the rest of the municipality saw a 52% reduction in dengue fever incidence during the same period, from 3,487 cases in the 2014/2015 period to 1,676 cases in 2015/2016.

Additionally, the overall incidence rate in CECAP/Eldorado for the dengue-year 2014/2015 was 195% larger than the rate recorded for the rest of the municipality. In the dengue-year 2015/2016, the rate in CECAP/Eldorado was 45% lower than the rate in the rest of the municipality.

Would releasing GMO mosquitoes help control Zika virus in the U.S.? Since Aedes aegypti is a vector for both dengue and Zika, the answer is very likely, yes. So get with it regulators: Free the Friendly Aedes!

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  1. Why don’t they just GMO the virus itself? Geez, do I have to think of everything?

    1. Because those damn mosquitos carry more viruses than Zika? if they go extinct, we’ll eliminate the vectors for several diseases.

      1. I’ve raised my children on a steady diet of yellow fever mosquitoes, and you want to rid the planet of them? Do you have any idea how devastating that will be to the ecosystem of my progeny?

        1. I would have never guessed you were a fish.

          1. He is clearly a dragonfly. Technically, his children survive off of yellow fever mosquito larvae.

    2. Better idea: genetically modify humans, and eventually the mosquitoes will get cancer from eating us.

  2. I’ve seen this movie, and it doesn’t end well for the black guy.

    1. True for most movies.

      Cause RACIST!

    2. Does he wear a ed shirt?

      1. Poor Krayewski!

  3. How long ’til Barbara Boxer comes after Bailey for opposing the use of GMO mosquitoes?

    Doesn’t Bailey know that GMO Mosquitoes knocked back Dengue Fever by 91 percent?

    1. I hope she repeats the comments outside the Congressional chambers and gets sued for defamation.

    2. Ron Bailey: Have your/Reason‘s lawyers contacted Boxer’s lawyers and set her straight yet?


      1. That sounds more like a Muslim horror, to me.

      2. Too ‘ethnic’; go back to the drawing board.




        1. Too ‘ethnic’; go back to the drawing board.

          This is getting Aedeotic.

      3. Easy to defeat, just wait for the next call to prayer

    1. That’s FrankenSKEETER!

      1. You know nothing of Latin.

      2. There’s a skeeter on my peter
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    2. GMOsquito

  5. From the damp lab of swamp and puddle.

    1. Hey, that’s Winston’s mom’s nickname.

      1. You misheard.

        From the damp lab of swamp and puddlebutthole.

        When you say it right, it does sound like puddle.

        No puddle ever smelled so bad.

        1. She puts more ass into morass.

  6. “Most cases have no symptoms, but when present they are usually mild and can resemble dengue fever.[1][2] Symptoms may include fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache, and a maculopapular rash.[1][3][4] Symptoms generally last less than seven days.[3] It has not caused any reported deaths during the initial infection.[2] Infection during pregnancy causes microcephaly and other brain malformations in some babies.”

    Sorry Zika, you’re a wanker.

    1. But it could create a whole generation of Trump supporters.

      1. I have to ask, why not go with “Democrats” there?

        Your line seems like the easy one.

        1. And it would have been equally easy to say “Republicans” (as distinct from Trumplings). Impugning people who are loyal to a different political tribe is always low-hanging fruit, and frankly kind of boring. But impugning people who have fallen under the sway of a personality cult seems like a richer target, particularly given the personality in question.

          1. “Impugning people who are loyal to a different political tribe is always low-hanging fruit, and frankly kind of boring”

            But the millionth shot at Trump isn’t?

            Hillary is a fucking weasel, and yes, the Republicans are garbage.

            Spread the love man.

            1. Oh, and Trump is garbage too.

              There, that’s for when the “you’re a Trumpist” reflex rears it’s head.

            2. Yeah but nobody actually supports Hillary. They’re holding their nose and voting for her either out of habit or party loyalty or greater disdain for the alternatives.

              1. Ahahahahahahhahahahahaha

                Thanks for that.

            3. Clinton has her cult of personality, but it’s not what’s driving her poll numbers. Pure unadulterated malice is what drives Democrats to the polls.

              1. The idea that clinton doesn’t have any actual support is so laughable, that I’m shocked someone actually tried to claim it was true.

                I really did laugh when I saw it.

                1. Maybe I’m running in the wrong circles, but the people I know who are voting for her are doing so largely out of party loyalty and Trump-fear. Even the mainstream media and talk show comedians go on about how loathsome she is.

                  1. Pauline Kael making an appearance.

                    1. Now she can say that she does know lots of ppl who voted for (vagina) nixon.

                    2. Hmmm….”Vagina Nixon” I like that.

                  2. “the people I know who are voting for her are doing so largely out of party loyalty and Trump-fear”

                    but yet you fall into the same trap of reflexingly perpetuating the “trump-fear” among the low-information lefties.

                    On a straight comparison of who is most likely to destroy my children’s future, Hillary leads by at least five pantsuits.

  7. Won’t anybody think of the larva?

  8. This should be a Terran weapon in Starcraft. The ghost could go in and infect the hive, causing it to produce non-viable larvae for 30 seconds, or something like that.

    1. GMO launch detected

      1. The hive produces a “friendly queen” that attacks the resource drones.

        Shit, I need to write Blizzard an email.

        1. I think they’ve given up on Starcraft.

          Overwatch is the new “it” IP. Would be neat if they made an RTS out of it.

          1. They’ve pretty much wrapped up SC2 by now, aside from adjusting seasons numbers. They’re still very invested in D3 despite the last addon having come out two years ago with no rumors of another.

            1. I thought D3 planned on having 2 expansions from the start.

              Anywho, the smartest thing they could do right now is release modding tools and an arcade for Overwatch. I’d be all over that. SC2 has the infrastructure but not the players unfortunately.

          2. I read somewhere that Overwatch was originally supposed to be more of an MMORPG. Anyway, I still have to say I don’t get all the hype over the game. Well, some of it I understand. But overall, it just seems like the same old team-based shooter. What am I missing?

            1. You have to play it to understand. I was lukewarm on it when I saw the videos showcasing the heroes and their abilities. It looks silly that it’s sort of like a moba with ultimates and stuff, but no leveling up. In a sense it is a lot more like TF2 but with more interesting mechanics.

              I actually hated it when I first played it in the closed beta. Kept getting on crappy, uncoordinated teams and having a bad time. That all changed when I found a hero I’m good with (Reaper) and figured out how to ruin other people’s day.

              1. Hmm…that may be what’s getting me. The MOBA-ness of it.

  9. So, what, 10 yrs. before police employ the use of Not-So-Friendly Aedes mosquitoes to ‘deal’ with a sniper in Texas?

    1. What are you droning on about?

    2. They’ll have to come up with some better viruses. Waiting for days or weeks for the guy to die doesn’t seem like the most effective tactic.

      1. They will carry extremely tiny packs of C-4.

        1. I just assumed that any mosquito bearing the name ‘Not-So-Friendly’ would be able to fly in undetected and toss the perpetrator out.

  10. OT: Word is that Trump has chosen Pence from Indiana as his VP pick. Being an Indiana resident, I will have more to say about this later.

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    2. A far, far better pick than Gingrich or Christie.

      Is that faint enough praise?

      1. That sounds about right. This is a good move for Indiana Republicans because he’s no longer an albatross on the ballot in November. Now he’s someone else’s problem.

      2. I was really hoping for Gingrich, to complete the idea that this year is the culmination of horrifying 90s nostalgia.

    3. At least that means Pence will no longer be your governor. That’s something.

      1. That’s the word on FB. People are happy to see him go. Even in the red county where I live, I see a lot of “Fire Pence” signs. Enough so that my kids notice them and ask what that means. He will forever be famous for that religious freedom law that did nothing but piss people off. And guess what? Now we get to relive that shitstorm all over again.

  11. I had the measles,mumps and chicken pox by age four.Bring it on bitches.

    1. Excuse me, could I have a small sample of your blood, say between 4 and 5 liters?

    2. I had chickenpox twice before I was four- Apparently, I kicked it’s ass so fast the first time, I didn’t get the full immunity.

      “Ira, when a bug bites me, the bug dies.”- Woodrow Wilson Smith AKA Lazarus Long


    Right out of a sci-fi b-flick.

    All the environmentalists could be cast at the pant shitters running away.

    1. Didn’t the X-files movie have genetically modified bees?

  13. I figured we’d have at least one luddite by now whining that they ‘haven’t been proven safe yet!’.

    1. The precautionary principle only applies to immigrants ’round these parts.

      1. The precautionary principle only applies to immigrants ’round these parts.


      2. Disappointed with your party of science, hugh?

  14. Are the mosquitos labeled?

    1. Yeah?!

      /Vermont Legislature

    2. Genetically, yes.

  15. It’s like nobody learned this lesson.

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  18. “No, no, no, GMOs are evil! Releasing GMO mosquitos is an abomination against Mother Gaia. Why? Because it’s science. See, science is bad except when it isn’t. Settled science is good. So good, in fact, that questioning settled science is a SIN and there will be a special place in hell for those who question! But Monsanto-style science is terrible. It is even worse than a jet contrail full of dioxin. Why, I’d sooner eat a PCB sandwich or shoot up with an autism-infected vaccine then get bit by a Monsantoquito.”

    – Proggie the Derp

  19. This counts as at least a half point on the bailey scientological scale, right?

    1. It’s equivalent to a .1 rise in the monthly global warming firestorm update.

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