City Party Ordinance Could Turn College Kids Into Criminals


You may think twice about participating in a house party in the city of Orange, Calif. You could end up a criminal.

The Orange city council recently passed a new ordinance that makes it unlawful for any person to be "present at, attend or participate in a loud or unruly gathering," and to do so in a way that "contributes" to the gathering. According to city code, the punishment could be hundreds of dollars worth of fines and the violation amounts to a misdemeanor.

At a city council meeting in April 2016, the city attorney for Orange mentioned what contributing might mean:

"The individual has to be doing something more than just walking by at the time […] Some indication that they are contributing to the party. They may be with their red cup or they're jumping up and down to the music or whatever it might be, but, something so an officer has to observe something more than just mere presence."

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