University Might Expel Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter

Gay conservative Christian student also uses offensive "Dangerous Faggot" hashtag.


Pacific Press/Sipa USA/Newscom

Administrators at Purdue University Northwest have demanded a meeting with a student who made controversial statements on social media—and even threatened to expel him.

The student, Joshua Nash, isn't sure exactly which comments got him into trouble—at a public university that is obligated to abide by the First Amendment, mind you—but suspects a Facebook post about Black Lives Matter might have done him in.

"Black Lives Matter is trash because they do not really care about black lives," Nash recalled writing on Facebook, according to The College Fix. "They simply care about making money and disrupting events for dead people." Someone reported the comment to Facebook, which removed it and suspended him for a month.

On Twitter, Nash describes himself as a gay conservative Christian who uses the pronouns "God, Overlord, and #DangerousFaggot," the latter being a reference to Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos. A Purdue administrator told Nash that describing himself in such a manner was "homopohobic," according to The Fix.

When asked who [Nash] thinks may have reported him, or why, he said, "No idea. I didn't think it was offensive."

Since receiving the summons, Nash said he asked the university for more details during a phone call. He alleges that, over the phone, a campus official said his social media comments could result in his expulsion. The College Fix could not immediately reach a campus official Friday to confirm or deny the claim.

Nash's mandatory meeting with Student Assistance Director Andrew Pettee was supposed to take place on July 19, but has been moved to August. Pettee did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Purdue University Northwest is a public university: administrators don't get to punish students for speaking their minds, even if they really don't like what the students have to say. Whether or not Black Lives Matter is an effective or intellectually honest movement is an important public policy question deserving of healthy debate at a university campus. And it's hardly appropriate for administrators to tell a self-identified gay student not to use certain words to describe himself—on Twitter—because those words are offensive to somebody else.

As is obvious, the university has no right to demand a meeting with a student if the ultimate purpose is to intimidate that individual into choosing different words.

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  1. Someone reported the comment to Facebook, which removed it and suspended him for a month.

    So what now? Facebook corporation removed the comment?

    1. This allows conviction and punishment without proof. Anyone could say you said anything and never have to prove it. That’s the objective.

      1. #believeher

          1. get it right!


    2. so say something the left doesn’t like and you get banned, but feel free to tweet out KillAllMen, WhiteMaleTears, etc.

      1. Shhhhhhhhh! You cracked the code!

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  2. What is offensive about him calling himself a “dangerous faggot”? He is gay. Can’t he use that word to describe himself? Maybe Robby forgot to put scare quotes around the term offensive. Otherwise, WTF?

    1. I think we all knew the time was coming when Top Men would get to decide who’s gay and who isn’t.

      1. That’s bottom man phobic!

    2. The leaders have not decided yet that certain special snowflake groups can use self derogatory terms. This dangerous rogue is trying to decide that on his own. Dangerous precedent here, cannot be tolerated. Get in line, sheeples, your masters have not yet spoken.

      IOW, he forgot to ask permission.

    3. Meh. He’s talking about subjective offense there, not objective. People can get offended over anything. I mean, this is a stupid reason, but there’s no denying that, subjectively, it’s probably offensive to some people.

      1. What would objective offensiveness even be? Seems to me that offensiveness can only ever be subjective.

        1. Legally, a “reasonableness” standard is often called an “objective” standard.

          If a reasonable person would be offended, its “objectively” offensive. That kind of thing.

        2. I think we can all agree that some things – dark chocolate, for example – are objectively offensive and anyone who thinks otherwise relegates himself to second class status whose sensibilities are not worthy of consideration.

          1. “dark chocolate?” You mean “chocolate of color!”

    4. If someone takes offense at something, then it’s offensive. Which is why offensiveness is an entirely useless standard (unless what you want to accomplish is simply silencing people you don’t like).

      1. Heckler’s veto. Very useful to the ruling class.

    5. He basically did what blacks routinely do. Apparently, the double standard only works if it advances leftwing politics. Shocking, I know.

      1. In my experience, it’s also something that many gay people routinely do. “queer” is used like that all the time as well.

    6. Yeah… I was going to ask if the dorks in the Purdue Admin group missed that detail…

  3. If I won the lottery, I think I would quit my job and go back to college. It would be so much fun to fuck with these people. I would go to that meeting and I don’t think they would like what happened in it. If you didn’t care about getting expelled and had the money and time to sue these fuckers, the entertainment would be endless. Is there a better life than spending it making petty tyrants’ lives miserable?

      1. “I’d like to Tame your Shrew”

        1. OK, your first class is at 9:30.

          -Nah, no good, I got a massage at 9:30. Tell them to make it 11.

      2. I would totally adopt that persona too. The world needs more Rodney.

        1. The man was a national treasure.

          1. +1 “Everybody’s gettin laid!”

    1. Is there a better life…

      Uh, yeah.

      1. I don’t think so. There are few more noble causes than fucking with petty tyrants.

        1. Some people have the strangest hobbies.

          1. Not to mention the strange euphemisms….

        2. I’m kinda with John, only my hobby would be filing ethics complaints against prosecutors and judges and trying to get them stripped of their law licenses.

          1. my hobby would be filing ethics complaints against prosecutors and judges

            That would get you a vexatious litigant designation rather quickly.

  4. So it’s a public university? Well then, I presume his lawyer will be applying for an injunction against any sort of “meeting” or disciplinary action based on his social-media comments.

    1. Sounds like something that FIRE would be all over.

      1. Administration doesn’t want FIRE called on a crowded campus

        1. When they were talking about going after me, I wrote back that it sounded like it was time for FIRE

          They thought I was going to commit arson. Seriously. Never heard of the group.

        2. I see what you did there.

        3. I see what you did there.

  5. Dear Administrators,

    “Congress shall make now law…” and that has been incorporated against the several states and their various subdivisions which includes this government-run university.

    Now fuck off.



    1. NO law, dammit.

      1. Sometimes I think they read that as “Congress shall make [new] law…”

        1. Sometimes I think they read that as “Congress shall make [new] law…”

          See the Ginsburg article for an example.

          The court’s 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, establishing an individual right to own guns, may be another matter, she said.

          “I thought Heller was “a very bad decision,” she said, adding that a chance to reconsider it could arise whenever the court considers a challenge to a gun control law.

        2. Our laws are not “made,” they are crafted. Therefore, it’s okay.

          1. “Crafted”? Pish. Only the finest artisanally curated laws around these parts, pilgrim.

    2. dangerousfaggot

      If I were gay, I’d adopt this as my handle.

      Would feel good to shove it in progs’ faces.

      1. Yeah, I’m tempted but don’t want to be imitative.

        1. C’mon, Tonio, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and other clich?s!

      2. Would feel good to shove it in progs’ faces.

        I imagine they do that a lot anyway.

      3. His friends call him, Dan.


    1. The silly and childlike style of the font is oddly appropriate though, since they’re just play-acting at being serious and grown-up

  7. Funny enough, my mom works for a university disciplinary committee of a well-known Canadian university. The most pressing matter currently in the office? A complaint over a student using the word ‘trannie’ on Facebook. There’s been a lot of eye-rolling in the office, apparently a surprising amount of university staff are getting tired of treating university students like they’re children.

    1. Ignoring would actually work for this shit.

      “I want to complain about __________.”

      “OK, we’ll get right on that.” [click]

      They are basically internet trolls IRL. Responding to their complaints only makes them complain more.

      1. Well that’s the insane part of it all. The staff thinks it’s stupid, but they’re required by university disciplinary guidelines to still review the case and make some kind of judgement on it. It seems that their current plan is to leave it in limbo for awhile, then throw out a verdict (probably something along the lines of ‘inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour off-campus’ and issue a warning) in the middle of summer when no one’s on campus and the student paper can’t get a hold of it. The hoops they have to jump through in order to avoid student angst are impressive.

        1. Just police shooting that shit… say you are investigating until everyone stops asking.

          But yeah, the university admin level setting up processes that they themselves will never have to use themselves is endemic to academic culture. (Or the state doing, which may be even worse because it usually costs a ton of money.)

        2. why? who the fuck cares about these special snowflakes?

          they are crying toddlers throwing a tempur tanrum. Appeasement won’t work for these fascists just like it didn’t work for fascists in the 30s.

          1. who the fuck cares about these special snowflakes?

            The university higher-ups who will come down like a ton of bricks on the department if some kind of controversy is stirred up by the students and/or social media. Last year the university went through a rather nonsensical accusation process by the press in regards to sexual assaults/rape on campus and enrollment suffered as a result.

      2. I think this Hurt Feelings Report has been linked here previously. Worth asking your mom to pursue adoption at her university (assuming she’s near retirement age).

        1. I’ll bet the previous linkers did a better job of making a link.

        2. Unfortunately she’s not in a position to affect policy. And the people who do have that power have…issues, or more pressing concerns (i.e. milking the university as much as they can).

    2. apparently a surprising amount of university staff are getting tired of treating university students like they’re children.

      Well, they can stop any time they want.

  8. A Purdue administrator told Nash that describing himself in such a manner was “homopohobic,” according to The Fix.

    WTF? Seriously, I want this guy to explain what the fuck.

    Also: “Stop homophobing yourself, stop homophobing yourself.”

    1. So the N word is okay for Blacks to use but it’s not okay for a gay man to use the F word?

      Mental Gymnastics… if progs didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all

      1. It’s alphabet words all the way down.

      2. There’s a simple explanation, really.

        They’re afraid of black people; they aren’t afraid of gay people.

    2. Damn,Canadians ,always trying to out do U.S. stupidity.You are worthy.

    3. I suppose their position is that he attacks mirrors every time he passes by one and sees his reflection?

  9. This guy thinks cops are all retards. Muzzle him.
    On Saturday, President Obama also told reporters that one of the challenges for the Dallas officers who were being shot at was that Texas was an open-carry state. “Imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re trying to sort out who is shooting at you and there are a bunch of people who have got guns on them,” Mr. Obama said.

    Which way are they pointing them? That would be a good indicator.

    1. Shoot everyone open carrying. Easy peasy.

    2. Is anyone pointing their weapon at anyone/anything? If so, they either intend harm or are too ignorant on basic gun safety to be trusted and, in either case, should be stopped.

    3. He’s just plain darn disappointed that is wasn’t an AR [Micah X used a vintage Chinese SKS, 10 round magazine, non detachable; any ban incorporating those would pretty much have to ban much everything…].

      1. Micah X used a vintage Chinese SKS

        Really? Huh. I’m surprised they’ve kept it quiet. If it were an AR they’d be screeching it in every media outlet in America, but instead…. this makes things more “problematic”. An SKS (sans bayonet) would probably pass any “assault weapons” ban currently proposed. Acknowledging that makes the laws actually (shocker) seem stupid and arbitrary.

      2. This piece suggests it was actually an AK74-clone

    4. Apparently he doesn’t realize that this also true of all the other cops there.

  10. Wait, how does what you say on facebook have anything to fucking do with a class you are taking at a university. How can the university possibly have any legitimate interest in caring, outside of specific threats, what one of their customers does on their social media site?

    1. Well, if they have a morality clause…

    2. See my comment a few comments down; it pretty much explains it all.

    1. Wait, that’s a dude?!

      1. I have seen the products of some biped mammal vets in Tampa who specialize in such after-market conversions. They are truly gifted artist… Just sayin.

      2. Who says there no libertarian women?

    2. So, if you’re trans, you can say “Trannie” and no one complains?

    3. Man hands. Man face. So I assume, a man penis too.

    4. I’d let that person in my bathroom and/or shower

  11. Isn’t Mitch Daniels president of Perdue these days? I usually expect better out of him.

    1. I’m still trying to figure out when we got a Northwest campus. Purdue’s main campus is pretty northwest as it is.

      On further review, it’s just a rename of the Calumet campus, which is trash and is located in fucking Lake County (union and mob stronghold).

      1. “Union/mob” is splitting hairs at this point no?

  12. Fantastic job, Facebook. What’s the reasoning?

    University — how many black men calling themselves, or each other, “Nigger” have been punished?

  13. He criticized Black Lives Matter.

    All criticism of Black Lives Matter [I don’t abbreviate it “BLM” b/o likely confusion with the Bureau of Land Management] is necessarily racist; in other words it will be deemed racist, which is good enough.

    No University, be it public or private, can withstand accusations of harboring racist* behavior, including a student posting his or her opinion on Facebook.

    The student must therefore be censored, punished, and if that is not enough, expelled and made to wear a yellow tag for the rest of their lives.

    *to include any comment about protected groups with a claim to victimization; white Anglo males remain fair game because it’s there fault everyone else is a victim.

    1. white Anglo males remain fair game because it’s there fault everyone else is a victim.

      It’s what they get for building the most tolerant, inclusive and open handed societies the world has ever known, bar none.

      1. building the most tolerant, inclusive and open handed societies the world has ever known

        Don’t worry, our proggie superiors are working hard to change that.

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  15. And it’s hardly appropriate for administrators to tell a self-identified gay student not to use certain words to describe himself?on Twitter?because those words are offensive to somebody else.

    Only dentists can make dentist jokes, you’re not anti-dentite are you?

    When someone says something like “dangerous faggot”, there are two rational options: 1) Take offense or 2) Don’t take offense. There are no third or fourth options pending an analysis of the perpetrator’s victimology.

  16. RE: University Might Expel Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter
    Gay conservative Christian student also uses offensive “Dangerous Faggot” hashtag.

    Employing such politically incorrect thought and terms is the very reason why socialism must be launched as soon as possible in this country. Thinking against the grain of our beloved and prudent Thought Police is a sign of counter-revolutionary thought that may turn into counter-revolutionary actions against The State and all its kind, merciful and wise oppressors that enslave us all. We all must be on guard against those who question and doubt the prudent and progressive thinking slavers who only wish the unwashed masses what is best for them. However, one can be assured this sick individual who has used politically incorrect terminology and was foolish enough to question the motives and actions of a well known politically accepted organization will only be reprimanded through public flogging, have him and his family marched off to the district gulag where they will enjoy the delights of their re-education, starvation, beatings, and watching Trump the Grump’s and Heil Hitlary’s campaign speeches for hours on end without any bathroom breaks.
    Then they will beg their captors to be shot.
    One can be assured they will welcome the executions after hours of listening to those two’s insane drivel being forced upon them.
    Let this be a lesson for all who are foolish enough to walk down the path of free thought.

  17. Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH????

  18. Maybe it really is time to strike back with violence. Maybe it’s time to meet their insanity with carbombs.

  19. Bias Response Team to the rescue!

    1. I think that “Bias Response Action Team” would be more appropriate, given the resulting acronym.

      1. Bingo!

  20. Sure is nice of Purdue to put the State of Indiana on the hook for this man’s future educational expenses.

  21. thnks for sharing download for videoog youtube

  22. Starting with universities and facebook, this will spread to all areas of life. Any speech the left doesn’t like will be censored.

    Get ready for the marxist excrement salad.

  23. …who uses the pronouns “God, Overlord, and #DangerousFaggot,”…

    Seriously, Soave?

    Learn to pronoun.

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