Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash With Police, Sanders to Endorse Clinton, Third Homeless Person Killed in San Diego Attacks: A.M. Links


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    CNN asks whether Dallas cop shooter Micah Johnson was "radicalized online." The mayor of Dallas came out against open carry, which has long been legal in Texas for long guns. Deray Mckesson was among 120 people arrested in Baton Rouge participating in what cops described as a riot in which more than 20 officers were injured. Police made more arrests Sunday in Louisiana while preventing protesters from entering a major interstate, and said protesters threw concrete at them; protesters in places like Memphis and elsewhere also tried to block major roads in their areas. A Harvard study, meanwhile, finds racial bias in police use of force, except in police shootings.

  • Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tomorrow. Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump won. Gary Johnson condemned recent prominent fatal police shootings as well as the attack on police in Dallas.
  • A third homeless person in San Diego has been killed in a series of attacks.
  • The U.S. evacuated its embassy in South Sudan of personnel as violence in the capital spirals out of control.
  • At least twenty people are dead and two hundred injured as police and protesters clashed in Kashmir over the killing of a separatist militant commander. The Indian government cut off the roads, Internet access, and the electric supply to the region in response to tensions.
  • Eight soldiers in Somalia were killed in a car bombing of a military training camp.

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  1. These links are real downers.

    1. Hello.

      /celebratory spin.

    2. Summer’s here

  2. Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tomorrow.

    49 more states to go before the convention!

    1. No Hilary indictment, no more Bernie.

      1. Over/under on when Bernie’s body will be found head-down in a cask of maple syrup?

        1. Or artisanal espresso.

        2. Over/under on when Bernie’s body will be found head-down in a cask of maple syrup?

          Who needs 23 brands of maple syrup do dunk Bernie in when children are starving?

  3. Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tomorrow.

    He realizes you don’t need a choice of candidates.

  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump won.

    New Zealand would be honoured to have her run out the clock there, I’m sure.

    1. Isn’t she more of a fan of South Africa?

    2. Are people even realistic anymore?

    3. She really does want to convince me to vote Trump, doesn’t she?

  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump won.

    As a Hobbit-American, she’ll fit in well there.

    1. I am skeptical that you have had the requisite peek at Ginsburg’s feet to make that assessment.

      1. She’s two feet tall and is fond of breakfast and naps. That’s evidence enough for me.

        1. +1 second breakfast

          1. Just finished my elevensies.

  6. Eight soldiers in Somalia were killed in a car bombing of a military training camp.

    But what was the car driving on?

    1. Flying car?

      I am stuck all day in a training course. Bah.

      See all of you louts tomorrow.

      1. Gotta keep your hand in the game if you want to maintain those pike-phalanx skills, i suppose.

        1. How else are they gonna make swiss cheese?

        2. Gaze narrowing is a serious business. One has to constantly stay on top of new techniques.

  7. A Harvard study, meanwhile, finds racial bias in police use of force, except in police shootings.

    Harvard is seemingly conducting a study on the best way to conduct studies designed to douse both sides of a social media debate in gasoline.

  8. “Who will be my VP?” Donald asked the hushed arena.

    “I said WHO WILL BE MY VP?” he screamed into the microphone. The crowd sighed as one but made no other sound.

    “Don’t you all rush forward at once,” the hat muttered.

    “Don’t get picked up by the microphone,” the hair hissed back. Donald reached up and gently tucked a stiff wing of the hair behind his left ear.

    “Nobody? Really? Sad. Just sad, people,” Donald said. He shook his head in disgust. “OK, let them out.”

    A large man in a mask and a greasy loincloth on the arena floor threw back a giant bolt on an enormous door and pulled it open slowly.

    “Faster, please. C’mon,” Donald scolded. “OK, OK, who is the first one?”

    Rough hands pushed an elderly man out into the dusty arena floor, his white hair disheveled, the face on his round pumpkin head red and blotchy. He had a filthy cloth wound around his midsection and he carried a short sword.

    “Newt Gingrich, everybody,” Donald said. A dozen or so people clapped with no enthusiasm.

    “The crowd loves him,” the hair whispered. The hat chortled.

    “OK, the next one,” Donald said.

    A fat man covered in sweat was pushed out next. He only had a pull-up diaper on and was armed with a trident and a net. The crowd began to laugh when he threw the weapons down and tried to run back into the door. He was pushed down to the floor of the arena and got back up with his back and legs matted with sweatmud.

    1. “Disgusting,” Donald said. “Chris Christie. Yeah. OK. Don’t clap, then.” A nervous giggle rang out as Chris stumbled while trying to collect his weapons.

      “OK, come on. Let’s GO!” Donald said.

      Another old white man was pushed out into the actinic glare of the arena lights. He was flabby and nude and made a show of sucking his gut. Foot-long spikes jutted out of leather gauntlets that had been laced up his arm and there was a tight metal collar around his neck. He raised his arms in triumph and there was an effeminate “WOO!” from a lone voice in the crowd.

      “Mike Pence!” Donald said. In the thunderous silence that followed a cricket died quietly.

      “Mike Pence? Really? Nobody? The governor of Indiana?” Donald held his arms up questioningly. “Indiana. It’s a state. It’s, like, right there in the middle. OK. Whatever.”

      “INDIANA! WOO!” Mike screamed. In the agonizing silence that followed he yelled, “Y’all are just a bunch of FAGGOTS!”

      “Has he seen what he is wearing?” the hair asked.

      “Closet case,” the hat said. “You know, a wide stance.”

      “Oh, I get it.”

    2. Donald shook his head like a horse annoyed my flies. “OK, OK. There’s one more. OK, send him out.”

      A large, imposing figure walked into the arena, dressed in an armored codpiece and wielding a long sword. The crowd cheered as the door creaked closed behind him.

      “Wow. OK. Cheering already,” Donald said. He looked down at his notecards.

      “General Michael Flynn. General Flynn. Look at him. Isn’t he just great?”

      Flynn swung his sword around and pointed at Newt, Chris and Mike. Mike exclaimed, “My heavens!” and the other two cowered.

      “Mike Flynn. Great guy. Love him. Afghanistan. Iraq. Very distinguished. He’s gonna just murder these other three.”

      “Are we just doing this so he can just slaughter them?” the hair asked.

      “Wait for it?” the hat replied.

      Donald squinted at his note cards. “It also says here that he’s pro-choice.”

      The crowd booed deafeningly. They threw programs and rotten fruit into the arena. They rushed the fences that kept them in the audience area and began pushing against them, snarling and screaming.

      “Poor dumb fucker,” the hair said. “He might as well not even fight.”

      1. What a fantastic way to start a Monday. What a world.

        1. Don’t encourage him. I don’t think we should trust SugarFree writing YA fodder.

          1. I don’t care what you think, Eugene. This story fills me with joy.

      2. “Shook his head like a horse annoyed my flies.”

        I knew it. SugarFree keeps pet flies. He rips their wings off and puts them in the bathtub. Then he sinks his body under the water so only his member sticks out, and the flies rush for the only piece of dry land.

        1. That motherfucker! Oh wait…

        2. How many flies could dance on the head of SF’s member ?

          1. Little known SF Fact: His father was Milton Berle.

            1. I think you mean Milton Bradley.

    3. They did a Drudge poll and Nukeler Newton won it, hands down. Gawd, these people are retarded.

      1. Yea…they nominated Trump…I mean, was that still in question?

    4. Am I the only one that got a little excited when the description of Pence was announced? I thought it was gunna be Warty come to take them all…i haz a dissapoint.

  9. Fox News forensic expert on how to make an assault rifle..

    1. So, it could have been done with a double-shot weapon using something you could easily purchase in a grocery store?

      You can’t fool *me*, straffinrun — That’s from The Onion.

      1. SHDM. I thought so, too. Seems like it’s real though.

        1. To her credit, she was right in saying that the difference between an ‘assault’ rifle and a hunting rifle is mostly insignificant.

          Too bad she ruined her point with all the stupid.

          1. But it isn’t. The capacity to shoot multiple bullets with a single trigger pull is significant.

    2. The dumb leading the dumbbells.

    3. “semi-uhhhh-assault” A new frontier in derp.

      1. A whole rifle made out of salt crystals?

    4. I’m headed to the grocery store right now!

      1. Would you pick up a couple of forensic experts while you’re there?

    5. What happens if I attach TWO scopes?!

  10. NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails Linux users as “extremists”

    Are you a Linux Journal reader or use software such as Tor and Tails Linux? If so, you’ve probably been flagged as an “extremist” by the NSA. Leaked documents related to the XKeyscore snooping program reveal that the agency is targeting anyone who is interested in online privacy, specifically those who use the aforementioned software and visit the Linux user community website.

    XKeyscore is a collection and analysis software that was among a number of surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden last year.

    Its source code (basically a rule file), which has been obtained and analyzed by members of the Tor project and security specialists for German broadcasters NDR and WDR, identifies two German Tor Directory Authority servers as being under surveillance by the NSA. The code also cites a number of specific IP addresses of the Tor Directory Authority.

    1. Android users can be quite the rowdy bunch, ya know…

      1. Yeah, but show me someone who uses Android on their desktop and I’ll show you a terrorist.

    2. Next on the no fly list, Linux users. Lol.

    3. Is anyone surprised by this?


    4. I almost always use Tor for day-to-day browsing.

      Can we classify the NSA as “control freaks”?

    5. July 4, 2014, 08.45 PM IST

      Old news is old.

  11. Gary Johnson condemned recent prominent fatal police shootings as well as the attack on police in Dallas.

    Pending determination if fine public servant Hillary Clinton was anyway involved, of course.

      1. No one is happy about the recent shootings except the Clintonian Cunts Hillary and Billy Boy.

        *quick look over there!*

        1. No, I would say that all of the gun grabbers and various other assorted statists are ecstatic about it.

          1. After all, that pile of 5 dead cops is a higher mountain for Obama to climb upon and crow like a retard, than all the other mass shootings combined.

  12. Red Lion woman pleads guilty in loud sex case

    A woman from Red Lion pleaded guilty on Wednesday to disorderly conduct in a case in which police said she had sex so loud that it shook a dresser and bed in her neighbor’s home.

    Amanda Warfel, 25, was ordered to spend 45 to 90 days in York County Prison. She’s already served that sentence, but is being held on a detainer from Lancaster County. It was not immediately clear why that’s in place.

    Warfel shared a row home wall with her neighbors, who complained of loud music, threats and sex noises coming from the other side.

    1. Why can’t I ever have neighbors like that?

    2. Ok, I’m sure there was plenty of sound involved, but that’s not what moved the furniture on the other side of the wall. for fuck’s sake.

    3. loud music, threats and sex noises coming from the other side

      At the same time?

    4. *Pounds broom handle on wall. Accidentally goes through*

      That might be my fault. Sorry.

      1. I am picturing a Kool Aid “oh yeah” scenario.

        1. staffinrun was making a gloryhole. The same sort of disgusting shenanigans that got him banned.

          1. I knew I could count on SF. There are no atheists in a glory hole. “Oh God, what is that?

            1. If you can fit a whole atheist in there, you are making the glory hole too big.

              1. Or you have tiny little atheists. Which are adorable.

                1. It’s not the size of the atheist, it’s how loud they are on the Internet?

              2. Well I suspect SF’s member is godless.

    5. Really? They took a mug shot of her?

      I tell ya, you Yanks…

      1. Of her face, yeah. That’s how mug shots work.

    6. Once, when I was living in a crappy apartment in Boulder, my very orgasmic girlfriend was loud enough that the upstairs neighbors ran out, slammed their door, went down the stairs, and started pounding on our door. Yeah that quieted my GF down.

      1. Didn’t that bother you when you were sleeping?

      2. Did the neighbors inform you of this when you got home ?

        1. nice.

    7. “Hey Peter, man, check out Channel 9, it’s the breast exam!”

  13. Mike Pence has ’95 percent’ chance of being Donald Trump’s VP pick

    Wow. That’s one of the least terrible choices he could make.

    1. One Chris Christie, comin’ right up!

    2. The spikey gauntlets are kind of cool in a gay metal pro wrestling kind of way.

    3. He’s better than Christie just by the fact of not being Christie. Outside of that? Meh, couldn’t be more meh. Trump is either retarded or pretending to be and doing a damn fine job. Either that or he’s already ran through every decent pick he could think of and they all declined. What about Ben Carson? He’d probably do it.

  14. tried to black major roads in their areas


    1. /snort. That’s fantastic.

    2. Once you go black…

      1. …you get shot by the cops?

    3. Roads in Murika are only black because racism.

    4. Ed might be John?

  15. Queensland police save French backpackers from ‘spiders as big as dinner plates’

    The backpackers claimed their campervan had been invaded by spiders the size of dinner plates. Their description was an exaggeration.

    Police said only one spider had “invaded” the campervan and the real concern was the 2 metre long scrub python that liked to curl up on the back seat if the doors were left open.

    Police said the two female officers kindly informed the holiday makers their aim was good, but not that good.

    Police also suggest travellers and residents invest in a can of insect or spider spray.

    1. How do people live in Australia? Because it seems that nature there actively tries to kill you.

      1. Lots of beer,their to drunk to care.I had a Aussie friend that considered Foster oil can,’small cans’.. He drank stout like water.

      2. Australia: where all the bad stuff from evolution went to live in a trailer with a shotgun.

    2. Too bad they couldn’t save them from Portugal yesterday….BOOYA!

      1. Too soon, Rufus. Too soon.

  16. A Harvard study, meanwhile, finds racial bias in police use of force, except in police shootings.


    1. The result contradicts the mental image of police shootings that many Americans hold in the wake of the killings (some captured on video) of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.; Laquan McDonald in Chicago; Tamir Rice in Cleveland; Walter Scott in South Carolina; Samuel DuBose in Cincinnati; Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La.; and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

      Everyone knows white people never get killed by the cops. If a white person was killed in an outrageous extra-judicial attack by police, the newspapers and TV would have told us so.

      1. White people don’t get killed by cops. White people get privilege scholarships to Harvard.

      2. I actually had this conversation a couple of days ago in response to the Castile shooting. I proggie friend who has been saying that I “hate police” for years because I bring up things like Jose Guerreno, Kelly Thomas, Cory Maye, Isaac Singletary…. you know, reasonoid stuff. So now #BLM is in the national consciousness and she wanted to lecture me about how racist the cops are. And to your point, this never would happen if the guy had been white.

        When I told her that it happens to white people all the time too, she became incensed. (Don’t contradict the narrative. It is like questioning the virgin birth. Just don’t do it.) She was absolutely obsessed with watching the video, so I told her I could show her videos of lots of unarmed white people getting shot by the police. “That’s disgusting. Why would I want to see that?” – Well, because you said it never happens…. “I don’t need to see that. You can show me some statistics… that I’m sure don’t exist!”

        She was livid that anyone would even think that a police officer would violate the rights of anyone other than a black man. There was no evidence that could move her from that position, because no evidence would be entertained.

        So even though I’ve been trying to tell her about this issue for probably 10 years, and she knows it is something that I follow closely and am actively involved in, she’s the expert and I’m a noob with my head in the sand. Because proggie logic.

  17. and said protesters threw concrete at them

    As far as meaningful dialogue goes, I would think this better than throwing abstract at them.

    1. [mimes golf clap]

  18. “The mayor of Dallas came out against open carry.”
    I have yet to see a single incident in which somebody legally open carrying has committed a crime or led to a violent incident.

    1. Technically the shooter was open carrying once he started shooting off his AK-74.

    2. But some dude was apparently open-carrying an “assault rifle” shortly before the shootings! Why must you other the shit-pantsed?!?

      1. The dude was the brother of the event organizer and he turned that in at the organizers urging. Nobody got shot or arrested, but the event was heavily recorded by multiple people other than the police.

        1. Conspiracy types are saying he was an intentional distraction/red herring to lure the cops somehow.

        2. Wasn’t the organizer some kind of cop?

        3. I thought the dude himself was the organizer (or one of them).

    3. Make it illegal then. Presto, everybody open carrying will be criminals.

      1. Including cops?

        1. I thinks cops guns should be like a bee’s stinger. They can use it, but they’ll die too.

    4. Exactly. You may as well blame convertibles, boxer-briefs, or pet raccoons for as much statistical relationship as there is between open carry and ambush killings.

      1. But “open carry” is a gateway behavior for ambush killings!

        1. You joke, but that is what will stick.

          Remember the guy on bath salts who ate the dude’s face? Everyone does. For very large values of everyone.

          Very, very few people know that the face-eater wasn’t on any drugs at all. Even though they heard the retraction, it is not a part of their reality. In their reality, weird drugs take normal people and make them face-eaters. It is easier to believe that than to accept that “crazy dude does crazy things”.

          So in a year, those that remember anything of this will remember that some guy was walking around with a machine gun and nobody did anything about it and then he started shooting the police.

  19. Miss Manners: Avoid conversations that start by avoiding political correctness

    Dear Miss Manners: Is it my imagination, or is it the popular thing these days for some people to start off their hate-filled rants by bashing political correctness and then spew forth all manner of racism and misogyny and sexism and ageism!

    How is one to deal with this venom? I agree with the idea that people should be careful not to use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people. Does having good manners require me to sit quietly and say nothing?

    No. You should run.

    Miss Manners is adding denouncing political correctness to her list of conversational prefaces from which no good ever follows. Others include, “Do you want me to be perfectly honest with you?” and, “Would you like some constructive criticism?”

    When people announce that they plan to abandon the rules of civilized discourse, they should [sic] be taken seriously. The response should be, “Well, if you are in favor of being offensive, I’d rather not hear more.”

    1. pretty appropriate for it to link here though…

      1. +1 juvenile bluster.

        1. Huh? What? Who?

    2. Is it my imagination, or is it the popular thing these days for some people to start off their hate-filled rants by bashing political correctness and then spew forth all manner of racism and misogyny and sexism and ageism!

      So popular. Why everytime I talk to someone, turn on the tv, listen to the radio, it’s hate-filled rants all the way down. EVERYONE is so anti-PC. It’s a real problem.

    3. Yes, It’s true. It’s your imagination.

    4. I thought it depended. If the person is going to give you the warning and then launch a hate-filled rant about Mexicans stealing your jobs, or China. Chi-na. Then run.

      If the person is going to roll on about KKKochsucking Teabaggers, then lean forward and listen attentively.

      1. The person rolling on teabaggers would not issue any anti-PC warnings, as their hate is totally PC and approved by the Two Minutes Hate committee or whatever.

    5. Here’s the problem: there’s an obnoxious busybody mentality that marks someone who uses an offending word or expresses an offending opinion as not contrarian but ignorant. The speaker must be set right for using a word like faggot or failing to call Caitlyn Jenner “she,” or differing on GMOs or AGW or BLM in certain company. Because if he only knew better, he’d fall into line. So prefacing an unpopular statement by acknowledging that it flies in the face of conformist opinion is sometimes a necessary concession to hackneyed expressions.

      That said, “PC” is such an anodyne term now that it surprises me anyone is offended by it. A better statement might be, “I know this will get some hackles up,” or “I’m not going to win over any friends here,” or “If I can challenge the groupthink for a moment…”

    6. Is Miss Manners “problematic?”

  20. protesters in places like Memphis and elsewhere also tried to black major roads

    Concrete road surfaces *are* pretty racist.

    1. #asphaltlivesmatter

  21. Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump won.

    If the Supremes get involved in the next election, it will be fascinating to see her excuse for not recusing herself.

    1. This is the woman who thinks the South African Constitution is a better model than our own.

      1. This is the woman who also openly invited more lawsuits to allow the SCOTUS to reverse DC v Heller and MacDonald v Chicago.

  22. “Extremist groups generally use propaganda in the hopes of influencing people,” said J.M. Berger of the George Washington University Program on Extremism. “They are trying to encourage lone wolf attacks where someone will carry out an attack in the name of the ideology they believe in but not have any connection to the organization that is promoting the ideology.”

    What you loonytarians don’t understand about freedom of the press is that in 1791, “press” meant a single-sheet, manually fed press. The framers couldn’t foresee that with the click of a mouse, you could communicate with millions of people worldwide and send them hate propaganda to incite violence and hate. This is why we need common-sense regulation of communication. If only one life is saved, it will all have been worth it.

    1. That is scary in its accuracy.

    2. Booya!

  23. National park visitor returns pine cone with apology

    A young visitor to Sequoia and Kings Canyon Park in California is apologizing after taking a pine cone home, UPI reports.

    The visitor, appearing to be a child, delivered the cone and a written apology back to the park after clearly feeling some remorse. The national park posted a photo of the note and cone to its Facebook page.

    The park accepted the apology, saying they were glad the young person did the right thing and thought about the consequences of disrupting the park’s preservation efforts.

    “Thanks for leaving Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks as you found them,” the Facebook post said. “And, thanks for sending this back, buddy!”

    1. And then he “was deceased” in a “dynamic entry event” when an “incendiary device was discharged” into his “cranio-macular” areas.”

    2. I always take shit from National parks.

      1. I’m landscaping the front of my house with buckets of Lake Superior rocks.

        1. Future Edmund Fitzgeralds applaud your effort.

          1. +1 legend livin’ on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gitchigumi

          2. + church bell chimed til it rang 29 times

            1. fellas its been good to know ‘ya

            2. I always take shit from National parks.

              Does bear and buffalo shit have special properties?

              1. Smoldering buffalo shit has insect repelling properties. (Also, people repelling properties, presumably) I have no firm opinions on bear shit except that it’s always in the woods.

        2. I think the name ‘Lake Superior’ reeks of white superiority and is therefore racist. Time to change it. SIGN MY PETITION TO RENAME LAKE SUPERIOR TO LAKE INFERIOR.

          1. I say we compromise: Lake Meh

          2. I thought it was because it had the highest elevation.

          3. LAKE EQUALITY

            1. Anyone who has ever been out on Lake Superior on the hottest day of the year in August knows, the real name is Lake Cold as Fuck. Because, damn, that lake is cold.

              It can be in the 90’s on the other side of the hill in Duluth, and it’ll be down around 40 on the lake.

          4. And “Great” Lakes?? Who decided that? White people, that’s who! And they named all those other so-called “Great” Lakes!

            Now that we have Lake Equality, it’s time to rename the others:

            Lake Enact Your Labor
            Lake Intersectionality
            Lake Cis Shitlord
            Lake Rape-Rape


            2. Check your freshwater privilege.

          5. No, it must be renamed to Lake Equality

    3. Weird. Apparently the “leave no trace” people, who I agree with in principal but find obnoxious in practice, are also up in arms about rock stacking in national parks – people constructing cairns of a foot or so high out of rocks found onsite. While this would seem to be trivial, it dovetails into an ongoing libertarian concerns. You see, those stacks of rocks are considered structures – the same mindset that leads to shutting down of those library kiosks and the destruction of treehouses.

      We need to redefine “structure” as something in which a human could reasonably live for an extended period.

      1. The “leave no trace ” people are leaving the park with a lot of air they brought into their lungs that wasn’t there before

      2. The real problem with the visitor built cairns is that they have a tendency to lead people off established trails.

        1. Visitors or STEVE SMITH?


    4. What the fuck? The forest is running out of pine cones?

      1. Park rangers are insane zealots. I like to bring in a whole car load of pine cones and have them sort through them when I leave.

        1. Watch some “Brickleberry” – you’ll feel better.

      2. Hey! Squirrels gotta eat, ya know!

      3. That pinecone could have one day become a mighty tree that lightning catches on fire and burns down half the park! Won’t someone think of the forest fires?

    5. What the hell is that? Do they have a shortage of pine cones or something?

    6. The visitor, appearing to be a child,

      The start of either a biblical or a sci-fi story.

  24. “…A Harvard study, meanwhile, finds racial bias in police use of force, except in police shootings.”


    The Riddler asks.

    1. The best part?

      In officer-involved shootings in these cities, officers were more likely to fire their weapons without having first been attacked when the suspects were white. Black and white civilians involved in police shootings were equally likely to have been carrying a weapon. Both of these results undercut the idea that the police wield lethal force with racial bias.

      But this line of analysis included only encounters in which a shooting took place. A more fundamental question still remained: In the tense moments when a shooting may occur, are police officers more likely to fire if the suspect is black?

      “Yeah, we figured out that cops are actually more likely to shoot, unprovoked, at white people. But we’re so obsessed with the narrative that we know that can’t possibly be true.”

      1. In the tense moments when a shooting may occur, are police officers more likely to fire if the suspect is black?

        I’m having trouble understanding wtf this sentence means.

        1. I find it very difficult to parse. I think what they’re saying is “if the person draws a gun on the cop, is the cop more likely to shoot the person if they’re black?”

          Which is practically meaningless, considering their previous finding.

          1. Yeah, it seems like they answer that question with a “no” in the previous paragraph.

        2. I took it to mean officers are probably completely relaxed while gunning down blacks.

        3. They’re trying to find an academic explanation for the death of that guy they killed in front of his family.

          I mean, police are there to serve and protect. Not serve and then kill, right?

      2. Listen here science, cops shoot blacks because they hate black people. Cops are superduper nice to white people and never ever wield unnecessary amounts of force against them. Fundamentally it’s not about cops or their privileges and legal immunity, it’s about white people, evil racist white people.

      3. In the tense moments when a shooting may occur

        Woah there, buckaroo, let’s back that one up a moment. Maybe the better question is whether cops are unnecessarily escalating the tension of an encounter and shooting well before it’s necessary or advisable. What they do when they’re drawn on is kinda immaterial.

        1. This is the point that I can’t get anyone who is not already in the choir to understand.

          The Tamir Rice shooting wasn’t bad because of what the officer did when confronted with a person with what could have been a real gun 5 feet in front of him. It was bad way, way before that.

          And so it goes with all of the nut-punch stories. The police had a hundred bad decisions to make to get to the “split second decision that can’t be second-guessed”.

          I rarely find anyone who can comprehend that line of reasoning. In fact, the only people who’ve understood what I’m talking about outside of our insular community are police. They are usually resistant, but when they take a moment to understand where I’m coming from, they get it. They don’t always agree with the conclusions, but they are open and receptive to the argument.

          But the guys I talk to are mostly higher-ranking and college educated. So that skews the results.

          1. Hell, I wasn’t even considering episodes like Rice. Once the suspect’s gun is out, how the officer responds is pretty much moot: we can’t even get people to agree on what constitutes abuse when police are beating unarmed transients to death, so let’s not pretend we’re going to get to that hill, let alone die on it.

            I was thinking about the Castile shooting, where a gun is merely present, legally owned, and voluntarily disclosed at the start of the encounter. Yet the guy ends up ventilated by the cop anyway. Was the driver mistaken in reaching for his permit? Well, sure, given what we know in retrospect. But at a point copologists are arguing that civilians need to be perfect, unflinching automatons while cops can be depraved baboons dancing around, throwing shit, and hollering, and issuing conflicting orders. No, sorry, one of these two classes of people is supposed to be methodical professionals serving the other.

    2. I don’t know. More likely to shoot white people. More likely to beat the shit out of black people (or give them the “nickel ride”).

  25. Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump won

    Sounds like someone just watched Top of the Lake and was as entranced by the scenery as I.

    1. Holly Hunter is pretty awesome in that show.

  26. Teens used Pokemon Go to lure users, then rob them: cops

    Authorities in Missouri said Sunday that four teens robbed victims after luring them to a specific location using the “Pokemon Go” smartphone game.

    1. I saw so many kids come close to walking into traffic because of that nonsense.

      1. Kids? Was at a brewery yesterday and saw a bunch of 20 somethings get super excited because there was a Weedle nearby.


        1. I say “kids,” meaning “teenagers who should be old enough to know better.”

    2. This week in a single photograph

      ? Eric Hu (@_EricHu) July 9, 2016

      1. I like this one too:

        @JSS98Rock I caught a jigglypuff while I was pooping made my gf stay still so I could take the pic. She’s thrilled

        ? Drew Ervin (@drewervin2) July 11, 2016

        1. I’m sure she is, you man’s man.

        2. He doesn’t deserve her.

        3. I have no idea what any of that means.

          1. Same here Zeb.

  27. EU tells Swiss no single market access if no free movement of citizens

    The Swiss-EU talks, under way for two years but now needing a solution possibly within weeks, throws up the exact same issues that will be raised in the UK’s exit talks ? the degree to which the UK must accept free movement of the EU’s citizens as a price for access to the single market.

    The Swiss are desperate to strike a deal in order to give its politicians time to pass the necessary laws to meet a February 2017 deadline imposed by a legally binding referendum in 2014.

    The former president of the FDP-Liberal Radicals, Philipp M?ller, on Sunday said the Brexit threat should serve as a warning to the Swiss, amid suggestions in Brussels the prospect of UK-EU exit talks meant there was less willingness to give ground on freedom of movement.

    1. “If you want our goods, you need to take some of these Muslim colonists off our hands.”

    2. More proof the EU is a racket.

    3. More proof the EU is a racket.

    4. I am looking forward to when this is used to prove free trade is bad whether the Swiss accept or reject it.

      1. “Free trade” means extorting all those who don’t pay their tithe.

    5. So, who needs access to the “single market”

      You make trade deals with each of the countries individually

  28. A Harvard study, meanwhile, finds racial bias in police use of force, except in police shootings.

    But characterizes the whole thing as affirmative action.

  29. The Indian government cut off the roads, Internet access, and the electric supply to the region in response to tensions.

    Ah, public utilities, never a downside.

    1. They cut off the roads? Brutal, and impressive.

    2. I was talking to a Kashmiri coworker one time about calling her parents via Skype and she said couldn’t because the power usually goes out for several each day and follows up with this: “Anything the government provides, we don’t have.”

  30. Global stocks rise as markets anticipate stimulus

    Shares rose in Europe and Asia on Monday and the safe-haven yen tumbled against the dollar after upbeat U.S. jobs data, though the prospect of more stimulus to counter a weak global growth outlook kept low-risk sovereign bond yields near record lows.

    Europe’s STOXX 600 index rose 0.6 percent, led higher by a more than 5 percent gain for German steelmaker ThyssenKrupp (TKAG.DE) after it said it was in talks with Tata Steel (TISC.NS) about sector consolidation.

    The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index .FTEU3 and Britain’s FTSE 100 .FTSE both rose 0.5 percent,

    A near 4 percent rise in Japanese shares, their biggest daily percentage gain since early February, was partly triggered by a landslide victory in Sunday’s election to parliament’s upper house by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition.

    1. landslide victory in Sunday’s election to parliament’s upper house by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition

      More Abenomics. Krugabe approves.

  31. protesters in places like Memphis and elsewhere also tried to black major roads

    I think you meant block since the roads, and a majority of the protesters are presumably already black.

    1. In some places, the roads are already black.

  32. Fact-Checking Snopes: Website’s Political ‘Fact-Checker’ Is Just A Failed Liberal Blogger

    She described herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She trashed the Tea Party as “teahadists.” She called Bill Clinton “one of our greatest” presidents. She claimed that conservatives only criticized Lena Dunham’s comparison of voting to sex because they “fear female agency.”

    She once wrote: “Like many GOP ideas about the poor, the panic about using food stamps for alcohol, pornography or guns seems to have been cut from whole cloth?or more likely, the ideas many have about the fantasy of poverty.” (A simple fact-check would show that food stamp fraud does occur and costs taxpayers tens of millions.)

    Lacapria even accused the Bush administration of being “at least guilty of criminal negligience” in the September 11 attacks. (The future “fact-checker” offered no evidence to support her accusation.)

    Her columns apparently failed to impress her readership, oftentimes failing to get more than 10-20 shares.

    1. ?! I thought if you wrote feminist/progressive claptrap all day, it automatically went viral?

      1. +1 trigglypuff

      2. It’s a glutted market.

    2. Yeah, all my lefty friends distrust Snopes because of alleged conservative bias, the details of which they can never fully articulate.

  33. Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings

    A new study confirms that black men and women are treated differently in the hands of law enforcement. They are more likely to be touched, handcuffed, pushed to the ground or pepper-sprayed by a police officer, even after accounting for how, where and when they encounter the police.

    But when it comes to the most lethal form of force ? police shootings ? the study finds no racial bias.

    “It is the most surprising result of my career,” said Roland G. Fryer Jr., the author of the study and a professor of economics at Harvard. The study examined more than a thousand shootings in 10 major police departments, in Texas, Florida and California.

    1. New rule: Posting a link that’s already an official link results in punishment. I’m not sure what’s sufficiently cruel though. Having to unblock Shriek from Reasonable?

      1. Nnnnnnoooooooooo

        *bows and scrapes his way out of the room*

      2. Having to go to Stations of the Cross with Eddie?

        1. Having to spend a week with John following you around, telling you what you’re thinking?

        2. Having to go to Gas Stations Bathrooms of the Cross with Eddie?

        3. Having Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher read SugarFree’s entire corpus of work at you through a megaphone?

          1. I would pay for that. You have a Broadway hit right there.

            1. Another hit idea:

              Hihn babysits cytotoxic. Cue the laugh track.

              1. “You only ate 9% of your strained peas!”

                “Bomb the savages! Let the survivors move into your basement!”

                1. BULLY!

                  1. “I’m the smartest infant on Broadway!”

            2. My god that’s an amazing idea. Have Parker & Stone do the rest.

  34. Poll: Majority disapproves of FBI’s Clinton decision

    More than half?56 percent?said they disagreed with FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation to the Justice Department to not charge Clinton with any crime, even as he remarked that she and her colleagues were “extremely careless” while slightly more than one-third, or 35 percent, said they approved.

    Asked whether Clinton’s conduct made them worried about what the former secretary of state would do as president, 57 percent responded that it did, while 39 percent said the issue is not related to how she would perform as commander in chief.

    A majority, 58 percent, said the decision would make no difference in whether they would support Clinton, while 28 percent said it would make it less likely for them to support her, while only 10 percent said it would make them more likely.

    1. 35% like lawlessness and dictatorial behavior.

      1. …when it’s their guy/wicked witch.

    2. Ah shit.

      I’d really, REALLY love to believe that over half the country now wants to see her face justice…

      But the sample size on that poll is SO small it hardly seems representative…

      1. For a 95% confidence level, a 5% confidence interval, and a population of 323,730,000 (estimated April 2016 US population), you only need 384 respondents.

        With 519 respondents, a 95% confidence level, and a population of 323,730,000, the confidence interval is 4.3%.

        The real problem is with the methodology. They contacted people via landlines and Americans are getting rid of landlines.

  35. Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tomorrow.

    Right after he accepts the Green Party’s offer to be *their* candidate, right? RIGHT?!

  36. Bill Nye visited a Noah’s Ark he doesn’t believe should exist

    Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t believe that a gargantuan wooden boat filled with pairs of wild animals once floated across a flood that covered the entire earth. So last week, he went to visit the people who do ? and the boat they built to prove it.[…]

    This replica Noah’s Ark is known to some as Ken’s Ark; the man behind it is Ken Ham, the Christian fundamentalist who operates the Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati. Ham believes the earth is just a few thousand years old. His museum and ark are meant to convince others to believe the same. That mission was not achieved when Nye, clad in his usual bow tie and accompanied by a crew working on a documentary about him, made his trip to the ark.[…]

    His takeaway? The kids are being “brainwashed.”

    “This could be just a charming piece of Americana, just something ? I recently used an app called Roadtrippers that takes you to odd or unusual places?but this is much more serious than that,” Nye said. “This guy promotes so very strongly that climate change is not a serious problem, that humans are not causing it, that some deity will see to it that everything is ok.”

    1. His takeaway? The kids are being “brainwashed.”

      So, he’s never heard of religion before? That’s kind of what it is (as his Nye’s brand of climate change evangelism).

      1. He’s a fucking dickhead.

        1. Ho hum.

          As P.J. O’Rourke once said, “Making fun of born-again Christians is like hunting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope.”

          Let me know when the Science Guy comments on how muslim children are being brainwashed.

          1. And making fun of young Earth creationists is like hunting something even easier to kill. (I was going to come up with a clever analogy, but gave up).

      2. I like that he was most offended as a “science guy” by the fact that a Noah’s ark exhibit that includes caged dinosaurs might undermine the children’s faith in global warming.

        1. I find it really funny when Biblical literalists insert dinosaurs into their narrative somewhere.

          I thought all those fossils were supposed to be just God fucking with us (or testing our faith).

          1. No, the Young Earther’s have pivoted to the dinosaurs either dying out in The Flood or being on the Ark and dying out later because of mumble mumble mumble.

            Also, before Eve ate the apple, all animals, including the carnivorous dinosaurs, were vegetarian. The Creation Museum run by the same pack of morons shows T-Rex eating coconuts to explain the giant teeth.

            1. “Also, before Eve ate the apple, all animals, including the carnivorous dinosaurs, were vegetarian.”

              I’m a huge nerd when it comes to religions and scriptures and even ~I~ can’t figure out what verse they tortured to come to that conclusion!!

              1. It’s not really backed up by any evidence, but i like the idea that the Babylonian dragon in the apocryphal version of the Book of Daniel is a remnant Megalania.

              2. Dinosaurs could not have died out before people appeared because dinosaurs had not previously existed; and death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering are a result of Adam’s sin (Genesis 1:29?30; Romans 5:12, 14; 1 Corinthians 15:21?22).


      3. “It’s the truth that you should never trust anybody who wears a bow tie. Cravat’s supposed to point down to accentuate the genitals. Why’d you wanna trust somebody whose tie points out to accentuate his ears?”

        1. He is accentuating that he likes to give oral.

          1. Aural, isn’t it

      4. He is gonna come around to the idea of an Ark when the sea level starts rising due to climate change.

    2. Did he bring the police with him so he could have the non-believer arrested?

    3. I am really not seeing any good guys in that story.

    4. I’ve still yet to understand what it is that gets atheists so riled up about creationism (and now AGW) and what harms they think hicks and eccentrics will do to “science.” When I was big into the skeptics scene it was one of those tut-tutting issues that everyone agrees is terrible for the chillernz, but nobody really explained why. Not as far as why it matters relative to the rest of the shit they’re taught (or aren’t taught) in public schools. If you’re going to be dogmatic about something, it helps to have idolaters and heretics to denigrate, I guess. But it’s just asinine to hear modern-day sermonizers for science like Nye deliver foreboding, apocalyptic messages from on high about some bible crank in middle-America whose personal influence was no doubt amplified a thousand-fold by Nye himself.

  37. protesters in places like Memphis and elsewhere also tried to black major roads in their areas.

    Ha …. that they did.

  38. Muslim Man Hugs ISIS Militant Armed Wearing Suicide Vest Before Explosion, Saves Hundreds Of Lives

    Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi, a local resident of Balad city in Iraq stopped a suicide bomber from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) from claiming many lives at his town’s Sayyed Mohammad Shrine.

    According to Al-Manar news, the attack was “aimed at destroying the shrine”

    Najih physically stopped the terrorist from entering the shrine, hugging him before his explosive laden vest detonated, killing them. His body took direct impact of the explosion, reducing the death toll at the Shrine.

    1. Stops a terrorist with a hug, sacrificing self to save others.

      That’s metal as fuck!!

      Also, great example of someone doing the martyrdom thing right.

    2. Fucking Hero!

  39. George Washington University Program on Extremism.

    “What’s your major?”


    1. LOL

      “Extreme Studies”

    2. Studying in the pursuit of extremism is no vice.

  40. Artist sued for $5M over painting he insists he didn’t paint

    OK, Peter Doig may have tried LSD a few times when he was growing up in Canada during the 1970s. But he knows, he said, when a painting is or isn’t his.

    So when Doig ? whose eerie, magical landscapes have made him one of the world’s most popular artists ? was sent a photograph of a canvas he said he didn’t recognize, he disavowed it.

    “I said, ‘Nice painting,’?” he recalled in an interview. “?’Not by me.’?”

    The owner, however, disagreed and sued him, setting up one of the stranger art-authentication cases in recent history.

    The owner, a former corrections officer who said he knew Doig while working in a Canadian detention facility, said the famous painter created the work as a youthful inmate there. His suit contends that Doig is either confused or lying and that his denials blew up a plan to sell the work for millions of dollars.

    1. The painting is signed “Pete Doige 76.”

      So, Doig was so acid-riddled he couldn’t spell his name correctly?
      Perhaps there’s some guy named “Doige” ….?

      1. According to the article, there IS a guy named “Pete Doige” who lived in the area and went to that specific corrections facility…

        So the correctional officer just tried to make millions off of the fact the guy he bought a painting from has a similar name to a famous dude who didn’t even start painting until years after the year he bought it, and is butthurt that his attempts to defraud (probably unknowingly, at FIRST) have been despoiled.

    2. And you people think we’re boring.

      1. You people???

  41. Woman Sues Construction Company For Allowing Man To Kill Himself By Jumping From Hi-Rise And Landing On Her Car

    The suit’s allegations include negligence, strict liability for an ultra-hazardous activity and loss of consortium between the spouses. … The suit says Crockett had never before seen a body and the experience left her “shocked, overwhelmed, panicked, distressed and completely distraught.”

    “Other than that, Mrs. Crockett, how was your day?”

    1. She should sue gravity.

  42. Gen. Stanley McChrystal Among Generals Trump Considering for Vice President

    McChrystal retired from the military in 2010 after being relieved of his position as the top commander in Afghanistan by President Obama following a controversial interview he held with Rolling Stone magazine.

    At the time, Obama said the what McChrystal said in the article “does not meet the standards that should be set by a commanding general.”

    In the profile tilted “The Runaway General,” McChrystal criticized several top U.S. officials. McCyrstal apologized after the article’s publication, retired from the military and went on to serve on several leadership boards and teach at Yale University.

    Trump seemed to hint at the controversy and getting McChrystal involved in his potential administration during a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, in November 2015.

    “We had one general who is really tough, I won’t say his name but he got fired because he was very very nasty, he wasn’t politically correct and everybody said he was our best general, and he used foul language all the time, and he got fired because they interviewed him and he was cursing all over the magazine,” he said, with an audience member quickly yelling “Bring him back!”

    “Bring him back,” Trump responded. “And we might.”

    1. And he helped cover up Pat Tillman’s death!

      1. He is a bastard. He also wrote an oped a few weeks ago after Orlando talking about how the solution to the problem is gun control. Fuck him.

        1. As retired generals go, Mike Flynn would be a better choice because I believe he has said the Iraq invasion was a terrible idea, and the Libyan invasion helped create ISIS’ rise. He also did not help try to cover up the friendly fire death of a famous Army Ranger.

          1. Flynn seems like an okay guy, though I am always skeptical of former generals. He is a hell of a lot better than McCrystal. MyCrystal is a typical political general who got to the top by sucking up and telling his superiors what they wanted to hear.

            1. I would assume both of them are too smart to run as Trump’s VP. They would be the Curtis LeMay to Trump’s George Wallace, a reference all the kids would understand.

              1. These guys are not politicians. What chance do either one of them have of being a Senator much less a VP right now? None that I can see. Even if you believe the conventional wisdom, Trump has about a one in four shot of winning. I think a one in four shot at being VP sounds a lot better than zero. And that is likely lowballing the real chances of Trump winning, especially after the FBI thing.

                No matter what happens, they can always go back to being a retired general and their fat pension and lucrative consulting gigs. I don’t think taking a shot with Trump would be a dumb move at all. These guys have careers and lives outside of politics they can go back to. They are not your typical politician who has nothing outside of the craven desire for power.

                Also, the issues that Trump has hit on and motivated his supporters are not going to go away. If Trump loses in November, he will leave politics but his supporters will still be there and the issues that got him the nomination will still be potent. In fact they might be even more potent because the GOP being the stupid party will learn nothing from this experience and likely be even more overt about telling Trump’s supporters to fuck off and learn to love open borders, nation building, and free trade cronyism. That base of support and those issues will be there for anyone who wants to take it once Trump leaves the public stage. His VP choice would have an excellent opportunity to take it.

            2. What about James Mattis?

              1. The never Trump people tried to get him to run as a third party. He is a good guy. I would be down with that. And it would have the added benefit of watching the Never Trump conservatives piss their pants in rage.

  43. Amusing coincidence: the lawyer for the cop who shot Castile is named Thomas Kelly.

    1. Call Theresa Caputo right now!

  44. What is it with BLM and blocking roads? Doesn’t seem like a great way to attract support from the broader public. Maybe try not pissing off the people whose support you need to get any real reforms.

    1. Really. They ought to stick to tried and true methods like burning down their own neighborhoods.

    2. No shit. Even for a one trick pony, that’s a really lame trick. In Atlanta, they blocked 75/85 (let’s just say it’s a major thoroughfare) two or three nights in a row. You assholes are blocking emergency vehicles, truck drivers and generally inconveniencing everyone you supposedly want on your side.

      Just further evidence that BLM isn’t actually trying to persuade anyone on anything. Just trying to cause a scene.

      1. With the 12 million dollars that Soros reportedly gave them you would think they could buy their own road to block.

    3. Run a few of them down. Might teach them a lesson about holding their Civil Rights Era reenactments in the street.

      1. Civil Rights Era reenactments

        That’s a good way to describe it. All the protesty goodness with very little of the personal risk.

      2. Stick some Civil War reenactment enthusiasts on them?

    4. They pulled that shit in my town. They blocked a two-lane road that’s the only way in or out of a peninsula with three schools (two elementary, one middle). My cousin has some photos of the “protesters” with lawn chairs, havin’ a laugh at the angry white people while three miles of road was backed up with parents of all ethnic backgrounds trying to get their young children. She was stopped by a local cop from attacking one public assistance recipient with a tire iron and escorted back to her vehicle with assurances that they’d clear the road forthwith, which they did.

      1. It’s almost as though BLM wants there to be more racism, not less.

  45. Wikileaks dumps 23k Clinton emails marked Confidential.…..lassified/

    1. That’s a wee more than 110.

      1. I think most were incoming (to a server without a password).

      2. Confidential is not SECRET.

        But still should be sent peer to peer and encrypted.

    2. Do we know they are authentic? And how did Wikileaks get them?

    3. No reasonable prosecutor… ass.

      I would bet my last dollar Putin has every email she sent or received.

  46. This Saturday my son went to one of those wall-to-wall trampoline places. Apparently he did some major twist mid-air, landed funny on his leg, and ended up with a kneecap that was swiveled around on the side of his leg.

    Paramedics were called and the knee cap, thankfully, popped back into place. ER visit, X-Rays, etc – might be a small fracture. Now he is in a soft cast, had crutches, and won’t be going to camp this week.

    *shakes fist at sky*

    1. Glad he’s okay. Thank goodness for Obamacare – you’ll have months of bills coming in long before you hit a deductible.

    2. “Hey Doc, my arm hurts when I do this.”
      “Don’t do that!”

    3. a kneecap that was swiveled around on the side of his leg


      Those place just look like a lawsuit generator. Glad to here he didn’t do anything worse, even with as bad as that sounds.

      1. Before I had screws put in my knee to stabilize it, my keecap would randomly pop sideways on an irregular basis. It’d pop itself back into place within a couple of days.

      2. I went to one of those recently. They are pretty lame. Although, after a few well placed elbows I had a whole trampoline to myself.

      3. I think there’s releases you have to sign before jumping.

    4. that’s what you get for not encasing him in bubble wrap like a good modern parent

      but seriously, I hope he heals quickly

    5. Ugh, sorry he’s going to miss camp both for his sake and yours. Hope the knee heals well.

    6. My son is at one of those today.

      I hope it doesn’t have any lasting effects.

    7. OW. Poor guy. If he’s laid up on the couch, I can recommend quality programming to build character. Hope he feels better soon.

    8. I never liked trampolines.

      My daughter twisted her ankle bad on one at a birthday party. I had to go pick her up.

      1. Weird thing is we used to own a trampoline – a 14′ one with those protective mesh sides. Never had an issue with hurt limbs.

        I ended up selling the trampoline because, when in use, it sounded like someone getting busy on an old bed. Squeeaka-squeeka-squeeaka

        1. +WD40

    9. Motorcycles and trampolines. No. Fucking. Way.

      12 y/o son – “Dad can I have a four wheeler?”

      Me – “Sure.”

      Son – *squints at me suspiciously* “Really?”

      Me – “Absolutely. Bring me a poloroid of people in hell having snowball fights and I will buy you one that day.”

      Son – “Thats not fair.”

      Me – “Life isnt fair.”

  47. In a world starving for competent leadership, Americans are given a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    There’s a hole in the bottom of the earth
    where the blood pours out at the end of the day
    when the usual amount
    of people have died
    Sit back and watch the death and decay

  48. Apropos of nothing, last night I stumbled upon a thing called “Red vs Blue” which is an animated something-or-other based on some video game, I guess (google it up). I’m probably completely behind the times, as usual, but I thought it was pretty goddam funny.

    1. It’s based on Halo, and it’s like a decade old. Maybe more.

      1. (probably should’ve googled it before my first post) First episode was April 1, 2003. So it’s already too old for OMWC.

  49. Off-duty cop shoots dead black football star, 20, who had bipolar disorder after he broke into the officer’s home following an online argument about Black Lives Matter

    The family, who were in the house at the time, said the victim was known to them and had recently had an argument with the officer about the growing unrest over police violence, according to CBS.

    Tyler Gebhard, 20, had rung the doorbell of the Lakeshire home around 5.30pm Saturday, police say. The officer’s wife and infant answered the door and after seeing who it was, immediately ran upstairs to hide with her mother-in-law.

    Gedhard then went round to the back of the house and threw a concrete planter through the door and entered the home, say investigators.

    One inside the home, the off-duty officer allegedly shouted ‘Get down! Get down! Get down!’ at Gebhard before shooting him twice in the chest, reported St Louis Post Dispatch. As the shots were being fired the family had apparently tried to escape the house through the bedroom window.


    1. But it seemed like such a good idea at the time. Who knew off-duty police officers were armed?

    2. About what I expect would happen breaking into a cop’s house while he’s home – or mine.

    3. bipolar disorder

      My uncle has that and he manages it pretty well but still has spent most of his adult life at my grandparents’ home then in a mental health facility when they passed away.

    4. Seems pretty irrelevant that the kid was black. It was 99% him being unstable. He was on FB making threats to random people then saying “My white friends are my n***s 2″…

      I wonder if he lived at home? Probably should’ve had more supervision. Even if not at home, it seems the family knew he was getting worse.

    5. This is an extreme example of why I avoid the Derpbook.

    6. Worst headline writing ever. Dead black football star? Got bipolar disorder after breaking into a home?

      1. He was given bipolar disorder infected blankets by white people.

      2. He was just turning his life around/starting to take his meds again

        1. “nicest kid you’ll ever meet”
          “just a normal kid”

          1. He go to Church every Sunday.

      3. Also, he wasn’t really a football star. He was 20 and had been a football player in high school.

        I guess across the pond they assume that anyone who was good at football in high school is a national celebrity over here.

        1. Over here we call it Soccer!! 1111!!!!!11

        2. Black guy + Played basketball maybe once = Basketball Star

          Not racist AT ALL

          1. *Football

    7. One less Obama junior in the world.

    8. The problem with bi-polar or any other mental illness or disorder is that it doesn’t come with a warning or advertisement. So the person confronted with someone with serious mental issues has no idea what they’re up against. More often than not, of course, they’re non-violent. It’s a tough one.

      1. My best friend since I have been 5 years old has bipolar/schizophrenia (they have switched his diagnosis back and forth). He went through some serious difficult times in his 20’s. It was crazy how fast he went from being s normal dude to complete crazy. He was convinced for a while that he was sent by Jesus on a mission to Earth. I was convinced he would not last past his 20’s. Thanks to Evil Big Pharma he now leads a completely normal life, owns a small biz, and recently bought a house.

        1. I had a good friend who went through the same thing ~19. He was super bright, studied EE at a solid university and started to slip. Completely life-altering.

          1. Hopefully they were/are able to figure out a med schedule that works for your friend. It took years to find the right drug/ads age combo for my buddy. Some of the shit had him super tired all the time and others had weird side effects. They finally got it right.

    9. But remember, in Gun-grabber, land, Joe homeowner wouldn’t have a gun. And of course, if cops played by the same rules, the officer’s gun would be locked in storage at the precinct since he was off duty.

      So no weapon when a large, mentally unstable, strong (football star) breaks into your home. Eggs/omelettes.

  50. Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump won.

    Allowing Trump the opportunity to appoint a Fourth Reich jurist? I think not.

    1. They don’t call her “Cut and Run” Ginsburg for nothing!

  51. Gary Johnson condemned recent prominent fatal police shootings as well as the attack on police in Dallas.

    Johnson said everyone needs to respect the badge.

    GayJay really wants that David French endorsement.

    1. You’re obsessed. Did Gary Johnson repeatedly turn you down on Grindr?

    2. You mean Gary “Cuck” Johnson?

    3. Siding with law and order against rioters is traditionally a safe position in an election year.

      I hope Hillary sides with the rioters.

      We can only hope Hillary sides with the rioters.

      1. Riots? I have it on good authority that the protests are peaceful!

        1. I hope Hillary sides with the peaceful, shooting spree, concrete throwing rioters.

      2. She already did so before the bodies stopped bleeding.

        She chastised whites and told us we should be nicer to black people because the Dallas murders were our fault.

        1. Well, she needs to keep doing that.

          Also, if oil prices spike between now and November, she needs to come out big against fracking and building the Keystone pipeline.

          1. Also, if oil prices spike between now and November

            Unless Saudi Arabia goes up in flames, I thinks she’s safe on that one.

          2. She was already for Keystone before she was against it.

            I thought it looked fishy when State was the only entity giving Keystone a thumbs up while Obama was vocally against it.

            That was before it came out that the Clinton Family Slush Fund received 2.3 million by pro Keystone interests.

    4. He said “vag.”.

      Everyone needs to respect the vag.

      1. He said “badge”, not “vag”.

        1. Ken, …

          [shakes head, walks away]

  52. Ahem

    The sad reality of autonomous car technology is that the easy parts of have yet to be proven safe, and the hard parts have yet to be proven possible.

    That pretty much sums it up, in my view.


    1. Yes it does. The hype over self driving cars is a good example of people not understanding marginal decision making. A new product has to be more than beneficial. It has to be marginally beneficial and that is different. It means that a new product must provide more marginal benefit over what it is replacing than its marginal cost. If no one could drive themselves, self driving cars would be fabulous. Most people, however can drive themselves. So a self driving car has to provide enough advantage over driving yourself than the extra costs and risks associated with it. When you consider that driving is not very difficult for most people and you are still stuck in the car anyway, the marginal value of a self driving car is not nearly as great as its proponents claim it to be.

      1. Self-driving car proponents also usually jump straight to the part where everyone is riding in autonomous cars, where there is presumably way more benefit than just one person or even 50% of the population driving them. They tend to forget about the probably multi-decade gap between “first autonomous car hits road” and “last non-autonomous car scrapped.”

        1. The claims about convoys of cars traveling at 120 mph on the highway are just nonsense. I don’t care how great the reactions of autonomous vehicles are. The laws of physics make that concept absurd. You get a long string of cars and you are going to get an accordion effect when cars slow down for an obstruction or a change in road conditions. And once you get that, you are going to end up with all kinds of issues. It is just not that simple.

    2. Also this

      But there is an elephant in the cab with even this rudimentary form of autonomy. Many companies are planning cars that, in the event of an emergency, hand back control to the human driver. (Google, a notable exception, plans a car with no steering wheel or brake pedal.) The potentially fatal weakness of this strategy is that it assumes “drivers” will be paying attention at the split second they are most needed, instead of being busy, say, taking a nap.

      Human beings are terrible monitors. They get bored and distracted. Self driving cars that let the human being take over in an emergency get it exactly backwards having the human and the machine both do what they are worst at doing. The better way is human driving cars where the car monitors and takes over when the human screws up by not seeing another car or pedestrian.

      1. Many companies are planning cars that, in the event of an emergency, hand back control to the human driver.

        Yeah, that’ll work. Just like how air traffic controllers are regularly allowed to take naps and play video games while on the job as long as they pinkie swear to instantly switch back when they need to save lives. No big deal.

        1. I honestly think they have gotten so spoiled and self centered that is what they think. You are right. The whole point of civil disobedience is to make the cops come and arrest you and create a scene. Now the protesters are angry when that happens. They expect to be able to stay there and disrupt an entire city until they get their way, which most of the time they don’t even know what that is.

          Seriously, what do the BLM people want? What could we as a society do that would satisfy them? I honestly have no idea. I have never once heard a BLM person give any kind of concrete changes they are demanding. It is always just some kind of vague idea like “get the police to stop making war on your youth”. Well, okay, I am all for that. What do you want us to do to accomplish that? They never seem to have an answer to that question. I have never once heard a BLM person talk about things like ending the drug war, reducing the number of laws, ending sovereign immunity for Police or any other measures that might actually help with the problem.

          Even if they were not making things worse by making police brutality a racial issue, BLM would still be harming the cause of police accountability because they seem incapable of expressing any kind of solution to the problem. So they end up looking like a pro criminal movement who just wants to attack the police to many disinterested observers who might otherwise be favorable to their cause, whatever that is.

          1. BLM activist advocates white genocide at Harvard. This supporter is pretty clear about what would satisfy him at least. You look at these people, you hear the sounds the come out of their aggrieved mouths, and you marvel at the fact these lowlifes are attending Harvard.

            1. Affirmative action. If you are black and mouth the right leftist platitudes and put on the right militant black minstrel show for the white liberals at Harvard, you are going to get in.

            2. From the stories I have heard lately Harvard seems to have destroyed their brand.

            3. Plenty of reasons to hate Harvard, but the master debater here was from the University of West Georgia.

              1. I see. Must have been simply a debate at Harvard. I wonder though, if a white student of any university were advocating a genocide against blacks, even in a debate, would he face any official sanctions?

                1. I will go out on a limb and say yes. If only white students enjoyed the same privilege to pronounce moral obscenities as students of color.

                  1. Threats of genocide have been decolonized.

        2. Sorry, wrong thread.

          But in response to your comment, people are lucky to pay attention now, when they are driving. No fucking way in hell are they going to pay attention to an autonomous car on the one in a thousand chance they might have to take over. That is just absurd.

    3. Ask the market: Is there a big demand for self-driving cars?

      I don’t think there is.

      1. Exactly and why? Because the marginal value it gives you over driving yourself isn’t that great. This is especially true if you have to take over in case of emergency. If you have to pay attention and be ready to take over if the thing screws up, why not just drive yourself? What advantage is a self driving car giving you if you have to still pay attention to what is happening? None that I can see.

        This is true even for things like taxis and large trucks. If trucking companies still have to hire someone to be in the cab ready to take over in case the autonomous truck fails, what is the point of having an autonomous truck? You are paying the guy to be there anyway, why not just buy a normal truck and have him drive it?

        The only way autonomous cars have any hope of making economic sense is if they have no need for the human in the car to ever step in and take over. And that isn’t going to happen any time soon if ever.

  53. Equals: This Black Lives Matter Photo Should Be Seen Around The World

    The woman in the image above, which was taken by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman, was among those arrested for refusing to leave an area highway. Emblematic of Tiananmen Square’s infamous and unknown “Tank Man,” neither Reuters or the Associated Press were able to identify the woman, who was later detained.

    Bachman told The Atlantic police in riot gear were moving protesters off the Airline Highway to the side of the road when he saw the woman calmly plant her feet and refuse to leave. He said, for the most part, the demonstrations in the city have been peaceful and the woman’s actions reflected that:

    It happened quickly, but I could tell that she wasn’t going to move, and it seemed like she was making her stand. To me it seemed like: You’re going to have to come and get me. And I just thought it seemed like this was a good place to get in position and make an image, just because she was there in her dress and you have two police officers in full riot gear.

    It wasn’t very violent. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t resist, and the police didn’t drag her off.


    1. What BS.

      Agree that the State is a dangerous creature, but there is no comparison between China and America.

    2. How is that in any way “emblematic” of Tiananmen Square? Lawfully arresting someone is the same as running them over with a tank now?

      1. The JournoLists and the Obama mommas (but I repeat myself) get just a little more psychotic by the day.

      2. And what were the police supposed to do? At some point you do have to clear out of the streets and let life get back to normal. Yeah, you can protest but not so long that the people who live and work in the area can’t get on with their lives.

        1. I’m sure she expected to be arrested. That’s sort of the point with civil-disobediance type protests, isn’t it? Or are people so entitled now they think that they should be allowed to shut down major roads unmolested?

          1. I honestly think they have gotten so spoiled and self centered that is what they think. You are right. The whole point of civil disobedience is to make the cops come and arrest you and create a scene. Now the protesters are angry when that happens. They expect to be able to stay there and disrupt an entire city until they get their way, which most of the time they don’t even know what that is.

            Seriously, what do the BLM people want? What could we as a society do that would satisfy them? I honestly have no idea. I have never once heard a BLM person give any kind of concrete changes they are demanding. It is always just some kind of vague idea like “get the police to stop making war on your youth”. Well, okay, I am all for that. What do you want us to do to accomplish that? They never seem to have an answer to that question. I have never once heard a BLM person talk about things like ending the drug war, reducing the number of laws, ending sovereign immunity for Police or any other measures that might actually help with the problem.

            Even if they were not making things worse by making police brutality a racial issue, BLM would still be harming the cause of police accountability because they seem incapable of expressing any kind of solution to the problem. So they end up looking like a pro criminal movement who just wants to attack the police to many disinterested observers who might otherwise be favorable to their cause, whatever that is.

            1. They have no idea what they want either. They are bitching mostly for its own sake, a parallel to the feminists creation of ‘rape culture’ in order to stay relevant. We’re 50 years past the civil rights movement; to say nothing has changed is to be purposely retarded. Are things perfect? No but they never will be.

              The numbers put the lie to the claim of cops wantonly gunning down blacks. They are quite equal opportunity in being goons, but white folks don’t march or protest or act a fool when one of theirs dies in something like a SWAT raid at the wrong home. That cops fail to police their own is true, as is that ridiculous omerta wherein decent folks are cowed into silence over some “brotherhood” bullshit. And there is the never-ending passage of news laws that guarantees more interactions and greater odds of a bad outcome. But there is not political gain to be had in those things, not like there is with race.

              1. We do have a problem but it is not with cops systematically gunning down black people. The problem is we have a web of state and local laws that effectively prey on poor people. They never talk about that. You want to help black people in this country, reduce the number of laws that give the police the power to stop and harass them. The case in Minneapolis started because they were pulled over for having a bad taillight. Why the hell do cops have the power to pull people over for what amounts to an administrative violation of the traffic laws? If they were driving recklessly or the plate on the car came back as stolen, sure and during that course of that stop, the cop wants to point out the bad taillight and tell them to fix it, fine. But that alone shouldn’t be a reason to pull someone over. If you would reduce the power of police to pull people over, you would have fewer interactions between people and cops and fewer incidents like that one.

                1. and yet, no one looks at the king(s) when the king’s men run amok.

                2. You want to help black people in this country, reduce the number of laws that give the police the power to stop and harass them.

                  Yeah. There is a problem with the police. And there is a particular problem with police and certain black communities. But that problem isn’t going to be solved by calling everyone racist. If race magically ceased to be a thing tomorrow, the same exact problems would exist and be just as bad.
                  Until the role of law and law enforcement returns to its proper limits (i.e. protecting people from aggression and harm by others), these problems will exist.

            2. They want an end to police parade floats!

      3. Lawfully running them over with a tank.

      4. I think what they meant to say was “reminiscent” rather than “emblematic”. They also don’t know the difference between “infamous” and “famous”, I guess. Or thought they were referring to the infamous picture.

        1. I know it’s huffpo, but I still expect anyone writing for posterity to know the definitions of common words. Or the editor should, at bare minimum.

        2. whatever they meant to say vs what they said, it was neither. We’re talking a genuine police state where dissidents are jailed or killed vs. something that will result in little more than a traffic ticket. HuffPo went full retard.

    3. Tank man is “infamous”. Fuck.

    4. I love her demeanor, it’s like she’s imagining herself as the heroine in her own movie…dramatic orchestral theme playing in her head along with swooping, epic crane shots. It’s just silly.

      1. My derpbook is atwitter with pictures of her and gushing praises of her heroism. Looks like she’s been canonized already. Let’s just hope she’s not a total idiot because she’s going to be the media’s go-to for the rest of her life.

      2. You know what she reminds me of? The brave women who served in the white feather brigades of WWI.

    5. “It wasn’t very violent. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t resist, and the police didn’t drag her off.”

      I did something like that the other day. I was in a Wal*Mart looking for a new battery for my bike, but they didn’t have what I was looking for.

      I wasn’t very violent. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t resist, and the police didn’t drag me off.

      Too bad the cameras weren’t there, or I could have been just like the Tienanmen tank guy!

      1. I made coffee this morning. I wasn’t violent. I didn’t say anything. There wasn’t much of a struggle. And the police didn’t drag me off.

        1. Wow.

          You’re like the Tienanmen tank guy!

          1. Today, we are all the Tiananmen tank guy.

    6. Emblematic of Tiananmen Square’s infamous and unknown “Tank Man,”

      Fuck you.

      1. I’ll be totes popular on Twitter! Just like the unknown Tank man!

      2. Yeah. That guy is a legend.

    7. It wasn’t very violent. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t resist, and the police didn’t drag her off.

      Of course not. The woman is a neotonic bombshell, and she dressed for the part. Even a bunch of pansies in riot gear with hardons for a bit of blood play aren’t going to make a mess of that woman. And why would they? She’s clearly not packing heat, she’s manifestly docile, and in any event the stakes in this situation are far from living up to the Tiananmen protest.

      Yes, so brave to prevail on the disinclination for violence against women in order to vouchsafe her public melodrama. It’s just like a man squaring his shoulders against a line of tanks in an authoritarian country marked by decades of ambivalence toward civilian casualties. So brave to inaugurate a confrontation with police and then pretend you’re simply a passive participant resisting the onslaught of jackboots.

      1. I wonder whether the words “public sector union” have ever found their way into the mouths of a #BLM activist. Or accountability, oversight, or reform in a statement divorced from or at least not tainted by racialism. Or an acknowledgement that police are the product of their political environments, and the political environs in which these shootings occur are overwhelmingly single-party hegemons presiding over institutional and economic basketcases. Or perhaps have sought to wonder why it is that criminality is so disproportionately distributed by race. Or can name a single point brought up by conservative academics as to why that might be. Or have evinced even the slightest doubt that doubling down on political efforts where politics has utterly failed will wring fresh blood from that stone.

  54. “Eight soldiers in Somalia were killed in a car bombing of a military training camp.”

    That reminds me, it’s almost time to head out on the libertarian family vacation. I wonder how the roads will be this year?

    1. Shouldn’t the idea that we’d be like Somalia if it weren’t for the government be at least partially mitigated by the observation that when Somalis come to the West in large concentrations, conditions start to resemble those in Somalia–despite the excess of government?

      1. Somalia Derp is my favourite kind of proggie derp. When I ask them if they know what kind of government and economic system Somalia had for the entire period from independence until breakdown into total chaos they never want to give me the answer and change the subject. It has an “-ism” at the end but doesn’t start with capital or have Liberty as a root.

        1. They’re just another victim of the West’s oppression of third-world countries. You can tell because they were such close friends of the Soviets.

  55. WaPo: Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve

    So, massive numbers of assaults then a coverup. Well-done, krauts.

    1. The Germans really need Title IX.

    2. Halina Wawzyniak, a lawmaker from the Left Party, told The Washington Post last week that immigration issues and sexual-assault cases should not be linked, as refugees could end up facing a “double punishment” by being deported. “The debate used to be about ‘no means no’ ? now all that is being talked about in social networks are foreigners again,” she said.

      Guess who just got thrown under the bus?

      1. refugees could end up facing a “double punishment” by being deported.

        Then just deport them.

      2. Guess who just got thrown under the bus?

        Angela Merkel?

        1. It will be interesting to see if her government survives this.

          1. I don’t see how it can. She is as unhinged on the issue as cytotoxic. She is a genuine fruitloop.

  56. “It’s logical to say that in a shooting situation, open carry can be detrimental to the safety of individuals.”

    So loosen up restrictions on concealed carry, dummy.

    1. Doesn’t a shooting situation automatically kind-of become open carry?

    1. Warty doesn’t lose consciousness. Consciousness loses HIM.

    2. Aren’t we getting close to the physical limit on the human body? At some point your bones and joints can not take any more stress. When you hit that point, more muscle isn’t going to help you.

      1. Bones get stronger and denser too. But there has to be some limit there as well. I’d imagine we must be getting close to the limit of what the human body can do without technological enhancement.

        1. getting close to the limit of what the human body can do without technological enhancement

          *hears sudden whooshing of wings as if a thousand bioethicists left their vulture perches*

          1. hears sudden whooshing of wings as if a thousand bioethicists left their vulture perches*

            Why? He didn’t mention genetic enhancement.

      2. A friend brought up professional sports leagues banning drugs and supplements, and wondered what it takes to make the list of “performance enhancing” chemicals. I don’t know the first thing about sports leagues, but hypothesized that it’s not a set of guidelines or proactive effort on the leagues’ part but reacting to fads in the athletic community as competitors shift from banned to grey-area supplements. Crowd-sourcing their prohibition policy, as it were. And that they shouldn’t bother, just let the freaks hulk out for our entertainment. I want to see four-hundred-pound muscle-bound behemoths with an average lifespan of thirty loping across the field and smashing into other giants, popping limbs out of and back into place and getting into murderous rages every other play.

        1. Yeah, I want to see that too. Let’s see just what is possible.

          I also suspect that a lot of the “performance enhancers” could make training at a high lever less dangerous and more effective.

    3. I was doing squats at the local chain gym a few years back. Asked the little Japanese dudes working there, not heavy lifters, to spot me. About 160kgs which isn’t much, but for a skinny guy like me, it was about my max. I got half way up and hit the wall. I shook my head and they tried to get it off. Wound taking them both down. I lol’ed.

      1. Interesting story, but I don’t know what “160kgs” means

        1. Pretty sure the whole thing is drug lingo for binging coke and ‘ludes.

  57. “last non-autonomous car scrapped.”

    NEVER! You’ll have to pry the keys to my non-autonomous car from my cold, dead hand.

  58. “It’s logical to say that in a shooting situation, open carry can be detrimental to the safety of individuals.”

    What a nothingburger comment.

    A trained militant (what else would you call a former soldier?) opens fire from a concealed position. The police react by not shooting even one open-carrying protester, and said protesters react by maintaining firearm discipline and cooperating with police. In the aftermath, only those targeted by the sniper are shot. It takes another couple hours to track down/isolate/neutralize the shooter. The shootings were over in seconds while the investigation takes hours. What in the fuck is the mayor complaining about re: lawfully displayed firearms?

    1. The Dallas police have been taking a world of virtual shit about IDing that guy as a suspect for hours after he was cleared. So, of course the solution is to get rid of open carry for everyone, not make the police do their fucking job correctly.

      1. I remember a Texas shooting that benefited from a civilian with a rifle.

        Huh. Maybe that’s why cops need military-style gear, so they don’t have to rely on private hunters.

    2. It’s also logical to say that in a shooting situation, badgers can be detrimental to the safety of individuals.

      It could happen.

  59. it’s like she’s imagining herself as the heroine in her own movie…dramatic orchestral theme playing in her head along with swooping, epic crane shots.

    “Look, everybody! Rosa Parks got nothin’ on me.”

  60. The mayor of Dallas came out against open carry

    Damn, can’t even count on the Southern Democrats for gun rights in this day and age.

    Click that link for an extremely aggravating flurry of “we must trade freedom 4 THA SECURITIEZ~” from Obama, the mayor, and several police sources.

    1. in the end, Dems are Dems. Party first, everything else follows.

  61. Maybe the only things stronger than gun rights in Texas is the politicians’ support for the police.

  62. Darrell Castle, the Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, does an interview with Liberty Hangout. Lots of interesting stuff, including opposing the federal drug war, claiming he’s more libertarian than Gary Johnson, opposing a federal war on vice in general, securing the border, protecting life, and ending the Fed.

  63. Also, if I were BLM, I’d transform all the demonstrations into silent vigils and raise funds to donate to the National Black Police Association in honor of the dead cops.

    Of course that would be viciously attacked as exploiting the blah blah, and it would be, but from a PR standpoint it would be better than causing disturbances and blocking traffic, and it would certainly ensure that BLM got national publicity.

    Of course, I’m not BLM and I don’t share their essential presuppositions. But I believe in shifting one’s tactics to get positive attention.

    1. That is nice but understand two things; you are not retarded and you actually would like to do something about police brutality in this country. Now remember that the BLM people are retarded and are just leftist assholes who are using the issue of police shootings as an excuse to live out their own little civil rights era morality play inside their heads and to cause trouble and ultimately don’t give a shit about police shootings.

  64. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

    What policy makers should be doing, instead, is accepting the markets’ offer of incredibly cheap financing. Investors are willing to pay the German government to take their money; the U.S. situation is less extreme, but even here interest rates adjusted for inflation are negative.

    Meanwhile, there are huge unmet demands for public investment on both sides of the Atlantic. America’s aging infrastructure is legendary, but not unique: years of austerity have left German roads and railways in worse shape than most people realize. So why not borrow money at these low, low rates and do some much-needed repair and renovation? This would be eminently worth doing even if it wouldn’t also create jobs, but it would do that too.

    Beat that tin drum, little wind-up monkey. Beat it.

    1. America’s aging infrastructure is legendary

      What is the evidence for this? Better yet, what is being spent on infrastructure e.g. for passenger mile, how does that compare with countries which are thought to do better, and why do we suppose shoveling even more money into that furnace is going to improve it?

      1. Aging infrastructure something something yo momma.

    2. I read one line in and went “Krugman, I bet.”

    3. Meanwhile, there are huge unmet demands for public investment on both sides of the Atlantic.

      The demand for using money extracted from others by force is essentially unlimited, and always has been.

  65. Man this homeless murder situation’s got me concerned.

  66. ….South Sudan… Kashmir…. Somalia….

    Wow, it must be a slow news day.

    normally mondays are bursting with bullshit from the weekend.

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