Mass Shootings

Three, Including Shooter, Reported Dead in Michigan Courthouse Shooting [UPDATED: Shooter Identified]

Another police officer also reported injured.


A public shooting happened this afternoon at Berrien County Courthouse in Michigan. A court source, with information not yet officially confirmed by police, tells the Detroit Free Press that two bailiffs and the shooter are dead, and another police officer is also reported wounded. 

Berrien County Sheriffs Office

Those four are so far the only injuries or deaths reported in the incident.

As of the time stamp of the posting, no information about weapon used or the shooter yet public.

UPDATELocal reporting, not as yet corroborated by police, indicates the unidentified shooter was being taken to jail from the courtroom when he wrested a weapon from a bailiff and began shooting before himself being shot by other law officers.

UPDATE II: Local TV station WOOD-TV identifies shooter, from interview with his ex-wife. He is said to be Larry Darnell Gordon, who his ex Jessica Gordon said was "an amazing man that got mixed up with the wrong people. He loved his children and me and his mother and sister with everything that he had." "I believe he was probably terrified of having to go to prison and not seeing his family again," Gordon said. 

He was being sent away for "two counts of criminal sexual conduct" and "was also facing charges of kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, and domestic violence."

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  1. It was an AR-15. Don’t you know that every firearm is actually an AR-15?

    I prefer the AR-10 myself. I’m not a grunt humping hundreds of rounds of ammunition – I can sacrifice lighter weight for the superior knockdown power of the .308.

    1. C’mon, rook, it’s not about a magic bullet, it’s about shot placement! Take the money you would’ve spent on a fancy rifle and go spend it on a quality shooting course instead.

      1. I already took one, it was called Marine Corps Recruit Training.

        Full disclosure – I was but a lowly pizza-box marksman. I didn’t know then that I am left-eye dominant. Re-learned marksmanship as a lefty and I’m a much better shot now.

    2. Same here. My SHTF longarm is an M1A. Its heavy, the ammo is heavy, but I’m not planning on a lot of hiking around with it. I’m too old for that shit.

      1. I absolutely love the M1A. Wish I could afford one. Despite my post above, I can’t afford an AR-10 either. Those suckers are pricy. I make do with a sporterized 1903 Springfield and a Remington 870, because the two of them combined cost less than half what an M1A goes for.

        1. I have repeatedly told my wife that part of my next bonus will be spent on a Loaded M1A1 with a Precision stock.

        2. I have an FNAR for the same reasons. I believe they’re a lot more pricy now, and finding extra magazines is hard; but damn, it’s a fun and accurate gun to shoot.

        3. I built an AR10 from a stripped PSA upper/lower for less than $1000. Could have saved more if I had gone with a cheaper barrel, but that sort of defeats the thrill

  2. According to one of the tweets, the shooting was on the third floor of the courthouse.

    Isn’t that a… whaddayacallit… oh yeah, a gun free zone?

    1. They need to make the sign more overt.

      1. If that’s not enough, maybe the people in gun free zones need to wear arm bands that say “Don’t Shoot”

    2. Maybe it was one of the bailiffs or another person privileged to carry a firearm in the courthouse. Those places tend to have lots of metal detectors and stuff.

      1. My guess based on what has happened before:

        Suspect pulled the gun off of a bailiff.

        1. What if it’s a female guard, 5′ 3″, 110 pounds (ok, who am I kidding? She was probably 160), who was overpowered by a BAD man? That won’t help the narrative.

        2. Looks like he pulled it off a deputy, according to a tweet referenced in the original story.

          See, background checks don’t work?

    3. This is why we need to make America a gun-free zone.

    4. About that sign…it had a typo: Free Gun Zone

  3. Are there any courthouses left that don’t employ metal detection? I declare this was an employee.

    1. My guess: two people fighting over the same charizard.

    2. Hey now, we don’t want to go inshallah right away.

    3. Our county courthouse has them. I never get screened any more though because the deputies recognize me. it’s probably the same in non-federal courthouses around the country.

      1. What, they let you go around the metal detector, or is it just a dude standing there with a wand?

        1. Both, if it is busy they will let me go around. If not, I go through the metal detector but if I set if off I never get wanded.

    4. Yes. My county JUST got one. It is not in use yet.

    5. Courthouse in my county doesn’t.
      Of course its also the home of the county clerk, treasurer, and all that other stuff.

      Maybe the actual court area has them…dunno never been.

  4. I’m sure Obama will be on the six o’clock news to tell us how this is all the gun’s fault.

  5. Since we’re going to wildly speculate, put me down for: “Dad lost child custody hearing, took baliff’s gun, killed two baliffs, then self.”

    1. Yup, that was my first reaction. Some middle-aged bailiff got their weapon taken away by a big bad fucker, like what happened in a Georgia courtroom several years ago.

      1. Honestly, the only time I ever get a little nervous about getting shot is in family court.

        1. But only when your wife is there with you.

  6. Well, fuck.

  7. Except for my niece being born, 2016 has been a suckass year.

    1. Don’t worry, it’s going to get a whole lot suckier in November.

      1. Only if the right-wing megalomaniac wins.

        1. Chris Christie?

        2. There’s a right-winger running? I thought it was all different flavors and degrees of left-wingers?

        3. Which one?

        4. Darrell Castle?

      2. Yeah, we haven’t even gotten to the Poolympics yet.

    2. What about all the pain you inflicted on strangers with your short fiction? That has to be worth something.

      1. Pain? I mean to bring joy. Joy!

        1. SugarFree joints hurt so good.

          It Is Known.

          1. SugarFree joints hurt so good.

            Dude lips them.

            1. HOW DARE YOU!

              1. Just reporting. I leave the slobbering to YOU.

        2. Your writing brings me joy.

    3. Except for my niece being born, 2016 has been a suckass year.

      Well hey, c’mon, the new DooM was pretty good, at least.

      1. It just needs better modding support.

      2. Yeah. OK. And I liked the new Laundry Files novel and Neal Asher put out a great book. And there’s new Rick and Morty soon. OK, OK.

        1. I’m with you on the new Rick and Morty, biiiII((BURP)ttttcchhh!

    1. No one cares what Kanye West did before he was famous.

    2. Wow, that was 11 years ago? Time flies.

    3. Nichols was later arrested on multiple charges for the rape, kidnapping, and assault of a former girlfriend after discovering that she was dating a minister from the church that they both attended.

      1. You missed the best part. The part with the meth.

  8. Prediction: if the perp was a white guy, the story will disappear into the news black hole by tomorrow morning, never to be heard about ever again, but if the perp was a black guy, the JournoList will declare him yet another victim of evil racist white America so he can be used as an excuse for even more rioting and retaliatory violence.

    1. No way. If it’s a white guy, it’s PERFECT for the narrative about Right Wing Christian Terrorism.

    2. if the perp was a white guy, the story will disappear into the news black hole by tomorrow morning, never to be heard about ever again

      Unless some of the victims were black, in which case it is further evidence of America’s evil

  9. RE: Three, Including Shooter, Reported Dead in Michigan Courthouse Shooting
    Another police officer also reported injured.

    We must eliminate all vestiges of gun ownership in our country. This way, the unwashed masses will be more easily suppressed by the socialist slavers who are wise beyond their years. They will then lead us all down the proven and wise path of terror, redistribution of wealth, oppression, etc. for own good. But sadly, socialism cannot give the plebian class all these wonderful gifts if they armed. The foolish and the doubters will cling to their ancient ways of freedom, the Second Amendment and other unnecessary ideas to the bitter end. This would only result in a civil war against the unwashed masses against the enlightened socialists who only want to better their world and enslave the little people. Therefore, in order to make sure few if any government employees are injured or killed, it is wise to destroy the Second Amendment for the sake of, not only for the collective, but for our future socialist slavers as well.
    It is only through the elimination of private ownership of guns can the Glorious People’s Revolution race towards its logical and inevitable conclusion and can the masses be properly enslaved.
    Isn’t that what we all want?

  10. I have a zillion mixed feelings — I despise cops for being such stupid self-important corrupt agents of the State. But they are also people, and I would probably liek most of them as, say, neighbors.

    I don’t mind dead state enforcement goons; I do object to dead people, 99.99% of the time (some folk just deserve dead).

    What I really wish is that we had robot cops. Open season on them!

    1. This may have had nothing to do with cops. He may have been there to kill a judge or some lawyer he thought did him wrong. Usually courthouse shootings are done for very specific and personal reasons. I can’t think of a case where someone shot up a courthouse out of some general animosity towards cops or judges.

      1. Eh, by cops, I meant the generic “government system”. It’s corrupt from top to bottom, and I would relish it being entirely robot-driven, since it would at least remove personal bias and eliminate the drawback of killing real people.

  11. Quick, everyone assume this furthers their political narrative and start ruthlessly punishing their political enemies with the blood of the victims!!

    1. I blame Pokemon go

  12. Unless the suspect knew exactly how to remove it from the holster, a gun shouldn’t easily be removable from the kind of holster a cop should be using.

    That’s not to say its impossible, but its quite unlikely. Unless of course the bailiff was using a holster that totally inappropriate for his job.

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